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  • Definition of diaphragm in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of diaphragm. Pronunciation of diaphragm. Translations of diaphragm. diaphragm synonyms, diaphragm antonyms. Information about diaphragm in the free online English dictionary and. — “diaphragm - definition of diaphragm by the Free Online”,
  • diaphragm ( ) n. Anatomy . A muscular membranous partition separating the abdominal and thoracic cavities and functioning in respiration. — “diaphragm: Definition from ”,
  • A Diaphragm is a thin rubber dome with a springy and flexible rim. Diaphragms are 86-94% effective as birth control. Diaphragms may offer some limited protection against reproductive tract infections and HIV/AIDS. — “Diaphragm Birth Control - Cedar River Clinics”, birth-control-
  • Diaphragm (optics), a stop in the light path of a lens, having an aperture that regulates the amount of light that passes Diaphragm (contraceptive), a small rubber dome placed in the vagina to wall off the cervix, thus preventing sperm from entering. — “Diaphragm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • diaphragm (plural diaphragms) (anatomy) In mammals, a sheet of muscle separating the thorax from the abdomen, contracted and relaxed in respiration to draw air into and The mass of liquid transported through a porous diaphragm in a given time is directly proportional to the. — “diaphragm - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of diaphragm in the Medical Dictionary. diaphragm explanation. Information about diaphragm in Free online English dictionary. What is diaphragm? Meaning of diaphragm medical term. What does diaphragm mean?. — “diaphragm - definition of diaphragm in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Diaphragm definition, a muscular, membranous or ligamentous wall separating two cavities or limiting a cavity. See more. — “Diaphragm | Define Diaphragm at ”,
  • The diaphragm is the primary muscle of inspiration. It is a thin, dome-shaped sheet of muscle that inserts into the lower ribs. Because the diaphragm is covered by the inferior surface of the parietal pleura, when it contracts it pulls the pleura with it. — “Diaphragm”, oac.med.jhmi.edu
  • Consumer information about the medication DIAPHRAGM (Koro-Flex, Koromex, Ortho-Diaphragm), includes side effects, drug interactions, recommended dosages, and storage information. Read more about the prescription drug DIAPHRAGM. — “DIAPHRAGM (Koro-Flex, Koromex, Ortho-Diaphragm) side effects”,
  • The diaphragm is a barrier method, used in a variety of sizes and shapes since the 1900's. Used correctly and consistently, the diaphragm is 80 - 94% effective in preventing pregnancy and offers some protection of the cervix from. — “Diaphragm”, dartmouth.edu
  • Thoracic diaphragm. You don't need to be Editor-In-Chief to add or edit content to WikiDoc. You can begin to add to or edit text on this WikiDoc page by clicking on the edit button at the top of this page. Next enter or edit the information that you would like to appear here. — “Thoracic diaphragm - wikidoc”,
  • Overview: The diaphragm is the major muscle of respiration and separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The body relies on the diaphragm for normal respiratory function. Contraction of the diaphragm has following functions: (1) decreasing. — “Diaphragm Disorders: eMedicine Pulmonology”,
  • Is The Diaphragm for Me? All of us who need birth control want to find the method that is best for us. Use My Method to find out which birth control methods may be right for you. Here are some of the most common questions we hear women ask about the diaphragm. — “Diaphragm Birth Control”,
  • Organ Diaphragm including diseases and disorders affecting the Diaphragm organ or body system. — “Diaphragm - ”,
  • What is a diaphragm? A rubber diaphragm is a barrier method of women’s birth control. Learn about diaphragm use as well as pros, cons, costs, and how to obtain diaphragms. Diaphragm effectiveness is also discussed. — “Diaphragm - What is a Diaphragm”,
  • Diaphragm — Overview covers definition, risks, instructions for using this type of contraception. — “Diaphragm - ”,

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  • Diaphragm Exercise for Screaming and Singing (8) This is part of the screaming made simple screaming lessons. Title doesn't hold enough letter. Basically I wanted to clarify what has been said about amplification and I have diaphragm exercises.
  • Barracuda how to replace Cleaner Diaphragm Cassette .au See how to fit a new Baracuda Zodiac diaphragm or cassette in your Classic pool cleaner and check put what style of Flexi Foot you pool cleaner requires.
