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  • We found 44 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word drink: drink: American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language [home, info] drink, drink:. — “Definitions of drink - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • An alcoholic beverage is a drink that contains ethanol, commonly known as alcohol (although in chemistry the definition of "alcohol" includes many other compounds) Drink" is nominally neutral but often connotes alcoholic content. — “Drink - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • People may have different reasons for drinking on different occasions. For example, people will celebrate an event such as a wedding with a drink, or toast. The alcohol has a small effect on changing their mood. To help them create an image of themselves. — “Why drink? just wanna ask ppl why they drink i have a friend”,
  • In World of Warcraft, drink can mean a couple of things:. — “Drink - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft”,
  • Drink definition, to take water or other liquid into the mouth and swallow it; imbibe. See more. — “Drink | Define Drink at ”,
  • drink use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with drink. drink in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. ( An offer by one person—usually in a bar—to buy a drink for another. — “drink - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Definition of drink from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of drink. Pronunciation of drink. Definition of the word drink. Origin of the word drink. — “drink - Definition of drink at ”,
  • Something that wives keep count of when you are at a party. For example, after a couple of hours laughing and joking with the men, your wife will s. — “Urban Dictionary: drink”,
  • is an interactive global website dedicated to promoting responsible drinking and making responsible decisions on alcohol. Find the latest educational materials, public service announcements, leading research and interactive resources. — “DIAGEO | DRINKIQ”,
  • Shop for drink at Target. Find products like swizzle sticks, drink dispenser and more. Choose from Outdoor Patio Stainless Steel Beverage Drink Tub, Pomology Anti-Aging Whole Food Drink Mix - Blueberry/Pomegranate (10.58 oz.) and other. — “drink : Target Search Results”,
  • Buy Calorie drink mix from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. — “Calorie drink mix Drinks & Juices at Bizrate - Shop online”,
  • Definition of drink in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of drink. Pronunciation of drink. Translations of drink. drink synonyms, drink antonyms. Information about drink in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. mixed drink, soft. — “drink - definition of drink by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • To swallow the liquid contents of (a vessel): drank a cup of tea. To salute a person or an occasion with a toast: We will drink to your continued success. — “drink: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Categorized collection of drink smileys, also known as drink emoticons. — “planet smilies: drink smilies - free drink smileys, also”,

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  • Rihanna - Cheers (Drink To That) Lyrics Here are the Lyrics for Rihanna's Song Cheers. It's rumored as 4th single of her next Album Loud coming out on 12.11. Have Fun :)
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  • I Don't Drink Beer by Tim Hawkins Purcase Tim's "Extremely Madeover CD at --I DIDN'T WRITE OR PERFORM THIS SONG-- ©2004 Tunafish Sandwitch Productions Video #5! After this, I'm gonna stop keeping track. So, you'll have to do that yourself. The song: I Don't Drink Beer by Tim Hawkins. Check out his site,
  • I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE! Academy screener & a bottle of wine = this dumb video.
  • George Thorogood I Drink Alone I Drink Alone music video, he also smokes at the gas station
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3- Soundtr 13 -Drink Up Me Hearties Soundtrack nr 13 from pirates of the caribbean at world's end. The last and final song from the pirates of the caribbean triologi
  • Drink In this animated film, a boy discovers a magic potion that allows him to explore the universe within himself. A sip unleashes a violent reaction, revealing a diverse cast of characters twisting and stretching their way out of one another forming a monumental pile. The boy drinks for a second time which violently transforms him again, creating a torrent even more twisted than the first, but this time in reverse order.
  • George Thorogood - one bourbon, one scotch, one beer Wanna tell you a story, About the house-man blues I come home one Friday, Had to tell the landlady I'd-a lost my job She said that don't confront me, Long as I get my money next Friday Now next Friday come I didn't get the rent, And out the door I went So I goes to the landlady, I said, "You let me slide?" I'll have the rent for you in a month. Next I don't know So said let me slide it on you know people, I notice when I come home in the evening She ain't got nothing nice to say to me, But for five year she was so nice Loh' she was lovy-dovy, I come home one particular evening The landlady said, "You got the rent money yet?", I said, "No, can't find no job" Therefore I ain't got no money to pay the rent She said "I don't believe you're tryin' to find no job" Said "I seen you today you was standin' on a corner, Leaning up against a post" I said "But I'm tired, I've been walkin' all day" She said "That don't confront me, Long as I get my money next Friday" Now next Friday come I didn't have the rent, And out the door I went So I go down the streets, Down to my good friend's house I said "Look man I'm outdoors you know, Can I stay with you maybe a couple days?" He said "Let me go and ask my wife" He come out of the house, I could see it in his face I know that was no He said "I don't know man, ah she kinda funny, you know" I said "I know, everybody funny, now you funny too" So I go back home I tell the landlady I got a job, I'm gonna pay the rent She said "Yeah?" I said "Oh ...
