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  • Official site for the Chicago Cubs. Features up-to-date stats and results, player bios, minor league information, ticket and merchandise ordering info, player photos, and audio highlights. — “Chicago Cubs”,
  • : News on Tomorrow's Cubs, Today. Right-hander Kyle Smit is one of four Cubs pitching prospects polishing his game in the Arizona Fall League this month. — “Chicago Cubs MLB Baseball Front Page”,
  • Chicago Cubs scores, news, schedule, players, stats, photos, rumors, and highlights on Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano couldn't believe his eyes Thursday morning when he popped his head out from the Cubs' dugout to catch a glimpse of Northwestern's. — “Chicago Cubs - Cubs Baseball Clubhouse - ESPN”,
  • Features team history, background, facts, and notable players for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. — “Chicago Cubs - Wikipedia”,
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date Chicago Cubs news, scores, schedule, stats and roster. — “Chicago Cubs - Yahoo! Sports”,
  • Cubs Kids. Social Media Clubhouse. Cubs Cookbook. Touchdown on Wrigley Field. Get on the Allstate Wrigleyville Classic in November. Newborn Fan Club. A great way to start your little Cub right. — “-=[Welcome To ]=-”,
  • Since the Cubs specialize in rookie pitchers, it's only fair that the Cubs 2010 Rookie Pitchers - PITCHf/x Metrics. The rvERA shown in the Hardball Times. — “Cubs f/x”,
  • The latest Chicago Cubs News, articles, Cubs posts, Scores, Chicago Cubs Stats, Schedule on NFL . — “Chicago Cubs News, Scores, Stats, Schedule -- MLB FanHouse”,
  • Stan Musial joins Jackie Robinson as Daytona Cubs that have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Fans purchasing a 2011 Flex-Pack will also be able to enjoy $5 in Cubs Cash. — “The Official Site of Minor League Baseball | Daytona Cubs”,
  • Official site for Major League Baseball in the U.S. and Canada. Features links to each of the MLB teams, as well as baseball season stats, news, game schedules, video highlights, and online broadcasts. — “Major League Baseball (MLB)”,
  • Team report, roster, bios, schedule, and stats for the Chicago Cubs. — “Chicago Cubs - Fox Sports”,
  • Click Here to Print Out the Daytona Cubs 2011 Schedule. The 2011 home opener will be Friday April 8th against Brevard County, with schedule highlights including a home series over Memorial Day Weekend, a 6:35 game on the 4th of July and the season finale the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. — “The Official Site of Minor League Baseball | Daytona Cubs”,
  • Read the latest news, check out fan pictures, take polls and look over the Chicago Cubs schedule. — “Chicago Cubs: The latest Chicago Cubs news and pictures from”,
  • will the Cubs brave the crowds and try to find a free agent bargain? Or which two Cubs pitchers picked up their 300th win against the Giants or the Cubs' pitcher that briefly retired before becoming one of the most dominant relievers in. — “”,
  • Learn about Cubs on . Find info and videos including: How to Be a Cubs Fan, How to Be a Cub Scout, About the Chicago Cubs and much more. — “Cubs - ”,
  • Cubs - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Cubs”,
  • It's easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics. Join today and follow @Cubs. Get updates via SMS by texting follow Cubs to 40404 in the United States about 17 hours ago via web Retweeted by Cubs and 100+ others. — “Chicago Cubs (Cubs) on Twitter”,
  • Cubs Cookbook. Touchdown on Wrigley Field. Get on the gridiron at Wrigley Field to play Classic in November. Newborn Fan Club. A great way to start your little Cub right. — “MLB News | : News”,
  • Buy Cubs bleacher tickets, Brewers Opening Day tickets and Padres baseball seats. Great selection of Chicago Cubs Caps. has the most sought after Chicago Cubs tickets, the the best deals on all Chicago tickets, MLB Tickets including Red Sox Tickets and Yankees Tickets and more. — “ | Collaborative, Fan-Based Chicago Cubs News”,
  • Baseballs. Chicago Cubs First Base Legends (Banks and Grace) Autographed Baseballs w/Laser Engraved Logo Display Case. Current Bid: $ 295.00 USD CUBS CHARITIES AUCTION: John Cusack Signed Baseball. — “Chicago Cubs - Baseballs”,
  • Buy Cubs The Official Online Shop of Major League Baseball. — “Cubs - Shop”,

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  • Chimp Adopts Tiger Cubs "CBS News RAW:" A chimp at Jungle Island in Miami, Fla. has grown fond of two white tiger cubs. The trio sleep, play and eat together.
