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  • Connectors. The entire line of Kyocera LCD modules uses only a few different connectors. LCD connector and mating connector model numbers are definatively given in each LCD spec in the 8. Interface Signals section and again on the Outline Drawing. — “Connectors for Kyocera LCDs”,
  • Satellite RG6 cable and satellite Connectors, PPC Compression fiittings,grounding block,Barrels,crimp f-connectors,pal,NTSC, Attenuator,DC voltage blocking coupler. — “Cable and Satellite Connectors, Compression fiittings”,
  • Avago's simplex and duplex connectors are compatible with versatile link series transmitters and receivers. Use of these fiber optic connectors eliminates need for crimping. — “Avago fiber optic connectors available as simplex and duplex”,
  • Connectors Manufacturers & Connectors Suppliers Directory - Find a Connectors Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Connectors Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Connectors-Connectors Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters”,
  • Molex is a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect components. Browse our fine connector products at . — “Molex”,
  • An electrical connector is a conductive device for joining electrical circuits together. In computing, an electrical connector can also be known as a physical interface (compare Physical Layer in OSI model of networking). — “Electrical connector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Connectors This RJ-45e Connector is used to terminate CAT-5e cable for use with Listen Stationary IR systems. Great for the do-it-yourselfers. Comes in a package of 10. For a custom-length. — “Connectors”,
  • ALL e RC - Your GWS, Brushless and Lithium Polymer Headquarters. Radio Control (RC) Electric Airplane parts and components one stop shopping. OTHER CONNECTORS AND ADAPTERS. — “ALL e RC - Your Hyperion Headquarters Connectors”,
  • Edgeboard connectors are available with standard and angled terminals. Enlarge. Rack and Panel. Rack and Panel Connectors Military, MIL-C-28748/7/8 Qualified and Commercial Microminiature Rectangular. — “Vishay - Connectors”,
  • Well since you do not have crimpers what i would do is take the connecter and shove the wire as far in as possible (about half way in the tube) and then take you're pliers and squeeze as hard as you can on the half that the wire is in. — “Using Butt connectors.. so frustrated? I'm connecting speaker”,
  • Connectors at , your online source for Connectors and other electronic components. — “Connectors | ”,
  • Learn about Connectors on . Find info and videos including: Crimp F Connectors Vs. Compression F Connectors, How to Convert a Serial Connector Into a USB Connector, How to Wire a 4 Pin Trailer Connector to a 7 Pin Connector and much more. — “Connectors - ”,
  • (PCS) - Performance connection systems stocks a large variety Connectors, terminals and seals from these Manufacturers Delphi Packard Deutsch Tyco Molex FCI. — “Connectors - Delphi, Packard, Deutsch, Tyco, FCI, Molex”,
  • Connectors - Low cost, high quality RF connectors. Through its Connector City division, Linx Technologies carries a wide variety of connectors and cable assemblies as well as custom cable assemblies. — “Connectors - Low cost, high quality RF connectors”,
  • Global provider of engineered electrical connectors for thousands of consumer and industrial products. — “Connectors & Connector Components - Tyco Electronics”,
  • Monster Cable, HDMI Cable, Speaker Cable, Monster Beats for your Marantz Receiver, Marantz CD Player or Cambridge Audio Integrated Amplifier, Cambridge Audio CD Player. Monster Power. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call (800) 785-0399. Wild West. — “Connectors”,
  • BTC Electronic Components is a franchised and value-added distributor of military, aerospace and medical connectors and interconnect accessories. — “:: BTC Electronic Components - Connectors ::”,
  • Connectors When a player holds any two hole cards which are connected by rank sequence. If a player gets holds 4 - 5 or J - 10 the probability of. — “Connectors: Information from ”,
  • Microwave Connectors - Microwave Encyclopedia - Ruth represented her former company's interests at military and industry connector meetings and spearheaded QPL programs as a design engineer and. — “Microwave Connectors - Microwave Encyclopedia -”,
  • Search With All Words. AVX Categories > Connectors. 2mm Hard Metric. FFC/FPC. Automotive. H Memory Card Kits/Connectors. Board-To-Board. Telecom/Cellular. Card-Edge. Varicon Rack and. — “Connectors - AVX Online”,
  • Amphenol MP41 Series Multipin Connectors. Amphenol MP62 Series Connectors. Banana Plug Connectors. BNC Connectors Amphenol/Connex BNC Connectors. BNC. — “Redco Audio - Connectors”,

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  • Best Premium Blue Ethernet LAN Network Cable CAT5e 50FT Gold Plated Male to Male Connectors Read More Best Premium Blue Ethernet LAN Network Cable CAT5e 50FT Gold Plated Male to Male Connectors Product Features Durable Category 5 Patch Cable has two RJ-45 with male-to-male connectors Snagless-type molding protects connection Gold-plated connectors ensure clean transmiss...
