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  • Twenty-five Councillors are elected by the voters in their district to serve in each of the 25 Council districts, and four are elected County-wide to serve at-large. Click on the photos for more biographical information or write to your Councillor by clicking on their e-mail address. — “Councillor Biographies”,
  • Councillors are elected to represent a particular ward for a four-year term. In three out of a four year cycle an election is held for a third of the council seats (an election for Hertfordshire County Councillors is held in the fourth year of the cycle). — “Welwyn Hatfield: Councillors”,
  • Elected Members of Birmingham City Council [Councillors] Select the appropriate Ward from the menu or the Councillor's Name, for details of the Councillors' surgeries and contact details. — “Elected Members of Birmingham City Council [Councillors”,
  • Complaints about Councillors Kaebused Councillors. You can complain if you think that a councillor at Barnsley Council or at any of the borough's Parish and Town Councils has behaved inappropriately or broken the 'code of conduct' that all councillors have to abide by. — “Google Translate”,
  • The City's Mayor, and City Councillors representing each of the city's 44 wards, make up Toronto's City Council. The council is the main governing and legislative body for the city. City councillors also sit on committees and on community. — “City of Toronto, Members of Toronto City Council 2006 - 2010”,
  • The councillors' survey that formed the basis for this report was initiated by the Scottish Local. Government Information Unit (SLGIU) with the support of the Scottish Executive and the. Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA). COSLA took over the project when the. — “SCOTLAND'S COUNCILLORS 2003”,
  • Councillors have to agree to follow a code of conduct to ensure high standards in the way they undertake their duties. Councillors are democratically accountable to residents of their Electoral Division. The overriding duty of Councillors is to the. — “Councillors”,
  • Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council's website provides information on the services offered by the Council and all the latest news, events and activities in the Borough. — “Councillors, democracy and elections”,
  • Councillors are typically elected as members of political parties or alternatively as independents. In addition special responsibility allowances are paid to councillors who carry out more senior roles. — “Councillor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Councillors in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Our Ward Finder tells you which ward you live in and lists the Councillors for your ward. You can also contact your Councillors via this page, or view information about Council meetings. — “Councillors - London Borough of Richmond upon Thames”,
  • Councillors - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Councillors”,
  • Hastings OnLine - The official Hastings and St Leonards website: - Elected Representatives - Hastings Borough Councillors. — “Hastings Online - Elected Representatives - Hastings Borough”,
  • Your councillors. By surname. View councillors: By surname. By electoral division. By political group. On a map (opens in a new window) 1 2 3. Name. Electoral division. Political group. Alderson, Bob. Burnopfield and Dipton. Derwentside Independent. Armstrong, Joe. Esh. Labour. Arthur, Bob. Dawdon. — “Your Councillors - Durham County Council”,
  • Information about the Councillors representing the 23 electoral wards that make up the Royal Borough. — “Councillors representing the Royal Borough of Windsor and”,
  • An explanation of the roles and responsibilities of an elected member of Leeds City Council ('councillor') and details of how to contact your local councillor. — “Councillors' roles and responsibilities”,
  • Different Councillors have different strengths and choose to serve in different I want to commend this review to not only existing Councillors, but also to. — “Role of Community Councillors”,
  • Councillors. — “Councillors”,
  • Definition of Councillors in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Councillors. Pronunciation of Councillors. Translations of Councillors. Councillors synonyms, Councillors antonyms. Information about Councillors in the free online English. — “Councillors - definition of Councillors by the Free Online”,
  • "The Municipal Councillors Education Program is the premier provider of governance education for Municipal Councillors. It is the result of an unparalleled academic and governance professional partnership, designed specifically for Municipal Councillors and Mayors. — “The Municipal Councillors College”,
  • a list of councillors locatable by ward map or list with surgery information You can use this search facility to find information on the Councillors for your area (Ward), including their contact details and surgeries. — “Sheffield City Council - Councillors”,
  • © copyright 2008 Association of County and City Councillors. Web-site developed and maintained by webtechprint. local authorities, the need to involve councillors in the roll-out of. — “Association of County and City Councils”,
  • councilor also councillor n. A member of a council, as one convened to advise a governor. See Usage Note at council In addition special responsibility allowances are paid to councillors who carry out more senior roles. — “councilor: Definition from ”,
  • Some Councillors have political affiliations but will represent you regardless of their political beliefs or yours. Councillors' Allowances. Payments made to individual Councillors during the Financial Year. — “Councillors”,

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  • Results for the 2006 Norwich City Council Elections Greens make four gains in Norwich
  • Councillor James Hawkins Councillor Rachel Main
