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  • Jinxypie is a cuckoldress with a sissy husband. This hotwife is always looking for bulls to satisfy her needs. — “Cuckoldress Jinxypie - Cuckolding Hotwife”,
  • Abdullah hacker team. — “Abdullah hacker team”, cuckold-chastity-belt-
  • In a comment to the conclusion of the poll, Suzanne - a Mistress that I believe does identify Herself as a Cuckoldress - had this to say A Cuckoldress clearly enjoys men and yet, She purposefully femmes you, blantantly seeks. — “Miss D”,
  • This page contains Hot Wife and Cuckoldress profiles, stories and pictures. — “Cuckoldress pages at Cuckyboy”,
  • Find Your Cuckoldress And Worship her! Free Cuckold Galleries, Free Tube Video Clips - The Latest Hot Movies And Links Updated Regularly. — “Find Your Cuckoldress And Worship her! Free Cuckold Galleries, Fr”,
  • Dear Cuckoldress: How Do I tell Him I Have Been Unfaithful & Turn Him into a Cuckold? Dear Cuckoldress, Some days I am reading with great interest the articles of curiosity and excitement to your original site, congratulations for the arguments. — “Cuckold Joy”,
  • cuckoldress cuckold hot wife hotwife bbc wimp slut swinger milf The husband, or boyfriend, is a cuckold. He married a cuckoldress who slept with all of. — “Urban Dictionary: cuckoldress”,

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  • Cold... so cold. I thought 40 degrees (F) would be decent enough to do a bit of work outside but nooooo, the rain and wind made it colder! I'm complaining about numb toes and fingers. Deal. ;)
  • Daily Vloggity: Jinxy = hideous today! Yep, it's true. The wonders of very LITTLE makeup and a bad weekend, creates this very BLAH being that cares so little about appearance at the moment. It'll get better... it always does. =)
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  • What's going on today? There's a lot of excitement in my world. =) The Miss FreeOnes 2011 contest should begin today! (They're running the last few bugs out of the system now...) I'll update this description with a link where all you wonderful viewers can go and vote for me! Let's see if I can make the top 50... top 25... or even the top 10!
  • Without you all, I am nothing! Thank you all SO MUCH for the continued support and love! I came in THIRD PLACE in the Best Newcomer category at Freeones!!! I'm so happy I could cry!
  • Thursday ramblings and a thong somewhere in the mix I recorded today's vlog with my ipod. Since the screen auto-flips, I didn't realize I was recording upside-down. I feel like a huge moron, LOL, but I'm letting it go up anyway since this is the 2nd time I recorded the thing. Lesson learned! (UPDATE) Apparently YouTube recognized the flipped video and corrected it, weird...
  • Haha, I'm such a dork You'd think I would know how to use the ipod to record video by now. ;) Don't forget, the Twitter contest ends at 11:59pm TONIGHT! Go to to see details. Don't you want to win a month subscription to ? ;)
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  • We have a winner! Congrats! Thanks for playing along with my Twitter contest!
  • Clutzy girl has a webcam chat in a couple hours. ;) 1, I'm a clutz! Clumsy, butterfingers, whatever you'd like to call it, I totally own up to it. 2, Join me at 11am EST for my website chat! Members of can view the chat for free, while others can view my featured show over at http See y'all there!
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  • Sweet_JuliaX: RT @CuckyBob2012: Love it when this is me and my wife! #cuckold #Cuckoldress #hotwife #sluttywifey
  • hoores: Wonderful Cuckoldress - cuckoldsuk: I have been lucky enough to be with my wife and Mistress for many years a…
  • Ascherbrand: In matters cuckoldress, I'm Satan's anarchist #sixwords
  • pantieguy: RT @PHXcuckold: Such a good cuckoldress wife... I am seeking a #Cuckold wife to marry who will be the #CumSlut #HotWife she r…
  • PHXcuckold: Such a good cuckoldress wife... I am seeking a #Cuckold wife to marry who will be the #CumSlut #HotWife she r…
  • PHXcuckold: Cuckoldress Diary... I am seeking a #Cuckold wife to marry who will be the #CumSlut #HotWife she really wants…
  • MissRobinRiches: #cuckold I have a date tonight. #hotwife #cuckoldress #bull
  • MaitresseM: @Kink_Sub @beretta_james She was such a lovely cuckoldress in this shoot!
  • PerfDomina: Cuckoldress with the mostest.....
  • PrincessBlix: #Cuckoldress Princess DESERVES #Fluffers for #BBC cum see the #PorcelainPrincess
  • juggalojay32: RT @CuckyBob2012: Love it when this is me and my wife! #cuckold #Cuckoldress #hotwife #sluttywifey
  • Kat_Leo_ru: RT @CuckyBob2012: Love it when this is me and my wife! #cuckold #Cuckoldress #hotwife #sluttywifey

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