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  • to have an influence on : involve; also : to be the business or affair of Origin of CONCERN. Middle English, from Middle French & Medieval Latin; Middle French concerner, from Medieval Latin concernere, from Late Latin, to sift together, mingle, from Latin com. — “Concern - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of concern in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is concern? Meaning of concern as a legal term. What does concern mean in law?. — “concern legal definition of concern. concern synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Find concern synonyms and concern antonyms at , a free online Thesaurus and Synonym Dictionary. — “Concern Synonyms, Concern Antonyms | ”,
  • CONCERN: Review the definition, meaning, pronunciation, explanation, synonyms, and antonyms of the term CONCERN in the Online Dictionary. What is a 7 letter word that starts with C?. — “Definition of CONCERN (Meaning of CONCERN), a 7 Letter Word”,
  • Age Concern Travel Insurance - Offering travelers over the age of fifty peace of mind!. — “Age Concern Travel Insurance”,
  • CONCERN: EAP is a California Knox-Keene licensed specialized health care plan. CONCERN: EAP is a California Knox-Keene licensed specialized health care plan. — “CONCERN: EAP - Employees, Employers, Consultants, Providers”, concern-
  • World Concern is a non-profit humanitarian organization providing community development and disaster response to the World's poor. Learn more about us. — “World Concern”,
  • Define concern in American English. What is concern? concern meaning and more by Macmillan Dictionary. — “concern - definition. American English definition of concern”,
  • Home | Contact Concern | About Us | Financial Information | Events | News 104 East 40th Street, Suite 903, New York, NY 10016 1.800.59.CONCERN. — “Concern Worldwide”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Concern Worldwide. Get exclusive content and interact with Concern Worldwide right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Concern Worldwide | Facebook”,
  • Mark's health was of great concern to Connie. The expression of solicitude, anxiety, or compassion toward a thing or person. He placed his hand on his sister's sunburnt legs with great concern. A business, firm or enterprise; a company. The employees' attitude is really hurting the concern. — “concern - Wiktionary”,
  • Concern Worldwide is an Irish charity working in third world countries across Africa, Asia and Haiti. Donate to Concern online today - Visit today to make a donation. — “Concern Worldwide | dedicated to reducing suffering and”,
  • Definition of concern in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of concern. Pronunciation of concern. Translations of concern. concern synonyms, concern antonyms. Information about concern in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. business. — “concern - definition of concern by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The mission of Central City Concern is to provide pathways to self-sufficiency through active intervention in poverty and homelessness. — “Central City Concern”,
  • concern ( ) v. , -cerned , -cerning , -cerns . To have to do with or relate to: an article that concerns the plight of homeless people. — “concern: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Concern definition, to relate to; be connected with; be of interest or importance to; affect: See more. — “Concern | Define Concern at ”,
  • In an argument (usually a political debate), a concern troll is someone who is on one side of the discussion, but pretends to be a supporter of the. — “Urban Dictionary: concern troll”,
  • Definition of concern from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of concern. Pronunciation of concern. Definition of the word concern. Origin of the word concern. — “concern - Definition of concern at ”,
  • Concern (computer science), an abstract concept about program behavior Concerned, a webcomic parodying the video game Half-Life 2. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. — “Concern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • About CONCERN. CONCERN, a nonprofit child welfare agency, has provided foster care, life skills training and delinquency services Founded with three foster parents and eight foster children, CONCERN has grown to 16 office sites with a range of children and youth services, ranging from foster care. — “concern4: Home Page”, concern4
  • We help the poorest people in the world's poorest countries. And we tweet. Central park is blooming & all just in time for @concern's annual run!. — “Concern Worldwide (Concern) on Twitter”,

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  • Cute OVERLOAD: The Ultimate Concern Edition Preorder Will Grayson, Will Grayson: John Green's new book, written with David Levithan: In which John and his newborn baby Henry discuss the idea of an Ultimate Concern: Should you have one, what's yours, and what should it be? Also, Henry does adorable stuff, because he is adorable. Huge thanks to ChateauOfADoubt for helping me get this video up with my new camcorder:
  • iamamiwhoami, o (To Whom it May Concern) 'o' performed in concert by iamamiwhoami. 101116
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  • 3. Custom Concern Custom Concern Modest Mouse Long Drive The custom concern for the people Build up the monuments and steeples to wear out our eyes I get up just about noon My head sends a message for me to reach for my shoes And then walk Got to go to work Got to go to work Got to have a job He goes through the parking lot fields Didn't see no signs that they would heal and then find This will never end This will never end This will never end Message read on the bathroom wall said: I don't feel at all like I thought And we're losing all touch Losing all touch Building a desert
  • iamamiwhoami, t (To Whom it May Concern) 't' performed in concert by iamamiwhoami. 101116
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  • To Whom it May Concern/ Underoath/ Define the Great Line (FULL SONG) Underoaths youtube channel: To Whom it May Concern/ Underoath/ Define the Great Line (FULL SONG)
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  • Cause 4 Concern - Dream Killer
  • White House: Chrysler a "concern" A senior White House advisor told Reuters Television that a possible long bankruptcy process for Chrysler would be "a matter of concern."
