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  • These are called metal complexes, or coordination compounds. These The formation constants of some other complexes are given in a table form on the right. — “Metal Complexes”,
  • The physical association of these proteins with one another is mediated largely by RNA, in that the complexes dissociate upon digestion with RNase. Complexes isolated from M-phase cells are similar in protein composition to those isolated from interphase cell nuclear extracts. — “Association of Nonribosomal Nucleolar Proteins in”,
  • In the study of protein complexes, is there. a computational method for inferring which functional linkages in identifying protein complexes can. be described by their coverage. — “Article”,
  • They are also known as complex ions or coordination complexes because they are Lewis acid-base complexes. Although coordination complexes are particularly important in the chemistry of the transition metals, some main group. — “Coordination Complexes and Ligands”,
  • Complexes definition, composed of many interconnected parts; compound; composite: See more. — “Complexes | Define Complexes at ”,
  • dant complexes that are large enough to be distinguishable from A total of 15 different macromolecular complexes with particle. weights of at least 400. — “Survey of large protein complexes in D. vulgaris reveals”,
  • Host: New England Complex Systems Institute ( This is the eighth in a The proceedings of ICCS2007 will be published soon, I believe that as a volume in the Springer "Understanding Complex Systems" series. — “Complexes”,
  • Housing Authority Complexes. Established in 1940, the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda, in partnership with the entire community, advocates and provides quality, affordable safe housing; encourages self-sufficiency; and strengthens community inclusiveness and diversity in housing. — “Complexes”,
  • Metal complexes consist of a central metal atom or ion surrounded by several atoms, ions or molecules, called ligands. In addition, metal complexes which are negative in charge often use the latin root for the metal, and end in the suffix ate. — “d-Metal Complexes”,
  • We show that substantial differences exist in how complexes have evolved between these organisms. Small complexes often comprise multiple copies of the same protein but large complexes such as the ribosome tend to contain many different. — “BioMed Central | Full text | Comparative evolutionary”,
  • How to elucidate and control the redox sequence in vinylbenzoate and vinylpyridine bridged diruthenium complexes The synthesis of, and characterization of the dynamic processes occurring in Pd(II) chelate complexes of 2-pyridyldiphenylphosphine. — “Dalton Transactions”,
  • Epauli, a construction company in Andros | Epauli, Real Estate - house Andros, Residential complexes. — “Epauli, a construction company in Andros | Epauli, Real”,
  • This is a very complex task, and the field of CL–DNA complexes probably owes its existence to the serendipitous fact that cationic lipids are able to perform several of Two different structures were observed for CL–DNA complexes containing DOTAP as the cationic lipid, depending on the nature of. — “Safinya Group Research: CL-NA Complexes”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Complexes. Information about Complexes in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Complexes definition of Complexes in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Although they are scattered over a thousand miles of coastline, and cross several localised Neolithic regions, these 'complexes' are united by a set of specific and contemporary cultural features, a fact which suggests that - at the very least,. — “Megalithic complexes”, ancient-
  • Note: Win AtLarge Nutrition Fat Burners Nitor & Thermocin - (see bottom of article) Let's cut the BS and get down to business: traditional cardio You usually have to use lighter weights than you normally would, but a good complex will be challenging. — “Complexes for Fat Loss | Wannabebig”,
  • In this study, we ask if interface properties of apoptotic protein complexes are different from protein complexes in general. Next, the protein complexes involved in apoptosis process for which structures were available in PDB were selected using a. — “Interface of apoptotic protein complexes has distinct properties”,
  • We found 10 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word complexes: complexes: atp synthetase complexes, qrs complexes, castration complexes, premature cardiac complexes, ubiquitin-protein ligase complexes, more. — “Definitions of complexes - OneLook Dictionary Search”,

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  • Chemistry experiment 9 - Cobalt complexes A solution of cobalt sulfate is added to differenty other solutions. Complexes are formed.
