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  • From Daedalic Entertainment, the makers of The Whispered World, comes a new, thrilling adventure: A New Beginning takes you to a dark and frightening vision of a future, Welcome to the official website of A New Beginning, the thrilling new adventure masterpiece from Daedalic Entertainment. — “HOME - A New Beginning”, anewbeginning-
  • The epic fantasy adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment was nominated six times, more Daedalic has successfuly marketed products like Ankh – Battle of the Gods, Machinarium. — “The Whispered World: Frontrunner at German Game Developer”,
  • Telling emotionally captivating stories is the declared aim of Daedalic Entertainment. Founded in 2007, Daedalic Entertainment is a publisher and developer of computer and video games, based in Hamburg, Germany. — “A New Beginning Screenshots and Facts for the WII”,
  • Video interview of Catherine of Her Bad Mother, sharing tips on beginning training for a race, as she prepares to run a half marathon. For more great interviews from our chief mom, visit: ww mit Jan Müller-Michaelis von Daedalic oder Dan Conners von Telltale!. — “Dailymotion - Interview with Catherine Conners - Her Bad”,
  • The Official Website of the new Daedalic's game officially opened yesterday, we haven't From Daedalic Entertainment, the makers of The Whispered World, comes a new, thrilling. — “Daedalic's "A New Beginning" website is alive - GameBoomers”,
  • Daedalic Entertainment Robin Hood v1.0.0.0-TE (2010/ENG/FINAL),Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow (2010ENGFINAL) Language: English | PC | DeveloperPublisher: Big Fish Games | 142 MB Genre: Adventure, Match 3 Season Match: Curse of the Witch. — “Daedalic Entertainment Robin Hood v1.0.0.0-TE (2010/ENG/FINAL”,
  • IGN is the ultimate resource for Daedalic. Founded in 2007, Daedalic Entertainment is a publisher and developer of computer and video games, based in Hamburg, Germany. — “IGN: Daedalic”,
  • Growing up in the hands of Loom and Day of the Tentacle, my heart always beats higher whenever I hear about a new point and click adventure coming out. One could say that Daedalic is like a dino. — “GC 10: Talking retro with Daedalic- Destructoid”,
  • The Whispered World by Daedalic © DEEP SILVER, a division of Koch Media GmbH, Austria. Imprint | Contact | Website by Jennifer Unruh & Destination Design. Daedalic Newsletter:. — “The Whispered World - Official Website”,
  • A new German studio named Daedalic Entertainment has recently revealed the first details Daedalic will finance and develop its own games, and publish directly in German-speaking. — “Adventure Gamers”,
  • Freunde des Fantasy-Spiels Das Schwarze Auge haben heute allen Grund zur Freude. Denn Daedalic Entertainment und Deep Silver enthüllten heute mit DSA: Satinavs Ketten ein brandneues Abenteuer in der Welt von Aventurien. Was es mit dem Titel auf. — “Das Schwarze Auge: Satinavs Ketten - Neues Spiel enthüllt | IKYG”,
  • Daedalic Style Sculpture of Ancient Greece: Development, Artists The first stage of Greek sculpture (c.650-600) is usually called Daedalic (after Daedalus, a legendary founder of the art). — “Greek Sculpture Daedalic Style: History, Types, Kouros, Kore”, visual-arts-
  • daedalic. Neu im Blog: Daedalic goes Dritte Dimension http://www. Der Daedalic-Twitter hat sich die neue GamesTM mit 2seitigem Preview zu The Whispered. — “daedalic_claas (daedalic) on Twitter”,
  • GFI and Daedalic Entertainment today announced a partnership that will see GFI publishing three upcoming adventure games in Russia, former USSR countries and the Baltic Region. The games covered by this deal are A New Beginning, The Whispered World and Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. — “News: GFI and Daedalic Entertaniment Sign Deal - ”,
  • Daedalic Entertainment develops and publishes high-quality computer and video games worldwide, focussing on the production of entertainment software with strong narratives. network of experienced service providers, Daedalic is the ideal partner for games. — “Daedalic | Company Directory”, gamesindustry.biz
  • Games On Net File Library :: Company Details - Daedalic Entertainment. — “Games On Net File Library :: Company Details - Daedalic”,
  • Daedalic sculpture, type of sculpture attributed to a legendary Greek artist, Daedalus, who is connected in legend both to Bronze Age Crete and to the earliest period of Archaic sculpture in post-Bronze Age Greece. The legends about Daedalus. — “Daedalic sculpture -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Daedalic Entertainment GmbH - publishing and development for computer- and videogames. — “Daedalic Entertainment”,
