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  • The climate is the weather averaged over a long period of time. However, over geological time, climate can vary considerably for a given place on the earth. — “Climate - Wikinfo”,
  • All about the World Climates. Includes photos, world climate zones, facts about climate, seasons, Kšppen's climate classification system, low-latitude, mid-latitudea and high-latitude climates. — “World Climates”,
  • Zeitgeist Films. Bringing quality foreign and independent feature films and documentaries to American screens since 1988. Winner of the prestigious Fipresci Award at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, CLIMATES is internationally acclaimed writer-director Nuri Bilge Ceylan's sublime follow-up to. — “Zeitgeist Films | Climates”,
  • CLIMATES AROUND THE WORLD. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. — “Climates”,
  • Get the scoop on Climates. Find a movie synopsis, movie photos, trailers, and movie tickets, you'll find it all at . — “Climates Movie Synopsis and Overview”,
  • Midlatitude and Subtropical Climates. Humid Subtropical. Dry Summer High Latitude Climates. Subarctic. Tundra. Ice Cap. Top | Home | Dept Geog/Geol | UW-SP. — “World Climates”,
  • CLIMATE CHANGE (PDF) – Here you will find writings on global warming and other aspects of climate change. Copyright 2007 by Patrick J. Tyson . Last edited in January of 2010. — “WELCOME TO WWW”,
  • Guangzhou, China; Sitka Alaska; Capetown, South Africa (C Climates) Distribution of Permafrost in the Northern Hemisphere. Influence of Elevation on Climate. Climate Graphs. — “notes.chap15”,
  • Definition of Climates in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Climates. Pronunciation of Climates. Translations of Climates. Climates synonyms, Climates antonyms. Information about Climates in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Climates - definition of Climates by the Free Online”,
  • A Haroon is a maker of "phat beetz" most notably of the Trance variety. Haroons tend to hang out with people who are "OneUp" above the rest and lik Haroon's like warm climates and are known to raise the temperature by at most 10 degrees (F) when they walk outside. — “Urban Dictionary: climates”,
  • Climate. the average weather (temperature. and precipitation) of a Climates. Low Latitude Climates. occupy equatorial, and much tropical and. subtropical zones. — “Global Climates”,
  • Climate Classification and Climatic Regions of the World Tropical moist climates extend northward and southward from the equator to about 15 to 25° of latitude. — “7(v) Climate Classification and Climatic Regions of the World”,
  • Have we seen climate change before? You bet. These ancient climates on earth have seen extremes in the air like you would not believe. — “Ancient Climates | Do You Think Climate Change is a New Thing?”,
  • Climates definition, the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloud See more. — “Climates | Define Climates at ”,
  • Get information, facts, photos, news, videos, and more about climate and its role in Earth's atmosphere from National Geographic. — “Climate, Climate Information, Facts, News, Photos -- National”,
  • Climate can be contrasted to weather, which is the present condition of these same elements and their variations over periods up to two weeks. Climates can be classified according to the average and the typical ranges of different variables, most commonly temperature and. — “Climate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The colder climates have some of all of these things. But, as you can see, there is a lot of variety within the colder climates. In this lesson, you The polar climates—tundra and polar ice. When you complete this lesson, you will be able. — “Colder Climates”,
  • Purpose: To identify the causes of the varied climates in Europe and the impact of climates on humans. 1. explain the causes of the different climates found in Europe,. — “European Climates”,
  • If the Earth were getting hotter you would have to say, "All of the global climates are increasing in temperature. There are many types of climates across the Earth. You live in one of them or one the border between two. — “Geography4: Climate”, geography4
  • climate n. The meteorological conditions, including temperature, precipitation, and wind, that characteristically prevail in a particular region. — “climate: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • explains climate, climate control, climate change, climate news and national climate. — “Climate, Climate Control, Climate Change at ”,
  • Climates - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Climates”,

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  • Vandana Shiva - Food, farming, and climate change: People centred solutions (Part 2) Indian physicist, philosopher, feminist and tireless environmental activist, Vandana Shiva will explain her understanding of how the food crisis, peak oil, and climate change are inextricably linked. Any attempt to solve one without addressing the others will get us nowhere. Condemning industrial agriculture and industrial biofuels as recipes for ecological and economic disaster, Vandana champions the importance of small, independent farms. What we need most in a time of changing climates and millions hungry, she argues, are sustainable, biologically diverse farms that are more resistant to disease, drought, and flood. Calling for a return to local economies and small-scale food production, she will outline our remaining options and reflect on the extent to which the Copenhagen summit has helped us along the way to a people-centred fossil-fuel-free future, which will offer a decent living for all.
