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  • The use of chemical lice-killing products, the NIT FREE TERMINATOR COMB is the one and only natural alternative that is safe and effective to anatomy, i.e. comb the hair without tugging or cutting it. — “NT FREE TERMINATOR COMB”,
  • Research, compare, and shop for Hot Comb. Save on Hot Comb and more at Conair Hype Hair Ultra Hot Hot Comb 30 heat setting for all hair types 15 high heat settings for coarse hair Optional turbo heat feature. — “Find Hot Comb at ”,
  • comb n. A thin toothed strip, as of plastic, used to smooth, arrange, or fasten the hair. An implement, such as a card for dressing and cleansing. — “comb: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • THE taste for calf's blood and rooster comb is growing among AFL players with Carlton's Live fast, love hard, and don't let anyone else use your comb. — “Comb | Combs & Comb Or”, .au
  • To smooth your hair with a crabtree comb, is to give the head a knock This comb existed only in the brain of Master Fox. He said it was made of the Panthera's bone, the perfume of which was so fragrant that no one could resist following it; and the wearer of the comb was always. — “Comb — ”,
  • Mason Pearson Detangling Comb - A high-quality round-toothed comb for detangling hair prior to brushing. The handmade Mason Pearson Detangling Comb is designed to thoroughly separate and un-kink the hair, allowing you to brush and style with ease. — “Mason Pearson Detangling Comb at Barneys New York”,
  • Introducing Poof Comb™, the new patented comb that gives your hair an amazing salon styled look instantly. This special Poof Comb™ offer is not available in stores so the only way to get it is to place your order now!. — “PoofComb™, instantly volumizes your hair and adds inches of”,
  • A community about cat comb. Tag and discover new products. Share your images and discuss your questions with cat comb experts. — “: cat comb”,
  • Welcome to Master Well Comb Co., Inc. Manufacturer for over sixty years in the production of quality hair While many hair products call themselves "professional", only a few like Master Well Comb have been genuinely formulated for the professional and proven effective in years of actual. — “Master Well Comb Co”,
  • American Comb Corp. donates pocket combs to support the arts. American Comb Corp. helps Copyright © 2008 American Comb. 22 Kentucky Ave, Paterson, NJ 07503. — “Welcome To American Comb”,
  • China Color Comb Manufacturers Verified with 3 or more face-to-face visits by Global Sources Choose Verified China Color Comb Manufacturers & Suppliers. — “Color Comb China Manufacturers”,
  • Shop for Straightener-Comb at Target. Choose from Andis High Heat Press Comb - Black/Gold, Conair Infiniti I-Series 1 1/2'' Straightener - Blue and other products. — “Straightener-Comb : Target Search Results”,
  • comb (plural combs) A comb for the hair. A toothed implement for to comb (third-person singular simple present combs, present participle combing, simple. — “comb - Wiktionary”,
  • Information about comb in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. hair comb, comb jellies, comb a. To move a comb through (the hair) so as to arrange or groom: combed her hair with a comb; combed his hair with his fingers. — “comb - definition of comb by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Not only is Andis recognized as the top hair clipper and trimmer manufacturer worldwide, but they also produce the best cutting guides. These durable nylon comb attachments secure tightly to your clipper or trimmer and hold up to years of abuse. — “Andis Clipper Comb Set - Review”,
  • eBay: Find Remington Tangle Tamer Hair Detangler Cordless Comb NEW in the Health Beauty , Hair Care Salon , Brushes Combs category on eBay. — “Remington Tangle Tamer Hair Detangler Cordless Comb NEW”,
  • Comb definition, a toothed strip of plastic, hard rubber, bone, wood, or metal, used for arranging the hair, untangling it, or holding it in place. See more. — “Comb | Define Comb at ”,
  • Find HAIRMAX laser comb Australian version in the Beauty, Health, Hair Care, Hair Loss Treatments category on eBay Australia. The HairMax Laser Comb is a high quality ergonomically designed device made up of precision components. — “HAIRMAX laser comb Australian version (eBay item 180590388700”, .au
  • Combs can be made out of a number of materials, most commonly wood or plastic. Ivory and tortoiseshell were once common but concerns for the animals that produce them have reduced their usage. When made from wood, combs are largely made of boxwood, cherry wood or other fine-grained wood. — “Comb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • Happy Tree Friends - Easy Comb, Easy Go (Part 1) Disco Bears famous fro gets an unfriendly cut from Barber Mole!