  • Small Engine Repair: Rebuilding a Diaphragm Carburetor on a Echo SRM-230 Trimmer Part 1 of 3 **Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**
  • Turkey Diaphragm Mouth Call Instruction: Selection, Getting Comfortable and Creating Basic Sound Learn the basics of the diaphragm mouth call for turkey hunting from North American Hunting Club Web/Social Media Editor Josh Dahlke. This video provides mouth call instruction for selecting a mouth call, getting comfortable with a mouth call, and learning how to create basic sound with a mouth call. This is a great how-to mouth call video with tips for beginner mouth callers.
  • The Low Breath (From The Diaphragm/Diaphragmatic) For Singers and Speakers - www.be-heard.biz How to easily achieve a low breath to enable you to sing and speak well. Secrets Of Bel Canto.
  • 3D view of diaphragm 3D Yoga - View of diaphragm during respiration. Demo for "Mechanics of Respiration" CD ROM. Visit www.3d-
  • How To Sing From Your Diaphragm - Diaphragm Breathing Tips How To Sing From Your Diaphragm - Check out my how to sing from your diaphragm video and discover the easiest and most effective ways for diaphragm breathing so you can help you fast track your ability to drastically improve your breath support. How To Sing From Your Diaphragm Superior Singing Method is a complete online vocal training video course which allows you to: -maximize your vocal skills lightening fast -develop yourself into a stand-out, professional sounding vocalist -learn and review videos online 24 hours a day Make sure you watch my video review above for the full story! You can grab your copy of Superior Singing Method here: Thanks for checking out this Superior Singing Method How To Sing From Your Diaphragm Training Video
  • Singing Lessons: Part 1- Vocal Warm Up Exercises vlt.me To get a free voice assessment and customized vocal plan. Description: This four part Singing Lesson video series is a gift from me to all the other singers out there who are interested in how to warm up your voice. You should do a warm up like this before every voice lesson with your voice teacher if you want to achieve maximum notes and hit high notes with straining.. Cool Resources: Download The Vocal Exercises In This Series vlt.me Get My Advanced Vocal Warm Up vlt.me It contains a full advanced vocal warmup with voice exercises that will improve tone, expand your range, and increasing diaphragm control. Get More Free Lessons: vlt.me much luv, Eric
  • Kim's Techniques on How To Sing Properly 3: Diaphragm I had to re-upload this video for some odd reason. Ohwell.
  • Aquamatic K520 Plastic Diaphragm Valves Identifying, Valve Cutaway & End Adapter Choices by Res-Kem Corp's Service Manager
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing vs. Chest Breathing in Modern People Diaphragmatic breathing is very rare these days even in those people who practice diaphragmatic breathing exercises. Chest breathing is very common. Over 90% of modern people are chest breathers. (I am talking about automatic or unconscious breathing at rest and during sleep.) Why do we have these problems? Note that diaphragmatic breathing provides much more oxygen for the arterial blood since blood flow at the bottom of the lungs is about 7 times stronger than at the top of the lungs, as Dr. Artour Rakhimov explains . Modern people breathe about 2 times more air every minute than the medical norm for minute ventilation at rest. Over breathing reduces body oxygen content and leads to spasms in body muscles, the diaphragm included. In the past, diaphragmatic breathing was common since people had much higher body oxygen levels due to light and slow breathing patterns. High CO2 relaxes muscles of the human body and helps with correct posture due to excellent oxygenation of the muscles. Abdominal breathing usually becomes the norm (24/7), when the morning CP (control pause or body oxygen index) is over 30 s. (To find the CP measure your stress-free breath holding time after usual exhalation.) It is logical that people in the past (about 100 years ago and before that) had diaphragmatic breathing 24/7. Since relatively healthy people have about 20-25 s CP these days, most of them are chest breathers. Breathing retraining techniques can be used to restore abdominal breathing or ...