  • Climate Projections Scott Denning describes what the climate may look like in the future depending on the decisions we make today.
  • Climate Change - Wildlife & Wildlands EPA partnered with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Park Service,US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management to produce a new educational kit, Climate Change, Wildlife, and Wildlands Toolkit for Formal and Informal Educators.The kit contains case studies, activities, and a video based on the highest quality climate science, environmental education and stewardship information, and is designed to educate, inspire, and engage students everywhere to become stewards of our nations wildlife and ecosystems. Climate Change, Wildlife, and Wildlands Toolkit from For more about EPA: We accept comments according to our comment policy: Disclaimer: The US Government does not promote or endorse any non-Government or commercial content appearing on this page.
  • NIST Colloquium Series: Baked Alaska: Changing Climate - Changing Landscapes Alaska's landscapes—ever changing in response to active physical processes— are very sensitive indicators of climate change. In this presentation, geologist Bruce Molnia describes the post-Little Ice Age behavior of Alaskan glaciers, focusing on the continuing changes occurring within Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Turkish Cinema - İklimler (Climates) by Nuri Bilge Ceylan - Cannes FIPRESCI Prize 2006 Man was made to be happy for simple reasons and unhappy for even simpler ones -- just as he is born for simple reasons and dies for even simpler ones... Isa and Bahar are two lonely figures dragged through the ever-changing climate of their inner selves in pursuit of a happiness that no longer belongs to them.
  • Managing Stormwater in an Arid Climate Reviews strategies to control erosion and other flash flood water situations. from "Stormwater Management from a Watershed Perspective: Extreme Western Climates" Presented by NW Regional Water Program, WSU Extension. Nov. 2006
  • Climate Change The Effects of Disease - Part 2 Climate change is affecting our health by an increase in air, water, food, and insect borne diseases. Video features Dr. Carina Blackmore, Environmental Epidemiologist, Veterinarian, and Zoonotic Specialist for the Florida Department of Health and Dr. Kevin Sherin, Director of the Orange County Health Department.
  • 22 Years of Sea Surface Temperatures The NOAA polar-orbiting satellites (POES) have been collecting sea surface temperature data for over 22 years. This animation is a compilation of that data from January 1985 - January 2007. Of note are the changes in the Gulf Stream, El Nino and La Nina cycles in the Pacific, and the seansonal changes in sea ice cover.
  • Vandana Shiva - Food, farming, and climate change: People centred solutions (Part 1) Indian physicist, philosopher, feminist and tireless environmental activist, Vandana Shiva will explain her understanding of how the food crisis, peak oil, and climate change are inextricably linked. Any attempt to solve one without addressing the others will get us nowhere. Condemning industrial agriculture and industrial biofuels as recipes for ecological and economic disaster, Vandana champions the importance of small, independent farms. What we need most in a time of changing climates and millions hungry, she argues, are sustainable, biologically diverse farms that are more resistant to disease, drought, and flood. Calling for a return to local economies and small-scale food production, she will outline our remaining options and reflect on the extent to which the Copenhagen summit has helped us along the way to a people-centred fossil-fuel-free future, which will offer a decent living for all.