  • further term on Epsom Ewell Borough Council which continues to be a Residents Association led council following the successful election of many other RA councillors across the borough Left to right Councillors Ruby Smith Alan Winkworth Sandy Sanger Stoneleigh Ward Robert Leach and Chris Long Auriol Ward FOR FULL DETAILS OF THE ELECTION RESULTS CLICK HERE >
  • green belt even if it means taking legal action Full newspapaer article
  • 2008 Councillors Guardians 002 jpg
  • Councillors jpg
  • Whalebone ward map | Contact Lee Anderson
  • EDLC Councillors jpg
  • Councillors at King Edwards 006 jpg
  • councillors jpg
  • Councillors at King Edwards 005 jpg
  • abbey road councillors jpg
  • Councillors jpg
  • Water Budget It is impossible to classify them but what may be said with certainty is they are definitely not budgets Approving them as such is an insult to the taxpayers From the budgeting section of the Municipal Councillor s Guide it will be seen there are two key elements planning and control In regard to Trent View Estates Planning Where is the broad
  • Abbey ward map | Contact Gabby Bailey
  • Thames ward map | Contact Kim Vasa
  • July 28 2007 取り敢えず投票してきた 今日の出来事 東京に転居してからも 都知事選とか統一地方選挙とか 選挙はできるだけ投票するようにしているのですが 参院選投票日の明日は
  • Access councillors jpg
  • Slightly less depressing here we are at Nunhead Station shame about the graffiti And to finish here s a picture of my husband Ed
  • Here are the school councilors that have been chosen for each of the Junior classes They are responsible for representing the class in the meetings and putting across the children s
  • Councillor Jean Brazil
  • Eastbrook ward map | Contact Lee Anderson
  • Shay Harry Emma Year 3 Josh
  • Frankston City Councillors digging at the launch
  • Mayesbrook ward map | Contact Loraine Pulham
  • Councillor James Ryan Councillor Neil Gorman
  • councillors remarks2 jpg
  • 摘录自 中国报 2008 年 3 月 14 日
  • River ward map | Contact Sandra Jones
  • Student Senate Information 2009 School Captains Jess Cantle Alanah Toleman Doug Allen James Penfold Seb Jacob Rogers School Council Prefect Douglas Allen Jess Cantle Alannah Toleman Jim Penfold Captains Katherine Power School Council Prefect
  • You can add edit or delete Councillors details including images
  • Gascoigne ward map | Contact Lorraine Williams
  • Councillors at King Edwards 010 jpg
  • Councillors at King Edwards 019 jpg
  • councillors
  • Bad Co Spike Edney Queen Spencer Davis Spencer Davies Group Neil Murray Black Sabbath Whitesnake and Jamie Moses SAS band too many to mention as their tutors How about them holding a welcoming event in which 7 bands and the rock legends themselves perform at 10am No Still want more How about visiting superstars and master classes
  • Year6 Councillors006ed s jpg
  • Village ward map | Contact Edith Galliers
  • Town Silver Band Edith Kirk Emilly Jean Veitch Effie s older sister John Veitch Effie s brother Burnham Councillors
  • Councillors attend a tree planting ceremony on Sports Day in Ballinclea Park Photo John Kane

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  • NO NEW MOSQUE NEAR SANDHURST SAY UK COUNCILLORS As plans to build mosque and community centre at Elermore Vale Newcastle NSW to cater for the area's growing Muslim population continue, on the other side of the world councillors in the UK near the Sandhurst Army training college have thrown out the local Bengali Association's bid to demolish a historic listed building and erect a domed mosque in its place. The application was rejected by the UK's Surrey Heath Borough Council.
  • Mombasa councillors fight over poll Elections of the local authority service fund at the Mombasa municipal council turned chaotic when representatives drawn from several wards alleged that they were being forced to elect certain individuals.
  • What Do You Want Your Local Councillor To Fight For? Channel 4 Political Slot, - 5th February 2011 - In the upcoming local elections in 2011, what do you want your local councillors to fight for?
  • Central councillors endorse Uhuru Civic leaders from Nyeri, Kieni, Kirinyaga and Laikipia and GEMA organization have began drumming support for Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta in his presidential bid. The councillors, who met at AICPA church in Kieni said they have held several meetings with their counterparts from other parts of the country and all have decided to back Uhuru come 2012. Uhuru however has to do battles with the likes of Gichugu MP Martha Karua, who is also seeking the top seat from the region.
  • Drug Rehabilitation Interview with two Intake Councillors. Drug Rehabilitation Interview. In this video you will learn the biggest problem in getting addicts to enter rehab. We have two long term experienced intake councillors discussing the first problem they have to overcome and what you can do if you are in this situation to speed matters along. You can see more at: for US citizens and http for Australian citizens. Below is a transcript of the interview: Charlie: As you know addicts are very skill full at manipulating life so others cop the responsibility of their actions. Not them. You see, and they've been handling the consequences of the addict's choice. Right, and they keep handling it for them and it never gets put back on him. So he lives a fantastic life. He doesn't have to earn money, yet he can take drugs, come home anytime he wants, eat when he wants, turn on the electricity, and there is hot water. Christine: No one else can do that in life, except for a drug addict. Charlie: Exactly. Christine: You get rewarded. Charlie: Because they (parents/spouses) are taking all the consequences of his actions. So what do parents do? What do they do? You know, what do they do? It's simple, they do nothing. Christine: Yeah, that's right, it forces, it forces the person to have a realisation. Charlie: Because if they don't take up the slack life is going to start to intervene, there is did it pay the bill intervention, there is, have to go to court now because I got all busted drink driving intervention. The ...
