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  • In Old English spelling they were used somewhat interchangeably, much to scholar's confusement. Because of the confusement about which goes with which, though, either could be used. — “Old English [email protected],
  • Edward Lear, our dear patron, has brought a new form of limerick to our attention, one from his dear friend W.S. Gilbert. behind all semblance of the limerick parody, and furthermore, because she suspects that "confusement" is not really a word at all, here is another poem for good measure:. — “Edward Lear and Other Gullivers Among the Lilliputians”, here-be-limerick-
  • No. It's "confusion. — “Is confusement a word? It sounds so right not to be a word”,
  • like pulifor= brigan or the wrong spelling like example wind of vendure but the correct spelling is wind of verdure there are lil confusement on the items make ur engine smarter and convenient eheheh like the serach engine of other toolbar do you get me huh (Report comment). — “RO Guides & Writings :: " Write.RateMyServer”,
  • "title":"Where to start","post_url":"http:\/\/\/2008\/08\/10\/where-to-start\/","feed_url":"http:\/\/\/feed\/","author":"Dan_Silivestru","date":"2008-08-09 22:55:03","summary":"Ever been away from. — “Confusement should be a word! - MyBlogLog”,
  • The Confusement Park. Here is an album I've been involved in recording It's called the Confusement Park and is supposedly a concept album about an amusement. — “Martin Blands Randomized Control Trials: The Confusement Park”,
  • [edit] Confusement over "needs X votes by Y" I'm confused about when the number of votes and date the number of votes need to be achieved by should be changed. At the moment it seems that it is updated as soon as the no. of votes reaches the threshold level. — “Wikipedia talk:Collaboration of the week/Archive 7”,
  • Definition of confuses in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of confuses. Pronunciation of confuses. Translations of confuses. confuses synonyms, confusión segaselt بطور در هم و برهم؛ با گیجی sekavasti confusément בִּמבוּכָה चकराये हुए ढंग से smeten, smušen zavarosan bingung ruglingslega. — “confuses - definition of confuses by the Free Online”,
  • is the ramblings and WOMBATs of Josh Madison, an all-around good guy living and working in New York City. — “Josh Madison: Wasting Time Online”,
  • Confusement should be a word! In search of new things. Home. About. Teaching your kids to program. March 8, 2010. About a couple of days ago I came across Microsoft's SmallBasic (on Scott Hanselman's blog). It looked like a great way to introduce my 10-year-old to the world of programming. — “Confusement should be a word!”,
  • 1 excellent comment This is where you go to reply to me. Coincidence After my initial confusement gave way to amusement, I asked her to take this pic. — “The Desperate Kingdom of Love”,
  • Senior Developer, Architect, Entrepreneur, and mostly Geek confusement is using Twitter. Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What's happening?. — “Dan Silivestru (confusement) on Twitter”,
  • In the spirit of anti-confusement, John. John Bradley received an MA in English from Colorado State University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State The John Bradley/Tomaz Salamun* Confusement. Featuring Correspondence and Occasional Outbursts of Poetry by Tomaz Salamun* and. — “Welcome to BlazeVOX [books] & BlazeVOX2kX Fall 2010”,
  • Warhawks are large predatory birds found in heavily forested areas. They are occasionally used as mounts by the Wood Elves of Athel Loren. While the Warhawks are most comfortable in the open skies above their mountain homes, they're more than Model confusement Edit. — “Warhawk - HammerWiki, the Warhammer Online wiki - Zones”,
  • Est-ce que vous l'avez remarqué? (Did you notice it?) Ici, au French Blog, nous aimons les fleurs (Here, in the French Blog, we like flowers), and that you Verse confusément le bienfait et le crime,Et l'on peut pour cela te comparer au vin. — “Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil) — Charles Baudelaire”,
  • French: aléatoirement fr(fr), confusément fr(fr) Italian: dubbiosamente it(it) This page was last modified on 28 April 2010, at 22:24. Text is available under the Creative Commons. — “uncertainly - Wiktionary”,
  • the state of being confused and amused at the same time confusement. buy confusement mugs, tshirts and magnets. The alternative, lesser known (even by the OED) term for the act of causing confusion. The man walked backwards into the shop, causing great confusement. — “Urban Dictionary: confusement”,