  • Fruitarianism in a Cold Climate A lot of people complain about cold weather and how it creates difficulties in maintaining a fruit based diet. I am not disagreeing that cold climates can create challenges, but I do think you have a choice in how you respond to the challenge. I love the various climates on planet earth. I love the 120F temperatures in the desert, and I love the -30F temps that I've experienced climbing mountains in the dead of winter. I love the various elements but my diet doesn't change for them. I still prefer frozen bananas over granola bars! The winter months bring out the best citrus of the whole year, not even mentioning pomegranates and persimmons. We live in a world and age where all year long we have good options to chose from. Making excuses about climate and temperature is not a good enough reason to go back to cooked addictive foods that will always compromise your health and vitality. I embrace the winter, I look forward to it. I also love the spring, summer and fall. I love all that the natural world has to offer, and I love it more when eating a fruitarian diet.
  • Hardwood Floors Arizona - Dry Climates Rift and Quartered white oak hardwood flooring. Setting: Conner Hotel, Jerome Arizona. Tips for problem free solid hardwood floors in dry, arid climates. Penetrating oil finish used by Delta Plus Floors of Prescott Arizona.
  • Chemistry Calendar, March: Climate and Energy What is the greenhouse effect? And how does it relate to global warming? This is the third video in the Chemistry Calendar 2011, a joint project between Molecular Frontiers, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg and Universeum. We work together with film company Untamed Science to launch a video per month during the International Year of Chemistry 2011. You can find out more, and download teaching material at See also: http http This video is also available in Swedish, on
  • Let's Play Super Mario 63 #04 - Climate Change Hope Mario can adjust, going from sand, to tropical, to snow climates all in a few minute span. But hey, it's Mario, if he can handle closing doors in hotels, he can handle many different weather conditions. Game made by Runouw.
  • How to Organize & Display a Book Collection : Book Care Tips for Humid Climates Learn how to maintain the books in your book collection in a humid environment withexpert book storage tips in this free online book related video clip. Expert: Jennifer Kimball Bio: Jennifer Kimball has two degrees in English, one from the University of Pennsylvania and the other from Georgetown University. Filmmaker: randy primm
  • Blue Rabbit's Climate Chaos Solutions *********************READ************************* Song: Lollipop + Answers downwards. start off, get go to the hotel and get an umbrella. Get on a boat and get to the next island. Then walk around for a cutscene and go in the hole. Walk down the hallway to get to the next island. Now go to the Big Statue and a little cutscene will happen. Now talk to the natives and give the umbrella to the native guarding the house in the bottom right corner. Now go in the house and take the thing hiding in the upper right corner. Outside the house is a girl who will give you 1 of her 5 scales. Get the green one from her. Now go to the tent to the bottom left and click on the only thing that is clickable to get a medal. This is your second one as you got the first from the chieftan. Now go to the docks and give the crown thing to the native there. You can now use the boat to get back to the island number three. Now Click on the big statue and put your medals in. Climate will change. Now to the left is a giant seashell. Take a picture of it. Be sure that you get it in the center, when you have it in the center the screen will say "taking picture of giant seashell" when you hover over the take picture icon. Take it. Now go to the second island. Click on the treasure chest and put the green scale in it to open the chest. Take the clock. Now go back to the 1st island. Show your picture to the Competition guy and you win. Then the hotel manager, the dog thing with a hat on will come and you ...
  • Dr. Megan Clark on food production and climate change in Australia Australia already has one of the most variable climates in the world and the changes now underway will determine the "vibrancy of our region." How is climate change influencing food production and other aspects of life in Australia? Dr. Megan Clark is on the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change. More information at
  • Building Restoration in Coastal Climates High-rise buildings in coastal climates are challenged by especially harsh environmental conditions. Take a look at how BASF provides solutions to the challenges caused by these conditions. See the products in action through the eyes of the contractor in this short documentary style tour of one building restoration project. Visit to learn more.
