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  • Definition of connive from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of connive. Pronunciation of connive. Definition of the word connive. Origin of the word connive. — “connive - Definition of connive at ”,
  • Definition of connivence in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of connivence. Pronunciation of connivence. Translations of connivence. connive. That''s because they have figured out that many of the services offered at the physical location are also available from the connivence,. — “connivence - definition of connivence by the Free Online”,
  • Connive definition, to cooperate secretly; conspire (often fol. by with): They connived to take over the business. 2. to avoid noticing something that one is expected to oppose or condemn; give aid to wrongdoing by forbearing to act or speak (usually. — “Connive | Define Connive at ”,
  • Connive. Learn about Connive on . Get information and videos on Connive including articles on tire, wemen, designer and more!. — “Connive | Answerbag”,
  • Synonyms for connive. Other words for connive. Different words for connive. Antonyms of connive. — “connive - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • When I hear that someone or some group have been conniving I think of it as scheming, or secretly planning something. The con in connive has a meaning of "together," so that the collaborators can be seen as "winking together. — “word of the day connive | podictionary - for word lovers”,
  • to connive (third-person singular simple present connives, present participle conniving, simple past and past participle connived) to cooperate with others secretly in order to commit a crime; to collude. to plot or scheme. to pretend to be ignorant of something in order to escape blame. — “connive - Wiktionary”,
  • WebChat. IRC Software Links. Network Statistics. Terms of service. — “Connive Networks”,
  • Synonyms for connive, on the free online English thesaurus/synonym finder with over 2.5 million synonyms. — “connive - synonyms for connive by the Free Online Thesaurus”,
  • conspire, intrigue — con·niv·er noun. Examples of CONNIVE. — “Connive - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Connive - Photography, Multimedia, UI & Interaction Design by Sy Stanford based in Harrogate, UK. — “Photography, Multimedia, UI & Interaction Design by Sy”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define connive as NConnive \Con*nive'\ (k[o^]n*n[imac]v'), v. i. [imp. & p. p.{Connived} (-n[imac]vd'); p. pr. & vb. — “Definition of Connive from ”,
  • Posted in Apple, iPad with tags Apple, Ideas, iPad, software on January 28, 2010 by Connive Posted in Sy, Uncategorized with tags Introduction, Sy, Welcome on January 12, 2010 by Connive. — “Blog”,
  • connive ( ) intr.v. , -nived , -niving , -nives . To cooperate secretly in an illegal or wrongful action; collude: The dealers connived with customs. — “connive: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Find synonyms for connive in Roget's Thesaurus on Yahoo! Education. — “connive - Thesaurus Synonyms and Word Suggestions - Yahoo!”,
  • Welcome to the Connive Design E-Shop To return to the Connive Design website go to http:// Please check back periodically as designs will change. Thank You for visiting. — “Connive Design's Online Store”,
  • connive verb - definition from Cambridge Dictionary Online: to plan secretly and dishonestly for something to happen which will be to your advantage. — “Definition of connive verb from Cambridge Dictionary Online”,
  • Definition of connive in the Dictionary. Meaning of connive. What does connive mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word connive. Information about connive in the dictionary,. — “What does connive mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation”,
  • Connive: To cooperate secretly in an illegal or wrongful action; collude: The dealers connived with customs officials to bring in narcotics. — “connive - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • Definition of connive in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is connive? Meaning of connive as a legal term. What does connive mean in law?. — “connive legal definition of connive. connive synonyms by the”, legal-
  • connive. c.1600, from L. connivere, also conivere "to wink," hence, "to wink at (a crime), be secretly privy," from com- "together" (see com-) + base akin to nictare "to wink," from PIE base *knei-gwh- "to bend. frequentative of L. nictare "wink, blink," related to second element in connive (q.v. — “Online Etymology Dictionary”,
  • We found 33 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word connive: connive: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] connive: Macmillan Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of connive - OneLook Dictionary Search”,

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  • Zebra Finch Bird looks in the mirror He tries to connive the other bird in the mirror. When he just looks in the mirror he starts to wonder why the other bird in the mirror is imitating him... He is in fact a little vicious, on the other side he is lovely!! Well, as long as you love zebra finches you would definately love him as well. ;)
  • NIGHT TIME TAXI ROBBERIES if you are fond of using public transport at night, then this story will sober you up. Police say there are rising incidents of passengers being robbed inside taxis or matatus at night. Police have so far arrested 7 suspects around the suburbs of Kampala over this new wave of crime. The Kampala Metropolitan police commander Andrew Sorowen says the culprits connive with genuine taxi drivers to commit the crime.
