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  • Welcome to the T & A Darts Online Store. Here youll find a large selection of steel tip darts, soft tip darts, darboards, dart cases and all other kinds of dart supplies - all at greatly reduced prices. If theres something you need but cant. — “T & A Darts (800-736-0527)”,
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  • Learn about Darts on . Find info and videos including: About Darts, About Darts, How to Play Darts and much more. — “Darts - ”,
  • So you're not just aimlessly throwing darts at a dart board. You start at bull's eye and work your way up from 15s to 20s, throwing only three darts per number, per round. — “Nice Darts - Dart techniques, strategies and supplies”,
  • Huge Selection of Darts and Supplies,at - Big River Darts. All darting accessories any darter seeks; darts,flights,boards,cases,and shafts. One Page Checkout!. — “4”
  • DARTS BASICS, at CyberDarts, the premier World-Wide Darts information source! Darts articles, rules, calendars, tournaments, darts bars, pubs, throwing tips, league directories, Lots More!. — “DARTS BASICS - Rules, Tips, Equipment, How to Hang a”,
  • Fantastic Selection of Darts, Dartboards, Dart Flights and Accessories We will be happy to honor web pricing for all your darts and dart accessories if you bring in your shopping list with prices!. — “A-Z Darts”, a-
  • Definition of darts in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of darts. Pronunciation of darts. Translations of darts. darts synonyms, darts antonyms. Information about darts in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. dart, dart boards,. — “darts - definition of darts by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Darts is a form of throwing game where darts are thrown at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall.[2] Though various different boards and games have been used in the past, the term "darts" usually now refers to a standardised game involving a specific board design and set of rules. — “Darts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun darts has one meaning: Meaning #1 : a game in which darts are. — “Darts: Information from ”,
  • Filed under National Darts Organizations - Steel. Jul 12. List of large national or international darts organizations and darts sanctioning bodies for the game of steel tip (steel-point) darts, as played on bristle dartboards. Read the rest of this entry ". — “”,
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  • Play Cricket Darts Game and 501 Dart Games at Accuracy and strategy play varying roles as you compete in three different games of darts: Cricket, 501, and Baseball. — “Cricket Darts Game - 501 Dart Games”,
  • Darts, dart supplies, dartboards, dart accessories, flights, boards, cases, shafts for every darters darting needs. — “Darts, Dart Supplies, and Dartboards for any darters darting”,
  • The best dartboards are still made in England, home of the sport of Darts. When 51-by-Fives is played on an English Clockface Board, all 3 darts must score each turn, or none may count. — “DARTS”, .sg
  • Huge Selection of Darts and Supplies,at - Big River Darts. All darting accessories any darter seeks; darts,flights,boards,cases,and shafts. One Page Checkout!. — “Big River Darts and Dart Supplies & Accessories - 1.866.55.DARTS”,
  • Darts - Free Online Games and Free Sports Games from . — “Darts - Free Online Games and Free Sports Games from”,
  • Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for Darts. Compare prices on Darts. Find Darts deals and save. Read reviews and buy Darts from a wide variety of online merchants. — “Dart Flights - Darts: Compare Prices, Reviews & Buy Online”,
  • Offers darts, dart boards, and dart supplies. Check out our great selection of electronic dart boards, steel and soft tip darts, dart board cabinets and more - all at discounted prices!. — “”,
  • Darts is a form of throwing game where darts are thrown at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall.2 Though various different boards and games have been used in the past, the term "darts" usually now refers to a standardised game involving a specific board design and set of rules. — “Darts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • New Miniclip Design, Shotgun Loading of Darts and a Mav This video shows two cool new tricks I've learned from a friend. He has taught be how to make metal bases for my miniclips as well as a new way to shotgun load darts into a regular clip system breech.
  • How To Shoot Darts Have you ever wanted to get good at pub and bar games. Well look no further than this informative video on How To Shoot Darts. Follow Videojug's experts as they help you through this educational resource.
  • Phil Taylor -- the 9 Dart King 2012 Premier League 180....174 and 147 -- T20, T19 and double 18 and the crowd went crazy!
  • [HQ] 9 Darter - Phil Taylor vs Kevin Painter Premier League Darts 2012 Phil's 9th televised 9 darter [11th if you include the two internet only tournaments] vs Kevin Painter, PDC Premier League Darts, AECC Aberdeen, 16th February 2012.
