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  • MySpace Music profile for CONCEALMENT - Mixing NEW ALBUM. Download CONCEALMENT - Mixing NEW ALBUM Experimental / Death Metal / music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read CONCEALMENT - Mixing NEW ALBUM's blog. — “CONCEALMENT - Mixing NEW ALBUM on MySpace Music - Free”,
  • Con·ceal·ment n. [OF. concelement .] 1. The act of concealing; the state of being concealed Concealment (also called abscondence or hiding) is obscuring something from view or rendering it inconspicuous, the opposite of exposure. — “Concealment: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • concealment (plural concealments) The practice of keeping secrets. The condition of being hidden or concealed the condition of being hidden or concealed. Czech: úkryt cs(cs) m., utajení cs(cs) m., maskování cs(cs) m. — “concealment - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of concealment from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of concealment. Pronunciation of concealment. Definition of the word concealment. Origin of the word concealment. — “concealment - Definition of concealment at ”,
  • Definition of concealment in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is concealment? Meaning of concealment as a legal term. What does concealment mean in law?. — “concealment legal definition of concealment. concealment”, legal-
  • Concealment definition, the act of concealing. See more. Concealment Definition. Find Definitions For Any Word.Get Your Free Toolbar. — “Concealment | Define Concealment at ”,
  • We are the low-price leader for Law Enforcement Concealment products. Order on-line or call (800) 728-0974. — “Concealment products from CopQuest - Lowest Prices and”,
  • Welcome to , we are concealed carry experts and can help you This holster is a true day-in, day-out working concealment holster. — “Concealment Holsters - Galco Holsters, Glock Holsters”,
  • Manufacturer of top quality military concealment garments and distributer of ghillie suit supplies. — “Tactical Concealment Manufacturing: Ghillie Suits and Supplies”,
  • Concealment clothing and accessories. We offer the best selection of concealment holsters, concealment purses, belly bands, ankle holsters, inside the pants holsters, T-shirt holsters, shoulder holsters, from the best. — “Concealment Clothing - ”,
  • If you have been searching everywhere for a great price on a concealment holster, you can stop here! We have great prices on many different concealment holsters in all different styles. — “Best Priced Concealment Holsters Anywhere!”,
  • Master of Concealement - concealment holsters, concealment clothing, concealed carry products provide the ultimate in firearm concealed carry holster safety & comfort. — “Concealed Carry Holsters, Products and Clothing, Concealment”,
  • Small pistols like the & PPK or the Kel-Tec 380 are easily concealed. The "Clip-on" holster is an easy and inexpensive way to conceal your favorite handgun. — “Kirkpatrick Leather Concealment Holsters, Glock Holsters”,
  • concealment holsters and gun purses. Concealment Gun Holsters. Belt Holster, Fobus Paddle Holster, Shoulder Holster, Body Belt Holster, Undercover. — “Jag Wear Concealment Systems”,
  • The Concealment Shop, Inc. is the Home of Feminine Protection Handbags Specializing in quality, custom concealment products made in the USA with a blend of Style, Convenience and Firepower. To you it's Handgun Concealment, to us it's a Reputation. — “Concealed Carry Feminine Protection Products Handbags Conceal”,
  • The ConcealmentT is a one of a kind t-shirt with a built in holster for your weapon. — “ConcealmentT ~ Concealed Weapon T-Shirt Holster”,
  • IWB Concealment Holsters and Accessories World's Best Concealment Holster. This holster is a true day-in, day-out working concealment holster. Click for. — “IWB Concealment Holsters - ”,
  • Concealment (also called abscondence or hiding) is obscuring something from view or A military term is CCD: camouflage (object looks like its surroundings), concealment (object cannot be seen), and deception (object looks like something else); in a broad sense, all three are forms of concealment. — “Concealment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of Concealment in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Concealment. Pronunciation of Concealment. Translations of Concealment. Concealment synonyms, Concealment antonyms. Information about Concealment in the free online English. — “Concealment - definition of Concealment by the Free Online”,
  • Designed for comfort, security, concealment and quick access with either hand. Fits all revolvers and semi-autos used as back up guns. Removable Kevlar® fragmentation panel included for extra protection. Vest holster is easily sewn into any vest outer carrier. — “Concealment Holsters”,
  • From concealment briefcases and computer bags to belly-band holsters, to concealment clothing and holstered gun concealment purses, we can assist you in selecting Creative Concealment options for your lifestyle. We are adding new products and vendors to our selection regularly. — “Creative Concealment Product Preview”,
  • SR Guns : Concealment Purses/Clothing - Guns Concealment Purses/Clothing Survival Magazines Self Defense Reloading Components Misc. ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping. — “Concealment Purses/Clothing : SR Guns, Guns-Ammo-Accessories”,

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  • Field Test : Webtex Concealment Vest (ghillie) Testing the hooded cloak, covered with elastics. Seeing how effective it is and how durable the foliage is once added.
