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  • Coconut | Watch how to videos & articles tagged "coconut" on Wonder How To, like Make Moroccan coconut truffles, Make vegan buckwheat millet coconut waffles, and Pick and open a coconut. — “Coconut " Wonder How To”,
  • The Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) is a member of the Family Arecaceae (palm family). It is the only species in the genus Cocos, and is a large palm, growing to 30 m tall, with pinnate leaves 4-6 m long, pinnae 60-90 cm long; old leaves break away cleanly leaving the trunk smooth. — “Coconut”,
  • Home > Recipes > coconut shrimp. Totally Shrimp (Totally Seafood Series) by Helene Siegel. This work contains recipes for cooking with shrimp. It includes a variety of different cooking methods including steaming and stir-frying. 69 results for coconut shrimp. Result Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next. — “ - Recipes - Coconut Shrimp”,
  • The Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) (Filipino: Niyog) (Visayan: Lubi ) is the only species in the genus Cocos of the Family Arecaceae (palm family), subfamily Cocoideae. The coconut palm is an unarmed, tall, large palm, growing to a height of 25 m for the tall varieties and 4. — “Coconut - WikiPilipinas: The Hip 'n Free Philippine Encyclopedia”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about coconut at . Make research projects and school reports about coconut easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “coconut Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • The coconut palm is species of palm tree, Cocos nucifera, that grows to about 30 meters tall and is extensively cultivated in tropical climates. The term coconut also is used to refer to the entire large seed with its covering of hard,. — “Coconut - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Nutiva offers the best Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Hemp Protein, Organic Hemp Seed Oil and more. Visit us now!. — “Coconut Oil | Organic Virgin Coconut Oil | Hemp Oil | Hemp”,
  • Coconut History - The history of coconuts as food, meat, sugar, and oil. The English name coconut, first mentioned in English print in 1555, comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word coco, which means "monkey face. — “Coconut History”,
  • Definition of coconut in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of coconut. Pronunciation of coconut. Translations of coconut. coconut synonyms, coconut antonyms. Information about coconut in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. coconuts. — “coconut - definition of coconut by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Informative article about the spice Coconut, its botany, chemistry, history and cross-cultural culinary usage. — “Spice Pages: Coconut (Cocos nucifera)”,
  • Coconut definition, the large, hard-shelled seed of the coconut palm, lined with a white edible meat, and containing a milky liquid. See more. — “Coconut | Define Coconut at ”,
  • Coconut Manufacturers & Coconut Suppliers Directory - Find a Coconut Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Coconut Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Coconut-Coconut Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Coconut oil is also being used by thyroid sufferers to increase body metabolism, and to lose weight. At one time coconut oil received negative press in the US because of its high level of saturated fat. — “Coconut- - the place for information on the health”, coconut-
  • (Click to enlarge) coconut palm (Wendy Smith) coconut palm n. A feather-leaved palm (Cocos nucifera) extensively cultivated in tropical regions for. — “coconut palm: Definition from ”,
  • Learn about Coconut on . Find info and videos including: Regular Coconut Oil Vs. Virgin Coconut Oil, How to Tint Coconut, How to Open a Coconut and much more. — “Coconut - ”,
  • Using the blunt edge (not the blade) of a heavy knife (for example, a chef's knife, meat cleaver, machete) tap firmly around its equator as you rotate the coconut in the palm of your hand. Continue to tap and rotate until the coconut splits completely open. — “How to Open a Coconut (with video) - wikiHow”,
  • The coconut (Cocos nucifera) is a member of the family Arecaceae (palm family) The coconut palm is grown throughout the tropics for decoration, as well as for its many culinary and non-culinary uses; virtually every part of the coconut palm can be utilized by humans in some manner. — “Coconut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Coconut, also known as Cocos nucifera, was found by early Spanish explorers. The explorers called it "coco", which means monkey face. The name came from its three indentations and the resemblance of the head.http://. — “Coconuts”,
  • Basic information about the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) with photos, proverbs and a recipe. — “Tropical fruits: Coconut”,
  • Coconut: The web guide to the tropical world. — “COCONUT: The Web Guide to the Tropical World”,
  • Coconut rum - 4,546 results from 792 stores, including Tortuga 'A Taste of Florida' Coconut Rum Cake, 16-Ounce Box, 2 Tubs Chocolate Rum Coconut Balls, Malibu Coconut Rum Liquor Filled Chocolates: 72-Piece Box, Coconut Rum Flavored Decaf Coffee,. — “Coconut rum - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • The Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) is a member of the Family Arecaceae (palm family) The coconut palm is grown throughout the tropical world, for decoration as well as for its many culinary and non-culinary uses; virtually every part of the coconut palm has some human uses. — “Coconut”, schools-

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  • Microphone - Coconut Records Microphone, new single from Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman) gets the YouTube-obligatory still frame video stream while a real video is made.
