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  • appliance efficiency, appliance regulations, appliance rulemaking, efficiency regulations, digital television adaptors, appliance efficiency database. — “California's Appliance Efficiency Program”, energy.ca.gov
  • Definition of efficiency in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of efficiency. Pronunciation of efficiency. Translations of efficiency. efficiency synonyms, efficiency antonyms. Information about efficiency in the free online English dictionary and. — “efficiency - definition of efficiency by the Free Online”,
  • efficiency n. , pl. , -cies . The quality or property of being efficient. The degree to which this quality is exercised: The program was implemented. — “efficiency: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • efficiency - definition of efficiency from : Comparison of what is actually produced or performed with what can be achieved with the same consumption of resources (money, time, labor, etc.). It is an important factor in. — “efficiency definition”,
  • Efficiency definition, the state or quality of being efficient; competency in performance. See more. — “Efficiency | Define Efficiency at ”,
  • Improve the home energy efficiency with Trane's lineup of energy efficient air conditioners, electric furnaces, air handlers, and clean air products. — “Air Conditioner, Heating & Home Energy Efficiency - HVAC”,
  • efficiency - definition of efficiency - How easily and inexpensively transactions can occur. — “efficiency Definition”,
  • Thus, economic efficiency is measured not by the relationship between the physical quantities of ends and means, but by the relationship between the value of the ends and the value of the means. Terms such as "technical efficiency" or "objective efficiency" are meaningless. — “Efficiency: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics | Library”,
  • Members of the Pew Center's project advisory committee discussed emerging issues and other next steps in corporate energy efficiency. The discussion was moderated by Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency, DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. — “Conference Recap | Pew Center on Global Climate Change: The”,
  • Fuel efficiency, converting energy in fuel to kinetic energy or work Lighting efficiency, visible light from a light source per unit of energy, in lumens per watt. — “Efficiency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Measuring Changes Over Time for Energy Usage and Efficiency in the United States EPACT promotes energy-efficiency programs such as building energy-efficiency standards, residential energy-efficiency ratings, and energy. — “World Energy Council 17th Congress”, eia.doe.gov
  • To accomplish more with fewer resources is efficiency. Instead of its being one time occurrence, it can become way of life. In that case, it becomes Skill in the individual capable of maturing into capacity, talent, and ability. In the community. — “Efficiency - Human Science - a Wikia wiki”,
  • Efficiency Manufacturers & Efficiency Suppliers Directory - Find a Efficiency Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Efficiency Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Efficiency-Efficiency Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters”,
  • We all use energy at home, at work, and on the road. So, we all need to get serious about our energy use, in order to help reduce waste, manage costs, grow our economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since energy efficiency costs a fraction. — “Energy Efficiency - Energy and Environmental Affairs”, mass.gov
  • Efficiency - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Efficiency”,
  • The National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency is a private–public initiative facilitated Improving energy efficiency is one of the most constructive and cost. — “Energy Efficiency | State and Local | US EPA”, epa.gov
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Because of her efficiency, we got all the work done in a few hours. — “Efficiency - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Encyclopedia article about Efficiency. Information about Efficiency in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. fuel efficiency, volumetric efficiency, economic efficiency, efficiency efficiency. — “Efficiency definition of Efficiency in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • Definition of efficiency from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of efficiency. Pronunciation of efficiency. Definition of the word efficiency. Origin of the word efficiency. — “efficiency - Definition of efficiency at ”,
  • Nonprofit coalition of business, government, environmental, and consumer leaders promoting efficient use of energy. Energy codes and standards set — and raise — the bar for energy efficiency in appliances, buildings and equipment. — “Alliance to Save Energy”,

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  • Bob and Joe: Energy Efficiency Is energy efficiency a challenge for your organization? Do you have to find alternate ways to save money, power and time? Why not watch this fun video and learn more about EMC's energy efficiency advantages. For more information:
  • Swimming - Freestyle - Discovering Efficiency Step 1 When many swimmers begin the quest to develop the most efficient freestyle, the initial focus seems to be on a low stroke count. However, the lowest stroke count is far from being the most efficient stroke.
  • Two concepts, one idea: Efficiency The 911 GT3 R Hybrid and the Cayenne S Hybrid both offer a fascinating perspective for the future of the sports car: high performance meets efficiency. Watch both cars during a test session in Le Castellet, Southern France.
  • Swimming - Freestyle - Discovering Efficiency Step 2 In our first of a short series on discovering efficiency, we started with counting strokes. With that as our basis, we're going to add a simple step to that focus point... speed. Understanding that speed will be calculated with our standard measurement in swimming, time.
