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  • Definition of circulation in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of circulation. Pronunciation of circulation. Translations of circulation. circulation synonyms, circulation antonyms. Information about circulation in the free online English. — “circulation - definition of circulation by the Free Online”,
  • Circulation definition, an act or instance of circulating, moving in a circle or circuit, or flowing. See more. — “Circulation | Define Circulation at ”,
  • Definition of circulation in the Medical Dictionary. circulation explanation. Information about circulation in Free online English dictionary. What is circulation? Meaning of circulation medical term. What does circulation mean?. — “circulation - definition of circulation in the Medical”, medical-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. The attic has poor air circulation. the circulation of ocean waters. Let's open the windows to get some circulation in here. This memo is not meant for circulation. — “Circulation - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Information on Health Conditions Related to Blood Circulation Problems. How to Improve Your Circulation with Natural Remedies. — “Blood Circulation Problems - How to Improve Your Circulation”,
  • In the human heart there is one atrium and one ventricle for each circulation, and with both a systemic and a pulmonary circulation there are four chambers in total: left atrium, left ventricle, right atrium and right ventricle. and a form of circulation), this branching allows for bodily. — “Circulatory system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Home " Circulation Journals. Ticagrelor Versus Clopidogrel in Acute Coronary Syndromes in Relation to Renal Function: Results From the Platelet Inhibition and Patient Outcomes (PLATO) Trial Home " Circulation Research. MicroRNA-218 Regulates Vascular Patterning by Modulation of Slit-Robo Signaling. — “AHA Journals”,
  • Find everything you want to know about Circulation, What is the circulation?, What is PG's Circulation?, and much more. — “Circulation - Frequently Asked Questions”,
  • circulation n. Movement in a circle or circuit, especially the movement of blood through bodily vessels as a result of the heart's pumping action. — “circulation: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • circulation (anatomy and physiology), the process by which nutrients, respiratory gases, and metabolic products are transported throughout a living organism, permitting integration among the various tissues. The process includes the intake of. — “circulation (anatomy and physiology) -- Britannica Online”,
  • List of 1579 disease causes of Circulation symptoms, patient stories, diagnostic guides. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Circulation symptoms. — “Circulation symptoms - ”,
  • How to Treat Poor Circulation. Poor circulation, or peripheral vascular disease is a condition that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be a precursor to heart attack, stroke and even amputation. Some symptoms of poor. — “How to Treat Poor Circulation | ”,
  • The vascular or circulation system is further broken down into arterial blood flow into the foot and venous which is blood flow away from the foot back to the heart. Of the four systems, peripheral circulation problems are potentially the most damaging to the foot. — “peripheral circulation in the foot”, foot-pain-
  • Definition of circulation from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of circulation. Pronunciation of circulation. Definition of the word circulation. Origin of the word circulation. — “circulation - Definition of circulation at ”,
  • Most health problems begin with poor blood circulation to various body parts. Find out different methods to increase blood circulation naturally. Increase Blood Circulation. — “Increase Blood Circulation”,
  • Circulation Development, Inc integrates our fully compliant Telemarketing, List Services to deliver powerful sales messages to every potential subscriber in your market. Circulation Development Inc,CDI,Telemarketing,Newspaper Telemarketing,Newspaper,newspapers,marketing,. — “Newspaper Telemarketing for Circulation | Circulation”,
  • The Circulation Desk will hold the book for you for 7 days. The Circulation Department is responsible for the shelving of all materials in the library. — “Circulation”,
  • newspaper, services, circulation Newspapers in Education, the literacy program of the Wisconsin State Journal, serves teachers and students throughout south-central Wisconsin. — “Subscriber services”,

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  • Kana Hanazawa - Renai Circulation (Full) Artist: Kana Hanazawa Title: Renai Circulation Opening 4 of the Anime: Bakemonogatari Uploaded by: Baka Ranger Thahila
  • Circulation-Turquoise Turquoise by Circulation. PLEASE rate and comment. enjoy!
  • Systemic and Pulmonary Circulation Animation showing the route blood takes through the body and lungs.