  • Coconut-carrying octopus Veined Octopus, Amphioctopus marginatus, showing sophisticated tool use behaviour. Footage shot by Dr Julian Finn of Museum Victoria. Finn, JK, T. Tregenza and MD Norman. (2009) Defensive tool use in a coconut-carrying octopus, Current Biology, Volume 19, Issue 23, R1069-R1070, 15 December 2009
  • Coconut Tree - Mohombi ft. Nicole Scherzinger - LYRICS ON SCREEN Coconut Tree by Mohombi and Nicole Scherzinger produced by RedOne! :) Enjoy! :) And don't forget to subscribe! :D ;)
  • Fever Ray - Coconut (Unofficial music video,2009) Mother Sun - She gives life to everything on this planet :) Edited from a few clips I got from
  • Monty Python Holy Grail Are you suggesting coconuts migrate? second monty python video :D more coming soon... also check my account for the black knight scene
  • The Lion King - Coconut Song Scene (English) I never see'n the English one on Youtube so... here is it ^^
  • I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts (Merv Griffin) Awesome song. I love the hand movements and facial expressions.
  • Coconut Records "West Coast" Nighttiming available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and /coconutrecords Music video for Coconut Records "West Coast" featuring Mark Gonzales.
  • Put The Lime In The Coconut - Harry Nilsson Absolutely fab :*
  • Ten Green Coconuts This video is based on a simple concept, machetes and green coconuts. Most people in the Northern Hemisphere think that coconut water comes neatly packaged in sterile boxes. Reality is somewhat harsher. If the splitting of green coconuts with machetes makes you feel uneasy or you have some moral objection to the eating of green coconuts or the splitting of green coconuts with machetes then please look away. These green coconuts were raised for human consumption and splitting them wide open with sharp steel machetes is simply a daily reality of life in the tropics. Please dont search for any deeper meaning or allegory in this video. It is not a commentary on modern American liberalism. It really is just a simple video about green coconuts, machetes, and the people who love them. Machetes in order of appearance #1. 14 inch Tramontina Bolo #2. 14 inch Tramontina Bolo #3. 16 inch Latin Pattern Tramontina #4. 14 inch Tramontina Bolo #5. 12 inch Ontario CT1 #6. Condor Puerto Rican Machete (I had just received this one as a gift) #7. I put the Cold Steel Bushman in this video to give some form of comparison between a seven inch knife and a machete. The Job was finished with a 13 Inch SAICO. #8. 13 Inch SAICO Heavy Machete (SAICO is a Brazilian brand) #9. 20 Inch Chies Machete #10. 14 inch Modified Tramontina Golok of my own design The Giant Toad is commonly called a Sapo Boi or Bull Toad. This one lives in our yard and happened to show up while we were filming. Hes so ugly even ...
