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  • The domain may be for sale by its owner! The domain may be for sale by its owner! More details Related Searches. — “ - atheism Resources and Information. This”,
  • undoubtedly adverb Without question: absolutely , certainly , doubtless , doubtlessly , positively . See certain/uncertain , limited/unlimited. — “undoubtedly: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • doubtlessly (comparative more doubtlessly, superlative most doubtlessly) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/doubtlessly" Categories: English words suffixed with -ly | English adverbs. — “doubtlessly - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of doubtlessly in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is doubtlessly? Meaning of doubtlessly as a legal term. What does doubtlessly mean in law?. — “doubtlessly legal definition of doubtlessly. doubtlessly”, legal-
  • Uygun Oasis Club Villas II Being constructed on a hill rising in the middle of the tourism facilities and shopping centers of Town Konakli, Uygun Oasis Club II will doubtlessly leverage your position. Uygun Oasis Club Villas Konakli, Oasis Club. — “Uygun Oasis Club Villas II Being constructed on a hill rising”,
  • There are doubtlessly a great many people reading this and thinking, What exactly is a London broil? Perhaps this is something we should therefore There are doubtlessly a great many people reading this and thinking, "What exactly is a London broil?. — “How to cook a London broil - by Gordon Hamilton - Helium”,
  • I've got a bit of a thing for surf photography. It's so majestic. I don't think any other sport photography can capture such a sense of motion, grace These guys were the old school, doubtlessly very talented but they all had other jobs and took pictures on the side for the love. — “tantramar: Ron Stoner”,
  • DOUBTLESSLY. DOUBTLESS. Leave off the unnecessary "-ly" in "doubtless." Return to list of errors. Read about the book. — “doubtlessly”,
  • Steve Slater The ongoing drama of Steve Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who got fed up and checked out early, is playing out like a movie. And will doubtlessly become a movie. That prompted film critic, Harlan Jacobson, to think things. — “Harlan's Pre-Movie Re-View |”,
  • When we last saw our intrepid hero, Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland), he was on a slow boat to China, a lot worse for wear, on his way to a nasty dungeon where doubtlessly a lot of even more nasty torturers are in store for him. — “What's Next for Jack Bauer? A Speculation on the Upcoming”,
  • Definition of doubtlessly from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of doubtlessly. Pronunciation of doubtlessly. Definition of the word doubtlessly. Origin of the word doubtlessly. — “doubtlessly - Definition of doubtlessly at ”,
  • The Black Church is one of the most important and doubtlessly the most The Black Church is one of the most important and doubtlessly the most imposing monument built by the German people from Transylvania in Their 850. — “The Black Church,Brasov,Romania by Ciprian Nuţescu - Google”,
  • MP3 Album download. Various Artists - Cleopatra - A Tribute To No Doubt: Doubtlessly Devoted To You. Download release date: Sep 20 2005, Record Label: Cleopatra Records, Tracks: 11. Free previews. Click for more. — “Various Artists - Cleopatra - A Tribute To No Doubt”, 7
  • Scarlet Hotel Singapore : Instant Confirmation and low rates for Singapore Scarlet Hotel with Agoda. A receiver of a number of awards, doubtlessly the best boutique hotel in Singapore, this bold, daring, and distinctive hotel is a personification. — “Scarlet Hotel Singapore Singapore - Best discount hotel rates”,
  • Definition of Doubtlessly in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Doubtlessly. Pronunciation of Doubtlessly. Translations of Doubtlessly. Doubtlessly synonyms, Doubtlessly antonyms. Information about Doubtlessly in the free online English. — “Doubtlessly - definition of Doubtlessly by the Free Online”,
  • Congress should realize the prudential limits of its powers andcompetence and take no action against those receiving deferredcompensation for work that they have already performed. The AIG Clawback: Possibly Unconstitutional, Doubtlessly Imprudent. — “The AIG Clawback: Possibly Unconstitutional, Doubtlessly”,
  • Bill Trocchi: Game of the Week: Alabama looks to spoil Auburn's BCS title hopes - At this point, you've doubtlessly heard all about the Iron Bowl -- the passion, the pageantry, the 365-day obsession that pits neighbor versus neighbor and coworker. — “Bill Trocchi: Game of the Week: Alabama looks to spoil”,
  • Parasitic diseases account for a large proportion of human morbidity and mortality, and doubtlessly contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality among all animal populations as well. In this sense, parasitic disease is an important. — “Ways to Get Rid of Parasites”,
  • Doubtlessly definition, without doubt; certainly; surely; unquestionably. See more. — “Doubtlessly | Define Doubtlessly at ”,