  • Anjana and Cub Anjana the chimpanzee and her tiger cub friend in their latest playdate.
  • Go Cubs Go parody (Choke Cubs Choke) This is a parody of Steve Goodman's "Go Cubs Go." Lyrics copyright 2009 Rickety Inflictor Productions
  • Hitler hates the Cubs!!! When he learns that ESPN picked the Cubs to win the NL Central over his beloved Cardinals, Hitler snaps.
  • Lion Cub Swim Test On Tuesday, Oct. 26, the National Zoo's first batch of lion cubs, born to Shera on Aug. 31, took a swim test to prepare them to be in the yard with their mother later this year.
  • Iowa Cubs Can't Muster Enough Offense To Beat Las Vegas A solo home run was all the offense the I-Cubs could muster in losing Tuesday night
  • Lee Elia Tirade - Chicago Cubs - 4/29/83 Good article on the event here: Elia clearly regrets his ourburst. "I made some comments that I don't even know how they came out of my mouth, because they were not comments that I normally would make. Never in my wildest dreams did I think somebody would run out of there and put it on the air." 1983 turned out to be Elia's final year as the Cubs' manager. Many have argued that Grobstein's tape sealed upper management's decision to fire Elia. Grobstein heartily disagrees. He commented recently that "the tirade and my tape did not get Lee Elia fired - the team starting to suck again did." Whatever the case, the tirade is now 25 years old, solidly entrenched in the firmament of baseball lore...and is TOTALLY AWESOME. Enjoy.
  • Mother Polar Bear and Cubs Emerging from Den - BBC Planet Earth Amazing images taken from the Arctic circle as a mother bear emerges from her winter long sleep with two new arrivals. With brilliant images of mother polar bear sledging down the slopes and cute cubs first taste of the Arctic air, this is a video you don't want to miss from BBC natural history masterpiece 'Planet Earth'.
  • Dog becomes surrogate mum to tiger-lion cubs Two very rare cubs born to a male lion and female tiger are now being nursed by a dog after their mother abandoned them. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at
  • Opening Day: The Cubs biggest fan To see more by Justin, go to We caught up with Colleen Henneman outside Wrigley Field on Opening Day. She told Justin Kaufmann about her morning celebrating and what it means to be a Cubs fan. This interview took place on April 1, 2011
  • 2010 Chicago Cubs Commemorative DVD: Chasing Pittsburgh Order today at The 2010 Cubs season might be over, but the memories can live on forever with a commemorative DVD the whole family can enjoy "The 2010 Chicago Cubs: Chasing Pittsburgh!" Relive the epic journey to 5th place in stunning HD as the Cubs turned the highest payroll in the National League into nearly 90 losses.
  • 3 Adorable Lion Cubs Play "King of the Savannah" at the Bronx Zoo Sukari's sweet three compete for who can be "king of the jungle" -- or prince of the savannah.
  • Cute baby tiger Produced by Ryan Hawk. Cute baby tiger cub "Hadiah" Baby Sumatran Tiger Cub at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. In the Nursery (44sec). Female, Born 12/12/2006. Find out more about tigers at :
  • Black bear and cubs in hibernation - BBC wildlife Why do bears hibernate? Watch this to discover how much effort is spent on survival during winter in the world of the big sky bears. Amazing nature photography from the USA bear wild habitats.
  • "All the Way" - Eddie Vedder Cubs Tribute Go to and enter Promo Code BUZZVid11 for a 14-day FREE trial subscription. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder lets his passion for his favorite team shine through in this tribute song to the Chicago Cubs in this video by MOUTHPIECESPORTS personality Brian Dryfhout.
