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  • Definition of Chou from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of Chou. Pronunciation of Chou. Definition of the word Chou. Origin of the word Chou. — “Chou - Definition of Chou at ”,
  • Chou , dynasty of China, which ruled from c.1027 B.C. to 256 B.C. The pastoral Chou people migrated from the Wei valley NW of the Huang He c.1027 B.C. — “Chou: Biography from ”,
  • Jay Chou, Actor: Curse of the Golden Flower. Chieh Lun Chou | Chieh-lun Chou | Lit-Lun Chow | Chou Kit Lun | Jay Chou Kit Lun | Zhou Jie Lun | Jie Lun Zhou. — “Jay Chou - IMDb”,
  • Chou chou doll - 133 results from 70 stores, including Momiji Adolie Day Message Doll - Piou Chou, Momiji Adolie Day Message Doll - Piou Chou, Rock-A-Bye CHOU CHOU Function Doll (White), Momiji Adolie Day Dolls Piou-chou Message Doll, Clearance. — “Chou chou doll - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • : kou chou ching: MP3 Downloads. — “: kou chou ching: MP3 Downloads”,
  • Definition of Chou (choux) in the Dictionary. Meaning of Chou. What does Chou mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word Chou. Information about Chou in the dictionary, synonyms. — “What does Chou mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • Better Than Red Meat. Blogroll. Arty Chee. . little miss p. September Story. some like it chouie. – my other blog. Archives. About Arras Theme. Copyright chou on this.. All Rights Reserved. — “chou on this. | Better Than Red Meat”,
  • CHOU (AM), a multicultural radio station (1450 AM) licensed to Montreal, Quebec, Canada directly to the intended article. Chou is also a Chinese surname. — “Chou - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Chou Dolls - 25 products for Chou Dolls like Momiji Adolie Day Message Doll - Piou Chou, Zapf Singing Bouncy Baby Chou Chou, and MGA Zapf Creation Snuggly Chou Chou 19" Doll and find the best product by color, price, and user rating. — “Chou Dolls - Compare Prices on Chou Dolls in the Toys”,
  • The Chou occupied an area to the west of the Shang kingdom, but when the Chou kings overthrew the Shang, the Chou kingdom became incredibly large. According to Chinese history, the Shang dynasty had degenerated morally; the last of the Shang kings, Chou, was totally corrupt. — “Ancient China: The Chou, 1050-256 BC”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about Chou at . Make research projects and school reports about Chou easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “Chou Facts, information, pictures | articles”,
  • 1. all about lily chou-chou. 2. all about lily chou chou. 3. alphonse roubichou. 4. andrew chou. 5. animal yokochou. 6. bao chou. 7. basilisk kouga ninpou chou. 8. battle of hsuchou. 9. belá nad cirochou. 10. big lefthanded chou. 11. brechou. 12. c'hao-chou. 13. cachou. 14. central bank of manchou. — “Words that match the pattern "*chou" - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • CHOU! Fashion for the gamer within! Whether it's old school or new school, there are plenty of t-shirts and cool products to let others know you love video games as much as anyone! Custom garment printing in Greenbay and Wisconsin area!. — “CHOU! : APPAREL AND PRINTING, GREENBAY WISCONSIN CUSTOM”,
  • Pronunciation of Chou. Translations of Chou. Chou synonyms, Chou antonyms. Information about Chou in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. chou dynasty Chou - the imperial dynasty of China from 1122 to 221 BC; notable for the rise of Confucianism and Taoism. — “Chou - definition of Chou by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Shop for Chou Chou Toys and read product reviews. Find cheap prices on Toys from a selection of MGA Entertainment, Zapf Creation AG, Chou Chou, Panda, and Tommy Hilfiger brands and stores Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, Marketplaces,. — “Chou Chou - Toys - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop”,
  • Nonstandard spelling of chòu. [edit] Usage notes. English transcriptions of Chinese speech often fail to distinguish between the critical tonal differences employed in the Chinese language, using words such as this one without the appropriate indication of tone. — “chou - Wiktionary”,
  • Shop chou t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique chou tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. If you don't find the perfect chou tee shirt, it's easy to customize your own by adding photos, images and text. — “Chou T-Shirts | Buy Chou T Shirts & Clothing Online | Unique”, t-
  • This is Yu-kai Chou's personal blog about his experiences, his life, and the journey to become more influential. — “Yu-kai Chou: Journey to Being Influential”,
  • A SF photojournalist's obsession with food, tech, art, and awesome smelling things chou is using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through. — “matt chou (chou) on Twitter”,
  • Chou definition, a cabbage-shaped decoration, as a rosette or knot on a woman's dress, hat, etc. See more. — “Chou | Define Chou at ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Chou. Information about Chou in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. chou dynasty. — “Chou definition of Chou in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Taiwanese star jay chou site, you'll find all of jay chou's english translations/pinyin/lyrics of his songs & latest news. Plus wallpapers and profile. — “Jay Chou Studio - Songs, Albums, Translations, Lyrics, News”,

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  • Devil Beside You - Chou Nan Ren MV Music video I made for the Taiwanese drama Devil Beside You and song Chou Nan Ren.
