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  • dactyl n. A metrical foot consisting of one accented syllable followed by two unaccented or of one long syllable followed by two short, as in. — “dactyl: Definition from ”,
  • Dedicated to design and maintenance of state-of-the-art web pages for all types and sizes of businesses. — “Dactyl Technologies, LLC”,
  • Visit this comprehensive resource for a definition and example of Dactyl Poetry Type used in Poetry composition. Facts and information and how to define Dactyl Poetry Type. Free educational resource providing an example and definition of Dactyl. — “Dactyl Poetry Type”, types-of-
  • Myspace Music profile for Dactyl. Download Dactyl Punk / Rock / Other music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Dactyl's blog. — “Dactyl on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • This image is the most detailed picture of Dactyl, a natual satellite (moon) of asteroid 243 Ida. Dactyl was the first moon found orbiting an asteroid. NASA's Galileo spacecraft discovered the tiny moon during a 1993 flyby of Ida while en route to Jupiter. — “: Dactyl”,
  • Dactyl (poetry), a metrical foot consisting of one long syllable and two short Dactyl Foundation, an arts organization in New York City, founded by Neil Grayson and Tori Alexander in 1996. — “Dactyl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of DACTYL : a metrical foot consisting of one long and two short syllables or of one stressed and two unstressed syllables (as in tenderly) Origin of DACTYL. Middle English dactile, from Latin dactylus, from Greek daktylos,. — “Dactyl - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Wikipedia has an article on: Dactyl. Wikipedia [edit] Etymology. From Ancient Greek δάκτυλος (daktulos, "a finger"), three bones of the finger dactyl (plural dactyls) A poetical foot of three syllables (— ~ ~), one long followed by two short, or one accented followed by. — “dactyl - Wiktionary”,
  • Views of Ida and Dactyl. Ida & Dactyl in Color. This color picture is made from images taken by the Galileo spacecraft about 14 minutes before its This image is the most detailed picture of Dactyl taken by the Galileo spacecraft's camera. — “Asteroid Ida and Dactyl”,
  • Dactyl Publishing - We design and make student planners, staff planners, year books, prospectuses, newsletters and artpads. Some products can even be created with our easy-to-use software that's free to use. — “Dactyl Publishing - Student Planners, Staff Planners”,
  • Definition of dactyl in the Medical Dictionary. dactyl explanation. Information about dactyl in Free online English dictionary. What is dactyl? Meaning of dactyl medical term. What does dactyl mean?. — “dactyl - definition of dactyl in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • We found 38 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word dactyl: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "dactyl" is defined. General (27 matching dictionaries) dactyl: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]. — “Definitions of dactyl - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • The asteroid Dactyl is actually a moon of the asteroid Ida. Both are S type asteroids that show signs of space weathering, although Ida shows them more. — “Asteroid Dactyl | Universe Today”,
  • Learn more, read reviews, and download Dactyl by Mauvila Software on the iTunes App Store. — “Dactyl for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store”,
  • Definition of dactyl in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of dactyl. Pronunciation of dactyl. Translations of dactyl. dactyl synonyms, dactyl antonyms. Information about dactyl in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “dactyl - definition of dactyl by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Translation of DACTYL in English. Translate DACTYL in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. — “Translation of DACTYL in English”,
  • Dactyl definition, a foot of three syllables, one long followed by two short in quantitative meter, or one stressed followed by two unstressed in accentual met See more. — “Dactyl | Define Dactyl at ”,
  • Top tracks from dactyl: Train to Miami, Dry snitch & more. Teething, as if from a vacuum sealed Amphetamine Reptile time capsule, cracked open after ten years in the deep void, holds court with volume and distortion at any and all costs. — “dactyl – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures”, last.fm
  • Provisionally designated "1993 (243) 1", it received the name Dactyl (and the permanent designation "(243) Ida I") in September 1994. Interestingly, while the spectra of Ida and Dactyl are very similar they are nevertheless distinctly different; Dactyl is not simply a chunk of Ida. — “243 Ida”,

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  • Let's Play Chrono Trigger #31 - Dactyl Power In this episode, we find ourselves back in the Prehistoric Age, where Ayla is preparing to finish off the Reptites once and for all! But before that, lets fight Spekkio again and go shopping at the Trading Hut. Ill be doing that offscreen, of course. Youll need... 9 Petals 6 Fangs 6 Horns 3 Feathers That will give you enough to buy the new weapons. Also, I lied. Im going to do a very very small amount of Tech grinding here. Fight a few Nus at the Hunting Grounds until Ayla is within about 300 Tech Point of learning Charm, so that shell have it by the time you fight the next epic boss. Thanks for watching!
