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  • The DataSet class provides a means to access and manipulate a memory-resident representation of a database, including related tables, constraints, DataAdapter objects are much like Command objects, but are used specifically to access and manipulate information stored in a DataSet. — “ Primer”,
  • Thom Robbins explains how DataSet object features can be combined with XML to create a new type of object called the typed DataSet, which simplifies the task of data navigation. — “15 Seconds : Introducing and the Typed DataSet”, 15
  • ] type DataSet = class inherit MarshalByValueComponent interface IListSource interface IXmlSerializable interface ISupportInitializeNotification interface Initializes a new instance of a DataSet class that has the given serialization information and context. — “DataSet Class (System.Data)”,
  • DataSet object was designed as a standard container that can hold all The standard DataSet object is similar to a structure object defined. — “DataSet”,
  • data set n. An electronic device that provides an interface in the transmission of data to a remote station. — “data set: Definition from ”,
  • The first data set contains all of the observations, or historical data. dataSet - the data set to copy from to initialize the new data set. — “DataSet (OpenForecast API)”,
  • The src attribute of the element specifies whether the data is compiled into the application or fetched at runtime: If the src attribute is a URL, the value of the dataset is the XML data that a request to the URL named by the src attribute returns when the application is run. — “Dataset”,
  • A dataset represents an SQL query, or more generally, an abstract set of rows in the database. Query results are always retrieved on demand, so a dataset can be kept around and reused indefinitely (datasets never cache results). — “Class: Sequel::Dataset [Sequel: The Database Toolkit for Ruby]”,
  • Links to many data sets for teaching and research in statistics. students have had trouble assembling any useful data set from the various files associated with this project. — “Statistical Science Web: Data Sets”,
  • Key Features of DataSet 2. The system manages saving and reloading of specified label lists, sub label lists, attributes and tables to a specified filename. There is no limit to the number of dataset configurations as they are defined by a model table. — “DataSet - Planimate Knowledge Base”,
  • Dataset Publisher - is a torrent tracker for public datasets. If you are scientist, research developer or just interested in it, you can find and download some dataset or, if you are owner of dataset, you can publish this dataset (become a torrent seeder) at this site. — “DataSets Publisher”,
  • Each row corresponds to a given member of the data set in question. A data set has several characteristics which define its structure and properties. — “Data set - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A DataSet represents a set of tables and relationships, along with includes various classes that make it easy to load data from a database into a DataSet, and push changes made within a DataSet back into the database. — “LINQ Over DataSet for C# Developers”,
  • Explains how to use DataSet and DataAdapter objects in 2.0. — “DataSet and DataAdapter in 2.0 - Part 1 of 2”,
  • The DataSet object is an in-memory container, and is often used to store the whole data set of an application. The DataSet is not connected to any data source, supports various. — “VSJ | .NET Zone | Serializing DataSets”,
  • learn how to use dataset in a Visual application. Displaying data in a DataGridView control using Dataset and DataAdapter in Visual . — “dataset in visual basic .net”,
  • The EDRM Data Set Project provides industry-standard, reference data sets of I was wondering why the dataset doesn't contain emails from some key. — “Data Set " The Electronic Discovery Reference Model”,
  • The DataSet object offers a disconnected data source architecture. The data set may comprise data for one or more members, corresponding to the number of. — “What is Dataset”, -
  • DataSet+ creates a GCG data library from any set of sequences in GCG format or from sequences in various flatfile formats (including GenBank, EMBL/SwissProt, and FastA) The sequences in the output files from DataSet+ are meant to be accessed the same way as sequences in other GCG databases. — “DataSet+”,
  • DataSet " Database " C# / C Sharp Populate a DataSet object with multiple DataTable objects by changing the CommandText property of a DataAdapter object's SelectCommand. — “DataSet " Database " C# / C Sharp”, java2
  • A Spry XML Data Set is a JavaScript object that you can use to display data from an XML data source file on a web page. After the data set is created, the data set object lets you easily display and manage the data. — “Working with Spry XML Data Sets”,

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  • “Blog. Home. Dataset Information. Blog. User Support. Fluxnet-Synthesis > Blog > Posts. Posts Welcome to the Global FLUXNET Synthesis Dataset Blog. System Account. 9/14/2007 12:22 PM”
    — Posts,

  • “A quick way to transform an nhibernate query to a .net dataset. 184 Comments so farhttp:///blog/2007/05/09/nhibernate-to-dataset/NHibernate+To+DataSet2007-05-09+10%3A06%3A12Adam+Tybor”
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  • “Subject: Cd data in surface dataset. Why surface species of cadmium on HFO are disabled Subject: Re: Cd data in surface dataset. The Cd surface complexes are disabled in FeOH.dat”
    — [OLD] Cd data in surface dataset - RockWare Support Forum,

  • “Rationale for Selection and Measurement of Minimum Dataset Items requested Nursing Education Program Survey instruments from all Forum subscriber states”
    — Variable 1: License type,

  • “National Quality Forum releases Quality Data Set. November 12, 2009 The National Quality Forum has released a new quality data set, a common technological”
    — National Quality Forum releases Quality Data Set | Healthcare,

  • “We're pretty sure there's something to this "shapefile stuff" even if we can't always put our finger on it so if publishing the dataset will encourage others to do the same then we're happy to do so. photo by mbkepp. The dataset itself is pretty straightforward”
    — Code: Flickr Developer Blog " Flickr Shapefiles Public,

  • “A quick note: So far we have had about 185 Dataset downloads!! The ICWSM-09 Data Challenge Workshop will be held May 20, 2009 in San Jose, California in conjunction with the Third AAAI International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media”
    — Social Media Research Blog: ICWSM 09 Dataset Deadline Reminder,

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