  • Mermaid Melody - Hana to Chou no Serenade Lyrics Hi! I'll no longer be replying your comments. You have any request? Submit a comment on my profile and I'll tell you something. A Serenade of Flowers and Butterflies Having bloomed in a moonlit-filled night, the fragrance of the flower is sweet. The taste of nectar glittering in the...
  • Jay Chou- Cai Hong (Rainbow) MV [with lyrics] Na li you cai hong gao su wo Tell me where the rainbow is Neng bu neng ba wo de yuan wang huan gei wo Could you still give me back my wish Wei shen me tian zhe me an jing Why is the sky so silent? Suo you de yun dou pao dao wo zhe li All of the clouds are running to me Verse: You mei you kou zhao yi ge gei wo Is there a mask for me? Shi huai shuo le tai duo jiu cheng zhen bu liao Recalling too much of the past words can accomplish nothing Ye xu shi jian shi yi zhong jie yao Perhaps time is a kind of antidote Ye shi wo xian zai zheng fu xia de du yao And also the first poison I'm taking now Kan bu jian ni de xiao wo zen me shui de zhao I could not see your smile, how can I sleep well Ni de shen ying zhe me jing wo que bao bu dao Your silhouette is so close to me, yet I cannot embrace it Mei you di qiu tai yang hai shi hui rao Without earth, the sun can still circle around Mei you li you wo ye neng zi ji zou Without reasons, I also can walk alone Ni yao li kai wo zhi dao hen jian dan You want to go away, I know that is very easy Ni shuo yi lai shi wo men de zu ai You said dependence is our obstacle Jiu suan fang kai dan neng bu neng bie mo shou wo de ai Even if we break up, but couldn't you not receive my love Dang zuo wo zui hou cai ming bai Assuming I'm the last to understand Repeat Starting from Verse i didnt include the rap D: sorry! repeat from verse again -i dont own anything- credits go to Jay :D
  • Jay Chou - Fragrance Of Rice (Dao Xiang) Sub'd Jay Chou - Fragrance Of Rice (Dao Xiang) From his Capricorn Album
  • Fatal Frame endings -Chou song- Featured all Fatal Frame ll: Cimson Butterfly 3 endings screencaps (ruled out Runaway Ending). Featured its theme song Chou (Butterly) by Tsukiko Amano.
  • Jay Chou - Listen To Mother's Words (Ting Ma Ma De Hua)Sub'd pinyin & translations, for more info visit /eva_dreaming
  • Jay Chou - Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (Ju Hua Tai) Sub'd Subtitled for more info visit /eva_dreaming "Curse of the Golden Flower" movie
  • Qing Hua Ci - Jay Chou A simple music video I made so that I could share this beautiful song. This will have to suffice until the music video comes out. Enjoy.
  • All About Lily Chou-Chou - Sight (Fan Trailer) "all about lily chou chou" begins with a series of manually keystroked chat-room-style statements that introduce facts and ideas, mostly related to mythical pop-star "lily chou chou." this sort of cinematic introduction sounds similar to many other computer-age-themed films, but amazingly the keystroke dialogue between several anonymous internet fanatics continues past the credits and runs through almost the entire movie. the nicely-scripted, brilliantly executed text acts as the backbone that beautifully holds together a story that is ultimately about many things, including the fragility of relationships and the personas we use based on them, fanatical envy and love contrasted against blind rage and hate, metamorphosis, and technology versus nature. although executed in an arguably confusing manner, consisting of many non-chronological vignettes, the film ultimately succeeds in depicting a modern-day story involving the relationship between two early-adolescent japanese boys, their journey through life and school, their changing identities, and their fascination with and "connection" to the strangely popular musician, lily chou chou. visually, the filmmaking complements the ideas perfectly. the camera is often puerile and shaky when showing the boys' ventures and conversations. at one point, a vacation sequence is depicted solely through excited and dizzying amateur videography by the boys themselves, humorous close-ups of accompanying girls' bodies included. during the ...
