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  • Alicat Scientific is a leading manufacturer of laminar flow meters, flow controllers, pressure meters and gauges. Gas Viscosities, Densities, and Compressibilities at 25°C >> (PDF format). — “Alicat Scientific Mass Flow, Volumetric Flow and Pressure”,
  • An elastomer film laminated cushion includes an elastomer having the physical properties of flexibility and compressibilities in the range of flexibilities and compressibilities of stable elastomer bl. — “Elastomer film laminated cushion method - Patent 6506271”,
  • Geophysical Research Letters publishes short, concise research letters that present scientific advances that are likely to have immediate influence on the research of other investigators. GRL letters can focus on a specific discipline or apply Velocities and compressibilities of komatiitic melts. — “Velocities and compressibilities of komatiitic melts”,
  • IOPscience is a unique platform for IOP-hosted journal content providing site-wide electronic access to more than 130 years of leading scientific research, and incorporates some of the most innovative technologies to enhance your user-experience. Compressibilities in bilayers of charged particles. — “Compressibilities in bilayers of charged particles”,
  • The Energy Citations Database (ECD) provides access to historical and current research (1948 to the present) from the Department of Energy (DOE) and predecessor agencies. numbers from compressibilities and ionic vibration potentials measurements; CHLORIDES/ solvation numbers from compressibilities a. — “Energy Citations Database (ECD) - - Document #4685503”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Compressibilities - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • The proposed general MBE takes into account the fact that fracture and matrix pore volume compressibilities are different. the MBE involving the storage capacity ratio at initial reservoir conditions of fracture and matrix pore volume compressibilities are proposed. — “Impact of Pressure Depletion on Oil Recovery in Naturally”,
  • Pore compressibilities have been measured for Bandera, Boise, and It is shown from these data that the pore compressibilities of these sandstones are functions of the difference between the confining pressure and. — “The Effects of Pore Pressure and Confining Pressure on Pore”,
  • Local Compressibilities of Proteins: Comparison of Optical E Local Compressibilities of Proteins: Comparison of Optical Experiments and Simulations for Horse Heart Cytochrome-c In this article we compare local compressibilities of cytochrome-c as obtained from. — “Biophysical Journal - Adiabatic compressibility of myosin”,
  • Comparative compressibilities of calcite-structure carbonates; deviations from empirical relations Crystal-field effects, beyond those reflected in the M-O distances, cannot account for the observed compressibilities. — “Comparative compressibilities of calcite-structure carbonates”,
  • An empirical additivity method for calculation of the partial volumes and adiabatic compressibilities of extended oligo- and polypeptides having arbitrary amino acid compositions has been developed and tested by comparison with available. — “Partial volumes and compressibilities of extended polypeptide”,
  • Volume Expansivities and Isothermal Compressibilities of. Imidazolium and Pyridinium-Based Ionic Liquids compressibilities can provide information on fluid structure. — “Volume Expansivities and Isothermal Compressibilities of”,
  • compare local compressibilities of cytochrome-c as obtained from molecular dynamics simulations with experimental results as solvation shell show different intrinsic compressibilities. — “Local Compressibilities of Proteins: Comparison of Optical”,
  • Compressibilities, Force Constants, and Interatomic Distances of the Elements in the Solid State Available data for the compressibilities of crystalline elements are used to calculate the force constants for the assumed Hooke's law interactions between adjacent atoms. — “Compressibilities, Force Constants, and Interatomic Distances”,
  • An elastomer film laminated cushion includes an elastomer having the physical properties of flexibility and compressibilities in the range of flexibilities and compressibilities of stable elastomer block polymer gels. A film is provided for. — “Elastomer film laminated cushion method - Google Patent Search”,
  • Compressibilities' definition, the quality or state of being compressible. See more. — “Compressibilities' | Define Compressibilities' at ”,
  • A method is described for measuring linear compressibilities of solids under very small hydrostatic pressure. The method is checked by measuring the known isothermal compressibilities of three solids (Si, Mo and NaCl). — “A method for measuring isothermal compressibilities of solids”,
  • compressible adj. That can be compressed: compressible packing materials; a compressible box. compressibility compress ' ibil ' ity or compress ' Vertical, drained compressibilities[2]. — “compressible: Definition from ”,
  • The compressibilities of some electrolytic solutions at low concentrations have been determined by employing Carstensen's phase-comparison pulse method for measuring the ultrasonic velocity differences and by simultaneously measuring their densities with a Weld-type pyknometer. — “Compressibilities of some electrolyte solutions in relation”,
  • Linear and bulk compressibilities are evaluated for the. four polymorphs and reveal an anisotropic behavior of the cinnabar structure, which contrasts with the cubic- like compression of its shortest Zn-Te bonds. The qualitative trend shows a crystal that becomes relatively less. — “Theoretical compressibilities of high-pressure ZnTe polymorphs”,
  • Other scientific work of Theodore Richards included investigations of the compressibilities of atoms, heats of solution and neutralization, and the electrochemistry of amalgams. "Concerning the Compressibilities of the Elements, and Their Relations. — “Theodore William Richards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • compressibilities. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, This page was last modified on 16 October 2010, at 17:51. Text is available under the. — “compressibilities - Wiktionary”,
  • The compressibilities along the c axis are almost the same for LNG and LTG through the whole investigated pressure range. The volume compressibilities of trigonal LNG and LTG (space group P321) are about 0.007 GPa-1; respective bulk moduli are 145 (3). — “(IUCr) Crystallography Journals Online - supplementary material”,

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  • “and germania, the non-molecular single-bonded crystalline form. of carbon dioxide, phase V, two materials have similar and very small compressibilities”
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