  • leg exercises to aid leg circulation a simple video that will help you to improve your leg circulation, great excersies combined with compression stockings. Good for people with tired aching legs, or medical coditions requiring medical compression stockings
  • Circulation - Magenta From "Real Ibiza 3 - Chilling you softly" (Various artists) (2000). Originally taken from "Colours" by Circulation (2000). Written & produced by R. Davis & M. Jackson.
  • Fetal Circulation and Baby's First Breath Annals of Medical School discusses how the circulation is different before birth so that blood from the mother can oxygenate the growing fetus, and how this changes as a response to the boost of oxygen when the newborn baby first breathes.
  • CIRCULATION The circulatory system consisting of the heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins, is the pumping mechanism that transports blood throughout the body. In the heart, the left ventricle contracts, pushing red blood cells into the aorta, the body's largest artery. From here, blood moves through a series of increasingly smaller arteries, until it reaches a capillary, the junction between arteries and veins. Here oxygen molecules detach from the red blood cells and slip across the capillary wall into body tissue. Now de-oxygenated, blood begins its return to the heart. It passes through increasingly larger veins to eventually reach the right atrium. It enters the right ventricle, which pumps it through the pulmonary arteries into the lungs, to pick up more oxygen. Oxygenated, blood reenters the left atrium, moves into the left ventricle, and the blood's journey begins again.
  • Circulation Goes over the big model: artery, veins, aorta, etc....
  • High Tech Health's Circulation Booster on The Gadget Show Channel 5 Channel 5's "The Gadget Show" featured High Tech Health's Circulation Booster device. Beware of imitations - it is the High Tech Health device which is the real deal!
  • Circulation - Turquoise (Original Mix) 2001
  • circulation - chocolate part one - 2003 deep progressive house classic circulation - chocolate part one. a deep, moody, progressive house classic from the circulation boys, known for naming their tracks after colours (in fact, both of their full length albums were entitled "colours"). this would be the a-side to their "chocolate" single, and also appeared on the second colours album as the second track in a slightly edited version.
  • School House Rock - Science - Do The Circulation
  • [ENG SUB] Renai Circulation RAP ver. sm10569994 Oh Tightson, I love you and your rap covers. If the quality on this video is horrible, then... I'm sorry! ;A; I couldn't find a better resolution. Also, I wasn't really paying attention to my spelling, so there might be a few typos. *A Yamato Nadeshiko is... ah, well, go and wiki it. She's basically the "ideal woman." As always: find any mistakes? Please correct me! Translation/Romaji/Kanji over here:
  • blood circulation circulatory system
  • Circulation 2of3 Bill Nye the Science Guy Circulation 2of3
  • こばと。Renai Circulation A little AMV I made of Kobato, my new favorite anime. Also, happy birthday to Corsair and Katzie.
  • Circulation 1of3 Bill Nye the Science Guy Circulation 1of3
  • Blood Circulation - through the Heart and body A role play performed by the students of class V, Beaconhouse School System, Gulshan Primary II, Karachi, Pakistan. Students acted as blood to understand the path that blood takes in the Circulatory system.
  • global circulation (1-54)
  • Circulation - Emerald (A Side) this classic was released in 2001
  • The Circulatory Song! Hey! This song is really funny and we heard/watched it for the first time in science which was part of our human biology unit! If you actually learn to memorize it it can be really helpful! LOL! So hope you enjoy! Comment and rate please!
  • [MMD] frandre 『Love circulation』 [touhou MMD] Nikoniko Douga Import! Touhou & Anime Figure / Doujin Goods / Doujinshi / Anime Goods eBay Store!
  • The Wonders of Fetal Circulation Fetal Circulation & Changes After Birth *The superior vena cava enters the right atrium (not right ventricle as mentioned/labeled)*
  • [APH] Renai Circulation - Liechtenstein ~marukaite chikyuu ver.~ (sub.esp) Original: Download: Not done for me. This video has no for-profit and is taken from the original in Japanese for translation.