  • Radio Cable Connectors for Preppers and SHTF Communications Radio connectors and suggested radio cable adapters for preppers.
  • RJ45 Pinouts: Explaining 568A, 568B, Ethernet pin connectors, and crossover cables Check out our Facebook page to ask questions and get our informational TechBits! http This video lecture explains the pins and wiring in Ethernet cables and RJ45 plugs. We look at the 568A and 568B color codes, what they mean, and why they're important. We also discuss when and why to use a straight-through cable versus a crossover cable. Patch cords, crossover cables, crossover adapters, and termination supplies all available on our website!
  • Modding Guide: Inline SATA Connectors I made this guide to answer what is probably my most asked modding related question: "What are those connector things you used for your hard drives?" I then go on to do a quick little demo to thwart any possible confusion. I may do more of these modding guides if there's an interest so be sure to comment with anything else you would like to see.
  • Dome Connectors Product Introduction Create your own Geodesic Dome Structure with a set of these unique 2x4 connectors. Easy to Assemble, Super Strong and Low Cost  We are a small scale plastic components manufacturing company based in Tucumcari, NM. We design and manufacture plastic components that make it easy for the average person to build a geodesic dome structure. With a set of new, unique dome connectors people are able to easily create their own geodesic dome frame for 2x4 lumber. These domes can be used for many practical purposes like greenhouses, playhouses, sheds or cabins where the consumer needs a heavy duty super strong structure at a low cost. Building a dome structure once required expertise in geometry, carpentry skills and special tools. Now with our innovative kit, anyone can build a dome lumber frame. We have finished design prototyping and testing this product. Initial market tests have proven very successful. Distributors are already requesting deals. This product is ready for large scale production and a mass market. We just need some initial funding to purchase the raw plastic material in bulk, pay for labor, and upgrade our on-site tools, molding equipment and facilities to increase production capacity. ( 2x4 lumber is not included with a connector kit. 2x4s can purchased at "cut to size" select lengths and delivered at no extra charge by most local hardware stores. Size of Dome verifies depending on the length of 2x4 you select. 6 ft is Max recommended 2x4 length. Dome size ...
  • Speakon Connector Installation.m4v Ross Henning from Tunes 4 My Party details the process of installing a Speakon connector on a professional speaker cable. If you are in need of a Houston Disc Jockey, please visit our website at www.tunes4
  • ActivInspire - Shapes & Connectors This video describes the Promethean ActivInspire shapes and connectors objects.