  • Abdominal Diaphragm Release Massage Techniques with Elan Schacter Produced by: Elan Schacter is a lifelong learner. Massage therapy has been part of his life since childhood, and has been a professional massage therapist since 1991. He has found joy in continuing his education since his journey in the field began. In that time he has accumulated almost 5000 hours of education in the field. As both an accomplished student, therapist and teacher, Elan has helped many people through their physical, emotional and educational difficulties. Elan's achievments include working with people with multiple sclerosis, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, at risk pregnancies, various postural and structural conditions, as well as acting as a peer reviewer for Mosby's Pathology for Massage therapists Vol. 2, having material included in a new textbook for massage therapists by Kyle Wright, and assisting in the development of the MBLEx licensure exam. Elan will be teaching classes on Orthopedic Assessment and techniques. Also, Anterior Structural Rebalancing along with other medical massage workshops.
  • massage to release the diaphragm muscle 2 releasing the diaphragm muscle can improve our breathing, digestion and moods. Massage, osteopathic and chiropractic techniques will be shown to release the diaphragm. learn massage therapy techniques for the diaphragm muscle, learn how to massage the full body and give a massage therapy...
  • Internal Birth Control (Diaphragms) Diaphragms, rings, and implants, oh my! These discreet, internal methods of birth control may be just the ticket for your pregnancy prevention.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:
  • Process Techonology: Diaphragm Valves An introduction to diaphragm valves and their basic operation.
  • How to use your DIAPHRAGM This is technically part 2 to my old how to scream tutorial, talking about how to use your diaphragm (ESPECIALLY IN DEATH METAL VOCALS). This tutorial will let you feel what using your diaphragm feels like, so you can practice properly.
  • Valve Series: Cleaning the Diaphragm on a Valve One of the most common reasons for a valve to keep running continuously is the accumulation of debris in the diaphragm, which prevents the valve from closing. This video will teach you how to clean the diaphragm on your valve.
  • Learn To Sing From The Diaphragm Get highly personalized singing advice and a free voice assessment. As a voice coach, I get asked all the time "How do I learn to sing from the diaphragm?" So in order to help you out, I put together one of my online singing classes that talks about it. I hope this helps :-) Enjoy, Eric
  • Singing Tips 21:How to Breathe? The Diaphragm! Hey Guys!! This week i talk about the Diaphragm. I teach you how to Breathe. I talk about some simple exercises, insider notes and more! Check it out eh? Enjoy! :) COMMENT, THUMB and SUBSCRIBE! THANKS! :D "dave trevor" thedavetrevor "how to breathe" diaphragm acapella weekly howto voice "question of the week" vocal "notes on breathing" WEBSITE: In progress FACEBOOK: TWITTER:
  • Real Outdoors TV / Diaphragm Mouth Call Instructional Listen to Real Outdoors TV host Matt Wettish as he gives some very simple tips on learning how to use a diaphram mouth call for turkeys. This tutorial will also help the intermediate caller become better.
  • How Do You Sing from the Diaphragm? - Vocal Myths Exposed - Voice Lessons - Seattle Area & Skype You have heard that singers need to use the diaphragm but what does that mean? What is the diaphragm and how do you use it? Seattle Voice Teacher, Valerie White Williams, answers these questions and more!
  • How to use your DIAPHRAGM when screaming/growling/singing
  • Voice Lesson: How To Sing From The Diaphragm (Part 1) For Premium AApproach video lessons, go to: Description This four part Singing Lesson video series for all the singers out there who are interested in how to sing from the diaphragm. You should do the exercises in this voice lesson every day for a week or until you can feel the results I describe in this video. Do this if you want to achieve maximum results in learning how to sing properly from the diaphragm. Cool Resources: Get My Advanced Vocal Warm Up vlt.me It contains a full advanced vocal warmup with voice exercises that will improve tone, expand your range, and increasing diaphragm control. Get More Free Lessons: vlt.me Happy Singing, Eric
  • Small Engine Repair: Checking Fuel Pump Diaphragm & Inlet Needle on a Diaphragm Carburetor **Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.** In this video I show how to check the fuel pump diaphragm and inlet needle for leaks on a diaphragm carburetor. A diaphragm carburetor is used on hand held power equipment, and are popular because they will work in any position. All chainsaws, trimmers and blowers that I have seen use a diaphragm carburetor. To check the fuel pump and inlet needle, pressurize the carburetor to 10 psi through the fuel inlet. The carburetor should hold the pressure fairly steady, and if it doesn't than there is a leak around the fuel pump diaphragm or inlet needle. You can pin point the leak by dunking the carburetor in water while it is pressurized. If the leak is around the fuel pump diaphragm, than either the fuel pump diaphragm, fuel pump diaphragm cover or the body of the carburetor is at fault. If the leak is coming out of the venturi, than the inlet needle or seat is faulty. Tools used: - 3/8" wrench to remove carburetor - Mityvac to pressurize the carburetor - Needle Nose plyers Specifications: - Carburetor should be pressurized to 10psi through the fuel inlet. Never exceed 10psi. Its important to run fuel through the carburetor before testing. A wet carburetor will hold the pressure better than a dry one.
