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  • Monthly Flowers spinoff to also feature Michiyo Akaishi's Alexander Daiou Monthly Flowers spinoff to also feature Michiyo Akaishi's Alexander Daiou. — “Fushigi Yuugi, Basara, Utena Artists in New Rinka Mag - Anime”,
  • "Azumanga daiou" S01E15 - Kimura-ke no hitobito/Mita mita?/Mikakunin okusan/Gachi gachi/Kekka happyo (2002) series subtitle download! (Czech). — “"Azumanga daiou" S01E15 - Kimura-ke no hitobito/Mita mita”,
  • Download cd covers for Chiyo Mihama (Azumanga Daiou) by Japanimation. Ready for iTunes, iPod. Easy simple searching, free to use. — “Japanimation's Chiyo Mihama (Azumanga Daiou) CD Cover”,
  • The Azumanga Daiou Selector Anime personality test, selector quiz. — “The Azumanga Daiou Selector free Anime”,
  • Daiou (大王) means "Great King". Dub | King. | Suka comes from Scumon Daiou is the ruler of Trash Mountain. He has the ability to transform Digimon that. — “Scumon Daiou - Wikimon”,
  • MAI PEESU daiou - King of "My Pace", Genshiken first OP, Genshiken, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search,words to song,song words,anime music,megumi hayashibara lyric. — “Anime Lyrics dot Com - MAI PEESU daiou - King of "My Pace”,
  • Infromation on 'Otona wo Yasunde Dekakeyou (Karaoke)' by Masaki Kurihara from 'Azumanga Daiou Character CD Series Vol.7 Yukari Tanizaki & Minamo Kurosawa' at Toon Radio. — “Azumanga Daiou Character CD Series Vol.7 Yukari Tanizaki”,
  • Azumanga Daiou Advance (Japan).zip for - Gameboy Advance Gba @ Dope Azumanga Daiou Advance (Japan).zip. File Size: 5.26 MB. MD5 Checksum: d027f31f1af5776aa8ed02b2a56ceb62. Download ROM. Queue ROM. — “DopeROMs”,
  • We have used a motif of the Treasure House Bodhisattva who was one of the 25 Bodhisattvas who come to welcome new souls to the Land of Happiness. Size : 27.95" x 48.82" inches (71 cm x 124 cm) Price : 3,000,000JPY. Copylight(C) Daiou japan All rights reserved. — “Daiou japan - Urushi/Lacquerware/Art gallery - Bodhist”, wajimanuri-daiou.co.jp
  • Kinniku Mayumi seiyuu sins this songsThe same picture and song of the vid or erosannin22, if anyone find a nice picture from mayumi i will change Kinnikuman - Eikou no Daiou. — “YouTube - Kinnikuman - Eikou no Daiou”,
  • º¤Þ¤ó¤¬ > azumanga daiou. Results 1 - 13 of about 13. GENRE SEARCH: character cd series vol.6 mizuhara koyomi / azumanga daiou [MAXI SINGLE]. — “OTOKICHI PREMIUM”,
  • Free Trials Console & Handhelds PC Casual. Home " Daiou " Profile. You must enable cookies to enjoy various features of this Daiou Chabo. Level. 90. Class. Magician. Race. Dark Elf. Deity. Agnostic. — “EverQuest Players - Profile for Daiou Chabo”,
  • Another photograph of Daiou (big lord) with a reflection of the town in his mirror. There are offerings of a tangerine and some rice wine as you can see. These, like the mirror, have a strong Shinto influence if you ask me. But there is no heaven. — “Shinto Saint Peter of the Pearly Gates | Flickr - Photo Sharing!”,
  • Goku's Next Journey (2003) Umigame (voice: Japanese version) / Enma Daiou (voice: Japanese version) / Gyuumao (voice: Japanese version) Granddaughter Pan (2003) Umigame (voice: Japanese version) / Enma Daiou (voice: Japanese version) / Gyuumao (voice: Japanese version). — “Daisuke Gôri - IMDb”,
  • azumanga daiou 302 ? long hair 112 ? school uniform 103 ? brown hair 98 ? highres 97 ? Azumanga Daiou on Wikipedia. Full entry " Edit Tags. — “/azumanga daiou”, danbooru.donmai.us
  • Order Tribute to Azumanga Daiou officially released in Japan with obi and bonus. CDJapan offers the latest products from Animation (Oranges&Lemons, Masaki Kurihara) at great price. Fast delivery worldwide. — “Tribute to Azumanga Daiou Animation (Oranges&Lemons, Masaki”, cdjapan.co.jp
  • Daiou Photobucket album Feed for all Daiou's content. Photobucket. Photobucket is the premier destination for uploading, sharing, linking and finding photos, videos and graphics. Host all your photos and videos for free, then share them by email or on social sites like. — “Pictures by Daiou - Photobucket”,
  • My-pace Daiou - 1st Opening Song, one theme from Genshiken performer by Manzo. This music come from the album Genshiken Opening Single. Sing with the lyrics in karaoke mode or play blindtest mode on . — “recent japanese animes - Genshiken - Genshiken Opening Single”,