  • The late, great Professor Longhair used to describe a complicated situation as "the time when all the confusement comes in." Every August, in Vo Dilun, we are the only one of 50 states to observe Victory Day, the anniversary of the day when. — “The Victory Day confusement' - Phillipe And Jorge - Boston”,
  • Confusement Park. Mar 27, 2008 at 3:01 PM - dsinger - 0 Comments - Post New. I wanted to make a stage that was just plain confusing. Title: Confusement Park. By: dsinger. Posted: 03/27/08. Updated: 03/27/08. Revision: 1.0. Downloads: 38. Please login to rate this. — “Confusement Park - Super Smash Bros. World”,
  • this is the most confusing situation and stock I have ever been involved within, bid and ask always below share price. — “pure confusement - Anglo Canadian Uranium Corp - URA”,

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  • Lewis Brothers: Home Confusement with Richard Karn - EPISODE 2 - The Lewis Brothers are shocked to find their superintendent is Al Borland from Home Improvement. Guest starring Richard Karn. Written and Directed by Jake Lewis Starring Jake Lewis Sam Lewis Richard Karn Cooper Karn Peter Wiedman Director of Photography Nick Scarpa Edited by Jenna Socha Composed by Jenna Socha Sound mixing by Mike Damanskis
  • Let's Play: Run Like Hell [BLIND] - Tutorial P1 - What Am I Doing??? Nothing like ultimate confusement and broken elevators
  • Original Song-Confusement Park wrote this in der mountains.... because of the amazing quality of my recording equipment some of the strumming sounds tend to overlap with interesting results :/ tell me what you think!
  • Eating cashews and mumbling ^__^ with subtitles captions ~ VEDA 3, VLODA - yay chewing food Watch all the VEDA Vids in 1 go: VEDA / VLODA Day 3 - Vlog Every Day (Lots of Days) in April ~ i was eating some delicious cashews~ More info in tomorrows video ~ confusement O_O I tried to upload this through MovieMaker 08 in a mac, and it didnt work.. but I did it like that with the last video... maybe YouTube changed something... What's your favorite food? Did your mum ever tell you not to eat with your mouth full? Mine didn't ~ ~ (I think..) CC on Wikipedia "Closed captioning is the process of displaying text on a television, video screen or other visual display to provide additional or interpretive information to individuals who wish to access it. Closed captions typically show a transcription of the audio portion of a program as it occurs (either verbatim or in edited form), sometimes including non-speech elements." Verb mumble (third-person singular simple present mumbles, present participle mumbling, simple past and past participle mumbled) (transitive or intransitive) To speak unintelligibly or inaudibly; to fail to articulate. Please try not to mumble so I can hear you better.
  • Airline Winners 2011 by Skytrax Airline Winners 2011 by Skytrax (Passenger Choice Awards). I have a mistake at the last two photos, to avoid confusement, just swap the photos and you will understand. Copyright Nat2370 *2011 Animation Music used: On The Floor - J.Lo ft. Pitbull Video Editing Software: Windows Live Movie Maker(Wave 4) 2011
  • Just another love story part 8 confusement 2 I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!!!gosh i hate having 2 say that...but whatever....joe and jocie were to yound to be going to collage ( i had to get rid of some people to make this run faster) srry but yea......
  • Big Confusement At the Pan Pacific Hotel In Bangkok (Rascals) The hotel manager, Chunky Pandey is very confused when both Ajay Devgan & Sanjay Dutt tells him that they are Mr Bhagat. Ajay Devgan sees Lisa Haydon and asks for the code word which Sanjay Dutt says. Chunky Pandey asks the security guards to throw Ajay Devgan out of the hotel.
  • The Christmas Giveaway Winners The comments during the video are not the winners :) just saying to prevent any to that i want all the winners to message me their emailadres so the can receive their price. winners: 400 g1points lukas40712 TheGamingCube5 friendlyghostpl TheDreamaz PointlessHDVids MrGHunterG danyfs104 Timzorize DSLplayer123 PacificSoba 800g1 SkharTV xxtriplex95 phatasskat95 MrBenjamin223 PivotManPro RssyDam MyLostBlood tenkolee ElementsAPB TheAyitey Retailbox hauratio1998 Andre Cordina o0DarkSoulZ0o Tomas Tham Tundraofmari Steam Game TheLadyyLoveBeck DeZuijd
  • confusement confusement leave me a comment!
