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  • A line of dactylic hexameter consists of six feet, or measures. With an attempt at an English dactylic hexameter, one could translate the whole line as follows:. — “Homeric interpretation”, pitt.edu
  • Information about what you find in a poetic line of dactylic hexameter. — “Dactylic Hexameter - What is Dactylic Hexameter”,
  • Definition of dactylic in the Medical Dictionary. dactylic explanation. Information about dactylic in Free online English dictionary. What is dactylic? Meaning of dactylic medical term. What does dactylic mean?. — “dactylic - definition of dactylic in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • dactylic ( / 0 0, stressed followed by two unstressed). Iambic and anapaestic are rising rhythm (rising to a stress), trochaic and dactylic as falling rhythm (falling from a stress) but few poems are wholly one or the other. and one which is predominantly trisyllabic (anapaestic or dactylic). — “Poetic Rhythm”,
  • See all of dactylic pentameter, no other writeups in this node. A poetic metre, found almost exclusively in the form of the "Elegiac Couplet" (that is, intermittent lines of dactylic hexameter and pentameter). — “dactylic pentameter (thing)@Everything2.com”, everything2.com
  • A practical way of reading the Homeric dactylic line of poetry Reading dactylic verse sensitively and pleasurably does take effort and some practice, but the initial rules to be followed are few and simple. — “Reading the Homeric Dactylic Line”, community.middlebury.edu
  • Definition of dactylic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of dactylic. Pronunciation of dactylic. Translations of dactylic. dactylic synonyms, dactylic antonyms. Information about dactylic in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “dactylic - definition of dactylic by the Free Online”,
  • dactyl. dactyl- dactylic. dactylic hexameter. dactylo- dactylographer Dictionnaire Français. dactylic. dac·tyl·ic [ dak tíllik ] adjective. Definition: of. — “dactylics definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Pertaining to, consisting chiefly or wholly of, dactyls; as, dactylic verses. chiefly or wholly of dactyls; as, these lines are dactylics. Dactylic meters. Related Definitions:. — “Definition of Dactylic”,
  • We found 25 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word dactylic: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "dactylic" is defined. General (20 matching dictionaries) dactylic: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of dactylic - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of dactylic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of dactylic. Pronunciation of dactylic. Definition of the word dactylic. Origin of the word dactylic. — “dactylic - Definition of dactylic at ”,
  • dactylic (prosody) of or consisting of dactyls; 'dactylic meter' Can someone give me an example of a dactylic poem I need it by November 30. Help?. — “dactylic: Information from ”,
  • Most of the lines, as you might guess, consist of two dactylic feet. The first line, for instance, is usually a double-dactylic nonsense phrase. — “d is for dactyl”,
  • Dactylic hexameter is described using symbols such as these. Dactylic hexameter is a form of meter in poetry used primarily in epic poems such as the Iliad and Odyssey by the Greek bard Homer and the Aeneid. — “Dactylic hexameter - encyclopedia article - Citizendium”,
  • When a word ends between the two breves of a dactylic third foot, a feminine caesura is created. Example: sēd cōnūbǐǎ laētǎ, // sěd ōptātōs hǐměnaēôs The first is the dactylic hexameter, and the second is the pentameter. — “The Poetry of Gaius Valerius Catullus/Meters Used By Catullus”,
  • Dactylic definition, of, containing, or characterized by dactyls: See more. — “Dactylic | Define Dactylic at ”,
  • The Tradition of the Dactylic Hexameter. Before plunging into the Epic poetry from Homer on was recited in a particular meter called the dactylic hexameter. — “Introduction to Dactylic Hexameter”, skidmore.edu
  • dactylic (comparative more dactylic, superlative most dactylic) dactylic (plural dactylics) a dactylic verse. [edit] See also. dactylically. Retrieved from ". — “dactylic - Wiktionary”,
  • An example of dactylic meter is the first line of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem Evangeline, which is in dactylic hexameter: Dactyls are the metrical foot of Greek elegiac poetry, which followed a line of dactylic hexameter with dactylic pentameter. [edit] References. — “Dactyl (poetry) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Dactylic. From Conservapedia. Jump to: navigation, search. A metrical foot that consists of two stressed syllables followed by an unstressed syllable. An example from Phillip Brooks's poem, "Christmas Everywhere", is a good example: Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight. — “Dactylic - Conservapedia”,

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  • Cwalk// ★Dactylic ★ - Happy Birthday Natalie aka NSecks woaaa look who turned 14 x] , aha just wishing ua happy birthday and may all your wishes come true xD , much love from mee !
  • Aeneid: lined 1-11 Magistra Lloyd recites the first eleven lines of the Aeneid.