  • Pelvic Diaphragm For updates on video releases, follow @accessanatomy on Twitter
  • Gil Hedley: Dissection of diaphragm and transversus abdominis In this dissection of a fixed male cadaver I highlight the continuity of the respiratory diaphragm and the transversus abdominis muscle tissue, with a footnote to Leslie Kaminoff of The Breathing Project ( ). Footage is partly excerpted from my DVD, The Integral Anatomy Series, Vol. 3 Cranial and Visceral Fasciae, available at Thank you for watching!
  • Using the Diaphragm - London Vocal Coach London Singing Lessons, Free Breath Stamina Exercise. How the Diaphragm works, how to build breathing stamina, and a free exercise to music!
  • Voice Lessons with Shelley Kristen - "Diaphragm Breathing" From , this is a breathing technique taken from the CD voice lessons program titled "Total Breathing". Shelley Kristen's complete voice training series is available at her website.
  • How To: Balloon Bass Diaphragm Many people have e-mailed me for further instructions on how to make the diaphragm part. Hopefully this helps. Sorry about the sound, it kinda sucks.
  • Steampunk Goggles with Mechanical Iris Diaphragm photos wip HOWTO:
  • Cranes Etc TV: Sennebogen 690 HD + Diaphragm Wall Grab Review This is the Cranes Etc TV review of ROS's 1/50 scale model of the Sennebogen 690 HD Crawler Crane + Diaphragm Wall Grab. The model number is 00202. The full review with photos is on .
  • How To Screamo Scream!!!! Growls, Highs, Diaphragms and Mics This video will go over: how to growl how to high scream how to use your microphone how to use your diaphragm how to choose the right microphone
  • Speaker Repair Yamaha Eminence Horn Driver Diaphragm Replacement by Simply Speakers In this video, we replace the diaphragm for a Yamaha 1" horn driver. Eminence, Crate, Carvin, Community, Sunn, SoundTech, Yorkville and many others are identical.
  • Large Diaphragm Condenser Shootout: AT4050, NT2000, AT4033a, Sputnik 4 great large diaphragm condenser mics go head to head! The key to which mic is which is at the end of the video. Download this video for better quality. Mic Shootout Key: 6:21 I set up these 4 mics in an array so that I can do one performance into all 4 mics at once, then level matched the results so the only difference you hear is the character of each mic. You'll hear voice over, guitar, singing, shaker, drum, tambourine samples played back to back. Download the raw audio files:
  • 3D Diaphragm Demo A demo for Complete Respiration and the 3D Diaphragm. The full length video discusses aspects of respiration including cellular respiration, the mechanics of respiration, how respiration relates to movement and posture and how respiration relates to exercise. For more informaiton visit www.3d-
  • Metal Tips: How to Scream with your Diaphragm THIS VIDEO IS A FEW YEARS OLD, my scream has improved since this, I had only been screaming for a couple months when I made this video. Check out my newer video "The Making of a Scream" just more detail on using your diaphragm IMAGES: schools.look4.net.nz www.uic.edu
  • Casagrande FD60 hydromill diaphragm wall cutter on Casagrande C900NG crawler crane - SUPPLIERS OF GEOTHERMAL, PILING AND DRILLING EQUIPMENT FOR FOUNDATIONS AND TUNNELS ....is the sole UK and Ireland distributor for Casagrande Spa of Italy, a company with over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing machines and equipment for the ground engineering industry, known world wide for high performance and reliability. Casagrande UK is also the sole UK and Ireland distributor for equipment manufactured by Hutte, Eurodrill (Germany), Hany and Emde. Casagrande UK aims to provide the highest level of sales and service support for all your geothermal, piling and drilling equipment needs in the UK and Ireland. We supply an extremely wide range of equipment including geothermal drilling rigs, rotary kelly rigs, continuous flight auger rigs, diaphragm walling rigs, small diameter drilling and mini-piling rigs, tunnel drilling rigs and hydraulic rotary drifter heads as well as a complete range of piling and drilling accessories. The equipment that we offer is constructed in accordance with the latest European standards and designed to achieve the highest levels of performance, reliability and service life. Casagrande UK - The Power In Your Hands
  • Learn To Sing: How To Breathe From Your Diaphragm Learn how to breathe from your diaphragm to create more power, better tone and longer phrases.