  • Handgun Concealment Shirt This innovative concealment solution is one of those products that tempts you to say, Why didnt I think of that? It starts with an All-Weather X-Dry compression performance Power Shirt that fits you like a second skin. And, is coupled with a completely adjustable holster that accommodates a wide variety of handguns, from large frame Semi-Autos like Glock 17, 1911, Sig 229 and Beretta 92F to small revolvers and semi-autos like S+WJ Frames and Beretta Jetfire. What makes this concealment option unique is the way the Power T-shirt fits your body. This shirt hugs, conforms and adjusts to any body type comfortably and it does not restrict movement. The form-fitting Power T-Shirt cools the body and keeps it dry by pulling perspiration off the skin and moving to the surface for evaporation. This is the same shirt worn by professional football players. Features both left and right side holsters, so right-handed individuals can carry spare magazines or handcuffs in the off side or vise versa for left handed individuals. Allows immediate access with button down shirts or pullovers even while sitting. Can be used with or without included retention strap.
  • Raven Concealment Systems- Phantom Line Review- HD This is a review of Raven Concealment's Phantom and Phantom LC kydex holsters. These are great holsters that are slick on the draw yet have great retention. They fit close to the body and get the job done. These holsters have been on the market for a while, but they had a large presence in Magpul Dynamics' recent Dynamic Handgun DVD. If you are looking for quality made kydex holsters, ammunition carriers, or countless other kydex items, these are the guys to contact. UPDATE: (From Tom Fenis of Raven) I need to clear something up in regards to this video. There is no such thing as a 'clipped corner' modification, be it an MD Cut holster or a Standard. We remove as much material as we can from our holsters, regardless of the cut. The MD Cut Light Compatible holsters, specifically, allow us to remove more material on the sides, making the holster appear thinner. This is more of a production cause and effect than it is a specific requirement of that holster. If you'll notice, a non light compatible MD Cut holster actually has pretty square corners, especially on the trail edge rivet line. This is a design requirement in order to have room for the full rivet line on the holster.
  • Application of Concealment and Stealth Tactics and Evasion 2008 Application of Concealment and Stealth Tactics and Punch Evasion If you enjoy this video, please look for updates to my technique with my Stealth Video Series Playlist: Thanks for watching, ALGORYTHM OF CONCEALMENT SHAPE, SHINE, SHADOW, SILHOUETTE, SURFACE, SPACING, MOVEMENT. Inpo, the art of hiding, is an integral part of the Ninjitsu system. It simply means that one must take advantage of every possible object, natural as well as man made, to conceal oneself. Inpo gave rise to the legends that the ancient ninja could vanish at will.. Foremost among the precepts of inpo is the admonition to avoid unnecessary movement. Some dodging and evasion movement with foot work to avoid strikes. This is a training clip.Repeated practice of these combat applications brings proper use of energy and power. DISCLAIMER: WARNING The martial arts techniques illustrated in these video's are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to be interpreted as instruction, the creator of this video will not assume any liability for miss-use or untutored attempts to apply these techniques in practice or in self-defense application. The techniques are inherently dangerous and should not be practiced with out guidance of a competent instructor.
  • In Home Firearm Concealment: How to make a Magnetic Holster In this video I show how you can make a simple magnetic holster for 'in home' firearm concealment. This is not a new idea, its been around for years & many ppl have made similar 'holsters', but I wanted to show you how I made mine. I made one of these a long time ago and it is a very useful...
  • Methods of CONCEALMENT ALGORYTHM OF CONCEALMENT SHAPE, SHINE, SHADOW, SILHOUETTE, SURFACE, SPACING, MOVEMENT. Inpo, the art of hiding, is an integral part of the Ninjitsu system. It simply means that one must take advantage of every possible object, natural as well as man made, to conceal oneself. Inpo gave rise to the legends that the ancient ninja could vanish at will.. Foremost among the precepts of inpo is the admonition to avoid unnecessary movement. Information from: HOW TO BECOME AN ASSASSIN By The Propagation
  • Siva - Concealment Siva's song that appears in their single 「wrong of justice」 and in the compilation "CROSS GATE 2008 -chaotic sorrow-" Pretty cool song.