  • Chapter 1 of a Yami no Matsuei - Angst/Suspense fanfiction. Focus on Tsuzuki and Touda. There is a darkness inside Tsuzuki, a powerful force, a He had never met Enma-Daiou in person and though there was a radiance of power around him, the richly dressed figure in the flowing robes was. — “Darkness Unleashed Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a Yami no”,
  • Get anime music for the anime series Azumanga Daiou the Animation. — “Azumanga Daiou the Animation Music | Keiichi Anime Forever”,
  • This site includes tons of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball animation, images, movies, music, episodes, reviews, anime reviews, games powerlevels and much more. Enma Daiou (known as King Yemma by dubbies) is quite a character in myth. — “Enma Daiou”,
  • "sudou masumi" - All Products at with Free International Shipping! - North America Site osampo daiou 7 bi mu komitsukusu BEAM COMIX sudou masumi. — “YESASIA: sudou masumi - All Products - - Free Shipping”,

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  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label Mame video DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label in MAME. I'm terrible.
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label - Stage 2-5 Player: HFD Ship: Type A End of stage score: 3545274390 End of game score: 3545274390
  • DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou - Gameplay True sequel to Dodonpachi, features some neat changes in gameplay, as well as the addition of the HYPER. Great game! Last of the "new gen" of Cave shmups properly emulated on the latest MAME revisions. (Played on SHMUPMAME v2.2).
  • Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou Stage 1 - 578hit Combo Score: 16596590 Format: PS2 (NTSC-J) Starting to improve at this game. Extended my best combo in this stage to 578 hits. Still working on it though. Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou is © Cave, Arika, 2002
  • DoDonPachi DAI-OU-JOU running in Pcsx2 in windows 7 full frames DoDonPachi running on a playstation 2 emulator in windows 7. Running at an average of 58.9 frames a second with frame limit. Machine specs 2.4ghz core2duo, 2gb 533mhz ddr2, nvidia 7600gs 256 agp. With me playing Crap lol this has the latest gsdx video plugin! you will however have to download the bios separately, just search google for - scph39001.bin or SCPH-70012_BIOS_V12_USA_200.bin I use the beta exe myself as it has more options for tweaking, each game normally needs different setting.
  • No Miss Hibachi Last boss of Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label - Stage 2-2 Player: HFD Ship: Type A End of stage score: 1582921020 End of game score: 3545274390
  • Azumanga Daiou - Lazy Crazy Bonkuraazu Character song by Osaka, Tomo and Kagura from Azumanga Daiou. The song is called Lazy Crazy Bonkuraazu
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label - Stage 1-5 Player: HFD Ship: Type A End of stage score: 1100428060 End of game score: 3545274390
  • Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou OST - Manabu Namiki - Toua/East Asia (Stage 1) Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou Music, Stage 1. Simply my favourite of the entire game.
  • HIBACHI(dfk soundsystem edit) (Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou Arrange) Arranged by Ohnuma(Daifuku-P)
  • (怒首領蜂大往生) Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU Hibachi Game available to buy from: www.play- Unknown player clearing Hibachi on the second loop of dodonpachi daioujou (怒首領蜂大往生). Dai Ou Jou has 5 levels, and a second loop is available if the player manages to complete the first loop and satisfy certain criteria. The requirements are any one of: * Less than 2 deaths * Less than 3 bombs used * Collecting all 10 bees in at least 3 stages. The bees in each level must be collected without dying. If the player then succeeds in completing the second loop, they face the true final boss of the game, Hibachi, as demonstrated in this video.
  • Dodonpachi Daioujyo - Final Stage Rumor has it only 5 people in the world can beat this game without using a Continue.
  • Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou gameplay NOTE: This is NOT me playing. This is a superplay replay of stage 2-4 (Normal) that comes with the game. I'm testing out how the outcome from recording the game being played from an emulator instead of PS2 will turn out in youtube. This is my personal favourite shmup for non-PC. Overall this game is really difficult. Compared to touhou for example this game is a lot harder, specially the stage parts where you'll get swarmed by fast bullets. The true final boss is propably one of the hardest bosses on PS2 and the player in this video had to use all his extra lives against it in the next stage. NOTE: This video was played on older version of the emulator; PCSX 0.9.4, newer versions can run the game faster, smoother and with better graphics.
  • Kiba Daiou Shinsei Gattai=Older sounding Kou?
  • Dodonpachi Dai-ou-jou - Boss Music
  • DAI-OU-JOU Good Hyperless Stage 1 This is me playing dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU. This is just about the best score you can get in round one, stage one without using any hypers. I end the stage with 22 318 060 points
  • (怒首領蜂大往生) Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU Hibachi - DEATH LABEL Video of somebody clearing Hibachi on DEATH LABEL mode in Dodonpachi DAIOUJOU. Game available to buy from: www.play-
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label - Stage 1-4 Player: HFD Ship: Type A End of stage score: 600177920 End of game score: 3545274390
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label - Stage 1-1 Player: HFD Ship: Type A End of stage score: 46486390 End of game score: 3545274390
  • DoDonPachi DAI-OU-JOU [arrange album] - Colorful Rainbow (Stage 2) The song "Colorful Rainbow" of Stage 2 from DoDonPachi DAI-OU-JOU.
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label Hibachi ISO Amazing True Last Boss fight in DDPDOJ BL. This is a video of ISO fighting Hibachi. It looks like he strategically suicides at the beginning, and then proceeds to 1-life the boss. There's a great use of strategic bombing hyper use. Not only that, but a great effort of bullet DODGING at the beginning, and amazing bullet grazing all throughout.
  • DoDonPachi Daioujou - Final Stage Video of the final stage of DoDonPachi Daioujou, arguably one of the hardest videogames ever made. Promotional video for the release of the PS2 version, circa 2002.
  • DoDonPachi Dai-ou-jou Death Label, current best My current best run through DoDonPachi Dai-ou-jou's Death Label mode. From the PS2 version. Death Label is basically a boss rush mode, except that it takes the bosses from the 2nd loop, and makes them faster and nastier. Hibachi, the infamous endboss, also has a different final form than in the main game, and different attacks. I mighta gotten a little further here if I hadnt had a couple of particularly idiotic deaths in there....
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label - 441m Finally getting to grips with chaining, here's an early result, hopefully to be improved on! 1-1 chain was nice, but nothing special. 1-2 chain break was annoying, but recovered pretty well. 1-2 boss was... embarassing. :VI have no idea how that happened. 1-3 went well enough, I guess. 1-4 didn't go very well because I have no idea whatsoever how to chain this stage. Both deaths were unexpected. 1-5 was without a doubt the highlight of the run, that chain was absolutely beautiful despite not getting carried through the last quarter or so. Actually pulling off the beehive section chain was completely unexpected and awesome. The second loop on the whole went surprisingly well in terms of both survival and chaining. 2-3 boss death was pretty damn irritating, but I was too pleased with the run at that point to care much. So... pretty happy with this run. Next target is 500m!
  • Dodonpachi Daioujou Death Label Promotion Movie even through titled Promotion Movie, it doesn't seem to be official.This movie include some info about the second loop of the game. Basically, you are only given one life, the game ends as soon as you miss once. Laser bomb recovers the opponent rather than ruducing their health. The parts that the third boss drops seems impossible to destroy without using laser bomb(maybe possible using hyper?).And true last boss double Hibachi looks like an exact duplicate of the original Hibachi.
  • Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU Boss Rush An killer STG boss rush VID. The game's name is "Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU ".So wonderful the game was. And I'm not the player,really do not know who played it.He(or she)is so awesome!
  • Genshiken OP Genshiken OP jp/pt-br
  • DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label - Stage 1-3 Player: HFD Ship: Type A End of stage score: 317602590 End of game score: 3545274390
  • Minami ke My pace Daiou AMV about Minami-ke))
  • DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou OST - Hibachi (TrueLastBoss) No.
  • DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou OST - Kakusha (StageClear) Yes.
