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  • Consistency quotes and quotations from brainyquote A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. — “Consistency Quotes”,
  • To support diverse sharing needs effectively, a replication middleware must provide a flexible consistency solution that (i) allows applications to express a broad variety of consistency needs, (ii) enforces consistency efficiently among WAN repli. — “Composable Consistency for Wide-area Replication”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Consistency. Information about Consistency in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Consistency definition of Consistency in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • They want to achieve a high degree of consistency in their process and their product. the degree of viscosity of something. Mix it until it has the consistency of a thick paste. (logic) Freedom from contradiction; the state of a system of axioms. — “consistency - Wiktionary”,
  • Consistency definition, a degree of density, firmness, viscosity, etc.: See more. correspondence or uniformity among the parts of a complex thing: consistency of colors throughout the house. — “Consistency | Define Consistency at ”,
  • Translations of consistency. consistency synonyms, consistency antonyms. Information about consistency in the free online English b. Correspondence among related aspects; compatibility: questioned the consistency of the administration's actions with its stated policy. — “consistency - definition of consistency by the Free Online”,
  • Consistency Models (cont) A process performs a read operation on a data item, expects the operation to return a value that shows the result of the last write operation on that data. No global clock difficult to define the last write operation. Consistency models provide other definitions. — “Consistency and Replication”,
  • Ethics requires consistency among our moral standards and in how we apply these standards; between our ethical standards and our actions; and between how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. — “Consistency and Ethics”,
  • Aspects of the topic consistency are discussed in the following places at Britannica. The fact that NBG avoids the classical paradoxes and that there is no apparent way to derive any one of them in ZFC does not settle the question of the consistency of either theory. — “consistency (logic) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • consistency n. , pl. , -cies . Agreement or logical coherence among things or parts: a rambling argument that lacked any consistency. — “consistency: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • For other uses, see Consistency (disambiguation). In logic, a consistent theory is one that does not contain a contradiction.[1] The lack of contradiction can be defined in either semantic or syntactic terms. A consistency proof is a mathematical proof that a particular theory is consistent. — “Consistency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • We have a need for consistency in our lives so we can understand and hence predict and control our world. — “Consistency”,
  • In business since 2000, Sciral develops innovative productivity tools for individuals and organizations. The kinds of activities or tasks you use Sciral Consistency for share a number of attributes:. — “Sciral : Innovative Productivity Tools : Sciral Consistency”,
  • Internal consistency reliability defines the consistency of the results delivered in a test, ensuring that items deliver consistent scores. — “Internal Consistency Reliability (Internal Compability Test)”, experiment-
  • wikiHow article about How to Find Consistency in Life. If you want to find consistency in life, you need to be consistent in your methods, habits and way of thinking. — “How to Find Consistency in Life - wikiHow”,
  • file objects that implement a cryptographic file system relies on the consistency for encrypted file objects in a generic way: for any consistency conditions for the. — “On Consistency of Encrypted Files”,
  • Definition of consistency from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of consistency. Pronunciation of consistency. Definition of the word consistency. Origin of the word consistency. — “consistency - Definition of consistency at ”,
  • A collection of quotes on the subject of consistency. QUOTES ON CONSISTENCY. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. — “Quotes on Consistency”, notable-
  • Consistency Point Technologies, Inc. offers total system integration solutions to enterprise-level companies. Through our Systems Consulting, Software Development and Product offerings, CPT provides software solutions and services that will insure your company meets its business requirements. — “Consistency Point Technologies”,
  • a : agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole : correspondence; specifically : ability to be asserted together without contradiction b : harmony of conduct or practice with profession Examples of CONSISTENCY. — “Consistency - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-

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  • Consistency Of Fundamental Status - Bloomberg Sterling immerses the Yen is less more ideal on cross currency candidate. (The Bloomberg Edge)
