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  • Luthier Supplies. . Enter. HOME FUNNY STUFF. — “Luthier Supplies”,
  • Check Out eDuke—Three New Ways to Get the Latest Duke Information eDuke daily, which provides the latest material from Duke's Office of News and Information (this was formerly the Daily Dialogue). — “Dukenvironment Magazine -- Fall 2002”,
  • The most advanced Duke Nukem 3D port available anywhere. For Windows, Linux and OS X, supports OpenGL and has hundreds of new features. Come get some!. — “EDuke32 • Duke3D for Windows, Linux and OS X”,
  • Watch eduke shows and episodes on AOL Video. See the videos of all the eduke shows from AOL and its partners. — “eduke - AOL Video”,
  • Posted by eDuke at 11:51 AM. Incorruptible #7. I hope you can see these pics, I'm using OS X's ability to screen cap images from the website I grab the stuff at. I used to just download the image but they're doing this funky thing with merging. — “Dukeshire Webbing”,
  • [email protected] Lenny Laxer. [email protected] Tom D'Angelo. [email protected] [email protected] Mike Negri. [email protected] Post and Duplication. Richard Duke. — “All Mobile Video”,
  • Around May of 2003, not long after the release of the Duke Nukem 3D source code, Blood project manager Matt Saettler released the source for both EDuke 2.0, the version of EDuke released by 3D Realms, and EDuke 2.1, the test version of what was to become the next official EDuke release. — “Duke Nukem 3D - Anarchopedia”,
  • Currently, I'm focusing on the EDuke 2.1 version of TeamDUKE (version Until EDuke 2.1 is released, there may not be any more new versions of TeamDUKE being released for a while. — “Garjen V3 - TeamDuke - Update”,
  • EDuke allows greater flexibility and control for the large community of users making Total Conversions (TCs) EDuke for modern platforms. EDuke32 is a friendly fork of JFDuke3D, merging it with EDuke(Enhanced Duke Nukem 3D) to provide a multitude of features for mod authors not found in the original. — “Enhanced Duke Nukem 3D”,
  • The eDuke Scholarly Collection includes online access to twenty-nine Duke humanitites and social science journals. Access is available on and off campus to Ryerson University students, staff and faculty with a valid library card. — “Ryerson Library - eDuke Scholarly Collection Description”,
  • eBay My World for eduke. Read eduke's Reviews & Guides, blog, and eBay profile. — “eBay My World - eduke”,
  • So you would like to learn the nifty new programming language for EDuke? This is a derivative of Cyborg's detailed FAQ about EDuke and the original ConFaq made by Jonah Bishop. — “RTCM - Documents - EConFAQ”,
  • Running into a problem on at least JFD3D, Mapster, eDuke, and JF's BUILD. The problem is less pronounced in eDuke & Mapster; in that the threshold is a lot lower, and it is just extremely hard to be pixel-precise. — “[JFDuke3D/eDUKE] Impercise mouse controls”,
  • eduke32 is a port of duke3d. sources included. Name: eduke32-dingoo-r3-binary&source.tar. Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need. — “OpenHandhelds Dingoo File Archive - File Info - Home:Dingoo”,
  • Then I tried making a copy of my eduke directory (c:\games\duke3d eduke edition or something EDuke32 also looks for a CON named EDUKE.CON, which will override GAME.CON. — “Question about certain Mods (using eDuke) - Forums”,
  • eduke has not added any videos to his channel. eduke's Produced Videos. eduke's Favorite Videos. Enter your email to get daily video updates: Your Account. — “eduke's Channel at Metacafe”,
  • Tags: duke3d polymer poly lighting light eduke32 dukeplus hrp eduke. Polymer renderer for eduke32. Quick video of the polymer renderer made by Plagman for the eduke32 port. Tags: polymer polymost duke nukem 3d trailer eduke eduke32 duke nukem forever dnf duke3d. — “eduke Videos at Asiadog. eduke Free Videos”,
  • eduke's blog. Main Communities Menu. Cool Solutions. Novell Forums. PartnerNet. Developer. NUI eduke has not created any blog entries. Novell® Making IT Work As One™. — “eduke's blog | Novell User Communities”,
  • EDuke was a semi-official branch of Duke Nukem 3D that was released to the Internet as Duke Nukem 3D v2.0 by 3D Realms in 2000; While a few short-lived DOS based EDuke projects emerged, it was not until the release of EDuke32, an extended version of Duke3D incorporating. — “Duke Nukem 3D - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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  • eduke32 running on dingoo linux eduke32 running on the Dingoo A320 Linux, showing the following: * original Duke 3D Atomic * Duke64 Total Conversion * Starship Troopers Total Conversion * NAM (standalone build engine based game)
  • Eduke32 Jurassic Park TC vehicle gameplay
  • SOMETIMIENTO de la oreja pa ke c eduke CHISTOSO
  • EDuke32-Comparing the versions of Duke3D This is a short little video done over the course of two days of the different main versions of Duke Nukem 3D used with EDuke32, a modernized port of Duke Nukem 3D. I have the original played in OpenGL, The High Resolution Pack, and Duke+. Duke+ Doesn't do much graphically, but it adds a rediculous amount of features. Head on over to to pick this up, you'll need DUKE3D.GRP off of your install of Duke Nukem 3D to play. The HRP(Needed for Duke+) and Duke+ can be found via google.