  • Complexes Boxing MMA Conditioning Workout Part 1 Follow me on twitter htt:///JoeGotchaHnF If you are going to try anything you saw in this video you do so at your own risk, JoeGotchaHnF is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur. Please consult your doctor and or a ftiness professional to give you more information...
  • BUILD MUSCLE - Omaha Strength Training - Kettlebell Complex - BUILD MUSCLE with kettlebell complex training. The kettlebell clean to squat to press complex is a great kettlebell complex to build STRENGTH and MUSCLE not to mention help you melt fat off your body fast. BUILD a warrior physique with kettlebell complexes. In this kettlebell complex, you first explosively clean the kettlebell to your chest. Next you go directly into a front loaded kettlebell rack squat which highly challenges the core. Finailly you will explode up and press the kettlebell overhead locking out and staying tight. You'll repeat this on each side for 8 total reps per arm. If you want more challenge, add more weight with heavier kettlebells or do a double kettlebell complex with kettlebells in each hand. You can go light kettlebells and work strength endurance or conditioning with higher reps or go heavier and go for strength and power using lower reps. For more videos and workouts, go to http
  • Core Exercise Conditioning Complex WBSITE: www.synergy- YOUR WORKOUT MANUAL ORIGINAL POST synergy- Core Exercise Conditioning Complex - This complex should not be a walk in the park. Perform the movements with concentration and medium intensity. DO NOT JUST LET THE BAG SWING like a pendulum. I mention each movement x 25 in the video. That's hard. Complex Progression Perform 10 - 20 swings to start Add resistance Shorten or length the rest period I will be posting some more conditioning complexes up as bonuses on Bull Strength Conditioning to everyone on the newsletter - this is just to wet your appetite! If your grip is the limiting factor, lighten the weight or wrap the bulgarian training bag ends tighter so you can perform the core exercises and conditioning Oh, and don't worry, you will not need any special equipment for many of the other complexes! Joe Hashey, CSCS KEYWORDS: bulgarian training bag, how to make a bulgarian bag, core exercises, core exercise, conditioning complex, fighter conditioning, mma workout, grip workout, core workout, ab workout
  • Dir en grey - Disabled Complexes (sample) This is the sample of the Dir en grey song "Disabled Complexes" released in the Official Web site.
  • How to Build Complexes with iWorkout Muse PRO App for iPhone and iPod Touch How to build complexes with the top fitness music app in the game! For a 6-Exercise 30 Second Complexes: 20 Minute Workout Enter the following variables within the app: 30 seconds work period 0 second rest rest period 6 total rounds 1 minute transition period 5 total cycles Then try one of the following of my favorite complexes: Kettlebell Complex 1- 1-Arm Snatch/Clean Variation (L) 2- 1-Arm Snatch/Clean Variation (R) 3- 1-Arm Swing Variation (L) 4- 1-Arm Swing Variation (R) 5- 1-Arm Squat to Press Variation (L) 6- 1-Arm Squat to Press Variation (L) Bodyweight Complex 1- Side Pillar Hold Variation (L) 2- Side Pillar Hold Variation (R) 3- Push-up Variation 4- Lunge Variation (L) 5- Lunge Variation (R) 6- Squat Variation iWorkout Muse PRO for the iPhone and iPod Touch allows you to build custom interval training workout music soundtracks mixed to your favorite music and is now available in the Apple iTunes Store: Need more workout ideas? Have any questions about the app? Just ask us at our WM Facebook Fan Page: /workoutmuse
  • Javorek's DB Complex III 9 exercises, 3 repititions of each done consecutively
  • Double 40 and 48kg Heavy Kettlebell Complexes Some Double 40kg Kettlebell Complexes, pretty good for a strength and cardio mix. Oh and it's fun. Try it out.