  • drink fiction plane
  • Dropkick Murphys-Drink and Fight the song drink and fight by the Murphys again, another favorite of mine
  • When I Drink A stupid little music video I made for The Avett Brothers' "When I Drink."
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  • MARY GAUTHIER -I DRINK ( LIVE) great version of a song that Bob Dylan has championed in US - on DQIL & Mercy Now
  • Drink Water Isabeli Fontana, Julia Stegner, Erin Wasson, Julie Henderson reveal Supermodels' No. 1 beauty tip! brings you a world of fashion, beauty, entertainment, and MODELS. Please Rate & Subscribe! http
  • I Drink Alone George Thorogood & The Destroyers, Live at the House of Blues New Orleans, 1995
  • Bl00d_ic3: @jailbreaksecret as in the drink or the ubuntu lol
  • JenRainford: @sugarhut what champagne does kirk and mick drink at the pool party! I really dnt recognise the bottle x
  • Off_Broadway12: @smackelatron but I only want to drink because I'm depressed. I know I wouldn't be depressed if it wasn't for what happened :/
  • ryanloftis: @VirginiaWood I have to go to training in richmond, you have to take me somewhere good to eat and drink
  • Carolinasown: At ruby Tuesday wit mom dukes...thinking bout ordering a drink
  • kathiezwillingh: Anyone else drink their coffee black to cut down on calories?
  • bethbrock1984: frozen drink blenders,see more.. http://ping.fm/dSnfr
  • GarBear86: RT @GarBear86: All you can drink beer @ discovery cove Cheers! http://bit.ly/kw2jTG @LukeHusted415
  • doogie2k: @67sound @metricjulie I've done that a time or two. Not my favourite situation. Of course, now I never drink AND bars aren't smoky.
  • marazmo: thailand drink manual http:///234530 #rpod
  • FabHensgen: Amazing Mother's Day. Family paradise. Superbe weather, food, drink & sport:Nothing else to relax with Family... http:///4v6w2p
  • dhaDavis: @LivingLife2Real i thought those twerps don't drink beer, yu mean sum koolers or sumn?
  • mocoddle: It's OK to eat a maraschino cherry from a drink from last night where the ice melted and it's just sitting there in ice, right?
  • courtneymahia: And I just spilled my drink -_________-
  • Bris_World: My 86 yr old grandma tryna get me to drink
  • Sihuiii: @sherlynliang smile & go to bed okay! so when kayla wake up got milk to drink hahahahahah!! <3
  • ThisIsOurFight: RT @Maureen92490: Just spilled my fourth drink of the weekend all over myself...feeling reallyyy accomplished.
  • MADAofficial: I'm gonna need an energy drink tomorrow, that's for sure. Which one's least likely to give me cancer and make my piss green?
  • newmiked: Photo: I’m the new spokesperson for Dr. Enuf soda. The original energy drink. It’s rich in vitamins. http:///xfm2fu3an5
  • mzjonz: Imma drink a beer and go back to sleep...oh wait...gotta go see my Sassie!
  • _Janyll_H: I'm usually shy & quiet but when I drink I dnt shut up sometimes lmao.
  • _iSitPretty: Lmfaoo my mother just said if yu drink yur sister beer I kno wat yu doin in college..what??? I just wanted to taste it
  • DemiInspiresMe: Everyone is mad at me because I wanted to drink some water, jeez...
  • wb_mvpoeti: @SebxsMxtt_ I like to drink whiskey with Mary, Queen of Scotch.
  • Roboplx: RT @ExcuseMyFresh: I asked for a drink. Not a cup full of ice.