  • Viva Media announced today it has signed a publishing deal with Daedalic to bring The Whispered World to North America. Daedalic Entertainment won the German Developer of the Year award in 2009, due in large part to The Whispered World. Viva Media most recently. — “GameSpy: The Whispered World Gets North American Release Date”,
  • The Daedalic sculptural style gained popularity during the early Archaic period of ancient Greece. Features that distinguish Daedalic works are the characteristic "Archaic smile," triangular or wig-like hair, and large, almond-shaped eyes. — “Archaeologies of the Greek Past: Daedalic style - *** THIS”, proteus.brown.edu
  • Daedalic at GameSpy - View Daedalic profile, all the games created and published by Daedalic plus news about their latest games. — “GameSpy: Daedalic”,
  • , online gallery of European antiquities and artefacts : bronze age, celtic, roman, greek antiquities, late antiquity, migration period, saxon, merovingian, visigothic, byzantine and medieval times. — “Greek Daedalic Terracotta Protome - , Gallery of”,

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  • Let's Play Edna bricht aus 17 [Blind] - Bienenmann Bienenmann...Nothing more to say xD
  • Moschophoros-dikaiopols The cheeky chappie with the daedalic smile and the calf on his shoulders, from the cover of the Athenadze books or else from the archaeological museum on the Acropolis of Athens
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 51 [Blind] - DONK! Oh man soviele Gegenstände xx
  • A New Beginning - Trailer A New Beginning Daedalic Entertainment
  • Ankh - Curse of the Scarab King (Nintendo DS) - Trailer The official English trailer for Ankh - Curse of the Scarab King for Nintendo DS. This comical adventure game lets players hold the scorching streets of Cairo in the palm of their hands as they guide Assil on a quest to lift a deadly curse. Following the success of the popular PC versions, the fun and colourful adventure Ankh: Curse of the Scarab King will be available to play on DS from 14th November 2008. www.ankh-
  • Edna and Harvey: The Breakout (1st hour part 2 playthrough) - Adventure game by Daedalic Entertainment (2011)
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 43 [Blind] Achtung Filler ^-^
  • Edna and Harvey: The Breakout (1st hour part 1 playthrough) - In a Room with Padded Wall Adventure game by Daedalic Entertainment (2011)
  • The Whispered World Gameplay part 1 English
  • Machinarium Made this video in a rush: took the official trailer and put in my favourite song from the game. The original soundtrack is a little bit different from the soundtrack from the official trailer. This game is a beautiful adventure made by an independent game developing studio. And surprise, this game comes WITHOUT stupid DRM (FU Ubi). Absolutely worth buying! www.amanita-
  • Saints are going to win!!! 4 (Day 2 - 2.2.10) After findng out about Dwight Freeney's high ankle sprain, the media and masses re undeterrd. They all still pick the Colts. Undeterred. But so too is...
  • Ragnar Tørnquist accepts Adventure-Treff Award (english sub) German adventure website Adventure- organizes an Adventure-Party in Cologne and all are joining up: Adventure-Websites like AdventureGround or Adventure Gamers, developers like Deck13, KingArt or Animation Arts, publishers like Daedalic, Deep Silver or dtp - and Ragnar Tørnquist, creator of games like Dreamfall and The Longest Journey. What is not known to the audience: There is also a special award to celebrate!
  • Lets Play Machinarium - save the music (Part 5) HD jaha...epic fail gell? xD ich vollidiot ...
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 02: The Beginning Slight audio desync fixed in all upcoming videos.
  • The Whispered World Soundtrack - Asgilia The Whispered Soundtrack in a good quality Daedalic Entertainment Deep Silver
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 47 [Blind] - It goes on and on ...Experimente ^.^
  • Ankh - Battle Of The Gods (Trailer) Watch the trailer of deck13's new adventure game "Ankh - Battle Of The Gods".
  • The Whispered World - International Trailer The international trailer for The Whispered World, the award-winning fantasy adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment coming to retail and digital download on April 23, 2010! www.the-whispered- http
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 05: The Journey... Yeah, It's Started!
  • Daedalic Entertainment Logo Daedalic Entertainment Logo (2009) taken from "The Whispered World".
