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  • Clinical significance of crepitations in elderly patients following acute hospital Crepitations and persistent crepitations (PCs) were commoner in the. — “Clinical significance of crepitations in elderly patients”,
  • bilateral lung crepitations - also known as or related to creps on both sides, bilateral lung crackles - medical resources available from Patient UK. — “bilateral lung crepitations - Patient UK resources”,
  • Are we able to determine with precision what levels of exposure are necessary to cross the threshold The prevalence of crepitations, 'possible asbestosis', certified asbestosis, small opacities in the chest radiograph and values of lung function have been related to dust levels. — “Asbestos Exposure and the Carcinogenic Threshold”,
  • Most patients with pneumonia had crepitations (79.2%) but only 25% had bronchial Crepitations (60%), and wheezes (40%) were the most common signs. Wheezes were as common. — “BioMed Central | Full text | Clinical features of culture”,
  • Bronchial breathing at the right apex with fine inspiratory crepitations localised to the right apex. On examination she has clubbing and there are fine late inspiratory crepitations at both lung bases. — “EMQ 9”,
  • Full online access to medical textbook section about Crackles [Rales, crepitations] from 'Professional Guide to Signs & Symptoms (Fifth Edition)' related to Crackles. — “Crackles [Rales, crepitations] (Professional Guide to Signs”,
  • Cardiovascular Health question: What Causes of crepitation in chest? Answer There are MANY causes of crepitations in the chest!! Crepitations in the chest are basically crackles heard in the chest when. — “ - What Causes of crepitation in chest”,
  • List of 30 causes for Bibasilar crackles and Pulmonary oedema, alternative diagnoses, rare causes, misdiagnoses, patient stories, and much more. Crackles [Rales, crepitations] (Professional Guide to Signs & Symptoms (Fifth Edition)) Crackles (Alarming Signs and Symptoms: Lippincott Manual of. — “Bibasilar crackles and Pulmonary oedema - Symptom Checker”,
  • Crepitations. by Edward Smith. Also known as Rales or Crackles. A crackling sound in the be heard in infections such as pneumonia. Crepitations are also an early sign of heart. — “Crepitations | InterSites”,
  • Definition of Crepitations in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Crepitations. Pronunciation of Crepitations. Translations of Crepitations. Crepitations synonyms, Crepitations antonyms. Information about Crepitations in the free online English. — “Crepitations - definition of Crepitations by the Free Online”,
  • On examination he is mildly tachy-pnoeic, has a palpable liver and spleen and widespread crepitations with occasional rhonchi in his chest. Such infants usually have widespread crepitations (crackles) and/or rhonchi which may be heard in different. — “.au”, .au
  • Definition of Crepitations in the Medical Dictionary. Crepitations explanation. Information about Crepitations in Free online English dictionary. What is Crepitations? Meaning of Crepitations medical term. What does Crepitations mean?. — “Crepitations - definition of Crepitations in the Medical”, medical-
  • Indian J Crit Care Med, Online version this peer-reviewed periodical, a publication of ISCCM, India, provides free full-text access to articles. signs namely tachypnea, auscultatory signs of wheeze, ronchi, and crepitations, central cyanosis, nasal flaring and inability to feed was recorded. — “Prevalence and predictors of hypoxemia in acute respiratory”,
  • Popping sound or crepitations (cracking sounds) may be heard when moving the joint degree and range of motion, stiffness, strength, and presence of fluids or crepitations. — “Degenerative Joint Disease -- ”,
  • crepitations. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 17 October 2010, at 08:51. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. — “crepitations - Wiktionary”,
  • crepitations. Tweet. The sound made by lungs containing excess fluid. crepitations. — “crepitations”,
  • Changi General Hospital, Singapore; †National Healthcare Group, Singapore; and ‡Singapore General Hospital, Pathology, Singapore zone consolidation (Figure 1), consistent with bilateral crepitations on auscultation. — “CDC - Atypical SARS in Geriatric Patient”,
  • File Format: PDFAdobe Acrobat - crepitations are absent. but a high-pitched end. inspiratory squeak is heard in some (Fig. 6) crepitations BAE SYSTEMS Australia. and a mid inspiratory. squeak were heard all over the. In addition, radiopositive thrombus had. — “Technical Notes”,
  • Crackles, crepitations, or rales are the clicking, rattling, or crackling noises that may be made by one or both lungs of a human with a The terms rales and crepitations are both still in common use in the US but less common elsewhere.[1] Use of. — “Crackles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Bibasilar rales. Rales, crackles or crepitations are the clicking, rattling, or crackling noises heard in lungs. Bibasilar rales means rales are heard in both lung bases. — “medical question, need spelling for bibase laralls. has to do”,