  • Definition of Doubtlessly. Doubtlessly. Unquestionably. Related doubtlessly in German is zweifellose. BrainyQuote. Copyright © 2001 - 2010 . — “Definition of Doubtlessly”,
  • If the Hard Rock Cafe Key West were open in the early 1900's, you would doubtlessly have found Ernest Hemingway seated on the beautiful patio overlooking Duval Street. Quite possibly The Old Man and the Sea. — “Hard Rock Cafe KEY WEST - HOME”,
  • Synonyms for doubtlessly. Other words for doubtlessly. Different words for doubtlessly. Antonyms of doubtlessly. — “doubtlessly - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Alas, another school year has gone by, leaving every student a whole two months to relax and doubtlessly. — “Madness of exam time will only get worse”,

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  • Britain as the successor of the Byzantine empire:Plantagenet Has history been tampered with? "History: Fiction or Science?" is the book by the Russian Academician Anatoly Fomenko that left the most reverend community of learned historians ululating, shaking fists, and crying out for blood, or tarring and feathering at the very least. It may well infuriate a much wider audience than the history scholars -- experts in Bible studies, for one, and lots of other groups and individuals. Fomenko and his colleagues do not in fact write anything provocative -- their works conform to the most austere academic standards and make perfect sense to some of the most merited mathematicians, statisticians, sociologists, and many other contemporary representatives of natural sciences and humanities alike. However, there is not a single sacred cow that Fomenko and team would leave unprodded -- people of orthodox views who are prone to hysterics or have a weak heart on top of that unfortunate proneness are possibly best off left blissfully ignorant about the contents of the brilliant mathematician's books. Those are strong meat. On the other hand, the readers who are prepared to consider something that may seem thoroughly improbable at first, but is, amazingly enough, confirmed by the results of extensive statistical calculations of the highest complexity level, shall definitely devour the book in absolute fascination. One of the theories that the scientists put forth suggests Britain to be the successor of the Byzantine empire, for instance ...
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  • MYSTIQUE (1979) One of Roberta Findlay's lesser known works, but just as unique and interesting as her more popular hits. This marked a collaboration with equally talented scribe Roger Watkins. Having spoken to both filmmakers about this film (in the case of Watkins, shortly before his unexpected passing), their views are quite different: Roberta was surprised I raved about the film, as she sort of wrote it off as a misfire, but was very enthusiastic about the script (she forgot who wrote it), and Watkins was still bitter after all these years that his name was left off the film and claims Roberta appropriated credit from him! Georgina Spelvin stars as Alma, a terminally ill photographer who retires to a secluded Fire Island bungalow. She encounters Cosima (Samantha Fox), a mysterious creature who emerges from the mists of the shore to change her life forever. Roberta's always-splendid photography, especially in an evocative tableau of a beach resembling the end of the world, and Watkins' classical music motif highlighting a poetic treatment of a woman's final days are a match made in heaven. My copy is in poor condition, but this is one that really surprised me and will doubtlessly do the same for you if you can find it!
  • AWZ - Episode 927 - Deniz & Roman (English Subtitles) Episode 927: Roman Wild can't catch a break. Apparently he had a free slot in between "Fretting longingly about Marc", "Fretting guiltily about Deniz" and "Fretting frustratedly about career", so Show thoughtfully provided a sizable "Fretting bitterly about family" package to keep him busy. I mean, we wouldn't want the poor guy to get bored or anything. Thank god for Deniz and his endless supply of hugs and sympathy. Elsewhere, Katja happily floats on fluffy pink clouds whilst Annette worriedly hovers just below on her magic carpet, hoping to catch her when she falls. (And girlfriend, you live in a soap. Trust us, you will fall.) Alternative description: Despite knowing that Ben is already in a relationship, Katja selfishly kisses him like the conniving deceitful homewrecker she is. Stone her! Also, Florian! Welcome, Schnuckel. Come in, sit down, let's chat. Loving the bratty charm. Loving the cheekbones. Loving whatever delicious secrets you're doubtlessly hiding beneath. (Beneath the bratty charm, that is... we're fairly sure whats hiding beneath the cheekbones is bone marrow, unless Show is now embracing alien plots, WHICH WE'D ALSO BE OKAY WITH.) But, here's what: If Deniz Öztürk EVER starts to share details about his relationship with Roman Wild, the only acceptable response is to look riveted and listen. Okay? We don't care if hearing that stuff about your brother squicks you out. Take one for the team. WE WANT THE DETAILS. That is all, scrumptious. Make yourself at ...