  • Killer Nacho's Chrono Trigger Playthrough Part 26: "Fly, Dactyl, Fly!" I apologize before anything else for the game audio being soft in this one. Apparently, my laptop really isn't compatible with the "Record from speakers" feature of CamStudio, so the only game audio you hear is the ones that are coming from my mic. I'll see if I can correct the problem before next video. In any event, last video we found out that the northern forest and human city was attacked in prehistory. This video, we find out that it was Ayla's fault due to her leading a failed counter-attack against the Reptites, and Kino got captured. Enraged, Ayla wants to charge the Reptite fortress, the Tyranno Lair, all by herself. Obviously, we can't allow that, we have to help her! My main channel: Rate, comment, subscribe.
  • Terry and the Dactyls - Live Clip (La La La) John(guitar) Frank(drums) Dave(bass) Just a short clip of us playing at the HNH battle of the bands. We came in second.
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  • The Dactyl Duo.mpg The Dactyl Duo was created in 24 hours for the 2010 Minneapolis Film Race on March 26th and 27th 2010. The Dactyl Duo tells the story of Eugene Handson and his meteoric rise to fame in the niche performance art of finger puppetry. Created based on prompts: Theme: A Threat Action: Snapping Fingers Team included Alex Messenger, Maggie Sotos, Adam Strand, Jordan Walker, James Freetly, Lindsay Lelivelt. Additional help from Marissa Schon, Jack Mauch, and Phyllis Messenger Special thanks to St. Luke Presbyterian Church and the Messenger household Filmed on an Olympus E-P1
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Poly dactyl Baby Has Extra Toes ... SPECIAL REPORT: Poly dactyl Baby Has Extra Toes Surgically [John Fowler]
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  • Dactyl Feudal Society Project A sweet vid
  • Jason Dill plays EA SKATE, Neck Face, DACTYL by Neil Grayson Jason Dill playing himself on EA SKATE for the first time, showing us some Neck Face graffiti, at Dactyl Foundation, , by Neil Grayson
  • JONA LEWIE ( SKUZIE ME SUZIE ) - Terry Dactyl / Brett Marvin After 'Seaside Shuffle' Jona Lewie looked likely to be a one-hit wonder artist until he recorded You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties, co-written with fellow 'Terry Dactyl' Keef Trouble, which made the British Top 20. His next single 'Big Shot - Momentarily' did not chart, but later he was back with his last UK hit, 'Stop the Cavalry', which reached the number 3 spot. His final chart success was in Australia with 'Louise (We Get It Right)'.
  • Dactylic Hexameter - the Longs and Shorts of Latin Meter A primer video for learning how to tell the syllable length for Latin poetry. This video is the first step in learning about Latin poetic meter.
  • Dactyl 498 score I get a 498 playing dactyl on my ipod touch
  • Gaspra, Vesta, Steins, Mathilde, Ceres, Ida & Dactyl - Solar system in pictures Images of some of the asteroids and dwarf planets in the asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter in our Solar system. Taken by NEAR Shoemaker, Galileo Orbiter. photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov www.esa.int
  • Adam Beyer - Dactyl (Original Mix) •°oO Music is the Answer Oo°•
  • JONA LEWIE - TERRY DACTYL On a Saturday Night - Brett Marvin 'On a Saturday Night' shows a line-up for Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs (AKA Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts) that was not usual. Jona Lewie (singing) is the only original Terry Dactyl member to have taken part in this 1973 broadcast for the German TV show 'Hits A GoGo.' After the recording of 'On a Saturday Night' guitarist Graham Hine left Terry Dactyl / Brett Marvin; Jona Lewie (John Lewis) was soon to leave too. The mandolin player here is Tim Branston. As Terry Dactyl's Keef Trouble and John Randall didn't make it to Germany, it was Jona Lewie who fronted this song with the members of Tim Branston's own band, 'The Jawbone Jug Band.' Tim tells the story of how they were met at the airport by a limo complete with young ladies, provided by the studio. Apparently the rehearsal for this broadcast produced a better performance, the silly dance being suggested by the studio director. Unfortunately, copious amounts of alcohol were available. Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs was the 'popular' name given to 'Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts' for promotional purpose. Jona Lewie was a Brett Marvin vocalist, and their keyboard player, later replaced by Taffy Davies from The Jawbone Jug Band. Graham Hine eventually rejoined Brett Marvin, and the line up remains as it was, including: Graham Hine: guitar/vocals Pete Gibson: percussion/vocals Taffy Davies: keyboard/vocals Keef Trouble: percussion/guitar/vocals Jim Pitts: harmonica/sax/vocals John Randall: percussion Brett Marvin ...