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  • Carcass-Crepitating Bowel Erosion Off the 1989 album "Symphonies Of Sickness" Original Vinyl Artwork... For the COMPLETE album, check out my playlists...
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  • IS THE FEMALE BETTER @ BLOWING? What on earth does this question mean??? Well are women better at blowing than men?? I think so. I seem to have a lot more of an impressive Huff and Puff & blow effect! My lungs work perfectly and I am indeed very proud. Do you have crepitations? Are you Wheezy? Does your chest hurt? Well at least I can say no to all these questions!!! With regards to men, my huffing and puffing and blowing is a lot more refined and lady like!!!! It all depends on what your definition of blowing is!
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  • mia aged 6 moshing to rabid dog by kastrated mia loves to mosh and windmill, gotta watch it to the end ;) her favourite song by kastrated, although she does love crepitations 'horsey song' too :D her fave band is machine head and shes partial to a bit of sepultura too ;)
  • Crepitation - Conceived In Mortification - MOD'07 Crepitation performing "Conceived In Mortification" at the Mountains of Death Openair 2007 in Switzerland. /crepitation This song is also recorded on the slamtastic "North West Slam Fest" CD with Kastrated and Ingested!
  • asthma wheezing (sound) me wheezing having an asthma attack, lost my inhaler..went to ER afterwards...
  • Adventitious Breath Sounds Download more at ..
  • Newborn Examination of the head and neck This will expand upon what you have already learnt about the head and neck from your visual observation of the baby at the outset regarding head size, shape, and proportions/symmetry. Now it is time to use your hands: * Head circumference - (OFC - occipitofrontal circumference). If this was not measured at birth it needs to be measured now. Place the tape so that it passes the occiput in the rear and the forehead in front, and adjust it so that you get the highest number. Plot the value on a percentile chart. Anterior fontanelle - trace the edges. Large vs small, bulging vs flat vs depressed? * Sagittal suture - trace forwards and backwards from the fontanelle. Wide vs narrow/overriding, open vs fused? Posterior fontanelle - should be smaller than the anterior, and triangular shaped. * Other sutures - Wide vs narrow/overriding, open vs fused? * Nose - push the tip of the nose in towards the base where the septum and the philtrum join and observe for signs that the nasal septum slips out to either side - it should be seated in a "fork" at the base. If it is dislocated, it can be reduced easily during the first days of life, and thus prevent breathing difficulties and need for plastic surgery later in life. * Mouth - look and feel for patency of palate (inspection + digital exam), inspect the tongue, gums, and mucous membranes, noting any discoloration, enanthema, or malformations. Natal teeth may be present, and should probably be removed if they are lose (risk of ...
  • Correcting Patella Maltracking This exercise is designed to help remedy a common form of knee pain which, if painful enough, can prevent someone from being able to perform any activity that involves bending the knees.
  • Lung Sounds: Rhonchi, Wheezes and Rales www.CME4: CME You Remember 4 Life!
  • Breath Sounds - Rhonchi This is the sound of rhonchi typically heard on respiratory auscultation...
  • Carcass/Crepitating Bowel Erosion (Live 1990) ‐5 Live in Den Bosch, Netherland 1990/04/16 A track from their 2nd album "SYMPHONIES OF SICKNESS" ('89) *Date:2011/08/13 *taken from the bootleg video
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  • Crepitation - Incongruous Penilectomy Track taken from their North - West Slam Fest [split] album with Kastrated and Ingested.
  • Auscultation 1 lung auscultation
  • 6 Thorax and Lung - (SOUNDS) Bate's Px - Physical - Clinical Examination - Bate'sPx - Physical - Clinical Examination - Bate's
  • Breath Sounds - Crackels This is the sound of crackels. I have also added late inspiratory crackes later for comparision.
  • ascultation - breath sounds ascultation - one of the most important assessment done on patients
  • robinhosking: @rodedun Sure, if you don't mind a sound track of crepitations.
  • robinhosking: Walk to Sainsburys had done me in. Can't stand crepitations anymore. Urgh. Just want to go for a 10k or sumtin sumtin.
  • BadToss: @robinhosking omg I think I'm hitting the crepitations. Please advise. They feel weird!

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  • “Stay up to date on the latest medical product news, in a no nonsense format, which is perfect for doctors and nurses on the go. however this gas can be retained, which can cause retained pneumomediastinum or subcutaneous air with uncomfortable crepitations”
    — GlaxoSmithKline Receives Okay From FDA For Lamictal | Medical,

  • “ is a new community aimed towards musicians, promoters, producers, artists from all walks of life. Most importantly it is a site for the fans to network with their favorite bands, friends, and new people who share the same interests”
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  • “O/E there were bibasal crepitations. FEV1 and FVC were both severly Similar forum topics. Respiratory quotient & respiratory. respiratory. Respiratory Q. Related”
    — respiratory sys, prep4

  • “3) click dialogue forum link to enter the dialogue forum 4) click on an existing thread for the forum. it helps me to see what i have been calling "the sprawl" of the forum as a”
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  • “Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system Bilateral basal crepitations were heard during physical examination. Her JVP was not elevated and cardiovascular examination showed normal heart sounds with no murmurs”
    — 2009 Jul - Pandemic H1N1 2009/ Human Swine Influenza: Sharing,

  • “"There are 5 lung lobes, plus the trachea, which you need to listen to" Not during just hearing air movement doesn't tell you more than they are breathing - what about crepitations & their location, what about the difference between expiratory & inspiratory wheeze, what about crackles”
    — WHAT WILL KILL THE CASUALTY - First Aid Cafe Forum - Page 3,

  • “Search [BLOG HOMEPAGE] Would you trust a nurse to be a doctor? By Dr Annette Katelaris examination revealed a reduced percussion note, reduced breath sounds and crepitations”
    — Would you trust a nurse to be a doctor? -,

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