  • Concealment Advise for selecting a proper gun belt, holster, and where the heck to put the gun/holster combination on your new fangled belt.
  • Methods Of Movement For Concealment ALGORYTHM OF CONCEALMENT SHAPE, SHINE, SHADOW, SILHOUETTE, SURFACE, SPACING, MOVEMENT. Inpo, the art of hiding, is an integral part of the Ninjitsu system. It simply means that one must take advantage of every possible object, natural as well as man made, to conceal oneself. Inpo gave rise to the legends that the ancient ninja could vanish at will.. Foremost among the precepts of inpo is the admonition to avoid unnecessary movement.
  • Kicker's Movie Edit Pro Tutorial - Cover & Concealment Kicker's second "Cover & Conceal" tutorial. This one shows how it's done with MEP15+, 16+ and 17+. Simple and easy to follow. Special Thanks to YouTube User keithkroell for sending this video in! Be sure to visit the Mike Fools Benefit Site at www.crazy4
  • Baggy Clothes Weapon concealment I found this on another site
  • Tactical Tips Part-6: Cover and Concealment Cover and concealment is the primary tactic to keep you safe in a fire fight. In this video Dave Spaulding explains the proper use and difference between cover and concealment. Thisseries is a collection of self-defense tips with career law enforcement officer Dave Spaulding designed to help individuals learn proper skills and techniques to defend themselves. Spaulding has worked in all facets of law enforcement and was a founding member of his agencys SWAT Team. He was also the commander of a multi-agency narcotics task force that included local, state and federal investigators. Most recently, he received the 2010 Trainer of the Year Award by Law Officer Magazine. Visit to view all of our videos and to learn more about the extensive line of Ruger firearms.
  • Concealment holsters and Molle Strike Platform Review of several concealment/duty holsters and the molle strike platform
  • .458 SOCOM - Turning Cover Into Concealment(TM) A brief video showing the applicability and flexibility of the AR-15 when combined with the .458 SOCOM upper conversion. The video is intended to be entertaining in general and educational with respect to the .458 SOCOM. By no means is it intended to demonstrate proper techniques with respect to ambush response, etc. Where standard M855 62-grain FMJ ammunition is incapable of defeating cover, switching to a short barrel .458 SOCOM upper rendered it into concealment. (Note - these are standard cinder blocks completely filled with sand, so not just a hollow block). While over 60 rounds on .223 ammunition failed to defeat the structure, 4 rounds of 255-grain Solid Brass Tactical defeated not only the cinder blocks, but also the "tango". Note that the switch from .223 caliber to .458 SOCOM caliber was accomplished in about 30 seconds, under stress conditions. Also, the .458 SOCOM uses standard AR-15 magazines, enhancing its flexibility and making conversion to the caliber even simpler. SBR Ammuntion offers loaded ammunition, including the 255-grain load featured in this video. Soundtrack "Gateway of the Gods" by Bjorn Lynne (Bjorn Lynne Publisher)
  • Concealing Your Layout Blind Click Here to see our goose hunting blinds: Tips on how to best conceal your layout blind while waterfowl hunting in open areas
  • What Holster to Buy? Raven Concealment We review the Left Handed Raven Concealment Phantom Holster and Double Magazine Carrier A good holster that can be worn inside the waist or outside the waistband Raven Concealment Holster Buyers Guide http Another video review by: Read our Gun Websites Blog; http Chat with us at Gun Websites on Facebook; Gun Websites on Twitter:
