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  • Periodic dethatching, which is also known as thatching, will help keep lawns healthy and prevent future lawn problems. — “Dethatching - Thatching your lawn to control thatch”,
  • At Nutri-Lawn, we specialize in creating gorgeous, healthy and safe lawns the organic way. You get a stunning lawn, and peace of mind knowing that your lawn is safe for your children, pets, neighbours and the environment. — “Dethatching & Power Raking | Your Lawn”,
  • Dethatching rakes are designed to remove thatch from your lawn, which improves lawn health and appearance. Dethatching rakes can be generally categorized into three types: manual, tow-behind and power. — “ | Best Prices on Dethatching Rakes and”,
  • Thatch is a layer of partially decomposed plant material that builds up on the soil's surface. Usually, more than one half inch of thatch on general turf areas Thatch can be removed by a vertical mower or by other means of dethatching such as a power rake. — “St Augustine – Dethatching | Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener”,
  • Lawn Dethatching. Learn about Lawn Dethatching on . Get information and videos on Lawn Dethatching including articles on lawn edgers, fall lawn care, lawn reseeding and more!. — “Lawn Dethatching | Answerbag”,
  • Get magnificent lawn care results using proper lawn aeration / lawn dethatching tips, advice and information. — “Lawn Aeration & Dethatching”,
  • Manually dethatching, although time consuming, tends to be less stressful on your lawn and its appearance afterwards compared to Power Dethatching. In general, if your thatch does not exceed one inch, you can get away with dethatching manually or simply aerating your lawn instead. — “How Do I Dethatch? - All About Lawns”,
  • Dethatching & Aerating Lawns. Learn about Dethatching & Aerating Lawns on . Info and videos including: Thatching Vs. Aerating, Thatching Tools, What Is the Purpose of Thatching a Yard? and much more. — “Dethatching & Aerating Lawns | Gardening Tips | Garden Guides”,
  • One of the biggest chores of lawn maintenance is dethatching. Thatch is the buildup of dead grass of the year that settles between your grass and the dirt. — “Lawn Thatch and Dethatching | Lawn Care Guide”,
  • You can perform the job with several tools including: a cavex or dethatching rake, dethatching lawn mower blade attachments, or a power unit like a vertical mower. I wouldn't recommend using a lawn mower attachment because of the strain it can cause on your unit. — “Confessions of a Lawn Dethatcher”,
  • In this how-to video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook breathes new life into a suffocating lawn. — “How to De-thatch a Lawn | Video | Lawn Care | This Old House”,
  • Dethatching. What is thatch? Thatch is the layer of living and dead stems, roots, stolons, and rhizomes between the green blades of grass and the soil surface. A thin layer of thatch (less than 1/2 inch thick) can be beneficial to the lawn because. — “Healthy Lawns—Dethatching”,
  • TURFGRASS DETHATCHING. Turfgrass dethatching and aeration are two distinct cultural management practices which are used to promote a healthier, more Dethatching involves the mechanical removal of thatch. It consist of tightly intermingled layer of dead and decaying turfgrass tissue derived from. — “AZ Master Gardener Manual: Maintenance (Cont.)”,
  • Learn about Dethatching on . Find info and videos including: How to Dethatch a Lawn, How to Dethatch a Lawn, How to Dethatch Grass and much more. — “Dethatching - ”,
  • Definition of dethatching in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of dethatching. Pronunciation of dethatching. Translations of dethatching. dethatching synonyms, dethatching antonyms. Information about dethatching in the free online English. — “dethatching - definition of dethatching by the Free Online”,
  • An easy to follow guide to dethatching your lawn. — “Dethatching Your Lawn Is Part Of Fall | ”,
  • $20.54 or less for dethatching rakes plus the benefits of using a dethatching rake to thatch your lawn. Also this is a great place to buy a new or used thatching rakes. Dethatcher or thatch rakes are available 20 different models to choose from. — “Dethatching Rakes and Lawn Thatching rakes”, aerate-
  • In this lesson, you'll learn why lawn dethatching is so important for the health of certain grasses. More importantly, you'll learn how to remove the thatch buildup in your own lawn. — “Dethatching a Lawn - How to Remove Thatch Buildup”,
  • A mechanical dethatching machine makes quick work of the process. Tim Seeber of Charlottetown, PEI, was just one of many people to ask lately about the process of dethatching — the act of removing dead grass and root tissue that builds up over the surface of the soil. — “Dethatching . . . Now, Later or Never? | Safelawns Daily Post”,
  • Dethatching rakes are an invaluable lawn care tool. Even the healthiest lawns need to be dethatched periodically. If the thatch layer of decomposing leaves,. — “All About Dethatching Rakes | About Lawn Aerators, Lawn”,
  • Dethatching Lawns. Thatch is a tightly intermingled layer of living and dead stems, leaves and roots which accumulates between the layer of actively-growing grass and the soil underneath. Top dressing helps even out bumpiness and fill in holes left from dethatching and/or aerating. — “Dethatching a lawn”, landscape-
  • However, once you have a deep thatch layer, your only practical alternative is to remove it with mechanical dethatching equipment. Bentgrass lawns, the most common type in the Willamette Valley, are best maintained with an annual dethatching. — “Dethatching”, american-
  • Lawn Aerating Service, Dethatching lawns services, we can overseeding or reseeding any yard for our customers as needed. — “Lawn Aerating service / Dethatching Lawns / Overseeding”,

