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  • Looking for chocolate pie recipes? Allrecipes has more than 140 trusted chocolate pie recipes complete with ratings, reviews and baking tips. — “Chocolate Pie Recipes - ”,
  • Virtual Chocolate, send fellow chocolate lovers, valentines and friends virtual chocolate treats. Chocoholics and lovers find links to fine chocolates, chocolate companies and chocolate products. — “Virtual Chocolate”,
  • Fine chocolate now shares the status of wine and cheese: connoisseurs have learned to taste differences among producers and even among cacao growers, with single-plantation and single-origin chocolates emerging from Indonesia, Venezuela and the Cote d'Ivoire. — “Chocolate - News - Times Topics - The New York Times”,
  • Encyclopedia article on chocolate. Includes a history of chocolate, its physiological effects, methods of production, and a list of major chocolate producers. — “Chocolate - Wikipedia”,
  • Assortment of chocolate gifts, confections, baking items, and recipes from the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shops at Ghirardelli Square. — “Ghirardelli Chocolate”,
  • Hi there, We are in the process of getting all the information together to set up a small scale chocolate production facility. Chocolate is the stuff of movies, music, dreams and many a midnight snack. — “The Chocolate Life - Discover Chocolate and Live La Vida Cocoa!”,
  • chocolate n. Fermented, roasted, shelled, and ground cacao seeds, often combined with a sweetener or flavoring agent. — “chocolate: Definition from ”,
  • Arianna Miller's expression told the whole story: Her eyes were big and she wore a chocolate-covered smile. — “Dover fest has chocolate, chocolate and even more chocolate”,
  • Access Hollywood Live: Kevin Eubanks' Yummy-Tummy Chocolate Chip Cookies - Get your daily celebrity dish on omg LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Former 'The Tonight Show' bandleader Kevin. — “Access Hollywood Live: Kevin Eubanks' Yummy-Tummy Chocolate”,
  • Order gourmet Godiva chocolates online including gift boxes, truffles, and sets from the G Collection and Platinum Collection. Also offers sugar-free chocolates. — “Godiva”,
  • Chocolate - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Chocolate”,
  • A French chocolatier has created a ten-metre-high chocolate Christmas tree in his laboratory in Paris. — “Video: Giant chocolate Christmas tree - Telegraph”,
  • There is no such thing as pure chocolate, the EU high court ruled yesterday, ending an EU-Italy food fight over chocolate labels. — “EU court: No such thing as 'pure chocolate' - Life & Style”,
  • The lawsuit, filed Monday in Harrisburg, contends that Mars' packaging of its Dove peanut butter chocolate Promise squares is trying to piggyback on the patented orange, brown and tan wrappings of the Reese's peanut butter chocolate products that Hershey has marketed for decades. — “Chocolate Fight | NowPublic News Coverage”,
  • Christmas Gifts - Local Delivery - Buy Chocolate Gifts, Dark Chocolate or Chocolate Truffles from World Class Chocolate Shops. Free Ground Shipping Available. — “”,
  • That's why, to support the Fair Trade cocoa farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana, we became an owner of Divine Chocolate — the first farmer-owned brand of chocolate in the world. By uniting farmers, shareholders and consumers, the good we can accomplish is sweet indeed. — “Fair Trade Chocolate Project - Lutheran World Relief”,
  • News on Chocolate continually updated from thousands of sources around the net. — “Chocolate News - Topix”,
  • You can never learn too much about it; make sure to get books with colorful photographs of chocolate. Always seek the best quality milk chocolate varieties rather than the common supermarket and corner store bars and confectionery. — “How to Eat Chocolate: 8 steps - wikiHow”,
  • Manufactures, distributes, and sells a broad line of chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery. — “Hershey's”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of CHOCOLATE! Get exclusive content and interact with CHOCOLATE! right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “CHOCOLATE! | Facebook”,
  • Cups of hot chocolate are out; shots of intoxicating richness are in. — “Hot chocolate shots: Where to get the bet chug of cocoa”,

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  • Chocolate Trailer ("ช็อคโกแลต") 'Chocolate' stars newcomer Nicharee "Jeeja" Vismistananda as an autistic girl who learns how to fight both by absorbing her martial arts skills from what she sees on TV and from the Muay thai boxing school next to her home. When she finds a list of debtors in her sick mother's diary, she decides to go collecting. Her quest leads her to confrontations with criminal gangs and also her father, a member of the Japanese mafia.
