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  • Francisco "Pacho" Cortés in the Chonchocoro prison. Photo: Narco News Agency D.R. 2004. For the past eleven months Pacho has been held in the maximum-security prison of San Pedro de Chonchocoro, located at 4,150 meters above sea level, on the high plains of La Paz. — “Narco News: The Clamor of Francisco "Pacho" Cortés from”,
  • An American man who took the name of a fictional vampire is sentenced to 30 years for fatal bombings in Bolivia. He will serve his sentence in the Chonchocoro maximum security prison, reported state news agency ABI. — “BBC NEWS | Americas | 'Vampire' man jailed in Bolivia”,
  • LA PAZ, March 16 (NNN-PRENSA LATINA) - Bolivian police are investigating the cause of an explosion yesterday in the high-security prison of San Pedro de Chonchocoro, 30 kilometers from here that wounded two persons. According to police, the. — “BOLIVIAN POLICE INVESTIGATE EXPLOSION IN HIGH-SECURITY PRISON”,
  • Columna virtual: Comentando la noticia La crítica es saludable y necesaria. La síntesis solo puede nacer de la confrontación de tesis y antítesis. LA VIDA DE LEOPOLDO FERNANDEZ CORRE PELIGRO EN CHONCHOCORO, cárcel hecha para reos peligrosos con sentencia ejecutoriada, no para presos políticos. — “Comentando la noticia: OTRO VILLANÍA CONTRA LEOPOLDO”,
  • The delegates also interviewed two political detainees at Chonchocoro and three at Obrajes prisons. In his testimony, Victor Ortiz who is at present detained at the high security prison of Chonchocoro, denounced that he had been tortured while kept in incommunicado detention for three days at police. — “Bolivia: Cases of torture and extrajudical executions”,
  • Padre Ginés Mateo ROCAMORA - Catholic priest, Chaplain of Chonchocoro prison and national representative of the Prisons' Pastoral On 19 July, Padre Ginés Mateo Rocamora, Chaplain of the Penal de Chonchocoro, Chonchocoro prison in La Paz, was threatened and insulted by former general and ex. — “Documento - Bolivia: Fear for safety / legal concern”,
  • Min Rada - Ex ministro de la dictadura Arce gomez llega a Bolivia - sentencia de 30 años en Chonchocoro. — “YouTube - Ex ministro Luis Arce Gómez llega a Bolivia”,
  • After a medical exam, Arce Gomez was driven to Chonchocoro prison, on La Paz's outskirts. Garcia Meza, 79, is also serving a 30-year prison term at Chonchocoro prison. — “US extradites former coup leader to Bolivia | World news”,
  • The governor of Bolivia's Chonchocoro prison has been sacked after revelations that former military ruler Luis García Meza was being housed in luxury quarters at the facility. — “Bolivia: prison party over for García Meza | World War 4 Report”, ww4
  • Estando en el Panóptico Nacional de San Pedro y en la cárcel de mayor seguridad de Chonchocoro-Viacha, escribió su primer libro de testimonio Huelga y represión (1979) the top-security jail of Chonchocoro-Viacha, he wrote his eyewitness. — “Víctor Montoya”,
  • Khaleej Times - UAE and World News Updates in Business, Jobs, Classifieds, Properties, Used cars, Business, Bank Rates, Gold Rates, Forex, Travel After a medical exam, Arce Gomez was driven to Chonchocoro prison, on La Paz's outskirts. — “US extradites former coup leader to Bolivia”,
  • LA PAZ – A 29-year-old inmate was murdered at Bolivia's maximum-security Chonchocoro prison, marking the third killing at the facility in just over three months, a police spokesman said. An unidentified inmate died at the maximum-security Chonchocoro prison in late October. — “Latin American Herald Tribune - Inmate Killed at Maximum”,
  • Chonchocoro. Department: La-Paz. Elevation: 3878 meters above sea level. More Maps: Bolivia | Beni | Cochabamba | Chuquisaca | La Paz | Oruro | Pando | Potosi | Santa Cruz | Tarija. Home | About. — “Chonchocoro”,
  • Last week a violent incident in Bolivia's Chonchocoro prison, some 20 miles outside of La Paz, opened a veritable can of worms that ended up with the head honcho of the jail getting sacked. Since then he's been locked up in Chonchocoro. His sentence states that he should not benefit from any. — “IKN: Life and Death in a Bolivian prison”,
  • The Clamor of Francisco "Pacho" Cortés from Chonchocoro. Posted by Narco News - March 5, 2004 at 10:55 pm. The Francisco "Pacho" Cortés from Chonchocoro "I'm a Human Rights. — “The Clamor of Francisco "Pacho" Cortés from Chonchocoro | the”,
  • ProgettoMondo Mlal è in Bolivia per contribuire al recupero sociale di adolescenti e giovani problematici di entrambi i sessi, reclusi nei 4 centri penitenziari di La Paz. La legge penitenziaria boliviana proibisce che i minori di età convivano Chonchocoro. — “Carcere di San Pedro a La Paz on Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Arce's tenure as Minister involved the passing of such measures as the banning of all He is held in Chonchocoro Prison in La Paz. As of 2009, he is currently in poor health. — “Luis Arce Gómez - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Minister of Government, Sacha Llorenti, announced on March 16 that prisoners in La Paz's maximum security prison, Chonchocoro, would remain locked down for 23 hours in an attempt to stifle recent outbursts of violence. reported that many prisoners inside Chonchocoro possessed weapons. — “Andean Information Network " Blog Archive " Clash in”, ain-
  • An American Vampire has assumed room temperature in a Chonchocoro, Bolivia prison. Triston Jay Amero, a.k.a. Lestat Claudius de Orleans y Montivideo was imprisoned for acts of murder in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. — “American Vampire Now Deceased”,
  • Former military despot faces 30 years in prison for crimes including genocide and political assassinations US Deports 'minister for Cocaine' Luis Arce-gómez to Bolivia. Awaiting him in Chonchocoro prison was his former boss, General Meza, 79, who was caught in Brazil in 1994 and is serving a 30. — “US Deports 'minister for Cocaine' Luis Arce-gómez to Bolivia”,
  • Lestat's mother Dawna is continuing to support her son as best she can and we hope that It is a terrible burden she must bare. As a mother who has done her best despite. — “Foreign Prisoners Support Service”,
  • Two shot dead and eight policemen injured in road unlock. VIOLENCE • The inhabitants of the town of Caranavi suffered two losses during the years imprisonment without the right to pardon, in the prison of Chonchocoro, from the date according to the provisions of the sentence that weighs. — “THE ACHACACHI POST™: May 02”,