  • DIY E-Pipe Mod DIY e-pipe mod for under $20. Uses eGo/510 connector and 1200mAh battery. Takes about an hour to make. Here's my shopping list with prices as of November 2011: Kalamazoo Vapor Shop - TrustFire Protected 18350 3.7V 1200mAh 2 Pack $13.99 ($6.99 ea) MadVapes - 3185 Empty Small eGo Tube $0.59 MadVapes - 10516 Black Ego Cone with Silver Trim $3.99 Liberty Flights - E-Cig Battery Connectors eGo battery connector $1.59 Liberty Flights - E-Cig Battery Connectors eGo-T Electronics set $3.19 Ebay - 5"Haojue Large Briar Style Tobacco Smoking Pipe #50089 $1.99 Home Depot (Electrical Dept.) - Halex PVC ¾" snap-in bushing No. 27252 10-pack $1.90 ($0.19 ea) Home Depot (Electrical Dept.) - ACC ½" Knock Out Seal No. 26071 4-pack $1.26 ($0.32 ea) Home Depot (Plumbing Dept.) - # 27937 Hose Washer and O-ring Combo 12-Pack $1.19 ($0.10 ea) Scraps of Ethernet wire, electrical tape, solder, black spray paint. 12-1-2011 Update: I just got an eGo mega dual coil flat tip cartomizer from MadVapes, Soaked it in TopVapor Butter Rum overnight, and this thing tastes awesome and vapes like a beast!
  • Fiber Optic Connector Types Explained in Details Most Common Fiber Optic Connectors Explained in Detail www.fiberoptics4 SC, ST, FC, LC, MU, MTRJ, E2000, MTP, MPO, SMA 905, SMA 906 and obsolete ones such as D4, BICONIC
  • Lamello Invis Mx Starter Kit Invis is a totally invisible connector that can be taken apart and reconnected to give a very strong locking joint. Working like a dowel in 2 parts and not requiring any clamping it is suitable for many joints and will overcome design problems where components need to be joined then disassembled and reassembled or where it is just almost impossible to clamp. All that is required is one exposed surface, this would also be ideal for joining worktops. The Invis 12mm dowel is in 2 parts with a central male and female thread and a coarse outer thread which is screwed into a pre bored hole, bring the two components together and using the special 'MiniMag' box in a power drill, laying this horizontal to the joint and forward spin to tighten the connector together resulting in a solid joint, to disassemble reverse the drill and undo -- simple, quick and easy. Both the stud and joiner stay flush with the joint edge so no damage can occur in transport. The Invis starter kit is supplied with; Minimag Mx magnetic driver (attaches to any power drill running speed 1200--1500rpm) two driver bits, flexi shaft for tight corners, 30 Invis connectors and storage case. The Lamello Rasto drill jig is designed to be used when drilling Invis connectors, this simple and easy to use jig requires no marking or measuring for precision jointing every time, working like magic, the SG2 kit is a fitters kit and contains a MiniMax Mx magnetic driver mounted on a Li-Ion cordless drill (the drill is set ...
  • Fiber Optic Termination- How to terminate fiber optic cable using Giganet Fibre Optic connectors www.giga- Terminating fibre optic SC, ST and LC connectors using the Giganet cold-cure fiber optic cold-cure and polishing method.
  • Connectors Either and Neither Learn how to connect two negative sentences using 'Either' and 'Neither'. Facebook: Twitter:
  • How to Properly Solder a Deans Connector by Innov8tive Designs In this video we show you the proper technique for soldering a Deans connector onto a Scorpion Speed COntroller.
  • Soldering an XLR connector to an Audio Mic Cable aka Soldering 101 I've found that trying to demonstrate soldering to a group of students a problem. Too many people need to see the details. So, I made this video to show, close-up, the steps to soldering an XLR connector onto an Audio cable. This is not the end-all, be-all of soldering by any means. It does help my teaching a large group the skills. For more how-to type stuff for technical theater, please visit I have another channel on YouTube now at "stageseminars."
  • Links and Connectors Bracelet and Earrings Supplies and materials used in this video - Join links together with jump rings to create a stunning bracelet using the Swarovski Cosmic Baguette and hammered sterling silver links. I will also demonstrate how to use jump rings to join different sized loops together, to create earrings including Swarovski Crystals and a dangling charm. Beads, Links & Connectors found at
  • Cat 6 Cabling - Giganet Category 6 UTP Connector Termination www.giga- Installation instructions for Giganet Category 6 UTP connectors and patch panels used in a structured cabling system. For more details, visit http
  • TV Repair Replacing broken cable connector Tip on Replacing broken cable connector. Donations Link: Any donation is greatly appreciated thank you.
