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  • I'm a 17 year old junior, and yesterday at school, in the cafeteria, my friend thought it would be a funny idea to run up behind me and try to pants me. Well,. — “Depantsed at school | Your Embarrassing Moments”,
  • 2:34 Add to Added to queue SUSPECT DEPANTSED DURING ESCAPE :CAUGHT ON TAPEby SecurityGuardTheater55,692 views 0:12 Add to Added to queue Ben getting depantsed by Troyby Blackson1875,302 views. — “YouTube - Depantsed”,
  • Coley gets depantsed video at . Watch, comment, rate & share Coley gets depantsed and other videos now!. — “Watch Coley gets depantsed Video | ”,
  • depantsed in public depantsed by girls depantsed stories depantsed, depantsed in public, depantsed by girls, depantsed stories, depantsed, depantsed pictures, depantsed girl, depantsed video, depantsed pics, depantsed down. — “Depantsed in public | Depantsed by girls | Depantsed stories”, echo-
  • Watch the latest Depantsed videos on MeFeedia. — “Depantsed Videos”,
  • Zohan-Like Israeli Spy DePantsed By Borat/Bruno In Interview. Sacha Baron Cohen's fabulously gay, fashion-obsessed alter-ego, Bruno, is the persona Cohen will be assuming next as he continues to humiliate unsuspecting subjects next May in his. — “The Playlist: Zohan-Like Israeli Spy DePantsed By Borat/Bruno”,
  • Amy Lee, Ashlee, and Avril depantsed and tightly collared RE: Amy Lee, Ashlee, and Avril depantsed and tightly co - 1/12/2005 2:33:51 AM. — “Amy Lee, Ashlee, and Avril depantsed and tightly collared”,
  • We're not screwing around; Steve-O had his, er, self immortalized in concrete last night. TMZ's favorite train wreck, second only to Tara Reid, depantsed TMZ's favorite train wreck, second only to Tara Reid, depantsed on the red carpet for the premiere of "TV: The Movie," and proceeded to dunk his. — “Steve-O Enshrines His Junk | ”,
  • Smart Depantsed: This Long Island native boasts over half a million friends on MySpace, a number sure to grow following her appearance on VH1's America's Most Smartest Model. Smart Depantsed: This Long Island native boasts over half a million friends on MySpace, a number sure to grow following her. — “Mandy Lynn”,
  • Watch girl depantsed videos from all over the internet. — “girl depantsed - Page 1 - Blinkx Video Results”,
  • The cameras keep rolling after the show is over on the 11 News This Morning set. Soccer player depantsed on After the Show Embed. — “Soccer player depantsed on After the Show - AOL Video”,
  • [edit] Verb. depantsed. Simple past tense and past participle of depants. Retrieved from " /wiki/depantsed" Categories: English simple past. — “depantsed - Wiktionary”,
  • depantsed. buy depantsed mugs, tshirts and magnets. Forcibly stripped of one's trousers, usually in public. As punishment for taking a third helping of cilantro cheesecake without first asking for permission, Johnnie was mercilessly jeered, then depantsed and soundly paddled. — “Urban Dictionary: depantsed”,
  • The most common method is to sneak up behind the intended victim, grab the trousers Sometimes, the trousers are completely removed, and perhaps left somewhere embarrassing. — “Debagging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The game isn't quite over yet but the outcome was decided almost before tipoff. Quite simply, the Suns didn't show up to play and the Pistons did. Detroit. — “Depantsed | - All Sports. All Phoenix”,
  • Girl gets depantsed. Watch Video about Girls,Gets,Depantsed by . — “Girl Gets Depantsed - Video”,
  • - Sports blog featuring sports news and rumors for MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, MMA fans and more. We cover the sports media with the latest news and rumors Jay Cutler depantsed the Seattle defense with two TD passes and two TD runs Sunday, and presumably to celebrate Chicago's trip to. — “Sports News and Rumors Blog: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL Sports News”,
  • Yes, she was a bold young lady, and we - um - well, I'm not sure you're old enough to know how that little incident ended up!. — “Have you ever been depantsed? Depansted= having someone”,