  • Masaharu Iwata - Stage1 [Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU & ESPGaluda -Perfect remix-] Track title.: Stage1 Artist......: Masaharu Iwata Album.......: Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU & ESPGaluda -Perfect remix- Album artist: Manabu Namiki, NT Composer....: SuperSweep Lenght......: 3:59 Date........: 2005 Track.......: 2 Info........:
  • keiba daiou Bellagio
  • Ah! My Goddess! OST2 24 Kyoufu no Daiou TV Series OST 2
  • SNES Gegege no Kitarou - Fukkatsu! Tenma Daiou (J) Intro Intro of Gegege no Kitarou - Fukkatsu! Tenma Daiou for Super Nes
  • Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU - Stage 1 Full Chain No Hyper Someone playing Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU's first stage without using hyper.
  • osu! - My Pace Daiou Theme from Genshiken
  • daiou__ika: 英語では私をGiant Squidと呼ぶようだが大きいだけだと思うなよ。
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: @casacasa_ す〜っごい、オーラを放っていたでしょうね☆
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: @slime_liz メタリカWOW〜!
  • INOX_Akira: [email protected]_daiou さんの @YouTube 動画をお気に入りに追加しました: http://t.co/iLMJORXj Blue / D.F.O. (Digital Future
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: RT @utagau: 9人見えたらRT http://t.co/Ib9bzf3C
  • daiou_hone: RT @sosotakei: 時には殴らなきゃ伝わらねえ事もあるとか言う輩がいるけどな。。生き様や対話で伝えられねえヤツが人殴ったって伝わるもんなんか痛みと恨みだけだろう。。
  • daiou_hone: 今日も勉強頑張って早く寝ましょ!それがうちの中の悪魔を追い出す一番の方法だよね?(T ^ T)
  • daiou_hone: @gomerrymaru いえいえ。こちらこそありがとうございます(*´˘`*)♡
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: @Taitsu_Inochi 【イカす】
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: @Taitsu_Inochi 【タイツ隊1号2号だ】
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: @Taitsu_Inochi 【まって】
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【フフフ】
  • nyafu_daiou: @iiiiimo まっちゃんさまではありませんくわ。有り難うございますにゃふー(´▽`)っ
  • daiou__ika: ダイオウタコがいないのはなぜかだと?もちろん我々が駆逐したからに決まっているだろう。だいたい「ダイオウイカ」に比べて微妙に言いづらくないか?
  • suzuking222: @nyafu_daiou もきゅ(´▽`)っ
  • nyafu_daiou: もきゅ(´▽`)っ
  • fufufu_daiou: ドライブBGM♪ http://t.co/1QLkDECt #minkara
  • daiou__ika: 私は生まれついての大王だった。まあ母も大王だったがな。
  • amatoudaiou: ステーキハウスの鉄板でお好み焼きを食べてみた~い! | http://t.co/LTeOVsnq
  • amatoudaiou: 2013-02-04 | http://t.co/LTeOVsnq
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【だいおう】
  • kayou_daiou: RT @Sabi_Boku_Net: 週に40時間、つまり一日平均8時間ほどしか働かない労働者に比べて、週に40時間以上働く労働者は、40%~80%ほど心臓病のリスクが増加するとのことです。
  • daiou__ika: 気づくと足が一本少なくなっていて「あれっ?」となることはわりとよくある。気にするなまた生えてくるから。
  • KaZu_1988_: @kayou_daiou 正月ぶとりでお腹まわりがやばみー!
  • fufufu_daiou: マツダ ロードスター のパーツレビューを投稿しました http://t.co/EJSsEtWe #minkara
  • daiou__ika: たしかに目は良いがここそんなに見るもんないぞ。
  • kayou_daiou: @atsushilonboo タレント名鑑復活希望!
  • kayou_daiou: @KaZu_1988_ えぇ!それ以上??
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: !
  • fufufu_daiou: マツダ ロードスター のパーツレビューを投稿しました http://t.co/XzfHp08m #minkara
  • kayou_daiou: 写真家レスリー・キー容疑者逮捕=わいせつ本販売の疑い-警視庁 http://t.co/aRg6OT8s
  • daiou_hone: まさに自業自得。分かってるけどさ…ゴメン!うちがこんなに激しい気分屋で(;;)
  • mohican_daiou: @HARD_LUCK_bot オーティかして!