  • Raven Concealment Phantom Holster: Kydex Perfection Raven Concealment Phantom Holster. This is probably the best thing to happen to the Kydex Market. Raven Concealment Systems (RCS) has raised the bar in craftsmanship of Kydex holsters. Made for an incredible number and types of pistols, RCS has made themselves the Kydex company to beat (sorry Fist, Comp-tac, and Blade-tech, you guys all still make great products but RCS just threw down the gauntlet). Pros: Solid quality kydex, great fit, modular, versatile, slim profile, great selection of molds, light compatible models available, its the best kydex holster on the market. Cons: Price, wait, 2nd place in terms of comfort (doesn't beat the best iwb/owb/tuckable iwb at their own games) More info at:
  • Concealment Pouch These clever concealment pouches allow you to carry hidden in plain sight. Designed to mimic a camera or tourist pouch, each has a top zipper opening that can remain open or closed with your handgun hidden behind a hook-and-loop flap. A separate pocket sewn to the front of the pouch carries keys, cuffs, ID or change and is an ideal spot for a camera company patch or other corporate camouflage. Dual belt loops fit any belt up to 2 ¼ inchs wide Mini Belt Pouch Holster 40BP00BK 8 LX 5 ¾ HX 1 5/8 D and fits 5-shot revolvers and subcompact autos Large belt Pouch Holster 40BP01BK 8 ¾ WX 7 HX 1 5/8 D and fits full size autos up to 4-inch barrel
  • HK45: 1.98 Bill Drill from Concealment Six hits to an 8" circle in 1.98 seconds ; draw was 1.08, splits were 0.17's and 0.18's
  • Blue Stone Safety Products - Concealment Vest
  • Concealment does NOT equal Cover, Pt. 1 BUST: Basic Urban Skills Training. Unclassified test video for the US military, showing the ballistics of different weapons and calibers. Lots of penetration/damage testing. Very informative, although it cuts out once or twice.
  • Camelbak Shot Show 2011 Urban Assault Concealment, Equip 2 Endure I got a chance to talk to the gang at Camelbak, Garrett Podesta, Camelbak Sales Specialist showed us some very innovative backpacks. The Urban Concealment Pack, and the Urban Assault Concealment or UAC may be a must see for all concealed carry, and/or off duty LEO. - Adam
  • Concealment Holster Review: SmartCarry Holster Concealment holster review - SmartCarry Holster. Get more concealed carry information and join over 49865 Americans who get the FREE, Armed American Report. Each issue is full of concealed carry tips, product reviews and MORE!
  • Bravo Concealment Kydex Holster Shop - Contact us @ [email protected] Kydex Bravo Concealment Holsters gun and magazine Kimber Aegis Kimber Ultra Carry. Kydex MD cut
  • 5.11 Tactical Series Concealment Vests After the FBI National Academy began issuing the 5.11 Tactical Pant for training, the agency asked 5.11 Tactical to create a tactical vest. The vest had to be long enough to conceal a weapon, plus have the functionality to organize and carry plenty of gear. 5.11 Tactical listened to their needs and came up with the original 5.11 Tactical Vest. It delivers all the Academy asked for and is one of our best-sellers. Features * Durable, functional and versatile * Comfortably holds large amounts of gear * Ideal for concealed carry * Reinforced half-collar * ID tab on left chest * Quad-stitched; 55 bartacks at all stress points * Genuine YKK™ zippers and Prym™ snaps * Convenient D-ring and key clip * Back-Up Belt System® equipped * Tough, double-layer 8.5-oz. cotton canvas * 18 pockets, 3 colors Durability The 5.11 Tactical Vest is constructed of double-layer, 8.5-oz. 100% cotton canvas for enhanced abrasion protection. It has a reinforced half-collar, an ID tab on the left chest, quad-stitching throughout and 55 bartacks in high-stress areas. Sturdy hardware includes genuine YKK™ zippers, quality Prym™ snaps and a convenient D-ring. Innovation On the outside, the vest resembles a photographer's vest, but that's where the similarities end. The 5.11 Tactical Vest holds an ample amount of gear and is long enough to both inconspicuously cover your belt-holstered firearm and conceal a weapon at the waist. Storage Only the 5.11 Tactical Vest features 18 specialized ...