  • PDC World Darts Championship 2012 - Phil Taylor vs Haruki Muramatsu 2 / 4
  • Perfect Darts Game First televised perfect 501
  • HQ - Brendan Dolan 9 Darter Double Start Grand Prix Darts - Dublin 8/10/2011 Brendan Dolan hits the 1st ever live double in double out 9 darter in the semi final of the world grand prix 8/10/2011 streamed on www.justin.tv
  • Darts WM 2012 - Dave Chisnall schlägt Phil Taylor Taylor gets beaten by Chisnall at the PDC Darts World Championship 2012. Want to see top darts players throwing technique in slow motion, then check out this video:
  • Adrian Lewis 9 Dart Finish - European Championships 2011 HQ Adrian Lewis hits a perfect 9 dart leg against Raymond Van Barveveld in the Semi-Final of the European Championships
  • Christian Kist v Ted Hankey - World Darts Championship 2012 Semi final Christian Kist v Ted Hankey - World Darts Championship 2012
  • Universal Gripper: Shooting Hoops & Throwing Darts Researchers at Cornell University and the University of Chicago have expanded the capabilities of their robot gripper invention. The jamming gripper is essentially a latex balloon filled with granular material such as coffee grounds. Fill the balloon with air and the grounds conform to the shape of any object at hand. Pump air out of the balloon and the grounds jam into solid mass, enabling the gripper to hold tight to its object. Previously, the gripper could pick up a variety of multi-sized objects, pour a glass of water or write with a pen. Now, with the rapid re-inflation of the balloon, the gripper also can shoot miniature hoops, throw darts and go bowling. UChicago physicists led by Heinrich Jaeger developed the concept of a conforming gripper based on the jamming and unjamming of granular material, while Cornell engineers led Hod Lipson invented the new functionalities and built the gripper prototypes. (Video credit: John Amend and Hod Lipson, Cornell University)
  • Bobby George's Darts Masterclass - Part Two Bobby George's Tips from the oche.
  • Darts - PDC Awards 2012 Pt.1 The 2012 PDC Awards presented by Charlotte Jackson
  • Darts A skit from the British show "Not the Nine O'Clock News". With Rowan Atkinson (commentator), Mel Smith, Griff Rhys-Jones.
  • The Darts-It´s Raining #282.*T*O*T*Ps*70s* The Darts-It´s Raining #282.
  • Two 9 Dart Finishes - Phil Taylor - 2010 Premier League Phil Taylor hits two 9 Darters against James Wade during the Finals of the 2010 Premier League tournament!
  • Crazy 9 Dart Finish with Wayne Mardle Wayne Mardle plays his 22 gramm Darts with his mouth for the perfekt Game ! The funnyest Dartgame in the world !
  • F-106 Corn Field Bomber, Convair Delta Dart This is an unusual story. The jet you're looking at is an F-106 Delta Dart. A storied interceptor in its day. It was built to exceed an Air Force requirement for 1.9 mach and continuous flight at 57000 feet. It did both. And in December 1959, it set a speed record, of 1525 mph, or about 2.3 mach, while flying at 40000 feet. Its pilot at the time, Major Joseph Rogers claimed the record might not be accurate. He was still accelerating, he said, at the time. But this particular jet is famous for a different reason. As the story goes, the aircraft you see here on February 2, 1970 flew itself into the ground -- a snowy field in Montana, where its engine continued to run for another hour and 45 minutes. Grounded, pilotless and still under power, with its radar still sweeping, the jet sometimes crept forward foot by foot through the snow as a small collection of onlookers watched. Its pilot, 1st Lieutenant Gary Foust, had ejected roughly two hours before that show was over. Foust's trip was just as interesting. He'd lost control of the jet while flying a mock engagement that led his and two other jets into harsh maneuvers in the thin unforgiving air at 38000 feet. Attempting to match a high-g reversal by another pilot, Foust's jet bucked. He entered a flat spin, and the jet fell, spinning slowly like a model on a turntable. The flight's two other pilots came to his aid, calling out recovery procedures. But by 15000 feet the result seemed certain, and an instructor in one of the ...