  • THE TOMB AND GRAVE OF CHAKAR-E-AZAM (Balochistan's Alexander the Great) Chakar-e-Azam (1468-1565AD) doubtlessly, is the most famous legendary figure in Baloch folklore.At the age of 18 he became head of his Rind tribe but his kingdom didn't last long as it was consumed by the the famous 30 years fratricidal war between his tribe and the Lasharis.Forced to flee to the Punjab, he was granted large land holdings there by the Mughal Emperor Humayun for the assistance Chakar provided him in regaining his lost throne.He died at Satghara, Sahiwal (Punjab) were his majestic tomb still stands.
  • UHAPSEN RATKO MLADIC (zamalo) - Ratko Mladic arrest (unsuccessful) Ratko Mladic arrest failed once again Millions of square meters, red and grey skyscrapers of New Belgrade's quarters, an ideal hiding place if the Hague tribunal is searching for you. Residents of the area are not overly enthusiastic and thrilled about the idea of anybody's extradition to The Hague. Majority believes that Karadzic and Mladic are heroes. For years the Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic leaved in Juri Gagarin Street in the Block 45 under the pseudonym (alias) of Dr Dabic. The urban legend spread throughout the quarters of New Belgrade that Mladic is most likely hiding too in the same area. A few days after Karadzic has been arrested on the bus, on his way to Zemun, helicopters started flying over the block 45. "Doubtlessly they are after Mladic" thought "blocks" residents. Wanting to help General Mladic to escape the trap, they advised all editorial agencies to send out their reporters since Mladic is about to be arrested. The official statement issued by POLICE (MUP) to all the newspaper agencies was that there was no such an activity in progress. "Helicopters are flying over Block 45 buildings in accordance with the license for film recording, that has been granted by MUP" -- MUP's statement. After this event new urban legend is surfing the blocks of New Belgrade. Then, according to new imaginatively conceived story, on that very day few conscientious chairmen of building residents associations have organised a crises headquarters for prevention of ...
  • The Golden Number & Holy City Of Mecca Kaabahs and the holy areas placements on the golden ratio point of the world shows us that in Lords mercy the most honorable place on earth is this place. Among all of the religions, Islam is the only religion to give the great meanings like holiness and the first house of worship, the direction of praying and meeting place to Kaaba. It is a miracle that Meccas / Kaabahs place on earth is designed by the verse in the Holy Quran, Muslims holy book for over 1400 years and it states that in this holy area the evidences are lurked in that will cause communities searching for the right way. It proves that it is written by a force that knows the golden ratio, can see the earth from the space and knows the measurements that are accepted in the future, knows math very well, God. Like written in this holy book, we must truly believe the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad, the existence of heaven and hell and design our lives to this rules because the truth has showed itself in a certain way. Doubtlessly, in holy Quran there are lots of other scientific miracles. An inevitable end is waiting a fast car which saw the sign of Dead End but still driving. In that case we must follow the rules and we must act by it. In future we will have no excuse for any accusation because we are going to be told The signs were given to you to find the right way. You ignored them. So who is guilty, you or us? Show this video to your friends either he/she is a christians or hindu or bhuddha or atheist. Show ...
  • Iman Maleki's paintings This guy is a real GENIUS ! His paintings are just AWESOME, so close to reality, they just look like real pictures ! The great iranian artist Iman Maleki is doubtlessly one of the most talented realist painter in the world...