  • That_Fox_Baby: Naturally :) RT @Sisifierce: Patron on the rocks, right? Thank you. RT @That_Fox_Baby *hands you a drink*
  • Punatik: @sematalba well now I want to tweet my drink!
  • Maureen92490: Just spilled my fourth drink of the weekend all over myself...feeling reallyyy accomplished.
  • FrankTheHippie: I dont drink champagne, it make my stomach hurt
  • MurderSheRHOte: #5factsaboutmymom she can drink you under the table. and hook your hair up at the same time.
  • JoeIsInFamous: #SizzlinSundays @ NOIR ULTRA LOUNGE Continue TONIGHT!!! @DJCPerfect + @DJiceberg1 on the set!!! ***MOTHERS DAY DRINK SPECIALS***
  • coachdaboss: "@DollBaby_Dallas: Fun times with great people. Right @coachdaboss" im saying our fav thing. I dont drink no more!
  • _MissQuinny_: @Puck_WMHS //lolz, I guess not BIC: Thank you *has sip of drink and snuggles into his and turns view to Television*
  • Nickking: #grumpydeafgrandad just suggested giving Guiness to 4yr old. We're not sure he was joking either. 4yr old now asking for 'Dennis' to drink.
  • LaadyRochax23: @RichardWuChurp - yeah I drink. I'm Brazilian of course i do.
  • AshleyyGarrett: @Grant_Success for the feeling.. lol why else does anyone drink.
  • EduTheWorld: Wishing @TallDrknHandsom a Happy Birthday! Drink up bro (if possible)...
  • CriMiBird: Cay has passed out on top of my dirty washing... Lauren is giggling like a schoolgirl... My friends are drunk and I can't drink. #fail
  • lelude: @martinarx26 well there are kinds of cake for any soft drink I think! I have recipes for ginger ale and dr pepper!
  • briana_babieee: Dey got a new drink Called the "Bin laden"
  • ThE_ReaLGEE: Its jus drugin me! Thank u"@Reverb360: @ThE_ReaLGEE Ul b okay shawdz drink sum"
  • Kissofa9mm: I read an article the other day that said "If you drink every day, you're an alcoholic" Thank god I only drink every night.
  • ncxoxo4u: Another waiting drink... People always showing up late sheesh http://t.co/E77kebj
  • iLeeJones: LOL at moshers who drink 'energy drinks' because they haven't discovered alcohol.
  • TeamJessParade: @Parade_Croatia nooo I can't drink wine..it's brutal..is it any good? Xx
  • eyemohit: RT @henrygayle: Thanks Again!but y you all always ask what I eat? Even in the dressing room same ques lol,But the key is what I drink! Century Energy Drink
  • rockymiller777: @ChanelGmiami I just did she said lalay that was nice and she say happy bday and mothers day back, make sure and have a drink for me !!!!
  • I_AM_NecieB: #shoutouttomommyz that won't let their kids drink juice until after they get done eating
  • timfalletti: I have the weirdest dreams if I drink. Probably why I hate drinking.
  • FreakyboyMeachy: @reggie_bush what up superstar?!! Can I get a retweet? New hot drink called Freaky Muscato! The worlds love it!!
  • SoxBroncoTweets: @mspuma the worst is when my throat gets dry in the night. I wake up to go drink water and i can't sleep after.
  • Pyroomaniac: i needa mai thai so i can drown in my drink, i loosen my tie and give myself some space to breathe
  • KennyShines23: @keekers711 I'm glad I got to drink with you haha sorta speak lol
  • tweetertonyy: RT @henrygayle: Thanks Again!but y you all always ask what I eat? Even in the dressing room same ques lol,But the key is what I drink! Century Energy Drink
  • _Alex_xox: Last night with my cuero malo @LadyLauraMarie she stays kidnapping me n forcing me to drink #badinfluence http://t.co/H1clf5x
  • KemmmyIsABoy: Will u drink [email protected]_Deborah02: Get me fizzy drink instead! Plz!!! *eyelashes* RT @KemmmyIsABoy: Top it wiv water @Ms_Deborah02: Th...
  • ROGERBEZANIS: @nathanleebrown Actually apes are too smart to drink milk. Don't see apes smoking, drinking, doing cocaine, destroying nature.. Do ya?