  • Crazy Town- Sorry I'm sorry, I'm not what you are, so sorry, the ugly of it all, all my life, I was beneath you, it's all my fault please forgive me, maybe I could change, maybe I could try, maybe I could, but then again.... [CHORUS] Why would I want to, lie like you, thieve like you, hurt like you, deceive like you, connive like you, cheat like you, its not that hard to be like you, but then again why would I want to? I'm sorry, I am so ashamed, so sorry I'll take all the blame, all my life I've been so confused, its all my fault, please forgive me, maybe I could change, maybe I could try, maybe I could [CHORUS] Why would I want to [X 6] I'm sorry, I'm not what you are, so sorry, the ugly of it all, all my life, I was beneath you, its all my fault, please forgive me
  • NIGHT AND THE CITY (1950) -- Helen serves her last watered-down drink In one of many ill-conceived schemes devised to connive his way into the big time, Harry Fabian sells Helen a forged license to operate a nightclub. Unaware of the double cross, and desperate to escape a life with her husband Philip, a scheming, uxorious nightclub owner, she frees herself from his sticky web by leaving abruptly. Overconfident of her own entrepreneurial skills, she opens Club Helen. She has learned the tricks of the trade well, but there is still one surprise lesson left in store for her. What makes the underworld characters in this film so interesting is that they are not drawn merely as clever psychopaths. These outwardly tough figures are rendered vulnerable, and thus human, because of personal weakness or a tragic flaw: pride, vanity, ambition; or the belief that life owes them greater returns. Cast in this video: Richard Widmark .... Harry Fabian Googie Withers .... Helen Nosseross Francis L. Sullivan .... Philip Nosseross Derek Blomfield ....Young Policeman Directed by Jules Dassin Writing credits Jo Eisinger (screenplay) Gerald Kersh (novel) Austin Dempster contributing writer (uncredited) Produced by Samuel G. Engel .... producer Darryl F. Zanuck .... executive producer (uncredited) Original Music by Benjamin Frankel Franz Waxman Cinematography by Mutz Greenbaum (director of photography) (as Max Greene)
  • KATE BURTON SHARES STAGE INSANITY The Constant Wife on Broadway starred Kate Burton and Lynn Redgrave as a gossiping mother daughter team who connive against her husband who is cheating on her. In live theater anything can happen amongst even the most professional actors. Kate talks about a moment of insanity that occurred. "During The Constant Wife we were all pretty professional most of the time. There was one performance where Lynn Redgrave who I love and adore so much was backing up into the sofa and somehow she kind of fell down a little bit early. Michael Cumpsty who played my husband who is really the soul of professionalism completely burst out laughing totally out of character and we all became insane for about 30 seconds. I...
  • Hillary's Diary AKA "I Will Connive" A musical parody of Hillary's plans to lean on Obama for money and come back in 2012.