  • Don's Peak Performance Golf Swing Video Series Bring Consistency Into Your Game.flv "Meet Don Trahan, PGA Master Professional" PGA Master Professional Don Trahan, known as the "Swing Surgeon," has been ranked by Golf Magazine as one of the "50 Best Teachers" in America. He is the author of the popular instruction book, "Golf, Plain and Simple," the "Peak Performance Golf Swing" and numerous articles about the golf swing in major golf publications. He is a former teaching editor for Golf Magazine and creator of numerous training aids. However, for Don, his greatest distinction by far is the "student" who is now a member of the PGA Tour. DJ Trahan and Don's son, winner of two Tour events, is positioned to be one of the Tour leaders. Don's Playing Credentials. • 9 time Champion of Carolina PGA Senior tournaments • Carolinas PGA Senior Player of the Year, 2002,2007 • Carolinas PGA Senior Champion 2002 • Owner/Director: Swing Surgeon Golf Schools and Don Trahan Golf Academy For full information and daily updates Log on to For Free videos and tips just visit us subscribe on
  • Buttercream Consistency and Hydrangea Cuppies Facebook: Link to all my videos: This was the first video where I stopped allowing comments. Sorry about that but it's easier to get rid of rude/profane comments without sharing them with everyone else. I had to change it also so I only answer maybe once or twice a week. I love helping but I tend to obsess and logging in like this helps to curb that :D I think what I get asked about the most is my buttercream. I have a short FAQ under 'more info' for that video so please check that out. In general, my recipe is softer than some because of the butter. It does hold up in the heat but consistency is always the key. If you live in a warm or humid area add less liquid at the beginning of the recipe and keep a sharp eye on how it looks once the sugar is all in. You might not need to add any extra liquid, on hot days I usually don't. The frosting I used for the cupcakes I had added too much liquid too but I compensated for that by using the insta-fridge. It would have been the perfect consistency for frosting the cake but I knew the longer I piped the less the petals would hold their shape because they would melt. Music is by Edvard Grieg, Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46
  • Luis Diaz: Consistency Only missing two attempts out of all the times he tried it isnt bad at all. I did not add or delete any attempts of his mid-run 360flip tries while we filmed his downtown line. You all will be seeing a LOT more of this kid in the very near future
  • Glenn Pendlay Olympic Lifting Techniques: Consistency In this clip from Glenn Pendlay's Olympic Lifting Techniques DVD, Glenn discusses the importance of consistency in the lifts. For more information, visit or .
  • Hardwork, Desire, Consistency This is another installment in the Unstoppable Series which are writings inspired by Jonathan Budd's Unstoppable Entrepreneur.
  • Atheist Consistency (Thunderf00t) A response to Thunderf00t's video "Creationist Consistency"
  • Two positions for consistency - Johnny Miller - Golf Johnny Miler decribes a drill to imporve your ball striking
  • s. fritz tramonte ~ the continuum is the only consistency Open Heart Poetry: Spoken Word at OmShan Tea in TheCity the continuum is the only consistency that will never impose new fear to the point of destruction and aptitude to bother me...
  • Improve Consistency with the Swingpact Golf Swing Trainer The Swingpact Golf Swing Trainer will improve your accuracy and consistency, by setting consistent elements across all your clubs.
  • Buttercream consistency + cupcake frosting + pictures
  • Brad Stine - Animal Rights - Consistency Brad Stine talks about Animal/Bug Rights Activists
  • Golf Swing Lessons, Tips Instruction - Power & Consistency by Jim McLean How to Pivot Correctly for Maximum Power and Consistency. Maximize Resistance, Improve Instep, Weight Shift, Push Off, and Proper Coil. The #1 reason for lack of power & inconsistent shots! Professional golf instructors attribute 90 percent of golf swing faults to incorrect pivoting. Many golfers don't even realize that they are swaying during their golf swing. What is a sway and how can it affect your golf swing? A sway is the sideways movement of your hips during the golf swing or the lateral movement of center of your balance. In other words, your center of gravity shifts outside your right foot or it can be a combination where your right hip moves laterally outside you right foot and your upper body leans back towards the target. How to Pivot Correctly with PivotPro? SETUP—First, stand up straight and spread your feet shoulder-width apart, start to bend from the waist, and at the same time feel that you stick your backside. Sense that you are getting ready to catch a ball or you are easing yourself to sit down on a high chair. SIMPLY RELAX—Easier said than done. However, here is a trick I learned from a pro. Try relaxing your neck muscles by relaxing your lower jaw and slightly sticking your tongue out - try it - feel the tension going away in your arms. Keep the same relaxed feeling throughout your swing. Another good way to relax is to start from your finger and hands up. Imagine you are holding a child's hand. This will result in relaxed shoulders, chest and back ...
