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  • Local news site reports that a three-car collision in the Netherlands tonight was caused by a red couch sitting in the middle of the road. The couch was lying in the center of highway A270 near Eindhoven, Netherlands, for unknown. — “Couch Causes Car Crash In Netherlands (VIDEO)”,
  • Do you need a new couch? If so, keep a few issues in mind to be sure you get long-term use out of it. For instance, before looking for a couch, it's imperative to know the exact size of the space that the couch will occupy. This may seem. — “Couch - Get great deals for Couch on eBay!”,
  • Working to make the cooperative housing option available to local residents. The Community of Urbana-Champaign Cooperative Housing (COUCH), founded in 1997, is a non-profit cooperative housing organization that supports and seeks to expand the cooperative movement in Urbana-Champaign. — “Community of Urbana-Champaign Cooperative Housing (COUCH)”,
  • View Bassett's couch gallery online. Shop quality styles and fabrics. Get special sales and promotions to help you save money on your next couch!. — “Couch | Buy Quality Couches for Sale”,
  • Save 30%-70% off List + Free Shipping. Find the Couch that you want to buy. 7 day customer service and everyday low prices. — “Couches, Couch, Big Comfy Couch, Sale Couches”,
  • Researching the name and its application in North America. Includes information on the Couch DNA project, mailing list and associated forum. — “Couch Genealogy of the U.S”,
  • Definition of couch from Webster's New World College Dictionary. to lay or put on or as on a couch, as to sleep: now usually used reflexively or in the passive voice. — “couch - Definition of couch at ”,
  • Buy couch, Inside the Home items on eBay. Find great deals on Yard, Garden Outdoor Living, Wedding Supplies items and get what you want now!. — “couch items - Get great deals on Inside the Home, Yard”,
  • to couch (third-person singular simple present couches, present participle couching, simple past and past participle couched) He couched it as a request, but it was an order. (archaic) To conceal;. — “couch - Wiktionary”,
  • The common couch is a magical carnivorous flotation device, as well as a cost-effective mode of transportation. The Couch was invented in 1895 by a man by the name of Jay Wellingdon Couch who happened to be Polish. As a young boy Jay always. — “Couch - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • The two minute "Couch" (2003) starring Adam Sandler is perfect in it's simplicity in the The search ends with a presumably perfect couch, a Lay-Z-Boy, which the man seems very. — “Couch (TV 2003) - IMDb”,
  • Couch definition, a piece of furniture for seating from two to four people, typically in the form of a bench with a back, sometimes having an armrest at one o See more. — “Couch | Define Couch at ”,
  • A couch also known as an ottoman is an item of furniture designed to seat more than one person and providing support for the back and arms. In homes couches are normally found in the family room, living room, den or the lounge. — “Couch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 48,462 Couch stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,800,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art images. — “Couch Stock Photos and Images. 48,462 couch pictures and”,
  • Couch Manufacturers & Couch Suppliers Directory - Find a Couch Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Couch Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Couch-Couch Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • Get short, timely messages from William Couch. Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. Get updates via SMS by texting follow couch to 40404 in the United States. — “William Couch (couch) on Twitter”,
  • Definition of couch in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of couch. Pronunciation of couch. Translations of couch. couch synonyms, couch antonyms. Information about couch in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. couch potato, couch. — “couch - definition of couch by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Couch Seattle offers a wide selection of comfortable, custom built couches with eco-friendly options. All of our couches and chairs are hand-made in the USA. — “Couch | Seattle's Couch and Furniture Store”,
  • Coach is a leading American designer and maker of luxury lifestyle handbags and accessories. Using a range of quality fabrics and materials, Coach's product offerings include handbags, wallets, business cases, travel bags, footwear, jewelry,. — “Coach :: Homepage”,
  • Shop for couch at Target. Find products like sofa, chair and more. Choose from Easy Rider couch in black vinyl, Easy Rider Couch - Khaki and other products. — “couch : Target Search Results”,

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  • COUCH SURFING! Couch surfing on Kootenay Lake. This Bro takes Dirty Hank for a ride and takes on the waters of Kootenay Lake straight chillin with a beer in hand.
  • Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake - Carry Out (Official Music Video) Parody To Purchase this song: Itunes - Amazon - Mothers Day parody: Itunes - Amazon - Love this song? Click here to tweet it out! My POBox is Chris Thompson PO Box 769 Santa monica,ca 90406 send stuff and ill put it on my show :) DAILY CHANNEL HERE! Click here to get my MUSIC! OR HERE IF THAT DIDNT WORK My Websites Facebook Follow me on Twitter Come chat with me live! MYSPACE DailyBooth Starring: Chris Thompson Richard Ryan Joe Penna Melanie Specht Christine Allocca Lyrics Oh come on.. I said COME ON NOW BABY NOW (on the couch) I mean cant we just talk about this (on the couch) Can i at Least get a pillow now (on the couch) OK FINE I'M LEAVING! (on the couch) Shes screaming you re in a tight spot You better remember right quick what you forgot Is it her birthday or your anniversary? Your in trouble now..that is a guarantee you look good! but that aint helping me n thought a compliment would help but your hitting me Im trying to pick up my stuff that you just threw OH come on baby please you know i love you you are in the dog house tonight down the hallway couch now IN A FIGHT Caught you looking at a girl now your on the couch Xbox instead of her now your on the couch Left the toilet seat up now your on the couch forgot your anniversary now your on the couch Dirty dishes in ...
  • Earl Sweatshirt \\ Couch
  • Devil Makes Three - Chained to the Couch w/ lyrics I OWN NO RIGHTS TO THIS SONG. ALL CREDIT TO THE DEVIL MAKES THREE AND THIER LABEL! devil makes three santa cruz california Lyrics: Well it's hot like ouch And i'm chained to the couch And my brains spits bad ideas out of my mouth Like a thousand words Circuits burst Crowd screams and here comes the hearse And i'm jumping now Out of my chest As the crowds begin to scream And the winos wade into the barrooms to drink away the dreams And I can here years worth of traffic outside on that dirty street And i can see the lights turn from red to black to blue to brown to green And I been starin for so long My eyes begin to bleed Yes I been starin for so long My eyes begin to bleed When I was a young one They told me I left my rights at the door As I grow older this becomes true more and more Now I'm just starin out that open door I should be screaming But I ain't got no tears no more I ain't got no tears ain't got no tears no more I ain't got no tears ain't got no tears no more Guess I lost a few things that were dear to me Like my arms and my legs and my body and my soul and my will to speak Now they're just slidin fast towards that ocean floor beneath Tryin to not be pulled under by the waves and the weeds Rain on the roof fit together so click like a tailor made suit It's like pull, aim, click, bang, soar and shoot And the rain and wind they lick my skin Till it's freezing smooth And they heal over years of a thousand bloody wounds Yes they heal over years of a thousand bloody ...
  • Dilbert Animated Cartoons - Six Sigma Training, Idiot Couch and Wally's Self-Evaluation by Scott Adams. RingTales presents Dilbert Animated Cartoons. Dilbert falls behind on work. Wally asks to work from home. Wally writes his self-evaluation for the Boss
  • Supersuckers - On the Couch Supersuckers - On the Couch Originally recorded by the Supersuckers on La Mano Cornuda. First debuted by the Fastbacks on Halloween of 1997, as they came on stage dressed as the Supersuckers.
  • Big Comfy Couch - Ain't It Amazing, Gracie? (1 of 3) Molly digs through the couch in search of a miner's hat--which she is wearing. But it's not the only missing object around. Major Bedhead has lost his delivery bag. This requires a special visit from Uncle Chester.
  • Alanis Morissette - The Couch (uncensored) lyrics The lyrics to The Couch by Alanis Morissette.