  • Jay Chou - In the Name of The Father Another awesome Jay song! From the album Ye Hui Mei
  • Jay Chou & NQMM's Yu Hao - Piano Duet Jay Chou and Nan Qian MaMa's Yu Hao Performing at GMA Live. Awesome Piano Duet *includes a special classic suprise for gamer fans! They're so talented! ^^ *** Noticed multiple messages asking for this video: Sorry, the file was from a link that no longer exists. I'm glad I put it on youtube before then. Hope you enjoy! =)
  • Corvus Corax - Chou Chou Sheng (Live) Corvus Corax playing Chou Chou Sheng live, from their CD, the Best of Corvus Corax
  • Jay Chou - Fa Ru Xue [Snow-Like Hair] (English Subtitles) Lyrics are subtitled English subtitles are powered by Asian Style Technology @ Translated lyrics by Jay- Overview from Wikipedia: The music video begins somewhere in medieval China, portraying a respected warrior, and his lover, a beautiful maiden in red. The two lovers are shown embracing on a couch, with a maidservant pouring drinks in the background. As the video progresses, the warrior hears music being played by some other woman on the lower level of the building. He casts away the lady in red as he goes to seek the maiden playing music, who is contrastingly dressed in white. Then the warrior and the white lady are seen embracing, enjoying each other's company. A flashback occurs where we are shown that the lady in red, presumably jealous, poisons the white lady's tea. The white lady drinks the tea and dies in the warrior's arms. The warrior immediately suspects the red lady and makes an attempt to kill her with his sword, but he relents and she embraces him with tears in her eyes. During this portion, the video switches between shots of Jay singing, and shots of the actual story. The video then progresses ahead to modern day Taiwan. It shows the same warrior, but as a modern day business man, seemingly melancholy, although in the company of a girlfriend (the same girl as the red lady). He then enters an elevator on his way to work, and soon after, another business woman (the white lady) from the past enters as well. The man is struck by a ...
  • Kouga Ninpou Chou - Onmyouza (Basilisk Opening) Basilisk OP-Theme
  • Jay Chou - Shan Hu Hai
  • Jay Chou - Tui Hou Jay Chou - Tui Hou MV still fantasy album
  • Jay Chou: The Green Hornet Interview - Follow Us! Jay Chou talks about his new film 'The Green Hornet', working with Seth Rogen, his character 'Kato" and taking over a role made famous by Bruce Lee. The Green Hornet hits theaters on January14th, 2011. Cast: Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz, Christoph Waltz, Edward James Olmos, Tom Wilkinson, David Harbour Britt Reid is the son of LA's most prominent and respected media magnate and perfectly happy to maintain a directionless existence on the party scene - until his father mysteriously dies, leaving Britt his vast media empire. Striking an unlikely friendship with one of his father's more industrious and inventive employees, Kato, they see their chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives: fight crime. But in order to do this, they decide to become criminals themselves - protecting the law by breaking it, Britt becomes the vigilante The Green Hornet as he and Kato hit the streets. Using all his ingenuity and skill, Kato builds the ultimate in advanced retro weaponry, The Black Beauty, an indestructible car equal parts firepower and horsepower. Rolling in a mobile fortress on wheels and striking the bad guys with Kato's clever gadgets, The Green Hornet and Kato quickly start making a name for themselves, and with the help of Britt's new secretary, Lenore Case, they begin hunting down the man who controls LA's gritty underworld: Benjamin Chudnofsky. But Chudnofsky has plans of his own: to swat down The Green Hornet once and ...
