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  • Condylar Manufacturers & Condylar Suppliers Directory - Find a Condylar Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Condylar Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Condylar-Condylar Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Treatment of condylar fractures Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. Treatment of condylar fractures: A retrospective cohort study. Suzana Carneiro, Belmiro Vasconcelos, Arnaldo Caldas Jr, Jefferson Leal, Marcos Frazão. — “Treatment of condylar fractures: A retrospective cohort study”,
  • Overview: Medial condylar fractures of the elbow, demonstrated in the images below, are rare in adults and children; prompt recognition of these sometimes elusive injuries is imperative so that complications can be averted. Trauma to the. — “Medial Condylar Fracture of the Elbow: eMedicine Sports Medicine”,
  • Condylar growth after non-surgical advancement in adult subject: a case report Both articular surfaces are covered by a connective fibrous tissue (condylar cartilage). — “Head & Face Medicine | Full text | Condylar growth after non”, head-face-
  • The topic of condylar injury in adults has generated more discussion and controversy than any other in. the field of maxillofacial trauma. It is an important subject because such injuries are common and. complications of trauma to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are far-reaching in their effects. — “Treatment of Mandibular Condylar Process Fractures”,
  • Using a mouse exo utero system to examine the effects of fetal jaw movement on the development of condylar cartilage, we assessed the effects of restraint of the animals' mouths from opening, by suture, at embryonic day (E)15.5. Condylar cartilage was reduced in size, and the bone-cartilage margin. — “Fetal Jaw Movement Affects Condylar Cartilage Development — JDR”,
  • if there is a coronal plane frx, only device that can be used w/ any reliability is condylar butress plate; nor a distal condylar screw will attain sufficient purchase in the reconstructed condyles;. — “Condylar Buttress Plate - Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics”,
  • The Condylar Head Add-On System is designed to provide temporary reconstruction of the Condylar Head - maintains temporary function of the temporomandibular joint, offset in a. — “Synthes North America - Products”,
  • dynamic condylar screw "dynamic condylar screw" found [23] humerus fractures "humerus [15,493] condylar "condylar" found [636] supracondylar fracture "supracondylar fracture". — “supracondylar”, w9
  • (condylar neck or subcondylar) or intracapsular, undisplaced, deviated, displaced or dislocated. on the age of the patient, the co-existence of other mandibular or maxillary fractures, whether the condylar fracture. — “Fractures of the mandibular condyle: A review of 466 cases”,
  • The treatment of condylar fractures: to open or not to open? the medial condylar pole; type B, fractures through the lateral condylar pole with loss. — “The treatment of condylar fractures: to open or not to open”,
  • Condylar information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Condylar - ”,

