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  • A packet of 18 publications explaining easy and inexpensive shoreland best management practices (BMPs) that lake and river property owners can adopt to protect water quality. The pubs provide information on maintaining septic systems, ensuring a. — “Conserving Water”,
  • Conserving Missouri's Aquatic Ecosystems: Student Guide (399KB) Conserving Missouri's Aquatic Ecosystems: Water is Life (590KB) Did you know that every living thing - plants as well as animals. — “MDC Library”,
  • Shop on the Internet for conserving with Shopzilla. Buy the best products from top-rated stores at the lowest prices every time. Compare prices on conserving. — “Shopzilla - Gift shopping for Conserving”,
  • Its 100-strong research and development team works continuously to develop technologies that contribute significantly to a safer and greener environment while conserving energy and costs for the company's clients. tower solutions are conducive to conserving 40 MT of carbon emission. — “ACME”,
  • Conserving Water is a relevant online resource website constructed to support individuals to learn more about Conserving Water. Please look around our website where you will find educational resources and articles about Conserving Water. — “Conserving Water — Conserving Water News”, conserving-
  • Discover the many ways to save electricity at home. Learn how to conserve electricity in the house with some practical tips. Saving electricity is not difficult, there are many ways to save money on electricity. — “How To Conserve Electricity In The House | Saving Electricity”, conserving-electricity-in-the-
  • National, nonprofit organization that conserves land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens, natural areas and open space. — “Trust for Public Land, The”,
  • Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in the United States. Finding and treating breast cancer in the early stages allows many women to be Breast conserving therapy refers to surgical removal of the tumor and a small portion of normal surrounding breast tissue, followed by radiation. — “Surgery for breast cancer — Mastectomy and breast conserving”,
  • How is conserving natural resources possible? Why is conserving natural resources important? To know exact answers to these questions, carefully read this article on conservation of natural resources. Conserving Natural Resources. — “Conserving Natural Resources”,
  • The purpose of Conserving Tolland is to proactively encourage action to conserve and preserve land in Tolland. — “Welcome to Conserving Tolland!”,
  • Learn about Conserving Water on . Find info and videos including: How to Conserve Water in a Global Water Crisis, How to Conserve Water, How to Conserve Water in the Home and much more. — “Conserving Water - ”,
  • Oxygen conserving device - 353 results from 156 stores, including Respiratory Supplies - Drive Medical Oxygen Conserving Device Electric 18900, Oxymizer Oxygen Conserving Devices - Disposable - Pendant style - cs 24, Drive Medical Oxygen. — “Oxygen conserving device - Shop sales, stores & prices at”,
  • Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak, Michigan Cancer center study shows that despite African American Woman usually having a much more aggressive form of breast cancer, breast conserving therapy such as lumpectomy is a good treatment option. Conserving Water Can Conserve Money Too. — “Conserving - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Home page of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a Bureau in the Department of Interior. Our mission is, working with others, to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the. — “U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Home”,
  • Definition of conserving in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of conserving. Pronunciation of conserving. Translations of conserving. conserving synonyms, conserving antonyms. Information about conserving in the free online English dictionary and. — “conserving - definition of conserving by the Free Online”,
  • conserving , preserving saving from harm or loss; 'serves a conserving function'. — “conserving, preserving: Information from ”,
  • How can you do your part to conserve? The Portland Water Bureau's Water Conservation Program can be reached at 503-823-4527 or [email protected]“Conserving H2O”,
  • Oxygen Conserving Devices - 14 results like the medline EconO2Mizer Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver : HCSO2CONS, Oxymizer Oxygen Conserving Devices - Disposable - Pendant style - cs 24, Oxymizer Oxygen Conserving Devices - Disposable - Pendant style. — “Oxygen Conserving Devices - Health Care - Compare Prices”,
  • Definition of conserving from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of conserving. Pronunciation of conserving. Definition of the word conserving. Origin of the word conserving. — “conserving - Definition of conserving at ”,