  • littlemissmusic: RT @Queen_UK: Apparently Nick Clegg is old enough to drink if the ages of some other Liberal Democrat MPs are added to give him a 'majority age'.
  • feedsreader: For True Chocoloholics: I set off to un Dimanche a Paris for an early evening drink (the lounge opens at 4pm) to... http://bit.ly/kGHPsJ
  • PhenomenalPhree: "mom, i bruised my knee"... "drink lime"
  • InnocentLooks_: I drink my wine out a regular glass. Why buy a separate glass when the ones I have work perfectly? #justsayin
  • RickFlair11: I've got this new drink called the "Osama Bin Laden"....its two shots with a splash of water! Lol....Wth
  • GinnyMenousek48: Some drink at the fountain of knowledge. Others just gargle.
  • uberkuki: When in doubt, drink it out :)
  • AlwaysHope262: alcohol is cunning, baffling, powerful. i can't manage my life when i drink. so i ask my HP to relieve me of the urges. im worth my recovery
  • CamBamm_2_Fresh: RT @Ju2coo4U: Wearing so much polo ya girl wanna drink my protein!! Lmao
  • Maribelle1221: Gotta work in a couple of hours. So tired. Will probably buy an energy drink.
  • WhoSaidViviana_: I just hate after people drink somethinq they said "that just Quenched my thirst". It pissss me offf §:|
  • mikepereira25: Dying of thirst need something to drink oh lord
  • Jay_2theMAX: im bouta drink some coffee for some reason its here so imma drink it
  • davesey: @WWEGoldust read your book and it drove me to quit drink........right after this 6 pack.
  • q_zi_su: so oklahoma has a lot of signs that say ...are a lot of people getting pregnant here ....remind me not to drink th ...
  • eugene_vin: Cilento 98 Riesling: winery gone, wine's not: gold, honeyed petrol apricot stone D w minerals, drink soon http:///s/99975314
  • NatalieLuvsJess: The dragon fruit vitamin water drink is now my fave drink EVER! yumzaz! anybody else like the vit water drinks?
  • xsilentsmilerx: @NAT3OH3 I see you guys 1 week from tomorrow! :D :D you gotta let me and my friend @toxicjasey buy you a drink :)
  • AnaisAngelica: @QueenAllie Happy Mother's Day sweetie!!! Drink it up cuz you on baby #2 god bless your heart lol
  • Charmer9650: @pinklee22 no, I'm working and can't drink
  • WHYwoodEYElie: RT @SkyHighKhi_: RT @Karissyy: Capri suns ain't nothin but a tease <<< gotta at least drink two at a time... they be gone so quick lol
  • _dvdsom: portanto KD OS BONS DRINK
  • majaish: That's what you get when you drink on a Saturday... oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.
  • masterfoo1: Or for you to but me a drink
  • winlow: RT @Old_Strings: I don't drink to escape or forget but to retrieve repressed delusions.
  • Taylored_Renee: Up in tha studio me nd my drink
  • daPhunkyOne: Now at Hollywood and orange come see the walk of fame, and eat the stars food. Featuring specials all day. Choose a free drink Free fries w
  • su_trackstar_ac: 6 yr old kid "tony u think u can drink all that water?" "it takes time john, it takes time..." my ole wise ass lol
  • Dflow8732: As in i need a drink RT @YoWondaWoman: Go get u some ass then lol RT @Dflow8732: Thirsty
  • Nabis_maga1: Excuse me but i might drink a little bit more than i should tonight!
  • SoufKinani: RT @marlishh: @SoufKinani drink the pain away< ben nu al loesoe vraag @Tim_Pen
  • tonyhson: @Figarogirl enjoy your drink x
  • hanasyazreen: RT @isyazreena: Dont drink and drive but smoke weed and fly
  • PartyElena: @damon_selfish *ask for a whiskey and bourbon and start to drink my whiskey*
  • Gullystrvls: ith at this time. I stored the boat with the carcases of a hundred oxen, and three hundred sheep, with bread and drink proportionable, and
  • thomasmatthewJ: If you were on fire and I had water. . . I'd drink it.
  • LifeOfAmick: @VLU7 dehydrated, did you drink again last night
  • TaintedTyler: @MistakenMystery [Takes on a serious tone] Really. We can drink, or play pool, or dance. But not dance. [chuckles]

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