  • The Circulation Law of Prosperity - Randy Gage Randy Gage Channel: Find out how to keep prosperity throughout your life: by circulating and sharing your own good fortune. Learn how to make room for your own prosperity in relationships, health and money. Get more prosperity resources at: Follow Randy Gage on Twitter at You never know who Randy will skewer in his Free electronic newsletter. He rants, he raves, and he calls 'em as he sees 'em. But if you want a real-world look at what it takes to be happy, successful and rich—Randy is your guy! Subscribe to "Randy's Rants" for FREE—and get a message from Randy. WARNING: Be prepared for tough language, straight talk, and brutal honesty! Subscribe to his Success and Prosperity Ezine at:
  • Hanazawa Kana - Ren'ai Circulation - Bakemonogatari Fourth OP (Hatless Version) HD and Raw Isn't Nadeko just adorable. Title pretty much explains it; the hatless version of the fourth Bakemonogatari OP, uploaded because I got sick of seeing either fandubs or non-video versions...Also in HD, because I can. All credit goes to people who aren't me.
  • Ocean Current Simulation A simulation of ocean currents in Monterey Bay
  • Renai Circulation Dance [MMD] i wuv these models!1 enjoy idont own volcaoid higurashigirl123 made the school zatsune~ website for nanami's models here!: neru is on vpvp wiki and zatune is from higurashigirl123 motion data:
  • Ren-ai Circulation (8-bit Remix) from NicoNico Douga
  • Renai Circulation Full [Lyrics and Translation] Thanks to Khozen0 for the English translation~ Nothing much, yes, only the lyrics on screen.. As simple as that~ XD Forth Opening of anime Bakemonogatari by Kana Hanazawa. Translation: Ready, set~ But, you see, that's no use It won't work anymore, hey My heart will love you more and more. If words will make our relationship disappear Then we should delete them Have you thinked about it? are you afraid about it? But...uh?! There's somenthing wrong, I wonder? A long trip begins whit a single step! So I'll start my own whit my intentions hard like stones. If I do my best can I become A graceful woman? I will pass this test, or rather I'll try to death! Flu-Fluffy, Flu-fluttering When you call my name, It takes just that to make me fly Flu-fluttering. Flu-fluffy When you laugh, It takes just that to make me smile God, thank you. Even if fate was mean whit me The fact that we met by chance I think...It makes me happy. But, you see, that's no use It won't work anymore, hey My heart will love you more and more. That's not it, stop it! Hey, that's not enough for me Just keep looking at me forever and ever. As I feel yours in me, feel my existence in you I undestand that I'm not yet a big presence but Right now, in this moment I will share it whit you If I do my best can I become A graceful woman? Doing my best I've become it! We-weak, we-weak It just takes you to look at me to make me feel dazzling We-weak, we-weak It just takes you to think at me to make me melt God, thank you ...
  • Circulation - White (2000) Can you dig it?
  • Kidney Model - Blood Circulation.avi This video was produced to help students of human anatomy at Modesto Junior College study our anatomical models.
  • Renai Circulation // Original This Video Took me forever and a day to finish :U But I'm glad I did. Cuz I love how it came out. It was suppose to be a Vday video for Drea but OTL That's Drew // Drea's manself ; w ; Omfg!! Drea is a Girl!! this is just her male version :U I will upload another version of this video once I get a FanDub from because her voice is amazing ; w ; ----- How many frames ? ALOT How long did it take you? Like 3 weeks What programs? PhotoshopC4 / SonyVegasPRO Where can I get the Mp3? Iono, Drea gave it to me Inspiration // Original Video :
  • Circulation - Chocolate (Mix2) Vinyl (2003)
  • 折原臨也でうざやサーキュレーションを歌ってみた:リモーネ先生 折原臨也でうざやサーキュレーションを歌ってみた:リモーネ先生from niconico note: that song is fanmade by Limone sensei not Kamiya Hiroshi sing mp3 download : /?kutmvm2r5yu CREDIT KougaMyazawa XD Lyric translation Izaya's Renai Circulation One, two... But that's no good. Look, it won't work. My annoyingness* will keep on evolving, more and more. *Note: here "annoyingness" is synonymous with "noisy" (uzai), and "Uzaya" is the widely accepted nickname for Izaya in the Japanese fanbase. If you were someone I could kill with mere words, then I wouldn't be interested in the first place. So I thought. And smiled. But wait. That's probably not the case. A journey to the apex of evilness starts with a single step. So I'll go on with a resolution as firm as stone. Bit by bit till there's no turning back. Even if you're going to die from it - actually, do die, please? Fluffy and fluttering, fluttery and fluffy. I'll fly to the moon if you use your fist. Fluttery and fluffy, fluffy and fluttering. All I have to do is smile to get you go berserk at me. Thank you, Ikebukuro. Even if our fateful encounter was just a prank by myself, We should feel blessed by it...shouldn't we? But that's no good. Look, it won't work. My annoyingness will keep on evolving, more and more. Yup, I don't want it like that. Hey, that's not enough. Keep looking at me forever and ever.