  • Open Heavens Reflections 2011 March 25 - When Heaven And Earth Connive Reflections by Bioye Segun Majesty Court UK from theOpen Heavens Devotional written by Pastor EA Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Enquiries:[email protected]; Purchase the 2010 Open Heavens Devotional. In Europe: Tel: +44 2081711030, Email: [email protected]; In USA Tel:(240) 374-5353, (240) 593-4515, (240) 593-5934
  • OUR GANG: "Wiggle Your Ears" (1929) [Please read] Ear wiggling--girls can't help falling in love with boys who can do it. Wheezer thinks it's ridiculous. Authors Leonard Maltin and Richard W. Bann rightly characterize "Wiggle Your Ears," a 1929 Our Gang short silent film as "an amusing but absolutely bizarre two-reeler." [from their book: THE LITTLE RASCALS: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF OUR GANG] That assessment is spot on in terms of both story and cinematography (the use of disarmingly extreme close-ups). In this video, you will see that ear-wiggler Harry Spear and blonde bombshell Jean Darling make a cute, but ultimately tragic couple. You will witness Mary Ann Jackson rising from the ashes of thankless toil and heartbreaking despair to fall in love with faux-ear-wiggler Joe Cobb. You will see a bemused contribution by Farina. Best of all, you will behold Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins—willing to connive at deception by pulling Joe;s ear(s) with a string, but who remains absolutely (and wonderfully) unimpressed and derisive about everybody's actions. ("Wheezer" was Our Gang's resident raspberry expert.) These kids were cast members of Hal Roach's Our Gang on the eve of the motion-picture-sound revolution. They may have been succeeded by the most popular Rascals of all--eg Spanky, Darla, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Porky, Butch, et al.--but they were no less charismatic and fun to watch. Their delightful work deserves public rediscovery. This video provides one means to that end.IMPORTANT: Questions or comments are sincerely ...
  • Tom SUTTON SWINDLED Wm Wagener heads for Portland, OREGON to investigate Attorneys who are said to steal openly and connive the system to rob their own clients or victims of their clients, and take advantage of ADA certified people like Tom Sutton, who lost over $150000 because he was taken advantage of...
  • Sinhala Message on the Occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture In this video Mr. Basil Fernando of the Asian Human Rights Commission discusses the widespread use of torture as a product of the collapse of the hierarchical control from the IGP down to the ASPs as a result of the politicisation of the police which, in turn, is a result of the 1978 Constitution. Prior to 1978 the Police Departmental Orders were better observed. Under the Departmental Orders the ASPs had the direct responsibility for the day-to-day supervision of the police stations under their charge. This supervision has practically ceased to exist and today ASPs also encourage and connive with the use of torture and ill-treatment as a method of criminal justice investigations. The failure of supervision is clearly manifest by the cases reported. What has happened within the Sri Lankan police is a failure of the leadership from the IGP down to the ASPs. The system is controlled from outside, that is, by the politicians. more;
  • Oba Adegboro The King of Aladie village die moments after enthronement. A stranger is to be installed as the king, says the oracle. Peace reigns in the land after the installation, but it is shortlived as some chiefs connive and kill the just king. There is a curse in the land which must be unravelled.
  • Volbeat - Mary Ann's Place (guitar cover) Nice song :-) I spontaniously decided to make this video, so I'm not as concentrated as I should, which leads to some little mistakes (ie the beginning of the outro), so please connive at this, I'm too lazy to record again ;-) Guitar: Jackson JS1 Dinky Amp: Line6 Spider III 75
  • Washington's Illegal Affirmative Action Scam Exposed: How state bureaucrats connive to deny citizens equal rights under law.
  • Dreamgirls that sing Korea's folk song "Kang-won-do arirang" Collated Korea's delectable folksong "Kang-won-do arirang" with delectable rhythmic movement of Eddie Murphy and Dreamgirls performance... Should like to connive interestingly... ^^ ;;;
  • ''Terrorism'' With Chinese Characteristics Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: Lately China is witnessing incidents where citizens counter official violence with extreme approaches, which Le Figaro terming it "terrorism in despair". With the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in power, is such life-costing defense the only antidote? The 52-year-old Qian Mingqi caused the Jiangxi serial bombings on May 26 and died in them. His house was reported to have 2 illegal demolitions in 1995 and 2002 respectively. Due to 10 years of ignored petitions he went into extremes, with him and other 2 people dead now. Due to illegal demolishment again, on June 5, 7 Fujian petitioners tried to poison themselves in front of the US Embassy in China. They were stopped by security and saved in hospital. Petitioning in front of embassies is not new, but such severe petitioning was for the first time. Illegal demolishment happens in China daily. 9 out of 10 mass incidents in China are reported in association with lands or illegal demolishment. The China issues' expert Cheng Xiaonong, said for radio SOH that illegal demolishment is caused by local government's land acquisition, as a major means of revenue, authorized by CCP. Cheng Xiaonong: "Central government tends to connive with regional governments' wicked act of land acquisition, for there is always a big financial return from the regional governments." He also says the revenue of local government includes budget incomes, which are transparent; and ...