  • Harry Nilsson - Coconut (1971) once again Harry Nilsson - Coconut (1971)
  • Coconut Records "Microphone" Official Video From Davy From the album Davy. Download on iTunes: Coconut Records official music video for "Microphone." Find dog collars, bags and more at
  • Brother Noland - Coconut Girl The very cool song from the kickass movie Pineapple Express.
  • Put The Lime In The Coconut AND SHAKE IT ALL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "West Coast" by Coconut Records Coconut Records West coast
  • Coconut Crab Coconut Crab is the largest land-living arthropod in the world
  • Monty Python Coconut This is from the Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail DVD. It's quite funny.
  • Fever Ray - Coconut - (10 of 10) from playlist: Fever Ray - Fever Ray (full album) cd
  • Coconut Records - "West Coast" A video I put together with the song "West Coast" by Coconut Records. The footage was shot on 16mm for a filmmaking class. I thought it would be interesting to see how different the footage looked when it became a music video. You can compare with the original film here:
  • A Coconut Up Your Butt Animation by NightShadow02 for contest Music by Parry Gripp "Up Butt Coconut (Extended Dance Remix)" See the original non-remixed: Honors for this video (37) #12 - Most Discussed (Today) - Canada #1 - Most Discussed (Today) - Howto & Style - Canada #14 - Most Discussed (Today) - Howto & Style #79 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Canada #2 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Howto & Style - Canada #68 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Howto & Style #18 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Howto & Style - Canada #8 - Most Responded (Today) - Howto & Style - Canada #27 - Most Responded (This Week) - Howto & Style - Canada #84 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Germany #40 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Australia #36 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Canada #33 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - United Kingdom #59 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Ireland #95 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Israel #46 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style #83 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Mexico #88 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - South Korea #62 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Netherlands #41 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Poland #100 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Czech Republic #21 - Most Viewed (Today) - Howto & Style - Sweden #3 - Top Favorited (Today) - Canada #45 - Top Favorited (Today) #1 - Top Favorited (Today) - Howto & Style - Canada #3 - Top ...
  • Coconut Explodes Using Electricity ! ( original full on version ) Created by Photonicinduction Dedicated to YT user NinjaTehEpic Electrical current through Coconut unit it pops! Discovery of the day = Coconut can take about 200 PSI
  • Beware of Coconut! It's my 4 year YouTube birthday today! So don't forget to RATE, COMMENT and FAV before you go! Enjoy : ) Camera used: Canon 5D Mark II
  • Beauty Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Check my blog: www.thesilverlining80 Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has many amazing health benefits. It is a fantastic addition to your diet and can also be used in your beauty routine. I like to use this as a moisturizer, hair treatment, and as an eye makeup remover. You can get coconut oil at natural health food/vitamin stores. You can also buy it online. It is available at and and probably many other places. There are many websites that review the benefits of incorporating coconut oil into your health/beauty routines. Check out
  • Coconut Burfi - Indian Dessert For a detailed recipe:
  • TYGA -Coconut Juice Video Tyga's new music video for "Coconut Juice" can be seen in the replies.The first time i heard it i was like wow. The video features Pete Wentz(FOB), Lil Wayne, and Travis from Gym Class Heroes. SO here are the LYRICS: (Feat. Travis McCoy) Put the lime in the coconut and twist it all up (x3) twist it all up twist it all up everybody in the party HEY hold your cup high move your body HEY if you twist it scream it loudly! HEY ay,ay,ay, HEY ay,ay,ay,HEY (chorus) coconut juice got me real loose like DAMN like, got me leaning 3 thousand proof like DAMN coconut juice all on the dance FLOOR fellas let your ladies GO ladies let your Fellas KNOW COME back, went straight to the club entrance no charge cause we late to the club uumm yes, we don't stand in the club GED on the couch pouring drinks on the rug DAMN What a mess, but we cleanin the club ice so bright make a fight scene in the club dooon't test, cause theres beams in the club red beams in the club leave your jeans full of blood (chorus) put the lime in the coconut and twist it all up (x3) twist it all up twist it all up I'm back, DJ - can I get a replay? ay,ay,ay HEY ay,ay,ay,HEY I think the artist name, was like Tyga man' and he said: "I'm getting every dollar on GED" VI, important person, (raps) most important person so po' it, an I'm up in this thing with my thing up an she shaking that thing her momma gave her (chorus) put the lime in the coconut and twist it all up (x3) twist it all up twist it all up everybody in the ...