  • Couch Potato! Know that old saying "Watching a lot of TV will make you a couch potato"? Well, it's true. New Channel- Follow me: Kyle- Mike-
  • Transformation - From Couch Potato to Marathon Runner plus 3 Keys for a Healthy Mindset. This Week in Transformation, Bill Phillips shares the remarkable story of a Father of 3 who became 116 lbs lighter and went from couch potato to marathon runner. Learn how he made his incredible change. Plus, Bill Phillips shares 3 Keys for getting your mind set in a positive, healthy direction and why this is essential for making a true transformation from the inside out.
  • What do Couches Do? After seeing Lady GaGa's "Alejandro," I predict videos will trend with bleak imagery. I decided to be the first ripoff with my hit song "What do Couches Do?" LYRICS RT THIS TWITTER FACEBOOK MERCH
  • Couch A man (Adam Sandler) goes shopping for a new couch. Paul Thomas Anderson short (2003).
  • David Hyde Pierce-Hit The Couch This is a video of David Hyde Pierce at the Festival of Fun performing a very funny song "The Therapy Song" as his "Frasier" character Niles Crane.
  • Alanis Morissette - The Couch & Vatican Concert (highlights) The Couch - Argentina Junkie Club Tour - '98 Vatican Concert - Vatican City One Tour / Mtv Unplugged - 2000
  • Rent My Couch! - Must Love Dogs:) : craigslist tv ep 111 Megan is strapped for cash and lists her couch for rent on craigslist. Folks soon learn that Megan already has a full house. (Copy this link to share with your friends on twitter: )
  • Baby stuck behinde couch! He is smart and cute ;)
  • On The Couch On the Couch is an award winning short film about a girl who contemplates her pathetic life on her couch. Cast: Joana Canton, Fisher Stevens, Francesca Fauci, Bret Reilly, Barbara Beaser, Gedde Watanabe and Bruce Davison Written and Directed by Tai Fauci This short film is available on DVD and download-to-own at
  • Couch Attempts World Record -- Ice Break Add A Motor To It The Ice Break Add A Motor To It couch breaks the world record for fastest sofa at Camden Airport, Sydney on 26th September 2011. Check it out as the couch reaches a top speed of 163km/h. To watch the Add A Motor To It show go to
  • Couch Couch - Earl Sweatshirt and Ace, The Creator Download the mixtape at :
  • On the couch with BenLoka 2 Episode 2 My unlimited thanks go to all who appeared in this motion picture: If you'd like to be in the next video, send a video clip of your question/problem/dilemma to [email protected]
  • Big Comfy Couch - Pie in the Sky (1 of 3) Loonette and Molly spend the day discovering light and heavy things. After reading a story about a balloon, Loonette finds a balloon of her own, which she thinks can lift her off the ground. She's too heavy, of course, but the balloon does lift Molly off the couch and into the garden.
  • The Big Comfy Couch - Intro An early opening to The Big Comfy Couch.
  • On the Crail Couch with The Illusion On the Crail Couch with The Illusion. If you don't know go here: Dude's amazing!