  • Ren'ai Circulation(Full+Download) Bakemonogatari opening 4 Kana Hanazawa - Ren'ai Circulation Download Link:
  • Circulation Colours - Turquoise Circulation Colours turquoise from Rey mysterio 619 video house colours circulation techno house blacksitedown
  • Water Vapor Circulation on Earth Water vapor -- the gaseous phase of water -- plays an important role in the water cycle and in regulating Earth's energy distribution. As oceans evaporate and plants transpire, liquid water from Earth's surface enters into the atmosphere as water vapor. When air cools, clouds form through water vapor condensation (forming liquid drops) or deposition (forming ice crystals); and clouds produce precipitation that returns liquid water back to Earth's surface. Water vapor is a critical component of Earth's atmosphere and, though it is invisible, it can be studied through the use of imaging that is sensitive to infrared wavelengths of about 6.5 to 7.4 micrometers in the electromagnetic spectrum. By assigning false colors to represent the infrared data, researchers are able to "see" water vapor in the atmosphere. In this simulation, water vapor is shown as white and precipitation is shown as orange.
  • [email protected] Iori Minase (Rie Kugimiya) - Ren'Ai Circulation 4th opening of Bakemongatari by Rie Kugimiya, from the album THE [email protected] Break! Vol.3. Original song by Kana Hanazawa.
  • NASA: The Thermohaline Circulation (The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt) [720p] The oceans are mostly composed of warm salty water near the surface over cold, less salty water in the ocean depths. These two regions don't mix except in certain special areas. The ocean currents, the movement of the ocean in the surface layer, are driven mostly by the wind. In certain areas near the polar oceans, the colder surface water also gets saltier due to evaporation or sea ice formation. In these regions, the surface water becomes dense enough to sink to the ocean depths. This pumping of surface water into the deep ocean forces the deep water to move horizontally until it can find an area on the world where it can rise back to the surface and close the current loop. This usually occurs in the equatorial ocean, mostly in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This very large, slow current is called the thermohaline circulation because it is caused by temperature and salinity (haline) variations. This animation shows one of the major regions where this pumping occurs, the North Atlantic Ocean around Greenland, Iceland, and the North Sea. The surface ocean current brings new water to this region from the South Atlantic via the Gulf Stream and the water returns to the South Atlantic via the North Atlantic Deep Water current. The continual influx of warm water into the North Atlantic polar ocean keeps the regions around Iceland and southern Greenland mostly free of sea ice year round. The animation also shows another feature of the global ocean circulation: the Antarctic ...
