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  • As part of the Ministry's efforts towards developing education in the UAE through decentralizing the educational process and implementing the Ministerial Decree number 3/97 for the year 2006., the. — “MOE & DEC sign joint agreement | KHDA | ”,
  • IDC asks, 'Is there a right organizational design for the IT function?' The arguments for and against centralization and for and against decentralization all appear to be sound, but none are certain, and perhaps all are inappropriate. — “Centralizing vs. Decentralizing IT - CSO Online - Security”,
  • Definition of decentralizing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of decentralizing. Pronunciation of decentralizing. Translations of decentralizing. decentralizing synonyms, decentralizing antonyms. Information about decentralizing in the free. — “decentralizing - definition of decentralizing by the Free”,
  • DRJ is the premiere leader in the Business Continuity Arena, delivering the most informative publication, the two largest conferences in the world, and the most active website dedicated to DR. Decentralizing the approval process solves this dilemma. — “Decentralizing the Plan Approval Process | summer”,
  • Definition of decentralizing from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of decentralizing. Pronunciation of decentralizing. Definition of the word decentralizing. Origin of the word decentralizing. — “decentralizing - Definition of decentralizing at”,
  • . — “”,
  • The U.S. Strategic Command is transforming by incorporating old missions, adding new ones and making the command more flexible and agile for the 21st century, officials said.STRATCOM, at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., still maintains U.S. Strategic Command transforming, decentralizing. — “U.S. Strategic Command transforming, decentralizing”,
  • Downloadable! International donors usually have particular goals they want to achieve with their foreign aid, for example, poverty alleviation. Decentralizing Aid with Interested Parties," Working Papers RP2006/06, World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNU-WIDER). — “Contests, NGOs and Decentralizing Aid”,
  • A while back, Sanjiva Weerawarana proposed (via email) a way to decentralize media types. Here's a brief introduction to a possible solution for "decentralizing media types". — “Decentralizing Media Types - Stefan Tilkov's Random Stuff”,
  • An Argument for Decentralizing Digital. Social Networking Applications expectation of privacy a user may place in them relative to decentralized social networks is the. — “Decentralizing Digital Social Networking Applications”,
  • IEET Intern Edward Miller argues that we can have a more democratic world by embracing the decentralizing and liberatory potentials of open source or P2P approaches to biotechnology and informatics. — “Structuring a Decentralized World”,
  • This study, in contrast, focuses on the potential economic impact of decentralizing jobs In some cases, decentralizing certain positions could result in lower federal expenditures as. — “Decentralizing Federal Employment:”,
  • Decentralizing the Mobile Phone: A Second ICT4D Revolution? If we imagine Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle falling asleep in a decentralized network, while mobile phone net- works tend to have central points of. — “Zuckerman”,
  • Abstract: Decentralizing the allocation of public goods by giving funds directly to communities This downside of decentralization is especially prevalent in developing countries,. — “Decentralizing Development:”,
  • : Decentralizing Governance: Emerging Concepts and Practices (Innovative Governance in the 21st Century) (Innovative Governance of the 21st Century) (9780815713890): G. Shabbir Cheema, G. Shabbir Cheema; Dennis A. Rondinelli: Books. — “: Decentralizing Governance: Emerging Concepts and”,
  • Recent pages. Decentralizing Energy G ChangeCamp Canada. ChangeCamp Edmont The Grid ChangeCamp Canada > ChangeCamp Edmonton > The Grid > Decentralizing Energy Generation. — “Decentralizing Energy Generation - ChangeCamp”,
  • Definition of decentralizing in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is decentralizing? Meaning of decentralizing as a legal term. What does decentralizing mean in law?. — “decentralizing legal definition of decentralizing”, legal-
  • Lack of clarity in decentralizing management vs. governance. Decentralized management: give goals, give block grants, let lower levels decide how to "produce," make own decisions (hiring, firing, buying, norming) but accountability (for goals) still upward. — “Luis Crouch's PowerPoint presentation”, www1
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective decentralizing has one meaning: Meaning #1 : tending away. — “decentralizing: Information from ”,
  • The land use pattern is the typical German leap frog (centralized decentralization) style that area and this decentralization tends to work against maintenance of public transport market. — “MUNICH: DECENTRALIZING AFFLUENCE”,
  • Two education researchers propose that despite earlier assumptions, the United States has not yet fully tried decentralizing decisionmaking authority to schools. But it should. — “Education Week: Trying Decentralization for Real This Time”,