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  • Cara and the rhyming dactylic tetrameter This is my favorite scene from the TV show Legend of the Sekeer (2.13). On a quest Cara, a mord sith (kind of torture master) has to act like she was a princess and speak this poetic meter.
  • Meant to be- Melissa Polinar. (Cover) 3rd. It gets softer to the end, sorry. Enjoy though!
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  • Tales of Brave Ulysses One of my all-time favorite songs, combining Cream (my favorite band) with Homer (my favorite master of dactylic hexameter)---what's not to love? Here's #3 in the Trillium Set!
  • Cwalk// ★Dactylic ★ - Right here Waiting dedicated to victoria LOL happy late birthday present & cindy coz she wanted one :)
  • Franz Schubert - Der Geistertanz IV (Ghost Dance IV) D.494 Franz Schubert, Der Geistertanz IV ("Die bretterne Kammer"), for male chorus, D. 494 (1816) Capella Bavariae performs. This is Schubert's fourth and final setting of Friedrich von Matthisson's Der Geistertanz (Ghost Dance) (D. 494). He had already set it twice in 1812 and once in 1814 as songs for solo voice and piano. This 1816 version differs from all of them in being set for unaccompanied male chorus as a part song. It also differs from them in being set in bar form, that is, two strophes with the same music followed by a third strophe to contrasting music. In the case of Der Geistertanz, the first two strophes are in spooky C minor, while the third verse is in more consoling A flat major. Unusually, the song ends in A flat major, that is, away from the tonic. However, unity is maintained by Schubert's near-incessant use of his favorite dactylic rhythm throughout the song Painting in the video: ABILDGAARD, Nicolai "Culmin's Ghost Appears to his Mother" c. 1794 Oil on canvas, 62 x 78 cm Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
  • elegiac // By Monz First edit,- Definition of ELEGIAC of, relating to, or consisting of two dactylic hexameter lines the second of which lacks the arsis in the third and sixth feet,
  • JEDWARD Dances to Flawless John dances with dactylic and poetic grace to New York dance group The One's 2001 club smash hit 'Flawless'. JEDWARD'S BRILLIANT NEW SINGLE 'LIPSTICK' OUT NOW ON iTUNES!
  • Vergilian Hexameter 09 of 10 One in a series of tutorials for intermediate Latin students preparing to read Vergil from (aka. Dale Grote, Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte).
  • To Euterpe It is a Latin poem that I wrote for a poetry contest on theocarinanetwork[dot]com. As the address says, it's an ocarina community, and as such, my poem is related to music and to the ocarina, which I think is a wonderful instrument. The poem dedicated to Euterpe, the muse of music. The homeoteleuton isn't very important in Latin poetry. The homeoteleuton rhyme is when two words have the same ending. Meters are much more important in Latin poetry. A meter is something you can only hear, and not read, and is determined by the length of the syllables. Latin poetry was read aloud. For this reason, I recorded my own voice while reading this poem. I think it sounds quite close to real spoken Latin (as far as I know how it sounds), though my speech is slightly exaggerated. This specific poem is written in a dactylic meter, which means it contains a lot of dactyls (one long syllable followed by two short syllables) and also spondees (a long syllable followed by another long syllable). Unfortunately, I couldn't get my webcam to work. To make it less boring, I added in a bunch of random pics and a few videos. The medialooks symbol is something added in by one of my codecs. I have also made an English translation of the poem. It's a so-called acrostichon, which means that if you take the first letter of each line, you get the word ocarina. Both the English and the Latin version of the poem are acrostichons. The English version is not 100% literal, but I tried to make a poem out of ...
  • Vergilian Hexameter 10 of 10.WMV One in a series of tutorials for intermediate Latin students preparing to read Vergil from (aka. Dale Grote, Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte).
  • i miss you - Darren/Dactylic (old )( Re - uploaded) aight well this a vid im sure sum people would no lol sad part of my life as you could see , anyways my mate Jeff wanted me to re upload it , but i thought i'll let him have this vid as a gift from me :) so yeah thanks for letting me hack bro , enjoy everyone and peace :) , dont make the same mistake as i did , i got a beautiful gf now but yeah for those who dont , dont let that one special person slip , hold on tight and tell them how you feel before they leave or before someone else does...
  • Muck around dance vid we got bored :)
  • 2009-11-30 Brittney Dactylic - Lingerie.flv lingerie shoot with the awesome Brittney.
  • Dactylic.m4v AP Senior English video for Dactylic by Tiffany, Adam and Krista.