  • Golden Girls - Illegitimate Concern 1/3 Illegitimate Concern
  • To Whom it may Concern.. "Nothing is to be feared but fear itself." - Francis Bacon I know a lot of people are going to get really riled up by this but it's what happened and I'm telling it because I think it's the right thing to do and I think travelers (especially youtubian travelers) should know and be prepared for the possibility of what happened to me happening to them also if they are thinking of traveling to the states in today's world. Judging alone by the tons of mails I have received from travelers all over the globe since telling me stories that in some cases are much worse then my own, it is clear to me this is not some freak isolated incident. And that is sad. I realize Homeland Security have an important job to do. All I ask.. and I think you should ask.. is that they DO that job thoroughly and with respect to their fellow human beings. The two officers that dealt with me did not. This is mostly about those officers.. NOT America. I'm not anti-american. I am anti-idiocy. My case needs to be reviewed and looked over by Homeland Security. I will not give up until this happens. Some super happy US travel tips by Dan: - Memorize phone numbers of loved ones. - Keep your e-mails censored from all forms of joking, sarcasm or riddles at least 12 months before travel. If someone mails you with any of the above delete them immediately. - Make sure you have "permanant ties" to your nation before you leave it. Find out and be sure of what a "permanent tie" is and is not before departure. - Do ...
  • Antoine give an update
  • To Whom It May Concern -- A Tribute To Creed This video I've had in my mind for a while but never got the chance to do anything with it. Fortuantely I got a chance to finally put it all together. The song in the video is an somewhat un-released track from the band called "To Whom It May Concern" which was featured on "The Scorpion King" soundtrack. I hope you all like it. Plz rate and/or leave feedback.
  • The Civil Wars - To Whom It May Concern Track 4 Artist: The Civil Wars Album: Barton Hollow Song: To Whom It May Concern
  • Fishermen Gather With Concerns About Seafood Safety: Kindra Arnesen (Part One) Part One "On Sunday, August 15th, fishing families from across the Gulf Cost will gather in Panama City Beach, Florida, with a message for President Obama: The Gulf of Mexico is still infused with oil and dispersants from the BP disaster, threatening marine life, livelihoods, and the health of the American people." "Fishermen do not want to lose our credibility or deliver contaminated seafood to market and make people sick." - Kathy Birren "While President Obama and state officials claim that the Gulf is 'open for business,' these fishermen say the spraying of dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico is ongoing and they're concerned that seafood pulled from impacted waters is unsafe for eating." "The tissue testing of this seafood is inadequate and testing for the toxic dispersants is non-existent." - Tracy Kuhns, Louisiana Bayoukeeper "I think it is crucial for the public to be made aware of the concerns of the commercial fishermen. And if a commercial fisherman who makes his living off of those products doesn't want to deliver them to the public, the public needs to know why." - Chris Bryant, Commercial Fisherman Filmed by Gavin Garrison and Heather Rally
  • Water is Life - Project Concern International Project Concern International (PCI) is helping rural communities in Nicaragua have access to clean drinking water and sanitation services.
  • Golden Girls (S5) - "An Illegitimate Concern" pt.3/3 part three
  • US drone strategy raises concern in Pakistan - 17 Nov 09 Unmanned drones are often the US weapon of choice in rugged areas such as Pakistan's South Waziristan province, which is located along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. But their use is generating growing anger. Piloted half a world away, drones let the US wage long-distance, remote-controlled warfare over Afghanistan and Pakistan. As the attacks kill more and more civilians questions surrounding their use increase. Al Jazeera's Patty Culhane reports.