  • # 34 I Flat Ironed My Natural (4a/4b) Hair!!! 1. I deep conditioned with Silicon Mix and Jasmine oil for about 3 hours 2. I washed my hair with creme of nature (the original formula) and black soap (i was actually doing a soap really cleans your hair well :) 3. I blowdried the hair. a. I applied the kimmaytube leave in then Aphogee's Keratin Green Tea leave in as my heat protectant b. After blowdrying I flat ironed my hair in small sections using the comb chase method. I used a regular fine tooth come and a Jilbere straightening comb with the flat iron. The heat setting was 370. I applied Fantasia frizz buster before flat ironing each section. Blowdrying and flat ironing took 2.5 hours in total 3. Up keep will involve sleeping with satin rollers
  • Laser Comb The laser comb has changed my life.
  • Turn washed fleece into spinning fiber with wool combs This video shows how to use wool hand combs to clean your washed fleece. With a little practice, you can turn washed fleece into fluffy clean clouds ready to spin or card into batts or roving. Many people confuse carding with combing, this video will show you exactly what combs are for! Combs have been used through the ages different forms to remove debris from animal fibers.
  • Skoda Superb Combi review The biggest car for a small price? Hi-res via
  • Let's Play Final Fantasy V #27 - Comb The Desert In this episode, we visit the village of Istory and then decide we have nothing better to do but save the world. Thanks for watching!
  • Bloodybelly Comb Jelly The bloodybelly comb jellys sparkling display is from light diffracting from tiny transparent, hair-like cilia. These beat continuously as a form of propulsion. In the deep sea, the jelly is nearly invisible; animals that are red appear black and blend into the dark background. Learn more:
  • How to Groom a Cat : Decide which Combs & Grooming Techniques Work for Your Cat Learn to use items like a metal comb to comb through your cat's fur in this free video. Expert: Carolyn Haynie Contact: Bio: Carolyn Haynie has been a dog and cat groomer for 40 plus years. She owns a Persian Cat Cattery that produced a National Winner in 2005. Filmmaker: Liz Mortensen
  • Wide Tooth Comb Vs. Paddle Brush I finally tried a paddle Brush -- the Goody Styling Brush for wet hair. It has changed the way I detangle & style my hair! See Chapters Below. If you haven't tried a paddle brush yet -- check it out! 0:41 Life BEFORE the Brush 2:42 Detangling 3:47 Styling 5:47 Life AFTER the Brush 7:00 Resolution
  • Natural African American Hair Care - No Comb Method of Refreshing a Twist-Out Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Abandon methods that do not work best for your hair! Freely Experiment! Learn to embrace using your fingers to smooth and refresh your twistouts.
  • Using Indigo Hound Combs Pt3 This last and final part shows how to draw a roving off the combs. Bonus at the end...bloopers!
  • The Fastest Highlights Dana Tague will show you a great products to make the perfect highlights. Save time and create beautiful highlights that your customers want. To order give us a call at 509 465-4795 today!
  • Nadra Smiley's comb twist video trailer Ms. Nadra Smiley specialized in locks and comb twists. You can watch her illustrations exclusively at All videos are full color commentated. Brought to you by the Polymed Hair Division
  • The Comb part 2 stop-motion by quay brothers
  • comb-over expert as good a comb-over job as there can be? from a japanese talent tv show with real people.
  • Woolcombing Part 1 Amanda shows how to prepare your fleece for woolcombing
  • How To Wrap Hair with Shower Comb !!! Wrapping my hair with shower comb.
  • How to Blow Dry with A Comb Attachment My review and tutorial on how to blow dry with a comb attachment.
  • Maury: "Comb King" Enslaves Girlfriend! (2007) Title credit: missaquaboogie "Abusive, controlling men... and the women who LOVE them!" Can the Maury Show convince these abusive men to stop their violent, abusive ways with a trip to the Marion A. Daniels funeral home?
  • How to Properly Comb Natural Hair The Hair Doctor, Trichologist Lisa Akbari demonstrates how to properly comb natural hair. This technique show you how to use your "natural combs," your fingers, to detangle and not lose hair.
  • Finger/Comb Coils Tutorial for your Short TWA Tutorial for Finger/Comb Coils. Really simple and easy. You can use the following: IC Fantasia Gel, Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding, Lock & Twist Gel and any other similar product. Leave your comments and Please Subscribe!!