  • Michael Jackson that sing Korea's trot "Ttaengbeol" How is it if call Korea's trot song Michael Jackson's gorgeous dance? Made to ideas which is very funny... Want to connive interestingly. ^^ ;;;
  • US Citizens Controlled Docket Gives CPS Victims Court Reform Pro Se Case Studies Roxanne Grinages respectfully suggested US Economy and Court Reform Administrative Solutions Tool, Prototype Development, US Citizens Controlled Public Incident Report Docket Database. American CPS Victims Court Reform Case Studies Pro Se Document Production Links. CPS Victims can show their proofs of Judicial Negligence which enabled the Kidnap for Profit of children. Document Connect the relationships between the Family Court Judges campaign contributors, the private for profit adoption or foster placement agency, the financial incentive of the CPS DHS social workers and the financial incentive of the foster family who illegally seeks adopts your child for the powerful IRS and financial credits given systematically whether the child is loved and wanted or not. http Measure Case Management Agenda Synergy by and between Family Court, Superior Court and Federal Courts for catching or covering up Judicial Misconduct, Judicial Negligence, Willful Failure To Protect, Willful Reckless Child Endangerment, Complicit Accessory Prolonged Child Abuse, Financial Incentive, Kidnap for profit, Human Trafficking, Racketeering, Employee Misconduct, chronic case misadministration. Fair Application of 28 USCS 453 Solemn Oath of Justices and Judges and Judicial Oath Canon 2(B) Forbids Judicial Immunity in 1983 Civil Rights Act in Federal and ...
  • Sharaawy and Mubarak Sheikh Sharaawy has some wise words for Hosni Mubarak-and for us all. Please note that this is in Arabic and here is the English translation courtesy of Tamer Abouzeid and Farah Haddadin. (Please note comments in [brackets] are further explanations/annotations where deemed necessary.) And I am, Mr. President, standing at the doorstep of my life [close to death], to receive God's fate; so I will not conclude my life with hypocrisy, nor publicize my strength through feigned courage. But I shall say a new word to the entire [Islamic] Nation; Government and Party, Opposition and Men, and a Peoples, I am sorry to say, that is complacent. I want of them to know, that all Dominion is in the hand of God; He gives it to who He wills: there is no conspiring to take it, and no conniving to reach it. Indeed, The Truth [God] (Glorified and Almighty), when He told of the dialogue between Ibrahim [Abraham] and Namrooz [Nimrod], what did He say to him? [Quotation from Qur'an, Sura Al-Baqara 2:258:] "Have you not considered him who argued with Ibrahim about his God," and he is a non-believer, He said "...because God had given him dominion." For dominion, when God grants it, He said, "brings dominion to who He wills." So there is no conspiring on God to get dominion, and there is no conniving against God to get rule, because no one will rule in God's Dominion except with the want of God. (Crowd yells: Yes, God is Greater) And so if he [the ruler] was just, he has done good with his just ...
  • Shinobi no Mono 2 - Vengeance Confident that he has destroyed the Iga Ninja, the evil ODA Nobunaga continues his quest to conquer Japan. Meanwhile, ISHIKAWA Goemon (ICHIKAWA Raizo) has settled down with his wife and child, and wishes only to live in peace -- a wish that will not be granted. As mighty warlords battle and connive, Goemon must once again try to assassinate Nobunaga, in order to save the Bhuddist religious community that has come to mean so much to him. But the path to success is once again a twisted one, full of scheming samurai and nefarious traps!