  • Underoath- To Whom It May Concern With Lyrics. Enjoy
  • Golden Girls (S5) - "An Illegitimate Concern" pt.1/3 Season 5 Episode 120: Blanche is stunned when a man comes to the front door and claims to be the illegitimate son of her late husband. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia enter a mother-daughter pageant at Shady Pines.
  • Golden Girls - Illegitimate Concern 3/3 Illegitimate Concern
  • Concern Worldwide: committed to change Concern's Dominic MacSorley talks about the history of the organisation and our use of social media to spread the word about our work.
  • Concern Debates finalists: Sandford Park A member of the Sandford Park debates team.They are one of the teams who will be contesting the final of the Concern Debates.
  • Concern Debates finalists: Largy College The winners of the Debates semi-final competition in 2011 talk about how the debates have influenced their lives. Largy school, Clones.
  • ABK - 2 Whom This May Concern ABK music video - 2 Whom This May Concern
  • euronews science - Concern over steep fall in Mexico butterfly migration There is growing concern over the dramatic fall in the number of Monarch butterflies arriving in Mexico on their annual migratory voyage from North America. Factors including illegal logging, climate change, drought and the use of pesticides are being blamed....
  • Concerned about education Bringing education to the worlds poorest children. Music donated by Moby (God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters); Video concept by Executive Producer Maureen Isern/Moped Productions Director & Digital Artist Karen Heston Assistant Editor Brett Goldberg. Footage shot by Liam Burke/Press 22; Jimmy Garland, Visual Antes; Ed Kenney for Concern Worldwide; Karen Heston/Generate Change
  • GLOBAL Earthquake OVERVIEW - March 20, 2011 - Areas of concern, USA, EU, ASIA.. I know the whole world is basically listed in the title as 'areas of concern' ... I wish i could make it less of an area.. but the facts are the facts... links below: link to earthquake 3D program: link from japan seismic agency showing japan slipping to the east: yellowstone seismographs: pacific northwest volcano charts: european seismic agency: www.emsc- phillipines seismic agency: link to italian seismic agency: link to iceland seismic agency: US seismographs: HAARP induction magnetometer: much love to one another, dutchsinse FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior general interest in receiving similar information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to:
  • Zion 2012 - Iranian concern rings true In March 2011 the mainstream media reported Iranian alarm that the logo for London's 2012 Olympics had been encoded simultaneously to spell out the word ZION - a celebration of the predatory Zionist state in Palestine founded in 1948 (the year of the previous London Olympics). In this video the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network interviews Lady Michèle Renouf and lawyer Philip Bree, who explain the background to this affair: the "brand consultants" and advertising agencies with close ties to leading Zionists and the Western political establishment; the influence of Freemasonry among the founders of the modern Olympics, such as their main instigator Baron Pierre de Coubertin; and the occult/Masonic significance of the famous Olympic symbol.
  • FlipShop - Concern vs Kunware august 12 2010 4th battle Concern vs Kunware .. Shoutout to PBIC , PUC & Shiela Dayap
  • To Whom It May Concern - Survive, Kaleidoscope (Underoath) One of Underoath's best performances. Comment with your thoughts. Includes lyrics. Underoath performing 'To Whom It May Concern' in Philadelphia, PA at the Electric Factory on October 28, 2007. From their new live CD/DVD "Surivive, Kaleidoscope".
  • Andrea Corr - Concern Fast TV Advert
  • Laos dam project raises concerns - 20 Oct 07 The construction of river dams will be high on the agenda at a World Bank meeting this weekend. Funding of past projects has caused massive environmental and financial controversy, and the latest one in Laos is no different. Hannah Belcher travelled to the remote Nakai Plateau in Southern Laos, to see the latest World Bank dam project attracting concern.
  • AP Exclusive: Obama on Re-election Concerns Outlining his strengths and weaknesses as a President and as a candidate, President Barack Obama said in an interview with The Associated Press that his main concern as re-election approaches is the state of the economy. (April 15)
  • Sen. Rand Paul's Concern with Raising the Debt Ceiling Sen. Paul opposes more out of control spending and unsustainable debt
  • captain_beef: @robdotcom71 Absolutely. That was quite a concern.