  • How to Cut Comb Honey LearningBeekeeping for more on Beekeeping. Join us on Facebook http Cutting Comb Honey is tricky to some. Here's the scoop on how to do it. You'll need to buy the comb cutter and containers at Dadant, Mann Lake or Brushy Mountain. Learn more about beekeeping at
  • EZ Combs Stretchable Hair Accessories with Styling DVD a... For More Info or to Buy Now: Transform your hairstyle from ordinary to extraordinary in seconds with the magical and beautiful EZ Combs Stretchable Hair Accessories. This special selection includes 3 EZ Combs in Caramel... Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price. HSN Item #399498
  • Digable Planets - Black Ego Classic "Blowout Comb" track
  • Comb Picks Demonstration of comb picks on some common padlocks and high security locks.
  • 400 Years Without A Comb (1 of 6) Play List:
  • Good Eats S4E8P1: Pantry Raid IV - Comb Alone The most mentioned food in the Bible; The only food produced for us by animals. It's a sweetener, it's an antiseptic, it's amazing. Recipes featured in this episode: Honey Mustard Dressing, Honey Plums, Aunt Verna's Orange Cake, and Sweet and Sour Dessert Sauce.
  • The Comb part 1 stop-motion by the quay brothers
  • Let's Play Oracle of Seasons #09 - Comb the Beach In this episode, we head back to Subrosia in search of more power of the Seasons, but Link is thinking with the wrong head today, or is he? Checklist - Purchase Heart Piece #4 at Subrosia Shop - Dig up Star-shaped Ore at Subrosia Seaside - Exchange Star-shaped Ore for Ribbon at the shop - Purchase Big Bomb Bag - Receive Spirit of Summer at Temple of Seasons - Defeat Golden Octorok at Spool Swamp (summer) Thanks for watching!
  • natural jenesis/ comb coils You can make your purchase at: So for the first time I am trying out Natural Jenesis product line. She came to me on youtube to ask me to try out her products. She was very confident that i would like them. She was wrong, I LOVE them. the smell alone got me. In the video it was my first time using them but its been a few days now and i used them on a few of my clients with all great results. My hair was shiny and soft and looked brand new days later. She's got the stuff. check out her channel at http and check out her products at this is wonderful stuff. prices are very resonable. So as far as the style i did comb coils. I don't care for it as much b/c its flat to my head but its ok. im still going to wear it for a week. I have gotten complements so i take that as a good thing.
  • Comb Over Winner of the GCAC Video Contest 2009 Q. What happens when a boy does his hair a certain way. A.His personality changes to fit that hair-do.
  • Beekeepers Show Off Honey Combs Beekeepers from Summit Gardens show honey combs on local Calgary TV.
  • Good Eats S4E8P2: Pantry Raid IV - Comb Alone The most mentioned food in the Bible; The only food produced for us by animals. It's a sweetener, it's an antiseptic, it's amazing. Recipes featured in this episode: Honey Mustard Dressing, Honey Plums, Aunt Verna's Orange Cake, and Sweet and Sour Dessert Sauce.
  • Unauthorized Biography of SEAN COMBS (6th of 12) by Shaun Boothe UB Sean Combs MP3 Download Link: SHAUN BOOTHE Presents the 6th of 12 Unauthorized Biographies. 1969,November 4th, Harlem, NY There was a newborn First name Sean, last name Combs 2 yrs old his father was shot in the dome Mama all alone She loved her husband but she wouldn't raise a clone So she worked hard, 3 jobs of her own Bought herself a home, away from the street life Gave her little boy Sean's future a re-write Something he'd appreciate when he was grown Yeah, see he was one of the lucky ones But as a kid he'd always puff out his chest when he was angry That's where he got the name 'Puffy' from Young, black, with a drive that was unmatched Got into Howard but his mind wasnt one-tracked He trew himself in every grind that was untapped Throwing dances, limousine company Young entrepreneur, an enterprising one at that Got a chance to intern at Uptown So he'd take the train to NY then come back Go to class but that didnt last He dropped out, back to NY - home at last Got with Andre Harell to pursue his dream You see his 'real love' was the music scene He couldn't wait for no degree, he was too extreme He came up quick at that internship That his friend Heavy D hooked him up wit '89 at 19 he would fade 'em all And got promoted to the VP of A & R Became the youngest exec. in the industry And would oversee a group named Jodeci See back then R&B had a sweet look But Puff wanted something shocking to the masses Hoodies, Tims ...