  • The Whispered World (Demo) Checking out the demo for The Whispered World.
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 49 [Blind] - Gefangennahme Blöde Asgil ^.^...Escape the room time!
  • Edna & Harvey: Teaser #1 Edna & Harvey: teaser #1
  • Edna & Harvey: Teaser #2 Second teaser movie for the upcoming adventure game Edna & Harvey: The Breakout.
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 11: Item Searching ... Ben got scared...
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 07: The Invisible Who'd have thunk? Also, the puzzles are pretty hard.... Don't judge me... XD
  • Immortal Lovers official game trailer Experience the thrilling, heartrending love story between two people from completely different worlds! For young Valerie, what appears to be a boring family holiday turns out to be the adventure of her life: During a walk in the forest she barely escapes an attack by a bloodthirsty wolf. While still on the run, she is rescued by a mysterious stranger. When she returns to the forest the next day to gather up the belongings she had lost, she encounters an old mansion. There she meets Vincent, a young man to whom she immediately feels attracted. They proceed to spend their holidays together, and slowly but surely get closer to one another. But Valerie has no inkling of the dark secrets that really lie hidden in the mansion and Vincent's existence... Comb through old libraries, abandoned underground vaults and numerous other gloomy, eerie places as you search for hidden objects and clues. You decide the sequence for completing the different tasks. Master the wide variety of mini-games and puzzles, for example conjuring up spheres of influence -- simply and intuitively! Reveal the dark secret surrounding the mansion and the Van den Berk family!
  • The Whispered World Gameplay Part 2 English part 2
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 09: Preparations We have a lot of things to collect...
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 78 [Blind] - Farbenrätsel die 1. Blödes königliches Himmelblau....
  • The Whispered World - Soundtrack (+ additional Tracks Download) Warning: There are some spoilers! Enjoy! =) Update: I've uploaded 14 more tracks (and the original soundtrack) as mp3: (~ 48 mb) Have fun =)
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 42 [Blind] Der 5. Yaki
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 12: Cannonball! So Chapter Two Begins... Will fix audio in the next LP
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 06: Confused... w/ Jkiller117 We have no clue what we're doing...xD
  • Edna & Harvey - The Breakout PC video game trailer - The multiple award-winning Edna & Harvey The Breakout is one of the most successful adventure game releases to hit European market in recent years. Edna & Harvey, the debut release of the critically acclaimed German adventure game developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment, won the hearts of adventure game fans all over the world almost overnight. What once started as a student project of one of the founders of Daedalic and, at the same time, an homage to the big adventure gaming classics of the early days, turned into Germany's best rated adventure game of the last few years.
  • Wolfgang Hohlbein's The Inquisitor hidden object game- official trailer In "The Inquisitor", the hidden-object adventure based on Wolfgang Hohlbeins thrilling novel set in the Middle Ages, experience a suspense-packed tale that interweaves history and fantasy. Slip into the role of Tobias, a young monk, and reveal the dark secrets that threaten to bring ruin upon a remote village. A witch is supposed to have brought dreadful disaster to the small town of Buchenwald, but Tobias knows the young woman being accused ─ and once loved her.
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 01: Introduction Yeah, I've started a new LP, and I'm going to update every day... I know that's crazy right? I'll even try updating twice a day, but That may only occur after this weekend. School's about to end... yay!
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 29 [Blind] - Ruben Na das is maln Bilderbuch Arschloch xD
  • Let's Play The Whispered World 08: Ends With You Ya know... Like the world ends with you? xD
  • Machinarium Trailer - enjoy girl gaming! -
  • The Whispered World Making of The Making of The Whispered World by Daedalic and Deep Silver.
  • daedalic: RT @LaceMambaGlobal: We'll be releasing A New Beginning, the #new #ecothriller #pointnclick #PC #adventure #game by @daedalic on May 20. #savetheworld
  • daedalic: RT @LaceMambaGlobal: See some stunning A New Beginning #screenshots on #Facebook: /LaceMambaGlobal
  • LaceMambaGlobal: We'll be releasing A New Beginning, the #new #ecothriller #pointnclick #PC #adventure #game by @daedalic on May 20. #savetheworld
  • daedalic: RT @KyrahAbattoir: "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout" is the best adventure game i've played since at least a decade ->http://
  • KyrahAbattoir: "Edna & Harvey: The Breakout" is the best adventure game i've played since at least a decade ->http://

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