  • The Reverse Casting Couch -----*** @urFRENZ MOVIE INFORMATION ***----- *Buy or Rent on iTunes* *Official Movie Site* *Watch the Trailer* Share this video on FB: Tweet this video: TOTALLY SKETCH STUFF Follow me: "Like" me: T-Shirts: STARRING Jason Horton Laura A. Corral Directed by Michael Gallagher © 2011 Totally Sketch. All rights reserved. TAGS: "The Reverse Casting Couch" "Totally Sketch" totallysketch comedy "Casting couch"
  • Earl Sweatshirt ft. Tyler The Creator - Couch ofwgkta
  • Alanis Morissette - The Couch Live Alanis performs an acoustic version of The Couch
  • albert hammond jr. - spooky couch albert hammond jr. spooky couch como te llama
  • Jake and Amir: Couch This gag always kills. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on http
  • Couch Wunderkit is coming! Wunderkit will help you with creating, organizing and accomplishing things... from one central place. It was built with mass collaboration in mind, and working with others has never been so seamless. Here is an incredible time-lapse video of Jan, our Art Director, creating a couch for the page. See the accompanying blog post here: Check out Wunderkit here: Music by Blank & Kytt Already a fan of us? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Support: Have any questions or feedback? Please get in touch with our free tech support at [email protected]
  • The Couch Collective Our roaming couch...a couch from the Manhattan Christian College men's dorms, piloted by freshman class president Joe Simon, takes a venture through Kansas State University's campus, collecting as many random passengers as possible Song is Ellie Goulding- Lights (Bassnectar Remix)
  • Simpsons
  • Machinima Respawn - Couch-Time! (Tetra Ninja MGS4, Techno Kitten, Ken Burton, Space Invaders! LIVESTREAM!) - 1/31/11 Click here to watch the previous episode of Machinima Respawn! Machinima Respawn - Couch-Time! (Tetra Ninja MGS4, Techno Kitten, Ken Burton, Space Invaders! LIVESTREAM!) - 1/31/11 (S02E08) Sark, Hutch & SeaNanners bring you a few of the latest and greatest vids uploaded to Machinima Respawn! This video shows: How to gross out SeaNanners How to play gay chicken How to disappoint ones parents Dunkus - The World's Weapons #7 - FAMAS TetraNinja MGS4 No deaths, no detections, no health items, etc... Ep 10 Series finale. PewDiePie Black Ops gameplay with PMS gun discussing game piracy -interesting to see PC gameplay Cross Counter Techno Kitten Ken Burton gets as retro as humanly possible with PONG. Challenge Space Invaders Machinima's 24 hour Black Ops Livestream for First Strike DLC From Feb. 1 at 10 am to Feb 2 at 10 am We'll be playing the First Strike DLC map pack! Team Respawn will be playing 6, 4 hour sessions Featuring: Sark, Seananners, Hutch, Hollywood, and special guests. Check it out at Machinima Live: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima http Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR ...
  • The Simpsons Couch Gags funny,mad,crazy all the simpsons couch gag!
  • On the Couch with BenLoka 5 Episode 5 If you like watching people move and talk within the confines of a square, why not watch this video! Thanks contributers for contributing!... ianbittiner KtdCartoonMotion charlieissocoollike MandyB451985 Myownlife2live (Spring Day) naglingsting lukethecfclover talkathon In this episode we cover: • Marriage • Kids • How to get famous on youtube • Male anatomy • British driving culture • Robotics • Silence • Action Movie Cliches If you'd like to be in the next video, send a video clip of your question/problem/dilemma to [email protected] (if it's a large file, you can send it at ) DOWNLOAD THE OFFICIAL 'ON THE COUCH WITH BENLOKA' RINGTONE HERE:
  • F**K YO COUCH!! (4.27.2010) THE OUTTAKES VIDEO: This is apersonal vlog for my new channel. This isn't supposed to be comedy like my other =3 videos. It's supposed to be a snapshot of my day-to-day life. Enjoy! All music in the video is written and performed by Outasight. DOWNLOAD OUTASIGHT'S ALBUM HERE: You might also want to check out Outasight's Myspace page for more music: or follow him on Twitter for updates: breakingnyc raywilliamjohnson ray william johnson equalsthreeequals three breaking nyc capitolhillgangsta capital capitol hill gangsta doing doin your mom first video parody raywiliamjohnson
  • GOZERAAAH! j- @jay_hurt
  • Couch Yoga with Tara Stiles Feeling lazy today? Try some couch yoga with Tara Stiles..and then take a nap!
  • On the Crail Couch with JB Gillet JB Gillet on the Crail Couch. Turn on your French.
  • Crail Couch with Theotis Beasley On the Crail Couch with Theotis Beasley.
  • Wrath of a Couch Potato CLICK HERE FOR NEW VIDEOS! Produced by: AFK [email protected] - Inspired by the animation series "Robot Chicken" and share the same idea with Olibith's "Never Stay Tuned" series, "Wrath of A Couch Potato" combines Taiwanese TV show styles and the characters from AFK [email protected]' previous works, Introducing the new expansion "Wrath of the Lich King" with tons of TV show parodies and extremely short jokes.