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  • Reuters Pictures 2 weeks ago Former Bolivian Interior Minister Luis Arce Gomez is transported in a wheelchair by policemen
  • Manfred Rata a Chonchocoro Un pequeño balance del Paro Cínico en el centro de la ciudad

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  • Heridos en Palmasola Los heridos en Palmasola tras el enfrentamiento e incendio que dejó al menos 29 muertos.
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  • BOLIVIAN TV Online- BOLIVIAN CHANNELS NOW! Bolivian TV Online- how and why to watch Bolivian tv channels on the internet http:///c/bolivian/bolivian-tv-online http://.
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  • 6 de agosto 2013 Córdoba Argentina acto en la Plaza San Martin por los 188 años de independencia de BOLIVIA ( Córdoba Argentina)
  • strippers bolivia EMSI, 20 años, 1.80cm, 72 kg. showboy, stripper de La Paz, Bolivia, para mas info: .
  • LLAMADA TELEFONICA EN VIVO Firma convenio CALEA-SSPM en conjunto con una campaña de concientización en las escuelas (para que los estudiantes hagan uso adecuado de los números de emerg...
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  • OdonMendoza: Es más q falta de ética mentir a la población sobre caso #PatriciaFlores. Es criminal proteger a JLF quién atacó a una niña en Chonchocoro.

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  • “[h2]Our Very Own "Marching Powder"(Or Lack Thereof)[/h2] Before leaving Australia, both the Boss and I had read "Marching Powder" by Rusty Young. It's the true story of Thomas McFadden, an”
    — San Pedro Prison,

  • “el zorro a chonchocoro said Goni should have the courtesy to face our Justice system, corrupt or politicized as it may be. I wrote something on this blog several days ago and it still isn't here. - On 2-18-2010 Renata Weber, a neutral European delegate”
    — Blog from Bolivia: The Trial of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada,

  • “Mario Durán of the blog Palabras Libres [es] notes that the MAS won 6 of 9 governor seats, of placing del Granado into the Chonchocoro maximum security prison and warnings that the”
    — barrio flores > eddie avila,

  • “Edit your Blog. Build a Blog. RSS Feed. View Profile. April 2004. S. M. T. W High Court Hears 'Enemy Combatant' Cases. http:///rundowns/segment.php?wfId”

  • “Irene's 15th birthday: Read the story and see 28 photos of a visit to La Paz, Bolivia by TravelPod member peacefrog”
    — Irene's 15th birthday - La Paz, Bolivia Travel Blog,

  • “Discussion among translators, entitled: "Estándar" como adjetivo plural: ¿"estándares"?. Forum name: Spanish plural estándares ( plural, 1g): "La cárcel de Chonchocoro tiene y conserva 'todas las normas estándares”
    — "Estándar" como adjetivo plural: ¿"estándares"? (Spanish),

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