  • Banned commercial: Man versus dart in Zoosk's new US TV spot! Our hilarious commercial was BANNED in Europe for featuring a dart hit! A friend's "set-up" turns into an epic dating FAIL when a random dude gets pegged by a dart. She should have used Zoosk instead!
  • Ted Hankey Grand Slam of Darts 2009-Ted loses it !! Ted Hankey flips as he loses it with the crowd. www.justin.tv/live_sport9 or www.justin.tv/smoggy_chris join in the fun, watch live darts free with us. ;)
  • Chris Mason darts from Red Dragon These are the 24g Chris Mason darts from Red Dragon. They are level 4 grip and have a gentle scallop towards the front of the dart. They are beautifully manufactured and are made from 95% tungsten.
  • Hati wolf solo with Bronze Darts (and 1 prayer point) Soloing Hati with nothing else than 1337 Bronze darts. Enjoy! :) The fight was about 16 minutes and 36 seconds long. I used the mousekeys + and 5 buttons in this video. By pressing + and 5 at the same time every game tick on protect melee and soul split, my prayer won't go down. Doing this isn't very hard and can probably be done by most people. I think it's still possible to die even without mistakes, because sometimes the healing from soul split isn't always good enough to survive Hati's magic attacks. You're next, Sköll! :D The song is Freedom by DJ Xistence Original music video: His channel: Music used with permission.
  • Whiteboard Office Darts (using neoballs) A simple alternative to using real darts and putting a bunch of holes in your office wall.... with a surprise ending the whole family will be sure to enjoy. As seen on Gizmodo: Check out my Channel: Follow me on twitter: Facebook Fan Page: The song is called "Top of the World" by Qwiet. iTunes link: Find more at In the video I was using Neoballs (http by the Zen Magnet company ( Make sure to do this with electro-plated neoballs (the silver ones), and not neopolymer coated neoballs, because the color coatings are much softer and might chip off No animals were harmed nor taxpayers dollars used to film this video. Even the location is not my real office and was filmed at the offices of the awesome non-profit Project Kindle (
  • Duke Of Earl - Darts A classic from Darts, Duke of Earl produced by Roy Wood, stormed up to no 6 in the UK charts in the summer of 1979. This performance was first broadcast on 2nd August 1979
  • TaylorMade Golf Darts What happens when you bring six TaylorMade Tour Players and six UK Celebrities together for a game of Golf Darts?
  • John Part 9 Dart Finish 2011 Sky Bet Mobile World Matchplay OPENING NIGHT John part while playing some very mediocre darts pulled a perfect 9 dart game from no where earlier tonight in a defeat againsts Mark Webster,
  • How It's Made - Darts How darts are made.
  • Solo Destroying the Destroyer: Adamantium and Darts Found an easy way to solo the destroyer using only potions and adamatium armour / glaive.
  • PDC World Darts Championship 2012 - Phil Taylor vs Haruki Muramatsu 1 / 4
  • James Wade darts from Unicorn These are the 24g James Wade darts. they are part of the Maestro Premier Golden range and they are 90% tungsten. They have the 'gripper' barrel finish and offer a high level 4 grip. They are balanced very well and they fly very nicely.
  • Martin Adams V Anthony Fleet Lakeside Darts 2010 BDO [HD] Darts Fail "The worst leg in darts history" A classic car crash 1st leg and match courtesy of Tony "The Feet" Fleet from the Lakeside 2010 in which Fleety lost every leg and got beat 3 - Zip. Check Wikipedia Looking forward to 2011 BDO. View my other useless but entertaining up-loads.
  • Make Ninja Darts for the Lighter Mini Cannon If you have not seen my lighter hack, How to Make a Mini Cannon from a Lighter, click here: These darts are certainly not complicated to make, but they bring a whole new level of entertainment to the Lighter Mini Cannon. You'll be shooting flies out of the air in no time. Please comment, subscribe, and share with others! Tags: how to make paper gun that shoots ninja star airplane easy homemade weapons tutorial
  • Phil Taylor 9 Darter McCoy's Premier League Darts 2012 - Week 2 Phil hits a 9 darter in Aberdeen ... www.justin.tv
  • Kane Luter darts sensation aged THREE A three-year-old boy has been touted as the future star of world darts despite being born with a hole in his heart. Kane Luter picked up his first 'arrow' at the age of one when his grandmother gave him a magnetic dart board as a gift. He was instantly hooked after playing for 12 straight hours and has even been accepted into a darts academy for children over eight. Kane, from Taunton, Somerset, applied to have his own board installed at the local Riley's snooker and darts hall. The youngster has joined the Steve Brown Darts Academy after they made an exception because of his "unbelievable" ability.