  • Monty Python-Coconuts "Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"
  • Up Butt Coconut ♫ Animation by by Nathan Mazur with permission to be hosted by Albino Blacksheep See related:
  • How to Open a Coconut How to easily open a coconut, and other interesting bits of coconut info.
  • Coconut Oil Treatment I prefer deep treating on WET hair. It works better in my opinion. Your hair is like a sponge. It will still absorb the coconut oil it needs with or without water in your hair. You can do it either dry or after you shampoo. Either way your hair will absorb it.............. Only takes a little bit of VIRGIN coconut oil on damp-wet clean hair. Coconut oil is very good for dry or damaged hair. You can also leave this in over night and wash out in the morning!
  • Coconut Chutney coconut dipping for Indian breakfast
  • Coconut Telegraph - Jimmy Buffett Coconut Telegraph Jimmy Buffet
  • Slingshot vs. Coconut Can a slingshot ball perforate a coconut? This is tested here, including high speed scenes of the impact. A new slingshot design is introduced, the "W". It uses very thick and extremely powerful rubber (Thera Tube silver), which is normally too tough for slingshots. But the new weapon masters it. Another production by The Slingshot Channel!
  • Experience the Many Benefits of Coconut Oil Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola points out that coconut oil is truly the healthiest oil you can consume because it is rich in lauric acid, which is known for being antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, and contains no trans fat.
  • Coconut Records - "Nighttiming" A bunch of footage I threw together into a piece with the song "Nighttiming" by Coconut Records.
  • Any Fun - Coconut Records Mark Gonzales directed music video for "Any Fun" from Davy. Shot in NYC with bonus London Big Ben footage!
  • Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack - Coconut End credits song of Reservoir Dogs (1992 debut film of director and writer Quentin Tarantino) Coconut by Harry Nilsson (1971) All rights belong to their respective owners!
  • Damien Rice - Coconut Skins (Live on Jools Holland) Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan sing Coconut Skins live on Later with Jools Holland on 10th November 2006
  • Kermit the Frog - Lime in the Coconut Nurse: Rocky bought a coconut He bought it for a dime His nephew had another one He paid it for a lime. Kermit: True Nurse: He put the lime in the coconut He drank them both up He put the lime in the coconut Drank them both up Nurse&Kermit: He put the lime in the coconut Drank...
  • Super Foods - The Truth about Coconut - Nutrition by Natalie Be My Friend - Super Foods - The Truth about Coconut - Nutrition by Natalie Top 10 reasons, coconut is a super food. Please visit Natalies website at This video was produced by Psychetruth http ©Copyright 2008 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved. This video may be displayed in public, copied and redistributed for any strictly non-commercial use in its entire unedited form. Alteration or commercial use is strictly prohibited.
  • Coconut Breaking Fail For more, visit
  • JL_Silver: @SydAdler should i do coconut vod with pineapple or #skinnygirlmarg tonight?
  • sreno7: guess I better get organized and get to @StarbucksCanada before Frappy hour is over for my soy coconut mocha Frappucino
  • hilahilz: “@converserockstr: Mocha coconut frappuccino = best frappuccino I've ever had @Starbucks” <--- WHAA?? I need this drink STAT!
  • gtlaxx: Sounds like I'm trying the mocha coconut frapp next time I'm at @starbucks.