  • Duke Nukem 3D - eDuke 32 - trilinear filtering Duke3D without Polymer option
  • Peter Lynn Escape 9m - Bonaire - Eduke de Boer I was lucky enough to become a PeterLynn team rider, so I went to Bonaire for 1 month. I brought the Escape 9m with me and this video is the summary of 1 month Bonaire! enjoy, tums up and share! :)
  • EdUKe The educational 3D game Eduke is a very useful application for all students who desire to learn English in a pleasant and funny way. At first the student has the possibility to personalise the player (boy or girl, wanted haircut, suitable clothes, skin colour, etc) then he/she takes a walk in "The First Realm of English". In each house from here the player is expected by an English-speaking friend, with an interesting mission.
  • Eduke Just showin off EDuke's high resolution pack. Dunno why the sound messed up though, I know it's a bit off. :/
  • Duke Nukem 3D: Eduke+High Resolution Pack An upgrade to good old Duke. Eduke32: High Resolution Pack:
  • Survival gameplay video This is a video of the Duke Nukem 3D (yeah, that 10 year old game that you could go to the bathroom in) Eduke32 mod 'Survival' It showcases some gameplay against close combat enemies, as well as some of the weapons you can use. It's all work in progress of course, but this video offers a good view of what Survival will be like when it's done. Even though I'm making the damn thing, I still like to think that for a 10 year old game we as a team haven't done a bad job. Of course, Thanks go to TerminX (, Jonof for JFDuke3D (if you want to play Duke3D in XP, look it up), 3DRealms for Duke Nukem itself and Ken Silverman for the Build engine. If you like the video, check out the meagre site at /jstanf35 and also AMC (A Duke Nukem site) at /amc.
  • - Polymer Renderer for Duke Nukem 3D - Now Available for Download! More Info & Download: I spent a long time creating this trailer, and hope you will all enjoy it! Thanks to Plagman for developing the amazing Polymer renderer, and thanks to TerminX for creating EDuke32 and giving me feedback on the development of this trailer. Thanks to Clint "phreakindee" Basinger for providing his vocal talent. Big thanks to all the people who worked on the HRP. Last but not least, thanks to Megatron for the fantastic Grabbag soundtrack. http http
  • Kitesurf paradise - Bonaire - Eduke Love is in the air
  • EDuke32 + HRP = Fun in HD A quick video of Duke Nukem 3D running EDuke32 and the High Rez Pack
  • Duke 3D Atomic Level 1 With Eduke Addon It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all outta gum! I am playing duke 3d atomic edition with the eduke addon which enhances everything in the game from audio, textures, sounds etc ( This is part 1, I may do other levels.
  • Polymer renderer for eduke32 Quick video of the polymer renderer made by Plagman for the eduke32 port. Showing of some per-pixel lighting, normal mapping parallax mapping and real-time shadows.
  • eduke splotch.avi
  • EDuke University
  • AllyTurrets in eDuke32.avi eduke.con have 121 lines of code and consists of basic blocks - find visible sprites with the definition of picnum (for example LIZTROOP), calculate minimum distance to sprite, calculate an angle to sprite and shoot code. Code can be rewriting for shoot to other Players in deathmatch with not shooting at the player who put the turret. Seems my turret works fine, but of course it have some restrictions - turret doesn't shoot to enemy which is behind windows. it's a "canseespr" command restriction
  • eDuke 32 with SVN HRP, SVN eDuke32, DukePlus [1080p] This is a video of my crappy gameplay in the first map of Duke Nukem 3D. I'm running the latest High Resolution Pack and eDuke32 nightlies (as of June 21), and I'm running the latest DukePlus (from his website). 1080p video. I have a GTX 260 with a Q6700 and 6GB of RAM. This is with all the settings turned up. I have enabled some extra cool options in Duke Plus. It still hesitates a little, so I might play with the settings.
  • Duke Nukem 3D with EDuke32 & Polymer Renderer (Hollywood Holocaust) Duke Nukem 3D with EDuke32 & Polymer Renderer playing the Hollywood Holocaust level at "Damn" I'm Good" difficulty level. Also has the High Resolution Pack installed. EDuke32: HRP:
  • - Duke Nukem 3D HRP v4 More information & downloads available at: http This is Beta footage running on EDuke 32 version "1.5.0devel 2008 1230" with a third party bloom lighting mod. The music, which is part of the large collection of high definition music that is accompanied with this version of the HRP, has been slightly sped up in order to stay in sync to the end of the video. The footage was recorded with Fraps at 30 FPS in 1280x720 (720p HD) resolution on an AMD 4200+ X2 machine with 2 GB ram and a 256 MB GeForce 7800 GT graphics card. All graphical settings are set to maximum, with detail textures enabled. The highlight of the new features included in this version of the HRP are--you guessed it--the strippers. Duke3D HRP v4 SVN #261 (2009-01-19) Maphacks Reloaded v4.0 (pre-release for this build) EDuke32 Music Pack v1.04 EDuke32 snapshot v1.5.0 (v2008-12-30)
  • EDuke32 & Polymer vs. FX5500 A little experiment I did to see how EDuke32 Polymer HRP would run on my old beaten up Athlon XP 2600+ with nVidia GeForce FX5500. I like the machine I ran this on but hate it at the same time, we've been through a lot me and that machine and it has kept running through fires, water and now a renderer that isn't supposed to work on it. I also mention a possible new channel.