  • MP Ho Vann and SRP Municipal Councillors visited Boeung Kak residents. November 11, 2010: MP Ho Vann and SRP Municipal Councillors visited Boeung Kak lakeside residents while Shukaku Inc is filling the lake and burying several homes beneath mud and sand.
  • Islington people attacked by the police. Activist Suzanne Jeffery & councillors speak out. On February 17th 2011 the people of Islington marched to the town hall to let the councillors know they did not want £50 million cuts. Sixty people were allowed into the gallery. After an hour the police arrived and began to drag people out of the gallery. Four Liberal Democrat councillors left in disgust and shock at what happened, stating the people were exercising their legitimate right to protest and they would not take part in a voting process that was open to the public but which kept the public out stating it was undemocratic. People were told the meeting had ended but instead councillors went into committee room one and continued with the meeting on budget cuts. Suzanne Jeffery's one of the people dragged by force from the gallery speaks about why the people went to the meeting and the next steps for bringing change.
  • Rubaga Councillors fight over delayed pay There was drama this morning at Rubaga division headquarters as councilors fought with Kampala Capital City Council Authority law enforcement officers. The fracas began at the commencement of a sit down strike by the councillors who were protesting alleged delayed implementation of the Kampala City Council Authority Act.
  • NFP councillors in court for IFP killings Two NFP councillors have appeared in the Durban Magistrates Court, charged with killing two IFP supporters in seperate attacks. NFP councillor Bhungu Gwala's bail application will take place next week. In the same court, NFP councillor, Mzonjani Zulu also appeared briefly. He allegedly shot dead IFP supporter Siya Dlamini.
  • Clr. Doug Ford refers fellow councillors as "monkeys" After what appears to be a civil questioning of a motion by Clr. John Filion, Clr. Doug Ford utters "I can't get anywhere with these monkeys" @ approx 2:00 minute mark
  • Cadbury Eyebrow Fairfield's Councillors Well, as promised in my channel and it is also the end of the EOYs, i have put up this video for everyone to enjoy, especially people who know us lol. Spread the word about our video. We were both 14 in 2009! HAHA! Yes, it was childish! But fun! RATE 5 STARS FAVOURITE SUBSCRIBE Lastly, i do not own any material or whatsoever that will land me in trouble. Sorry for the adding of music that made it quite messy and echo-y. Futhermore, the screw-up at the head turning "our left" part and the no balloon thingy lol XD
  • KCCA Councillors oppose City demolitions Outrage and anger was evident today among Councillors working under Kampala Capital City Authority as the debate rages on concerning the highly controversial demolition. Sensationally the Councillors claim that the enforcement officers who were on duty at the time are not part of KCCA staff. The meeting presided over by the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago declared the councillors disapproval with KCCA's demolition and the manner in which the eviction exercise was handled. Just yesterday Centenary park tenants were counting the cost as Kampala Capital City Authority flexed its muscles on illegal structures. Councillors today established a number of resolutions, including a one day sit down strike.
  • Rebels, Radicals, Renegades: Councillor Danny Lim On the streets of Strathfield, Councillor Danny Lim and his pet dog Smarty wage a lonely war against New South Wales Minister of Fair Trading, Virginia Judge. Wearing a sandwich board adorned with protest messages, his campaign to Clean Up Council has given him the name as one of Sydney's most controversial councillors. Well known to this peaceful neighborhood, Councillor Lim has been praised as a local hero to some, and barking mad by others. This video was made by Horwoon Irene Cheng toward completion of requirements for a BA majoring in Media in the school of English Media and Performing Arts.
  • Devaney Shuts Down Town Council; Councillors Walk Out On Her Fed up Town Council Members actually shut down this week's Town Council meeting and walked out, not to return, after this week's outburst from At-Large Councillor Devaney
  • Tauranga City Councillors inspect Mauao (Mount Maunganui) storm slip damage 10 Feb 2011 10 Feb 2010 Tauranga City Councillors, staff and others inspect Mauao (Mount Maunganui) slip damage and recovery following the deluge on Friday 28th January 2011.
  • Mass Effect 3 - Hand Ins & The Asari Councillors Request - Episode 62 So with the galaxies assets stripped once again or at least those pertaining to sidequests we head back to the Citadel not only to clear our log, but also to speak to the Asari Councillor who has finally decided to help the war effort. Continuing Cortez's therapy we also speak to Javik and the couple of Joker and EDI.