  • Flat Iron vs. Hot Comb on Natural Hair-- Watch the Comparison Check Out My Website Its always cool to see how different styling tools work, Soo I did this quick comparison video. I hope it helps. Enjoy! EMAIL ME YOUR VIDEO REQUESTS AT [email protected] Song Way You Whine- Hype D (my husband) ft. Dre T (his friend)
  • Liz Mc Comb ::: Stand By Me
  • Happy Tree Friends - Easy Comb, Easy Go (Part 2) This episode might put hair on your chest but will it put hair back on Disco Bears head?
  • get_em_cb: get_em_cb: #DearHair I'll never comb u again #dreadhead
  • iSoSevere: iSoSevere: Damn i need to do sum10 wit my cap....any1 tryna do some comb twist for a bruddah #PEACEandLOVE
  • JLP1995: JLP1995: RT @TeamAudiosFans: #DearHair, i know i burn you, comb you & brush you violently, cuss at you, & threaten you but that's just my way of showing my love :)
  • babie_nene: babie_nene: RT @TeamAudiosFans: #DearHair, i know i burn you, comb you & brush you violently, cuss at you, & threaten you but that's just my way of showing my love :)
  • johnnyJM3: johnnyJM3: RT @RonenKauffman: If you want to comb your cat.. There's an app for that.
  • Kool_ass_greg: Kool_ass_greg: If a nigga carry a comb or brush wit em #HeGay
  • SashaSOOAMAZING: SashaSOOAMAZING: I found my comb @MiniLisha_ ! It was right where I left it at home! -__-
  • Emily_Heath: Emily_Heath: Eating raw #honey comb, bear style - a demonstration video:
  • Lauren_Khalifa: Lauren_Khalifa: Why are you so loud! This is a public vicinity! And go comb your hair!
  • C_Money601: C_Money601: @forev4blessed an bring a comb down wit you plz
  • TeamAudiosFans: TeamAudiosFans: #DearHair, i know i burn you, comb you & brush you violently, cuss at you, & threaten you but that's just my way of showing my love :)
  • J0hnAug: J0hnAug: @KristenSvec i got some school ones, got a comb? and i got some clippers
  • will_yum: will_yum: RT @ShocantelleLBB: Dis crazy girl called me up sayin she couldn't play ping pong wit da free comb I had gave her. She must be usin da wrong kinda balls.
  • KA_2_Smooth: KA_2_Smooth: But y girls have all da time in the world to put make up on but dnt have enough time to comb their hair?
  • JasonG100m: JasonG100m: 16 year old girl died after being stabbed in the head with a Afro comb over a diver and oyster?! London youts..please stop this foolishness.
  • LynFuchs: LynFuchs: @realDonaldTrump A simple head shave spurs future hair growth and helps avoid unsightly lame-ass comb over. Unfortunately, Donald ...
  • StaySmackedC: StaySmackedC: im bouta not comb or bursh my hair 4 the next two weeks..i jus saw dis most bamma ass nigga wit da nappiest bush pickt up dis redbone joint
  • million_dolla23: million_dolla23: I like the way you comb yo hair and I like those stylish clothes u wear-I like it #throwbacklyrics
  • fauxaffliction_: fauxaffliction_: I comb the crowd and pick you out, my mouth moves too fast for you to figure it out.
  • Kae_Rozay: Kae_Rozay: RT @JuPrincessJu: #DearHair, Sorry I couldn't go through u that well.. U were just SO NAPPY. Sincerely a small tooth comb.
  • Shalz_gone_wild: Shalz_gone_wild: RT @joes_fyn: If mini skirts get any shorter.. .. women will have two more lips to paint, two more cheeks to powder and a little more hair to comb#deadddd
  • TheeSlickest: TheeSlickest: When niggas try to comb their daughters hair, is one of the funniest things.. Lmao this nigga Cell a foo!
  • TaylorOliviaCan: TaylorOliviaCan: #DearHair...why cant you be like my mother long, flowing, easy to comb, pretty when wet, and naturally "bad"?....hmm?...can u explain that?