  • - Exercise Index: Barbell Complex w/ 135 lbs. Deadlifts, Bent Rows, Hang Cleans, Push Press, Back Squat
  • "6 Pack" Ab Ripping Workout Complex WEBSITE: www.synergy- 47 MORE COMPLEXES: Conditioning complex to hit your full body. Our athlete performed the following exercises windshield wipers, prowler sled pushes, hanging leg raises, rope battling, hanging knee raises, and burpees. Each hanging exercise keeps tension on the core and upper body - forcing the athlete to control their breathing during movement. Additionally the ab core exercises progress from most difficult to medium difficultly as the athlete fatigues during the conditioning complex. Muscles targeted: abdominals, low back, legs, upper back, chest, shoulder stabilizers, biceps, and triceps. Not much left untouched with these exercises! GET MORE: Stay strong, Joe Hashey, CSCS Synergy- Keywords 6 pack, core exercise, ab exercise, abdominal exercise, conditioning, athlete workout, ufc workout, mma workout, fighter workout, conditioning complex, ab windshield wipers, core windshield wipers
  • FLOW MMA Barbell Complex Workout - "Crossfit Bear 2.0" If you're a fighter or you just train MMA for fun, make sure you get my 46 page NEVER GAS ebook at the link above. It outlines the 5 critical mistakes most fighters make in the MMA strength and conditioning workouts... Now on to this video... This complex is great because one exercise flows naturally into the next and there are no serious limiting exercises. A problem with many barbell complexes is that one of the exercises requires a weight that's a lot lighter than others, such as barbell curls when in a complex that has back squats. This makes the back squat virtually useless. But in this complex, you can use a significant amount of weight that each exercise produces a training effect. Perform 4-8 reps of each exercise, which makes up 1 set. Perform 3-5 sets, resting 2-3 minutes between sets. Here's the list of exercises 1) Power clean 2) Front squat 3) Push press 4) Reverse lunge 5) Back squat to overhead press 6) Stiff-leg deadlift, pause at bottom 7) Bent-over row 8) Complete the SLD 9) REPEAT for 4-8 total reps! Give it a shot and let me know what you think and if there's anything else you'd like to see, hit me up in the Comments section. - Eric
  • Proteomics of Gene Regulatory Complexes The Case Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics presents the following symposium: Series: Understanding Protein Complexes, Networks and the Interactome Title: Proteomics of Gene Regulatory Complexes Speaker: Jeff Ranish, Ph.D. Faculty, Institute of Systems Biology Date: Monday, October 19, 2009 Session: Morning Session 1 Location: Wolstein Auditorium 1413
  • CEO GETS PUNK'D Brian Yui, founder of and book Homebuying by the Experts gets a little suprise! This prank is always halarious!
  • Rhadi Ferguson Shows The Stick Complex 2004 Olympian, 4-Time National Judo Champion and World Class Strength Coach Rhadi Ferguson illustrates the stick exercise complex that he uses for his elite and beginning athletes. This complex is also used by his wife Traci and Rhadi often does a couple of sets of this complex upon finishing some of his training runs for his Marathons and 1 Marathons. Please enjoy and if you are at all interested in similar exercises and complexes please visit where you can try the Total Body Workout for $1
  • Dir en grey-Disabled Complexes WACKEN High Quality
  • Dealing with an Inferiority Complex part 1 of 2 Part 1 of 2. In this video I talk about Inferiority Complexes. This includes my story, emotional neglect, separation anxiety, social anxiety, BPD and self-injury. I'd like to learn how to deal with my Inferiority Complex and I made a list of goals that I hope that will help me and you guys to defeat this complex. I'd love for you to join me in this recovery. LETS MAKE A LIST TOGETHER THAT CAN WORK FOR ALL OF US! Here is what I've got so far. List of goals: - Write down where your Inferiority Complex is coming from (childhood). - What are your shortcomings? Are they realistic? - How are you still dealing with it today? - Try not to be what people want you to be for two weeks, but just be you. And write down what happens in those situations. What's different? - Don't accept it when people are mean to you. Do something about it. Write down what you did. - Don't try to deal with everything on your own, try to ask help. If you have more/better ideas, please make a comment on this video and I'll include it in our list! 'Trophification' (Karen) made a wonderful video response: Take care you all : ) Bas This is the second of my nine or eleven videos about all different kinds of self-defeating/self-destructive/negative life patterns.