  • This study critically explores the decentralizing of forest management powers in Uganda decentralization reforms in Masindi returns forests to unelected traditional authorities, as. — “ENVIRONMENTAL DECENTRALIZATION AND THE MANAGEMENT OF FOREST”,
  • The World Factbook - Laos The government of Laos one of the few remaining one-party Communist states began decentralizing control and encouraging private enterprise in 1986 The results starting from an extremely low base were striking. — “Tourism ROI | CIA - The World Factbook - Laos | Asia”,
  • We often talk about how little control we have over our environment; if you rent or share a flat it is difficult to agree on the temperature and if people keep different hours it is hard to deal with. — “Intellivent: Decentralizing Control : TreeHugger”,
  • decentralizing investment decisions" means the people who invest have little say in how the money is used? So what else must be done? There still has to be some type of Chain of Command but with minimal interference. — “How to optimize allocative efficiency in China? I have a 15”,

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  • 21st Century - Software - Freedom or Tyranny - Part 1 of 2 Condensed video of FOSDEM 2011 with Eben Moglen! Decentralizing the Internet so Big Brother Cant Find You: Full Video Website: (Full Transcript & See Video Link) Transcript (Excerpts): "Top Secret America" - Washington Post Series he mentions in video: State Counterterrorism Profiles: (Look at your State) Eisenhower full speech (Text & Video):
  • Interview with Rupak Chattopadhyay at the Ethiopia International Conference on Federalism Ethiopia did host the 5th International Conference on Federalism from 13-16 December 2010 in Addis Ababa, in partnership with the Forum of Federations. The International Conferences on Federalism were initiated in 1999 by the Forum of Federations with the first conference in Mt. Tremblant, Canada. This was followed by a second conference in 2002 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, a third in Brussels, Belgium, in 2005, and a fourth in New Delhi, India, in 2007. The 5th International Conference was the first hosted by an African country; previous conferences took place in North America, Asia and Europe (twice). The theme of the 5th International Conference on Federalism, 'Equality and Unity in Diversity for Development', reflects the need for sustainable development in federal, federalizing or decentralizing countries in Africa and other non-Western regions. Sustainable development requires equality and unity in diversity, qualities necessary for the emergence and sustenance of social peace and democracy.
  • Alan Watt ''Cutting Through The Matrix'' Feb-01-2011 Alan Watt ''Cutting Through The Matrix'' Feb-01-2011 Check ouy Alan Watt's website: http// Topics of show covered in following links: US Sizes Up ELBaradei Brzezinski on Egypt Video: "Zbigniew Brzezinski to Jihadists: Your cause is right!" (). Undie Bomber was Government Set-up say two Lawyers on Plane National Service Bill UK Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto Ambassador Meeting in US China, the United Nations' Model for the World to Follow--Residents to Freeze for Rest of Winter to Reduce Emissions Depleted Uranium and the Fallout from War .au Selling Off British Forests Some Governments Stockpiling Food in case UN has Them Overthrown by "Popular Uprisings" National Health System will Lead to Doctor Corruption Gov. Decentralizing Services Green Party's Radical Plan for Radical Marxist Change Co-Op Run Britain
  • Health Insurance - Insurance or Blank Check? Health insurance provided by big employers and big government is run like a blank check leading to uncontrollable cost increase. Based on "Decentralizing Tragic Choices" available at: Sound track: "WaWooP" by BertycoX in album New Day. Availabe for CC licensing at:
  • В.Путин.5 Ежегодная большая пресс-конференция (Putin) Part 18 5 Annual Big Press Conference Part 18 January 31, 2006 President of Russia V.Putin Round Hall,the Kremlin,Moscow The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation is not in the best condition today in Moscow. For this reason moving the Constitutional Court will not be linked with any huge unreasonable expenses seeing that the building of the Senate and the Synod needs to be restored and renovated in any case. This building would need money for it to be restored if we were to move the Constitutional Court there or not. For this reason solving the problem of restoration and supporting the Constitutional Court's normal activities is like killing two birds with one stone. And as a whole this is a successful decision. There is a bonus for St Petersburg in this and of course it is a formal and legal bonus but shall nevertheless it shall increase the status of the city. We can really talk about it having one of the functions of a capital city. The Constitutional Court is one of the very highest branches of authority, of judicial authority. Geographically it shall be a little bit removed from the political centre where decisions are made though this, certainly, is not a panacea for corruption or misusing the Constitutional Court and its power to resolve political issues but all the same it shall be a bit removed. It will not hurt to do it. Regarding the possibility of moving other federal bodies then this could happen in some cases and from the point of view of decentralizing ...