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  • Verti-cutter First Products Verti-cutter Model VC60
  • Mantis Electric Tiller 7250 in Action
  • Top Dressing with Dillo Dirt Austin Texas 512-627-0778 Smart Home Services 512-627-0778 -- For more information on dillo dirt top dressing click this link: Special note: When considering top dressing choose manual installation. Other Companies use a machine that disperses dirt here and there and it does not do what it's suppose to do, although it will green your yard temporarily but it does not add adequate soil to replenish your yard. With Smart Home Services we guarantee you'll get what you pay for. Extra benefits of manual installation: 1. Lawn leveling automatically comes with the service. 2. Water bills for watering your yard can be cut almost in half after initial watering from installation. Don't forget we need to prepare your yard before installation. The grass needs to be the exact height for proper installation and at that note we do offer the first cut of the year. We call this scalping or dethatching and this is a service we provide.
  • dethatching turf dethatching
  • Heavy DeThatching Thatching Example 24Apr09 Seattle Bothel Mill Creek Lynnwood Everett aerating- Heavy Thatching Example
  • Graden Swing Wing 2 Graden Swing WIng in action dethatching a hybrid Bermuda fairway using 2mm blades @ 2" spacings, working at a depth of 1/4". For more information please visit
  • Lawn Care & Landscaping : How to De-Thatch a Lawn Thatching a lawn requires utilizing a thatching rake to comb through the grass and weed out dead, unwanted material. Thatch a yard every other year or so with advice from a professional landscaper in this free video on lawn maintenance. Expert: Dan LeSieur Contact: Bio: Dan LeSieur performs both residential and commercial work, specializing in landscaping, painting, home repairs, remodeling and corporate re-imaging. Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson
  • Craftsman® Electric Dethatcher Sears continues to bring you innovative and green products to improve your lawns quality and health. Learn how the powerful Craftsman® Electric Dethatcher removes unwanted thatch buildup quickly and easily for a healthier, more beautiful-looking lawn. And because its electric, the Craftsman® Electric Dethatcher is gentle on the environment as well as your fuel budget.
  • Dethatching Attachment For The Walker Mower [The Lawn Boys] and http We always recommend Detaching or Power Raking (as some people call it) your Lawn so all dead grass gets eliminated from your yard thus creating better growth.. Call the Lawn Boys at 406.534.9494 Billings, Montana and Surrounding Area
  • Spring Dethatching
  • dethatching How to dethatch your lawn
  • Dethatching Your Lawn City of Calgary Parks Healthy Yards
  • JRCO Tine Rake Dethatcher - (800)966-8442 - The Tine Rake Dethatcher is the ultimate spring clean-up tool. Use the rake for the first mowing of the spring to remove thatch, embedded leaves and debris. The patented tines lift thatch without damaging healthy turfgrass and at the same time comb matted grass giving the lawn a clean, hand-raked appearance. Use the dethatcher during seeding operations to rake in seed and accelerate germination. Finally, use Tine Rake Dethatcher for the last mowing of the fall leaving a picture-perfect, clean lawn. Whether you mulch or bag, the Tine Rake Dethatcher can be used throughout the growing season as a tool to control thatch accumulation and reduce the chance of turf disease. The Tine Rake Dethatcher quickly attaches to the JRCO mount bar with clevis pins.
  • How To Repair Lawn Dethatching Damage Learn how to repair damage caused by improper lawn dethatching. From the Southwest Yard & Garden series.
  • Ace Hardware Phoenix on Arizona Midday - How to winterize a lawn in the Phoenix Metro area Ace Hardware Phoenix describes step-by-step during this segment on Arizona Midday how to successfully winterize or reseed for a winter lawn in the Phoenix metro area. Discussed is how to dethatch and scalp, what kind of seed to use, fertilizing, topcoating, watering and ongoing maintenance. All products and more help are available at your local Phoenix Ace Hardware store.
  • Craftsman® Universal Dethatcher Learn how the Sears Craftsman® Universal Dethatcher can revitalize your lawn. Its the perfect tool for lifting and removing dead, matted grass, roots, grass clippings and decaying leaves which prevent water and nutrients from reaching the soil. Make your lawn beautiful again with the Sears Craftsman® Universal Dethatcher.
  • Graetz Yard and Trail Rake.mpg This 48 inch yard & trail rake is ground driven and equipped with the following features: • Planetary-driven rotary tines turn simultaneously with the rake drum • Manual height adjustment for raking or dethatching • Weight tray to accommodate sand bags or concrete blocks for heavy dethatching • Rake & sweeper heads are interchangeable • Chromed spoke knobby 20" wheels • Durable re-lube bearings • 90 day limited warranty
  • Turfmach Triple Rotor 3 - TTR3 Turfmachs fast TTR3 verticuts and sweeps in one pass, saving operator time and additional equipment. It is quiet, reliable and low maintenance. Watering before operating makes for easy verticuting, scarifying, dethatching or sweeping. This will also require less horsepower, less fuel used & less wear & tear on the equipment. The TTR3 can be used all year round for verticuting, dethatching, scarifying, sweeping, cleaning up storm damage, collecting leaves, stolon harvesting & core harvesting. I Fitted with a 4, 6 & 8cu yd hopper is constructed from galvanized steel for long life. The largest & heaviest loads can be quickly dumped with ease by a hydraulically operated moving floor. Multiple Tungsten tipped blades for long life and efficiency. Adjusts from a verticutter to become a dedicated sweeper in just 30 seconds. No castor wheels, no scalping. No noisy, high maintenance vacuum system, the TTR3's rotor system is remarkably fast, efficient & quiet The TTR3 is the contractors, choice. It is a reliable, versatile, long life machine used for the maintenance of fine or coarse turf areas.
  • pedestrian dethatching lawn dethatching