  • Flash Point - Donnie Yen vs Collin Chou Donnie Yen vs Collin Chou in Flash Point 2007
  • interview with Lee Hom & jay chou Lee Hom and Jay Chou are interviewed at a award ceremony in Taiwan. They're asked to sing each other's song Translation (all credits to elvenchamp!) Paraphrasing: There are two very good singers that are always being compared today. But what do they feel or think about it? Jay, what do you think of Wang Lee Hom? Jay: Well i think he's pretty handsome but besides just being good looking, he's abilities/personality is very moving. He also preservere's through the hard times and he would support him if he changed no matter for good or bad. Announcer: If you support him, do you listen to his songs? Jay sings Leehom's 唯一(Wei Yi), the one and only. Announcer: Wang Lee Hom, discuss Jay Chou Lee Hom: I feel Jay is very talented and skilled and I think I'm speaking for everyone here to thank him and to support him. I also have to thank you because I think of you alot when I write my songs because your songwriting is really good. You push me to improve. Announcer: Are you guys gonna starting talking about love? (awkward phrasing) haha, It must be two heroes complementing each other. Lee Hom: I really think Jay's amazing. Announcer: Then have you heard Jay's songs? Lee Hom: of course, since his first cd, I feel that he was a very good singer. Right? Crowd cheers. Lee Hom sings Jay Chou's 黑色幽默(Hei Se You Mo), Black Humour
  • julia botros 3ala chou
  • [Jigoku Shoujo]SNoW - Sakasama no Chou PV of the opening song of Jigoku Shoujo. Enjoi!~ ^^
  • Lily chou-chou - Tobenai Tsubasa A music video from the great movie "All About Lily Chou-Chou" by Shunji Iwai.
  • jay chou _ carnival JAY CHOU ROCKS!
  • Ji Duo Chou - Teresa Teng Teresa Teng, dressed in traditonal Chinese clothes, sings Ji Duo Chou. more videos on
  • "Mack a Roni" by Jay Chou Featuring Michel Gondry Jimmy Kimmel Live - "Mack a Roni" by Jay Chou Featuring Michel Gondry
  • All About Lily Chou-Chou All About Lily Chou-Chou movie opening. Singer: Salyu Song title: "Arabesque" Album: Kokyu
  • Jay Chou- Simple Love (Jian Dan Ai) jay chou mv
  • Jay Chou-Checkmate(將軍) Jay Chou's song. soft rock rock and rap genre Please rate and comment
  • Jay Chou - Run Aground (擱淺) A jay chou music video.. give some comment... enjoy...
  • Tsukiko Amano - Chou (Butterfly) [louder version] I absolutely love the Chou videos I found on YouTube but the volume was SOOO low on them all. So I grabbed one and increased the volume and re-uploaded for myself and for you all to enjoy. I also took out the watermark so it isn't so distracting.
  • Jay Chou - Fearless (FULL MV VERSION) + MP3 DL Really cool song by Jay Chou. I heard he worked with Jet Li or something and yeah. Cool song. The video is okay. ___________________________________ Here is the download link for the mp3: Enjoy!
  • Flash Point - Donnie Yen VS Collin Chou (End Fight) - High Quality Available Good fight. This is some all star choreography!
  • Jay Chou - Ye Qu Jay Chou music video
  • Salyu - Lily Chou-chou 共鸣 This is a song from All about Lily Chou-chou. Lily Chou-chou is one of my favourite movie. The soundtrack is fantastic!
  • Jay Chou - Bai Se Feng Che | White Windmill | 白色風車 Bai Se Feng Che MV. Lyrics: bai se de feng che / an jing de zhuan zhe zhen shi de gan jue / meng jing ban yao yuan tian tian de hai shui / fu za de yan lei kan ni sha xiao zhe / wo zhu wo de shou meng xi wang mei you jing tou / wo men zou dao zhe jiu hao yin wei wo...