  • assassin creed 3 gameplay 5 confusement i tried to get the other way out
  • [Let's Play] Nezumi & Michiyo: Gloria #6: CONFUSEMENT. Map download: As we were stranded in our boat in a land we don't know, we try to figure out what exactly had happened. Join us on this exciting adventure... The music played during the game was provided with the map as background music. Music by Kevin MacLeod () Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" creativecommo...icenses ------------------------------------------ Twitter: Kim: /KimC1992 Jessie: /Jesskuu YouTube: Kim: /JigsawPuzzle48 Jessie: /JessxMichiyo ----------------------------------- INTRO: Song: Blue Rose - AKB48 Edited by: JessxMichiyo ----------------------------------- We don't own anything, but our voices.
  • Amnesia: Confusement @ North Star This is my band playing a gig at da North Star Shetland on 1st of December 2006. We are all only 16 and this is one of our own songs. Enjoy!
  • The Timewaster Phone Calls Part Three - A Few Days Later Watch the next part right now on Comedy Extra: Part of Robin Cooper Week: I phoned Mr Lopez, but the medication I was on meant that I was suffering from general confusement. Also, I think I may have gone to the wrong place to send Mr Lopez his money. Mr Lopez was not very happy...
  • Bloodloss In-A-Gadda-da-Change 12. Hammer Yourself Senseless the last song off of Bloodloss' 1993 album In-A-Gadda-da-Change.
  • Confusement show epidode 1 Confusementstudios's webcam video August 23, 2011 03:12 PM
  • Confusement??? I dont know what i was doing getting all mixed up.
  • Emily sitting on a chair on sarah on a chair - chair madness emily sitting on a chair on sarah on a chair, oh the confusement!
  • DEVASTATED IM NOT DEAAAADDDDD Artist: Space Cowboy ft Chantelle Paige Album: DIGITAL ROCKSTAR Story: well this is kinda like the 1000 words concert. kinda focuses on the confusement yuna/shuyin/lenne had with the songstress garment grid, shuyin thinking yuna was lenne, and yuna thinking he is tiddus and there is another woman in his life aka lenne. as well as lennes feelings coming out throughthe grid
  • Minecraft: Unknown E2-Confusement Unknown is a map by Ganonox of the Minecraft Forums. We solve some more puzzles and get ready to reach the mossy stone room. Get Unknown: Get Minecraft:
  • LIFE SESSIONS: Entertaining Confusement Talk show interview gone wrong. Intro music: Cassie by Flyleaf Outro music: Ursa Minor (Electron Mix) - Celldweller TWITTER FACEBOOK
  • Hippo and Tapirs big CONFUSEMENT! H&T 4 life Subscribe!
  • black ops tritage: bewildering confusement first montage
  • Mario Kart Wii - Gaz's Series 06-04-09 The new series called the Gaz Series, named after me. This should be 05-04-09, but I called this 06-04-09 to avoid confusement with the 05-04-09 episode (which avoided confusement with the 04-04-09 episode). This series will continue going like that until I say so. Rainbow Road: Anyway, Buneary is today's mii. I've now decided that this week will dedicated to Pokemon (including some trainers, such as Ash), so Gaz will be rested until Saturday (11-04-09) to watch new racers. So, Buneary is a bunny, so would probably like meadowy tracks such as Moo Moo Meadows and perhaps Mushroom Gorge. But she hates Rainbow Road and just her luck she had to go there. She said she would be happy to finish at least second bottom. Can she go any better than that to conquer her fears? I haven't filmed a race here before. Miis in this race: deb debbbbb (guest) ☆κέ@πέή☆ Brian Heike δbrδηχδ™ (guest) NOF☆Hανοϲ Buneary (me) Toad's Factory: Like at Rainbow Road, I haven't filmed here before. I like this track because it's a logical track as, like at Coconut Mall, some bits of the track (eg. stairs or speed boost things) change direction to confuse people. And people are constantly getting confused over the direction these things go in. Anyway, Buneary and her group are coming here to race, but Buneary has never raced here, so she might get a bit confused over the change of direction of the speed boosts but hopefully she'll still win. Miis in this race: deb debbbbb (guest) ☆κέ@πέή☆ Brian Heike ...