  • demonstration of the "candiru" game (dactyl clone) this is a demonstration of the "Candiru" game for mobile devices, a clone of the Dactyl game that I have seen in a friend's iPhone.
  • Virtuality SU2000 Dactyl Nightmare SP This is probably Virtuality's most famous and most played game. This version (SP, no idea what SP actually stands for)of Dactyl Nightmare is a port of the 1000 series adding slightly better graphics. You shoot the other players while hoping not to be caught by the dactyl (Some kind of flying dinosaur). Sorry for the bad video quality, this is taken from an original 1993 video and back then they didn't want to use HD resolution and good codecs it seems. If i had a better version i'd upload it but so far i guess this is better than nothing although the low quality does not do this cult game justice.
  • My Iphone highscores insane!!! icopter-dactyl BEST IN THE WORLD!!! here are my iphone app highscores. GAMES INCLUDE: paper toss easy-99 medium-70 hard-17 fieldrunner grasslands-round 1140 dactyl normal-8541 icopter 54711 for some reason the videoo is really bad quality, so u cant really see the highscores. I used windows movie maker. Please tell me a better movie making free software and I'll make a new video. Leave your email and I can send you the screenshots. if there are any other games I should get please comment!! ALSO COMMENT WITH YOUR HIGHSCORES.
  • TERRY DACTYL AND THE DINOSAURS - Seaside Shuffle Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs was the specially created name for Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts to promote the hit single 'Seaside Shuffle,' band members being percussionist and performance artist Keef Trouble, drummer John Randall, guitarist Graham Hine and pianist and vocalist Jona Lewie. Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts had already been invited to play at London's Studio 51 Club by the late British blues singer, Jo Ann Kelly. They soon became the resident band there, and for four years ran a Sunday session as a drop-in spot for blues musicians. Amongst the famous visitors were: Howlin' Wolf, Fred McDowell, Dave Kelly, Medicine Head, Steve Miller Band, Lol Coxhill, Mick Taylor, Larry Johnson, Tony McPhee, The Groundhogs and Long John Baldry. Brett Marvin's mainstream hit was with "Seaside Shuffle" (1972), released under the one-off 'nom de disque' of Terry Dactyl and The Dinosaurs, band members being fellow Bretts Keef Trouble, Jona Lewie, John Randall, and Graham Hine. Sometimes believed to be borrowed (see below) from Mungo Jerry's 1970 chart-topper "In the Summertime", "Seaside Shuffle" was an unashamedly commercial disc, quite at odds with the Thunderbolts' usual delta blues style.[citation needed] Jona Lewie composed the lyrics and melody to the song. In production, Keef Trouble suggested adding sound effects of gulls, thunder, rain, and moving car to enhance the record. The track was issued on the UK Records label, and reached number 2 in the UK Singles Chart ...
  • Fredo Viola performing "Sad Song" live at Dactyl Foundation
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  • Dactyl iPhone App Review - Review of Dactyl by - the definitive source of iPhone app reviews
  • - Sea Side Shuffle - Terry Dactyl & the Dinosaurs - sung by John McCash John McCash Singing Sea Side Shuffle on Karaoke - Great Tune !
  • Fredo Viola performing "Death Son" live at Dactyl Foundation
  • Dactyl Joust for the Atari Jaguar Beta of the game Dactyl Joust for the Atari Jaguar 64-bit game console. Running pretty smooth.... I'd love to get my hands on a real running demo! Video made possible by Carl Forhan from Song-Bird Productions.
  • CEDAR-DACTYL AHH! HA HA HA!! This is my daughter at dinner "growl-laughing" and crashing up and down in her chair. Watch out world Cedar is just going to get bigger!!! AHH HA HA HA!!!
  • yuhfavorite: @MrWhatley three. me charise and dactyl. i can call dactyl's friends too if needed
  • yuhfavorite: @MrWhatley nahhh i'd call up charise and dactyl and we'd jump you
  • MrWhatley: @yuhfavorite dactyl will b ecstatic to hear from me!
  • yuhfavorite: @MrWhatley well. that's just rude. dactyl will not be happy.