  • "Conserving Our Future" provides a compelling argument for conservation, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of our existing building stock as the single most effective Donate online or send in a donation by check to Conserving Our Future c/o The Natural Step Network, 133 SW 2nd Ave, Ste. — “Home”,
  • Envirosax® designer reusable bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style! See this video demonstrating wrapping with Envirosax® bags: http:///watch?. — “Home | ”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Conserving California. Get exclusive content and interact with Conserving California right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Conserving California | Facebook”,

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  • Wood-Conserving Stove Video Wood-conserving stoves are saving thousands of trees, reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions, and greatly improving women and children's health in Central America. Utilizing half the firewood of a "traditional" open pit fireplace and reducing the amount of smoke and black carbon in the homes, the wood-conserving stoves or Justa stoves being implemented by SHI are a radical and healthy change. Traditionally, the walls and roofs of rural homes in Central America would be caked with black soot, while smoke being inhaled by women and children would be the equivalent of smoking 2 to 5 packs of cigarettes per day. Such traditional stoves, notorious for consuming large amounts of wood, are also a main cause of respiratory infections, tuberculosis, eye disease and more. According to the World Health Organization, about 1.6 million deaths around the world were associated with indoor air pollution or the burning of biomass as cooking fuel. Using a combination of bricks and adobes, the wood conserving stoves being installed by SHI Field Trainers and participants have been known to: * Cut wood consumption by 50 to 75% * Reduce indoor smoke by 90%, thus reducing carbon monoxide and particulate matter * Save an average of 1.5 tons of carbon emissions per year Film generously created by: Lazarina Todorova
  • Conserving Ammo Live Commentary w/ xJawz I thought it would be cool to use 60 bullets to get 7+ kills
  • Conserving a George Catlin Painting In this studio conservators restore the surface of paintings to a condition that most closely resembles an earlier unaltered or undamaged state. The two most common procedures that take place here are cleaning and inpainting. During cleaning, conservators carefully remove layers of accumulated grime; darkened varnish; and old, discolored retouching from the surface of paintings. To restore areas of lost paint, conservators fill the areas of loss with gesso, and inpaint them to match surrounding areas of original paint. They use easily reversible materials and take great care not to cover any of the original paint that had been applied by the artist.
  • Top 10 EASY Ways To Conserve In 2010 Count down the top EASY ways to conserve in 2010 with Melissa McGinnis and GreenopolisTV! There are now 6.8 billion of us and we are connected like never before. The human population continues to expand by more than 200000 people every day. The latest UN projections have the global population reaching 9.2 billion by the middle of this century. Since we are all in it together lets make this year a new beginning for conserving and reusing....
  • IFR breast conserving surgery Intramammarian flap reconstruction technique. A surgical method to help avoid asymmetries and indentations in breast conserving oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer. It creates no additional scars as most of the other oncoplastic methods. A method developed at the Zürich breast center (, Switzerland.
  • Conserving Red-Faced Liocichla The North Carolina Zoo is among the world's leaders in protecting the world's exotic bird population. One of its most important breeding successes has been with the Red-faced Liocichla, a native of China and Southeast Asia.
  • Why waste today what you can save for tomorrow? My entry for the Water Innovation Now contest... WINWIN project 2008 was open for only the general orange county area (CA, USA), but hopefully will be open for more states and eventually the world in a few years. Anyway, the theme of this project is water conservation, of course, focusing on public awareness or innovative methods for solving the water crisis. My video focuses on informing the public about the problem and offering them simple methods they can follow in order to save water. photos taken by yours truly bgm: The Gods Give Us Blessed Rain ~ Sylphid Dream, ZUN DISCLAIMER: I take no credit for or possession of the music used in this project. ZUN is the sole creator of this awesome song. Also, this project is in no way associated with ZUN or touhou project. update: this project didn't win anything... honestly i'm not that surprised, but the project that DID win... not too sure about that one...