  • lucyswope: @MarleyMagaziner deep diaphragm breathing knocks me out at night.
  • jacaristar: Happy mothers day RT @TheReal_BAZZ: My diaphragm still hurt from throwing up the other night. Smh.
  • TheReal_BAZZ: My diaphragm still hurt from throwing up the other night. Smh.
  • helloteresa: @kristynspeaks REal contraceptives like condom, diaphragm, spemicides block sperm from meeting egg. Some "contraceptives" so called...
  • jaseyEMILY: @maryyclaiirree my diaphragm is sore!
  • joyabell: @ZaimTheMaestro :O. Diaphragm muscles relax, pushing the diaphragm into a dome shape. External intercostal muscles relax. Internal...
  • jillaliman: Heart sinking!!! Good thing my diaphragm catched it! :>
  • PlatinumAl: RT @deanryan: #antijokes What colour are hiccups? Colour? It's a contraction of the diaphragm that repeats several times per minute.
  • deanryan: #antijokes What colour are hiccups? Colour? It's a contraction of the diaphragm that repeats several times per minute.
  • murilloq: RT @i_likeyourbeard: The way to a woman's heart is through her diaphragm. Why? Make her laugh, win her love <3
  • whistlingdoe: And he has found my ribs AND diaphragm. Breathing is overrated, apparently.
  • i_likeyourbeard: The way to a woman's heart is through her diaphragm. Why? Make her laugh, win her love <3
  • usaadsbiz: mxl 3000 large diaphragm condenser (madison) $90: Good quality condenser mic, ideal for vocals in home or projec... http://bit.ly/ifl5m3
  • JamelaIsallari0: http://visitor-/2011/05/function-goilocation.html #crimp writing an essay diaphragm milling machine pocket knife
  • fluteanjel: Breathing from the Diaphragm and the Courage to Fail - http:///dyd3T
  • LiaoFelix: Plexus: 1. Cervical Plexus: control the movement of neck, shoulder, diaphragm. Brachial: movement of arm and hand. Lumbosacral: hip and leg
  • tiggymooshoo: @goodgoogs washer) roll it and place it just under the diaphragm area (not on the skin have clothing between) then wrap bub tightly.
  • RemediosVaskoHD: The Diaphragm Used As a Contraceptive Method http://bit.ly/mPfPqI
  • UrFavoriteDick: What's a diaphragm? A trampoline for dickheads.