  • Franz Schubert - Die Nachtigall, D.724, Op. 11/2 Franz Schubert Die Nachtigall ("Bescheiden verborgen..."), quartet for male voices & piano, D. 724 (Op. 11/2) (1821) Wolfgang Sawallisch (piano), Capella Bavariae. After Erlkönig, Schubert's setting of Johann Unger's Die Nachtigall from April 1821 was the most frequently performed piece by Schubert during his lifetime. It's easy to understand Die Nachtigall's popularity: set for two tenors and two basses, it is eminently singable with a charming and immediately memorable melody and an infectious dactylic rhythm. But Die Nachtigall is more than that: after two verses in which the first tenors take the lead above the other three men, the third and final verse becomes much more involved, if no less ingratiating. First the two tenors sing the verse as if in a round, then the two basses take the tune in close canon with the second voice inverting the tune and the tenors taking it in augmentation. But despite its ingeniousness, the song never loses its charm and the first tenor's quasi-cadenza at the end of the last verse brings the song to an enchanting end.
  • Cwalk// ★ Dactylic ★ - Love Letter ( with mp3 DL Link ) ahah this my little version of what love letter wouldve looked like if i wasnt with my cousin lander so yeah check it out , pleasee comment the other version and dont forget to subscribe, comment and rate =] and also check out the other version on my account :) kay byeee download the full song :
  • Dactylic To Angel H13M :) aight this is a remix i wrote specially made for angel :) , originally made by bruno mars but yeah tell me whats you think x) , i like to call this the double surprise combo eheh enjoy :) intro aight this ones for you girl , the one , whose there for me the one thats makes me happy everyday no matter what ahah lets go Verse 1 On the day When i first met you girl my life was stuck in the diaster world yeah your beautiful and you keep on shining imma love you till the day im dying aha your a girl thats always worth keeping , like a dictionary to my life , you put meaning i wasnt the type of guy who belived in true love but i belive your an angel sent from above and when im not with you , your the one i think of ahah your eyes are so beautiful , it takes me out you might not belive me but this is no doubt you always make my heart start to do burn outs and when im down , you always there to hear my shout you making me crazy girl im skipping about aha spending time with you will never go to waste and everytime when i see your face.. Chorus When I see your face There's not a thing that I would change 'Cause you're amazing Just the way you are And when you smile The whole world stops and stares for awhile 'Cause girl, you're amazing Just the way you are Verse 2 To me girl your my everything and your love is what Keeps on healing me yeah girl your always there for me i just wanna say thanks for the Memories girl your the key to my life my one and only , my shawty and my wife and ...
  • Iliad Read in Ancient Greek by Jonathan Bricklin, with a simultaneous English translation.
  • Dactylic Hexameter - the Longs and Shorts of Latin Meter A primer video for learning how to tell the syllable length for Latin poetry. This video is the first step in learning about Latin poetic meter.
  • BRE MEETUP 2011 (THE START OF A NEW YEAR) It's been awhile since we made a BRE video. Even though the meetup didn't have much attendance we were planning to have but we still did our thing! And yes, WE'RE BACK! :D BRE walkers - 1. - Darren (Dactylic) 2. - David (iCloudd) 3. - Tong (Tongiiees) *my mistake tong D: 4. - Lenny (IMBA) 5. - Natalie (NSecks) Thanks for watching! I don't own this song. It belongs to the ORIGINAL artist !
  • Cwalk - Out of this world // BRE Dactylic (Re Edit) hm same song, same walk, just with sum edititing dont really expect alot from this vid because half of yous have seen the original one on my channel ahah :) but yeahh enjoyy for those who haven't seen it =D /DazarFtw , for more vids from him , sub and add =] song used Out of this world - KD & JP
  • Dead Man's Bones - My Body's a Zombie For You Dead Man's Bones MY BODY'S A ZOMBIE FOR YOU ......... Become of a Fan of My Videos on Facebook Cheers! ........... Edward Gorey THE GASHLYCRUMB TINIES The Gashlycrumb Tinies: or, After the Outing is a book written by Edward Gorey that was first published in 1963. Gorey tells the tale of 26 children (each representing a letter of the alphabet) and their untimely demise in rhyming dactylic couplets, such as "A is for Amy who fell down the stairs. B is for Basil assaulted by bears." The book takes the reader through the complete alphabet, accompanied by Gorey's black and white illustrations.
  • Dactylic Hexameter A short primer on strategies for scanning Latin epic poetry.
  • Vergilian Hexameter 08 of 10 One in a series of tutorials for intermediate Latin students preparing to read Vergil from (aka. Dale Grote, Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte).