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  • Dr Biju talks about Supra Condylar fracture Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Biju Hariharan talks about Supra Condylar fractures in Children.
  • U/L Dentures, wax set-up, using a "Precision Coordinator" Ar U/L Dentures, wax set-up, using a "Precision Coordinator" Articulator. - "Terrell Precision Coordinator Designed by: Wilfred Terrell and WE Van Dorn Manufactured by: Precision Dental Mfg. Co., Pasadena , California US Patent No.: 2199896 Patent Date: June 7, 1938" "The "Precision Coordinator" is an "arcon" type articulator. Coined by Gunner Bergstrom in the 1950's, "arcon" means that the condylar elements are on the mandibular member and the condylar paths are on the maxillary member of the articulator. The condylar controls are essentially universal joints with curvilinear condylar paths that can be independently set in a vertical and horizontal direction. This feature that allows changing the relative positions of the condyles to each other is known as a "split axis." The controlling mechanism for this articulator is the incisal guide that features twin parabolic cams that control both the horizontal (gothic arch) and vertical (protrusive) movements. A milling device is built into the lower cast holder that produces a variable area of freedom in the centric position. The movement can be varied from 0 .02 inches. It mills circularly in the molar region, elliptically in the premolar region and laterally in the incisor region." .
  • Eminoplasty of the TMJ Eminoplasty has been reported to be effective in correcting the mechanical instability in internal derangement. It increases the joint space, thereby decompressing the irritated disc and allowing it to assume a more favourable disc-eminence-condyle relation without damaging the unique structure of the condylar head.
  • Zeroing the Hanau Articulator Setting the condylar element, the incisal table, and correcting the lateral play, to zero the articulator. Orig. air date: SEP 26 73
  • TMJ Replacement Video #3 pre-op Tomorrow at 10:30 am I am having surgery for TMJ Total Joint Replacement to fix my Idiopathic Condylar Resorption. If you have any questions please ask and I will try my best to answer. Thank you for watching :) and visiting
  • Pre-op Appointment Bite Impression This was just to get a fit of my bite. It did not taste bad or hurt or anything. It actually felt good because it felt like my teeth were touching... I haven't felt that in years.
  • Elbow and Forearm; AO Manual of Fracture Management Dr. Jesse B. Jupiter talks about his new book, Elbow and Forearm, AO Manual of Fracture Management. This book is recommended for experienced orthopedic surgeons specializing in orthopedic trauma. Thieme Medical Publishers.
  • TMJ Replacement Surgery Video #1 This is my first video giving a little info about Idiopathic Condylar Resorption. I will have surgery October 5th 2010. I will be posting more videos as things progress. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer. Thanks for watching and visiting
  • NTI Therapeutic Protocol with Condylar Degeneration Minimal resistance to excursive movements allows non-strained activity.
  • Condylar Migration to CR- 5 test
  • Lateral condylar Fracture humerus Lateral condylar Fracture humerus, K wire fixation
  • Determinants of Occlusal Morphology Presents condylar and anterior determinants of occlusion and how they affect the occlusal morphology of teeth. Orig. air date: APR 5 72
  • Pre-op Appointment: Splint Impression lower Jaw Just as the upper jaw this wasn't bad. I was sore after, but it taste like mint and is nothing compared to orthodontist appointments I have had. This one you get to see them take it out and the goo on my face. I realize I am motionless in these videos and find them pretty funny to watch... I don't know I guess took it pretty serious.
  • YouTube Medial School LIVE Surgical fixation of severe supra condylar fracture femur. LIVE from the clinic. Surgical fixation of severe supra condylar fracture femur.Such a fracture in an elderly patient is highly comminuted and hard to r build. it requried synthetic bone and a locking plate.. *
  • medial femoral condyle ulcer Medial Femoral Condyle Ulcer of the Knee Joint
  • YouTube Medical School QUIZ Fracture supra-condylar of humerus post ORIF; quo vadis? QUIZ Fracture supra-condylar of humerus post ORIF; quo vadis? ANSWER (on video). Recommended for the education of medical students, residents, registrars and Physician Assistants.Copyright: YouTube Medical School 2009*.SC Fx Hum ORIF
  • YouTube Medical School Reduction Supra Condylar Fracture Humerus Child LIVE THE HARDEST FRACTURE TO TREAT.The true test of an orthopod.It can either be a quick skilled manipulation or a prolonged extravaganza. Reduction Supra Condylar Fracture Humerus Child LIVE Recommended for the education of medical students, residents, registrars and Physician Assistants.Copyright: YouTube Medical School 2009*.
  • TMJ Replacement Video #2 12 days before surgery. Just giving a little update as things come down to the wire. New tests, surgery hooks on, and insurance is almost more of a pain than my jaw. When I started to talk about the big V neck's that I bought.. I meant to mention that it was for when I am very swollen so i do not have trouble getting things over my face.. also bought some comfy button ups... just something to think about. Also, I bought so big fluffy socks for the hospital cause I know its always freezing in there.
  • Condyle fracture repair Broken jaw reconstruction
  • Bio 230 Mandible Mandible bone 1) Ramus 2) Body 3) Mental Foramen 4) Condylar Process 5) Coronoid Process 6) Alveolar Process
  • 18 Hrs After Surgery Shea is now 18 hours out of surgery, and doing much better then the previous night. She is able to drink water and eat baby food through a syringe as well. Lots of bruising on her ear, neck, cheek and jaw area, as well as good amount of swelling everywhere. Pain level is still pretty high, mostly because Shea doesn't like the feeling of the morphine. Dr. Wolford will be by later tonight to check up on Shea, and to help Shea clear out her nose.