  • fishblogdeals: JW Pet Company Fusion 400/600 Replacement Diaphragm Aquarium Air Pump Accessory: Replacement diaphragm for the F... http://bit.ly/k0MJ4g
  • momermie: Physiology: The Respiratory System (Revisited) #respiratory #diaphragm #physiology #system #breathing #science #human http://bit.ly/jnQoFK
  • joshuapickens: AXL SC-120 Large Diaphragm Clip Review http://goo.gl/fb/R671R #usbmicrophone #microphones #microphoneaccessories
  • bookjellyfish: There’s no doubting your enthusiasm, but you need to project from the diaphragm, not the sphincter http://bit.ly/mtUHYZ
  • erocwriter: Deep Pranic Breathing Principles #pranic #breathing #principles #diaphragm #wellness #serenity #calmness #abdominal http://bit.ly/gC6W88
  • momermie: Physiology: The Respiratory System (Revisited) #respiratory #diaphragm #physiology #system #breathing #science #human http://bit.ly/jnQoFK
  • TrainingMask: @neptune535 @BasRuttenMMA LOL!!!! Please dont even think of elevation training mask if your having diaphragm cramps
  • info_online: Open Question: What are some possible causes of diaphragm pain? http://dlvr.it/R07HV
  • AndrejFenn05211: http://earring-news-/2011/05/lesbian-couple.html deed journal microsoft update file server #leakage gmail chat diaphragm
  • juliagalvin: My hips, diaphragm area and knees are all bruised from the barrier last night. Gotta love being a concert junkie
  • CHRIS2SMOOVE: My stomach hurt that was a good laugh like from the stomach diaphragm area it was good
  • TweetVillain: Real G's move in silence like a diaphragm RT @TheRealRoyce59: RT @bunyan71: Real G's move in silence like a gnat. #realgs
  • bunyan71: RT @TherealDC_: @bunyan71 Real G's protect in silence like a diaphragm #realg's
  • TherealDC_: @bunyan71 Real G's protect in silence like a diaphragm #realg's
  • veggiesaxophone: @nerdia314 Tense your diaphragm for an extended period
  • crunkmastaa69: Yoyure squishibg my diaphragm
  • avellanoBelle_: @travisjbarker93 I was told it has somethin to do with my diaphragm .
  • Celtaur: @MiaRaven gaga's voice sounds like she pushes with her diaphragm while restricting with her throat, Madonna's flows out
  • GeetanjaliGiust: http:///2011/05/slutty-dirty-blonde-babe-rubs-her.html vegas deals #follicle diaphragm
  • tekkentool: @CAbramsAI10 Please, Buy a nice Large diaphragm condenser and continue to keep singing for your fans. You have a ridiculously cool voice.
  • wolfjade26: Mom, you had surgery on your stomach/diaphragm not your arms. I shouldn't have to scoop you some ice cream when you're standing right there.
  • erocwriter: Deep Pranic Breathing Principles #pranic #breathing #principles #diaphragm #wellness #serenity #calmness #abdominal http://bit.ly/gC6W88
  • DrPaul_Garcia: Acid reflux is NOT due 2 overproduction of acid- it's acid leaking into the esophagus. U can tighten the seal by diaphragm breathing.
  • Sleepy_202: #ShaqBoutAsUsefulAs A diaphragm for Michelle Rodriguze
  • courtney903: @nicopolitan lift the soft palette! diaphragm! focus! #7thgradechoir
  • caroldn: Bill jusat slapped the clear plastic shower curtain diaphragm of science. Quite bracing.
  • momermie: Physiology: The Respiratory System (Revisited) #respiratory #diaphragm #physiology #system #breathing #science #human http://bit.ly/jnQoFK
  • jake74: @parishero @melen1 my mum always said to stop hiccups pretend you're having a poo (force down!), make your diaphragm muscles to behave!
  • Manu_AVA: Looking at life with a VIEWFINDER, decide to choose the action with SPEED, light up the road of life with the DIAPHRAGM and ISO
  • robleamusic: Just saw this on Amazon: 'Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone' by AUDIO TECHNICA http://amzn.to/kcYrG2
  • kingkinchaaa: I've got lungs like iron man. I hit the bong while you must extend your diaphragm #asherroth
  • oneprettyenigma: Lmaoo RT @hollyhotpockets RT @BADDcheetah: Lmao RT @jS0MJAi: Real g's move in silence like lasagna....diaphragm...gnarly....gnome....
  • hollyhotpockets: RT @BADDcheetah: Lmao RT @jS0MJAi: Real g's move in silence like lasagna....diaphragm...gnarly....gnome....
  • BADDcheetah: Lmao RT @jS0MJAi: Real g's move in silence like lasagna....diaphragm...gnarly....gnome....
  • jS0MJAi: Real g's move in silence like lasagna....diaphragm...gnarly....gnome....
  • jS0MJAi: Real g's move in silence like lasagna....diaphragm...gnarly....though...gnome....
  • Griff_TheStiff: My diaphragm is feeling horrible.