  • Conserving Bronze: The Lamp with Erotes from Vani In the summer of 2007, four bronze lamps were discovered in a rock-cut pit near the walls of ancient Vani. Much ancient bronzework is lost to us, so the discovery of these remarkable objects in such a well-preserved condition is of immense value. Two of these lamps were recently conserved at the Getty Villa in collaboration with the Georgian National Museum. Watch conservators use a range of approaches to study and clean the Lamp with Erotes from Vani in this short film from the Getty Museum. Download video (ZIP files): HD 480p (MOV 88 MB) -- HD 720p (MOV 208 MB) -- iPod/iPhone (M4V 40 MB) -- Related exhibition:
  • Planting trees in Kenya - conserving rare trees and addressing global warming with protected forests UK Charity Excellent supports communities in rural semi-arid regions of Africa to regenerate degraded environments and create sustainable livelihoods. In rural Africa 80% of people rely on traditional medicines for primary health care. However unsustainable exploitation threatens many of the indigenous medicinal trees from which these traditional medicines are harvested. In Kenya, Excellent's TreeDuty forests protect these rare, often difficult to grow species in a secure fenced and watered environment. The rainwater harvesting methods used as well as the trees themselves help conserve soil and water and restore degraded and deforested environments. Seeds from the forest trees are made available to community members who wish to plant the trees on their own farms, for both income and medicinal use. Excellent provides training and community exchanges so farmers learn how to grow and harvest the trees for themselves. As well as protecting endangered species and providing a source of income and medicines, planting trees within the tropics has been shown to increase low level cloud cover resulting in a cooling effect on regional temperatures.
  • my cute cat...conserving energy? My cute cat goes green! COMMENT A CAPTION (to describe the video in LOLcat style). I'll get it started: "Conservation cat is conserving your energies." For those who are concerned, thanks! But please allow me to point out that: 1) His mouth is nowhere near the exposed prongs. If it's plugged in...all he can grab is the plastic part of the plug. 2) Outlets are designed such that if you are able to reach an exposed prong, the plug is likely no longer in the socket seat (no power). 3) Regardless of points 1 and 2, except for this video, I keep my plugs safely taped to the wall. And for those that asked, yes, I wrote the background music...I wanted to commemorate my little friend. If you like the tune, I posted the mp3 here:
  • Conserving sea turtles in Nicaragua www.fauna- José Urteaga, FFI's Nicaragua Programme Manager, talks about our sea turtles conservation project in Nicaragua. The project focuses on protecting the critically endangered leatherback and endangered olive ridley turtles, which are threatened by poachers who illegally harvest their eggs along beaches on Nicaraguas Pacific coast. So far, FFI has trained over 80 community members, many of whom are ex-poachers, in managing sea turtle hatcheries and other protection measures. This has led to an impressive rise in hatching success on two key beaches, including one at Chacocente Wildlife Refuge. We are also helping communities to develop alternative income sources, such as handbag production from recycled plastic bags, and implementing national awareness campaigns to reduce demand for turtle eggs. FFI plans to extend protection to both a third, newly discovered leatherback nesting beach called Salamina and to near shore waters to safeguard adult turtles.
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Conserving America's Future The state revision of a National History Day documentary.
  • Conserving the Nature of America in Changing Climate: The US Fish and Wildlife Service.mpg Climate change is affecting our nation's fish and wildlife species now. Changes in temperature and precipitation levels are changing vegetation patterns and causing shifts in habitat. Species will need to move to follow changes in food and habitat. Learn how climate change will impact species and the ramifications for our society in terms of food, jobs, and recreation. Join the US Fish and Wildlife Service in helping find solutions to mitigate climate change and to help fish and wildlife adapt to shifting habitat conditions. For more information, please visit:
  • Conserving Maxfield Parrish Harper's Bazar: Easter 1895 cover/poster by Maxfield Parrish. Chris Cloutier bleaches the poster, linen backs it and restores the missing bits in the margins. Rare original poster- Parrish's first commission.
  • Conserving water in soil - Claire's allotment part 81 It's important to keep your soil as moist as possible during the summer. Here's a way to do so with some rotten old leaves.
  • The US Fish and Wildlife Service - Conserving the Nature of America in a Changing Climate The planet's terrestrial and marine ecosystems are being affected by climate change. Forests, grasslands, wetlands, rivers and oceans are changing. These systems produce our oxygen and our rainfall. As these ecosystems change, the nation's fish, wildlife, and plants are being affected with implications for jobs, the economy, and wildlife-based outdoor recreation. Learn how the US Fish and Wildlife Service is working with citizens, communities, and businesses to tackle this challenge.