  • Ozzy2Timess: Ozzy2Timess: RT @WoahhDer_LaRonn: Broo I swear if I'm failing onee of these teachers circulation qonee qet CUT OFF lol
  • STFU_PlayYoPart: STFU_PlayYoPart: RT @WoahhDer_LaRonn: Broo I swear if I'm failing onee of these teachers circulation qonee qet CUT OFF lol
  • knight_tracer: knight_tracer: @greedydancer YES, completely. This should enter circulation :<3
  • basicincome: basicincome: @TheNewDeal Reminder #BasicIncome is not welfare, not hand out. It's sustainable circulation for 21st century http://jm.p/BreakTheJobsTrance
  • HellmanDerm: HellmanDerm: If you have dry skin, try using a loofah sponge weekly with warm water to boost circulation and remove dead skin cells
  • clairelc6: clairelc6: @SkaterMomma15 they cut the circulation off to chub chubs legs :(
  • WoahhDer_LaRonn: WoahhDer_LaRonn: Broo I swear if I'm failing onee of these teachers circulation qonee qet CUT OFF lol
  • warlitocraig: warlitocraig: The £20 is the most common Bank of England note in circulation, with 1.55 billion notes in circulation worth £31bn.#accountant #cash #money
  • mlp_twilight: mlp_twilight: @Waffen_SS I'm trying to avoid hyperinflation, if this gold gets out into circulation.
  • LolasGreenHair: LolasGreenHair: @YsanneBueno It's said to stimulate blood circulation. But I wouldn't use it alone. Dilute with a carrier oil like jojoba or castor...
  • NewsAtIllinois: NewsAtIllinois: @BBCNews: Researchers at U of I find way to pump healing fluids around a material like circulation of animal's blood.
  • ToteTheToolie: ToteTheToolie: It'll never be my chair that you on. Crown so tight, it cuts off circulation to the brain. Other words, theres no heir (air) to the throne!
  • kalatida: kalatida: » @OvertDictionary: The Ruling Class: those who serve to find new and more destructive ways of speeding up the circulation of capital.
  • meadowcomber: meadowcomber: @pineylonesome I think he'd have better view if he was following her up to attic. Where the big old circulation counter is stored
  • angelaplz: angelaplz: @YLiberman ya! come join the study party.. we're right by the circulation desk thing
  • HenchmanGC: HenchmanGC: @mundaneisgood How's the blood circulation doing sir?
  • DaveV74: DaveV74: @GeekyGirl36 I live in a rather small house so not much air circulation and I always have like 4 or 5 flavors going at the same time LOL
  • FlyerNews: FlyerNews: @stevetitus Thanks for reading and thanks for the suggestion Steve! I'll mention this to our circulation manager to see what we can do! - JR
  • knitterscarlet: knitterscarlet: The circulation in my legs is terrible 2day...they R hurting lk U wouldn't believe..painkillers arnt helping & its 2 warm 4 electric blanket
  • jmayerik: jmayerik: I just dismantled the inside of my hot tub, I hope can remember how to put it back together when I get a new circulation pump. #fb
  • Haced: Haced: I have poor circulation in my hands
  • kurosaki_girl15: kurosaki_girl15: hmm after early developmental stages, then its fetal respiration, and fetal circulation. If i want to be a pediatrician, this is vital.
  • just_kellyloo: just_kellyloo: Lost circulation in my hand scary!!
  • el7cloudhe: el7cloudhe: On Android Sports Writers, Respect for Andy Rooney and One Unnatural Circulation Spike andy rooney ;P
  • kbchowdy: kbchowdy: ! On Android Sports Writers, Respect for Andy Rooney and One Unnatural Circulation Spike andy rooney
  • ad1keriha: ad1keriha: andy rooney On Android Sports Writers, Respect for Andy Rooney and One Unnatural Circulation Spike ;O
  • i46sylver: i46sylver: On Android Sports Writers, Respect for Andy Rooney and One Unnatural Circulation Spike andy rooney :P
  • 46rarchio: 46rarchio: On Android Sports Writers, Respect for Andy Rooney and One Unnatural Circulation Spike andy rooney
  • 5shmcdonal: 5shmcdonal: :) andy rooney On Android Sports Writers, Respect for Andy Rooney and One Unnatural Circulation Spike
  • sfxsteelm: sfxsteelm: andy rooney On Android Sports Writers, Respect for Andy Rooney and One Unnatural Circulation Spike ;P
  • mightymoebetta: mightymoebetta: @DarkSinatra the powers that be know the power of the reproductive seed and the circulation issues skinny jeans provide...
  • naresh_thakur: naresh_thakur: @TheIndiaReport More black money in circulation.