  • Chemistry: Complexes and Ligands for a bundle of videos on Coordination Compounds. For an even broader bundle of videos that cover Coordination Compounds and Transition Metals, check out . To search for topic-specific help in our library of 400+ video products for Chemistry, please refer to our Chemistry category at: . To check out our full Chemistry video course, with 300+ videos included, refer to: . Or, for access to this single video, go to: .
  • Electronic Structure of Coordination Complexes This General Chemistry lecture covers the electronic structure of transition metal compexes, starting with the simple Crystal Field Theory, covering the spectrochemical series of ligands, high-spin and low-spin complexes, magnetic properties of compounds, and finally the Ligand Field Theory of bonding in complexes.
  • The Bear Complex WOD Demo of the Bear Complex
  • Strength And Endurance Complexes - Get Your Muffin Top Right! WEBSITE: www.synergy- MANUAL It is a special video from 3 weeks ago, my brother's "Get Your Muffin Top Right Workout." 12 minutes of carnage! pat-heavy-deadliftExercises * Dead lift * Rope battling * Prowler pushes * Prowler rows * Farmers walk * Tire flip * Reverse hyper med ball twists * Blast strap sprinters * Homemade wheel roll outs * And all around mayhem. Dead lift from a 3 inch mat was the only exercise performed individually, the rest were part of heart pounding complexes. We proceeded this workout with a day of rest and followed it with another. It was strenuous on the muscles and CNS, and extremely effective ONLY if performed correctly. Full body workout with exercises for back, shoulders, traps, hamstrings, glutes, quads, and core. Try out these exercises for an intense conditioning and strength workout! KEYWORDS: "conditioning complex" "strongman training" "build endurance" "how to condition" "conditioning exercise" "mma conditioning" "ufc workouts" "core exercises"
  • Fast and Effective Conditioning Complex - Bull Strength Conditioning WEBSITE: www.synergy- BSC MANUAL Altered "unilateral blaster" circuit from the Bull Strength conditioning manual for a fast finisher. Conditioning complex - Alternating Military Press with dumbbells - Alternating low rows with dumbbells "gorilla rows" - Burpees - Close hand push ups Blast through this conditioning complex as fast as possible with high intensity and moderate weight. Note: keep from swinging your hips side to side during the over head press. Rest and repeat! These exercises go great as a finisher on an upper body day followed by a day of rest or a moderate intensity lower body training session. Get lean and strong! - Joe Hashey, CSCS Keywords: conditioning complex, finisher, exercise finisher, bull strength conditioning, quick workout, fast workout, intense workout, football conditioning, basketball conditioning, mma conditioning, mma workout, ufc workout
  • Barbell Complex: Full Body Conditioning Workout from zacheven- - After hitting the upper body hard and heavy with military presses, tons of pull ups, high rep dumbbell benching and recline rope rowing.... It was time for some barbell complexes for full body conditioning, inspired by Joe DeFranco's e book, 'Built Like a Bad Ass'. I got a SICK pump and man do these BLOW up your forearms and grip strength endurance! More adventures in strength and life await YOU plus 4 FREE, Kick Butt, Underground BodyBuilding Gifts, awaiting you at http If you dig the show...Spread the word and let your friends know about us, thanks in advance! Peace! --Z--
  • Full Strength Workout (Unilateral to bilateral strength complexes) **FREE VIDEO** www.synergy- MANUAL: A lot of athletes are in season in the spring, so we get a big group on Sunday to maintain strength levels (along with our older group that trains all year). It's been 2 months since I posted a full workout video (lower body training video below) Full Lower Body Workout This new video contains a great complex for building leg month and core stability. Here's how it works 1. Overload a unilateral exercise 2. Complex it with bilateral exercises with different loading positions. The overload is important for building lower body strength. Next, the various loading patterns - even while using a submaximal weight since it is now bilateral - will build stability and core strength. Check out the complex in the video: 1. Front hold split squats x 6 2. Front squats x 6 3. Overhead squats x 6 4. Back squats x 6 Its been awhile since I did overhead squats, and I need to keep that tight arch, but you will get the training idea in the video! Full Workout Clips PLUS Uni/bilateral Complex Also, note the other clips: walking unilateral exercises, glute ham raises, core training, a high school sophmore hitting 315 x 3 on the bench, and a few other exercises going on! - Joe Hashey, CSCS - PS. If you aren't subscribed to the just missed out on my birthday sale (March 24-26th)!! Get on board below, get your free bonuses, and don't miss out again! Keywords unilateral exercise, bilateral exercise, leg ...
