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  • Clotri, son of King Gloitgwyn ap Ednyfed, lived in the early 5th century and was the last British King of Dyfed. He appears to have had a son, Maelgwn, but he predeceased his father and the kingdom passed to his sister and her husband, Triffyn Farfog (the Bearded). — “Britannia EBK Biographies: Clotri, King of Dyfed”,
  • Clotri, son of King Gloitgwyn ap Ednyfed, lived in the early 5th century and was the last British King of Dyfed. He appears to have had a son, Maelgwn, but he predeceased his father and the kingdom passed to his sister and her husband, Triffyn Farfog (the Bearded). — “EBK: King Clotri of Dyfed”,
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  • c. 325 BCE – Pytheas of Massalia (Marseilles) becomes the first to mention the "Pretanic Isles" by name; he refers to the island of Great Britain as "Albion" and Ireland as "Ierne" marrying Gweldyr, daughter of King Clotri, and the kingdom then takes. — “User:Dbachmann/Timeline of the British Isles - Wikipedia, the”,
  • 1 Anwn Dynod ap Macsen, Abt 355 - +Unknown ..2 Tudwal ap Anwn, King of Garth Madryn Clotri, Abt 422 - .3 Dyfnwal ap Ednyfed, King of Gwent, Abt 390 - .Unknown .4 Ynyr Gwent, King of Gwent, Abt 430. — “BlyddenKing.htm”,
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  • Goude faezhidigezh Maksem avat, e tilezas Roma Preden ha tiernet e voe mab-bihan Antonius Donatus Gregorius, Clotri. Clotrius (Clotri) 410 - 421 Roue brezhon diwezhañ [kemmañ] Tiegezh. — “Rouantelezh Dyfed - Wikipedia”,
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  • 1,926,044 bytes. Europharm Lab Clotri 158,199 bytes. HK BaWang Int'l Retrieved from "http:///wiki/Category:Tube_(container). — “Category:Tube (container) - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Browse genealogical profiles listed alphabetically by last name in the bracket: Ofrome, Caius - Ofrome, Corneliaii Clotri of Rome. Cluim of Rome. Cneius Octavius Rufus of Rome. Constans of Rome. Constantina OF Rome. Constantina OF Rome. Constantina. — “Ofrome, Caius - Ofrome, Corneliaii - Public Genealogy”,
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  • Kings of the British Isles and Ireland With Clotri's only male heir dead, his daughter Gweldyr is the sole heiress to the kingdom, and, although about 35 years younger, she marries. — “Kingdoms of Cymru Celts - Demetia / Dyfed”,
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  • “Arthurian Time Line- 5th-7th C. Farfog takes the Kingdom of Dyfed by marrying the daughter of King Clotri. c.440 - St. Patrick escapes from his captors and returns to Britain”
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  • “MAGLICUNAS MAQI CLUTARI "Of Maglicunas, son of Clutarias" [both names are Brythonic, and Thomas 1994 identifies the father with Clotri, one of the kings of Dyfed] (NEVRN/1) Index of Blog Posts”
    — BabelStone Blog : The Ogham Stones of Wales,

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