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: @myuji69 いいなぁ〜!私子供の頃から、夏樹陽子サンだ〜い好きっ\(^^)/
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: RT @KOIZUMI_STAFF: もちろん小泉今日子よりのメッセージでした。 ★本人★
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: RT @KOIZUMI_STAFF: 47歳になりました。お誕生日のたくさんのメッセージありがとうございます。そして、私と同じ2月4日生まれの世界中のみなさん、おめでとうございます‼
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: RT @RockGuild: 略称が新横浜サウンドホール(サンホ)→新横浜サンフォニックスホール(サンホ)→新横浜NEW SIDE BEACH!!(しまった…)ビーチ?ニューサイ?ニューサイだとニューサイ!ウエッサイ!って曲が始まりそう
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: RT @KOIZUMI_STAFF: ケーキ&プレート!! かわい〜し美味しそう(*^_^*) (Staff) http://t.co/IVXihSjo
  • daiou__ika: 墨か?吐いても暗闇では意味ないからな。
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【やったー】
  • daiou__ika: アンモニア臭いアンモニア臭い言うな。ちょっと気にしているんだ。
  • daiou__ika: クジラと戦う理由か?単に気に入らないからだ。ちょくちょく海面に出ては人気取りをしおって。
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【ガンバル…】
  • daiou__ika: ご機嫌イカがですかって馬鹿にしてるのか貴様?
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【ポヨーン】
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: RT @mori_log: いつかそれが消えてしまうこともわかっていて、それだからこそ、そのまえに、なくなってしまうまえに、それに少しでも触れたい、と思う。そっと手を伸ばし、僕の手に、それを掴んでみたい、と思う。それが愛するという意味じゃないかな。 quote from「クレイドゥ・ザ・スカイ」
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: 雨が増してきた〜イヤぁ〜(泣)。
  • tamasan_daiou: 新青梅街道沿いで火事があったのか、車線規制で大渋滞だったよ!
  • daiou__ika: 船なんか襲うわけないだろう面倒くさい。硬い上にろくに食うところがない。やるとしても足のチラ見せぐらいだ。
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: ごりっぱ
  • kayou_daiou: RT @dekiruotoko0107: 人と関係を深めるために一番良い時間帯は深夜なんです。深夜になると外は暗いし、音も静かになる。そういう時に電話で話したり、メールしたりとかすると、どうしてもその通信だったり、一緒に居て話してる人に集中する。つまり集中力が高い状態で話せるから、お互いの距離がかなり縮まります。
  • kayou_daiou: RT @2log_ch: 日本の500円玉が世界最強の硬貨だった件wwwwwwwww http://t.co/GW9DY2RJ : 2ろぐちゃんねる -2chまとめ #2ちゃん #まとめ #2ch
  • kayou_daiou: RT @2log_ch: 凍えるピザ配達員に缶ビール渡す話が「ほっこり」? 朝日新聞の感覚ズレすぎwwwwwww http://t.co/xPOovPj0 : 2ろぐちゃんねる -2chまとめ #2ちゃん #まとめ #2ch
  • kayou_daiou: RT @2log_ch: こいつ、育ちが悪いなぁって思う瞬間 http://t.co/uhIU8a3a : 2ろぐちゃんねる -2chまとめ #2ちゃん #まとめ #2ch
  • kayou_daiou: RT @iroha_12: 亡くなった人の自宅や駆けつけた遺族の元に押しかけて「今のお気持ちは?(ニヤニヤ)」っていうカスゴミ大嫌い。
  • kayou_daiou: RT @banlieue_monde: 改めて言いたい:外国籍市民が、住民税も、健康保険も、国民年金もきちんと納めていることを。それで「同じ」扱いしないってどういうことよ。3年で追い返される外国人研修生にまで「国民」年金を払わせて、しかも帰国時に全額払い戻すわけじゃない(いわゆる脱退一時金)。これも全然知られてない。
  • kayou_daiou: RT @tkmttkmt: 本日2月4日はカレン・カーペンターの命日なのですが。こちら関西は見事に雨の月曜日となりました。ということで、カーペンターズの71年のこちらのシングル曲を。完璧なアレンジ、そしてカレンの完璧な歌唱。シミ一つない20世紀ポップスの完成形の一つ。http://t.co/GKvejqVW
  • kayou_daiou: RT @Sabi_Boku_Net: 厳しく接する、あるいは、ハードトレーニングを課す。それを厳しさだと勘違いしている指導者がいるが、厳しく接するのも、ハードトレーニングを課すのも、精神的、肉体的にダメージを与えているだけであって、それは厳しさではなくて、イジメである(プロ野球コーチ 権藤博) 会社員も同じだと思う。
  • kayou_daiou: RT @taka3: こいつの高額ギャラこそよほどおかしい RT @Bachela1: #朝ズバ。みのもんた狂ったか?「低収入で我慢して生活している人達よりも、生活保護給付金のほうが多い、だからと言って生活保護費を削ると言うのはおかしい」と言った。なんでおかしいんだ。
  • kayou_daiou: RT @TERUHIKO_: どんな深い夜になってもやがて太陽は昇る。どんなに硬い蕾でもやがて華となって咲き誇る。雲がどんな厚くても、その向こうには星が光る。どんなにまずい食い物でもやがて血となり、肉となる!