  • Glute Hamstring Dumbbell Complex MORE: www.synergy- MANUAL One of the easiest way to rip off some body fat is including dumbbell and barbell complexes near the end of workouts. These complexes use large muscle groups that require a lot of energy to activate. This complex hits the hamstrings, glutes, arms, back, and shoulders. Remember to brace with the core and get the job DONE! Full Body Conditioning Keywords glute hamstring complex, dumbbell complex, conditioning complex, conditioning circuit, get faster, improve speed, increase speed, hamstring exercise, glute strength, glute exercise
  • The Illusion Of Complexity - Neuroactivity And Complex Behaviour Science & Reason on Facebook: Complexity (Chapter 6): The Illusion Of Complexity - Neuroactivity And Complex Behaviour. --- Please subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • --- ANTS Nature gives us a lot of examples of complex behavior emerging from the interaction of many individuals. The members of an ant colony are capable of a wide variety of complex behaviors: finding and transporting food, constructing elaborate underground complexes of tunnels and chambers, defending their territory from invaders. Such activity would seem to involve a great deal of planning, memory, and coordination. But there is no head ant who draws up a blueprint for the colony and gives directions to the worker ants. Instead, each ant follows a very simple set of rules, based on cues from its environment and from the activity of ants nearby. For example... how do ants know to walk in a single file to pick up food, and then return in single file to the nest? They dont. They know three simple rules. First, if you come upon something that smells like food - pick it up! Second, when you pick up a piece of food, release a chemical signal... a pheromone. Third, if you come across a pheromone trail left by another ant... follow it! There is no plan, no memory, no need for a leader to point the way. Three simple rules and a few environmental clues are all that is needed to orchestrate this remarkably efficient process. ROBOTS The ...
  • Dir en grey - Disabled Complexes Song:Disabled Complexes Album:The Marrow Of A Bone English Translation: Ah, I can't sleep again tonight Because you exist Because I was raped by you Why do you believe their voices? Ah, I won't be able to sleep again tomorrow I threw away, even my slightest hope Deep down And I go mad again tonight - And again tonight I go mad Ah, I can't sleep again tonight Because you exist Because I was raped by you Why do you believe their voices? I can't coexist in the fabricated society with a crowl There is no meaning in living The world is full of psychoes In your mind Tonight I go mad Psycho killer Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own Dir en grey or this song. I am not making money off of this (I wouldn't even know how to in the first place) nor did I illegally download this song. I like to support the band, not illegal downloading.
  • MMA Kettlebell Complex Chris Fanelli performing a Kettlebell Complex
  • Richard Norton's Black Belt Complexes Training drills for the advanced martial artists by Richard Norton, movie star and martial arts master. Norton has featured in more than 60 action films with the likes of Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris.