  • Paul Nicholson Bitter Sore Loser Darts World Cup England vs Australia 2012 England vs Australia world cup darts, just look at Paul Nicholson what a bad sports person to act like that, this was so unprofessional the way he acted after the game, Well done Phil & Adrian, Phil & Adrian were disgusted by his behaviour.
  • Wesley Harms v Tony O'Shea - World Darts Championship 2012 Semi fianl Wesley Harms v Tony O'Shea - World Darts Championship 2012
  • Trina Gulliver v Anastasia Dobromyslova 2012 Lakeside Ladies Darts Semi Final Part I
  • 9 dart finish A 9 dart finish from the SIngles league lads. Insurance that the league is healthy and doing well :) If you like this video please hit the 'like' button and share it too!!! :D
  • Ray Barneveld wins World Darts Final 2007 The sudden death leg from the 2007 PDC World Darts Final, Barneveld v. Taylor
  • Sky Darts World Championships 2012 Promo Promo for Sky Sport's coverage of the World Darts Championships - in homage to the Classic Cheers "We Will Rock you" scene. Features Sky Sports pundits and legends Eric Bristow and Wayne Mardle.
  • LauryK: @AnissaMayhew I prefer darts. Hubby prefers pool. Explains why we're home watching T.V., huh?
  • JamieLynnODell: "i wish i had 3 darts a second!" - intense Nerf conversation happening.
  • Seifnutz: Darts at Brothers <==0==> Champs are here
  • Weatherspazz: @AnissaMayhew Pool... There are no sharks in darts ;)
  • fallenkaos: @WanieRahim its like those gun darts.. Go kiddy palace or toys r us n see.. Its damn fun punya! Hahahaha
  • finncomics: getting whooped in cricket. darts. need comic book motivation.
  • ADTRuairidh: 'i look like a darts protege' ... thats how i feel :(
  • Slindiesel: "you're pretty good at darts but you're playing Mike Purtell plus four loko"
  • mkburger: Playing darts at the 303 tonight.
  • Getalonghome: @AnissaMayhew Darts. I'd rather poke someone's eye out with a dart than beat them with a pool cue any day.
  • wednesdayswfc83: Congrats to my lovely self. Straight win at darts tonight. @bigpaul706 you took one hell of a beating my friend. Need to play better tho.
  • TommyFlowers: Beer n darts with the cous (@ J.J. Twig's Pizza & Pub) http://4/hErovr
  • TheSpigster: "It's ripping out my heart cause I've been dodging all these darts. But what we have is what we are and where we've been got us this far..."
  • callmetheman: When Kaleb has his shoes on he thinks he's Benny from The Sandlot or something the way he darts around the house
  • cody_wells: Just came back from a beat down in darts with 5 bullseyes. That is what triumph feels like.
  • problogger: @Chris_Eh_Young weather is so bad in the UK that they have to do something like that for fun #darts
  • trendntrash: Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays. Clutch it, and it darts away
  • Chris_Eh_Young: @problogger The chanting and cheering as they walked up to the stage was unreal. I had no idea darts was that popular.
  • SamBoucherHatt: Akimbo darts @thompos
  • canuckduke: @Leonis_Word My cable provider stays throwing darts
  • HaggardDiva: Especially if you don't even play darts, shut the f*ck up!!!
  • cadycarol: RT @BillysSportGril: Love Stinks Let's Drink! This Monday with Tamed Dogs at Billy's English Village! Bring a pic if your ex & play Can't Break My Heart Darts!