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【プリン】
  • daiou__ika: 光あれ!
  • gangara_daiou: @9_foxes 今朝シリさんに“おはよう”と言ったら、“グッドモーニング⚪⚪さん”と返されました。
  • daiou__ika: ダイオウタコがいないのはなぜかだと?もちろん我々が駆逐したからに決まっているだろう。だいたい「ダイオウイカ」に比べて微妙に言いづらくないか?
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【メリッコ】
  • daiou__ika: 「玉座」って何だ?というか「座る」ってどうやるんだ?
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【たまねぎきらい】
  • amatoudaiou: Twitterまとめ投稿 2013/02/04 | http://t.co/6LuhKVqn
  • daiou__ika: イカがイカを食べて何が悪い。
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: はぁはぁ…(寝汗が酷い)(´-ω-`) うなされながら勢いよく飛び起きた…疲れた…。めちゃくちゃ嫌な夢みた。嗚呼…眠れなくなっちゃった。
  • NicoChan_DAIOU: RT @benzie__lyrics: 君のとりこさ 抜け出せなくて
  • daiou__ika: 何だと?「イカ様」って馬鹿にされてたのか?
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: メリッコ…
  • LineTiti: I'm at Ano Novo Chinês 2013 w/ @hideki_daiou http://t.co/X0N4jM3d
  • daiou__ika: たしかに目は良いけどここそんなに見るもんないぞ。
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【びしっ】
  • amatoudaiou: 困った時のカシスオレンジ(^_-)-☆ | http://t.co/hlZNfmt2
  • hideki_daiou: Alonemente no Festival hauihau #chateado
  • daiou__ika: Twitterが落ちているときにクジラを出すのはやめろ。見るだけで腹が立つ。
  • hideki_daiou: I'm at Ano Novo Chinês 2013 (São Paulo, SP) w/ 16 others http://t.co/EVHn3nxy
  • hideki_daiou: 今日は涼しいねー良かった(^○^)
  • daiou__ika: 大王とか言ってるけどぶっちゃけ国民いないがな。
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: @Teiou_wa_omotta 【じー】
  • Teiou_wa_omotta: @Daiou_wa_omotta 【じー】
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: @Teiou_wa_omotta 【ていおう】
  • gangara_daiou: @9_foxes うちのでも試したら、全く同じこと言いましたよ!シリさんったら。
  • daiou__ika: 私を美味しそうだという目で見るな。私は王だぞ。
  • daiou_hone: 寝る。食べる。遊ぶ。勉強する。笑う。したくてもできない人は世界中に何億人といる。だから、それができる私たちは“感謝”という言葉を忘れちゃいけないと思うんだ…
  • daiou_hone: 当たり前のことが当たり前に出来る。それだけで十分なんだよね!今の私たちは一番大切なことを見失ってる気がする。欲張りすぎると思う。
  • daiou_hone: もう後ろ振り返るのやめよう!
  • Rei_Fan39: @Naryuga reminds me about azumanga daiou, "neko koneko"
  • daiou__ika: カメハメハ大王は人間にしては大きな男だったらしい。大きいことは権威の象徴でもあるのだ。
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【ぐーぐー】
  • daiou__ika: 私は生まれついての大王だった。まあ母も大王だったがな。
  • Daiou_wa_omotta: 【うれしい】
  • ysk_0210: @kayou_daiou ケンちゃん。元アイドルだもんねw
  • kayou_daiou: @ysk_0210 マジで!?!?芸能人だよ??
  • ysk_0210: @kayou_daiou それよりそのアイコン、従兄弟なんすけどwww マニアックすぎる。
  • fufufu_daiou: 【MITSUBISHI TOPPO-BJ】バッテリー交換(再生バッテリー): http://t.co/RzrMqNs5 via @YouTube

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