  • MaxwellPlease: Seems there is a Sherlock Holmes on my TL seeking out information that don't concern them... I see you #SubTweet
  • thenewdeal: I'd Respect the Pro-Life Community More if They Extended Their Concern for Human Life to an Entire Human Life. Not Just the Fetus. #tcot #p2
  • ltgmbb: Schools may ban chocolate milk over added sugar: By CHRISTINA HOAG As concern grows about child obesity, more pe...
  • Novisio_com: Oil Advances a Third Day as Flooding Stokes Fuel Output Concern - Bloomberg via @BloombergNow
  • stopsmokingpro: Does Nicotine Clog Arteries If You Are A Smoker?: A usual concern of most smokers is does nicotine clog arteries...
  • TechShaddow: Euro Weakens as Greek Aid Concern Deepens; Pound Advances on BOE
  • ShahbazZ: Euro Weakens as Greek Aid Concern Deepens; Pound Advances on BOE: The euro slipped against the majority of its...
  • FrankySA: RT @therealdineo: Geez guys why is it such an issue that a man loves his girl. ✗People have issues with things that don't concern them✗
  • YESInvestor: Gold, Silver Advance on China Inflation, European Debt Concerns - Bloomberg INFLATION? REALLY NOW...YOU THINK.
  • loveloveting: @JingYichan @Xeclo @jt768 Aiyer. didnt concern me with my studying,you concern sk. :X
  • Bhavz03: @sena16suarez - Our defence is okay rather i would say. Midfield is our main concern. Since Alonso left, we've been poor on the midfield.
  • PowellShoes: @Diabetes_Infoox very surprise and concern that 7
  • fashionstartups: Goddesses on bikinis: India conveys concern to Australia
  • SophieMei: @2RTR @MatthewLyall @Jon_covey @king_Craig haha thanks for ur concern guys!! They took a while sorting my boiler..
  • YESInvestor: Gold, Silver Advance on China Inflation, European Debt Concerns - Bloomberg via @BloombergNow
  • kpachinger: Some women are a hot mess. Beautiful eyes? Concern for poor masses? I forgot that was an allusion to... uh... L-O-V-E!
  • mand0z: @Egyptocracy nope strictly twitter clients.. twitter doesn't have any privacy options other than protecting ur tweets so thats not a concern
  • NilamDoc: Henry Martin (footballer) : Internet security a cause for concern at Res Halls - Northern Star Online
  • kpl90: Henry Martin (footballer) : Internet security a cause for concern at Res Halls - Northern Star Online
  • NoPoliticalNews: Political News: Liberals’ Concern Politics, Not Rights – Wheeling News Register
  • lisamarieblaski: Why the ophthalmologist and optometrist conflict should concern patients via @kevinmd
  • LottieGiroux: Even through you are unemployed home-owner or tenant yet there is nothing to concern because you are able to app...
  • ConsueloParnell: Even through you are unemployed home-owner or tenant yet there is nothing to concern because you are able to app...
  • AlysaMeigs: Even through you are unemployed home-owner or tenant yet there is nothing to concern because you are able to app...
  • InParadisum: @Zach_Double_U No worries, I am fine, thanks for your concern :)
  • Ero9ja: E concern me oo RT @IamUMARIKOV: lwkmd,weytin concern u our talk!! RT @Ero9ja: HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear.. Hope (cont)
  • fjbbdg: ► @RumahTamTam: holaaa pet lover, keperluan hewan peliharaanmu sudah habis? grab it fast at our store, your pet is our concern :)
  • safreawc: Fear grows for #SA photographer Anton Hammerl, missing in Libya 1 month+ #freeantonhammerl
  • shannonkennedyy: @RubySilkInnit yo rub. i keep tweeting in brief bursts then neglecting for agez. thanks for the concern tho. gonna miss art with u :(
  • safrea: Fear grows for #SA photographer Anton Hammerl, missing in Libya 1 month+ #freeantonhammerl
  • Coyne_MP: RT @pat_brady: @senatorkirk raises concern about Egypt's future #twill #ilgop
  • 1eddiemunster: @louiexpop cool thanks for that, I'll give their running gear a bash. It's dead cheap, hence my concern over quality.
  • TomTrainwreck: A trashy girls primary concern is your looks. A classy girls primary concern is your personality.