  • Sniper School - Camouflage and Concealment In this clip, a sniper school student demonstrates proper camouflage and concealment technique at the end of a stalking exercise. Note how the student does not need a giant ghillie suit, but rather only proper technique and a small amount of natural vegetation. Want to learn how to this? Sign up for your very own course at
  • UnderTech Undercover V-Neck Concealment Shirt The UnderTech UnderCover all-weather compression concealment power shirt fits you like a second skin. We've improved the fit and function for greater retention and more comfort. It features two identical easy-access holsters to carry and conceal two handguns at the same time or carry spare magazines, handcuffs, cell phone or even an iPod on the opposite side of your handgun. The shirt conforms to any body type comfortably and does not restrict movement. The fabric actually cools the body! It's extremely comfortable and will help you carry and conceal any self-defense handgun. Get a FREE Belly Band with your purchase! Ambidextrous; works for both Right and Left handed shooters. Allows immediate access when wearing button down shirts, t-shirts, pullovers--even while sitting. Worn by the Secret Service, FBI, DEA, TSA, and many agencies and police departments nationwide. Features two identical holsters, one on each side, able to hold handguns, spare magazines, documents, etc. Extremely comfortable design enables you to carry and conceal any self defense handgun! Made in the USA, MicroPoly/Lycra blend, machine washable. Sizes are measured by chest, in inches: SM: 34-37 MD: 38-41 LG: 42-45 XL: 46-49 2X: 50-53 3X: 54+
  • Concealment Holsters - Shoulder Holster This is a video describing the differences in shoulder holsters and why you may, or may not want to use a shoulder holster for concealment.
  • SmartCarry vs. Thunderwear - Deep Concealment Face Off Join ITS Tactical as we look at the differences between the SmartCarry and the Thunderwear Deep Concealment Holsters. For more information than we can pack into a YouTube video, please take a look at the complete article here: - - Music composed by Joshua Peterson, www.lark-
  • Human Bell - Splendor and Concealment The 2nd track from the self-titled album.
  • Glock Deep Concealment Holster 3 Different type of holster for deep concealment
  • Concealment does NOT equal Cover Pt 2. Continuation of the BUST ballistics testing video. Had to slice the whole thing in two because it was too long.
  • REMORA Concealment Holsters Review and brief demonstration of the Remora holster, a clipless concealment holster for a variety of handguns. The holster is made from a durable non-slip vinyl material. It is moisture resistant, and due to its design, is ambidextrous. Remora holsters are manufactured in Florida from American-made materials. Each holster is handcrafted and hand-inspected. There are non-reinforced top and reinforced models. At the date of this video, prices range from approximately $25 to $30, which are subject to change. Remora offers a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee. Prior to this video, I carried two of these holsters for up to 5 weeks. Handguns shown in the video are Glock 19, Glock 22, Bersa Thunder Plus, S&W Model 438, and Colt 1911 Government. Website: The holsters in the video were provided to me by Remora. I was asked to provide an unbiased review. The concept of actually using these for a period of time prior to posting this video was my idea, not their request or suggestion. I will continue to use these holsters and provide updates as necessary. APRIL 26, 2011 - I received a call tonight from Alan Remora, founder and owner of REMORA Holsters. We had not communicated at all prior to this video, discussions were through a gentleman that I would consider a friend of his and partner in the business. He thanked me repeatedly for producing the video and noted that an order or two had already come through as a direct result. We conversed for a good 45 ...
  • Concealment T-shirt Holster Review Fun Gun Reviews Presents: "The Concealment T-Shirt". A great option for the Concealed Carry Permit Holder. With summer upon us, having a highly concealable holster system is critical. The Concealment T-Shirt can be worn with any shirt and a pair of light shorts. It makes CCW easy for summertime fun, yet keeps you and your family protected. I found it at for only $32,95. Daltechforce Website: Tell them Sootch sent you : ) Thanks for watching!
  • Raven Concealment Phantom Holster Test Putting the Raven Concealment Phantom for the Glock 20 through its paces. Gear/firearm reviews and more at
  • DQS Concealment boss niconico kara tensai.
  • UNRESTRICTED Concealed Carry Holster Best Gun Concealment. DRESS and MOVE the way you want to! WATCH THIS VIDEO! Whether you are a law enforcement agent, military, special operations, CIA, FBI, investigator or a concerned citizen you need to be able to wear the clothing of your choice, with no restrictions and have complete range of motion freedom while carrying a concealed weapon. You also need comfort and concealment of that handgun; in other words you want it to be safe, snug and rapidly accessible. TactiPac offers you just that - a safe, comfortable, accessible, deep concealment holster for your handgun of choice.
  • Deathrow - Events in Concealment Band: Deathrow Song: Events in Concealment Album: Deception Ignored Genre: Technical Thrash Metal Year: 1988
  • Blackhawk Close-Quarters Concealment Holsters - Part 1 Description and demonstration of Blackhawk's line of concealed weapon products, including the SERPA Retention Holster. Made with a proprietary carbon fiber composite, SERPA holsters are impervious to temperature extremes and offer a 5-position angle-adjustable mount.