  • alexbeklik: alexbeklik: So don't go thinking your "fresh" when you match your coughdrop foams that are probably cutting off your circulation to your polo's haha
  • ImaGemationJwls: ImaGemationJwls: Silver aids circulation, help lungs & throat, detoxifies blood, aids in trtmnt of degenerative brain diseases, balances hormones & chemicals
  • justsayyes_geeX: justsayyes_geeX: @AmyHoran_ lol :) hehehee, that plaster was strange and cut the circulation off to my finger :L x
  • 3Voices1Mind: 3Voices1Mind: @DJDelKover i did hear people say your circulation was on point, as far as you didnt play all crunk music and stuff ...
  • 3Voices1Mind: 3Voices1Mind: @DJDelKover great mentality lol .... the air circulation was better on your side anyway
  • zerbaar: zerbaar: RT @FaizBaluch: Daily Tawar #newspaper circulation stops in provincial capital of #Balochistan #SaveDailyTawar #Journalism #Journalist
  • jesslondon_: jesslondon_: #ouch.. Put plaster on to tight and I think I'm loosing circulation.
  • Pammyjorocks: Pammyjorocks: Listening to thrash and death metals.. Right...??? Good for mind circulation!!
  • TouchofLVspa: TouchofLVspa: Reduce tension, increase circulation and restore vitality at A Touch of Las Vegas Day Spa. Call 702-871-0899 today!!!
  • LilaLaure: LilaLaure: being with circulation problems since 3 days isn´t funny anyway...oh dear =(
  • vofomyvupa: vofomyvupa: how many two dollar bills are in circulation
  • mpeterson29: mpeterson29: I like the heat I hate the cold -_- I have bad circulation I don't need cold weather to make it worse
  • cmariee9: cmariee9: @Bon_appetweet; thank GOD for that circulation and dear john...
  • mz_joanne: mz_joanne: RT @OvertDictionary: The Ruling Class: those who serve to find new and more destructive ways of speeding up the circulation of capital.
  • curtleng: curtleng: RT @Jackson4Hamden: Just received a report from the Police Chief that Hamden Police have removed six illegal guns from circulation in the past seven days.
  • TaeTweetstough: TaeTweetstough: Yesterday I literally had to cut these jeans off me. They were cutting off my circulation.
  • KiinaTweets: KiinaTweets: Don't make me snap my fingers in the Z formation, eye rotation, head circulation, brick wall, waterfall girl you
  • MyBrandsFashion: MyBrandsFashion: Open Question: If you cut of circulation in your leg, could that lead to getting your leg cut off?: If so, how... *
  • Info_Online: Info_Online: Open Question: If you cut of circulation in your leg, could that lead to getting your leg cut off?
  • livedoctorchat: livedoctorchat: Open Question: If you cut of circulation in your leg, could that lead to getting your leg cut off?: If so, how ...
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  • healthlesson: healthlesson: Open Question: If you cut of circulation in your leg, could that lead to getting your leg cut off?: If so, how do you cut the circula...
  • Brittany_SPirce: Brittany_SPirce: // All their dreams come true at the end and in the future. Alan even gets back his circulation.
  • holdlinzidown: holdlinzidown: refusing to cut my leeds band but knowing im gonna need it off by tomorrow is a killa. seriously. i have no circulation in my hand right now
  • ElspethF: ElspethF: Knee pain = wrapping socks around it to try and support it more... Probz cut off my circulation though... Damn
  • NorthNottsBC: NorthNottsBC: @womansworkuk Excellent notebook as usual and ready for circulation tomorrow : )
  • xbeautyxtruthx: xbeautyxtruthx: yes, it's 70 degrees outside. yes, I'm wearing long sleeves. yes, I'm wearing leggins. yes, I have horrible blood circulation.
  • oliviaalexaa: oliviaalexaa: RT @chloeannabel: I feel like my leg has lost circulation and is about to drop off.