  • Our Changing Climate Examine the evidence of temperature increases, greenhouse gases and disappearing arctic sea ice. Learn how to decipher opposing views of climate science and discern healthy skepticism from deceptive arguments in the media and current events related to global climate change. William J. Gutowski, Jr., is Professor of Meteorology in the Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences at Iowa State University. His research is focused on the role of atmospheric dynamics in climate, with emphasis on the dynamics of the hydrologic cycle and regional climate as well as regional modeling of Arctic, African, and East Asian climates. He served on the National Research Council's Committee on Climate Change and US Transportation (2005-2008) and currently serves on the NRC Committee on Challenges and Opportunities in the Hydrologic Sciences. He was lead author for the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and is a member of the World Climate Research Programme's Task Force on Regional Climate Downscaling.
  • CLIMATES Trailer I have just seen this amazing trailer, this looks great!!!
  • Natural African American Hair Care - Consider Climate and Hair Product Ingredients Temperature and releative humidity should be considered when choosing hair products. Hair product ingredients react differently depending upon climate. Consider choosing hair care products what will provide benefits based on climate and ingredients used in hair products. In hot arid climates choose products with water and emollients, in humid, milder climates consider choosing products with humectants :). During the winter months, consider avoiding products in which the key ingredients are humectants.
  • Water purification in hot climates using sunlight: SODIS Method
  • Tips for Growing Onions In Southern Climates Tips for Growing Onions In Southern Climates with Pat Welsh. Southern California Gardening, California native plants, Organic Gardener, Organic Vegetable Gardening, Gardening Organic, Organic Gardening Books, Organic Gardening, Southern California Gardening, Mulch Garden, Organic Gardening...
  • Passive Solar COOLING - For Hot Humid Climates Basic solar science can be used to keep your home cool without electric bills. Zero Energy Design® has been doing it for decades. By Larry Hartweg [email protected]
  • Metalhead Trailer - Fly Fishing in Cold Climates with AEG Media Cold, cold, cold: watch some steelhead fishing in obscure locations under less-than-ideal conditions. Video by AEG Media. For more multimedia stories from Patagonia, visit the Tin Shed:
  • How Ocean Currents Affect Global Climate (1/2) Join award winning teacher Jonathan Bergmann as he explains how ocean currents affect global climates to his 9th grade students. |Uploaded with TubeShack
  • Climates First Orphans (Nila Madhab Panda) - UKEFF 2005 As the global debate on climate changes heats up, this film tells the story of thousands of homeless villagers in the coastal districts of Orissa, whose existence has been wiped out by the rising sea level.
  • Reflecting on Climate Change and Global Warming - Beautiful - James Newton Howard Reflecting on Climate Change and Global Warming I invite you to take 10 minutes to reflect on climate change and Global Warming. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation. Global average air temperature near the Earth's surface rose 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (1.3 ± 0.32 °F) during the past century. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes, "most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations," which leads to warming of the surface and lower atmosphere by increasing the greenhouse effect. Natural phenomena such as solar variation combined with volcanoes have probably had a small warming effect from pre-industrial times to 1950, but a small cooling effect since 1950. These basic conclusions have been endorsed by at least 30 scientific societies and academies of science, including all of the national academies of science of the major industrialized countries. The American Association of Petroleum Geologists is the only scientific society that rejects these conclusions, and a few individual scientists also disagree with parts of them. Climate change refers to the variation in the Earth's global climate or in regional climates over time. It describes changes in the variability or average state of the atmosphere over time scales ...
  • Climate Denial Crock of the Week - The Temp leads Carbon Crock Find out what a straw man argument is, and how the most spectacular cherry pick in the history of scientific argument is just part of a day's work for the professional deniers. read the primary studies mentioned here: "The Ice core record: Climate sensitivity and future greenhouse warming" "Timing of Atmospheric CO2 and Antarctic Temperature Changes Across Termination III"
  • Hawaiian Heat With climate change forecasts calling for tough times in tropical climates, scientists in Americas tropical paradise of Hawaii are carefully monitoring nature for signs of change, and citizen scientists are helping them find those signs in the oceans coral reefs.