  • KlareVale: @FarisC What oi!? Show some concern la!!! Dengue fever leh mind you!
  • ellieandminty: @Nessiesenpai oh no, I wasn't blaming people who show concern. Just angry at people who clearly have something to say but not the balls...
  • fatalfrancis: @bernformebaby Thanks for the concern.
  • infoBEBAS: RT @RumahTamTam: holaaa pet lover, keperluan hewan peliharaanmu sudah habis? grab it fast at our store, your pet is our concern :)
  • ryeowookSJ_line: @monique410 i hope so too :)) thanks for the concern :)
  • rajr0x: Kya hua Subbuji?? RT @subbulakshmisto: to whomsoever it may concern: please ban Dove and Pantene ads.
  • borniirt: Turkish currency lira weakness explained-RBS: More broadly there is concern over the…
  • PURPLEBADASS: RT @Bieber_Canadian: @PURPLEBADASS If u need to talk , I'll be here for you :) - thx 4 the concern , I'm ok and nothing 2 worry
  • darkan9elz: Cc: @aditya_ayu RT @TweeterScopes: Daily Gemini: Don't get involved in matters that do not concern you, concentrate ...
  • ukemav: No shockers in the latest Cleveland NPAS update. NPIA figures all over the place; North East concern over ops. capability. Surprise?!
  • Lakenyakenfv: Benefits of Using a site Hosting Company Vs Hosting Your own ...: Tech support can become a concern if you are h...
  • USEmbassyJordan: If you have a concern about a “green card”, either lost, stolen, expired, or mutilated, you may come to the...
  • b2bprojects: News Kerala: Goddesses on bikinis: India conveys concern to Australia:
  • KirKirShakir: RT @syahfurah: I just wish JR would be my brother as he very concern abt his sibling not like mine .
  • ladynamic: @real4sammy thanx for ur concern :)
  • IamUMARIKOV: lwkmd,weytin concern u our talk!! RT @Ero9ja: HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear.. Hope IamUMARIKOV got u sometin? RT @ppcaleb: Yessir!! :DRT @Ero9
  • EUrAlmanac: Euro Weakens Amid Uncertainty About Greek Financial Aid Plans http:///k/mKPlB9 [@Businessweek]
  • BieberRidesMe: RT , If you are concern for justin :) he's sick :(
  • kafka_gustav: @prema_ja but should u concern about my safety first?she's eating me!
  • toot_U: @DArealEFINdeal I knw few, but not all..the non-matured ones dat I concern d most..coz d matured r minorities.
  • chriswragge: @rebeccacbs has been monitoring the #TownHallCBS questions coming in. The number 1 concern so far? "Jobs jobs jobs"
  • Badabababaa: Sudbury: Police voice concern over McDonalds bid to open until midnight http:///3fm6z2o
  • TheBikiniNation: Goddesses on bikinis: India conveys concern to Australia: According to reports, bikinis with images of Goddess L...
  • gti2win: @mini_beest always be rumours on players coming going managers etc, our plans this summer are the most important concern IMO #avfc
  • nbasma: @AishaAlsayegh hahahah look wat ur concern is ;p
  • RealJoshSpice: @samonaYo spend away Sam, money is of no concern...
  • 1FinishingTouch: Goddesses on bikinis: India conveys concern to Australia New Delhi, May 11 (IANS) India Wednesday conveyed its “deep c
  • Rob_618: @ssshurayukihime how about writing: "thanks for your concern. the voices in my head are telling me to kill and kill again..."
  • jane_nj: Ayo qt nyusul delyy >.< RT"@delyytrisanti: Not concern to watch :'( #2aminindonesia"
  • CapeFearBiz: Business Leaders, Governor, Members of Congress Express Serious Concern with NLRB Complaint Against Boeing
  • PCHosts: TechNews: Goddesses on bikinis: India conveys concern to Australia (Thaindian News)
  • wholesalegurru: India gold extends gain on Euro debt crisis: The US wholesale inventory piled up raising the concern about reduc...