  • Friends - The Couch Scenes - PIVOT! I put together the couch scenes from the episode 'The One With The Cop.' Hope you like!!!
  • iSteevee: iSteevee: @chloegrintX you could have declined and been like naw I need to get my lazy ass off the couch anyway !
  • EncoreNeeded: EncoreNeeded: I'm laying on their couch like its a bed lol
  • iantcurtis: iantcurtis: Heading home, then mumbles for a final few odds & sods... Then sit my ass down on the couch...
  • spinmaster27: spinmaster27: moved to the living room couch so my 7am alarm doesnt wakeup lil bro #bestbigbro #PSimstillwasted
  • daryaplis: daryaplis: Just sitting here in the dark on the couch with the tv on, using the iPad and my phone. #lifesgood
  • aliroller23: aliroller23: Love waking up at 5am realizing i fell asleep on the couch then having to get up and move to my bed #cantsleepnow
  • cccchloeeee: cccchloeeee: Lying on the couch in trackies wearing my formal shoes because I can
  • Diaz_Alexa: Diaz_Alexa: Cyber Monday thats more my speed I get to sit in my pjs n sip hot chocolate on my couch n shop lol
  • kriss_ee: kriss_ee: sumbody up think i should move 2 da other couch
  • Unfollow_meThen: Unfollow_meThen: We can play house lay you on the couch Baby just chill I'm a eat you body out like lunch
  • Reeh_Kaylie14: Reeh_Kaylie14: 1st successful night of black shopping...check 1 ubber tired girl...check! A really comfortable couch...check! Night!!
  • tiffany_clare: tiffany_clare: I'm been a useless couch potato since I woke up. Must write!
  • P0nyL0rd: P0nyL0rd: @TheSpazzyOne Oh don't worry, he's since migrated up here on the couch to act as a footrest!
  • MDMFaye: MDMFaye: Briiiiiighton later! Then 2 weeks couch surfing before getting a place to live.
  • karinaorasud: karinaorasud: Just sitting on a couch in Macy's reading all of @coltonlhaynes 's #coltonsblackfriday tweets (:
  • 1andOnlyJELLIS: 1andOnlyJELLIS: Ok, back to being a couch bum. :-)
  • AustinsButt: AustinsButt: @maddiefields26 ahaha, I'm sat on my couch with my dog...
  • EmbeeKanu: EmbeeKanu: The couch may be a better option...#whydidntIthinkofthissooner
  • DeeJayCalhoun: DeeJayCalhoun: Change of plans.... move to the couch..... then goodnight
  • Tash_Gucci: Tash_Gucci: @Tashysmum once they start its very hard to break it. King George wee's on my leather couch & its revolting
  • uzairshiela: uzairshiela: Slept on the couch last night? Bet u need a #TigerBalmPlaster for all that ache.
  • Geiiiir: Geiiiir: Frankie Goes to Hollywood "Relax" such a decadent track, loved how most never got the meaning, they though sitting on couch, drinking beer
  • are_A_why: are_A_why: I was on the couch k.o'd
  • KayBow24: KayBow24: I wish I could take a picture of this guy falling asleep on our couch by the fitting room.... Lol
  • neilb2006: neilb2006: Looking forward to some couch decoration this afternoon, been a long wk
  • zanafreedom: zanafreedom: Slept on the couch last night? Bet u need a #TigerBalmPlaster for all that ache.
  • stefpapp: stefpapp: So how's the couch @TheBroCodes ? Also, where is @Anna_Brankin ?
  • BrianLeeSA: BrianLeeSA: Finally got my lazy ass off the couch to go to gym, but now stuck in traffic...blah... At least my left calf is getting a workout
  • eatyourbulgogi: eatyourbulgogi: Oh so I actually have a high metabolism. OH. Reason why i am fat? I lie on the couch right after eat. Ohhh so that's why.