  • Control, Defy, Destroy, Connive Chris Duggan, Live at The Bitter End, September 2009
  • XYZfear - Halloween Horror Short - "Killer" Haunted House! --WINNER: Film of the Day, --Screened at Santa Fe Film Festival --Viewer Rating: *** on 01 Four con artists connive to create a most unusual Halloween Haunted House. What they create is a rip-off to all who enter--with the exception of three beautiful girls who end up creating some horror of their own. (This low-budget short is meant to be campy!!) ATTENTION: Any aspiring indie filmmakers out there!!! There is a feature-length script based on this short. Anyone who would like to read the script and maybe take a crack at making the feature, please contact us. It's a really awesome script. We optioned a completely different script to Adam Sandler's Happy Madison co. but we thought for our horror script we would see if we could find any creative indie filmmakers (Halloween horror movies are always video rental gold!!) Hope to hear from you!! xyzfear - short movie
  • Chinese Shaoju Opera-Pilgrimage to the West-skeleton -4 Pig: What's that? there are words on it.Master,Look! Monk Tang: It reads Have Mercy Not To Kill,Connive Monkey Not To Succeed.Oh my God!You descend me this decree showing your wisdom.The monkey is too sinful to spare his life! Monkey: Master,it's a trick played by the monster. Monk Tang: Nonsense!It's definately the enlightment from Buddha.I will never forgive you again.You go back to where you come. Monk Sha: Master,Monkey the seniour has been so faithful to you.Please think it over! Monk Tang: I have made the decision.Don't say one word more!I will write you an approvement! Monkey: Master,please don't... Pig: Master,it's not good to do that. Monk Tang: I will never have a prentice like you! Monkey: Master,you should dissolve the incantations on me since I'm not your prentice! Monk Tang: You're too diobedient to spare the incantations. Monkey: Ok,I will go! Monk Sha: Master,please don't be so cruel to monkey the seniour!I will go instead of him! Monkey: No,none of your business.Let me go! Pig: Master,both of them want to leave,what about me? Monk Tang: Do you know it's the will of Buddha? Monkey: Master,I thought I could protect you to the west.But you are tricked by the monster to drive me away.You will be clear in the future.Please accept my last courtesy call!Master,please take care of yourself.Sha,pay more attation to master on the way.Bajie,don't be oversleep or overeat,you should take the responsibility.Whenever come into a monster you aren't able to fight,you just ...
  • Me Singing "Crystalised" by The Xx (Ukulele Acoustic Cover) I found The Xx on the internet.. and i have to say they are awesome!! I love every single song of them.. (check out their songs on youtube!) So I decided to do a cover of their song "Crystalised" on the ukulele... i know my ukulele skills really arent the best, but it just didnt work out on piano.. so i hope you can connive my bad skills and listen to the singing.. and the absolutely adorable lyrics.. it's just awesome.. :D enjoy it.. you also are invited to leave a comment or give it a thumb up :P if you want to listen to more me singing videos.. visit my channel... may subscribe to it too :)
  • Nick Griffin: 'Labour' connivance with Con and LibDem Nick Griffin (of BNP) on Labour ignoring 60% of the electorate. Fake market research tries to identify voter intentions. How the LibLabCon connive to try to keep themselves in power.
  • Fun With Shorts: Word to the Wives MST3K style commentary on this wholesome short subject that urges discontented wives to connive their husbands into upgrading their homes. Features an early performance by Darren McGavin. Commentary by Josh Way, footage from . (NOTE: This episode of Fun With Shorts has been edited for time to meet YouTube standards.)