  • Comparing Arcon and Condylar Articulators Compares the Hanau and Whipmix articulators with emphasis on condylar elements, intercondylar distance, horizontal and condylar inclination and protrusive-retrusive settings. Orig. air date: NOV 20 73
  • Quick Ceph Studio - Extracing Condyle Views from CT Scan Quick Ceph Studio has the ability to extract condylar views from imported CT scans. The extracted condyle images can be FreezeDried and viewed in a slideshow in Quick Ceph Studio.
  • YouTube Medical School Surgery for Lateral Condylar Fracture Elbow Child LIVE Lateral condylar fractures of the elbow in children have a sinister reputation. Full of complications. You have to operate on most of them straight away to get a good result.Here, I show how.
  • YouTube Medical School QUIZ Contracture Forearm Useless Hand Childhood Injury ?Diagnosis. ? Cause QUIZ LIVE from my clinic. What is this. Cause. Treatment. A classic (rare footage). Good for FRACS and FRCS exams. ANSWER (see video).
  • Pre-op Appointment: Splint Impression Upper Jaw This wasn't horrible... fitting large metal trays in my mouth was not fun for my jaw joints but all in all this was okay. It tasted like mint. The only time I got worried was when he took it out.. I really thought my braces were going to rip off. It was worse on the top than the bottom probably because I have such a high roof on my mouth.
  • 2 Days After Surgery Shea is feeling a little better today. She had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic yesterday, so she's still feeling itchy and drugged. All in all she has more strength, and is able to make herself comfortable. Not choking nearly as much anymore, and she has been drinking Boost to try and get some calories in.
  • Surgery- Photo documentation up to 18 days Pictures documenting the past 18 days after my surgery with Dr. Larry Wolford to fix my Idiopathic Condylar Resorption. I had two TMJ total joint replacements, a Le Fort I, partial turbinectomies, and another procedure that removed bone that would hit my cheek bone and reattached major muscles that attach to my head. Dr. Wolford did an AMAZING job! I had my doubts before surgery.. especially due to cost, but he was worth every penny!
  • Movement of the Joints Movement of the Joints Movement of the body's skeleton is made possible by a number of body parts working together including the joints. A hinge joint at the elbow allows the arm to bend and extend. The condylar joint at the knee gives similar movement plus some rotation. Mobile ellipsoid joints between the fingers and palm of the hand allow circular movements but no rotation. Ball-and-socket joints, like the one at the shoulder, give maximum freedom of movement. At the other extreme, plane joints between the toe bones permit only a small degree of gliding movement and the pivot joint between the two cervical vertebrae-the atlas and the axis-merely provides rotation of the head. The saddle joint at the ankle is almost as mobile as the shoulder joint, but rotation is far more limited.
  • 1999 Belmont Stakes Dr. Bramlage & Chris Antley -Charismatic Dr. Larry Bramlage discussing Charismatic's condylar & sesamoid fractures at the end of the 1999 Belmont Stakes won by Lemon Drop Kid. Jockey Chris Antley saying that Charismatic will be a daddy some day. (c)ESPN2 *I do not own this video.*
  • Dentistry is the Stipulation of Occluding If all condylar movement from CR is "down and forward", providing for immediate posterior disclusion, then how come the incisors are still touching in a "protrusive movement"?
  • Condylar Degeneration 29 y/o male with bilateral resorption of the condyle.
  • Post Surgery Update 6 Weeks I am finally able to talk and have the energy to make a little update. This month has been really tough. Very hard. Little tasks that you normally take for granted like taking a shower and getting dressed wear you out. I am finally off the strong pain meds and on a lesser one. Every day gets a little easier.
  • Pre & post equilibration dynamics using casts mounted on my Pre & post equilibration dynamics using casts mounted on my full range of travel capable 'Z type' articulator.
  • YouTube Medical School Lateral condylar Fx of elbow in a 10 yo Lateral condylar Fx of elbow in a 10 yo. Often these fractures are missed or under-appreciated.Just about all, need ORIF. *
  • Terrific Trio - We Weren't Crazy This is a video that describes the Terrific Trio perfectly: we're not crazy! (Even though we sometimes act like it.) NOTE: This video is dedicated to Chelokee, who suffered a condylar fracture in his right front leg in the Alysheba Stakes today at Churchill Downs. Chelokee is one of my favorite racehorses, and I love him dearly. Please pray for him as he fights for his life. Disclaimer: Videos, music, pictures, etc. are the property of their respective owners, and I take no claims for anything that is not mine. I own nothing!
  • Condylar Vertical Dimension Condylar Vertical Dimension can be use when evaluating TMJ tomograms to determine if the cartilagenous disc between the condyle and fossa is reduced. The four tomograms that are taken are: Open, Closed, Protrusive and Myobite. For more info go to or contact Dr. Scott Tamura at [email protected]
  • Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery This 3D medical animation shows a total knee joint replacement surgery of the right knee. The animation depicts the following surgical steps: the incicion; exposure of the arthritic knee joint (chondromalacia); removal of the femoral condyle surface; removal of the tibial plateau; placement of the femoral condyle prosthesis; placement of the tibial plateau and patellar joint prosthetics; comparison of a post-surgical x-ray; and closure of the surgical incision with drainage tube in place. ANCE00194
  • SAMMIE328: @CodyBella143 condylar did not win any thing bit j daddy won best song baby and male singer wooohooo
  • jainendrau: RT @IRAupdates: sports medicine Combined Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) with supra-condylar femoral varus osteotomy, ...
  • IRAupdates: sports medicine Combined Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) with supra-condylar femoral varus osteotomy, ...