  • appveeuk: Video: Dactyl iPhone App Review http:///x3m1x8dpve
  • Vivianltb: dactyl examples: dactyl poem, dactyl nightmare, dactyl words, dactyl definition http://bit.ly/enPfKN
  • Marylandwho: dactyl game: dactyl poetry, dactylic meter, dactyl spondee, dactyl app http://bit.ly/dKV82t
  • Yeepui: dactyl game: dactyl definition, dactyl spondee, dactyl app, dactyl foundation http://bit.ly/g3vyQn
  • Orethaxly: dactyl examples: dactyl nightmare, dactyl poem, dactyl words, dactyl spondee http://bit.ly/hXQQMP
  • mattgrimm: Without a doubt this has and will always be my favorite happy meal toy. "Hot Cakes-O-Dactyl" http://t.co/q4pdglX
  • paulharwood: Still getting used to Pentadactyl. Finding browsing much, much quicker without using the trackpad http:///pentadactyl
  • yuhfavorite: @MrWhatley um. i'm gonna have to go ahead and say..... no. dactyl says no as well.
  • wellwellwelles: @diablocody Twitter is said to bring famous people & their fans closer. Your ability to name fans are "Tara-dactyl" is proof enough. :D
  • wellwellwelles: @diablocody Of course you'll be. Just the Tara-dactyl is such a winner. I mean which other showrunner gets to name the fans???
  • wellwellwelles: @diablocody Looking forward what kind of developements await for Tara and her family. signed: a Tara-dactyl. :-)
  • leabullard: @diablocody While "Fanjaya" had that genitalicious ring to it, "Tara-dactyl" is much more badass. Two thumbs up.
  • swesterveld: Replaced #Vimperator with #Pentadactyl, for a better Vim-experience in Firefox. http:///home
  • CodeStarr: RT @wr88unt: They say early bird gets the worm, I feel like a terra dactyl, what that mean??*that means nobody (cont) http://tl.gd/9hbos4
  • wr88unt: They say early bird gets the worm, I feel like a terra dactyl, what that mean??
  • AtariMonroe: "Monroe: Graceful and Smart; the terry-dactyl dinosaur is yours!"
  • eric_loso300: RT @Ebb_mzGet2It: This nigga @eric_loso300 is funny af he called here Tara dactyl lmmfaoooooooooooooooo
  • Ebb_mzGet2It: This nigga @eric_loso300 is funny af he called here Tara dactyl lmmfaoooooooooooooooo
  • Miss_behavin89: Omg lmao RT @eric_loso300 MATASHA look like a prehistoric baby dinosaur!!!!!!! The only Tara-dactyl alive!!!!!!!
  • eric_loso300: MATASHA look like a prehistoric baby dinosaur!!!!!!! The only Tara-dactyl alive!!!!!!!
  • eric_loso300: MATASHA look like that one Toy Off of Toy Story 3! I think it was a plastic Tara-dactyl! DOE DOE BIRD HEAD ASS!
  • yuhfavorite: @mrwhatley -___- dammit lol. *DACTYL ROARRRRRRRRRRR*
  • _grammarist: New post: dactyl http:///style/dactyl/
  • MeFight: Steam announcement: Messrs O'Dactyl and O'Napony humbly request your presence for some zombie shooting, the prec... http://bit.ly/etOzvd
  • steaktweet: Trying to meet and hang out with someone named Terry Dactyl
  • silendt: Just scored a 669 in Dactyl. Haven't played in ages. Best free game for iPhone, by far. @krazykubano will back me up on that.
  • Garredactyl: @karleylately No one's safe from a 'dactyl roasting session. #pleasedonttellthemwhatisaid
  • tyouho: @dactyl 音楽再生:foobar2000、Frieve Audio、uLilith、AIMP2、XMPlay、KbMedia Player
  • tyouho: @dactyl 【中級者】 ブラウザ:Lunascape、Sleipnir、Firefox←wwwwwwwwwwwww 2chブラウザ:ギコナビ、live 2ch 動画再生:GOM Player、SMPlayer 音楽再生:Winamp、Songbird
  • Ruihongg: @doreenchia dactyl rocks hahaha. Have you removed "doreensucks"
  • niteo_niteo: Photo: Yelena Yemchuck photographed Egle Tvirbutaite at Dactyl Gallery in New York for the newest issue of... http:///x9k1vtgb11
  • densaer: @mactavish If you write two, that's a a pair-a-dactyl. Also, an extinct dinosaur.
  • ahhmazingg: BEAR-O-DACTYL LOLWUT
  • mactavish: @densaer write a double dactyl for your sweetie.
  • pardusorion: Bellatoris attacked and defeated Dactyl Dave.

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