  • How To Make Chocolate Lollipops Famous chocolatier Jacques Torres shares his easy recipe for chocolate lollipops. Try this with your kids. You'll all have fun, and you can give the lollipops as presents if you don't eat them first. Here's a link to some molds to help you get started:
  • Man Makes Chocolate Records Meet a man who makes sweet sweet music...
  • Bill Cosby - Dad is Great brings me Chocolate Cake Classic vintage comedy skit!
  • Mast Brothers Chocolate In this latest Cool Hunting video, we visit Brooklyn to tour the Mast Brothers' bean-to-bar chocolate factory—one of just a handful in the US The chocolatiers, Rick and Michael Mast, walk us through their uniquely intensive process, DIY machines, and a little of their food philosophy.
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  • 11608 Chocolate Speed Painting with Spoon My entry into the NewNuma Contest. Vote for your favorite entry in the NewNuma contest starting March 24th. Painting with chocolate syrup because I needed to learn how.
  • Lucy, Lucy, Lucy Lucy and Ethel are on the chocolate assembly line...and things get way too fast and crazy! This is a classic "old school" funny-
  • Emergency Chocolate! Song by Paul Dateh & Ken Belcher: "Hope That You" Get it on iTunes! Here's is Paul's YouTube channel: I love their music SO much! Srsly slips you into some extreme happiness! Wishing you all lotsa love on this Valentine's Day and every day of the year!! :-) ► My Twitter: ► My Facebook:
  • Truth About Chocolate - Health Food, Junk or Drug? Nutrition Be My Friend - Truth About Chocolate - Health Food, Junk or Drug? Nutrition by Natalie You constantly see news articles promoting health benefits of chocolate such as antioxidant content. This video discusses both the health benefits and risks. Is Chocolate a super food, fast junk food or a drug? Please visit Natalie's website at This video was produced by Psychetruth http ©Copyright 2008 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved. This video may be displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus Tom Waits on Letterman Hey everyone thanks for making this the number 1 viewed Tom Waits video on YouTube!!!!
  • Isaac Hayes-Chocolate Salty Balls Live Isaac Hayes performing Chef's chocolate salty balls live, RIP Isaac Hayes
  • Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us Music video by Michael Jackson performing They Don't Care About Us. (C) 1996 MJJ Productions Inc.
  • How To Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Whatami2do182 and more videos in the General Desserts category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at What's a more sensual dessert than chocolate-covered strawberries? To complete this How-To you will need: 12 large strawberries, ripe but firm, with green stems and leaves attached 12 oz. semisweet chocolate chips or morsels or a 10-ounce bar of dark chocolate A cookie sheet Wax paper A microwave-safe dish A wooden spoon Toothpicks Coconut flakes (optional) Crushed pistachios (optional) Sprinkles (optional) Melted white chocolate (optional) A fork (optional) Step 1: Prepare the strawberries Gently rinse the strawberries, leaving on the green caps. Do this a few hours before you plan to dip the berries, so they're completely dry. Step 2: Cover a cookie sheet Cover a cookie sheet with wax paper. Step 3: Melt the chocolate Melt the chocolate in a microwave-safe dish using the "defrost" setting. Microwave it in 10-second increments, stirring with a wooden spoon in between. Take care not to burn it. Tip: If the melted chocolate is too thick, add vegetable oil a few drops at a time until you have the right consistency for dipping. Step 4: Start dipping Spear the cap of each strawberry with a toothpick, and use it to dip the bottom ...
  • HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE CAKE Nicko makes you his moist Mud Cake! NICKOS DAILY VIDEO DIARY TWITTER: FACEBOOK: NICKOS T-SHIRTS .au Ingredients 250g butter, chopped 200g dark chocolate, chopped 2 cups caster sugar 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1 cup self-raising flour, sifted 1 1/2 cups plain flour, sifted 1/4 cup cocoa powder, sifted 1/4 cup water chocolate flakes, to serve Chocolate ganache: 200g dark chocolate, chopped 2/3 cup thickened cream
  • Kissable Cheeks With Chocolate! For All You Chocolate Lovers! You can have kissable cheeks! Your boyfriend won't complain about how chemically your makeup taste, Yuck! This is a fun tutorial, of course you can stick with your bronzers, but I had a lot of fun with this one =) Enjoy Btw, I wore it all day, and it did not streak of get sticky =) If you have PURE Cocoa, that's even better! Bloopers Here Please subscribe and support my Charity channel at It will be updated more with casual videos. Your view count and subscription is a contribution to Charity. Beauty in the heart is the message we need to spread! IQQU Jasmine Rice Scrub only $15.00 Reviews Here Follow me on twitter! If you have a Facebook, please add me!
  • CHOCOLATE COKE!! (3.19.2010) IT ARE GOOD TO BE BACK!!!!! :D This is apersonal vlog for my new channel. This isn't supposed to be comedy like my other =3 videos. It's supposed to be a snapshot of my day-to-day life. Enjoy! All music in the video is written and performed by Outasight. DOWNLOAD OUTASIGHT'S 2008 ALBUM FOR FREE HERE: (YES, I KNOW THAT THE 2008 ALBUM IS EXPIRED. I'M STILL WAITING ON OUTASIGHT AND HIS MGMT TO FIX IT) and You can download his 2009 ALBUM FOR FREE HERE: The outro song is "Good Evening" and is also written and performed by Outasight. It is used with direct permission from the artist. You can download the song using the links posted above. You might also want to check out Outasight's Myspace page for more music: or follow him on Twitter for updates: breakingnyc raywilliamjohnson ray william johnson equalsthreeequals three breaking nyc capitolhillgangsta capital capitol hill gangsta doing doin your mom first video parody ipod xbox iphone free
  • GIRLS` GENERATION _ Chocolate Love _ MusicVideo GIRLS` GENERATION(소녀시대) _ Chocolate Love _ MusicVideo(뮤직비디오)
  • Hot Chocolate - Emma music
  • Nigella Feasts - Chocolate Heaven: old-fashioned choc cake welcome to the chocolate heaven!!
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Crostini - Savory Chocolate Appetizer - Holiday Entertaining Learn how to make a Chocolate Sea Salt Crostini! Visit for the ingredients and over 500 other video recipes. Enjoy this great Chocolate Sea Salt Crostini! A great holiday entertaining idea!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies - RECIPE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW ME! BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK! Chocolate Chip Cookies are without doubt the most popular biscuits in the world. These sweet, comforting treats will always bring a smile to your face! =================RECIPE FACT SHEET ================= INGREDIENTS IN THIS DISH: 125g Soft Butter 1/2 Cup of White Sugar 1/2 Cup of Brown Sugar 1/2 Teaspoon of Vanilla 1 Egg (Beaten) 1 3/4 Cups of Self Raising Flour 250g Chocolate Chips Preperation Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 10-12 minutes (per tray) Makes Approx. 40 cookies! ALL MEASUREMENTS GIVEN ARE AUSTRALIAN STANDARD METRIC (Look up Google for a converstion chart if using Imperial) Music by Kevin McLeod (Used with Permission)
  • How to clone Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake Todd Wilbur shows you a Top Secret Recipe from his latest book Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2. Today he clones Chili's #1 dessert. CLICK HERE TO GET FREE TOP SECRET RECIPES FROM TODD: Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Website:
  • Chocolate Trailer || HD Offical Kinotrailer of "Chocolate" in HD! Thai director Prachya Pinkaew, who brought us Tony Jaa's incredible and brutal close combat fighting in ONG BAK and TOM YUM GOONG, is back bringing us a similar Muay Thai extravaganza with the upcoming CHOCOLATE, only this time around it's an autistic girl with an amazing ability to kick some ass. Really, the trailer that IGN recently posted says so. And boy can this chick kick some ass. And she does it without wires or special effects. Why is she kicking so much ass? Something about settling her mother's debt or something. Click on the film's poster below to check out the trailer. It opens Feburary 6th in Thailand and, depending on its success, may get a release stateside.