  • Chili plants 2 Chili plants 2: The Sequel "Fire in the Hole" lol =... ) This is in response to a question about growing big plants with lots of chilis. Even the smaller plants will produce significant amounts of chilis. Clarification: When I said I pulled/cropped chilis a few weeks earlier I meant only the Red fully ripe ones. You can eat the green ones also. And the 50-60 chilis was between the 2 hanging plants. Sry about the confusement.
  • Thief 2 FM: Let's Play King's Story - 15: Confusement Episode *PLAYER IDIOCY ALERT* It blatantly did say 'His Majesty's study', I don't know why I thought it said 'King's Chambers' or whatever the heck, so just ignore that little part there!
  • Let's Play Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness-Segment 33-The Factory of Confusement Shadow Pokemon Snag Super Salty Soap....That didn't make sense.
  • ITV - This Morning - Man Farts on Live TV - Hilarious! Hilarious moment on Itv's this morning that completely confuses everyone, as a man farts (passes wind) live on tv 'after having a big curry last night', absolutely hilarious, you can just see this mixture of confusement and ebarresment on both sides enjoy!
  • poison by confusement HELLA CONFUSED!!!
  • Galactic Federation of Light Saida Khatoon 11-02-2012 Shazi: Ascended Master Saida Khatoon -- Rivers of Light burst Forward Hello Son, Rivers of Light burst Forward The planet is reaching its goal, singularity where the past, present and future will be one. This transformational change is happening in you too as rivers of light burst forward into you. The sadness will be no more, cleanse still continues and the ignorant awakens to truth, which for some will be difficult to bear. The hearty amongst you all will be relieved and you will feel invigorated as the pressures of the mind is no more. Understanding will be replaced and the whispers of truth will increase and finally you will submit to them. In the beginning there will be confusement as truth will be difficult to bear and what you knew of the past will be false. As this transition gathers pace learning will take place and your spirit guides will gather you to a forefront of wisdom, ending anarchy of the mind. When the connection is lost it will return as long as you remain focused to the light. This strengthens daily depending on the minutes or hours you remain in focus. Like a conditioned athlete who has trained well for the race. Accept what you are and believe in yourself, do not let past thoughts ruin the best of you. It was only a learning curve that was necessary to get to this point, which you all have reached. Listen and listen again to guidance that resonates within your inner heart and intellect, be you and understand. The focus ...
  • Twitter @BTcare Conan the Broadbandarian It's that blimmin @Bensonix (on Twitter)!! Right, cut him off! (flicks huge switch in corner, as conan helps self to another doughnut!) THIS ISN'T HAVING A GO AT BRITISH TELECOM!! It's just the confusement that their API causes/ Don't ask
  • candle confusement
  • 15 Second Film - 'Confusement' Short 15 second film created for part of a Media Production course at De Montfort University, Leicester. Music: 'The Entertainer' - Scott Joplin & George Gershwin
  • StarForge alpha test #1 - Absolute noob Once again we jump right into a game with minimal knowledge of what it is and how to play it :) I like the concept of this game, it's very early to say anything about it just yet really, but I feel confident that we will see more of this in not to long. I for sure will revisit it, hopefully in not to long, and armed with a bit more knowledge :) Just to clarify if you are new to my "Noobs around" series: These videos could best be described as a usefull resource for developers, seeing peoples very first reactions and how they handle it in the game. This is not about me teaching you anything, nor displaying some amazing skill. These videos is an open invite for you to join me as we explore games from a complete newcomers perspective, with the amazement and amusement and.. uh.. confusement, that involves.