  • Red Panda cubs Taronga Zoo's new red panda cubs.
  • "Go Cubs Go" 2008 Edition A video about the 2008 Chicago Cubs with the "Go Cubs Go" song in it. It has the few new players, and the original players. Picture Quality is great. Everybody please visit the site below, plenty of great deals. Compare prices on Chicago Cubs fan gear from top online retailers and auctioneers. Get the best deals on Cubs jerseys, tickets, hats, and more.
  • Rare White Lion Cubs Debut "CBS News RAW": Three rare white lion cubs born in the Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock safari park in West Germany were shown to the public and the media for the first time.
  • WGN Radio - Go Cubs Go The WGN Radio Family and Friends perform the Steve Goodman anthem "Go Cubs Go"
  • Honda Cub is the number one motorcycle in the world Honda Cub is the number one motorcycle in the world In this Discovery Channel program, there is a countdown of the best motorcycle ever. This video starts with the winner, the Honda CUB. There are already 40 million Cubs build, making it the best selling motorcycle. This is a simple machine with a mass appeal and with its 4 Break Horsepower, it still manages to run 50 Mph. To demonstrate the reliability of the Cub, the presentors dry to destroy it, using several methods: Mess up the egine: By draining all the oil and replacing it with normal cooking oil, the engine should crack up. Fortunate for the CUB it still manage to work even after riding a couple of miles. Overload: In the next effort to destroy the CUB, it was overloaded with 200 kilograms, which it could withstand flawlessly. Drastic measures: In the final attempt to kill the CUB, it was thrown of a 22 meters tall building. When the CUB collapses it hit the ground with a staggering 54 Mph speed. Although part of the framework and the wheels get severely damaged, the true measure of its quality is to try to get the engine running... it may not surprise you that after inserting the ignition key and gently applying the kickstarter, this incredible strong vehicle starts without a cough. In a final statement the presentor says that it would probably only gets destroyed by using C4 plastic explosive. Because the Honda CUB is such a cheap, realiable, strong motorcycle, it is rewarded as the Number One motorcycle in the ...
  • Cute tiger cubs sniff WWF camera trap UPDATE: New camera trap footage shows this area being bulldozed for palm oil plantation. Watch here: See more: Donate to WWF's tiger projects: Estimates indicate that the world tiger population has fallen by over 95% since the turn of the 20th century down to the current estimate of around 3200 inidividuals. Three subspecies Bali, Javan and Caspian tigers were extinct by the 1980s. 2010 is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar. It could also be the last opportunity to save the species in the wild.
  • Steve Goodman: A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request Steve Goodman performing "A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request" from one of the Wrigley Field rooftops.
  • panda cubs fighting Super cute!
  • The Birth of Lily's Black Bear Cub - Jan. 22, 2010 On Jan. 22, 2010 Lily, the black bear from Ely, MN had the birth gave birth to a cub. The video was captured from a live wildlife webcam placed inside Lily's den on Jan. 8, 2010. Video and webcam by
  • Go! Cubs! Go! A song that has inspired the cubs for years is now a great music video.
  • Chicago Cubs Great Ron Santo Dies Ron Santo, one of the greatest players in Chicago Cubs history and a longtime WGN radio announcer, has died at age 70. Santo was a nine-time all-star in 15 big league seasons.(Dec. 3)
  • Cub Fans: Please Stop Believing Eamus Catuli! They're drinking the poison again on the North Side of Chicago. Even after a century of heartbreak and frustration Cub Fans still find a reason to believe!
  • Go Cubs Go!!!!! A picture video with the chicago cubs. Song is Go Cubs Go, by steve goodman
  • "Go Cubs Go" 2009 Edition The 3rd edition of the Go Cubs Go Video's. This video, of course, includes the new cubs, and present cubs. The Song is : Go Cubs Go, by Steve Goodman. Everybody, check out this website below for some great deals. Compare prices on Chicago Cubs fan gear from top online retailers and auctioneers. Get the best deals on Cubs jerseys, tickets, hats, and more.