  • Tempering Chocolate This technique is essential when molding chocolate or using it as a covering. Learn how to create crisp, shiny candies.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trailer Johnny Depp movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theatrical trailer
  • "Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday ON FACEBOOK! FREE MP3! Right-click and SAVE! http This MP3 is subject to a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License Details: Original A Capella Vocals At 180BPM Right Click and SAVE!: Heads up to remixers: I'm not sure how the long term commercial rights to the song will develop, but all commercial rights are generally reserved. "Chocolate Rain" Chocolate Rain Some stay dry and others feel the pain Chocolate Rain A baby born will die before the sin Chocolate Rain The school books say it can't be here again Chocolate Rain The prisons make you wonder where it went Chocolate Rain Build a tent and say the world is dry Chocolate Rain Zoom the camera out and see the lie Chocolate Rain Forecast to be falling yesterday Chocolate Rain Only in the past is what they say Chocolate Rain Raised your neighborhood insurance rates Chocolate Rain Makes us happy 'livin in a gate Chocolate Rain Made me cross the street the other day Chocolate Rain Made you turn your head the other way (Chorus) Chocolate Rain History quickly crashing through your veins Chocolate Rain Using you to fall back down again [Repeat] Chocolate Rain Seldom mentioned on the radio Chocolate Rain Its the fear your leaders call control Chocolate Rain Worse than swearing worse than calling names Chocolate Rain Say it publicly and you're insane Chocolate Rain No one wants to hear about it now Chocolate Rain Wish real hard it goes away somehow Chocolate Rain ...
  • Chocolate and Hearts - Epic Meal Time Happy Valentine's Day! Buy TSHIRTS!! Click Here! Like on Facebook! Follow on Twitter!
  • Jesse & Joy - Chocolate © 2010 WMG Chocolate
  • India.Arie - Chocolate High ft. Musiq Soulchild Music video by India.Arie performing Chocolate High. (C) 2009 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • Cadbury Chocolate 20% Downsize Video related to the clever 50g downsizing of a chocolate bar, 250g which looks identical to 200g, very sneaky but not very clever. Update 1, it seems Cadbury's have realized that changing the classic taste was an epic fail, word is they will revet back to the old taste this is said to be months away, will the 50g come back? Update 2, (April 2010) looks like a bit of damage control going on, Cadbury's have changed the look of this block now, it is a much darker colour. The cocoa amount has been changed back to the classic taste, unfortunately the size still remains downsized to 200g We will need a really good TV commercial made to inform the loyal chocolate lovers that the classic taste is back, I dare say the damage done by this change will take years to repair, many consumers are now enjoying another brand. BIG lessons here for all in business, never stuff around with a classic product. Cadbury changed its famous recipe at the same time as it introduced new packaging and a reduction in the size of its chocolate blocks. Cadbury recently reduced the size of its moulded chocolate range. The 150g block has been re-sized to 100g/110g, the 250g block has been downsized to 200g/220g and the 400g block is now 350g. 250g had 26% cocoa solids, 200g has 21% cocoa solids. Very tricky repackaging ensures the consumer barely notices any change, while a new slick advertising campaign sets up a smoke screen to distract the consumer. Company websites declaring this change is for the ...