  • Reeves and Mortimer - Councillors Cox & Evans - Fun Bins sketch from The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer Series 2, Episode 3. An Aldington-on-Sea Public Information Film with Councillors Cox & Evans
  • KCCA Exec. Director clashes with Councillors There was acrimony at a meeting of councillors called today to adopt the budget for Kampala City Authority. The meeting chaired by Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was drawn into a lengthy debate as councillors argued on whether or nor to throw out the budget presented to them by the Kampala City Authority Executive Director Jennifer Musisi.
  • I'm a Councillor, Get me out of Here! - local democracy, citizenship and young people I'm a Councillor is an online event that gets young people and councillors talking and gives young people a voice. And taking part is fun! This film is a short introduction to the event, to give you a feel for what it's like. It shows young people in Guildford in 2008 taking part in the event, plus a councillor, teacher and council staff, all explaining why they liked it. If you want to find out more go to , or contact sophia@. Filmed by Catherine Seymour and Mark Barrs, editted by Katie Barlow.
  • BBC South Today report on councillors using Twitter Sean Killick for BBC South Today reporting on how councillors tweeting from the council chamber is upsetting some councillors. I'm one of the councillors using Twitter in some council meetings. Cllr Mary Mears is quoted as feeling it's unfair because she doesn't have a chance to respond to my tweets -- but the tweets I sent that time were actually because her party blocked debate of the issues I was concerned about! More info at
  • Liberal Democrat Councillors: Making Britain Greener Chris Huhne and Ming Campbell demonstrate positive contributions made by Liberal Democrat councils to tackle climate change in the Liberal Democrats' party election broadcast on the environment, April 2007. Website:
  • Ryde Councillors behave like Teddy Bears Six Ryde Councillors treat Council meetings like Teddy Bears Picnics. Ryde Council has been considering a proposal to replace the ageing Civic Centre and re-develop the site. This animation highlights the dysfunction that currently exists at Ryde Council.
  • Franziskaner "Councillors" Franziskaner commercial shot in Patagonia by Simon Cheek for Sterntag, Hamburg.
  • South Lanarkshire Council - Councillors' Salaries & Expenses - 2008/2009 The salaries and expenses for South Lanarkshire elected members during financial year 2008-2009.
  • '12 councillors speak from the heart' At the Fremantle Council meeting on Wednesday 22nd February 2012, each Councillor spoke about his or her reasons for supporting the principles behind amendment 49 including economic and social revitalization of the Fremantle city centre, affordable housing, and sustainable development. This film comprises highlights from their speeches. Amendment 49 essentially allows for the densifying of the CBD through sustainable, medium-rise, quality development.
  • Councillors Go Back To School Now, the first thought that comes to most Kenyans' mind when the name councillor is mentioned is chair throwing contests at city hall and other unruly behaviour in public places. But now, thanks to a new requirement contained in the political parties act 2011 which demands that anyone aspiring to contest any elective seat must possess a minimum of post secondary education, the face of local authorities is gearing up for radical change...yes, in their thousands Kenya's future councilllors are trooping back to school and while most are there to achieve the all - important certicate, others say the knowledge they are being equipped with will hopefully transform them into better leaders. Our senior reporter Evelyn Wambui was at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology that is running a course - county governance - that is tailor-made to suit their requirement, and now reports.
  • Tory Councillors vote themselves massive pay rise (14July10) In this supposed age where the public sector are supposed to be careful with the private sector money, councillors at a Conservative local council (Barnet) voted to pay themselves a big pay rise, because they are worth it!!! The public sector bosses just don't get it, the country is broke, the private sector has no money left to pay the public sector. The public sector has outspent itself in 13 years of New Labour excess. Recorded from BBC London News, 14 July 2010.
  • Toronto councillors stop some budget cuts at City Hall as Mayor Rob Ford locks hundreds out Copyright © 2012 Toronto Video Activist Collective. All rights reserved. More info and to get involved: Please contact us for rights or usage beyond personal and non-commercial sharing via this link on YouTube.
  • UKIP takes Ramsey councillors (22May11) A look at UKIPs recent success in the local elections, by taking Ramsey. Well, it's a start. Better than that sneering presenter of The Politics Show managed. Recorded from BBC Politics Show, 22 May 2011.
  • Councillors out Local authorities as Kenya has known them might become obsolete under the devolved system of government. An interim report on devolution provides for election of county representatives in place of councillors. But as Jane Kiyo reports parliament's already crowded work load may have got heavier as the taskforce is proposing at least 13 bills to kick start the process of devolution.
  • Rowdy councillors demand pay rise At KICC, demands for money marred a councilors meeting hosted by President Kibaki to discuss the proposed constitution. A section of the councillors jeered COE Chairman Nzamba Kitonga as they demanded a pledge for a pay rise. An angry President Kibaki told the rowdy civic leaders not to bully the government.