  • Cubs Dempster is Harry Caray from Boys of Spring Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster does Harry Caray impersonation.
  • "Go Cubs Go" 2007 edition A video about the 2007 chicago cubs with the song "Go Cubs Go" in it. It has a lot of the new players in it also. The picture quality is Great!!! Everybody please visit the site below. Great deals. Compare prices on Chicago Cubs fan gear from top online retailers and auctioneers. Get the best deals on Cubs jerseys, tickets, hats, and more.
  • Baby Tiger Cub and Pooh Bear falls asleep Cute sleepy baby tiger cub (SHORT CLIP). Endangered Sumatran tiger cub falls asleep with Pooh bear, Hadiah at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. Produced by Ryan Hawk.
  • CUTE Little Fox Cubs Meet some new favorite animals - the Fennec fox cubs.
  • Baby Tiger Cub Plays Baby Sumatran Tiger Cub at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. In the Nursery. Female, Born 12/12/2006 4 and 5 weeks old Produced by Ryan Hawk.
  • Lee Elia Cubs Rant April 29, 1983, press conference in which Cubs manager Lee Elia lashed out at Chicago Cubs fans and local media. One of the all-time best baseball tirades!
  • Polar Bear Moms and Cubs When they're not playing, polar bear cubs learn under the watchful eye of their mother. See All National Geographic Videos
  • Rare White Tiger Cub Meet Pipo the white tiger cub.
  • Cute white lion cubs form part of breeding programme Four white lion cubs are forming part of an extensive white lion breeding program underway at a South African Park. For centuries rumours of mysterious white lions circulated in South Africa. Claims of sightings of the white lion started to surface in 1928. Scattered reports continued but confirmation that these animals were really white did not come until 1975 when a litter containing two white cubs was seen at Timbavati Game Reserve, adjacent to Kruger National Park. Several lions still survive from the original strain, all in captivity, and the breeding of white lions in various zoos around the world must be handled very carefully. Reuters 12074/04
  • Ron Santo - "This Old Cub" [Official Trailer] ***Buy the movie at *** The theatrical trailer for the documentary about Chicago Cubs third basemen Ron Santo. It is directed by his son, Jeff Santo. You can buy the movie at on DVD and VHS. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to JDRF, Santo's foundation for Juvenile Diabetes Research.
  • Chicago Cubs Poke Fun at Ryan Theriot's New Diva Attitude Chicago Cubs shortstop Ryan Theriot has made a name for himself as a hard-working, humble guy who's willing to do whatever it takes to help his team win. This year he's added another dimension to his game, blasting five home runs to top his career high in just the first two months of the season. Do Bobby Scales, Mike Fontenot, Micah Hoffpauir and Len Kasper like the new "power hitting" Theriot?
  • Tiger cub playing w/ a house cat! (They really are friends). THIS IS NOT AT MY HOUSE AND I DO NOT OWN EITHER ANIMAL. THIS FOOTAGE WAS TAKEN AT AN ANIMAL RESERVE. NEITHER ANIMAL WAS HARMED. The tiger cub and house cat live together and from what I was told play together on a regular basis. Just so you know, the house cat can come and go as he pleases from the area where the tiger cub is kept. While I was there I saw that cat come and play with the cub several times, never at any time was the cat forced to play. The house cat has been around many tiger and lion cubs at the reserve throughout the years.
  • Chicago Cubs Etch A Sketch. The FALL Classic The Chicago Cubs Etch features more players and detail then any work I've ever created. This piece took over 100 hours. I dont usually say this but I think it is my best work to date. I've put more time and effort into this piece than any other Etch. Ever. To get a free print of the Cubs Etch A Sketch, see more of my work or to download the song go to: This work is all done on an Etch A Sketch and is one continuous line. Thanks for watching and go Cubs!

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  • “Another Cubs Blog: Latest Stories Via Another Cubs Blog | October 31, 2009. Discuss. New Owner Overflow thread. Despite Ricketts' platitiudes and expertly spun PR in today's press conference (see for fans bought hook line and sinker), he means business On two blog posts by one”
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