  • Time to Decentralize Our Energy Production Video from a recent Oregon State Capital rally telling politicians that the people of Oregon say NO to Liquefied Natural Gas. The Rally featured a wide range of speakers who took the podium to criticize the attempt by the energy industry to situate unsustainable fossil fuel facilities in Oregon in order to profit from the large markets in California. In this 21 minute video the first speaker was Secretary of State, Bill Bradbury, followed by Brenna Bell, staff attorney for Columbia Riverkeeper, who spoke about the universal importance of water and enumerated the three ways in which these pipe lines will cross our creeks and rivers. One is the "wet crossing," which is digging a trench in a river while it is flowing. Brenna says that this is how the Clackamas River will be crossed, because "there is no other way." Another method is the "dry crossing," where a waterway is damned or the water somehow diverted around while the trench is dug. And last, "the horizontal directional drill," where they drill underneath the river, "which sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't," possibly discharging loads of sediment into the public waterway. She then listed the many rivers and creeks that a pipe line would have to traverse for just one of the three proposed facilities, the Bradwood facility which would require about 40 miles of pipe to pass through the Mt. Hood National Forest on the way to the larger pipe line passing from Canada to Mexico. This list went on for an agonizing ...
  • Response to comments by periclesolon regarding humanity What the title says. Here's periclesolon's original comments--they are his answers to the question 'how do we get over ourselves' in reference to his belief that humanity thinks too much of itself and that it's on par with any and ever other creature in it's worth HERE THEY ARE-- Comments originally given by youtubee "periclesolon" ""How do we get over ourselves?" Stop thinking our species or any particular member of our species (oneself) has any more deep meaning or purpose or plan than Chimps or lice. We are the blind creations of natural selection chosen for our fitness in a hostile world that has brutally extinguished over 99% of the species to have come into existence; 2) another way to de-anthropcentrize is to reject the absurd idea that god(s) are flying, glowing, exalted members of our particular species. There are no gods, let alone exalted primate ones. As Goethe says, "As man is, so is his God. And thus is God oft strangely odd." periclesolon (3 weeks ago) Show Hide 3)"Why get over ourselves?" Truth, freedom and goodness. Humans have a habit of making themselves the center, whether egoistically, socially, tribally, religiously (we're the true one), astronomically (ptolemy), or even the center of the biosphere (why should gods be of OUR species?). 4)Decentralizing self, family, tribe, religion, country, race, species, etc takes the glamour off ourselves and sobers us, as truth is wont to do. This provides a consistent framework for living the golden rule, since ...
  • Health Dollar Voting - Revised Edition When health dollars are controlled by individual health consumers, health costs could be better contained without a sense of tragedy when cost ineffective treatments are denied. Based on "Decentralizing Tragic Choices" available at: Sound track: "WaWooP" by BertycoX in album New Day. Availabe for CC licensing at:
  • Frank Lloyd Wright - a lesson in architecture Frank Lloyd Wright spent more than 70 years creating designs that revolutionized the art and architecture of the twentieth century. Many innovations in today's buildings are products of his imagination. In all he designed 1141 works - including houses, offices, churches, schools, libraries, bridges, museums and many other building types. Of that total, 532 resulted in completed works, 409 of which still stand. However, Wright's creative mind was not confined to architecture. He also designed furniture, fabrics, art glass, lamps, dinnerware, silver, linens and graphic arts. In addition, he was a prolific writer, an educator and a philosopher. He authored twenty books and countless articles, lectured throughout the United States and in Europe, and developed a remarkable plan for decentralizing urban America (Broadacre City) that continues to be debated by scholars and writers even to this day - decades after its conception.