  • I will connive: Singalong with John McCain My parody of "I will survive" re: the Wall Street bailout
  • SeVeN dAy SoNNeT - hApleSS lyricS DISCLAIMER: (c) all rights go to BIG TIME Records and Seven Day Sonnet No one else had a lyrics video to this, so i desided to jump on it c: Lyrics: every hapless thought was right haven't burn into hate the undespair i dream alone no one could care of wasting with her type yet I still connive to go running back into the light the day they left a part of me unglued as it seems As it seems don't want to remember my darkest day goodbyes are forever you slipped away No longer together so cold and gray you left me forever alone and empty all my demons out tonight, cold fire blazed within my eyes I sit at night and wait for life to stop this hellish ice your voice bring me lights until I realize that you have died the day you left I burned with all this anger that I liked That l lied don't want to remember my darkest day goodbyes are forever you slipped away No longer together so cold and gray you left me forever alone and empty my hapless don't think this is who I've become I see the shell of that time waiting and they wont have disease and as its all life falls in I feel its cold on my skin easing my pain in these long hapless days don't want to remember my darkest day goodbyes are forever you slipped away No longer together so cold and gray you left me forever alone and empty (Random lines that i just don't want to look up and type... hey i'm lazy :D) Thx!
  • Connive... We(Electric Shadow) wrote the song "Connive" and made it into a video...just blowing off some steam over certain events our leaders have involved us in...We want to make it clear to all that we love our country and support our troops,but not George Bush. He has lied to us and the world, Bush and all his cronies. ~J&C~
  • Pep Love - Trinity Lost Trinity Lost by Pep Love on Defenders of the Underworld This is a terrific tale Of fiction and fact Depiction and confliction, back When your religion was original Didn't you know There was a shepherd He had three sons A herd of dirty sheep He protected three hundred acres His land spanned wide His sons divided three ways The night that man died The eldest felt this Opportunity to rise While the one in the middle still cried The little one held his father's staff HIGH Cursed the sky, kissed the ground Shouted loud as he could "The world is mine!" Drew a line Told his brothers to never cross And they did the same Not even knowing what it cost them [Chorus] Days are years Years millennia Here's what your religion is Gimme yours, gimme his Division is wide Trinity's lost and blind I wanna find it It remind of what a penny cost [Verse two] The sons of the shepherd Separated the flock Every day that they watched them graze They started to plot Against one another And since the younger brother Dispensed with brotherly bond And he responded swift Speedily immediately he would lift One of the other brother's sheep If ever the stray they would drift And give a gift to his self Thinking of ruling the tribes He would connive To ruin the lives Of his own blood As his plot increased The eldest grew suspicious And learned not to sleep The second son turned to god and asked "Why my brothers defy my fathers wish And it shouldn't be like this" But learned that's how it is Hell bound When ...
  • The White Elephant (promo) trailer of "THE WHITE ELEPHANT" Story & Direction by Aijaz Khan Synopsis :On the day of the sacred festival, as was the ritual, Nathan (The Holy Elephant) chooses Shabri (a worthless drunk) as its new keeper. For the chosen one it was a matter of fortune and honor for the rest it was a matter of envy.Nathan was the holy elephant of the village and the fortunes of its keeper were sure to change. This honor (Nathan) for the poor Shabri, who finds it difficult to provide for his small family, is initially too much to take on. It is Shabris new found resolve and the holy elephants allure that enable him to not only face adversity but also defeat the evil powers of the envious village tantric (practitioner of black magic) and the conniving lady (a timber merchant from the neighboring village) who are both trying to steal the holy elephant, for its godly status, from the village. Nathans loss would have meant devastation for the village. The story of Shabris resolve to safeguard the villages honor, changing fortunes, the envious eyes, the power of spells and connive..above all a story of strength of faith and the impact of believing The White Elephant.