  • Napa Valley Offers Differing Climates For Wine Grapes KCRA 3 Chief Meteorolgist Mark Finan visits the Napa Valley to see how climate affects wine grapes.
  • Lake Superior and Climate Change: Part 3 Scientists at the University of Minnesota Duluth campus are comparing lakes geologic histories across different climates. This global research will help them predict future climate change.
  • Make your own biltong Howzit oaks, feeling homesick?...ja me too. Bang this recipe one time & it'll keep you going for a while 1) Rub rock / coarse salt into the meat and leave in the fridge for 20-40min. 2) Dip the salted meat into brown vinegar to remove the salt 3) Spice the meat with whatever you want and place in the fridge for 12hrs 4) Hang the meat for 3-4 days until ready. TIPS 1) Never hang the meat in a room where the temp goes up and down (central heating) 2) Never use tablesalt 3) The normal spices in the kitchen are usually concentrated, so dont use too much. 4) Never let the hanging meat touch one another 5) Thicker meat needs more spicing & time hanging and its vica versa with thinner cuts. How do you know if its gone wrong? If you follow the above basic steps then you shouldn't have a problem, If you start to see white spots on your meat and little specks of 'fluff'(mould) then you've got a problem with the temp inside/outside of the box The spices I used in my biltong videos have been bought pre-prepared so I couldn't tell you exactly what was in them. When I don't use pre-prepared stuff I use the following combinations. Coriander + Crushed black pepper Coriander + Chili powder Coriander + Crushed cloves, nutmeg, celery salt, pepper Coriander + Garlic powder. The ratio should be 4 parts Coriander and 1 part whatever else you want or 80% to 20%. You can use coriander that's been bought crushed already, but the best way to do it is to buy whole coriander seeds, place them flat ...
  • Cool Climate Permaculture - Part 1 Permaculture in cool climates with Bill Mollison, to find out more about Bill and his work please visit; http
  • Middle East & Africa: Climate Part 4 in the Middle East and Africa series. This episode focuses on the extreme climate in the Middle East, the very diverse climate of Africa, and the role climatic conditions play in both regions in terms of human settlement and development. IU Southeast Instructor: Clint Franklin
  • After Effects Project Template (FREE) - Periods and Climates CLIK NOW TO DOWNLOAD PROJECT ENJOY !!!! Hey guys, This is another simple model of video made with a simple image a forest and then adding Movements with the camera Can Have a better view;) I made some models Representing the periods of Our day to day and weather as well. Morning Afternoon Period of the Night Also a well Demonstrated From Our winter:) The project Was Used some external media and made available for download Have I hope you enjoy pleased PLEASE LIKE------ COMMENT------ SUBSCRIBE----- THANKS FOR WATCHING...
  • THE CLOUD - broadcasting the climate of humanity - ad1 Hovering above the horizon, the CLOUD will appear as light as air itself, its delicate filigree structure superceding the traditions of steel and glass, lifting us up into the skies and the ethereal realm beyond. It will also be a DIGITAL CLOUD, a tribute to a digital age of bits and atoms. Saturated with real-time information displays, the CLOUD will broadcast breathtaking Olympian moments and a broader range of events. Its real-time relay of our climates and communications reveal the connective networks of our united humanity, and the world itself. High above the city and the Olympics, the CLOUD offers an entirely new form of observation space from which one can see the whole of the Games, the City, and the World. Through grassroots global fundraising and our Google partnership, the CLOUD will be raised by the people; using energy-harvesting and re-generative technology, The CLOUD will also be POWERED by the people. Its sculptural surface of fluctuating pixels will relay media from above as much as voices from below, a forum of exchange for all of our humanity to reach our wider planet. Immersed in the euphoria of weather and that alluring environment in which we all increasingly congregate the DIGITAL SUBLIME. Come raise the cloud with us.