  • Home video Home video Best known apart from the capital, Barcelona, is of course the Mediterranean coast, Costa Brava, with ample beaches and mild climate, doubtlessly a first rate touristical attraction. One shouldn't forget anyhow that Catalonia offers as well high mountain ranges, the Pyrenees in the north, the curious formations of Montserrat, the inactive volcans of Garrotxa, and a wide plain area in the region's center. Catalonia has a very marked culture of its own, most evidently of Mediterranean tradition, and is distinguished of most other Spanish regions in several aspects, not at least by its language, Catalonian (although everybody speaks and understands Castilian Spanish perfectly). Certainly it is one of the most cosmopolitan places in Spain, thanks to its long tradition of international commerce. The coast offers ideal facilities for all sorts of water sports, but everywhere you will realize about that special talent to combine the beauty of nature or monuments with modern attractions, a main reason why Catalonia developed into one of the preferred touristical destinations. Catalonia's excellent gastronomy is characterized by seafood, rice dishes, wines of great international reputation and traditional desserts like the famous "Catalonian Cream".
  • Markus Gardeweg - Why Don't You Let Me Know (Official Music Video) [HD] Download on iTunes: Markus Gardeweg can doubtlessly be called pioneer of the dance and house scene. He stands for "finest club sound" and contributed to making dance and house music into what it is today. With its housy beats and addictive vocal hook "Why Don't You Let Me Know" is a perfect club-tool for every DJ, see for yourself!
  • Trunk (2 of 3) - All About the Intrigue Knocked out by a mysterious gas, Randy and Jeni find themselves kidnapped by two men with doubtlessly nefarious purposes. Next Episode: "Trunk: A Love Story" is a three-part mini-serial with new episodes every Saturday. Visit the new forums at :
  • Protect The Workers Governments of recent times have taken upon themselves the responsibility of controlling resources in which they themselves have no investment. Dangerous chemicals that companies produce are targeted by countless statutes and agencies. They seek to limit the recklessness that would ensue from a completely free industrial management. The question is whether this is the best use of money. Should a complicated psuedo-government organization decide? The violations that the EPA does pursue are clearly biased; they cannot prosecute every violation, and the ones they do would doubtlessly be more high profile cases. When only large companies are being punished, they find this is fair. In reality, power has been pointlessly delegated to an opaque body that rests on a popularly corrupted form of capitalism. Incentives, they claim, are linked inextricably with our money-driven way of life. This is a perversion of the truth; when the market is free, the only incentive is a merchant's price. Acceptance of government as a regulating agency means its acceptance as a capital regulating agency. Socrates: What does China have that makes it a better producer? Longinas: Its most plentiful resource -- labor. Soc: If a larger less-expensive labor force was the reason, America should have no trouble at all for they have plenty of labor to spare. Long: To compete, American laborers would have to forgo their civilized lifestyles and put their children to work in the factories! Soc: Have you ...
  • Don't visit Greece! Liberate us!.wmv Don't Visit Greece You have doubtlessly been informed that Greece is bankrupt and had to recourse to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). You might be wondering who are those responsible for Greece's bankruptcy. If your country was bankrupt, wouldn't you ask for those responsible to be brought to justice? I guess so. This is what the Greeks ask for as well. However, in Greece there are none responsible for the bankruptcy. Nobody has been charged and nobody has been brought to justice. Nobody! Is this hard to believe? Read the newspapers of your country, search on the web and you will see that Greece's bankruptcy is an orphan. Those that made the country bankrupt and moved their assets to foreign banks are still free and still govern Greece. Greece is in effect under a political and financial oligarchy which controls the media and the justice system. Essentially, Greece is under a dictatorship. Some tens of families rule the place for decades. Greece, the birthplace of Democracy (and Marathon), is under a modern dictatorship. Now, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund gave new loans to Greece. These funds will not help the Greek people but the governing dictators, the financial oligarchy and the owners of the media outlets. Yes, it might seem strange, but the loans from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund are being managed by the same people who led Greece into bankruptcy. During the military dictatorship in Greece (1967 -- 1974) there ...
  • Ο μέτοικος - Μελίνα Μερκούρη Ο μέτοικος - Μουσική Ζωρζ Μουστακί Far away from their mother land, the Parthenon marbles have been situated at the British museum since Elgin stole them from the Acropolis. Greece has been continuously asking for their return. Unfortunately and doubtlessly unfairly, the British government together with the trustees of the British museum have been refusing to accept the obvious: THAT THE PARTHENON MARBLES BELONG WITH THE PARTHENON ON THEIR MOTHER LAND. Melina Mercouri gave a never-ending struggle to have the Parthenon marbles returned to Greece. She made this her life's goal and contributed significantly to making it a universal demand. This video-clip (set to the context of the Parthenon marbles) is a tribute to Melina's memory. Once she had said: "I am not afraid of death. I am only afraid of the thought that I may die in the memories of the Greeks, someday". Rest in peace our Melina. You will never die in our memories. You will remain immortal there, always!