  • JuPrincessJu: JuPrincessJu: #DearHair, Sorry I couldn't go through u that well.. U were just SO NAPPY. Sincerely a small tooth comb.
  • BraidsNaturals: BraidsNaturals: Brushing your hair too much can damage your hair's cuticles. Your hair reacts better to a comb! Keep the brush use to a minimum.
  • lola_zane: lola_zane: @Des_picable_me she need a comb...
  • EarthenStar: EarthenStar: yep. gonna comb out my locks. over christmas break. i've decided that the past and energies locked up in them need to be freed
  • Bubblee_Beauty: Bubblee_Beauty: When I was little my grandmother used to burn me (on accident) with the hot comb ^_^
  • DaRealNellToney: DaRealNellToney: 1 hoodie, no school, 1 comb, no bed, 2 suburbans, no phonebooks, 24/7, what you mean, no air freshener, 2 dwarfs
  • ro_drigocv: ro_drigocv: #DearHair why I can never comb you? Sincerely, my hair's curly
  • ShakeyyShakess: ShakeyyShakess: I love my hairrr , &as longg its keepin hoess on my d'ckk ill never comb my sh't! :)
  • EarthenStar: EarthenStar: @SoloFaDolo i never said i was cutting them. i'm going to comb them out. my hair's not going anywhere. it'll just be free
  • preetybaby: preetybaby: #DearAfricanHair:You Are Extremely Thick Uneasy To Comb And Seem To Like The Idea Of Shrinking Wen Ur Wet;Please Try 2 Be LessOfA..HandFull!
  • XanderAvery: XanderAvery: @ConfusedLush why is it comb, but not homb? Why is read (with a strong e) the same as read (with a weak e) and they mean different tenses?
  • _CANTcatchME: _CANTcatchME: #DearHair i wish you could comb yourself
  • ssaratrimble: ssaratrimble: I was just wondering how you comb your hair so the horns don't show.
  • EyeeGuess_: EyeeGuess_: Ugh * comb broke
  • fridaymic: fridaymic: STAR WARS: THE COMB WARS: this Friday at the Star & Garter, Greenwich - absolutely all beards & sabre tooths welcome (no appointment ness).
  • I_SmellFood: I_SmellFood: LOL how many times is this woman gonna comb her hair?
  • D2thaaP: D2thaaP: R O A D R A G E RT @Stussy_Bee: Her ugly a** coulda let me over! Needa go home and comb her nappy head. Ughhhh
  • LikMii_Tweet: LikMii_Tweet: RT @divahdollpink24: Never comb glue out with shampoo condition your hair first
  • SimplyJovie: SimplyJovie: I need a good ole fashion press n curl, but I can't find a stylist that embraces the use of the hot pressing comb.
  • IanCarthy: IanCarthy: #dearhair please comb yourself in the morning :D
  • KennyTalibart: KennyTalibart: Mufti day tomorrow. Gotta wear something pink -.- bring the pink afro comb :P
  • kidecono: kidecono: RT @RonenKauffman: If you want to comb your cat.. There's an app for that.
  • Cindys2ndSon: Cindys2ndSon: @TheRealLilKia head so big she gotta use a rake to comb her hair! Lmao!
  • Blairwja: Blairwja: #Collectors #Model #Ships Discount 10-70 percent for Collectors Model Ships.And you can comb
  • MISSSasanet: MISSSasanet: #DearHair stop acting like dreadlocks and let me comb my hair.
  • _HeyRahma: _HeyRahma: #DearHair i still love you when i curl you, starighten you and attack you with my comb.... Hard love <3
  • Bessnaonn: Bessnaonn: Natural Hand Carved Sandalwood Comb With Beautiful Aromatic Smell: Ox horn and sheep horn are traditional medic...
  • RonenKauffman: RonenKauffman: If you want to comb your cat.. There's an app for that.
  • hokishrokish: hokishrokish: No comb either!! RT @JaxDad610: @hokishrokish Day-4 moccasin watch!