  • Conserving Japanese Works of Art in Foreign Collections Learn more about the exhibition Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor, 1156—1868, on view at the Met October 21, 2009 — January 10, 2010: Norio Suzuki, Director-General, National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo This is the first comprehensive exhibition devoted to the arts of the samurai. Arms and armor is the principal focus, bringing together the finest examples of armor, swords and sword mountings, archery equipment and firearms, equestrian equipment, banners, surcoats, and related accessories of rank such as fans and batons. Drawn entirely from public and private collections in Japan, the majority of objects date from the rise of the samurai in the late Heian period, ca. 1156, through the early modern Edo period, ending in 1868, when samurai culture was abolished. The martial skills and daily life of the samurai, their governing lords, the daimyo, and the ruling shoguns will also be evoked through the presence of painted scrolls and screens depicting battles and martial sports, castles, and portraits of individual warriors. The exhibition concludes with a related exhibition documenting the recent restoration in Japan of a selection of arms and armor from the Metropolitan Museums permanent collection. This is the first exhibition ever devoted to the subject of Japanese arms and armor conservation. This Sunday at the Met is supported by the Japan Foundation.
  • Old AFN commercial about conserving energy. Recorded in 1991 in Karlsruhe Germany.
  • Conserving Energy Efficiency Tips from Dave Walton of Direct Energy. Dave gives homeowners energy efficiency tips they can do around the house in the summer to assist them in conserving energy, save money and avoid fights over the thermostat while staying cool. Dave also discusses furnace and air conditioner maintenance tips, installing a programmable thermostat, reducing your energy bills; annual air conditioning maintenance, change or clean your air filter ever 90 days, winter or summer; what should and shouldn't be around your air conditioner unit outside, keeping your windows energy efficient, and keeping furniture and carpets of floor registers. Dave's energy efficiency tips can be applied year round in the home - thermostat spats don't just take place in the summer! For more of Daves tips visit .
  • Conserve First! Saving Energy in the Home Peak Moment 57: Todd Cory lives in a zero energy home. He started by conserving a whopping 70% of his energy use. Then he installed solar hot water and electricity connected to the grid. This renewable energy installer brims with enthusiastic ideas about having fun consuming less energy, starting with "the low hanging fruit"-- what's easy and cheapest to do.
  • Conserving Purcell Park Visual Rhetoric
  • Conserving Art on Paper Here in the Paper Conservation Lab conservators examine, document and treat a wide variety of works on paper for exhibition, acquisition and collections storage. The collections include prints, drawings, watercolors, and photographic materials, all of which have their own unique physical and aesthetic characteristics. Typical conservation treatments and preventive measures include surface cleaning, removing harmful attachments such as pressure-sensitive tape and poor-quality matting materials, reducing discoloration and staining, flattening paper distortions, and housing artworks in chemically-stable, acid-free materials.
  • Conserving Farmland Peak Moment 1: Increasing local food production requires preserving agricultural land rather than developing it. Conservation easements on Bill and Anna Trabucco's ranch preserves agricultural land now supporting a grass-fed cattle operation.
  • Survival from SurviveTheWild. US: Conserving Water Some tips on conserving your water supply, but still drinking when u want when no water is around.
  • African Wildlife Foundation - Conserving, Protecting, Empowering African Wildlife Foundation needs your help to conserve wildlife, protect land, and empower people in Africa. Please give to AWF in your EarthShare CFC campaign, number 11219 on your pledge card. They're the foremost authority on African Wildlife dedicated to protecting elephants, mountain gorillas and other endangered species through innovative, practical programs developed with the people of Africa.
  • MFF On Location #27- Conserving the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon- Grand Canyon Adventure (HD) To learn more and find 2-D and 3-D IMAX theaters playing this movie, visit To find more about our films, visit http Now in HD, Episode 27 of "MFF: On Location" brings a conclusion to the behind the scenes video podcast for "Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk." Watch the films' stars Wade Davis and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as they make a case for conserving The Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Director Greg MacGillivray discusses how the film presents these subjects with the beauty and awe that can only be experienced through both IMAX & IMAX 3D. Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk - now playing at an IMAX theater near you. Starring Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Kick Kennedy, Wade Davis, Tara Davis and Shana Watahomigie. Presented by Teva and proudly supported by Kohler. Music by Dave Matthews Band.