  • LACIdPORTER: @converserockstr @starbucks yes it is the mocha coconut frap is freaking amazing...I'm addicted
  • fullersloane: That sound delicious. RT @converserockstr: Mocha coconut frappuccino = best frappuccino I've ever had @Starbucks
  • shella_bee: Coconut is soo goodRT @LonqMoneyRamos: Yeah Doe ! http:///h3medlzj
  • JustZeb: Time 4 sum midnight snack. Coconut chips, Maryland, Redbull, rice & stew & meat *sneaking off 2 d fridge, then kitchen* later
  • ArmywifeJulie: Going to try it tomorrow! RT @converserockstr: Mocha coconut frappuccino = best frappuccino I've ever had @Starbucks
  • KatiKeene: @ivy_gayle haha, I'm pretty sure you can't order that at Starbucks! It's a coconut creme with espresso and caramel...sweet but yummy
  • MikeDarnay: just had a mocha coconut frappuccino. talk about perfection @starbucks
  • organicfair: @wineandculinary No problem! Do they like coconut...will be doing some really good coconut sorbet too :)
  • lilyvanilli: [email protected] is seriously on to something with this whole cooking oatmeal in coconut water thing. YUM!!
  • Oohjulia: I think I'm on my way to try that, sounds good! Lol.. RT @Mayrael New fave starbucks drink is their mocha coconut frap, yumm!
  • TorontoFoodBuzz: Ha! Another mention for Starbucks: - RT @ravdirty Loving #starbucks happy hour...mocha coconut frap you are delicious
  • WVUEFOX8: Coconut Beach granted extension http:///3tzdwrw #nola #news
  • equitiesnews: [May-6]-Equities: Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. to Acquire Houston Television Station: COCONUT GROVE, Fla., ...
  • SanaaQureshi_: @Hebahhhh Raspberry and coconut??? Omg that's a badass combination. :(
  • _CremeD3LaCreme: @DatNiggaDonDon everything with coconut is DISGUSTING lol
  • JJConnelly: Coconut m&ms are my new jam
  • DJSOCASWEETNESS: At Mas Toronto Band launch... Ladies Looking Sweet like Fresh CoCoNut bake
  • ean_agentrez: Sonesta Bayfront Hotel Coconut Grove, Miami - Stay 3 night and save 30% off your stay! http:///3jenyuw
  • KatieHaggard: Tried @Starbucks mocha coconut frapp today during happy hr-YUM! Tastes like a Carmel Delight girl scout cookie w/coffee! TY @OrdinarySarah
  • virgogirlgm: mocha coconut creme frappuccino? #ThingsGayLynDidn'tNeedToKnowAboutFor1000,Alex
  • pwrplay5: 10 g Ceramic Coconut Tree Chip -
  • HealthyLiving20: Coconut oil can promote weight loss by increasing metabolism naturally: #EWALLING
  • mrsnookiluv: Mocha coconut frapp creme based
  • Brebysmommie: Try the new Twix Coconut! Enter to #win a Twix beach tote prize pack and find your paradise! #giveaway
  • tamedandbroken: @aNgel_isBEAST Nice, even tho im alergic to coconut
  • danielecarrol: @laurierecords @jamiefishback I'm @Starbucks HH having the mocha coconut frap. It is amazing! Wish you guys were here :)
  • temptingtreat: RT @pepper19882007: Breaking news! Entire line of Signature Vanillas (Berry, Cherry, Apricot, Coconut) Will be leaving during the SAS. Disappointing.
  • BeardedKiel: Coconut milk is good, but I think I'll stick to Almond milk.
  • Lizabeth_RN: Mocha coconut frappe from Starbucks for 1/2 price happy hour...Mmmm =)
  • Priological: coconut m&m's are gooooood reminds me of @suiGenerous too lol
  • HudsonDoller: @StuartJHooper cheap bags , do you consider it really is actual?
