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  • This means you only ever see stars in your Hemisphere (declination greater than 0° in the Northern hemisphere and declination less than 0° in the Southern hemisphere), and the stars in the other hemisphere with a declination of 90° minus your latitude. Equatorial Mounts. — “Astronomy For Beginners...Astronomy Basics...The Celestial Sphere”,
  • Definition of declination from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of declination. Pronunciation of declination. Definition of the word declination. Origin of the word declination. — “declination - Definition of declination at ”,
  • declination [n] - (astronomy) the angular distance to a point on a celestial object declination. the angular distance from the equator to the satellite,measured as positive. — “Declination - Encyclopedia”,
  • Understanding Magnetic Declination: RED hyperlinks are external links In Phoenix, AZ magnetic north is to the east of true north by about 11 degrees (so the magnetic declination angle is +11 degrees). — “Declination”,
  • Magnetic declination calculator and other parameters from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC), part of the US Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Environmental Satellite, Data and. — “NOAA's Geophysical Data Center - Geomagnetic Data”,
  • MAGNETIC DECLINATION FAQ. WHAT IS MAGNETIC DECLINATION? The elements iron, nickel and cobalt possess electrons in their outer electron shell, although the next inner shell is not filled. Their electron "spin" magnetic moments are not canceled, thus they are known as ferromagnetic. — “Magnetic Declination FAQ”,
  • From Middle English declinacioun, from Middle French declination, from Latin declinatio. declination (plural declinations) At a given point, the angle between magnetic north and true north. At a given point, the angle between the line. — “declination - Wiktionary”,
  • Declination definition, a bending, sloping, or moving downward. declination dec·li·na·tion (děk'lə-nā'shən) n. A bending, sloping, or other deviation from a normal vertical position. A deviation of the vertical meridian of the eye to one or the other side due to rotation of the eyeball about. — “Declination | Define Declination at ”,
  • Declination in astronomy is comparable to geographic latitude, but projected onto the Declination is measured in degrees north and south of the celestial equator. — “Declination - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Declination varies from 0 to 30 degrees in most populated regions of the world. The actual value of declination and its annual rate of change for your area will usually be shown on your map. — “What is declination?”,
  • Learn about magnetic declination effecting compass directions Man, you thought latitude and longitude was rough, just check out this declination stuff!. — “Magnetic Declination”,
  • Use a celestial globe to determine the Declination (d) of the following (remember to indicate + or - degrees) It's simple if you know your latitude and the star's declination! For example, let's say your latitude is 40 degrees north, and you want to know if. — “declination”,
  • Encyclopedia article about declination. Information about declination in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. magnetic declination. — “declination definition of declination in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Presently, in Wisconsin we experience very small values for magnetic declination, but this has not always been the case. The information that follows is a condensed version of a 4-page guide called Wisconsin Magnetic Declination, that was produced by the SCO in 1999. — “SCO Web: Magnetic Declination”,
  • declination (astronomy), in astronomy, the angular distance of a body north or south of the celestial equator. Declination and right ascension, an east-west coordinate, together define the position of an object in the sky. North declination is. — “declination (astronomy) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Because declination varies over time, it is advisable to get a reasonably current figure. If your USGS map is more than 15 years old (the declination date appears in the diagram), here's an easy-to-use website that gives you only the information you need for your specific area:. — “USGS Education”,
  • Footprints by Dish Size - Latitude Declination Chart - C/Ku-Band Satellite Listing The declination angle is determined by the formula below where 22300 is the distance from the surface of the. — “Footprints by Dish Size - Latitude Declination Chart - C/Ku”, geo-
  • Definition of declination in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of declination. Pronunciation of declination. Translations of declination. declination synonyms, declination antonyms. Information about declination in the free online English. — “declination - definition of declination by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Declination - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • declination n. A sloping or bending downward. A falling off, especially from prosperity or vigor; a decline. — “declination: Definition, Synonyms from ”,

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  • Map & Compass 201: Declination Let's discuss declination. Remember: Declination East: Compass Least. Declination West: Compass Best. I will discuss this principle and how to put it to use to help you become more accurate and more successful using your map and compass. This is a continuation of Map & Compass 101. For your local
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  • Right Ascension & Declination (extra footage) Unused interview footage from Professor Mike Merrifield about space co-ordinates. Main video is at
  • Declination An overview of the magnetic north pole, declination basics, and how to account for it with issued maps and the issue compass.