  • MPPP Councillors to take action against Jessie Ooi The Councillors of the Penang Municipal Council have demanded Jessie Ooi to retract her baseless accusations against the Penang MPPP or face action. In a press conference held on 22 February, 2012 MPPP Councillors and MPPP Traffic Warden have spoken up against the baseless accusations thrown against them by Jessie Ooi during the Q&A at the debate between Chief Minister and Secretary-General of DAP, Lim Guan Eng and MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek. Records showed that no car was towed at 10.30 pm at Jalan Pantai as alleged by Jessie Ooi. MPPP also revealed that there are ample parking available at Jalan Pantai which includes a 203-parking bay complex. Councillor Ong Ah Teong welcome the debate but condemned the baseless accusations by Jessie Ooi who claimed that cars were towed away at 10.30 pm which ended up with bloodied fights. Instead, a traffic wardened said that so far the only incident is one which a MPPP enforcement officer was hit with a helmet. A motion will be tabled at the full council meeting this coming Friday to decide if the councillors will take further action against Jessie Ooi if she refused to retract and apologise for making the accusations against MPPP.
  • KCCA Probe: Councillors clash over Lukwago-Musisi rift Kampala Capital City Authority Councillors clashed before the local government committee of parliament over the misunderstanding between the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and the Executive Director Jennifer Musisi. The Parliamentary Committee probing wrangles within KCCA summoned the Councillors to hear their views on the two elephants fighting in the City. KCCA Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, his Deputy Suleiman Kidandala among other Councillors petitioned Parliament claiming the City was being mismanaged by the executive Director.
  • Satark Nagrik Sangathan: Campaign on Councillor Development Funds Satark Nagrik Sangathan (SNS) is a citizens group with a mandate to promote transparency and accountability in government functioning and to encourage active participation of citizens in governance. SNSs key strategy has been to assist people exercise their Right to Information (RTI). SNS builds capacities of citizens to use the RTI Act to obtain information on the performance of elected representatives and on the functioning of the Government in areas such as ration, civic works, education and social welfare schemes. SNS has been assisting citizens use the RTI Act to demand political accountability and monitor the functioning of their elected representatives (Municipal Councillors, MLAs and MPs). Satark Nagrik Sangathan has been using the Right to Infomration Act to develop Report Cards on the performance of elected representatives. Each Report Card assesses the performance of the elected representatives on the basis of the objective parameters developed in relation to their primary roles and responsibilities. Report Cards of elected representatives can be accessed at Doordarshan- Indias public service television network- dedicated an episode on the Janane Ka Haaq (Right to Know) show to cover SNS work on using the RTI Act to access information on development funds provided to Councillors in Delhi.
  • pt2 (Caught Filming) Councillors Back Track on Filming Row, + Article From Local Paper (CHAD) A big thanks to Andrew Chipperfield-Taylor, Independent Human Resources Professional, Nottingham, United Kingdom. I attended a meeting at Ashfield District Council on the 8th December 2011. My intentions where to film a friend asking important questions regarding the lawfullness of flying the EU flag on public property. Some of the councillors spotted me filming and grassed me up. the police where called but i had left before the police came. This video is a council meeting i attended on 1st of March 2011, questions where asked regarding filming council meetings. They had 2 weeks to prepare an answer to the 2 questions....and they said they would write to Andrew....they didnt want to answer on camera....nor did i here an apology. Andrew went to the council the next day and made complaints. this isnt the end of it!!! he was good wasnt he?