  • Decentralizing Equality of Opportunity How can individual policymakers achieve social justice at both the macro and micro level when addressing concrete, everyday distributive problems? Professor Caterina Calsamiglia (UAB and GSE) discusses the social justice problem and its implications for effective policy design, particularly in the area of affirmative action.
  • Bob Drew, Headteacher Gearies Infants School Talks About Decentralizing School Regulations
  • Decentralizing Dance Party (Calgary Edition) 5: Olympic Plaza Videography by Ben Tsui Media Inc. (C) 2010 All rights reserved. Don't stop believin', Canada! The all niter journey finally ended at the Olympic Plaza where we all danced and splashed during the Decentralized Dance Party (Calgary Edition) around 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm on Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010. We sang and danced to everything from Journey, Bryan Adam, The Great Big Sea, and everything else in between, etc. We rose up and celebrated Canada, youth, peace, love and diversity the entire night. Way ta go DDP!
  • Sen. Joe Biden on Iraq Senator Joe Biden speaks about the war in Iraq, decentralizing the Iraqi government and the Iraqi constitution during a forum at Seacoast Media Group in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
  • Truth Activism Call to Action This is video #1, calling to action. All concerned people. You know the revolution is going to come from the people, not from the elitist politicians. The Truth Activism project is about empowering YOU to help us create the 4th system of checks and balances using civil procedures of the ballot access process. This has not been attempted since the FED was created when North Dakotan's created the Agrarian revolt. Utilizing recall, they forced politicians to pass legislation to allow them to have the initiative process. Then they ganged up to put 7 initiatives on the ballot that all passed and created limits to big corporations, the banks and more. By using todays telecomunication technology, we can create a civil revolution in 13 weeks by decentralizing our revolution to the count of 3. You tell 3, to tell 3 others, to tell 3 others and after 13 weeks, we win by achieving permanent ballot access! We can legalize industrial hemp, recall corrupt politicians, create a state bank like the North Dakotan's have, remove lawyers from the Judicial Branch and more! Check out this video. Educate yourself, tell others and join the forum to get involved further.
  • Malawi: Decentralizing HIV/AIDS Care In Malawi, where around 930000 people are living with HIV/AIDS and human resources in the health sector are scarce, MSF is delegating treatment from district hospitals to local health centers to bring care closer to the patients.
  • Guinness Gate Actually, this gate is called "St. James' Gate"--as that is the name of the church on the corner of the block, also the name of the street. If you notice in this video, St. James Catholic Church and its Hall are the ONLY buildings NOT directly related to the Guinness Beer Company. Everything else is part of the Guinness beer factory. My apologies for poor sound quality. This vlog was taken while on the Dublin City bus tour on Wed., August 13, 2008. We learned that Arthur Guinness and his wife lived across the street from his factory. They had 21 children--only 10 kids LIVED! Sadly, they will be closing down this factory sometime this year and decentralizing the business. The land in Dublin is getting to be too expensive to brew the beer here.
  • Philip Emeagwali's Memories of Colonial Africa I was born in 1954 in colonial Africa. One of my most cherished mementos from the colony of Nigeria is one of the pennies I received for my school lunch allowance. The coins bore the likeness of Edward VIII, who became King of England on January 20, 1936, and were minted in anticipation of his reign. However, Edward abdicated the throne on December 11th of that year before he could be crowned. He gave up the British kingdom to marry the love of his life, an American divorcee. In 1960, a typical day in my life began at our compound on Yoruba Road, in Sapele. Our compound was adjacent to the Eagle Club, a night club where I ran errands for music legends, such as master trumpeters ET Mensah, Eddy Okonta, and Zeal Onyia. They would give me a penny to buy two sticks of cigarettes and I would bring back their half-penny change. Some mornings, my mother would give me a penny with the instructions: "Buy rice with a farthing, beans with a farthing, and bring back a half-penny change." When I told this story to my son, Ijeoma, he interrupted, saying, incredulously "Daddy, you can't get change for a penny!" I then show him my souvenir: a British West African central-holed coin, bearing the head of King George V and minted in 1936 with the inscription "one tenth of a penny." The central hole was for stringing the coins together, to carry them. The world has changed greatly since my youth! Nigeria has existed for 96 years and has been independent for 50 years. Nigerians must look back ...
  • Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on his opposition strategy Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Leader of the Democratic Opposition Party in Afghanistan, spoke with us on his party's strategy. The informal press conference was held after Time Magazine's, Joe Klein interview with Abdullah Abdullah at Asia Society in New York City. The event was the leaders twelfth speech in 10 days. Invited three months ago by a group of non-governmental organizations, Abdullah Abdullah participated in many talks in Washington. Media reports say he was snubbed after the White House's warm embrace of President Karzai's visit a couple of weeks ago. It was rumored that two mid-level administration representatives did meet with him. It was not confirmed who they were. [More...] Undaunted, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah continues to speak out about the rampant corruption and lack of vision, direction and security that continues to plague the Karzai government. He says Karzai's underlying belief is that the US will be in Afghanistan forever, and as long as the US is there, Karzai will remain president. There is no sense of urgency which is a fatal flaw with the current strategy. On the eve of the US/NATO buildup on the city of Kandahar, a Taliban stronghold, Mr. Klein quoted US General McCrystal as saying that Marja is a bleeding ulcer. Without an effective partner in Karzai, and a clear vision for Afghanistan, the environment in Kandahar will remain the same, Abdullah Abdullah said. The worst thing Karzai can do is blur the lines between friend and enemy to the Afghan people ...
  • How Peace Corps Volunteer Reforms Health Care in West Africa - Clara Williams In Chapter 5 of 10 in her 2010 interview with Capture Your Flag host Erik Michielsen, health economist and comparative effectiveness researcher Clara Williams discusses how her Peace Corps experience in the West African country of the Gambia allowed her to impact a national health care system. Williams 3-year experience focuses on decentralizing the public health decision-making system. This process involves increasing district health office decision-making capacity around disease surveilliance, pharmaceutical procurement and supply chain, and regionally executed mass-immunization and vaccination days. Williams holds an MPA in Public Health Finance from New York University and a BS in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University. View more videos at
  • "Namibia dessart, township tour, sandboarding" Jonangela09's photos around Swakopmund, Namibia Preview of Jonangela09's blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Swakopmund, Namibia Entry Title: "Namibia dessart, township tour, sandboarding" Entry: "Saturday 12th December Reluctantly and rather tentatively we departed early, aware that we were heading south west to embark on six days traveling through the Namibian desert. The drive was unpleasant and elongated, but worth it when we arrived in Spitzkoppe on the edge of the Kalahari Desert at 6pm. Camping inside this National Park surrounded by rocky mountains, the scenery was spectacular. In the exposed harsh environment bereft of shade we were grateful we had arrived at sundown and not in the midday heat. Keen to explore the area in the remaining sunlight, we erected our tents promptly, donned our walking boots and headed off. There was a novel sense of freedom we hadn't experienced since starting the trip as all former activities had been accompanied with a guide. We scurried off into the bush like little school children scampering for the playground on sound of the bell. There was a notable sense of isolation despite the company as we lost ourselves in the maze of boulders and rocks. The deceptive enormity of the surrounding mountainous peak became apparent as we started our accent of one. Dwarfed into specks as we climbed the north face our global insignificance was apparent. Sat watching the ...
  • Smart Growth - How to Multiply Your Customers Multiply your customers by decentralizing your marketing. More at
  • The Constitutional Prostitution from Sudan to Kurdistan دستور The Constitutional Prostitution from Sudan to KurdistanBosnia Iraq decentralizing Kurd Sunni Arab Shiite Turkey Kurdish Turkish Fatih Terim Assyrians Indigenous Baktheyar Ibrahim Iraqi-Kurd Saddam Hussein's CIA GlobalizationChristian immigrants Syria Divide Conquer Anglo-American Imperial...