  • Geocentric declination of nine randomly placed objects Distribution of the geocentric declination when having 9 randomly placed objects (7 standing tones and 2 circles in an area of 350 by 260m at a latitude 56deg) for 135 runs. The width of the standing stones is between 30 and 100 cm. The diameters of the circles are 8 and 19 m. The number of directions for a certain geocentric declination is calculated and now one can check if this number for specific lunar and solar events (northern/southern solstices and lunastices and solar equinox around 1800 BCE). The average total number at solar and lunar events for the random plans is 14.5 +/- 3.8 (1 sigma).
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  • Balancing the Paramount GT-1100S Declination Axis This video describes how to properly and safely balance the Paramount GT-1100S declination axis. Copyright 2010 Software Bisque, Inc. All rights reserved.
  • Land Nav part 8 (Declination Diagram Disected) Don't forget to stop by and check out the new website guys. It has a forum for sharing knowledge as well as a store where you can purchase gear! Find it at You can also come check out my new FB page at
  • Declination and bow offset on the ProStart Tutorial video showing how to set your local magnetic declination and bow offset on the ProStart.
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  • Science and the Seasons- Declination What concepts affect the seasons? Today's topic is . . . declination!
  • TNG Recut 129 Heterocyclic Declination recut 130 is blocked in Germany because of music content, so for german viewers I also uploaded it on another website so you can watch it here:
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  • Asterope (Remmirath / M45) 0 degr. declination crossing animation of a stack of XEphem maps showing the relative movement of Asterope in about 100 frames, each 20 days apart, around 2993 BC when it crossed the zero degree declination line.
  • Piano Declination / Video Performance Music, programming, design, and performance by Estevan Carlos Benson.
  • Declination - The Way A softer song of ours, let us know what you think! Declination is : Joe West - Guitar/Vocals Brent Kellenberger - Drums Forrest Brave-Heart - Bass We want shows! Contact us to play your venue, party, etc.
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  • Map and Compass Basics: Magnetic Declination Understanding and setting declination on your baseplate compass
  • Understanding the Concept of Magnetic Declination Video Steve, an REI Outdoor School instructor, explains the concept of magnetic declination in this video. It's important to understand when using a compass that the compass arrow points to the magnetic north, not the North Pole. In many parts of the world this difference can be very great. You find your declination from your topographic map.
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  • StarmapApp: A new function for accessing directly coordinates in right ascension and declination has been added to the next version
  • JacquelynnGeorg: Vixen DD-2 Dual Axis Hand Controler: DD-1 -Dual-Axis Controller, controls right ascension and declination motor...
  • es5nhc: Declination for T Pyxidis is -32° 22' 47,5". Therefore it would be at horizon at 57° 37' latitude plus minus diffraction. I live at 58° 9' N
  • DMRSurvival: Local Declination
  • YosemiteSteve: @Brian_Hawkins @Brian_Hawkins But thats where it will rise/set. Im looking for elevation/declination overlaps
  • Edie_Howe: @YosemiteSteve It's not uncommon for moon and sun to rise/set at same place. But elevation/declination of moon varies wildly.
  • dandylionlit: @joestiglitz Something England has been dealing with for decades, a declination of middle class & the growing gap between the top and bottom
  • cwoutdoored: PAD2O this week - Map & compass, declination, taking bearing using bearings, utm grid system, scale. Knots for climbing (figure 8 + bites).
  • TrekkingOz: The Trekking Shop: Columbia Men's Declination Short Sleeve Shirt http://.au/166/110402-1229670/trek
  • TrekkingOz: The Trekking Shop: Columbia Men's Declination Short Sleeve Shirt http://.au/166/110402-1229672/trek
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  • AnnukiStar: Magnetic field anomalies and signs of further field declination... - http:///645g379 - #earth&rsquo #Tristan_da_Cunha
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  • aliciapadron: Have the coolest app Star Walk! Point 2 sky & names constellations. Pretty neat, no more right ascension & declination. I know, I'm a geek.
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  • alicialane: @browneyedgirl65 I did not see criticism of anyone in video, only a declination to be personal tutor.

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