  • 23 Kajang councillors hauled up over Bersih T-shirts The clampdown against Bersih T-shirts continues, with 23 Kajang councillors being called up by police today for questioning for wearing the shirts at the full board meeting yesterday. But of this number, only seven were present at the Kajang district police station this evening, while the others will give their statements in stages as they are not available today. According to councilor Chandra Mohan ST, the police did not inform them under what section of the law they are being investigated. The Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) has 24 members but only 20 were in attendance yesterday. Full story: Camera: Amir Abdullah Editing: Tan Jiun Wuu
  • Sooty and Co - 5x10 - Councillors [Please Like my Sooty FB Page Mo is standing in the local election on a "Say No to Holes" policy, whilst Connie Creighton is running a very noisy campaign against too much noise. Sooty and Soo support Mo and Sweep and Scampi support Connie. Scampi and Sweep trick Matt into recording a bedtime story which they then edit into an anti Mo tape. This is played at her rally. She thinks it is Connie's doing and has it out with her in the yard. A paint fight results and they both decide to give up politics. Credits text: Presenter: MATTHEW CORBETT, Guest: CONNIE CREIGHTON, Puppeteers: BRIAN SANDFORD, JOHN SEATON, SALLIE CORBETT, Mo and Voice of Soo: BRENDA LONGMAN, Producer: HELEN STEPHENS, Director: STUART HALL
  • Councillor gave statement in Suhakam Also at the same time in the Suhakam headquarters this morning, Kajang municipal councillor Lee Hee Hiong gave her witness statement before the Suhakam public inquiry into alleged police brutality during the July 9 Bersih 2.0 electoral reform rally that had been declared illegal by the police. "My name was submitted as a witness by the Bersih secretariat, and I was called by Suhakam to give my statement. I told them about two things. "Firstly, about how I and 16 other Kajang councillors were charged with wearing Bersih T-shirts in June, prior to the rally. "Secondly, I told them what I saw during the time I attended the rally, how we were sandwiched by FRU and police at Pudu road, were subjected to tear gas and had to flee into a nearby Chinese maternity hospital." Lee added the next Suhakam panel hearing matter would sit again on Dec 15, when she may be asked to testify. Full story: Camera/Editing: Tan Jiun Wuu
  • Vancouver Councillor Squares Off with City Manager over Right to File a Motion During a City Council effort to strip the authority of volunteer recreational planning associations that have long co-managed Vancouver's 23 community recreational centres, one City Councillor simply sought to ask how much this takeover would cost the city treasury. After all, the expected resignation or disengagement of thousands of association volunteers, who help to fundraise, pay for, and plan community centre programming, would saddle already stretched Parks and Recreation staff with new responsibilities and no additional funding to keep, let alone expand, services in a rapidly-growing city. Vancouver BC City Councillor Adriane Carr, the lone representative of the Green Party on the Council, sought to file a motion in Council to query city staff on the financial implications of this major takeover of heretofore volunteer recreational management services provided by city residents. After filing her motion a week ahead of the Council Meeting, as proscribed by law, City Manager Penny Ballem intercepted it and refused to place it on the agenda. Carr had already arranged a seconding vote to force its discussion in Council, but the City Manager's action, presumably made on her own judgment, would mean the motion could never come to debate. Councillor Carr then engaged the most experienced municipal lawyer in Vancouver to render an opinion--available here --on the legality of the City Manager quashing a Council motion in this manner. His opinion was that it ...
  • unclefrunk: RT @CathPrisk: RT @playengland: Ask your MP to #LoveOutdoorPlay this #Valentine's day! #NaturalChildhood
  • eastnewsavril: Council sets its budget in East Lothian - see full coverage in the East Lothian News. Video footage on website of councillors arriving.
  • CrowhurstSchool: We're wearing onesies to school today raising money for water aid! Great idea Eco councillors!
  • debfreemansmudg: RT @CathPrisk: RT @playengland: Ask your MP to #LoveOutdoorPlay this #Valentine's day! #NaturalChildhood
  • DESJADDOO: Voter Registration &Community Day 2nd March 2013 Cannon Street Church Soho Road Handsworth with Councillors #fb #fb
  • AishahBuffalo: @19Omeasoo_ councillors kid
  • Deevvvyyyynnnnn: @mtjkbornthisway haha is that a good thing? We greet almost everyone even the councillors that make the morning announcement!
  • CathPrisk: Will @Ofstednews support #schools to @LoveOutdoorPlay on#Valentines day to boost #Physical activity?
  • dailybirmingham: Councillors barred from preventing cuts claim Walsall Labour: Walsall’s Labour councillors have been told they...
  • ButchieMcLarty: Sparks fly over councillor's budget survey | Local | News | The London Free Press
  • pinkvatoxx: Oh the skit this morning performed by the student councillors was really entertaining. Kept laughing with Wenying. HAHAH.
  • sunharx: @EthanTytler @dylmid it was a table! one of the councillors offered to my ma so sherep
  • CathPrisk: RT @playengland: Ask your MP to #LoveOutdoorPlay this #Valentine's day! #NaturalChildhood
  • LoveOutdoorPlay: RT @playengland: Ask your MP to #LoveOutdoorPlay this #Valentine's day! #fun #active #adventure #NaturalChildhood
  • playengland: Ask your MP to #LoveOutdoorPlay this #Valentine's day! #fun #active #adventure #NaturalChildhood
  • DomPost: Wellington Councillors serenaded for Valentines Day
  • weegieburger: @theeveningtimes I must admit, I'm a bit worried that councillors find a blackberry. "Complicated" I don't find mine complicated
  • TheEveningTimes: "The main Issue is a lot of things don't seem to work properly?" See survey of Glasgow councillors in today's paper.
  • thouky: ... was interesting to hear some of the councillors express their own views against the proposals and behaviour of Cottenham Parish Council!