  • Conserving Power The San Francisco Giants Superfan explains the outfield configuration to Jose Cruz Jr. and Marquis Grissom. (2003 commercial)
  • Conserving Norman Rockwell's "United Nations" Video for Norman Rockwell Museum's new exhibition "Conserving Norman Rockwell's 'United Nations.'" Leslie Paisley, Conservator of Paper Department Head at Williamstown Art Conservation Center, takes viewers through the process of treating a fragile work on paper through such means as aqueous water technique-- don't try this at home! Video produced by Jeremy Clowe. ©2009 Norman Rockwell Museum. All rights reserved. "Conserving Norman Rockwells 'United Nations'" Norman Rockwell Museum Opens May 2, 2009 This intimate exhibition will explore the intricacies of art conservation, from initial evaluation to complete restoration. A step-by-step investigation to the Williamstown Art Conservation Centers methods of conserving Norman Rockwells large-scale symbolic portrayal of the United Nations and the peoples of the world will offer insights into a rarely seen but essential preservation process.
  • Conserving the Spider Monkey Pot Conservators Nina Owczarek and Julia Lawson reveal all their conservation secrets and discuss the challenges of conserving and preparing the pottery for the exhibition Painted Metaphors: Pottery and politics of the Ancient Maya.
  • Inkaterra Association conserving flora and fauna - Tambopata Peru Rainforest Video - Machu Picchu Cusco Tambopata Hotel - Peru Hotels. Environmental protection programs by Inkaterra through ITA include evaluation of the surrounding atmosphere, landscapes, flora, fauna, water, air, sounds and solid waste. Inkaterra through its NGO Inkaterra Foundation (Inka Terra Asociacion ITA) carried out ecological initiatives at the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, on the Tambopata National Reserve in Perus Southern Rainforest and at the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel, in the Machu Picchu National Reserve in the Southern Andes. ITA was founded to conserve the environment, ecosystems, cultural and archaeological natural resources, maintain an ecological equilibrium, Perus cultural identity and apply sustainable development. Part of Inkaterra profits are invested in ITAs activities in conservation, education, and social development of native communities in Peru.
  • Conserving Shackleton's Historic Hut in Antarctica Conservators with the Antarctic Heritage Trust talk about their work at the historic 1908 Shackleton hut at Cape Royds in Antarctica. Video by Mary Lynn Price, . Built 100 years ago in 1908 as part of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod Expedition, the hut is filled with the effects and furnishings from that "heroic era" expedition. Because of the hard work and diligence of the Trust, the hut and its historic contents have been restored for future generations of visitors and scholars to enjoy, learn from and be inspired by. Here's a video of Trust conservators talking about their work on location at the Shackleton hut. Hope you enjoy it! MLP
  • Presentation on Conserving Migratory Birds by Doug Ryan, US Fish & Wildlife Service Presentation by Doug Ryan, US Fish and Wildlife Service, to the Bird Conversation Alliance concerning the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act http
  • Preservation of Pop Up and Movable Books, Conserving the Past (Baldwin Library Exhibit) Video for the Pop Up Books Exhibit from the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature at the University of Florida
  • Easy Ways Kids Can Conserve
  • Conserving Minnesota's Battle Flags The Minnesota Historical Society recently began a project to conserve several Civil War and Spanish American War battle flags. Doug Bekke, Assistant to the Textile Conservator, explains the painstaking process of examining and treating each of these historic banners.
  • BNN: Successes in Conserving the Thick-billed Parrot This Bird News Network (BNN) video by American Bird Conservancy () includes some amazing footage of the Thick-billed Parrot http taken by Greg Homel, Natural Elements Productions. The video discusses several recent conservation successes to help boost populations of this endangered species that may one day be reintroduced back into the United States where it once lived in Arizona.
  • CONSERVING INDIA - Delhi, India - DRIVE EVERY DROP http FOLLOW THE FULL EXPERIENCE OF THE ROAD TRIP HERE I have met the inspiring duo behind Conserve India, a husband-and-wife team that has contributed massively to the recycling industry. With the business that they started over 10 years ago to reuse plastics, Anita and Shalab have changed the lives of more than a hundred women by providing training and a paid job. These women (many joined by their husbands) now know that the product of their work is in demand at a price many times higher than that of the discarded plastic. Anita says we can see the pride in their body language, and I agree. See the video episode for the full story - it's well worth it. You can see exactly how you can go from a discarded, value-less plastic bag, to a fashionable end-product.