  • iPhone 5 Lightning Connector Review and Speed Test Like my iPhone 5 Lightning Connector Review! This is my new iPhone 5 Lightning connector review and Speed Test. Is Apple's new Lightning Connector faster than the old 30-pin connector? Stay tuned to find out. Follow me on Twitter for more updates and iPhone 5 videos! Complete iPhone 5 Coverage: Like my Official Facebook page:
  • How to Fix/Terminate Ethernet Cables (Connectors) What to do and how to go about fixing your ethernet cables. This mainly applies to when you want to replace one end of the cable. Perhaps the tab broke, or perhaps the cable got cut or damaged in some way and is now unusable. Let me know if I helped. Also let me know if I stated something incorrectly or if something is confusing. I will try to help as much as possible in the comments section below. Thanks. - Josh
  • Soldering Traxxas Connectors on New Lipo Here's one way to do it.
  • How to repair iphone 3GS/3G Number 3 FPC connector (replacement) In this video I am showing you how to repair the number 3 connector, FPC connector for the ear, proximity and light sensor. I sell these connectors on ebay, the item number is 110675174536. If you need me to do the repair for you please send me a message. Thank you!
  • Understanding Fiber Optic Connector Types This video reviews fiber optic connector types and where you might find them in your fiber optic network
  • How to use Stripper to conect COAXIAL cable to F Connector How to stripp a coaxial cable , connecting it to F connectors either crimp or Compression type for satellite TV systems
  • How to wire / install a car stereo / deck (aftermarket head unit installation with butt connectors) Getting better sound and functionality starts with changing your head unit. You'll see step by step what's involved in a car stereo install / wiring up and installing an after market head unit into a vehicle. You'll want to note that this is a deck install in its simplest form. Vehicle with factory amplifiers or complex dis-assembly can create a larger challenge. If you're still unsure how to do it, it might not be a bad idea to have your local professional do it for you. This is a demonstration video showing how to properly install an aftermarket head unit into a particular vehicle (2003 Mitsubishi Lancer).
  • How to Prep Coaxial Cable and Install a Compression Connector (Close Up Demo) Buy these tools NOW at . Compressing cable connectors over RG6 or RG59 is an easy process when you follow these easy steps! Using the proper tools is key to ensuring the highest quality connections for all your connectivity components! Deluxe Wire Stripper - Blue Compression Tool - Lightweight Drop Trimmer -
  • How to Clean Gerbing's Connectors Guide A Gerbing's technician demonstrates how to properly clean all of the connectors in your Gerbing's Heated Gear.
  • How to Solder Bullet Connectors By Innov8tive Designs This video gives a detailed description of the proper technique for soldering bullet connectors onto a brushless motor speed controller.
  • iPod Shuffle - How to use Different Connectors and Ports with your iPod Shuffle Check the precautions you must take while using connectors and ports. Showhow2 is world s easiest self support platform. It makes complex technologies easy to understand and products simple to use. Now Everything is Easy !! To Watch More Easy Tutorial videos Subscribe to - Connect with SHOWHOW2 Explore:
  • Sling Strap Adaptor - OP/TECH USA System Connectors™ Demonstration of OP/TECH USA's Sling Strap Adaptor, part of the exclusive System Connector™ series. The Sling Strap Adaptor allows you to covert a regular OP/TECH USA neck/shoulder strap into an over-the-shoulder sling harness. OP/TECH USA offers a wide variety of options for fastening camera, binoculars and other gear to neck/shoulder straps. wrist straps and harnesses. System Connectors™ allow you to use one strap across several pieces of gear, or to change from one piece of equipment to another on a single strap! For more details visit
  • How To Solder XLR Audio Connectors Learn to solder XLR audio connections for professional sound systems. From the team at Jordan Audio Consultants
  • Nokia N8 desing and connectors [HD] На Русском ЯЗЫКЕ!!! Package contents Back to top Standard Sales Package Nokia N8 mobile computer Nokia Battery BL-4D Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-179 Nokia Stereo Headset WH-701 Nokia Compact Travel Charger AC-15 Nokia Adapter Cable for HDMI CA-156 Nokia Adapter...