  • RabTDog: @Pencilsqueezer @guardian and if all Moray does is deliver statutory services, you don't need elected councillors - just a manager
  • timloughton: RT @Dan_Humphreys: Worthing Councillors (including yours truly) vote for Council Tax freeze
  • TheConcordian: Kraus-Heitmann: I find it beyond offensive that councillors are being threatened. #csumtg
  • mrsjuliesearle: RT @Dan_Humphreys: Worthing Councillors (including yours truly) vote for Council Tax freeze
  • NewburyChron: Council tax to rise 53p a week: COUNCILLORS will be asked to approve an average 53p a week tax rise tonight (Thu...
  • KaranArman_: Having lunch with a member of the royal family, MP's and councillors today.
  • alexander_hunt: RT @CathPrisk: Ask your MP to #LoveOutdoorPlay this #Valentine's day! #NaturalChildhood #planning #health #GetInvolved #ECE
  • CAWSW: @RCTCouncil Increased litter and dog mess all around; sad, depressed buildings; potholes; broken pavements; councillors too greedy to care.
  • 01AmyJohnson: RT @jiehyunglo: Here with @01AmyJohnson at the @_VLGA #Council Plan #training session. Lots of discussion & wisdom being shared by councillors #localgovt
  • chesterdotcom: RT @Chester_Culture: We hope to talk city Councillors soon. Lots of meeting also being set up with culture grps. If we all come together... #wheresourcuture
  • UniqueKidzandCo: RT @CDC_tweets: @PlayEngland is calling on everyone to send their local MP a #ValentinesDay card asking them to @LoveOutdoorPlay
  • Tracy_EclipseMD: RT @newcastlerep: 2700 Novocastrians are not enough! be a part of #NewcastleVoice, Councillors need to hear from a wider cross section!
  • jiehyunglo: Here with @01AmyJohnson at the @_VLGA #Council Plan #training session. Lots of discussion & wisdom being shared by councillors #localgovt
  • HighlandNews: News: Inishowen’s County Councillors are being asked to explain a delay in funding for improvements to the Aghil...
  • newcastlerep: 2700 Novocastrians are not enough! be a part of #NewcastleVoice, Councillors need to hear from a wider cross section!
  • anneibrahim99: RT @Chester_Culture: We hope to talk city Councillors soon. Lots of meeting also being set up with culture grps. If we all come together... #wheresourcuture
  • CDC_tweets: @PlayEngland is calling on everyone to send their local MP a #ValentinesDay card asking them to @LoveOutdoorPlay
  • chinhuili: @dandelionsx was in-charge of this thing everyone suddenly chickened out and denied their responsibility. Councillors (^_^)b
  • Chester_Culture: We hope to talk city Councillors soon. Lots of meeting also being set up with culture grps. If we all come together... #wheresourcuture
  • squarebracket: Not many councillors left around the table. #csumtg
  • AllAboutWalsall: RT @_themushroom: Councillors Barred From Preventing Cuts
  • bigshmexy: @Claire_MP I'm not saying that to stereotype or point blame at any group other than the Councillors that have failed to improve their wards
  • InsideCroydon: What councillors say: gallery move is "improved service" #Croydon @UKpling
  • melhotchkiss: RT @KayLaframboise: I have never, not once, seen something like this. Just councillors, students and the press. #csumtg
  • squarebracket: RT @KayLaframboise: I have never, not once, seen something like this. Just councillors, students and the press. #csumtg
  • KayLaframboise: I have never, not once, seen something like this. Just councillors, students and the press. #csumtg
  • OlderMusosAU: RT @robcarr09: @OlderMusosAU @PeterLangstaff @StephenJonesMP Live music gains support from Councillors in Wgong
  • cowalcourier: Struan closure councillors wage war of words over embarassing email leak via @sharethis
  • DebbieAnadapta: RT @TRESOC_: Its a sad day for #communityenergy. Councillors voted against our duo if turbines. Showing amazing shortsightedness &climate change denial.
  • CyclingEdin: "For once you have to feel a bit of sympathy for the city’s councillors" @AndrewDBurns @lahinds @Edinburgh_CC
  • NuForestWellnes: RT @dailyecho: Councillors vow to fight cafe and restaurant plan
  • KayLaframboise: El Jahidi says that councillors need to put forth "valid reasons" for Nadine not to be appointed. #csumtg
  • david_harman_uk: "Peterborough councillors to develop skills" How much will this cost the #counciltax payer
  • andydickens1987: Land at Cambourne Business Park should be used to create jobs not homes, say councillors:
  • jonsey5533: RT @CllrCJONeal: @jonsey5533 just noticed im being followed by @CyngorGwynedd just hope they see some of the graft a couple of us councillors put in.
  • TIN_Talks: @PlayEngland is calling on everyone to send their local MP a #ValentinesDay card asking them to @LoveOutdoorPlay
  • SDLabour: Trevor Southerd and the Swadlincote Councillors will be in the Hastings Road area on Saturday 16th February 11.00-1.00
  • barnet_unison: RT @ShirleyBurnham: Wrexham Councillors Reject Principle Of Closing Libraries | | @UKpling @WelshLibraries et al
  • juruwolfe: Andrew asking councillors to "take a deep breath." Says this decision will affect the exec directly so they should be involved #csumtg
  • nbstvug: NEWS UPDATE: Kampala Division Councillors are expected to give their plight in the Kampala Capital City Authority...