  • I Haunt Wizards - Nymph's Female Spirit I Haunt Wizards - 3 musicians from Brighton, England known for their endearing and infectious blend of new millenium rave/disco pop sounds. Featuring a programmable drum machine and wonderfully bouncy synthesizers, as well as the perfect vocalist. Relatively young for recording artists, they may be considered one of the first "2nd generation" electronic artists, putting a new spin on the old style, having doubtlessly listened to dance and video game music while growing up. This is the best IHW track! I couldn't find even a reference to this song on YouTube so I posted it. If you like this track, please Google them, they do have CDs for sale.
  • Mullet Madness! Trailer (Secretly filmed) Three years of perilous production draw to an end as (Ministry of Truth approved) filmmaker Max Sacker concludes his extensive research on the anti-social nature of the mullet. Doubtlessly a hallmark in cinema history, the long awaited "Mullet Madness!" will be released at your local Hypnoplex this summer! This film is compulsory viewing as dictated by the Ministry of Truth. Please do not forget your hypno-goggles or you may be refused admission.
  • A Song for Tara Threat to the Hill of Tara The Hill of Tara is under threat from the construction of a new motorway, the M3, which is currently being built and will disect the tranquil Tara-Skryne valley and pose a threat to many monuments which will doubtlessly be uncovered during its construction. Already a unique hengiform site has been revealed at Lismullen, and this has stopped work on the motorway. The Hill of Tara, known as Temair in gaeilge, was once the ancient seat of power in Ireland -- 142 kings are said to have reigned there in prehistoric and historic times. In ancient Irish religion and mythology Temair was the sacred place of dwelling for the gods, and was the entrance to the otherworld. Saint Patrick is said to have come to Tara to confront the ancient religion of the pagans at its most powerful site. One interpretation of the name Tara says that it means a "place of great prospect" and indeed on a clear day it is claimed that features in half the counties of Ireland can be seen from atop Tara. In the distance to the northwest can be seen the brilliant white quartz front of Newgrange and further north lies the Hill of Slane, where according to legend St. Patrick lit his Pascal fire prior to his visit to Tara in 433 AD. Early in the 20th century a group of Israelites came to Tara with the conviction that the Arc of the Covenant was buried in on the famous hill. They dug the Mound of the Synods in search of the Arc but found only some Roman coins. Official excavation in ...
  • Incantantion and Dance John Barnes Chance composed this band classic almost 50 years ago and it will doubtlessly be a staple in the band literature for many more decades. Keith W. Hodgson leads the South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble plus 43 Honors College and HS musicians at the Richard Stockton College of NJ in the finale of their "Band Classics Side by Side" Concert on April 19, 2010.
  • Tiziana Modotti sings: "Sei Bellissima" by Loredana Bertè Recorded at "Half Crown Pub" in Antegnate (Bergamo - Italy) on April, 8th, 2011 Tiziana's got a vivid passion for Singing and Music. This song requires passion. So, gathering the two topics, we obtain this performance. Passion, intensity, giving and infusing all of herself in this song, are self evident topic. Passion is crucial for Music performance. And it may recover from a quite a lack of technique, that may be perceived especially in the upper register. But Technique is not all in Music, and Music is done to enhance and spread emotions around. So, Tiziana, doubtlessly, fulfills this goal. And it's important when we sing. This topic is what we give, what we enhance, when we sing. Tiziana, doubtlessly, enhances plenty of emotions in this song. And, sooner or later, a work on voice may be performed, so colpleting the Musical Cycle, and allowing Tiziana to give even more with her performances. But this is a good startpoint, to work upon. So, thanks, Tiziana, for your passion and for the emotions, self evident in your Musical performances, and for what you give us qith your singing.