  • alihovey: alihovey: How did I not know "he's just not that into you" is on? Sure way to get couch to myself...
  • Gali_mokgosi: Gali_mokgosi: Lol RT @ThardyThatz: @PalesaMendy Yo mama is so stupid that she sits on the TV and watches the couch!
  • xlovemaryjay: xlovemaryjay: I fell asleep on the couch last night and I just moved to my bed and now I can't sleep.
  • MelbourneLily: MelbourneLily: @boydhilton @jenofcroths have just snorted my drink over my couch.
  • concreTE__rosE_: concreTE__rosE_: My cousin is a trip. I tell her the sofa has z bed a d this heffa gin sleep on the couch and not pull out the bed
  • mazz1314: mazz1314: New couch arrived today!
  • Amritpan: Amritpan: Yayy! Did my #BlackFriday shopping from couch & got everything on list cuz @Anthropologie updated their sale 1/2 hr earlier than announced!!
  • jessicaannoxox: jessicaannoxox: About to just fall asleep on this couch in the mall..
  • hellbilydelight: hellbilydelight: Its a beautiful day outside. But I'm not going outside. I'm going to sit inside. On my couch. And scratch my balls.
  • MemoirsOfA_Boss: MemoirsOfA_Boss: im going to bed now !!!! well ill be on the couch :/
  • DionnaDressx0: DionnaDressx0: RT @iDylanBarker: I've done it on my bed, I've done it on the couch, i've done it outside, I have even done it in school. Yeah, texting it SO addicting.
  • Birdiefischer: Birdiefischer: NCIS marathon Sunday. Don't look around for me. Will be on couch.
  • _YEEZYtaughtme: _YEEZYtaughtme: RT @iDylanBarker: I've done it on my bed, I've done it on the couch, i've done it outside, I have even done it in school. Yeah, texting it SO addicting.
  • ytrapallday: ytrapallday: That awkward moment when ur daily alarm on ur BB wakes up everybody passed oout on the couch. My bad
  • ThardyThatz: ThardyThatz: @PalesaMendy Yo mama is so stupid that she sits on the TV and watches the couch!
  • NataliaCasas: NataliaCasas: If you never jumped from one couch to the other to save yourself from the shark, then you didn't have a childhood.
  • WoNDeRFuL31: WoNDeRFuL31: Got home and looked under my couch for the remote.. Remembered @__buymeDIAMONDS @LovelyPMB and Mony stashed dvds under a chair #bestbuy
  • juliethuddy: juliethuddy: Curvy couch time, kids!
  • Its_LibertyKrum: Its_LibertyKrum: Laying on this leather couch is confy and all but it makes me have to go pee #teamfollowback #instantfollowback
  • WallaStephanie: WallaStephanie: So the boys qunna sleep on the couch with a sweater and no pillow. And im sleepinq on a biq bed with pillows and a blanket :) #Goodniqht.
  • TARDISbaby2: TARDISbaby2: @I_Cleopatra @MelicMelody *he giggles loudly and wriggles on the couch* That tickle!!
  • LexiCCunningham: LexiCCunningham: @Oj_DiD_It_15 I made it home! Now I'm safe in my bed/couch so don't worry about me freezing to death on the side of the road lol
  • taylorjipp: taylorjipp: Hello, my name is couch? #no #nonsense
  • ADH702: ADH702: That #AwkwardMoment you wake up on the couch...but yet don't recalll fallin asleep...
  • JustEgal: JustEgal: “@Izzy_Smalls: @JustEgal @missidil1 lmaooooo im the original couch Padaadss!!!!” it's still there don't worry bro
  • Eunicegzl: Eunicegzl: Sofa Couch with Wooden Legs Espresso Bycast Leather: Dimension: 88"L x 37"W x 34 1/2"H Finish: Espresso Mate...