  • Manually Test a (PSU) Power Supply With a Multimeter by Britec Manually Test a (PSU) Power Supply With a Multimeter by Britec NOTE: This testing applies only to the standard ATX PSU, it does not apply to proprietary PSU's (ie: older Dell's ) which use a different pinout arrangement for their ATX connectors (non-standard). 20 and 24-Pin Connectors: The 24-Pin connector has an additional 4 pins attached to one end of the connector. The top 20-Pin section is electrically identical to the original 20-Pin ATX connector. Due to the additional connections the numbering sequence changes, so if you have a 24-Pin connection then make that adjustment when comparing with a 20-pin +3.3v pins 1, 2, 11 (Orange wires) +5V pins 4, 6, 19, 20, (Red wires) +12V pin 10 (Yellow wires) -5V pin 18 -12V pin 12 Need help with your computer?
  • Crochet Flower Purse Tutorial 2 - Connectors and Handles For written pattern meladorascreations- For all free crochet patterns please visit my site at meladorascreations- Also you can see picture updates and post about future projects on my Facebook Blog at and patterns yet to be released as tutorials, but you can buy the patterns ahead of time on my etsy page at
  • Connectors for On-premise and Cloud Integration Utilize over 100 out-of-the-box transports and cloud connectors to integrate any protocol or application, both on-premise or in the cloud. Create connectivity through repeatable integration solutions, synchronize data between applications or automate business processes between services.
  • Flite Test - Soldering Battery Connectors - FLITE TIP Flite Test - FLITE TIP Soldering Battery Connectors A Hobby King sponsored segment. A lot of you have asked for this... so we took the time to show you how we do it. Learning to solder battery connectors is essential in the RC world. So many brands of batteries! So many connectors! Just pick a connector style, buy a bunch of them, and solder away. Tips: 1. Only cut ONE WIRE at a time. 2. Use flux to prep your surface. 3. Slide on the heat shrink over the wire before you solder. 4. Make sure both surfaces are hot enough to accept the solder. 5. Don't get the connector lead too hot, or you'll melt the connector. 6. ABSOLUTELY double check you polarity. Have fun and be careful.
  • How to solder Deans Connectors Check out Squirrels forum! This vid is on how to install a Deans Connector and basic soldering. You will want a good soldering iron for this RC vid that can handle a 20W to 60W. For larger applications, such as soldering battery cells then you will want a 80w to 100w iron....
  • SOURIAU UTL Series Connectors SOURIAU UTL Series Connectors, UV Test Passed, Sealing Test Passed IP68/69 K
  • Magsafe T Connector Repair Hox to fix Magsafe T Connector, I hope the video help you. From Bucaramanga, Colombia, to the World.
  • Glock 3.5lb connector install In this video I show you how to install a Glock 3.5lb connector. This will only drop the trigger pull to a 4 - 4.5lbs but makes a big difference when shooting. This is a factory Glock part and it will not change how reliable your pistol is. This is the only internal part I change on my Glock pistols. To get a true 3.5lb trigger pull you will need to install a 4lb striker spring but I wouldn't recommend changing that part if you are going to carry the pistol for self defense. If you want me to do a video on the striker spring install let me know. I am open for any Glock related video request. Thanks!