  • T-Claw :Conserve Natural Resources T-Claw talks about the various ways we can conserve natural resources by sourcing locally and proper recycling. Filmed at "The Flaming Eggplant" Café which is managed and run by students of Evergreen College in Washington State, USA.
  • Tips of Conserving Energy - hosted by Ms. Enriquez @ GMA 7 video
  • Conserving Water in Israel A system for conserving water with special pipes is being promoted as one of the solutions to Israel's water crisis. As seen on Arutz Sheva.
  • How to Wash Dishes : How to Conserve Water when Washing Dishes Learn how to conserve water when you are washing dishes by hand with expert cleaning tips in this free dish washing video. Expert: Grace Fitzpatrick Bio: Grace Fitzpatrick has studied ventriloquism for years and is a trained improv actor. She uses the illusion of "throwing" her voice to entertain children at parties. Filmmaker: David Jackel
  • Duke Alum Fisher Works to Conserve Land Jeff Fisher (Duke, MEM 2000) works with landowners to help them conserve their land and preserve their heritage. He manages the consulting side of his business Unique Places, the Durham-based real estate company he runs with his partner Guenevere Abernathy. His expertise all began with his study of the concept of ecosystem assets at Duke.
  • yongjoon_engbot: yongjoon_engbot: Such revealing clothes! I see what is going on! Conserving materials for making of military uniforms no doubt!
  • VIPHonda: VIPHonda: The 2012 Honda Fit Sport is compact, fuel conserving, and fun!
  • LesslieAmanda: LesslieAmanda: @CBS7News @newswest9 tom green. What happen to conserving water. Bs
  • vamc61: vamc61: RT @ScottcoService: #3) Conserving water saves you money #2) We're giving away complimentary low-flow faucet aerators #1) It's FREE (now through 9/30)
  • Gabelllini: Gabelllini: I just created "Best Apps for Conserving Cash" on Android Apps
  • Local2Mornings: Local2Mornings: Share with us the creative ways you're conserving water.
  • rcuarenta: rcuarenta: @cuddyquotes was conserving towels today &used mine from earlier. should have told her I used it to wipe down toilet bfore she showered.oops
  • mltheKWEENjr: mltheKWEENjr: RT @CoCoBingham: Conserving my last fumes by driving under the speed limit @mltheKWEENjr: #gashigh RT @CoCoBingham: An eighth of a tank of gas. 1/8
  • GaleanoContract: GaleanoContract: Toilets: 30% of home water consumption is used when a toilet is flushed. 1992-when water-conserving toilets became mandatory.
  • CoCoBingham: CoCoBingham: Conserving my last fumes by driving under the speed limit @mltheKWEENjr: #gashigh RT @CoCoBingham: An eighth of a tank of gas. 1/8
  • EnglishFolkfan: EnglishFolkfan: @JayJayW9 @sheepio Am conserving my energies for the local big 4 day shindig next weekend :)
  • HeirOfZion: HeirOfZion: @NtombiNkiwane -» I log off twitter so when I text you, rather text me back cause I'm always conserving my battery.
  • ShahnazAKariim: ShahnazAKariim: I'm not lazy, I'm just conserving energy.
  • hborys: hborys: The Trouble with Consumption: a conserving economy values handing down, not using up. #OriginalGreen
  • LadiesLuvC_Josh: LadiesLuvC_Josh: I got it Don but I gotta start conserving :/
  • IPhoneAcces: IPhoneAcces: Foodstuff Coupons Conserving money!
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  • SILVIAqps: SILVIAqps: Get Paid By The Utility Company While Conserving Energy #company
  • GAUDENCIAxru: GAUDENCIAxru: #company Get Paid By The Utility Company While Conserving Energy
  • KarasIbukihf: KarasIbukihf: Conserving Cultures: Technology, Globalization, and the Future of Local Cultures:
  • mmmpotatosalad: mmmpotatosalad: @GazBestInTown It's called conserving energy thankya. ;)
  • handsonhistory: handsonhistory: Remember our #Haiti post? Related: conserving its murals (Funny how some things get attention only once in danger...)