  • New children's book and puppet show on climate change in Barbados British High Commission funds new children's book on climate change On Monday 6 December the British High Commission hosted a launch event for the new book: "Bri and Luk, Friends in Times of Changing Climates". The British High Commission funded book is a product of Barbados-based Environmental NGO, the Future Centre Trust, and was written by its Administrative Director, Nicole Garofano. The book, aimed at primary school children, uses specially created cartoon characters, including Bri the hummingbird and Luk the polar bear, to communicate the science of climate change, its likely impact on the Caribbean and the measures we can take to reduce our carbon footprints. Guests, including the Minister of Tourism, Hon Richard Sealy, environmental professionals and members of the diplomatic corps, gathered at the British High Commissioner's official Residence, Ben Mar, along with local school children to witness the official launch. The guests were treated to a preview of a specially created puppet show which will be used along with the book to promote climate change education in schools throughout Barbados.
  • The Foundation of Climate Science The Foundation of Climate Science - Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming - 2010-05-06 - Even after months of personal attacks against climate scientists stemming from a manufactured scandal over stolen emails, the underlying science behind the need to stem the tide of heat-trapping emissions remains solid. To explain what we know about climate change, and why and how we know it, Chairman Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming hosted top-level American climate scientists at a congressional hearing on Thursday, May 6, 2010. The scientists addressed the claims of deniers head-on. Thursday's panel featured a member of the investigative panel convened by the University of East Anglia and led by Lord Ron Oxburgh to review the stolen emails from that school's Climactic Research Unit. The "Oxburgh Inquiry" exonerated the scientists who were attacked following the emails, saying they "saw no evidence of any deliberate scientific malpractice in any of the work." The hearing also included three scientists involved in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports, which have also been attacked by climate science deniers. The Republican witness on the panel was Lord Christopher Walter Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. WITNESSES: Dr. Lisa Graumlich, Director, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona, and member of the "Oxburgh Inquiry" panel; Dr. Chris Field ...
  • adactio: adactio: @karacita1 So you're advocating a progressive enhancement approach to adapting your clothing for conference climates? I approve.
  • KKErwin: KKErwin: @LindsayHallin73 dont you just love it!? Except I know it's still warm n' toasty in both of our climates. Ick! I'm so ready for some fall!
  • JuanLaiLog: JuanLaiLog: How to design a coop that keeps your chickens warm in even the coldest of climates -
  • Realtroy_boy: Realtroy_boy: “@Q_CIROC18: @Realtroy_boy hell yea them jordan tornadoes fierce around here lol” They're more common in climates of the most Fly!!
  • danielle_fuchs: danielle_fuchs: Climates #nationwide reach new records: #udjrn
  • wightfarmhols: wightfarmhols: @SpringGardensGH another reason to love the Isle of Wight, its always warm in our tropical climates :)
  • youngchiefmusic: youngchiefmusic: RT @MrBizness: @youngchiefmusic we comin in all angles, all speeds, different climates, different weapons, we comin in 3D son
  • MrBizness: MrBizness: @youngchiefmusic we comin in all angles, all speeds, different climates, different weapons, we comin in 3D son
  • cottonbabies: cottonbabies: @abitofglitter They are specifically designed to be fast drying. They should line dry quickly in most climates. - Heather #clothdiapers
  • tessa_1968: tessa_1968: "10 Countries with Perfect Climates" #HowStuffWorks
  • CKYsaysSWAG: CKYsaysSWAG: Tonight will finish types of climates and floods & droughts.
  • giftsandgadget: giftsandgadget: The Praying Mantis in tropical/temperate climates, scientists discover they await bright #solar lights illumination
  • Kitchen_improve: Kitchen_improve: Cooling Your house Efficiently,Kitchen improvements: Those who dwell inside the southern climates, mainly the De...
  • katefully: katefully: @kirkcharles kirk-o-nuts are conditioned for more tropical climates
  • Home_improves: Home_improves: Building Your own private Photo voltaic Panel With Kits,Home improvement: With transforming climates across the ...