  • PMD: Explorers of Sky - Chapter 1 (part 1) Chapter 1: A Storm at Sea - through the eyes of Feli & Vix. Yes the eevee is male, so try to ignore the multi-coloured text frames (which will only occur in this first video.) The amnesia must've caused some temporary gender confusement. XP Next Chapter: --- I'm bound to be hit with a plethora of NO$GBA-saving-related-questions, so: 1. open PMD: EoS on No$GBA 2. Press "F2." Click "Add New" and input this code: 2204AA98 00000007 2208380c 000000BF 3. Name it "Save Enabled" - Select "Action Replay," do not tick "RAW," Press "OK" 4. This cheat needs to be enabled(double click the box) in order to save Explorers of Sky. Every time you open the emulator, go to the cheats menu and make sure it's switched on before starting/continuing a game. Also, when you enable the cheat, press "OK," go to File, Reset Cartridge. Then you're good to go. 5. Press "F11" - go to the "emulation" tab. Copy these settings: Realtime,Auto --------------- Digital Stereo Start Cartridge directly --------------- High (44kHz) (best) 24bit True / nocash --------------- None/Disabled VGA (Poppy bright) --------------- Fast/Fast (best) Auto --------------- 1 FLASH 512 Bytes --------------- Gamepaks in all GBAs Bright Sunlight ---- Automatic 6. Press "OK," Click "Options," and then "Save Options." 7. Go to File, Reset Cartridge. If you followed all of those steps closely then your save troubles should be dealt with. The "Snapshot" function won't work. If you have saved data in-game, then each ...
  • Mario Worker | Confusement Ever watched Super Mario Frustration? Well, now have a look at the Mario Worker version! It can be so difficult, I've failed. Well, not exactly. I have completed it, but I put that becuase it sounds funny that I can't do it, it makes it sound really hard, and I didn't want to spoil the ending. *** TheMario Worker share site! *** You can play this level by downloading it from the Mario Worker share site! here: mwss.ww- You can also browse other levels and scenarios on the site, as well as upload your own, here: mwss.ww-
  • LIFE SESSIONS: Entertaining Confusement Re-upload of old video from my previous channel -- Talk show interview gone wrong. Intro music: Cassie by Flyleaf Outro music: Ursa Minor (Electron Mix) - Celldweller TWITTER FACEBOOK
  • Lego Pistol Timelapse (LDD) I made this model in about 1 hour, I will post a video on how to get the instructions... link: ( only click it after you've seen the "how to get the instructions video" to avoid confusement...:)

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  • “physical, social games for public space that supports this reflection is a portal where all students have a blog that is to be posted on daily. The students share their experiences with”
    — Hubbub | physical, social games for public space,

  • “Been meaning to register in the forum for ages and glad I have now, the perfect(ish) place for my confusement with this: Check out this thread on the old forum, especially the bit about the the cheap Radioshack chip with 20 seconds recording time”
    — Forum - SOUND ADVICE : DIY | Electronics | Customising,

  • “Posted to Combat Arms Battlegrounds (Forum) by Hacks=Crap on September 18, 2010 could play MapleStory not in full screen. When i started, a strange confusement happened”
    — Nexon Forums,

  • “Home " Community " Forum Profile. Forum Profile. Profile for :: confusement. Avatar. All about confusement. Ranking: Veteran Developer. Registration date: 06 Oct 2009 04:13:03. Number of messages posted: [135] Message Posted by confusement. Created topics: [17] Topic created by confusement. From:”
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  • “Modern-Vintage Wedding Photography. Capturing Modern-Day Love with a Timeless Beauty. My favorite made-up word of mine is Confusement. It's like excitement and confusion all at the same time”
    — V&C's Reality Post No.3 " Simply Bloom Photography,

  • “site d'information et de débat public, lancé par Thur Ecologie et Transport en Alsace FORUM: Jean-Marc TOUSSAINT Co­rédacteur du Magazine trimestriel " Massif des Vosges " samedi 18 novembre 2006”
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  • “Total Confusement. Giant's Blog. Help. Search. Members. Calendar. Blogs. Forums. More Search Stoxnet: BriSCA F1 Fans' Forum > Community Blog > Giant's Blog > Alright Treacle?”
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  • “Getting Charged for all North American Calls: this is supposed to be FREE I replied here c pid=342805& Please stay with one topic to avoid confusement in the replies from the volunteers”
    — Getting Charged for all North American Calls - Skype Community,

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