  • LucieMejanel: @TheHuLiganBabe ohhh thx for your concern! Well to be honest I think I need to see a doctor I don't feel very fine
  • MairaHashmi: @donstugots I dont mind if #Obama dances or begs for votes, my only concern is, US should learn to remain within its own boundaries
  • phillyrobbo: RT @paul_tomkins: "The haemorrhaging of money on fees is a concern" said Winter, listing Rafa's mistakes. Include his successes, and overall, it's big PROFIT
  • sergiomayo: "On a press call Tuesday morning, Steve Ballmer showed no signs of concern about how wireless carriers might respond to the news." #iamcool
  • kbuck123: So Obama speaks about toning down the hate...yet he mocks peoples concern about their border. What a leader we have!
  • cioj_africa: Concern grows for Hammerl - Independent Online:
  • jamesnewsome12: RT @FreeLibyanman: Concern grows for #Hammerl. How many #Journalists did #Gaddafi kill & detain?? @hrw @UN @CNN @skynews #Libya
  • tortoiseblog: Concern over smallest turtle species #turtle
  • intlGR: Euro Weakens as Greek Aid Concern Deepens; Pound Advances on BOE - BusinessWeek
  • LindaRobertson: @MissKatiePrice Just watched last ep, FAB. Crash footage was so emotional & that your concern was for the horses. XX
  • DrLisaTurner: Compassion is the concern we have for another in pain
  • hwongwei: @rhythmicsteps hahaha there are no motives xp, just concern for my love ahahahha!! XD
  • iam_Skittlez: R u a fool respect urself hw does it concern u! lol RT @iam_antho: @iam_Skittlez r u gay? Y do u like pictures so much?
  • OhHeyAnna: @AlexRichey to whom it may concern is on!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • rascottdotcom: The saddest aspect of the brutality in Bahrain is there is not even a trace of concern expressed by other GCC nations.....
  • NRIPress: Goddesses on bikinis: India conveys concern to Australia #bollywood
  • Shaadrinaa: @Ayame_Jinki thank you for your concern.
  • jmquante: RT @gwfrink3: A few facts about Social Security: After which you'll wonder why anyone seriously called it a budget deficit concern.
  • NasseRibnHamad: If leaders close their ears and doors and do things without taken citizens concern and interests into consideration then loyalty disappear!
  • nikki_gurl08: @GoofyGurlSwag i'm hurts little!thanks for the concern!
  • tobbie_A: ☹ RT @Moyo_sterling: Warris Our Concern? :P RT @tobbie_A: No more cookin wit kettle, can't lock d door nd close d curtains! *sobs*
  • LeoLesoro: Winter is almost here luv,bt thanx 4 the concern RT @Ms_Ex: So, when are you getting dressed? i.e. Your avatar? Signed, concerned ex.
  • arinlala: do not concern urself with things you can't control. cry when you need to, then let go when its time.
  • stefano_harland: @11_Angie thx 4 your concern ngie :)
  • folowmeifolobak: The Way They Resolved The Glare Concern In iPhone 4 Clear Cases

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  • “The loads below used 12 pellets of #1 buck weighing in at 426 grains. That'd be 10 grains below one ounce. I've found that my loads above 4”
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  • “What is Concern Fastival? Basically, Concern Fastival 2010 is the same as the Concern Fast of previous years, Latest from the blog. Pandas and turtles do Fastival. Turtlehead t-shirts are giving their full support to the Fastival this year”
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  • “Posted by Alan O Reilly | in Concern Blog | 19 August 2009 | 1 comment Two new blog posts feature the voices of Concern's own humanitarian workers. Peter”
    Concern Blog | Concern Worldwide,

  • “Students can discuss issues with University administration tonight at the Minnesota Student Association's second annual Student Concern Forum. "The idea behind the Student Concern Forum is to offer regular students an opportunity to have a face-to-face”
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  • “Is Florida providing "high-quality" schools, as the Constitution requires? CIVIC Concern | Nov 19, 2009 | 1 CIVIC Forum Entries. What Issues Would You Like CIVIC to Track in the 2010 Session? CIVIC Concern | Nov 03, 2009 | 3”
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  • “Principal Blog: Of Principal Concern Archive We hope you'll take time to explore our blog entry archive below, and that you will share ideas of your own, too, as we explore topics Of Principal Concern. November 2010. Fun Challenges Engage Kids, Families in Reading”
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  • “Ugly mobility-scooters nipping at your ankles may be a thing of the past if these European designers have their way. Challenged to create a vehicle for senior citizens, 42 designers from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania and”
    — Age Concern | Blog | Design Week,

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