  • achilles0409: Darts - System Of A Down #nowplaying
  • jessicaabad: Buying darts to throw at the Valentine's Day balloons. - Because I am a bitter old cat lady with a twisted... http:///xni1hng0ks
  • ajbirse: RT @JSTamara: Must confess - When-ever Abbott or Christopher Pyne open their mouth on TV - I fire suction Darts at my TV :)
  • lizzclare46: i didnt win at darts, need a dartboard at home.. get some practice in I hate losing big time lol :D
  • thecadgeek: It's the 'punctured' cameraman they came to see RT @problogger: I love that 'darts' can fill a stadium... http:///h3d4gjuj
  • Randy_Narine: Is it possible that #beerpong skills can be correlated to my #darts skills?
  • sportsycom: http://uk.sports-/18/27/uk-winmau-andy-fordham-world-champion-brass-darts-size-22g.html Winmau Andy Fordham Worl #Andy #Brass #Champion
  • dvdobrie: @Wayne501Mardle Great gig for you Wayne. Love the darts
  • problogger: I love that 'darts' can fill a stadium as a spectator sport --> http:///h3d4gjuj
  • ChrisEYin: "I dont throw darts at a board. I bet on sure things. Every battle is won before it is fought." - Gordon Gekko
  • aye_rudolf: RT @wyse_spitta I GT GAS// #deadly ____ darts you have lol
  • maverickcg: @Wazza180 know the feeling Wazza, pulled my arm out at work today, but went to darts 2night, no practice to save the arm and won!
  • NASCARKaty: Jeff Burton looks like he might shoot darts out of his eyes at Kenny Wallace
  • JSTamara: Must confess - When-ever Abbott or Christopher Pyne open their mouth on TV - I fire suction Darts at my TV :)
  • megz4993: @Zak_Bagans makes his speech and darts out  lmfao
  • crimsonruari: Just lost a couple rounds of darts with a coworker. Still, fun.
  • ShockinKatieBBD: @Garrett_BBD *shakes head smiling* No! Youre young, come catch me! *darts off through the front door*
  • jdali88: Get in, won the darts
  • 1CBCF: good little Darts session with @crossman88 =D
  • shkon: @kuunny rocket bar is the best bar in chinatown. It's chill, reg clothes work. Pool, arcades, darts, shuffleboard. It's a good time.
  • maddienikxo: I'm getting my ear pierced, nails done and playing darts with @npallozzi on march 19th bahahahhahah
  • roadhacker: Up @blackrosepub throwing some darts, pint of Bells special brown.... yummm
  • amemoore: In 15 minutes I'm out for some darts & a few cold ones. #mygoodlife #longest15minutesever @jimzawada I'm calling you out.
  • edhoule: @sirbradleybell Kobe show at MSG. 45 point night #darts #gasol
  • ZiziCKM: Getin #fried wit dat fool @313stunna at da #postbar playin pool and darts like a muafukka!!!!
  • RonnieJones5: Good day, hit some big darts! First 180 #buzzing now for a #MW #dunknow
  • CaseyMoore: Just did my NERF bandit impression. Two ammo belts of NERF darts and a couple of NERF guns. Tomorrow is going to be fun.
  • dubnobass99: @steved777 true. Bit like the real world. All good here thanks off to marls for a darts championship in march. Fancy it?
  • sharedzone: Otto Plays with Nerf Darts http://bit.ly/hFZFAg
  • countrygrlNhmd: Yes I just won in darts!
  • gethe10: Sunday lena and darts <3
  • Kruxoli: RT @slowXing: Darts and beer. Life's grand. #tgif
  • kadysimmons: Darts with drunk adults (:
  • tessjdiva: at lexi's hose 4 the first tim nd she has a pool table shuffl board air hocky ping pong a pool darts vending machin nd much more #rich
  • TrippsAtlanta: Friday night weekend kick off party 9pm to close with Bobby and Big Pretty come in and PARTY with us!! Free Darts... http://fb.me/Uv8wEnB9
  • BillysSportGril: Love Stinks Let's Drink! This Monday with Tamed Dogs at Billy's English Village! Bring a pic if your ex & play Can't Break My Heart Darts!
  • CullenOfAdelaid: "Punching the lipstick" (triple 20's) and "cheeky sausage shot" (double) are two colloquialisms I just learnt. (darts)
  • Jerkface_Ninja: So darts was a bust, but throwing darts isnt a part of the essential skill set needed to combat zombies
  • Wazza180: Well I am on too good a winning streak to let my ribs stop me from playing darts, GAME ON!