  • paul's letter to the romans chapter 13 barbarabla bible romans chapter 13 vs. 1: Everyone must obey the state authorities... EQ This could be true if the state authority wasn't a bunch of criminals. Unfortunately that just ain't the case. In fact, the state is there to keep the slaves doing their slavery while the royal family lives on the other side in their fenced off safe areas. But hang on. Anarchy won't work either. We gotta change the machine. If it is torn down, things will get real ugly. Law must be taken away one piece at a time. Starting with laws against businesses which will decentralize. Decentralizing of energy is our first move. There is no choice. It is happening slowly and oil companies must make the move. Legalize marijuana. It is a product for so many things from oil to building materials. It can help replace mineral oil. Solar energy is free for the taking. Every home must be self sufficient. Water and energy. Must. People must have free water. Large corporations cannot be permitted to own the resources of the planet. Cannot. It is a crime and an illusion to own water. vs. 11: You must do this, because you know that the time has come for you to wake up from your sleep. EQ read by john rah
  • 21st Century - Software - Freedom or Tyranny - Part 2 of 2 Condensed video of FOSDEM 2011 with Eben Moglen! Decentralizing the Internet so Big Brother Cant Find You: Full Video Website: (Full Transcript & See Video Link) Transcript (Excerpts): "Top Secret America" - Washington Post Series he mentions in video: State Counterterrorism Profiles: (Look at your State) Eisenhower full speech (Text & Video):
  • Mammoth Publications Showcase, Local Authors Reading and Book Signing (Part three) Introduction's Elizabeth Schultz is University of Kansas Professor Emerita in English. Her book The White Skin Deer: Hoopa Stories (2009) is fiction based on her experiences as a non-Native living on the Hoopa Valley Tribe�s land during the 1950�s, when the Bureau of Indian Affairs� policies of assimilation were at their height. Embedded within these tales based on Hoopa elders� stories are conflicts that most tribal peoples continue to face � environmental concerns, decentralizing cultural influences, and industrialization.
  • video: Talakayan 2010 on the issue of Decentralizing Education Talakayan 2010 features the state of education in the country today. One of the issues raised during the forum is how to decentralize education. For more news, special reports and videos go to .
  • 5k class at ragget school RIP my old school for me
  • Shri chamling Inauguration of SDM Centre at Rongali Decentralizing people's power to the people - Chief Minister chamling addresses public to pinpoint his essential message at Rongali on 18:08:2008 .
  • Simplifying HIV/AIDS Patient Care As the number of people with HIV continue to grow in the developing world, MSF is working to meet the needs by simplifying treatment and patient care while maintaining a high quality. See how MSF is managing care at its Blue House clinic in the Mathare area of Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Decentralizing Dance Party (Calgary Edition) 6: Flames Central Videographed by Ben Tsui Media Inc. (C) 2010 All rights reserved. Party revelers enthusiastically hi-5 staffs and patrons outside the Flames Central on Stephen Avenue Mall during Saturday night's Decentralizing Dance Party (Calgary Edition) on Oct. 16, 2010.
  • Web 2.0 Ignites Small Businesses Marketing Though still in its infancy, Web 2.0 has completely altered the way businesses market online. It puts business collaboration not only in the hands of managers and employees, but also customers and potential customers, decentralizing the chain-of-command into more of a spider-web effect. Entrepreneurs looking for innovative ways to launch their businesses benefit greatly from this feature of Web 2.0. It gives them the competitive edge against larger corporations that are run in an inflexible top down manner. An early 2007 poll revealed that several established companies believed Web 2.0 was over-hyped and were convinced it would have no impact on their business or any other start-up business. Traditional thinking industry leaders found it difficult to believe that blogs and social networking could have world wide consequences on any level—start-up or otherwise. A few months later, Web 2.0 marketing has sky-rocketed, proving them wrong and leaving them scrambling to strategize and integrate this once innocuous marketing structure into their existing models.
  • Matthew Berg: Mobiles for Health Matt Berg helped create and pilot ChildCount+, a mobile-phone-based health platform that empowers communities in Africa to improve child and maternal health. Matt also trains local programmers at the Rural Technology Lab, with a goal to advance the health of millions while decentralizing the software development process.
  • Tuberculosis, a community approach Khayelitsha is one of the biggest townships in South Africa; it has a population of about half a million and is located about 30 or 40 kilometres outside of Cape Town. It has one of the highest rates of TB (tuberculosis) and HIV in the country. Here MSf has established a decentralised model of care, whihc is based around the patient and aims at improving outcomes through diagnosing more people and starting them on treatment earlier. This is enabled by the model where patients are able to get treatment from their local clinics with a better treatment regiment, better diagnostic technics and more support for the patient. Shot: March 2011, Khayelitsha township, South Africa Transcript: DOCTOR JENNIFER HUGHES, DRUG-RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS (DR-TB) COORDINATOR: Khayelitsha is one of the biggest townships in South Africa; it has a population of about half a million and it is located about 30 or 40 kilometres outside of Cape Town. It has one of the highest rates of TB (tuberculosis) and HIV in the country. So the decentralized model of care in Khayelitsha, is based around the patient and it aims at improving outcomes through diagnosing more people and starting people on treatment and that is enabled by the model where we allow patients to access treatment from their local clinics with a better treatment regiment, better diagnostic techniques and more support for the patient. TEMBINKOSI QONDELA, SUCCESSFULLY TREATED PATIENT: I had a first test and I was told I had normal TB. Then I ...