  • Chocolate Rain by Chad Vader CHAD VADER SEASON 3 DVD IS OUT: Chad's on Twitter Chocolate rain? We couldn't resist.
  • Snow Patrol - Chocolate Music video by Snow Patrol performing Chocolate. (C) 2003 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
  • GooGoowa: #abi choclate cake,, ermmmm hot chocolate fudge #YUMMY ☹☹
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  • klover9707: RT @witaSHERRIontop: i really want some chocolate chip pancakes, #hungry.
  • Sweetpea6844: @ninbroken52 add chocolate chips in your pancaking and send some my way
  • brookethistle: Can i have white chocolate milk? -Chelsea Sometimes i wonder about her....
  • yetti_boo: Yetti's assortment: 2 chocolate cake, 2 plain glazed & 2 red velvet with cream cheese icing donuts #Yumm http:///p/93352104
  • inatnhrifasya: apples smothered in thousand island. now i'm eating white chocolate lol haih
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  • PaulaGomezdeC: "The hottest chocolate spots in East London - Now. Here. This. - Time Out London" - yummie!!!!!!
  • ChocoAholics: RT @milkywayd In this situation, I need chocolate. A decent dose of sugar to the blood.
  • monicaleeart: @kirstiealley working at my computer. (with chocolate in hand) preparing for trade show sound like you are having more fun....
  • HEARTBreakTy_: My breakfast for today was chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • ChocoAholics: RT @sweetmomentsAly I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Chocolate pictures and other choccy treats!"
  • xEscapingMyFate: @GeorGeeWay lmao! I got chocolate everywhere!!! XD fine I'll stay talking #likeaboss
  • Yes_karen17: I wonder why chocolate always immediately melts on my fingers :/ I mean, am I THAT HOT? ;)
  • TrickyTaco: This just in! (and by just I mean last night) Try hot chocolate laced with some Frangelico. So. GOOD.
  • BadAsskennaayyy: Wow My Nephews Talking To Me Butt lm Not Really Listening____ All l Heard Was Chocolate Hamburger &' Somethin About Ahh GameCube??
  • GlobeHopper2100: chocolate no bakes w/ carmel ?!? are we crazy? the dog we take our orders from says "you bet ya!"
  • kimcatus: @wickedsoulx Are you going to indulge in any chocolate? :) #JJJ100MonkeysDTX
  • CookTrainEatRce: @140point6miles @danikracht @rbuike - just thought of chocolate-hazelnut banana oatmeal for the, yes please!
  • ItsGloriaM: Woke up at 5am, went to bed 6 hours later and had lunch at 3pm! Oh, and had hot chocolate for breakbast with some cool people aka family :)
  • BobEvansFarms: Sit back & enjoy the jelly beans & chocolate eggs, let Bob Evans worry about Easter dinner! http:///r/2qax
  • hannyhermawan: Kl gw brownies (ˆڡˆ) RT @clavalencia: 1 glass of milk chocolate before go to sleep (ˆڡˆ)
  • jacobemendoza: RT @thehpsecrets: Harry, Ron, Hermione have their own card RT @triangss: Is it right that Harry and his friend will have their own chocolate frog card?
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  • Mr_JSibley: RT @Lisa_Jane_88: Icecream, chocolate sauce, 3 different types of sprinkles, coconut shavings all held together in a nice little wafer!
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  • 5hulagirls: Recipe and Video for Chocolate kale Chips from Russell James
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  • sweetmomentsAly: I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Chocolate pictures and other choccy treats!"
  • BobbetteBelle: There is nothing better on a snowy spring day than a piping hot chocolate with a toasted marshmallow!
  • karthik__tweets: I plan to turn my love of food into a book! I've given an order for the books to be made out of chocolate!
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  • BiebersGirl338: I just took "“What ..." and got: Part 3- Tangled, Popcorn & Chocolate Covered Peanuts, and a Make-out Session?! Try it:
  • TomaroIsToday: chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water
  • PepeLeRiee: I crushed those chocolate chip pancakes today.
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