  • Hay_Group_UK: Hay_Group_UK: Eastern Europe ranks highest of the 11 surveyed countries & regions for positive organisational climates. Find out more
  • arospigliosi: arospigliosi: Very cool low tech solution 2 dark interiors in bright hot climates. Share! Thanx 2 Tipi Jean: The light of life YouTube
  • DarkAeon: DarkAeon: I swear, there are polar bears working in warmer climates than me at the moment. Canadian chap has air con at 0oC, affects surrounding units
  • TALV58: TALV58: RT @LeahThayer: Remodelers/builders: Did you know SIPs work well in all climates? Nice primer from longtime advocate @TALV58 #d5R
  • LeahThayer: LeahThayer: Remodelers/builders: Did you know SIPs work well in all climates? Nice primer from longtime advocate @TALV58 #d5R
  • Miss_T_Island: Miss_T_Island: Is solar powered and NEEDS to move to warmer climates!
  • eilidh: eilidh: @grumpyyoungman1 @stulewsey I agree, we could see if there are knightswood micro climates!
  • JazCummins: JazCummins: Tweeting with a guy in Liberia for work, about 'Zeer pot fridges' suitable for use in climates Love my job
  • dirkvl: dirkvl: @Sysparatem @AchimMuellers @plegrain most dvlping countries are in hot climates. no good for me. if UK heats up more I move north
  • Nature___: Nature___: and animals who live in hotter...
  • SignMagazine: SignMagazine: Climates of war: when tempers grow hot
  • Wiley_Stats: Wiley_Stats: RT @signmagazine Climates of war: when tempers grow hot
  • fashionkingravi: fashionkingravi: RT @tulasicute_98: @richyricha its 2 hot here in vijayawada lets exchange d climates rain 4 vijayawada n sunshine 4 mumbai ;)
  • katie_jp: katie_jp: wanna get back into bed and snuggle up, so cold, im not prepared for these cold climates
  • nataschamirosch: nataschamirosch: @ediluigi re Chinese wine. The world needs to look out. Money there now to buy experience plus so many diff climates to grow grapes.
  • mc_glEeGuRL: mc_glEeGuRL: @claudiapinne we only have two climates.. I'm from philippines
  • sam_pritch: sam_pritch: You get hurricanes in warmer climates so why is the uk having one? Where is this warm weather? I certainly haven't seen it over the summer.
  • LumiereRayock: LumiereRayock: Plants And Landscapes For Summer-dry Climates Of The San Francisco Bay Region:
  • Strabd: Strabd: @cswheeler I like wearing Doc Martens For Life boots through Seattle's winters, though they may not be enough for colder climates.
  • shoewhoreninja: shoewhoreninja: @grrlinterrupted awww, sick?? Are you home yet? I bet it's from all the travel.. Different climates, allergies.. It gets to be too much.
  • BrentGatorMark: BrentGatorMark: @PrincessMiranda @vescritoire I always thought it was conducive to the Hot Dry climates over their & didn't work in other parts of the world
  • GeologySci: GeologySci: Climates of the Earth and Cryosphere Evolution
  • EdenDiBianco: EdenDiBianco: @AlecBaldwin what I love most about this country is the variety of landscapes/climates. And NYC.
  • boatingguide: boatingguide: Winter Boat Storage - There are many ways that you can take advantage of winter boat... #Advantage #Boats #Climates
  • Gardening_home: Gardening_home: Climates and Herbs - How Spot Dictates,Gardening: I spent your youth a good deal further more north than the pla...
  • 8rticles: 8rticles: The Pool Solar Panel - What Is It? - In most seasonally hot climates, you will...
  • JonathonBradley: JonathonBradley: @JeffMarek Its available online but only ships to certain climates in season I believe... tried to order but couldn't ship to me. great film
  • KeioshaA: KeioshaA: Somehow I always manage to get sick in damn near tropical climates
  • mhmellie: mhmellie: heading for warmer climates lol
  • TraceyGreenLog: TraceyGreenLog: For those of use in colder climates, the plans allow for additional insulation to be added to the walls when building -
  • Buzzwindrip: Buzzwindrip: Rode 88 kilometers in two different climates today; damp SE Lake Michigan wind on the way out of town, then dry NW wind west of I-94.