  • Strange CC Minions Glitch - Leaving at Game Start ***I do NOT own the CC, or Minions, these belong to their respective creators. I am just a member on the site who wished to share a moment of 'technical difficulty'.*** Basically, this loop was the result of what happened when I left the room at the exact same time the game started. It had been going about 30 seconds prior to this, and doubtlessly would have continued. Sorry for lack of any sound, but there wouldn't have been much anyway, and I won't add music lest WMG or someone else gets it muted. For a bit of fun, maybe you can see if your CC username is in this video! Feel free to comment if you find it, might be interesting to see who sees themselves. xD -qwertyytrewq
  • A plea from a mother to STOP CHEMTRAILS -The Alex Jones Show A distraught mother called in on Monday's show to share her horror story about the effects of chemtrails. One of many, doubtlessly, and very, very sad. Stop killing us and yourselves - or are you immune in some way? WATCH "What in the World are they Spraying?" and tell everybody!!
  • Red is the Rose The song I've sung, doubtlessly, more than any other... hundreds of times over the years. I have a love/hate relationship with it, but am currently in love. A sweet little love song, with loss - as is often the case in Irish Ballads.
  • TF2 Engineer Update - Wrangler Demonstration Now that the Engineer update is out, people are doubtlessly going to be wondering what's up with all the new toys. Well, I happened to find a Wrangler purely by chance, so here's a short video where I demonstrate what it does and how it works. This is also a sneak peek at the new payload map, Thunder Mountain. The music is Playing with Danger, by the Valve Studio Orchestra. The game is Team Fortress 2, made by Valve.
  • Due Processing: Incarceration and the Digital Divide West Hays and Alayna Johnson [BA students, UC Berkeley] Abstract: Prison reality television and radio sound bites of slamming cell doors are just two examples illustrating the fascination with incarcerated life in the United States. Additionally, the countrys exponential prison growth and tough on crime posture speaks to a general sense of fear toward this population. But while our society may fear its prisoners, prisoners often fear technology. The moment of incarceration interrupts not only these individuals access to the outside world, but also their access to the developing technologies most of us take for granted in daily life. Accordingly, their ability to succeed in increasingly hi-tech work environments is similarly interrupted upon release. The inefficiencies of current vocational curricula, combined with the inability of the prison system to monitor the efficacy of its own programs, has doubtlessly contributed to the states alarming rate of recidivism: nearly two-thirds of Californias parolees will return to prison within three years of their release. Working toward a solution to this problem, UC Berkeleys Teach in Prison program is creating the San Quentin All Access Computer Center, the prisons first instructional computer lab. Starting in February of 2010, courses will be offered in both basic computer literacy and computer-aided design (CAD). With the cooperation of San Quentin staff and Cal volunteers, evaluations will measure the feasibility of the labs ...
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini Review PhoneArena reviews the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini Android smartphone - one of the tiniest handsets ever. The X10 mini is a very cute device with remarkable design and great custom UX interface that makes using the Android operating system a joy on such a small screen. Moreover, the phone is quite snappy and responsive, which doubtlessly increases its overall appeal. Check out our website for more info on the X10 mini, as well as many other phones, at:
  • CINEMA IN THE END-TIME (Part Two) This episode confronts the viewer with the question: "Is mankind living in the End-Time?" Fusing cinema with a spiritual quest, it presents the New Revolutionary Knowledge, which illuminates the nature of the time we are living in. This is the 2nd part of an episode in my ongoing series "Cinemaseekers: A Spiritual Journey Through Cinema". The series' creator Maria Wagner is a bilingual (Russian-American) filmmaker, who also co-directed a feature film "Return To Light: A Spiritual Odyssey" that has been hailed by the great Russian filmmaker Alexander Sokurov as a "Light-bearing work", belonging to "such films as doubtlessly have to be made". She jointly runs a website , which after more than 10 years on the Internet, has become a much used resource for film students, professors and art-film buffs.
  • BlazBlue - EXCUSE - Ragna the Bounty, The Power of the Boundary Litchi's Story Part 2 of 5 ...I must admit, I am no good with Litchi. She is doubtlessly my worst character. The idea is that she has two different movesets, and for balance purposes, she's weaker than average. She has a very steep learning curve due to this. So bear with me if I just repeat the same things over and over. Anyway, it seems Carl is a forgiving person, since Litchi took the time to fix up Ada. Or something. Carl's very polite, but it feels condescending at the same time. It's not long after Litchi goes out of the hospital to find trouble once more. This time, it's Ragna the Bloodedge--she meets with him face to face. Now, one thing I need to tell you is that Litchi's story tree is the most convoluted of them all. There are many splits in the path (as evidenced by her many decisions to make), and some of them lead to different places in other paths. I'll try my best to cover all the unique ground, but it's inevitable that some things will repeat. You can see that I was having trouble where to put my save files, for instance. However, only one path will lead to the real ending, and in this case, you must pick the option, "You're a wanted criminal. I can't have you running around." This initiates a fight with Ragna. A voice from offscreen comes up warning Litchi not to interfere with the Boundary too much, and that her Mantenbo staff's power (presumably to shapeshift) derives from it. You wouldn't know if you hadn't seen some of the other stories, but Billy Bob ...