  • nick_baldev: @David7George just checked your bio. Love a bit of darts mate. Great atmosphere for a sport
  • tenniscourt1989: @chefboyRDC i wish you were in chatt! chauncey and me are going out tonight to play darts!
  • bon_team: なう♡(・∀・)つ -- [720HD] 110206 (Eng Sub) TVXQ東方神起 Darts Game/Why?(Keep Your Head Down)-L... http://t.co/sLH8gZR
  • mikespiesbach: @EmilyAnne_22 is great at darts... But bad at life...
  • MarkCooperXYZ: Saturday: Dads & Tots Playgroup, client meet in Tun Wells, Football in Chatham, Darts Match in Caterham. Quiet one then!
  • Joetweetaleer: @Charles_Bendall my name is on the wall for winning the pat n dd's darts invitational 2 weeks ago.. We should be partners and hustle ppl
  • fvgarza2: #Bdubs and #Darts it is.
  • Laura_Mills_x: @JLSOfficial I just watched your darts game with Gordon Smart!! made me LAUGH!! =D I love how you're so competitive yet so funny!! x♥x♥x♥x♥x
  • grahamwraight: Very tired.. Going bed now.. Good darts win tonight ..
  • Fazzinchi: Back from boy's night at the pub. Even sober, I've lost all ability to throw darts accurately. This is the kind of life skill I shall miss
  • kmentz: Playin' darts with the boys! (@ Gene's Haufbrau) http://4/f00wj8
  • ScottishLassKel: @Meggielou04 I know the feeling. There have been times this week when I've wanted to stick a pic to a dartboard and throw darts at it. ;D
  • alexrpayne: @PritchDan do do, do-do-do, do do I LOVE DARTS
  • CaptainSnowdon: @zopalok thats right. Try darts. It's about the same.
  • Joetweetaleer: I'm the best bar game player ever #darts #pool #shuffleboard http:///p/76528558
  • StuartRileyRP: @ianwilkerson p.s cheers for taking @chrismann64 to the darts, was nice to play in front of a proper keeper last night.
  • robfrancis: Had a good night at darts, lost my singles and won my doubles, and we won the match 5-4! 2nd win of the season with 2 games left to play.
  • AsianCams: Find a Darts Bar in Pattaya: Updated 8th June 2010 thanks to information provided by Lance from Pattaya Darts . ... http://bit.ly/dRcBfZ
  • PuppyNumber7: @DakotaBDog *picks up snowball and throws wildly, missing Dakota by 3ft, darts behind wheely bin, giggling, scooping up more snow*
  • thekrack: @bekshadow darts or rock'n'roll for me
  • guarantweed: Can Aqualad not make a shield? Because he's been hit with poison darts twice in one mission. #youngjustice
  • jclaridge125: Lost there darts, what a shambles
  • TheEliteFitness: Good morning all, Darts was great last night! Well done Adrian Lewis! Not sure about the management of the crowd (cont) http://tl.gd/8ou6r6
  • MirrorSport: Taylor may take year out http://bit.ly/hEzqZ9 #sport
  • wiles: I want to throw darts... or skee balls!
  • gemma_charles: Smell's let himself go. Must have been the darts. http:///3ys1sp
  • ScotExhibitions: 6 Days to the Scottish Darts Open looking forward to it ! Davie Hanson
  • TireguyExtreme: RT @coreypronman: Even a blind man throwing darts will eventually hit a bulls eye. RT @BryanWilley78: @coreypronman well HB did get the Fisher rumor right.
  • crumplehorn_inn: @Henderson_91 come and watch pub darts in Polperro ......
  • zker: RT @julzinno: @zker hehehe..just rememberd the #africandrivebys hahaha! Poisonous darts...hilarious..
  • thekrack: @bekshadow ill let the darts do the talking......lol
  • SuperPav365: @Barneystuta lol shame they won she threw the darts like she was hunting in the jungle
  • Jerkface_Ninja: Heading to the short range projectile range to drink beer and shoot darts in preperation for the zombie apocalypse. Wish me luck
  • DaveHed: beer, darts, drunk, won listening to @katyperry good friday night allround.... that is all!
  • johnjuanlin: @square_tomato i'd like to see a @markjslater @christinachilds darts showdown.
  • MrsJeanieG: Drinking and darts with the husband

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