  • FlyAgaric1: FlyAgaric1: Amaniras muscaria does adapt properly to warm climates and has been spreading inside the rainforest of Australia
  • JeffFowle: JeffFowle: @scottriverranch Nothing like the micro climates here in the valley :-)
  • bryantallman: bryantallman: @sarah_howard94 @ShawnieSon Well I do have a rather high body temperature. Good for cold climates and extreme Antarctic survival.
  • emordaunt: emordaunt: "@DanielDeeMusica: Being a girl and dressing for hot climates is so easy. #realtalk" AMEN
  • Otaku2012: Otaku2012: Japan has a variety of climates, compared to that of the east coast of North America, from Nova Scotia to the U.S. state of Georgia.
  • sarah11918: sarah11918: @James_Hatheway @jedidja Only extra consideration: multiple months usually means multiple climates/seasons. Cruise, Toronto in Jan. . . .
  • DanielDeeMusica: DanielDeeMusica: Being a girl and dressing for hot climates is so easy. #realtalk
  • nycdesigndoll: nycdesigndoll: Not really....less outdoor races but you can travel to warmer climates rt @IamNewsDude you do cut back running during the winter?
  • RicardoLeighLog: RicardoLeighLog: For those of use in colder climates, the plans allow for additional insulation to be added to the walls when building -
  • DudeImAbaby: DudeImAbaby: Hot climates put me in an annoyed mood!!! >:/
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  • uGospelMikJones: uGospelMikJones: @bornchozen ive never been to Tx but I can only imagine... Nd I dont do well in scorching climates lol
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  • BonesCrazy24: BonesCrazy24: .. Dude, there's only so many ways you can talk about Russia being a big country and having various different climates...
  • Y0m0: Y0m0: As a black person who keeps wondering why I was uprooted from sunny climates all year round to live with...
  • asiangrrlMN: asiangrrlMN: Ok, ladies who live in cold climates. I need a new winter coat. Help a hapless sistah out!
  • bedroompresser: bedroompresser: @garwboy only repellent would be against mosquitos in warm humid climates. Have fun!
  • Janeen_FluffyJ: Janeen_FluffyJ: @Fitzy205 Sounds like you'll be ready to do a movie on our changing climates when you're done.
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  • GreenThumbing: GreenThumbing: Reduce water usage by planting the best plants for hot summer climates ;]
  • patriciatallman: patriciatallman: @foxsmoulder @j_j_esquire there are chickens in all climates of the world. They deal with it.
  • DIANNEBENANTI: DIANNEBENANTI: @HRV1 garlic grows wild out here too----warm climates--im an organic gardener ---what made u decide 2 switch 2 culinary?
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  • Umm_Issa: Umm_Issa: I've been across Lebanon today & through 3 different climates: humidity of the coast, cool air of the mountains & dry heat of the Bakaa
  • Sanlin: Sanlin: Every day, somewhere in the world, we are experiencing storms and floods, weather, disasters and climates, unlike anything in our history.
  • sare1976: sare1976: Last nightshift saving lives then on that plane to sunnier climates! Excited!!!!!
  • ACountryGrl: ACountryGrl: Heirloom Sioux tomatoes: Great choice for hot, dry climates and also high humidity. Flavor OK. More acid than sweet, great texture 4 slicing
  • caffedbolla: caffedbolla: @NickCho Seems that way, depends how well the dry climates can effectively manage WP.
  • MissTeeyaDolo: MissTeeyaDolo: @Reggiewatts:Only if your not a pothead or if your one who enjoys warm climates.
  • thepickleclub: thepickleclub: Governor seeks agency to battle NYC's image as "one of the worst business climates in the nation"
  • wallersaur: wallersaur: Apparently humans evolved fair skins when they migrated north from tropics to allow inc vit D production in climates with less insolation.
  • bad_newz321: bad_newz321: @archd_bck bacteria and germs thrive in warm climates

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