  • La Chiva La Chiva is a delightful short film that pits little Gloria head to head with the newest member of her large Latina family -- a milking goat. The encounter is an important one for the eight year old girl because it places her firmly on the road to coming of age and tests her capacity for resilience. This 5-minute story foreshadows life's trials and tribulations, challenging Gloria to reveal the core of her character. It is a pivotal moment on the child's path and her choice of expression will doubtlessly resonant throughout her life.
  • STEVEN LUEVANO vs BERNABE CONCEPCION Since knocking out the undefeated Nicky Cook in 2007 and winning the World Boxing Organization title, 27-year-old featherweight Steven Luevano has had to battle four times during the last two years against opponents whose combined winning percentage was 94 percent. Although demure and reserved outside the ring, the East Los Angeles native is anything but when he steps into the ring. Luevano (36-1-1, 15 KOs) will doubtlessly come prepared for battle when he squares off against the Freddie Roach-trained Bernabe Concepcion (29-1-1, 17 KOs). A native of Rizal, Philippines, Concepcion enters his first world championship fight riding a four-year, 22-bout unbeaten streak. The two brawlers will collide during a headlining match as part of Top Rank's latest series, Pinoy Power 2, set for Saturday, Aug. 15, at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, in Las Vegas.
  • Windir - Journey To The End Didn't play the leads that's supposed to be on the end (of the guitar part), because of that there's no tabs GP tabs that's has those and are still right. (I will most likely edit the one that has the main riff wrong and make that one right because it already has the leads in the near future) Lost it at the ending for a bit because I have not feasted this entire day which does doubtlessly cause dis-concentration
  • Katra - Fade To Gray There you close the door I've never lost someone before As clouds always lead to rain Tears come with the pain We don't share the bed And sorry's the only word unsaid So how can we know at all What's behind the wall There's so much unspoken And silence unbroken We fade to gray We fall down and drift away And silence's the loneliest word I've heard We decay to a shade Love has left this home We are together but alone Thought you would know my heart But we're so apart Have faith in me Like children who doubtlessly believe As clouds always lead to rain Tears can ease the pain And we fade to gray We fall down and drift away And silence's the loneliest word I've heard We decay to a shade We never talk We never speak Don't recognize that feelings And buried so deep We fade to gray We fall down and drift away And silence's the loneliest word I've heard We decay to a shade
  • Get Ripped - "Try not to LAUGH" Funny Bird Crashing Into A Tree click to tweet Add me on FaceBook Follow me on twitter see the original here failblog fail I was hanging out with Pops Recording some footage for when we realized the birds were a little nutty, after seeing one bird dive in the water after landing we were hoping to see another, and sure enough this little fellow came through like a champ. As you can see at the end the bird was not hurt. The Cormorant has been described as "large, stupid, clumsy and almost flightless". It certainly was a large species, and doubtlessly must have been clumsy on land. This combination made the bird an easy victim for sealers and other hunters who killed the cormorant for its meat. Whether the species was flightless, is open to debate. There is no anatomical evidence that it was.
  • Girl prays to CAUSE Japanese earthquake Is she a Poe (basically a satirical 'Christian'). I think so, but that the whole point of the Poe, its impossible to tell. If all I had seen of Pat Roberson and Jerry Falwell was their post 9/11 interview (as shown in this video), I would have called them Poes too, and they are some of the most powerful and respected religious figures in the US (well Falwells dead, but you know what I mean). Normally I don't post links to smaller channels, but in this case I think folks deserve it to see if you think she's real or not. Like I say though. How could you tell that she's a fake, but Falwell and Roberson were not? Sure her 'prayers' to CAUSE this disaster will have been no more effective at causing it than other Christians prayers for it to be minimized. But it was religion that allows her to first of all define thousands to tens of thousands of people dying in Japan as a good thing. But her delusion in many ways is little different than the delusion that prayer will actually achieve something. Meanwhile Japans been doing something useful with their time, something that will have doubtlessly saved thousands, if not tens of thousands of lives. Japan is arguably the most technologically capable nation on Earth. The technology they have developed over the past hundred years or so will doubtless have saved thousands, if not tens of thousands of lives. If you have money, but not the time to work out how to best deploy it, MSF, Doctors without Borders are a fairly ...