  • Marty Clarke - "Consistency and Conviction" A business presentation from Marty Clarke's "Leadership Landmines" series. Marty is a speaker and consultant based in Raleigh, NC
  • Customer Service Wows - It's About Consistency Customer service expert Dennis Snow discusses the role of consistently wowing customers.
  • Jose Miguel detrum GY48V gyro piroflip consistency 3D test in a EXI450 testing the detrum GY48V gyro, cost 17$ not just the best gyro for begginers but the cheapest and good quality gyro for adavnced 3D flyiers, was used with a 410 cyclic servo in the tail, and the performance is incredibly good for the price can be compared to some top brand gyros, have constant pirouting in piro flips, hold very good the tail in quick tic tocs. The setup of the heli in this video is: Trex450 clone with EXI 325 fiberglass blades MG90S for cyclic servos detrum GY48V gyro with align 410 servo
  • Lecture - 8 Consistency and Redundancy in Project Networks Lecture series on Project and Production Management by Prof. Arun kanda, Department of Mechanical Engineering. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • Stephen Cabot's Labor Strategy Survival Seminar: Commitment & Consistency This video clip is one in a series of excerpts from Stephen Cabot's renowned Labor Strategy Survival Seminar series. For more information on Mr. Cabot or the Cabot Institute for Labor Relations, visit or call the Cabot Institute Hotline: 800-655-2042.
  • Dre Baldwin: Weekly Motivation #20 | Consistency of Effort Long Term Drive Hard Work My Site: Facebook Facebook Fan Page: Twitter: Twitter: Dre's DVD: Workout Blog: Dre's Basketball Story: DreAllDay Shirts: Dre's Playlists: Ball Handling: Shooting: Game Clips: One on One: Miscellaneous: Athleticism Drills: VLogs: Dunks: How-To: Scoring Moves: One Fan A Day: DreDaily: Dre on Dre: Warm-Up Exercises: Post Moves: Abs/Core Workouts: Jump Training: Strength: Speed/ Quickness: Motivation!: Defense: Counter Moves:
  • Ari Hest - Consistency Ari Hest performing "Consistency" off his album "Someone To Tell" at Joe's Pub in NYC on Tuesday, July 31, 2007. This was a request from the audience (not originally on the setlist).
  • Simplicity = Consistency: Motivational Tips For Fitness http I've never been more consistent with my workouts than I have been since I started in home. If you aren't making it to the gym OR aren't doing ENOUGH when you get there, stop wasting your money & INVEST in a home workout program. It WILL change your life. I'm a Fit-Life Coach, Wellness Expert, and Personal Trainer. Some of my success and fitness mentors and influences include Chalene Johnson Jim Rohn Darren Hardy Jack Canfield Brian Tracy John C Maxwell Tony Horton Shaun T Carl Daikeler Debbie Siebers Gary Vaynerchuk MJ Durkin Craig Holiday Christine Dwyer Joe Schroeder Diane Hochman I have used and am proud to represent the Beachbody fitness programs: P90X TurboFire Turbo Jam Insanity Slim in 6 Brazil Butt Lift Hip Hop Abs Rockin Body 10 Minute Trainer Yoga Booty Ballet
  • Commitment & Consistency A persuasion theme on commitment and consistency.
  • 6.02, UBER CONSISTENCY, 6.19.flv
  • Product Consistency: Pinks and Clears This is a spectacular video on the proper amount of liquid to use with pinks and clears. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced level nail tech, this video will show you exactly how to work with pinks and clears and, more importantly, what the pearl should look like when you pick it up with your brush.