  • Tips for a Better Yard: Dethatching and Aerating The secret to a healthy green lawn starts with its ability to breathe and get the proper nutrients. In this video Steve walks you through the proper way to dethach and aerate your lawn for great-looking results. For more tips and great lawn and garden deals, follow us on Twitter at @BlueLGCrew.
  • JRCO dethatcher clips - (800)966-8442. - JRCO front-mount dethatchers are available in 36, 46 or 60-inch widths for commercial walk-behind or riding mowers. The Tine Rake Dethatcher is the ultimate spring clean-up tool. Use the rake for the first mowing of the spring to remove thatch, embedded leaves and debris. The patented tines lift thatch without damaging healthy turfgrass and at the same time comb matted grass giving the lawn a clean, hand-raked appearance. Use the dethatcher during seeding operations to rake in seed and accelerate germination. Finally, use Tine Rake Dethatcher for the last mowing of the fall leaving a picture-perfect, clean lawn. Whether you mulch or bag, the Tine Rake Dethatcher can be used throughout the growing season as a tool to control thatch accumulation and reduce the chance of turf disease. The Tine Rake Dethatcher quickly attaches to the JRCO mount bar with clevis pins.
  • Lawn Dethatching Short clip of Miracle Farms detatching a lawn in the NH Lakes Region
  • Johnny Bucket Dethatcher Attaches directly to the front of the Johnny Bucket with two bolts.
  • dethatching the grass listen to betty talk about the dead grass and wheelbarrow and her pile of grass
  • Dethatching and PowerRaking With The Lawn Boys - [406.534.9494] 406.534.9494 Why Should You De-Thatch or PowerRake Your Yard? Thinning out the thatch in the spring clears out old, dead grass and other organic matter that has built up over time. De-thatching will open up the lawn surface allowing for improved nutrient and water uptake. The renewed growth and warming temperatures of spring provide the ideal setting to perform this procedure. See our site for more info...
  • Craftsman Dethatcher 21 blade 16" 1st Start Craftsman Dethatcher Model No. 247.282820 similar to Euro MDT VG40BM 16CH5AMQ600. As didn't want the Euro Catcher or remote throttle, privately imported to Australia. Why aren't MTD selling these in Australia ? It's a great product! Beets manual dethaching on Sir Walter Buffalo Grass. NOTE: Lift front wheels before and after each straight run don't do what I did in this video! PS DON'T Wash with water asbearings on cutter shaft and Wheels are shielded - not SEALED!
  • Verticutting,Dethatching,Sweeping & Scarifying Verticutting, Dethatching ,(Grooming) Sweeping & Scarifying
  • Graden Swing Wing Graden Swing Wing in action during overseeding of Bermuda fairways For more information please visit
  • wvlc lawn Dethatching.m4v Let Willamette Valley Landscape Management handle your lawn dethatching needs.
  • Composting Thatch from a GoPro HD POV Photo: That's a crazy amount of thatch we pulled up using the Mantis Electric Tiller. The weird thing we noticed is we seem to have more thatch now that we are dethatching.
  • Don Crawford Landscaping - Dethatching new power dethatcher
  • Lawn Service Phoenix Apahce Mesa Carefree AZ Sergio's Lawn Service (602) 224-0516 Lawn Service Phoenix Apache Mesa Carefree Cave Creek AZ Rock Sod Installation One Time Yard Cleanup Monthly Service Grass Landscape Service Fertilizing Weed Control Winterization Tree Pruning Removal Bush Trimming Hauling Landscape Maintenance De-thatching Aeration Tractor Work High Weed Clearing WELCOME We Specialize In * Rock & Sod Installation * Fertilizing * Weed Control * Winterization * Tree Pruning & Removal * Bush Trimming & Hauling * Landscape/Lawn Maintenance * De-Thatching * Aeration * Tractor Work * High Weed Clearance * New Lawn Installation * Sprinkler Repair Call Us Today! (602) 224-0516 We Accept all Credit Cards Se habla español. We offer weekly, biweekly, monthly and one-time clean up maintenance. Reasonable Rates!
  • Craftsman® Front Mount Dethatcher Tired of patchy, yellow grass? Learn how the Sears Craftsman® Front Mount Dethatcher can help revitalize your lawn. It removes dead, matted grass, roots, grass clippings and decaying leaves that have accumulated over your lawn, preventing water and nutrients from reaching the soil. Fits all Craftsman® and Husqvarna® front-engine tractors.
  • Agri-Fab® SmartLINK System The Agri-Fab® SmartLINK™ system from makes it easier than ever to take great care of your lawn. Its a totally unique system of grooming attachments that is designed to be easy to use, easy to store and easy to afford. Watch it in action now!
  • How to Dethatch a Lawn Video Mark Donovan of explains how to dethatch a lawn and discusses how to adjust a pull behind lawn dethatcher.
  • The Lawn Project.1 (Revive my lawn) Step 1 De-thatching completed next step seeding and cover.
  • The Lawn Project (Revive my lawn) Before step 1 (de-thatching). Step 2 over seeding using a mix fescue, rye and kentucky blue grass Use Scots Sun & Shade Mix "seeds" for best results. Step 3 mix top soil and malorganite and spread lightly (to cover seeds) Then just water your lawn and watch science kick in I'll post a video showing the end results.
  • De-thatching, what it is and why you should do it. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®
  • How To Dethatch A Lawn Learn the benefits of dethatching your lawn for the spring season. From the Southwest Yard & Garden series.
  • The Elite Lawn Team- Dethatching The Elite Lawn Team serves the Cary-Grove and Crystal Lake Areas.
  • Kanlan RTV Sweeper Dethatching This is a video of Kanlan Attachments RTV Sweeper dethatching lawn. For more information, please visit
  • f00fyf00f3rz: got some yard work done before the rain hit, did some dethatching and raking etc
  • th_gardener: Aerating lawns important: Experts suggest aerating your lawn because the dethatching process opens up the surfa...
  • MCMinneapolis: Save $ 30.00 Off Dethatching your lawn. (Turfscape Inc) #coupon #minneapolis
  • coloradorental: Our latest blog explains the importance of dethatching your lawn. Take a look:
  • Della4422: Different Types of Dethatching Rakes http:///3apqlps