  • Jay Chou Jay Chou Music Video
  • Team Fortress 2 Music- 'Petite Chou-Fleur' [To listen in higher quality, add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL address.] Download Link: This is the third main menu track to be patched into the game, in order to coincide with the Spy update. The song is a whimsical, nostalgia-laden rumination on love and death, in the Spy's native tones. Team Fortress 2 is © Valve Corporation
  • Bibi Chou (Zhou Bichang 周笔畅) *NEW ALBUM - Zhe Jv Hua 这句话- MV *NEW ALBUM released July 2009: Shi Jian 时间song: Zhe Jv Hua (MV with Show Luo 罗志祥) Bibi Zhou Bichang is a mandopop singer, songwriter and actress. She was the runner-up winner in Super Girl 2005 talent show and won best female artist award at Radio Music Awards 2008 in China ( and other music awards). Debuted in 2006 with her first EP Company: Golden Typhoon Entertainment Ltd. Filmography: The 601st phone call 第601個電話McDull, the Alumni 春田花花同学会Who touched my violon string 誰動了我的琴弦Name: Zhou Bichang 周笔畅English name: Bibi Chou Nick name: Bibi Education: Xinghai conservatory of music (Guangzhou, China), Musical Institute (Los Angeles, USA) Languages: Hunan dialect, Mandarin, Cantonese, English Born: July 26, 1985 Zodiac: Leo Birthplace: Changsha, Hunan CHINA ( grew up in Shenzhen) Blood type: A Height: 164 cm/ 5'5" Weight: 50 kg/ 121 lbs. Personality: easy going, friendly, elegant, full of compassion, a little shy and quite when meeting someone for the first time but after getting to know that person better, then Ill be more talkative and friendly. Hobbies: singing, listening to music, basketball, photography. Skills: piano, violin, guitar, beat boxing, calligraphy Fav toy: monchhichi Fav color: pink hue Fav pet: dog Fav singers: Faye Wong, David Tao, Wang Leehom, Jay Chou, Cai Jian Ya, Usher, NE-YO, Mariah Carey ( and many others but mostly are western R&B singers) Personal blog (Chinese):
  • iam_Nduutz: RT @BWF_mania: #SudirmanCup2011 THA - TPE 1-1. Boonsak Ponsana bt Chen Chou Tien 21-15 21-15.
  • infobulutangkis: #SudirmanCUP2011 TPE vs THA 1-1 : Chou Tien Chen vs Boonsak Ponsana 15-21 15-21
  • Rizki_berkcmata: #SudirmanCup2011 Lv.1 Grup C THA - TPE 1-1. Boonsak Ponsana bt Chen Chou Tien 21-15 21-15.
  • shafira_pira: "@BWF_mania: #SudirmanCup2011 THA - TPE 1-1. Boonsak Ponsana bt Chen Chou Tien 21-15 21-15."
  • kimlokie: RT @bulutangkisina: MS #SudirmanCup2011: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] - Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15 21-15 | THA - TPE 1-1
  • Azu_Cassielf: RT @bulutangkisina: MS #SudirmanCup2011: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] - Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15 21-15 | THA - TPE 1-1
  • bulutangkisina: MS #SudirmanCup2011: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] - Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15 21-15 | THA - TPE 1-1
  • Lynabelaiid: RT @Leachhe: @Lynabelaiid Elle est chou (;
  • Kittensbite: @Belladouce @Evenusia @sillyhay @Stepbystep_B vous etes trop chou^^
  • Leachhe: @Lynabelaiid Elle est chou (;
  • Ivan_Hebron: RT @BulutangkisNews: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] bt Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15 21-15 #SudirmanCup | TPE 1-1 THA
  • GB_GungBram: RT @bulutangkisnews: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] bt Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15 21-15 #SudirmanCup | TPE 1-1 THA
  • egantura: RT @bulutangkisnews: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] bt Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15 21-15 #SudirmanCup | TPE 1-1 THA
  • Anggiiars: RT @bulutangkisnews: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] bt Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15 21-15 #SudirmanCup | TPE 1-1 THA
  • bulutangkisnews: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] bt Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15 21-15 #SudirmanCup | TPE 1-1 THA
  • victor_sport: #SudirmanCup - Boonsak Ponsana has levelled things for Thailand against Victor sponsored Chou Tien Chen in the MS 21-15 21-15.
  • HS_jaesuk: a.Yunan (china) b.Tonkin (china) c.Irawati (myanmar) d.Dongson (Vietnam) e.Chou kou tie (China)
  • kar3nx28: @nomorewishing oh merci t'es chou <3
  • victor_sport: #SudirmanCup - Chinese Taipei currently 1-0 on Thailand with MS currently on court - Ponsana 1 game up on Chou Tien Chen.
  • DdeZoo: @21stSoulSister tmn luu tu van :p haaha RT @clinhertonlam: Jay Chou is beyond awesome.. :O
  • ajmj09: Chilling with my mom this morning & then she says where is yang chou going this early & I look over & an Asian girl is going 2 school...smh
  • Pei_Xin0412: @The__Real__Jay is this really JAY CHOU??Y he didnt mention that he got twitter account?seems like fake one....