  • How to Crimp SMA Male Connector MX SMA Male Connector (crimping type) with Teflon for RG-58/U are coaxial RF connectors. It is used to connect the panels. MX SMA Connector has 50 Ohms impedance. It offers excellent electrical performance from DC to 18 GHz. MX high-performance connectors are compact in size and mechanically have outstanding durability.It comes with a boot. To Crimp SMA Male Connector You Require RG58 Cable Stripping Tool Crimping Tool SMA Male Connector Step1: Insert The Boot & Crimping Ring Over The Cable Before Striping It. Step2: Strip The Cable According To The Length Of Connector. Step3: Strip The Center Core of Cable According To Tip's Length. Step4: Insert The Tip & Solder It For Better Performance. Step5: Crimp The Connector. Product Link:Please subscribe to our YOUTUBE Channel: MX Electronics (MDRElex) You can also Like our Facebook Page: This video is a complete guide, however if you have any questions feel free to comment or send us an email on [email protected] or visit our website If You Have Any Complaints, Queries Or Suggestions, Call Us On (022) 4253 6666 Or You Can Mail Us At [email protected]
  • D2Loop: RT @Loop2Koen: Wrote my first blog on #facilitators in networks and connectors.
  • Loop2Koen: Wrote my first blog on #facilitators in networks and connectors.
  • audiomasterIND: RT @IndraQ: Labelling connectors @BatCaveStd by Mr.Adi. H-3 to my #amci class @audiomasterIND
  • bw_visit: Eupen Connectors for 1/2 inch Cable
  • CameronCareers: New #job: Engineer - Connectors Location: Houston .. #CameronCareers
  • kuloyudha: Busyet dah.. RT @IndraQ: Labelling connectors @BatCaveStd by Mr.Adi. H-3 to my #amci class @audiomasterIND
  • Fajar_Steanliz: RT @IndraQ: Labelling connectors @BatCaveStd by Mr.Adi. H-3 to my #amci class @audiomasterIND
  • RullyWorotikan: Data mixnya besok yak. :) RT @IndraQ: Labelling connectors @BatCaveStd by Mr.Adi. H-3 to my #amci class @audiomasterIND
  • IndraQ: Labelling connectors @BatCaveStd by Mr.Adi. H-3 to my #amci class @audiomasterIND
  • jgrasett: @simonbaring Yeah, I was gonna buy fake iPhone 5 to usb connectors, nope, got the real ones for 15 quid a pop ;(
  • ZoeBhgdfc: Emergency Garmin Edge 605 Power Charger With 3 Different Connectors plus A Built in Led Flashlight! (Uses 1 or 2...
  • Sin1269: Mediabridge Ultra Series - Dual Shielded Subwoofer Cable - RCA to RCA Gold Plated Pro Grade Connectors (8 Feet):...
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  • PercyFun: EZ Side Connectors (2) Eurekazone
  • sachin234000: @tech4789 Thanks but i was asking for difference between Tshaped and Lshaped connectors.
  • IPC2UFrance: RT @KingdyTech: (Continuing) Kingdy WP series offers a variety of IP65 rated I/O connectors.
  • ZinkCreative: The MGB – when fitted with the factory-optional can of WD40 for the wiring harness bullet connectors.
  • KingdyTech: (Continuing) Kingdy WP series offers a variety of IP65 rated I/O connectors.
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  • JohnQShift: #FF my first for 2013 ... @intentionalcomm @cdnorman @RiczWest @janhoglund for being good connectors
  • andrewdlindsay: Coming to conclusion that hand soldered micro-usb is not way to go for powering my devices. Barrel connectors seem to be most reliable.
  • ArronKelly2: New Monster Cable Products Inc. F-Pin Connectors F Connector Male F Connector Male High Quality:
  • New_Technology: #newtechnology Dow-Key Microwave Introduces New Low PIM Coaxial Switches With N-Type Connectors: Recently, a gro...