  • electronicshead: Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone: Price: $ 84.00 http://amzn.to/lgBrZZ
  • lilphons: Write a love song to the person behind you in line at the store. Sing it to the person in front of you. Use your diaphragm. #tweetlikeyoko
  • SunnyKomisarek0: http://confluence-/2011/05/pretty-asian-dressed-up-in-denims.html eligibility county cataract #interpreter diaphragm
  • InsaneGlambert: @Suuzzz0908 I do want to learn how. but people tell me im too flat, but i ALWAYS use my diaphragm, my flute teacher taught me how to use it.
  • SidneyManicciaD: Sing From Your Diaphragm! Learn to Sing Better Using the Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique http://bit.ly/mICtMl
  • tomristurker: I swear i was about to die while i was singin..somewhere on my body was about to explode such as head,throat,diaphragm.Anyway,ikeepsingin
  • NubianTempAmil: @MsCaramelCrunch am gonna trial the diaphragm
  • kirabira: @zacharylittle yes to both of those questions. Already have my diaphragm in! (Barf, Kira.)
  • krislopresto: Not only did I have an incredible date with @SeeMegwrite but she also taught me how to breathe properly using my diaphragm for once #smitten
  • erocwriter: Deep Pranic Breathing Principles #pranic #breathing #principles #diaphragm #wellness #serenity #calmness #abdominal http://bit.ly/gC6W88
  • AimanShadows: Should start training screaming using my diaphragm :(
  • musicmydrug: Strengthen that diaphragm muscle by doing the HA, HA exercise, holding your abdomen & then holding it 4 as long as humanly-possible. STRETCH
  • musicmydrug: That's your diaphragm muscle, the one you should use 2 breathe when you sing to sustain longer notes & better over-all breath-control...
  • neptune535: @BasRuttenMMA hey bas!! The O2 trainer really works!! Have a diaphragm cramp!!!keep flexing! Please RT!!
  • davedickison: Crap, I've developed a repeating, involuntary contraction of the diaphragm. :(
  • minsoopercooper: could be a shot diaphragm or sludge in tank. bought some pipe to try a can and see if it pumps from there if not back to the spare pump.
  • nunurulain: My diaphragm hurts. AHHHHHHHH 
  • wristbandd: @lights holy shiz, u have strong diaphragm
  • Silentom: Do women still use a diaphragm? #gross
  • Ericabaltimore: I will teach you the basics about Diaphragm, Shutterspeed, Iso and Composition in 6 lessons:)
  • KerryPoppins: I'm actually going to stab myself in the diaphragm if these hiccups don't cease.
  • ant1pk: Great the hiccups are back. Thanks alot diaphragm, where did you learn to dance
  • RenatoMyska1130: http://dell-/2011/05/group-action-on-beach.html change metropolitan museum art gmail email bridal shops #lorry diaphragm
  • jimmyn007: @EastKentTom I think its a muscle cramp in your diaphragm - the more you run the easier it gets - just don't try to run to exhaustion
  • PeteyCip: @diana_bananaa diaphragm may act up if you do :p
  • tigers2922: I'm having a few "spasmatic contractions of my diaphragm to expel mucous." #bioretarded
  • AndrewLowther: "You gotta use more diaphragm, like this, 'RAAAAAAAAGH!'" I lol'd
  • FitoUlu03071962: http://romantic-poems-news-/2011/05/gay-action-pics-and-movies.html #hurry rooms for rent diaphragm investigator
  • DesuanWeberZunk: http://investigation-/2011/05/hot-blonde-camily-sucking-off-two-huge.html #disposition diaphragm dining table #cloud
  • momermie: Physiology: The Respiratory System (Revisited) #respiratory #diaphragm #physiology #system #breathing #science #human http://bit.ly/jnQoFK
  • erocwriter: Deep Pranic Breathing Principles #pranic #breathing #principles #diaphragm #wellness #serenity #calmness #abdominal http://bit.ly/gC6W88
  • eriqneale: - hiccups = irritation of the diaphragm; my chemotherapy: killing cancer on my diaphragm, causing irritation? this doesn't bode well...
  • OriginalTono: Contractions of the diaphragm. I got a bit gassed with the fry up presented
  • tnastiii: @marlsworth was that from the diaphragm?
  • tnastiii: @marlsworth when booming, alway's exhale with your diaphragm.

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