  • AlbFalcon: Corvus Corax - Chou Chou Sheng (Live) #perfekt
  • ongfelicia: Listening to Jay Chou's songs. It's been a LONG LONG time.
  • joycelicious: @_rrachael @CharmaineDanced choumei and choumaine! Chou ren yi zu!! Hahaha!
  • GB_GungBram: RT @bulutangkisina: #set1 #SudirmanCup2011: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] - Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15
  • bulutangkisina: #set1 #SudirmanCup2011: Boonsak Ponsana [THA] - Chou Tien Chen [TPE] 21-15
  • LIQINGGGGG: @CTHH hahaha what ! i just bathe onyl worr . where got chou ! :D
  • Laetitiazalloum: My mom wants me to study 8hrs per day ! Chou hayda -.-
  • bulutangkisnews: Boonsak unggul set 1 21-15 atas Chou Tien Chen
  • variaaan: Chou Tien (TPE) 16-12 (THA) Boonsak P.
  • arlynyessica: RT @frendy_unic: Watching jay chou's secret concert at UPH building D 501
  • nitaatan: \(´▽`)/ RT @BulutangkisNews: Boonsak menutup interval set 1 11-4 atas Chou Tien Chen #SudirmanCup #THAvsTPE
  • Ivan_Sigarlaki: chou henshin !! lol XD
  • _soojungie: RT @bulutangkisnews: Boonsak menutup interval set 1 11-4 atas Chou Tien Chen #SudirmanCup #THAvsTPE
  • Elisafowler: RT @BulutangkisNews: Boonsak menutup interval set 1 11-4 atas Chou Tien Chen #SudirmanCup #THAvsTPE
  • bulutangkisnews: Boonsak menutup interval set 1 11-4 atas Chou Tien Chen #SudirmanCup #THAvsTPE
  • frendy_unic: Watching jay chou's secret concert at UPH building D 501
  • clinhertonlam: Jay Chou is beyond awesome.. :O
  • variaaan: #SudirmanCup2011 : MS : Chou Tien (TPE) vs Boonsak P. (THA) 10-4 , 0-0 ..WOW
  • JennyferOwen: Zac Efron, Jay Chou, Jhonny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Vanness Wu, Joe Jonas, Ryan Higa, Synyster Gates, Kevin Richardson!!!
  • Beyonddjy: 看看这个视频 -- 周杰倫Jay Chou 迷迭香 Rosemary MV via @youtube
  • ildiani: Composer by Jay chou.. :) RT @Zelin_zeefei: #np S.H.E-Hou Niao
  • harumi_1215: この歌大好き♪♪ #nowplaying 陽光宅男 / 明るいオタク ♪ Jay Chou in iPod app via @twitbird
  • aldorobo: I sat on the same bus as Jay Chou?
  • iernk: Jay Chou was in KL Sentral earlier today. hmmm
  • jiafuitien: Just saw 谢霆锋 at KL sentral.. Why my Jay Chou?!
  • felleciia: Video: ju hua tai - Jay Chou http:///x8b2nw1124
  • felleciia: Video: excuse - jay chou http:///x8b2nw0ifz
  • htells: @Taytayy15 damming Taylor I already told Justin Chou
  • ViandyC: OMG wanna watch Intial D again after hearing Jay Chou song hahahah =P
  • doreensoi: Saw Jay Chou today at kl sentral!
  • BuyJapanese: @natsume1990 We say 紋白蝶, monshiro chou, (white marked butterfly). We also see yellow ones.
  • andreasciuu: RT @valaachee: Hao xiang hao xiangRT @Jodie_Tan08: Mandarinnya apa?:pRT @MadelineArdenn: Return to the past-Jay Chou #np
  • jerriescherries: where can i buy jay chou's pink nunchucks ? :(
  • MadelineArdenn: 回到过去(hui dao guo qu ) wkkw RT @Jodie_Tan08: Mandarinnya apa?:pRT @MadelineArdenn: Return to the past-Jay Chou #np
  • Jodie_Tan08: ‎​¬_¬ RT @valaachee: Hao xiang hao xiangRT @Jodie_Tan08: Mandarinnya apa?:pRT @MadelineArdenn: Return to the past-Jay Chou #np
  • valaachee: Hao xiang hao xiangRT @Jodie_Tan08: Mandarinnya apa?:pRT @MadelineArdenn: Return to the past-Jay Chou #np
  • Jodie_Tan08: Mandarinnya apa?:pRT @MadelineArdenn: Return to the past-Jay Chou #np
  • KiwiSkYz: So jay chou was filming at KL sentral this afternoon? xO
  • MadelineArdenn: Return to the past-Jay Chou #np
  • Cyme96: #nowwatching Jay Chou & Lara - 蛇舞 [Snake Dance] .. just wanna say the MV has the great dance-moves one LOL ~
  • hungnvwork: Sound from Rio de Janeiro X: Mr. dEvEn posted a photo: Sound from Rio de Janeiro Model : Tiffany Chou Loca...