  • CUT- Lovely Complex MOVIE (at the summer festival) loved this scene and the song. i couldn't find a fanvid of LOVELY COMPLEX with the NATSU MATSURI song. So i decided to reup this. i love this movie and both are so cute! find the actual MUSIC VIDEO OF THE SONG HERE: WATCH MOVIE ON YOUTUBE HERE: SYNOPSIS: Lovely Complex (ラブ★コン, Rabu Kon?) is a shoujo manga series created by mangaka Aya Nakahara, about two Hich School students Atsushi Otani (played by Koike) and Risa Koizumi (played by Fujisawa). Risa gets rejected by a boy because she is taller than him. Otani gets rejected by a girl because he is shorter than her. And the two gradually become attracted to each other while coping with their respective height complexes. Together, they became the laughing stock of their whole school, always caught bickering back and forth. Although everyone claims that they're a "perfect couple", both deny it with rage. Fed up, Koizumi set out on a mission to find a fitting boyfriend, but who knows, maybe everyone was right.The pair's comedic dialog in Kansai dialect is very popular and the manga has sold over 6 million copies of volumes 1 through 12 combined.Obviously these two would make the oddest of couples and would never be a good match for each other right? Well, love doesn't always follow such logic as Lovely Complex will show.
  • Brutal Barbell Complex Eddie Martinez crushes a 10 exercise, 6rep Barbell Complex with 95 pounds. Eddie ran through 4 of these and trust me this will bring the biggest man to his knees!
  • Newbie guide to Deadspace complex farming This is the most basic and least skill/gear dependant way to farm static deadspace complexes. Unlike ninja salvaging you wont be generating any hate. It is also more interesting, allows you to get really great gear for your ships and get insane cash if you get somewhat lucky. Start farming for your first PLEX now ;p. If you have any questions mail me on Youtube (recommended) or send ingame message to Lan Warr. I can also get you a 21 day extended trial (limited) and some cash to get you going. Music: Simon Viklund - Power Plant (Bionic Commando Rearmed OST)
  • NCGS Smartville Complex Field Trip by Dr. Eldridge Moores Stop 2 (part 3 of 4) Dr. Eldridge Moores introduces the ophiolite field trip at pillow basalt Stop 2 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY FIELD TRIP - Saturday, September 18, 2010, "GEOLOGY AND TECTONICS OF THE SMARTVILLE COMPLEX, NW SIERRA NEVADA, CALIFORNIA", Leader: Dr. Eldridge Moores, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis Abstract The Smartville Complex comprises a north-trending submarine intrusive-extrusive (ophiolitic) complex, approximately 100km long by 40km wide in the northwestern Sierra Nevada Foothills. Generally from bottom to top, rocks comprise serpentinite (a few exposures), olivine gabbro, and layered gabbro, varitextured massive pyroxene and hornblende gabbro, plagiogranite, massive diabase, sheeted diabase, pillow lava, and volcaniclastic sediments. A few massive sulfide deposits are present in the volcaniclastic sediments. Rocks range from nearly undeformed--perhaps the best-preserved sheeted dikes and pillow lavas in North America--to highly schistose. Structure is complex, but rocks describe approximately a north-trending antiform that structurally overlies mélange and associated sediments of the Central Belt of the Sierra Nevada. Dikes intrude both igneous rocks and here and there Central Belt sedimentary rocks. Dikes are mostly north-trending, but curve to NE-trending towards the N. In places (Stanfield Hill, Marysville Road) the dikes are nearly undeformed, trending NNW and dipping steeply E. In other places, eg in Auburn, Oroville Dam ...
  • Barbell Complex Finisher Last night was the first time I was able to do a barbell snatch in over two years. And today my shoulder actually feels pretty good. Due to the fact that I have broken my right wrist three times (Pop Warner football, basketball, snowboarding) and torn my right trap, labrum and rotator cuff my form will always be a bit odd/off on Olympic lifts but I do what I gotta do to protect myself while still being able to perform them. Before the complex the workout consisted of military presses (worked up to 195), pull ups, med ball pushups, farmers walks, fat bar curls, neck. Did some complexes as a finisher. Again, the Olympic lifting form is not perfect, but it gets the job done. I meant to do six reps on every exercise but I only ended up doing five on the first one. Story of my life- always coming up a bit short when it comes to the snatch...