  • iprtgroup: 2 outline PP to build 14,000 sqm of employment space on redundant industrial sites in the Forest of Dean have been approved by councillors.
  • nbstvug: NEWS UPDATE: Kamapala Division Councillors are expected to give their plight in the Kampala Capital City...
  • itvwestcountry: Councillors in #Dorset vote on go-ahead for £11m worth of cuts to budget... via @itvnews
  • RogerDecatt: I know councillors are bored when I start getting new followers. #csumtg
  • KayLaframboise: Walcott suggested it so councillors could speak freely. #csumtg
  • MrMarmiteRuns: RT @Williams_Wales: @wrexham Lay off two councillors, everyone's a winner, overpaid idiots.
  • ShirleyBurnham: Wrexham Councillors Reject Principle Of Closing Libraries | | @UKpling @WelshLibraries et al
  • SMSMediaUganda: Parliament summons @KCCAED Jennifer Musisi - ED to clarify on reports that her work is 'failing' the Lord Mayor and councillors' duties.
  • AlanSchtweetz: Here is some #yegbike info to put in your letter to councillors - adjust to your own circumstance:
  • WatchOttawa: councillors approve their own pay raise
  • bencranham: @KGravil Ah, the over councillors, just not good people. #bornblockers
  • DjSamiy: Just spoke to the Vale receptionists for a good 1.5 hours just telling them my problems. #Councillors
  • BenRoss_AKL: Councillors - as I can not ask directly can you please: Ask Some Questions to Auckland Transport On The Manukau...
  • CfCOntLTCHomes: @MattRichterGPO @Ont_Ombudsman TY Matt! I/my group have faith in OO unlike some defensive Sudbury City Councillors #Watchdog #accountability
  • SteveMcKiernan: He's probably a very lovely guy, whose Res Assoc doesnt need local councillors even after communicating with them @Watts_News @vodkandlime
  • London_Hub: Councillors Joe Swan, left, and Stephen Orser (Free Press file photo) - London Free Press #London
  • ManninghamCC: Would you like to talk to your local councillors about community issues? Meet Heide Ward councillors tomorrow at Bulleen Plaza, 11am - 1pm
  • SharieBabyPink: Flowers will be going round school later. So jealous lah. I also want sia:( Student councillors will go around school being the postman.
  • coffs_advocate: Councillors are expected to approve a name change tonight
  • Town102: Suffolk Councillors To Agree Budget - more -
  • beachofficial: Suffolk Councillors To Agree Budget - more -
  • YourSouthampton: Councillors vow to fight cafe and restaurant plan
  • 48londonroad: Councillors vow to fight cafe and restaurant plan - CIVIC leaders are fighting plans for a multi-million pound shopp...
  • KevinLabonte: RT @late2game: Kudos to @phubert1961 for commissioning a reputable research company to do an #ldnbudget2013 survey. Wish other councillors signed on.
  • BrianGibson13: @JoniBaechler @jesse_helmer @sherylwillwrite @anma_sa @marthanow @cityofldnont @elaineatlondon Hope to see all councillors participate! :)
  • Jerry_Dwyer: RT @LFPress: Coun. Paul Hubert's budget survey heard despite grumbling from council colleagues. #LdnOnt
  • ballaratcourier: Council will support a controversial application for grain processing in Lake Gardens when it comes before VCAT
  • HantsNews: Councillors vow to fight cafe and restaurant plan: CIVIC leaders are fighting plans for a multi-milli... #Hampshire
  • LookaburraSE: #hampshire Councillors vow to fight cafe and restaurant plan: CIVIC leaders are fighting plans for a multi-milli...
  • thisisdorset: Councillors vow to fight cafe and restaurant plan: CIVIC leaders are fighting plans for a multi-million pound sh...
  • dailyecho: Councillors vow to fight cafe and restaurant plan
  • JoniBaechler: @anma_sa @sherylwillwrite @Marthanow I sent it out to my email list as did other councillors and left it up to constit to fill out.
  • anma_sa: @sherylwillwrite @JoniBaechler @Marthanow Was shared via media, some councillors and online. Don’t think there’s an email list of const.
  • jpmccullagh: Not sure how this is this any different than councillors who took developer donations in election campaigns? #ldnont
  • paulzed: At Caesar's in Windsor overlooking Detroit with Canadian Mayors&councillors from across the country listening to plans to build a future#fcm
  • northern_star_: Byron to ask State Government for power to tow away vehicles
  • FairfaxNSWwest: #Cabonne councillors have visited the Macquarie pipeline site. Still no sign of #Orange councillors

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