  • WifiTenne_adm: @ThePhanToM_nl mon chou met kersen en slagroom
  • belladonnne: @FilmsdeLover hi hi c'est trop chou cette correction en quasi-direct #mercitwitter
  • egantura: RT @bulutangkisina: Partai 2_MS #SudirmanCup2011: Chou Tien Chen [TPE] - Boonsak Ponsana [THA]
  • bulutangkisina: Partai 2_MS #SudirmanCup2011: Chou Tien Chen [TPE] - Boonsak Ponsana [THA]
  • ruuuttan: Today will be a good day to celebrate. Petit Chou tonight~ ( > w < )
  • OhJDBforeva: @jocy1995 :o vs avez brevet blanc? On a pas ns.. Chou doing good? :P
  • brianlmy: @tanyilingg dont throw up in starbucks, later chou chou >:(
  • Janice_JiA: Hahahhaa he said jaychou came out and walked to basin beside him,then he told jaychou he loves his songs, jay chou said thankiew to him
  • heartshapes: @Brilliantlovee EE THE RIBBON SO CHOU LIKE FAKE DIAMOND
  • NyuYesii: long time no see - jay chou
  • InnerCompass1: When nature is breathing with force, the willow bends; when life is pushing you with force, be like the willow and bend. Chou
  • grethalysna: RT @BulutangkisNews: TPE vs THA : Chou Tien Chen [TPE] vs Boonsak Ponsana [THA] #SudirmanCup
  • wailynnnn: Weird thing is the only songs I have in iPad are all Jay Chou. DID MY DAD LIKE, DO THIS FOR MEEEE? :D
  • wailynnnn: Listening to Jay Chou on iPad.
  • soyJJ: @iamzunoya zhe shi chou le ma?-,-
  • Dfeard: @Jbdp221093 Your bro and Chou's sis?
  • TechnoExodus41: Craving for yang chou or however you spell it, ugghhh.
  • Joel_Wong: @amandaooi not harsh la - chou lou is the word :D
  • SuriyaYahya: Bestnya dpt tgk aksi gadoh Nick Tse and Jay chou kat stesen Sentral ni hah. @remy_ishak @TizTizTiz Shooting, is it bn tht hectic?byk X take?
  • jiaenlalala: #20advantagesofstudyingatbac you get to meet jay chou/nicholas tse at the train station :D
  • Lioneill_vinz: Like Jay Chou's 4thumb :) (y)
  • jocy1995: @JDBsMonster hahah ehh :P Lmaooo chou rad?:P Btw u went today ?
  • fussyfat: #np the ocean of coral by jay chou
  • azuracullen: I am following JAY CHOU ???
  • baostarations: Photoset: Introducing… MAYAN TEE IMPORTED FROM JAPAN **MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY COTTON SGD60 COLORS BLACK,... http:///xtp2nv7aqy
  • ralphwhh: @raykazan so that when u go to a bank ta3rif chou 3am ye7ko:P
  • fussyfat: #np fa ru xue by jay chou
  • jocy1995: @JDBsMonster wohowww hahah chou 2eltilo?
  • Micochan_luf: Jay Chou - Ting Ma Ma De Hua (music)(dance) http:///p/cccnnz
  • ditDiery: Jay Chou not only Handsome. But Also He's Smart
  • teohshuling: jay chou,u can be my EVERYTHING<3
  • marshchelle: Apparently jay chou and 2 hongkongise were shooting in KL Central. Ngeh. Friends were gng gaga over them. Lol.
  • prmatagabriella: RETWEEETTTTT ! :D @stph23: The Secret is a very greaaaaaaatt movie!! Jay Chou ƪ(♥o♥)ʃ (•̪ . •̪)♥ ε(ˆ◦)

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