  • God, History, Evolution and Consistency Tooltime9901's video:
  • Ron Paul 2012 Real Consistency, Real Leadership Ron Paul 2012, the Revolution Continues
  • Personal Development:Consistency & JB Glossinger discusses JB Glossinger discusses the launch of www.passions2 and the topic of the week on
  • Suleiman Mulla- POWERFUL lect on consistency in deeds! Part2 Sheikh Suleiman Mulla delivers a power-packed, spell-binding lecture on the importance of developing consistency in all the good deeds that we start. To start a good deed is no big deal; CONTINUING it is what matters to Allah(swt). The best time to start a deed and keep it consistent is RAMADAN. So start now!
  • Tata Safari Dicor - TV Commercial - "Reclaim your Life" This is a TV commercial for the Tata Motors' Sports Utility Vehicle - the Tata Safari Dicor. Philosophical to the core, the advertisement focuses on an emotive appeal addressing a subliminal unmet behavioral need for the product rather than focus on the its physical attributes or characteristics. This one asks you to "Reclaim your Life" and shows possible ways how people could actually go about doing it! The ad starts with an executive standing in a crowded platform. His thoughts in a Voice Over "I always wanted to quit on Monday Mornings". Cut to a guy in a dimly lit room, His VO: "I always wanted to swim with the whales", another shot of him with a surfboard and the waves kissing his feet. Another shot -- a close up of lady her VO "I always wanted to take a one year trip....."(cut a shot of pigeons flying and a plane flying overhead) back to the lady who is sitting in a hospital very pregnant (zoom out) "...around the world". A guy sitting on a bench " I always wanted to......"(the clock fast forwards the time he takes) The screen goes black with Reclaim your life scratched on the lower end. The music temps up and the Safari zooms into the screen, lands with grace, takes a mean turn with dust flying all over and slashing in the water. The ad ends with the VO: The new Tata Safari Dicor. Reclaim your Life.
  • OHSSE Jeff Liles Basketball Free Throw World Record OHSSE Feature on Watonga (OK) Assistant High School Girls Basketball Coach Jeff Liles as he set a Guinness Book World Record for free throws made in one hour. The Oklahoma High School Sports Express airs on Sunday mornings at 11:00 on CW34 (KOCB) and on Sunday nights at 11:00 on FOX25. This video should NOT be used for reused without permission.
  • The Principle of Consistency View this exclusive video clip of David Kuiper from the Business Plan 2007 conference and discover the magic behind David's easy-to-follow Principle of Consistency.
  • ARI HEST - Consistency Ari Hest performs his song "Consistency" from the album Someone To Tell at Joe's Pub in NYC on July 31, 2007. Go to to subscribe to Ari's newest project "52" where he will release one new song a week for 52 weeks in 2008.
  • Snow Leopard OSx86 Sleep Consistency Test With the proper choice of components you can have exceptional results with OS X. In this video I show off the consistency of S3 sleep which is usually absent from most OSx86 systems. Running is Snow Leopard Build 10A394 in x64 mode and there is NO CMOS reset on this board.
  • Buckethead Solo with toys handout Guns N' Roses Live in Albany 27-11-2002 - Buckethead Solo
  • TALY PullPush Golf Swing for Improved Distance/Consistency TALY demonstrates another golf swing which does not require golfers to swing their arms. Simply pull the red ball (your Talynt point) behind you as far as it will go, and then push the red ball down through impact. Do not swing your arms.
  • Suleiman Mulla- POWERFUL lect on consistency in deeds! Part1 Sheikh Suleiman Mulla delivers a power-packed, spell-binding lecture on the importance of developing consistency in all the good deeds that we start. To start a good deed is no big deal; CONTINUING it is what matters to Allah(swt). The best time to start a deed and keep it consistent is RAMADAN. So start now!