  • britneyrootbeer: britneyrootbeer: RT @iDylanBarker: I've done it on my bed, I've done it on the couch, i've done it outside, I have even done it in school. Yeah, texting it SO addicting.
  • breannaglamour: breannaglamour: Done with obligatory partners family commitments, ready for a DVD on the couch
  • CallMe_Spoiled: CallMe_Spoiled: There are 10 people in this 3 bedroom 2 couch apartment lmao smh
  • TheRealLindsayB: TheRealLindsayB: i decided to do all my #blackfriday shopping from the comfort of my own home on my macbook snuggled up on the couch with pillows & blankets
  • aidaazryn: aidaazryn: Slept on the couch last night? Bet u need a #TigerBalmPlaster for all that ache.
  • Izzy_Smalls: Izzy_Smalls: @JustEgal @missidil1 lmaooooo im the original couch Padaadss!!!!
  • exothermic_kV: exothermic_kV: @WhimseyO the couch in your avatar, very cool stuff.
  • LanieLovee: LanieLovee: I am sitting on a couch in Boscovs and I don't know where anyone is. So, I will just sit here until they call, text, or find me.
  • Eugikay: Eugikay: I wish you could Google anything.You could search like,"Where the f*ck is my cell phone?" & it would be like, "Its under the couch dumb ass"
  • NateRoxLiive: NateRoxLiive: Take a slump sitting on the couch..
  • iUchihaSasuke: iUchihaSasuke: @iNaru_x •Hns tugging her with him to his room.• Behave. Or you're sleeping on the couch. •Let's her hand go before plopping down.•
  • _BreezyBrii: _BreezyBrii: Mah mom waz so drunk lastnite yall shuld see how she layed out on thiz here couch lmaoo
  • joshuathy: joshuathy: @brooookeoooo - @helloitsmejord just asked @clairejugs to drop her mound on the couch hahahahaha
  • BabyJackieBelan: BabyJackieBelan: Laying on this leather couch is confy and all but it makes me have to go pee #teamfollowback #instantfollowback
  • Swanton_: Swanton_: So its a friday n all bt a ninja thinkin about is home,couch,hot tea n FIFA 12 REALOADED!!
  • shaletta2pretty: shaletta2pretty: Fell asleep on the couch about a hour ago & I'm up already.
  • defraggle: defraggle: Comfy couch, cider & wifey. #fridaynightsinyour30s
  • Breakurlilheart: Breakurlilheart: Wow I fell asleep sitting up on the couch for an hour and now I can't fall asleep in my bed for at least five minutes, it's 5 a.m!!!
  • FiiRSTLADiii: FiiRSTLADiii: RT @StasiQuinn: I ate like a fatty and passed out on the couch Lmao... What did u eat the most of today? Mine was mac and cheese!!!
  • caityshad23: caityshad23: I'm enjoying every second of just laying on the couch an relaxing!
  • PinxHunny: PinxHunny: Slept on the couch last night? Bet u need a #TigerBalmPlaster for all that ache.
  • SamiPetroski: SamiPetroski: Laying on the couch w/ CeCe!! I love this girl!!!!! Watching movies♥
  • TheBieberLinda: TheBieberLinda: I've done it on my bed, I've done it on the couch, i've done it outside, I have even done it in school. Yeah, texting it SO addicting.
  • First_Ladyy25: First_Ladyy25: Man fxck that shxt im about to fall asleep on this couch lol
  • sigmonwrestling: sigmonwrestling: Black Friday mall couch model @LelandGriffith
  • PinxHunny: PinxHunny: Slept on the couch last night? Bet u need a #TigerBalmPlaster for all that ache.
  • Kiki_de_brun: Kiki_de_brun: I had a terrible sleep, all because I didn't wanna move my lazy ass off the couch to bed! #SelfInflicted
  • Matt_ringen: Matt_ringen: A nice and warm bed > this stupid couch I'm sleeping on :(
  • CyberJoker: CyberJoker: @bajopants keyboard on lap and a nice hard glass or steel mousepad right beside you on the couch works for me

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