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  • My dog depantsed my brother! Yeah...the title says it all. (this is a reenactment of the real thing, when my dog, (Diesel) had randomly bit the pants off my brother.
  • Water Park depantsing LOL! What fun when boys depants one another at the pool! This scene is a great example of that fun (and includes a little bit extra in the middle). I do not own the rights to this. Enjoy!
  • Big Nose gets depantsed by Andy This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • douchebag gets depantsed keaton black is gay
  • Depantsed Drew is Depantsed when i, Jake, pulls his pants down while he is washing dishes to get him back from making me pee in my mommas bed!!!
  • beto gets depantsed! im at betos house playing rockband and eddie then depantses beto. haah :)
  • Depantsed in hotrags lmao This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • kristen gets depantsed funny...
  • Lol harlem globetrotters depantsing lol Hahhahahahh just watch (:
  • Braeden depantsed by the wave ride (epic fail)
  • Adam gets depantsed Gut tries to pull buddy's pants off but can't
  • depantsed kevin gets de-pantsed
  • Grandpa depantsed
  • Cracked up, depantsed, and retarded Long night with me( Meghan) , Shawnee Tiry ,and Mamie
  • tiffany gets depantsed the second time la la la i hate you
  • Abi Getting Depantsed! HA HA! Float building got alitte out of hand!!! :)
  • SUSPECT DEPANTSED DURING ESCAPE :CAUGHT ON TAPE This routine stop goes bad when the officer frisks the suspect and finds a weapon. As he tries to escape; the suspect looses his clothes and gains his freedom... for about five minutes.
  • lino depants
  • DEPANTSED! kayla. Ahinz88's webcam video May 22, 2010, 08:42 PM
  • DEPANTS!!!! Kid gets depantsed and a softball tournament! Funny!!
  • omg cole got depantsed me, desiree', hayley, jamison, tyler, and cole went bowling and tyler decided to depants cole to add a little spice to the night
  • Depants we depants evan as a joke on our friends
  • A cute boy got depantsed and showed his white briefs A cute boy got depantsed and showed his white briefs.
  • Student depantsed at Rio Rancho school
  • DePantsed-Hester.AVI Chicago Bears #23 on Sunday night Football at the end of the game, all for nothing, Chicago lost YEA
  • playful pup depants child Special needs kindergartner comes home from school and gets greeted by 8 month old dog, then down come the pants. Little boy laughing the whole time! Hilarious!
  • Rapping Fat Kid Gets Depantsed!
  • Underwater depantsing!.avi Funny scene from The Todd Killings. A young lad has embarrassed a girl at the pool. The girl's friends decide to take action resulting in the lad being embarrassed as well! I do not own the rights to this. I hope you like it.
  • Steve got depantsed Steve was making sandwiches Lmaoo.
  • Depantsing Mission #1 The Pantsers begin their journey at a Hollisters in the mall. Who will ever catch them?
  • bk depants the king lost his pants by kjmg
  • depants melanee posing for camera and then DEPANTSED
  • roy depantsed 15
  • kent hovind - Depantsed and Sent Packing, to Prison - January 30, 2011 Moronic Criminal Fraud Artist and bible Monkey kent hovind is handed his ass after having it kicked to Mother Goose Land and back in this quick romp through Reality, which eviscerates the Most Vile and Childish Man-Made book of Fiction of all time, the bible. christianity is a Man-Made product of a quest for power and authority. There's nothing worse than religion, it's the most mindless criminal idiocy on Earth, and the sooner it's euthanized, the better off Our planet will be.
  • Oddworld Stranger's Wrath 38 - The Depantsing - STEEF! Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath as played by Radio of The Hyperbolic Bubble For Live streaming games 24/7, head to /stream Oddworld is a really awesome series with a lot of political/equality undertones that manages to remain light spirited and funny all the same. If you've never played an Oddworld game, I highly recommend them. Stranger's Wrath is the 4th in the series.
  • Devin Hester Depantsed Bears vs Eagles 11/22/2009, Devin Hester loses his pants!
  • Depants in Wal Mart Depantsed in wal mart
  • Kylyn Depantsed Morgan depantsing kylyn at the AJJolly feild trip:))
  • depantsing party ok this was a sleepover before the last day off skool before summer break! im behind the camera

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  • “You should read the comments in response to the debate both on my AOL blog as well as on the atheist site . The guy who, in Doghouse Riley's immortal phrase, had his "soul depantsed" on The Colbert Report?”
    — World-O-Crap " Blog Archive " Strangely, The Pinata Seems to, world-o-

  • “Creative conservative minds producing political satire. Dent gets depantsed in a debate and immediately seeks his last refuge, well, only refuge, insults. And BTW, Strawman, it was leftists that, erroneously, claimed the war in Iraq was for oil”
    — " Blog Archive " Looking for whose art to kick,

  • “A blog about all the goings-on at Kevin Weinstein Photography. Includes recent photos, random thoughts, and all-things photography”
    — Documentary Style Wedding Photography : Blog | Kevin,

  • “what's the deal with ├Ârebro? seems like a lot of artists are based there any particular reason for that? is the falafel capital of sweden and anyone suggesting otherwise will be hunted down and depantsed http://”
    — what's the deal with ├Ârebro?,

  • “The app offers the ability to create a personalized report of your favorite ski resorts the fact that the poor skier was "depantsed" in the process and left hanging without”
    — Ski Safety Blog: January 2009 Archives, skisafety-

  • “"It's too cool and beautiful to develop and motivate, build up character." (With online shopping to, among other things, help reduce the US National Debt”
    — The Blog That Am!,

  • “Jeff Passan on the deal that may have set the Diamondbacks back years in their rebuilding process: The Angels depantsed the Arizona Diamondbacks. They”
    — On not getting enough for Dan Haren - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN,

  • “http:///blog/2009/01/22/nyts-anti-consumerist-bazillionaire About FAIR's Blog. Media Views Archive. RSS Feed Info. Archives. January”
    — FAIR Blog " Blog Archive " NYT's 'Anti-Consumerist' Bazillionaire,

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