  • About the Made Easy Series A wrap-up of the Made Easy series that explains our origins, from the Big Bang to the human migration out of Africa. I will continue to post videos explaining scientific evidence on this channel, but a new channel -- Potholer54debunks -- will start a series debunking creationist urban myths. (Music: "The Brigadier" and "The Blacksmith" by Jake Thackray)
  • Creationist Consistency Well yup... looks like PCS is back, and boy is he in good form! Again presenting diametrically opposing viewpoints as his own without realizing the internal inconsistency. In this case, he thinks we should all get along, but that that's impossible seeing as he thinks only he with his direct line to god can be correct.
  • Consistency in Leadership As you lead your business through rough economic times, remember that your team is looking to you. They require your guidance and your support. They must see your unswerving commitment before they'll completely commit on their own. They need you to remind them of the vision, and of the rewards that will come after you overcome this challenging stage of business together.
  • hiramboyd: @ZDAWG4SUR I like Weeden. I do think the lack of consistency from QB is hurting but, you have to remember he's a rookie
  • tmtyson11: @WayneTyson11 They don't get how difficult competing at a high level is, esp with consistency. Either never played or frustrated athletes.
  • glopin: RT @DenzelWisdom: A man who gives a woman consistency will never have to complain about loyalty. [email protected]
  • OliverMiller1: @Zonal_Marking Because no one has come close before. It's a fantastic measure of Messi's talent and consistency
  • Drag0nSix: @konjak I love my half French half English naming conventions. Consistency is overrated
  • _gustiputri: I jus need some consistency now. :(
  • jakeabow: although what inevitably helps is the consistency of bunker sand, in particular the depth. you just don't get that in club bunkers.
  • kicka11: @Zonal_Marking Mentioned by who? I knew about GM record years ago. Plus calendar year shows consistency from season to season.
  • mark_samuels: @willsturgeon So true. I'm all for making a stand but we need consistency. Saying that, we need an excuse to stop supporting our clubs...
  • arialdomartini: if consistency is not granted,it's not " Eventual Consistency". It's bad design
  • arialdomartini: all #CQRS fans: Eventual Consistency means your data WILL be consistent,not that consistency is not granted at all
  • jayfella302: Consistency
  • _bambilicious_: Success flows from consistency...
  • BedrosGesaratsi: Clean design meets bulletproof consistency across email clients. "SUCCESS" #email #newsletter templates
  • kubragonen: I need me some stability and consistency #cudi
  • QuishLikeAwesum: I enjoy consistency.
  • tinejagger: Wala kang consistency sa actions mo. Kaya wag kang mag-inarte kung wala ding consistency ang ginagawa ko sa'yo.
  • Pastorodidiomo: RT @EntrepQuotes: The secret of success is consistency of purpose. -Benjamin Disraeli
  • jeanetmayori: RT @AdmireMyInspire: The secret of success is consistency of purpose.
  • James_Wimberley: @F1_Fans_Updates Alonso because he's done the best in a bad car. Or Raikkonen because of his consistency, after finishing every race.
  • SeasonalFood: @realfoodfans You probably wont get the same consistency but reckon it'll still taste good!
  • oceankuwait: Marvelous Speech of Marshall of the Nation of Domination QET Mohtram Altaf Hussain bhai gona with Consistency Bravo Keep it up bhai ..
  • PamLyl: I know we're only human.. but consistency with #kids is key. #Pamela
  • eitan_for_ameko: consistency 一貫性、統合性
  • TrickettJon: RT @Sonjamclaughlan: England tremendous from 1 to 15 yesterday. It's set the benchmark for what this team is capable of. Consistency of performance now key.
  • frankie_28572: 2 for 2 in the Most Courteous category. Middle School and High School!!!#consistency :p thanks mama for teachin me manners lol
  • pietroboffa85: @teamswr @dukecooper85 only because of the lack of consistency! Read the hash tag man!
  • SJPerry15: The only consistency in this reffing is it's terrible, there's no playing the man instead of the ball on the court whatsoever! #HKsquash
  • JackMadridista: @realmadriden If Real can find some consistency, then there is no reason why we cannot find some form of success come the end of the season
  • Sonjamclaughlan: England tremendous from 1 to 15 yesterday. It's set the benchmark for what this team is capable of. Consistency of performance now key.