  • Nintendo Puzzle Collection, Yoshi's Cookie -- 4-Player Versus And here we have the last major component of Yoshi's Cookie on Nintendo Puzzle Collection, the four-player versus mode. This mode itself is nothing new, but I do believe it's the first time it's been playable on one screen. I could be entirely mistaken, but I believe the original Yoshi's Cookie had a selling point through which it could be connected to the four-player Game Link Cable adapter to play a game much like what you see here. You could also have computer opponents fill the other slots, even allowing you to play it by yourself against three computer players. I'm not entirely sure how well it works, especially with Slave condition which is doubtlessly more powerful when you can see the field you're manipulating, though. Speaking of Slave, if you pay attention, you'll get to see the interesting case of what happens when a Slaver becomes Slaved by another player as well as what that means for the original victim of the Slave condition. I didn't realize until after the matches were over that the character select screen actually lists the characters according to four different types. I'm not a scholar of Japanese by any means, and even if I was the font looks a bit small and squished, so I'm not entirely sure what the effects are, but Mario, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser are "Average Type," "Defense Type," "Speed Type," and "Attack Type" respectively. I figure that Mario is the standard by which the others are set and that Yoshi and Bowser have something to do with how long ...
  • Electrolux Ultrasilencer Z3340 There you have it! This is my x-mas present, this time a brand new Electrolux Ultrasilencer Z3340 (Z3340TED). This is the first version of the Ultrasilencer, I also was interested on the new ones, but I really love the cool design and of course the extreme amount of suction it has. It's doubtlessly the best brand new machine of my collection. 1600 watts, 230 volts, 50hz, variable speed control, HEPA 12 filter, very quiet, 2 in 1 "butterfly" tool on the handle + crevice tool, telescopic metal wand, s-bag, moveable handle, power port for a power nozzle, rubber wheels, made in Sweeden in 2003.
  • Depeche Mode IN CHAINS Rockhal 2009 Luxembourg Their Tour of the Universe started right here, on this amazingly enlightened evening at Rockhal in Luxembourg and what doubtlessly seems this might become the memorable DM Tour since those donkeys years.. Setlist: 1. In Chains 2. Wrong 3. Hole To Feed 4. Walking In My Shoes 5. It's No Good 6. A Question Of Time 7. Precious 8. Fly On The Windscreen 9. Jezebel 10. A Question Of Lust 11. Come Back 12. Peace 13. In Your Room 14. I Feel You 15. In Sympathy 16. Enjoy The Silence 17. Never Let Me Down Again Encore: 18. Stripped 19. Master & Servant 20. Strangelove Encore 2: 21. Personal Jesus 22. Waiting For The Night
  • Bangin' In The Nails Short Animation doubtlessly gonna get flagged and pulled but gonna give it ago
  • New Cadaver Dogs Video New images of the work of the Cadaver dogs Eddie and Keela, released by Spanish TV Antena 3. 10th September 2008 When trainer Martin Grime approached house 5A of the Ocean Club resort, the sniffer dog that is trained to detect cadaver odour "immediately changed" and as soon as he was released, "he entered the apartment with above average interest". This information is included in the report by the English expert who accompanied the dogs' inspection of the apartment where Madeleine disappeared from on the evening of May 3, 2007, images of which are published by CM. The diligence culminated in the coincidental action of the British dogs: both 'Eddie', that is trained to detect cadaver odour, and 'Keela', that is trained to find traces of human blood, marked the area behind the sofa, in the living room, next to the apartment's side window. The videos show the dogs jumping over the sofa and immobilizing between the sofa and the wall, barking until the piece of furniture was pushed away from the wall. To the Polícia Judiciária, this fact, which is reported in one of the investigation's intercalary reports, "doubtlessly" proves that the sofa was pushed against the wall after the little girl's death. On the other hand, taking into account that very few indicia were collected from this piece of furniture, which was positioned on the same spot where the dogs gave their signal, the PJ admits the possibility that it was "subject to washing" in order to eliminate possible traces ...

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