  • temptingtreat: RT @Arnitakdvtd: Banana Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies: One of my favorite recipes in my book is for Banana... #Food #Uncategorized
  • dalyn_smith: From @davidstea ?? RT @urban_americano Trying a coconut chai Rooibos
  • Merrie09530: Coir Fibre is Obtained From Coconut
  • Pamalot28: #win Coconut Peanut Butter from @TropTraditions via @giveawaytrain! Ends 5/10! US & Canada
  • holyKRAP: Blasted @SaraBareilles' song Uncharted in the car w/ all the windows down while sipping a @Starbucks Mocha Coconut frap. It's almost summer!
  • CalgaryFoodBuzz: Mentions on Twitter for Starbucks: - RT @mill0344 Make sure to get your @Starbucks mocha coconut frapp half-sweet. T...
  • iSmileBiebs: Talking with my coconut @iJDBieberswag ♥
  • nucksgrl: Mocha Coconut half price frap :) (@ Starbucks w/ 2 others) http://4/kMFTs9
  • BriHawk: @amyhoder I got the new coconut creme one! It was really delicious, but I think I prefer regular coffee ones
  • OrchidGrill: Coconut Shrimp, Teriyaki Salmon & Steak...Yummy!! Also we have Fresh Hornitos Margaritas!!!
  • MartaGrabowski: Loved the Coconut Mocha frap during Frappy Hour! #yum @StarbucksCanada
  • MomSupersaver: Super Deals and Coupons: Free sample of Phenom Coconut water from GNC
  • DetroitFoodBuzz: Starbucks gets another mention: - RT @ItsME_MicahE Starbucks has a New Mocha Coconut Frappuccino...mmmm im going to h...
  • enzymerichnutri: The miracles of coconut oil! http://
  • dizzymay: alternating hersheys cookies'n'creme eggs and hersheys coconut filled kisses.
  • short_n_sweet_: Coconut cream pie #inandaroundmymouth !!!
  • vinzbee: Just went out w/o my jacket on to buy a Venti Mocha Coconut Frap from @Starbucks b/c it's half off but it's freezing outside! Bad move! =\
  • RobGWeightLoss: Having a nice dinner with my wife at LaBamba in Coconut Creek :-)
  • kaytelynnxo: adrian: "i need a blue coconut crush." kayte: "it's a CREAM SLUSH!" *sonic guy laughs* ahahaha.
  • Hebahhhh: @SanaaQureshi_ raspberry coconut swirl :( I miss it loool can't find it anywhere else.
  • lovelylauraann: #recipes Grilled peppered pineapple with coconut rice: Pineapple lends itself to grilling and ser... #food #cooking
  • urban_americano: Trying a coconut chai Rooibos
  • talesofsaku: @senlan what is that?! Plain coconut?!
  • christinagan: @EricaB11 I have to try it! My friend also mentioned a coconut mocha frap which also sounds amazing!
  • lovetuna: Starbucks mocha coconut frappé tastes so much like samoas. Mmm girl scout cookies!
  • JaimeTheLegend: @theblairbutler which ones are those? The pink ones with coconut?
  • iBeliebInJustin: @Miss_Poppin WAIT...I NEED A COCONUT BRA!!
  • recipe_finder: Coconut Flan - as creamy as you can get:
  • Gemwreck: Happy Hour - @Starbucks Coconut Mocha Frap does taste like Caramel DeLites http:///4uaol4
  • Emilychanggg: @chiinggy lol nah. You should try the mocha coconut frap, its soo good <3
  • musiciancooks: the musician, who cooks: mango coconut cardamom muffins
  • thevixy: RT @VivianVivisect: Mocha Coconut and Coconut Crème Frappuccino® blended beverages are coming back to a store near you! Starbucks blog:
  • KristinRobinson: @Riddler2307 you smell more riddle boy! I smell of coconut and rich mahogany, it is a scent most men find simply irresistable
  • rose_nguyen: My starbucks card didnt go through, but the guy hooked it up for free :D. Mocha coconut frap tastes like somoas
  • tipploko: Coconut RT @SelfMade_Bihh @TippLoko whats your favorite flavor? or u like the original?