  • Minkee_Dumarski: @Dr_Carl proving consistency exists within v8sa #twodaysinarow #fashionfauxpas
  • marceleneumseyl: can I get away with yet another forest background for this tea label? NOW I have to worry about consistency
  • beka_andrews: @bonjourabientot how do you get your icing the right consistency for piping? Mine's always too liquidy or really hard to squeeze out the bag
  • syn_copated: consistency consistency editorial consistency. rah this is hard.
  • jessietannn: pastey consistency or liquidy consistency
  • mondo9b: @JillKerby Then you'd have the same people who are involved in running everything, running the schools. And how do you get consistency?
  • Mrs_Popplewell: @greenarmysam @leighwright8 Katie probably wins on consistency as well. I only intend on doing this once a year!!
  • Shibib_UFC: Consistency.
  • HQviadotcom: Old vs. New: Choosing the Right Cigar #CigarSmokers #CigarSmoking #Consistency
  • Maveepsy: RT @khayadlanga: “Those who conduct themselves with morality, integrity and consistency need not fear the ...
  • MrMidzi: RT @DenzelWisdom: A man who gives a woman consistency will never have to complain about loyalty. [email protected]
  • stayfreespirit: Consistency is everything
  • oceankuwait: MQM is Bailee of Thrivingness, Aggrandize and of Consistency, we should support of MQM's Creedal Ideology.. Bravo QET Mohtram Altaf Hussain
  • vickiestickie1: RT @GoalUK: RT @avsaditya: "Anything's possible in football and specially EPL. If they get some consistency and learn from last season, it is probable."
  • Mike2dogz: Consistency. Mike+2dogz™
  • meMIEandYUAN: @NoliEala dapat seminar mga refs na yan...two many bad calls,consistency none.kaya naakusuhan ang liga ng fixing eh.
  • fadzlyhanaffi: @shahhadfina bagus. Lepas ni jgn tinggal. Teruskan. Even if the gains are not great, sikit2 and consistency bleh jgk capai.
  • TheBatJack: Consistency is the separator. You've all made a big play or gotten a big hit, but how consistent are you at doing that? #consistency #gamer
  • jayclan2k2: Consistency pays off
  • TenDirection: RT @FMHVibe: FMH Tip: Younger players have less in key hidden attributes such as consistency and big matches compared to older players on average.
  • jencorpuzxx: Practice the art of consistency and then you will see.
  • Brandilyn: Today's Word: PUG (PUG) tr. verb--to work into a desired consistency by kneading or churning. (Sentence?) #todaysword
  • FMHVibe: FMH Tip: Younger players have less in key hidden attributes such as consistency and big matches compared to older players on average.
  • Ginger180: @talkSPORTDrive seen bale card and Cordoza dive. No consistency by referees
  • Robbanks1979: @GoalsOnSunday if the ref feels Cazorla dived why is he not booked? Consistency in refereeing??
  • pietroboffa85: Just seen Cazorla's dive? Why no yellow card? #consistency
  • BilawBaliw: Consistency matters.
  • Pixsymphony: @bartwerf yes, stylistic consistency is more important to me than variety, but its just a minor annoyance anyway c:
  • nathangcastle: @alexarcher90 not all about goals bud im getting them solid 8-10 ratings every game #consistency #vision #thenewfrank
  • Sayedsauce: Consistency is the key.. matkasharsh odam as7abak and be all smiles with strangers just cuz your friends "know you" and "they can take it"
  • SumiAktar93: RT @One_Verse_: Basically here is what it is- if there is no consistency in your tweets, no one will take u seriously
  • JackMadridista: RT @BokharaBurnes: @JackMadridista In my view, the consistency has to come from the playmakers (Özil and DiMa in particular). We miss their spark this season.
  • hmoneyhakeem: RT @GoalUK: RT @avsaditya: "Anything's possible in football and specially EPL. If they get some consistency and learn from last season, it is probable."
  • LavenderRanger: I think the reason fans are anxious about kyoryuger pics (+ me) is cuz of the lack of consistency.
  • BokharaBurnes: @JackMadridista In my view, the consistency has to come from the playmakers (Özil and DiMa in particular). We miss their spark this season.