  • charismabead: 36 Brass Vintage Filigree Caps Connectors by charismabeads via @Etsy
  • charismabead: 36 Brass Vintage Filigree Caps - Connectors Findings Flower, 18mm on Luulla
  • WebSelling4U: RT @charismabead: Check it out: 90 Brass Vintage Filigree Caps - Connectors Findings Flower, 18mm | charismabeads
  • charismabead: Check it out: 90 Brass Vintage Filigree Caps - Connectors Findings Flower, 18mm | charismabeads #ArtFire
  • TuneTechSA: Vast amount to the cooling system: Water Pump, Water Bottle, Thermostat, Radiator, many pipes and connectors. #KnowYourCar #KeepRecords #BMW
  • bakegina: @laurenalexandra You need a wire bristle brush. Remove the connectors from the posts + start scrubbing posts and connectors.
  • New_Technology: #newtechnology Dow-Key Microwave Introduces New Low PIM Coaxial Switches With N-Type Connectors: Recently, a gro...
  • SashaGirlsGems: 6 Tibetan Silver Heart Connectors/Charms and by SuppliesAndGems via @Etsy
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  • laurenalexandra: Having car issues due to dirty battery connectors. How does one clean said connectors?
  • TheMark44: 5 Antique Silver Chandelier Pendant Connectors
  • bw_visit: Eupen Connectors for 1/2 inch Cable
  • dpanzarella: RT @akachela: it's like ten thousand dock connectors when all you need is a lightning cable.
  • CoxHelp: @Unclekoolaid1 Resetting is good, but also double-check the cable connectors. Then follow us and DM your address & we can check signal.-Kip
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  • explodingwalrus: At least they're a standard :) RT @popey: Micro USB connectors suck. That is all.
  • Ramza411: Anyways, installed Windows 7 again, running raid... now to hook up all of my old Hardrives but one... cause I ran out of power connectors...
  • littlehell: Did you know that there is a shortage of dreamers? Did you know that the world has changed? Do you know connectors?
  • HallTom5: RT @Oldetexian: My friend,@scottlazerson, is one of the greatest connectors I have ever met. He is a One Man Networking Machine! Thanks, my friend!
  • PHfeeneyRF: Hey @AmphenolAIO, are those your connectors I see on that first photo of a cold war missle hatch? WIRED article I saw.
  • ThirdGen: V6 2.8 Wire Connectors...: Anyone have the ignition coil to dizzy ICM wire (has two wires (pink/black?...with co...
  • iceflatline: RT @popey: Micro USB connectors suck. That is all.
  • Incoderfalcon: RT @popey: Micro USB connectors suck. That is all.
  • popey: Micro USB connectors suck. That is all.
  • Coresmusic: Never use the stock heatsink. And don't confuse the 7 pin board-mount FireWire connectors with USB ones. Trust me I found out the hard way.
  • LeeHillerDesign: RT @AfricanSand: Make something special w/these 4 Antique Brass "Believe Love Hope" Heart Connectors from my supply shop. #etsy...
  • imjezer: That's why i like using sky drives no need to use USB connectors. hehe
  • Oldetexian: My friend,@scottlazerson, is one of the greatest connectors I have ever met. He is a One Man Networking Machine! Thanks, my friend!
  • CameronCareers: New #job: Sr Engineer - Connectors Location: Houston .. #CameronCareers
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  • CameronCareers: New #job: Engineering Supervisor - Connectors Location: Houston .. #CameronCareers
  • connections_ca: Hey connectors, check out the mission to Haiti canada blog for daily updates and photos of our trip.
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  • YABOYMCCAFFERTY: @OnlyZehr Knowing me, probably. I'll look in my basement. You should also look into USB connectors. Sometimes they work better.
  • IE511: Fontana: All connectors from 210 to 15 and 15 to 210 will be closed Thu 1/24 at 8PM thru Fri 1/25 at 7AM. Use alternate route.
  • AfricanSand: Make something special w/these 4 Antique Brass "Believe Love Hope" Heart Connectors from my supply shop. #etsy...
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  • Raedar21: @GeeB5 would make my night to get a couple of retweets off some connectors! #connection
  • DataCables_: @MullensMusings Hi David, Yeah, we stock iPhone 4 and 5 cables and connectors and
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