  • LexxSoFlyyy: @SammiSweetHart_ lol no! I look like coconut head
  • currylovebot: RT @daveracicot: Blue shrimp, red curry, coconut, eucalyptus http:///4ua078
  • MsKaraJ_ENE: @ReignManENE Can u grab me a bottle of ciroc Coconut?
  • airbones: Made strawberry rhubarb cobbler with vanilla coconut ice "cream" for Julie's birthday tomorrow. #cantwait to eat it!!! #vegan #yum
  • misscarboncopy: @christinagan it's like drinking a bunch of coconut M&Ms!
  • heartearth: 3 oz of rum, 2 oz of cream of coconut, 2 oz of pineapple juice and crushed ice and a blender, lol =) #delish RT @dodoNYC put in Pina Colada?
  • Ry_Blomfield: @DiaperDads - yup that's exactly what I just inhaled. A venti sans whip and extra coconut sprinkles!
  • conanvette: Low Fat Diet Vs Low Carb Diet, Saturated Fat & Coconut Oil | Slim ...: Be My Friend Joe's websit...
  • Berries_N_Cream: I'm 2 hrs in lol RT @SlimHardaway: *looks at watch* definitely early lol RT @Berries_N_Cream Ciroc coconut earlyyy
  • GailR: Thinking of making Spinach-Feta Cheese Hummus. And saute-ing some baby spinach in coconut oil
  • callmechrisy: @dodoNYC Rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice I think
  • spurrdy: Enjoying the new coconut mocha frapp from Starbucks and even better it's was half price!! #starbuckshappyhour
  • smHARRYY: Day 1 - (Mocha Coconut Frap). What drink did @jkatakoon get?
  • Venti210: New mocha coconut frappuccino = Yum!!! (And even better 'cause it's half-price!) (@ Starbucks w/ 2 others) http://4/mJIbtR
  • SanFranFoodBuzz: More buzz for @starbucks: - RT @theREALTPayne28 Just tried the mocha coconut frap @Starbucks (not on my diet but shh...
  • ReagRoo: Finally tried the Mocha Coconut from @StarbucksCanada. Frappy Hour was awesome :)
  • MsWillie_Thomas: I gotta pour me my fav drink afta this....malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice it is. That will mellow me out :-)
  • bubuvero: @addicted2ei u can taste the coconut but its not too strong
  • joseluisATS: Mais tarde coconut
  • Miami323: @daneesal mmm I wish coconut iced!was late so picked up a vanilla iced near my house..not dunkin thou n not nonenglish speakers-nxt time lol
  • rollrightover: coconut rum and root beer tastes like my idea of a good time
  • christinagan: @misscarboncopy I usually don't get Fraps but that Coconut Mocha Frap sounds yum!
  • BlizzWorld: RT @Berries_N_Cream: Ciroc coconut earlyyy
  • RubbaBan_sweeti: @redbone524 me either..unless it's ciroc coconut..
  • hannahedavis: @theKingofPops ran out of banana pudding, but I must say their coconut tangerine banana is a close second!
  • _Zakia: Just told the man give me two cheese rolls 4 pattys one pine tart a bag of polluri and a coconut water haha > Guyanese ish

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  • “Mr. Extra Extra " Blog Archive " Timberlake and Seyfried on the Set of Now on Ang Tanging Why Not Coconut Blog! The Coconuts. Arcane Mind. Cat's Walks. j3yzson!c”
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  • “The coconut, popularly known as the "Tree of Life", is a major sources of foreign coconut exports account for some 65% of the world traded coconut”
    — Blog " Blog Archive " Philippine Coconut,

  • “Coconut Revival – New Possibilities For the Tree of Life. Further to my post yesterday. An the forum include: Discussing strategic issues in the development of coconut industries”

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