  • GreenHomeGarden: GreenHomeGarden: Thick King Size Convoluted Foam Bed Pad, ensures pressure reduction and air circulation
  • cassidymarie19: cassidymarie19: RT @autumnperez: so happy i'm not involved with this major circulation of drama going on.
  • chloeannabel: chloeannabel: I feel like my leg has lost circulation and is about to drop off.
  • UCFVisComm: UCFVisComm: From Ch. 7..What's the first American newspaper with a regular circulation? With its two-column design, what published work did it resemble?
  • Blazenhoff: Blazenhoff: Jenny says "Cart circulation my ass!"
  • massagestlouis: massagestlouis: Increase your circulation! #STL -
  • VMedDream: VMedDream: #listeria.Eat milk/cheese/cantaloupe, absorbed in intestines, enters ur circulation and enters ur brain or fetus
  • Melua_Arkady: Melua_Arkady: In St Petersburg - the circulation of the Encyclopedia about the Nobel winner Ivan Pavlov. In two vol. Publisher - "Humanistica".
  • TumzaFlyingSpur: TumzaFlyingSpur: This "circulation" setting on my firdge makes it sound like it's breathing heavily... #scared
  • cruisinwithted: cruisinwithted: Acupuncture can reduce pain/improve circulation Luxury Costa Italy cruise from $299
  • monicasolrzanoo: monicasolrzanoo: I honestly think I have circulation problems .. My hands are like white.
  • WTFisAchika: WTFisAchika: @itskailynbby "my fingers are losing circulation" oooooh I'm real scared of you lil one.
  • UnFWithable: UnFWithable: So that tight ass dress I wore yesterday must have cut off my circulation or sum'n cuz like half my tattoo is peeled off.
  • arexfox: arexfox: hate it when my laptop cuts off circulation to my legs and i stand up and then fall over like a paraplegic newb
  • TheDandyButch: TheDandyButch: I think I own 90% of the plaid currently in circulation.
  • xJanzx: xJanzx: Was Kelly's weave too tight and cutting off the circulation to her brain? #XFactor
  • OMGAlternMed: OMGAlternMed: #Bromelain stops the production of prostaglandins, hormonelike by-products of #inflammation, improving blood circulation at the injury site.
  • Findgiftidea: Findgiftidea: Seaweed X90 500mg Effectively treats constipation, obesity, cholesterol, high blo...
  • bybasokyv: bybasokyv: how many two dollar bills are in circulation
  • JSCOOP303: JSCOOP303: Potassium: Promotes healthy hair growth by regulating the bodies blood circulation.
  • Jenayra: Jenayra: RT @iBleedSarcasm: @Jenayra @ShaEstrella1026 when dudes pull that look i just be like "i know ur balls are screaming for blood circulation and air" lol smh
  • iBleedSarcasm: iBleedSarcasm: @Jenayra @ShaEstrella1026 when dudes pull that look i just be like "i know ur balls are screaming for blood circulation and air" lol smh
  • marisaBlack1: marisaBlack1: Coralife Circulation Pump - 1300 gph - 7W: Water circulation is essential for many reasons: certain species of...
  • indigofizz: indigofizz: RT @OvertDictionary: The Ruling Class: those who serve to find new and more destructive ways of speeding up the circulation of capital.
  • emilyyymarshall: emilyyymarshall: I have such bad circulation brrrr
  • SheisBones: SheisBones: RT @OvertDictionary: The Ruling Class: those who serve to find new and more destructive ways of speeding up the circulation of capital.
  • paulflynnchef: paulflynnchef: @alex_meehan thanks for that I hope I don't affect circulation adversely !
  • WhatisWicked: WhatisWicked: @mikericard those are #wicked and half? the population of twitter probably never saw them in circulation...
  • GutterxFlower: GutterxFlower: RT @joecrutchfield: When do you think they will finally remove pennies from circulation? Let's stop using them and make it happen.
  • _StrappCity: _StrappCity: Why is only my right hand and nose cold??? Ummm circulation?
  • ClanSewe: ClanSewe: NMG's newspaper division reported 10th% increase in circulation and 21% in revenue! Where can I get the whole NMG's FiRe 2010/2011?

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