  • SouthFlipWalkerz // ★ Dactylic ★ Darren says hello to his first ever overseas crew ;D all song credits goes to TobyEatsPie enjoyy ! =P
  • Christmas 2007 More presents
  • Cwalk// ★ Dactylic ★ - Out of this world happy birthday to sandra lol yeah check out her channel for some awsome singing and please subscribe to her =] anyways this is my last vid for now , gonna be studying and stuff D= but yeah dw i'll be back =] ohhh and was i fast ? aha x]
  • Cwalk// ★Dactylic ★ - Back in April was looking through my laptop and i found this old cwalk video i made back in april , couldnt be botherd to upload it at first then i forgot about it till today , Enjoy it =] lols i joined 2 songs together so yeah , just a lil warning and and today is my happy 1 month with my girl eheh i love you babe (L) =D
  • Dave Gruentzel Photography | 2009-10-27 Brittney Dactylic - Historic Third Ward Photo shoot with model Brittney Dactylic and photographers Dave Gruentzel and Alvin Arzaga in the Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
  • Vergilian Hexameter 01 of 10 One in a series of tutorials for intermediate Latin students preparing to read Vergil from (aka. Dale Grote, Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte).
  • The Rhythms of Latin Poetry: Hexameter This is a reading of a short passage from Vergil's Aeneid (book 6, lines 836-853) in the restored classical pronunciation of Latin. This involves features such as phonemic vowel length distinctions, consistently hard C, semi-vocalic V, diphtongal AE, aspirated (as opposed to fricative) PH, and so on. With this video, I hope to illustrate how antique Latin poetry (hexameter in this case) is defined by the rhythm arising from a regular alternation between long and short syllables. In the subtitles, I have marked the syllable quantities by means of musical notation: quarter notes denote long syllables, and short syllables are marked with eighth notes. The height of the notes corresponds roughly to the level of stress. In connection with this, I want to discuss the concept of *ictus*, which I regard to be the beat or pulse of the verse, arising from the regular occurance of a metrically prominent part of the verse feet; in the case of the hexameter, this is the consistently long first syllable of every dactyl. Note that by this definition, the ictus is *perceived* rather than *performed*. However, when Latin poetry is read today, it is often the case that the ictus is expressed by means of stress, which subordinates or totally replaces the natural word accents. This is, I believe, mainly because of a marked difficulty for modern speakers to keep the concept of stress separate from that of metrical length, ie to not inadvertently lengthen all stressed syllables while ...
  • More hexameter: Pyramus and Thisbe The tale of Pyramus and Thisbe in the original Latin, from Metamorphoses, book 4, verse 55-166, by Publius Ovidius Naso (Ovid). While my previous movie served to demonstrate the technical aspect of an non-stressed ictus, this movie serves to exemplify how a longer piece of hexameter may be performed in a more relaxed way, and with more attention paid to the content.
  • Cwalk// ★Dactylic ★ - Number One Dime Darren here , wasnt good in this one . just a practice vid trying to get back aha well subscribe , add etc and support this new account with my friend pleasee :( Number one dime - the ranger$
  • Gen2C Dactylic *RE - UPLOADED* Re-uploaded. seeing as though the audio was disabled :) except this time edited by Gen2C Nat0o enjoy :)
  • menssen: That Garrison Keillor changed his name from Gary actually makes me like him more because it means he read Aleister Crowley on dactylic names
  • arafatkazi: @JeffBadby if it helps, I'm willing to sing you a song or do something embarassing. Like writing a poem in dactylic hexameter.
  • marksmarkers: You know you're a latin student when you're thankful that shakespeare didn't use dactylic hexameter #aeneid #latin3
  • eric1972gordon: dactylic poems: dactylic words, dactylic heptameter, dactyl definition, dactylic dimeter http://bit.ly/gUeRQV
  • padams29: Odyssey, def: an unexpectedly long, murderous journey, which ends in peace only due to divine intervention. In dactylic hexameter.

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  • “3scapism's Blog - Bioshock: Neo-Journalism! As we all know dactylic heptameter would be very challenging as a dactyl is trisyllabic and heptameter has seven iambic feet (Of course - Mel)”
    — 3scapism's Blog - Bioshock: Neo-Journalism!?,

  • “ character development and portray action, and dactylic hexameter is a tough line to work the forum. : D. Thanks, I will! I just finished a villanelle in dactylic hexameter about”
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  • “(Email addresses will be kept completely secure, and used only for the weekly trivia Mmmm dactylic hexameter The September/October issue of mental_floss (with a massive”
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  • “It is normally found the second line of the classical latin or greek elegiac couplet, following the first line of dactylic. Dactylic and anapestic definition of vadactylic from the merriam-webster online dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus,”
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  • “The second line must be a double dactylic name. And then, somewhere in the poem, though must be at least one double dactylic line which is one word long”
    — KR Blog " Double Double, Part 1 (Dactyls),

  • “Ich muss morgen, diesen Text abgeben, den ich in der letzten Englischstunde vorgestellt hatte. Nun meinte meine Lehrerin, dass er im Allgemeine”
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