  • ShinsawaX: ShinsawaX: Just how Acquiring Two Binocular Harness could Assist Conserving your Day
  • HessaaBK: HessaaBK: I'm not lazy, I'm just conserving energy:$
  • ShinsawaZ: ShinsawaZ: Just how Acquiring Two Binocular Harness could Assist Conserving your Day. Read it now at
  • GreyAccountant: GreyAccountant: Conserving strength is an opportunity that shouldn't be mistaken for laziness.
  • Kordwar: Kordwar: @HermanBlarr the wards are invaluable early game and the proc makes melee farming easy while conserving mana
  • lorenav101: lorenav101: @EdwardNorton Happy birthday! 'Developing' and 'conserving' at the same time is very important.
  • GaRedClay912: GaRedClay912: Conserving energy....
  • Radiologynet: Radiologynet: Latest Radiology news: Conserving Your Momentum
  • Radiology_help: Radiology_help: Latest Radiology news: Conserving Your Momentum
  • jen_jen: jen_jen: I've yet to hear about "conservation" officers conserving anything. And they're not "destroying" animals, they're killing.
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  • kiran8: kiran8: The Importance of Conserving Water - Especially in a Climate Such As India !
  • YazakuraDrakepa: YazakuraDrakepa: Important Bird Areas in Fiji: Conserving Fiji's Natural Heritage:
  • DIRHealthBeauty: DIRHealthBeauty: Replaces Most Standard Toilet Seats Saving Expense of Toilet Paper and Conserving Trees
  • ArgoJournal: ArgoJournal: RT @mattyglesias: @TPCarney Much like how we don't really have a debate between "progress" and "conserving" things.
  • alyswagdistrict: alyswagdistrict: Conserving Battery Life 101.
  • mattyglesias: mattyglesias: @TPCarney Much like how we don't really have a debate between "progress" and "conserving" things.
  • ijofozosuq: ijofozosuq: I am not lazy - I am conserving energy!!
  • Sponsor_chnshi: Sponsor_chnshi: #breastcancer# He was the first Korean surgeon who carried out breast-conserving cancer surgery in Ko...
  • gaayjeans: gaayjeans: @LittleHorrorz not tested on all he go thru what. Only page 98-103 and 115 ba. The conserving land thingyyy.
  • RoppongiHoseint: RoppongiHoseint: Ducks in the Wild: Conserving Waterfowl and Their Habitats:
  • taylorcox: taylorcox: The world's supply of photos of depressed Wall Street brokers is about to be depleted. It's time to start conserving.
  • JostockLaw: JostockLaw: Trust as used in IRC refers 2 arrangement created whereby trustees take title 2 property 4 purpose of protecting/conserving it 4 beneficiary
  • chankai: chankai: World Filming - 40days - Day 17 Anyone can tell OUR government the importance of conserving OUR environment...
  • NCGP: NCGP: August is water quality month, and we have some new tips and links for you this month! How are you conserving?
  • COCountryLife: COCountryLife: The air conditioners are running across much of Colorado. But, many people are conserving energy where they can....
  • hdawesnoflaws: hdawesnoflaws: @Chuck_Taylord1 nah just conserving for that drive saturday
  • toshiba_laptops: toshiba_laptops: Comprehending the Challenge of Conserving a Data Center #toshiba #laptops
  • kellyx0erker: kellyx0erker: Conserving battery.. Goodbye for the day.
  • KaadeiruSeiatn: KaadeiruSeiatn: Conserving Plant Genetic Diversity in Protected Areas (Cabi):
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  • MeetThePeople: MeetThePeople: Over a cup of organic Fairtrade rooibos tea ,today our group will be learning about conserving biodiversity in S.Africa
  • GCGoesGreen: GCGoesGreen: Sustainability fact of the day: The pools in the Center have water-conserving filtration systems!
  • saico_yu: saico_yu: haha RT @true_primadonna: I'M NOT LAZY.. I'M JUST CONSERVING ENERGY... LOL!
  • true_primadonna: true_primadonna: I'M NOT LAZY.. I'M JUST CONSERVING ENERGY... LOL!
  • KamurogiOideup: KamurogiOideup: Reimagining the California Lawn: Water-conserving Plants, Practices, and Designs:
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