  • Chinese Hooligans immodestly getting on a monument torch relay in Nagano, Japan Chinese is an illegal occupancy as for the monument. However, the police connive. 聖火リレー 長野駅前モニュメントを占領する中国人 より転載
  • [CC] Nais Ko (Kaputol Ng Isang Awit) Performed by Glaiza de Castro and Lovi Poe. Lovi Poe, Jolo Revilla, Marky Cielo, and Glaiza de Castro stars in the Sine Novela "Kaputol Ng Isang Awit," a Philippine drama that aired on GMA Network. Find out how music, fame and dreams interconnect the love and lives of the four main characters. When Eric Valderama (Marky Cielo) discovers the potential of Sarah Monteza (Glaiza de Castro) as a solo performer, will he also discover a new love in her? Seeing Sarah as a threat to her love and career, what schemes will Joanna Ambrosio (Lovi Poe) use to destroy her competition? Meanwhile, when Marco Salcedo (Jolo Revilla) realizes that the woman he loves is in love with someone else, will he give in and accept defeat? Or will he connive to get what he wants? And what fate does the mysterious -- and unfinished -- music sheet keep secret for the four main characters? ______________________________________________________ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of The Copyright Act 1976 of the United States, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
  • Only Love Is Real - Carole King Carole King - Only Love Is Real from Thoroughbred LP in 1976 As I bask in the glow of a just-lit fire Feeling the warmth as the flame grows higher I think it's true that nothing is really new under the sun Watching a new love grow from old love's embers Yesterday's gone but today remembers Doesn't it seem to come down the same for everyone Only love is real Everything else illusion Adding to the confusion of the way we connive At being alive Tracing a line till we can define The thing that allows us to feel Only love is real Childhood dreams like muddy waters Flowing through me to my son and daughters Everything I ever thought is confirmed as truth to me Even as I see the way that I want to go now Still I wish I had known what I know now Maybe I could have spared you giving your youth to me Only love is real Everything else illusion Adding to the confusion of the way we contrive To just stay alive Tracing a line till we can define The thing that allows us to feel Only love is real
  • Oba Adegboro 2 The King of Aladie village die moments after enthronement. A stranger is to be installed as the king, says the oracle. Peace reigns in the land after the installation, but it is shortlived as some chiefs connive and kill the just king. There is a curse in the land which must be unravelled.

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  • “They can plan, scheme, connive and loot. They can maim your reputation and throw your Tags: Boeing, Boeing 747, Connive, Hawk, Heavy Stone, Internet Security, Irrepairable”
    — " Profits,

  • “Pincher & White's IT collaboration blog. Don't drink and drive - Don't email and connive. By Michael Pincher on Collaboration 2.008 was the previous entry in this blog. Out of the Office - Santa's little helpers will be”
    — Don't drink and drive - Don't email and connive,

  • “Hi there, What are words (informal and formal) which means to allow something bad or some bad behavour to happen or to continue? Is 'connive' a good choice? What other alternative? thanks a lot. simon”
    connive - ESL Forum,

  • “In every society there is a need for openness and a need for secrecy. Fundamentalists have planned and are planning terrorist attacks on our way of life”
    — The perils of publishing | fotoLibra Blog,

  • “From next month, anyone who wants to rent their house out (maybe because they are moving through spin doctors, they lie and connive. Remember British Jobs for British workers and”
    — New Labour law coming out in April meaning that you'll need,

  • “connive connoisseur connotation conscience conscientious conscript conservative conservatory consign console consonant conspire constellation consternation constitutional constrain constraint constrict ÈÏʶ50%ÒÔÉÏ'Ê"ã¼È¿ÉÒÔÈÏΪ×Ô¼º / 3770.html - ¹²1ǧÓà×Ö - RSS”
    — Ëѹ·²©¿ÍËÑË÷: connive,

  • “A gesture of purloined for granted(p) accurates against the righteousness connive, pair departments who causes emotion in many parts of the populace are”
    — Who is cheating who? | Car Loans for Bad Credit,

  • “Indian Service Providers Connive to Survive. Comments currently disabled on this Blog system. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Copyright © 2000-2003 , CTQ”
    — Indian Service Providers Connive to Survive,

  • “Outer Banks Message board post. Dicuss everything from Outer Banks Vacation Rentals to restaurants. The troll was pretty good when I came back and I am now trying to connive a way to come down right after Christmas”
    — OBX Connection - Outer Banks Message Detail,

  • “Congregation Beth El is a Conservative Synagogue in San Diego, California Jacob, clueless as to the significance his dream – asleep – continues to connive for blessings, but often finds himself bereft, alone, and bitter”
    — December " 2009 " Blog of Congregation Beth El,

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