  • AceJTrent: @dahliamartin I don't really eat the things I bake. But the consistency and texture are pleasing, and they're a favourite.
  • MaxxyP_kiefness: RT @wengerknowsbest: I feel we were little bit unlucky yesterday. We ran out of petrol while the handbrake's consistency was inconsistently jaded.
  • JackMadridista: If Real can find some consistency, then there is no reason why we cannot find some form of success come the end of the season
  • Awaisk11: RT @KhuramHussain17: @WasimAslam93 @awaisk11 when your happy, pray. When your sad, pray. #consistency we shall conquer with the guidance of Allah swt. #life
  • Eyeslam: @M4NH0 @galtdave @beanpie It only looks that way. The consistency top and bottom should be identical.
  • Dao91: Ooo late again to work on my last day. #Consistency
  • erioeleven: #Positivity is #WID's consistency throughout #EDFL first 11 matches. No hard feeling, @raf_don, your team has one Copa, mine doesn't.
  • mandyjayne9: RT @FeliciaRomero: Habit and consistency! Happy Saturday :)
  • yayayash: Standing on shores of sea , enjoying the sound waves of wave... S something refreshing. Waves r falling short of Consistency .
  • styxis: RT @ipasho: Ed MIliband is increasingly showing gravitas, consistency and courage as he stands up to over powerful press barons.Cameron looses nerve
  • PaulJamesOakley: @kv654321 Consistency is all
  • tvweasel: RT @danielpunkass: Since SoundJam, iTunes has suffered a steady degradation in consistency and polish, but if Google shipped this, Apple fanboys would mock it.
  • JettyFierce: Based on its consistency with the Silent Hill games, I give it a 7/10 but as a film I give it an 8.5/10. #SilentHillRevelation
  • avadaCANAvra: "@MsCharletteSJ: Consistency!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • LilEblazeey: RT @GoalUK: RT @avsaditya: "Anything's possible in football and specially EPL. If they get some consistency and learn from last season, it is probable."
  • pridesiwela: RT @khayadlanga: “Those who conduct themselves with morality, integrity and consistency need not fear the forces of inhumanity and cruelty.” Mandela
  • TheGooner3: RT @wengerknowsbest: I feel we were little bit unlucky yesterday. We ran out of petrol while the handbrake's consistency was inconsistently jaded.
  • baronyosky: RT @OhGoogleFacts: There is a soy-based food product available, textured and flavored according to the consistency and taste of human flesh.
  • atoyebi_hakeem: RT @GoalUK: RT @avsaditya: "Anything's possible in football and specially EPL. If they get some consistency and learn from last season, it is probable."
  • MsCharletteSJ: Consistency!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • “One of the most important factors in growing your blog readership is consistency. You must publish new articles regularly or at least in a consistent schedule. Most bloggers start well. After creating the blog, they have a lot of enthusiasm and”
    — Blogging consistency and keeping a regular blog posting frequency,

  • “How can someone: be opposed to euthanasia but in favor of the death penalty? be in favor of the impeachment of Bill Clinton but not of George Bush? be worried about global warming but fly in a big private plane?”
    — Seth's Blog: Consistency,

  • “Consistency on the 5th Birthday of My Blog. Posted Thu, 17 Jun 2010 at In a post called How to Start a Blog I shared the following comic strip along this line”
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  • “So far, in this series on improving your blog tips, a look at the redundant tips I give to many of my clients, I've covered most powerful element in your blog's promotional and audience-building tool kit is consistency. It begins with a clear purpose”
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  • “Sorry, it's been a while since I've updated this blog. Here I am blogging about blogging consistency when I have been very inconsistent. As I look to 2009, being a consistent blogger is one of my year long goals”
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  • “Most cloud storage vendors have relaxed data consistency. As such, they will not guarantee the latest version of an object is read back after its been updated. Yikes!”
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  • “Dogs need consistency in order to learn and obey and be good family pets. Inconsistency leads to confusion, and is also unfair. Teach your dog what you want by being consistent”
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