  • PRETTii_TEE: PRETTii_TEE: Oooooooh and i like it....I like the way u comb ya hair. I like those stylish clothes u's jus the little things u do
  • PoppaSturgski: PoppaSturgski: When my hair is too long and I stop gellin it, it just decide to do a side part comb over, I look like #PeterParker w a beard
  • EmerrD: EmerrD: @AmyNoelleDoyle i saw someone cut up one of those hair bands that are plaits and back comb it for the mane and it looked great :)
  • kasienecaise: kasienecaise: #Model #Plastic #Trailers Discount 10-70 percent for Model Plastic Trailers.And you can comb
  • ulikeitceo: ulikeitceo: Lmfao "@Aceboi69: Why yo edge need a comb"
  • crazyass_nikky: crazyass_nikky: Sigh... I hve to teach her hw to comb her hair
  • mikeboyce7: mikeboyce7: RT @oldmansearch: two handed hair comb
  • romanceMe_Piink: romanceMe_Piink: Matta fact, dnt bring a comb. Just use ur fingers. No long nails allowed
  • laurenagrissett: laurenagrissett: its actually crazy how big i can make my hair in the space of about 5 minutes with my comb #itdoeswonders
  • deionsmama: deionsmama: @ShaunKayy lol if you comb it everyday for me he can keep it all
  • KayOL78: KayOL78: #blackbooks Manny : "I'm currently eating scrambled eggs, with a comb, from a shoe!"
  • VenusVogue: VenusVogue: Eyebrows Tip: Always comb your eyebrows upward and outward.
  • Penny20Hardaway: Penny20Hardaway: RT @OJu_ThaGuzMan: @Michael_Blayz @Penny20Hardaway but you can't whoop my ass so, please go comb yo hair
  • ohsupblaine: ohsupblaine: I'm keeping up with double standards, I am between the words you're telling me with a fine toothed comb.
  • fridaymic: fridaymic: STAR WARS: THE COMB WARS: It's coming this friday at the Star & Garter in Greenwich; beards & sabre tooths welcome.
  • SabrinaJHager: SabrinaJHager: ∞ Porter Cable 8007740 8-Inch 40T Carbide Saw Blade Signature Woodworking Comb./Table Saw For Sale
  • lmr_barbie: lmr_barbie: @YELLAASSMiLLi okay I'm gone have her stuff packed,, get ready to comb that hair!!lol
  • MoreThanLexi: MoreThanLexi: I mean I comb my hair when I'm wearing casual but I actually straighten my hair when I wear something nice.
  • ameno_mani: ameno_mani: I want kid ... I want little girl to comb her hairs ... I want little boy to run with him and let him win ...
  • SecretWeapon_AA: SecretWeapon_AA: Fml tryin to blow dry all this hair my comb goes and fall in the toilet
  • _ComeEATthis: _ComeEATthis: #DearHair ilove how wen i comb you out , you dont end up in the Comb:)
  • StoopidCooBlu: StoopidCooBlu: #DearHair can you get somebody to comb you? Cause im getting tired of doing it
  • todd_arney: todd_arney: Massive comb over in a meeting today.
  • putAniggaDeep: putAniggaDeep: @beauty_coco1 I dnt got a comb.. lol
  • I_model_4you: I_model_4you: Think i left my comb ! - __ -
  • ruthieclark_: ruthieclark_: @MouthHodgson just wait till you see the hair doo i'm going to be sporting tomorrow night! I'm working with the comb over affect
  • lornareith: lornareith: @JoshEvans @__matador "What's that comb over all about?" I've had this quote stuck in my head ALL day!
  • Mackinasswetwoo: Mackinasswetwoo: Okay im finally bouta hopp in the shower and wash my hair , comb it and blow dry it out believe it or not its all day project so ill bbl
  • Shatilla: Shatilla: You would be REALLY handsome if you didn't have that comb-over. #LetItGo
  • RainbowDOLL15: RainbowDOLL15: ii have the house to myself..I'm bouta take me a hot bath jump clean comb this wrap down nd run the streets..bbl
  • prestunes: prestunes: RT @AESorg: #AESNY Educational Events: Tutorials on Delay & Comb Filters; Mentoring; Career Fair; Ben Folds & more #ProAudio #AES
  • malvernchela: malvernchela: LoL! [email protected] Mussa Ibrahim captured outside Sirte ‘dressed as woman.’ If true, was it the goatee or the comb over that gave him away?
  • Aceboi69: Aceboi69: Why yo edge need a comb
  • YvesStLaQuinne: YvesStLaQuinne: If I had a comb I would comb these ugly ass curls out of my head! But I don't so I can't =\
  • Mickey523: Mickey523: on Sundays He will rest and comb His hair and look His best. And all the good souls of girls and boys will be blessed if theyre well dressed

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