  • Farmer Walks Exercise - Dumbbell Complex - Bilateral 1 - Baltimore Personal trainer, Coach Nick Tumminello, show you how do perform the farmers walk exercise dumbbell complex for fat loss. This four corners farmers walk workout uses dumbbells and involves bilateral strength exercises
  • Nickel complexes Depending on a ligand and coordination number nickel forms colorful complexes
  • Stanford Golf Training Complex Stanford University Athletics has teamed with Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course Architects to create what is arguably the most innovative practice facility in all of golf. The 30-acre practice center is designed to provide Stanford's men's and women's intercollegiate teams a unique training experience at a facility that is unmatched in collegiate golf. The Siebel Varsity Golf Training Complex is crafted on 30 acres of previously undeveloped land adjacent to the Stanford Golf Course. The distinctive quality of the facility is its six green complexes, complete with bunkering, each inspired by a different design style that Stanford's men's and women's intercollegiate teams play on a regular basis, each complete with intrinsic grasses and sand textures.
  • 2nd Annual Italian Festival Hawthorne, CA Features highlights of our 2nd Annual Italian Festival in Hawthorne, CA. The event was hosted by Unico West Los Angeles, Sons of Italy Hollywood, and the city of Hawthorne, CA.
  • BARBELL COMPLEX CLICK HERE for a FREE Workout!! This workout will include barbell complexes. So, instead of doing long, slow boring cardio, you are going to do a much shorter and faster way of doing it that is also fun. This workout is also a good replacement for interval training, bodyweight circuits, or high intensity cardio. In this 6x6 workout, you will do six exercises for six repetitions each. To start out, you'll do a Barbell Squat. So, place the barbell up across your shoulders,push your hips back, squat down, and drive up. Up next is the Overhead Raise. Place the bar in front of you at shoulder height, and raise the barbell up overhead. Following six reps of the overhead raise, you'll now do a Front Squat. So, the same as the first type of squat, with the exception that the bar bell will now be held across your chest. Once you've finished the squat exercise, you'll go right into the Wide Grip Upright Row or a High Pull. The narrow grip is too rough on your shoulders. Next up is the Romanian Deadlift. Place the barbell down across your thighs, and with a slight bend in the knees, push your hips back. Finishing off the workout you will do a conventional Deadlift for six reps. That's it for the circuit. Rest one minute and then go through it two more times. So, if you don't fee like doing a bodyweight circuit, traditional interval training, or high intensity cardio, then this is a great alternative. Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat ...
  • Dealing with an Inferiority Complex part 2 of 2 Part 2 of 2. In this video I talk about Inferiority Complexes. This includes my story, emotional neglect, separation anxiety, social anxiety, BPD and self-injury. I'd like to learn how to deal with my Inferiority Complex and I made a list of goals that I hope that will help me and you guys to defeat this complex. I'd love for you to join me in this recovery. LETS MAKE A LIST TOGETHER THAT CAN WORK FOR ALL OF US! Here is what I've got so far. List of goals: - Write down where your Inferiority Complex is coming from (childhood). - What are your shortcomings? Are they realistic? - How are you still dealing with it today? - Try not to be what people want you to be for two weeks, but just be you. And write down what happens in those situations. What's different? - Don't accept it when people are mean to you. Do something about it. Write down what you did. - Don't try to deal with everything on your own, try to ask help. If you have more/better ideas, please make a comment on this video and I'll include it in our list! 'Trophification' (Karen) made a wonderful video response: Take care you all : ) Bas This is the second of my nine or eleven videos about all different kinds of self-defeating/self-destructive/negative life patterns.
  • Carl Jung - Archetypes & Complexes Excerpt from Psychology Classics narrated by Tom Butler Bowdon
  • Kettlebell Complex Here's a couple quick Kettlebell complex variations. A few exercises combined into a couple awesome sets. This is great for combat athletes, or anyone looking to get in ridiculous condition. Technique is critical, but once you get it down, this combo is great.

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