  • The Raven Concealment Systems Phantom Kydex Holster The Raven Concealment Systems Phantom holster for the Glock 19 is a well made, easy to use and wear kydex system. The Raven holster is modular meaning it's easy to change it from an outside the waist band (OWB) configuration to an inside the waist band (IWB) configuration. Kydex concealment holsters are durable and very comfortable to wear. The steel target in the video is the AT Hostage Target from Action Target.
  • (EDC) Uncle Mikes IWB Holster/IWB concealment thoughts JCTheSniper's review of the Uncle Mikes inside the waistband concealment holster, and a little bit of what I think makes a good IWB holster. Clips mounted too low on the holster allow the weapon to flop around, and when the weapon rides too high and loose, the weapon has a tendency to print against your shirt. When the weapon rides lower, it is held more securely against your waist, and is less likely to print and flop around.
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  • TheVoiceJersey: TheVoiceJersey: Enquiries are suggestive tht te human remains were deposited and covrd with top soil in a deliberate act of concealment.
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  • goodbyedarran: goodbyedarran: using hard cover is not required, neither are concealment garments, however, USPSA allows for fully modded 'race' guns. #sundaygunplay
  • tabnow: tabnow: Boeing unveils its Phantom Ray spy plane: At the time this is the most informal Concealment Design. What this ls...
  • Martinedkayx: Martinedkayx: Auto Claim Fraud – What is it? How Can It Affect You: What is auto claim fraud? It is an intentional concealment...
  • Olindaxllkh: Olindaxllkh: Auto Claim Fraud – What is it? How Can It Affect You: What is auto claim fraud? It is an intentional concealment...
  • gabriel_ISEI: gabriel_ISEI: Ok SirRT @ibrahimroc: The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment
  • ibrahimroc: ibrahimroc: The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment
  • ScorpiusM_: ScorpiusM_: @SnakeEyesLucius @lilylunapotter7 @puremalfoy damn it! -sighs mumbling the concealment charms again-
  • ViperConcept: ViperConcept: Concealment Shoulder Holster -Made of premium molded leather. -Fully adjustable harness system. -Thumb brake closure.
  • notjosie: notjosie: RT @BrianStormz: @notjosie's bangs give her zits concealment @MajorCashew #truefacts
  • BrianStormz: BrianStormz: @notjosie's bangs give her zits concealment @MajorCashew #truefacts
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  • mmiaoulis: mmiaoulis: #newbookin140 "River of Smoke" - blind quest for $, primacy of a drug trade & the concealment of base impulses:
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  • bry_bibat: bry_bibat: The good part about Battlefield 3 is how it puts emphasis on cover and concealment. And that cover can easily be countered by rockets.
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  • in10seLeeMe: in10seLeeMe: @BCRN85 ohhh I forgot places had laws against concealment...but should have know after wat happened to Plaxico lol
  • atsalumni: atsalumni: Seldom ever was any knowledge given to keep, but to impart; the grace of this rich jewel is lost in concealment.-Joseph Hall
  • GunmartBlog: GunmartBlog: “single column rapid reload magazine with ultra-concealment flat basepad”
  • gutterwall: gutterwall: RT @philo_quotes: A fault is fostered by concealment. ~ Virgil
  • infinitemonade: infinitemonade: RT @philo_quotes: A fault is fostered by concealment. ~ Virgil
  • mugofherbs: mugofherbs: RT @philo_quotes: A fault is fostered by concealment. ~ Virgil
  • JoelleCosentino: JoelleCosentino: RT @philo_quotes: A fault is fostered by concealment. ~ Virgil
  • anitathefajita: anitathefajita: @thehalfmooney No! it's like a concealment box? We put secrets inside and paint the outside I think :))
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  • anitathefajita: anitathefajita: UH, have to take pictures for my art project on concealment. Does anyone wanna help with some ideas? #please
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  • ginseg: ginseg: Accidents. flyght Potential murderer & concealment or simple Cowardice?#accidents #drinks
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  • 10inchGalaxyTab: 10inchGalaxyTab: The Samsung _Galaxy Tab_ 8.9′s concealment haw seem quite diminutive when compared to the _10_-_inch_ devices...
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  • ViktorStan: ViktorStan: RT @philo_quotes: A fault is fostered by concealment. ~ Virgil
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