  • Redesign State Government Matt Gardi for State Representative District 120 Describes his idea for decentralizing the state legislature.
  • Decentralizing Dance Party (Calgary Edition) 4: Pogo on Stephen Ave. Videography by Ben Tsui Media Inc. (C) 2010 All rights reserved. Pogo jumping and dancing for Canadian pride on Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary during the Decentralizing Dance Party on Oct. 16, 2010. Epic!
  • Top 10 List of Needed Reforms CEPersVid-13 A list of the Top 10 Needed Reforms in the United States to prevent further loss of the rights and freedoms of individuals and small businesses, and to prevent the United States from becoming a third-world country. These reforms include (1) taxpayer campaign financing; (2) giving ballot access to independent and third-party candidates; (3) stopping $100 million mergers and breaking up companies too large to fail; (4) breaking up the main media monopoly; (5) decentralizing civil law enforcement through appointment of a new type of sheriff, who goes into court; (6) setting up $2000/year tuition equivalency colleges for all residents of the US; (7) requiring imports to pay their fair share of the costs of maintaining the US market; (8) set up a single-payer healthcare system together with fostering of an optional free-market for medical services; (9) reform of banking, credit card and securities laws (to stop gouging and to make it easier for small businesses to raise capital); and (10) court reform eg a paperless US Supreme Court, and elimination of the federal arbitration act which deprives individuals of their Constitutional right to a jury trial.
  • Start of voters' registration moved to May 3 PRESS RELEASE Ref: James Arthur B. Jimenez Director IV, Education and Information Department Commission on Elections Tel. No. (+632) 525-9294 Date: March 23, 2011 Start of voters' registration moved to May 3 The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has ruled to move the period of the resumption of the system of continuing registration for all areas nationwide except for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) from April 1, 2011 to May 3, 2011. In Resolution No. 9168, promulgated March 22, 2011, the COMELEC cited the need for its Regional Election Directors to have "sufficient time to procure the application forms and deliver the same to the offices of their respective Provincial Election Supervisors." The COMELEC explained that they have recently ordered the rushing of the distribution of voter registration application forms to its field offices, delegating the authority to the Regional Election Directors in Non-ARMM areas to procure the said application forms for use in their respective areas of jurisdiction. "The COMELEC is decentralizing the procurement of registration application forms. This will make the procurement -- as well as the delivery -- of these forms more efficient. However, this also means that the Regional Election Directors will need a little more time to carry out these procurements," said COMELEC spokesman James Jimenez. ###
  • HitomiTonoew: Decentralizing Electricity Production:
  • CanadianSense: @Min_Reyes CPC are for decentralizing and respect for Constitution. Premiers and Mayors will not be told "Ottawa knows best" #cdnpoli
  • Steve_Lafleur: Response to the Canadian Federation of Municipalities' letter about my column on decentralizing infrastructure spending
  • MartinDoersch: Unhosted - Unhosted is an open web standard for decentralizing user data. http:///
  • mikedeutsch: @todd_park predicts the innovative medlineplus connect APIs will eventually outstrip it's core site. decentralizing content delivery. #FSRDC
  • Optivion: Decentralizing Tokyo may save the nation *o^o* via @optivion
  • Carmelitaav91: Decentralizing Electricity Production:
  • TheBigOldDog: LastPass CEO Explains Possible Hack | PCWorld The Cloud ain't what it's cracked up to be. We spent '80s decentralizing!
  • Khalid_Tarawneh: @FacadeAlFasad @Priapus_D you will cut up the cost of services up to 50% by decentralizing them #NPIJO

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  • “Skip to content. Phelon Blog. Decentralizing Your Business. Wednesday, November 15, 2006 CEO and thought leader, recently wrote an article called Decentralizing Your Business”
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