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  • “RE: Dethatching Buffalo Grass. Posted 41 days ago. Whether you have Sir Walter or Palmetto, RE: Dethatching Buffalo Grass. Posted 41 days ago. Also forgot to mention, that when it”
    — Burke's Backyard > The Message Board > General gardening, .au

  • “B Blade - Straight narrow leaf of grass, or associated with a mower or roto-tiller, the "blades" that cut the grass or do the dethatching”
    — Glossary of Lawn Terms – BLawn Care Business Blog | Lawn Care, lawncare-

  • “Re: Dethatching my lawn .:( - forum topic Links: ·Site FAQ ·Midwest Forum ·Chicago Line Monitors ·Chicago Special Events ·METRA Trains ·Navy Pier Events”
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  • “Tag Archives: lawn dethatching. Dethatching A Lawn. Posted on April 9, 2009 by admin. I know Yesterday, I showed you some photos of dethatching the front lawn”
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  • “Forum discussion: I saw this in a store flier tonight. if anyone has tried one of these units and is it too good to be true”
    — 6 in 1 power rake 21" dethatching blade - Home Improvement,

  • “A mechanical dethatching machine makes quick work of the process. Tim Seeber of lately about the process of dethatching — the act of removing dead”
    Dethatching . . . Now, Later or Never? | Safelawns Daily Post,

  • “Dethatching your Zoysia lawn will lead to new and healthy grass growth”
    Dethatching Your Zoysia Lawn | The Zoysia Farm Nurseries Blog,

  • “Dethatching is described as the process of removing dead stems that build up beneath lawn No matter what form dethatching takes in our child's life, it is at times a necessary”
    Dethatching | sowingseeds,

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