  • eDuke Spot ACC Institutional Spot for Duke University eDuke news service directed and edited by Nayeli Garci-Crespo.
  • Duke3d eDuke32 Polymer Spotlight Demo Just a quick 30sec demo of my map "Tribute to Action 2" showing you use of the spotlight feature and some new poly textures. Polymer is still not released yet as there is a few more things to work out. A big Thanks to the makers of eduke32, The HR Pack, & Dukeplus & plagman, terminx, & deeperthought for giving me the tools to work with to make this, this wouldnt be possible without you guys, so keep up the good work! *thumbs up* http DUKE PLUS
  • Duke Nukem (EDuke & HRP) this is the old game duke nukem running on eduke & hrp, high resolution textures, proper 3d models & special effects, no more crappy 2d blocky graphics.
  • playable Velociraptor - gameplay - Jurassic Park TC - Eduke32 Jurassic Park TC
  • Eduke32 - DN3D mod based on old versions 0.99,1.0... my DN3D mod!! Based on olod versions of Duke Nukem 3D 0.99,1.0....!! Space Suit,Flametrhower and other things!!
  • EDuke32: WGR2 - Castle Demonhorn me playing wg realms 2. Download it here
  • Duke Nukem 3D | Hollywood Holocaust | Eduke32, Music Pack v2.0, HRP&Polymer (v4.2.054) Duke Nukem 3D | Hollywood Holocaust | Eduke32, Music Pack v2.0, HRP&Polymer (v4.2.054) Res:1280x720
  • Duke Nukem 3D - Mapster32 - How to create water Duke Nukem 3D - Mapster32 - How to create water A tutorial I made on how to create water using the level editor Mapster32 for Duke Nukem 3D that comes with EDuke32.
  • Duke Nukem 3D eDuke HRP High Res Texture Pack
  • XT Duke Nukem II Soundtrack - {Stage 1, 2, 3, 7} - Remix soundtrack by Xelteckon Duke Nukem 2 game by Apogee, original soundtrack by Robert Prince. Duke Nukem 3D by 3D Realms, Duke theme by Lee Jackson. Duke Nukem 3D gameplay footage captured by Xelteckon. Played with EDuke engine with HRP.
  • Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition - EDuke32 on Mac OSX Snowy Just a screen test to get my video un-pixelated and smooth after the abomination that was the DooM Legacy video. First Level - Hollywood Holocaust. Using the EDuke32 video options. Enjoy!
  • Duke Nukem 3D with EDuke32 & Polymer Renderer (Toxic Dump) Speed Run Duke Nukem 3D with EDuke32 & Polymer Renderer playing the Toxic Dump level at "Damn" I'm Good" difficulty. Also has the High Resolution Pack installed. EDuke32: HRP:
  • Eduke No 11 by Stephen
  • Risen3D - 3D models and HD new homemade textures 3D models and HD textures for Risen3D. This is me playing Plutonia Experiment (DOOM 2) with High Definition models and textures. Some textures are ramdomly homemade: Black Shotgun - Real Benelli M3 shotgun textures Chaingun - Old Chaingun model texture Black Pistol - Half-Life SD Beretta model Plasmagun - Homemade mod that makes the plasmagun be an flametrhower. Texture from DOOM 64 BFG-9000 - Old BFG model texture IMP - EDuke Nukem 3D (Atomic Edition) HD Models Pack trooper Mancubus - DOOM 64 texture Water/Slime/Lava/Dirty water - EDuke Atomic, too. Slime is from HD Doom barrel. Skybox - Eduke Atomic, but is only for DOOM 2 first map.
  • Eduke32 - Polymer render Sorry for screen ratio.... Here is a small map that I do to test the polymer render, several SE 50..
  • Duke Nukem 3D with EDuke32 & Polymer Renderer (Death Row) Speed Run Duke Nukem 3D with EDuke32 & Polymer Renderer playing the Death Row level at "Damn" I'm Good" difficulty. Also has the High Resolution Pack installed. EDuke32: HRP:

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  • “Stuff - Duke Nukem series - Forum - . Be sure to get eDuke and the Duke Nukem High Resolution Package for this game once you get it!”
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  • “Welcome to the Duke Nukem Repository, or DNR as we fondly call it - the #1 resource center for quality Duke 3D maps, utilities and assorted duke-related goodness”
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  • “Did yang drop support for eduke, and in future updates will this slave mode, but I think we're headed from a shift away from it anyway with the new EDuke”
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