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  • “admin's blog. Winner of the free iCAT sweepstakes 2009. This one is a little late but here is the winner of the 2009 "Win a Free This is a strange case of condylar remodeling in the right TMJ. "The findings in the”
    — admin's blog | CBCT For Everyone,

  • “WinStar Farm said 2010 Kentucky Derby winner Super Saver has been diagnosed with condylar bruising, including a "major bruise on the cannon bone," and has been sent to Derby Champion Super Saver on the shelf due to condylar bruising”
    — Paulick Report " Blog Archive " DERBY WINNER SUPER SAVER ON,

  • “Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ~ Mandibular Fractures 陳怡睿 醫師 Etiology of mandibular fracturesVehicu bilateral condylar fractures. angled blow to the parasymphysis: contra-lateral condylar or angle fracture”
    — Mandibular fractures @ 阿可的窩 Yi-Juai :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::,

  • “Proliferation of prechondroblasts, followed by synthesis of the extracellular matrix and hypertrophy of the cartilage cells, governs the major part of condylar growth. The sample consisted of 54 male rats, weighing between 60 g and 80 g, divided randomly into three groups”
    Condylar growth with LLLT | THOR Low Level Laser Therapy LLLT,

  • “Canadian Orthopaedic Association - Association for orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals in Canada Forum - Treatment Options for the Unstable Total Knee Arthroplasty Condylar Constrained. Treatment Options for the Unstable Total Knee Arthroplasty - Condylar Constrained”
    — Forum - Treatment Options for the Unstable Total Knee, coa-

  • “ to assess whether the impact force, condylar deflection, and strain superior to the The average condylar displacement was successfully measured and indicated as an increase”
    — Relationship between temporomandibular joint dynamics and,

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