  • 43. Pareto Efficiency and the Edgeworth Box In this video, I explain the idea of Pareto efficiency. I define the idea, and I illustrate it with a simple numerical example. In the last section of the video, I relate the discussion of Pareto efficiency to the Edgeworth Box. For a complete listing of videos from my series of tutorials, check out my video webpage: This video goes along with my textbook, "Intromediate Microeconomics" and it draws partially from some of the material in the supplement. Both the main textbook and its supplement are available for purchase at
  • CUSCO "efficiency of Strut bar / Lower arm bar" Strut bar / Lower arm bar will Reducing alinement flexing and improves body rigidity.
  • Efficiency Home Global Building Systems, Inc.
  • Efficiency in Tree Removal pt.1 Daniel Murphy 3 Tulip Removals Demonstration of large tree rigging and falling. Tree climber Patrick Epps removes large limbs. Shock loads are reduced by tying limbs and wood near their balance points while skillfully running of the ropes ensures heavy pieces run safely past the climber and swing smoothly into the rigging and stop the same way, minimizing shock load forces. Climber and groundman discuss and execute plan for roping and falling three 100'+ tulip trees seven hours. Murphy's Tree Service Wayne, PA 19087 (610) 688-3669 [email protected] For updates and new arborist training videos, remember to subscribe, and/or send an email address, I promise not to spam yer ass (no more than one email a month)
  • Excel Formula Efficiency 1: SUMPRODUCT function 12 Examples Learn about the basics of SUMPRODUCT function and why some people use double negative and why other use times one. Learn theses important points: 1.When using the SUMPRODUCT function and multiple criteria, see how multiplying by one is more flexible than the double negative 2.When using the SUMPRODUCT function and multiple criteria, see how using double negative will not yield an error when text is in the data range but multiplying by one will yield an error (double negative can handle text) 3.When using the SUMPRODUCT function and multiple criteria, see how using double negative is sometimes faster than multiplying by one Learn how to speed up slow calculating spreadsheets with formulas that calculate faster. See many methods to speed up your spreadsheet decrease the amount of time it takes for the formulas to calculate. The tricks you see are from a White Paper called Improving Performance in Excel 2007. In this video series you will see tricks for both Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. Many of the large formulas in this series involve multi-conditional multiple criteria calculations that slow down the spreadsheet (worksheet, workbook).
  • Efficiency Without Compromise With energy consumption and costs rising, energy efficiency has become a major concern for data center operators and managers, but energy represents only a slice of data center lifecycle costs. The challenge is to lower costs while maintaining or improving availability. Emerson Network Power is helping organizations meet this challenge through Efficiency Without Compromise, which provides a flexible path for optimizing data center infrastructure design, operating and management efficiencies, all with an eye toward availability. For more information, visit .
  • The New AdSense Interface: Greater Efficiency to Manage your Account Find out how the new AdSense interface is designed to make the process of managing your account more efficient.
  • Part 1: Windows From Clean Install To Efficiency Part 2: Part 3: Also checkout to remove bundled demo/trial/shareware software that comes with new computers Here's the text file Update windows without running windows update Tweak software www.x- Foldersize service Browsers Firefox Extensions Tab mIx plus Site Advisor Ad Block Customize Google Tiny Menu Update Java/directx/flash Compression Software www.7- Free Alternative to Perfect Disk (defragmenter) Block ads with the hosts file %%howto
  • Mercedes-Benz.tv: Sensual Efficiency. The New CLS. Why you should never confuse GreenEfficiency with BlueEfficiency, you will see in the following ad! See more on www.mercedes-/cls
  • Propulsion Efficiency - Sixty Symbols Jet engines and water-powered rockets feature in this fun video from Sixty Symbols. More films at
  • "The Lucy Show" Lucy and the Efficiency Expert (1966) 1/3 "The Lucy Show" Lucy and the Efficiency Expert With guest star Phil Silvers. Original Air Date: 12 December 1966 (Season 5, Episode 13)
  • Composite Materials Improve Efficiency Research projects from the University of Bath and the University of Plymouth demonstrate that composite materials are being used to work towards a more efficient future. For example, composites are vital for the aerospace industry where wings can be constructed to change shape in flight, making better use of flying conditions and drastically improving fuel efficiency. Also, in the renewable energy sector, composites are essential for the manufacture of turbine blades which need to be light, strong and durable. From the creation of renewable energy to the next generation of air travel, composites have the ability to transform our world.
  • Carnot Efficiency 2: Reversing the Cycle Seeing how we can scale and or reverse a Carnot Engine (to make a refrigerator)
  • BASF Video: Energy efficiency -- The World in 2030 Energy efficiency is the most important single future source of energy to supply the growing energy demand and to protect the climate. Being energy efficient in industry, mobility and housing will offer the biggest potential to use energy more efficient. Just through energy efficiency and with already existing technologies it's possible to curb our predicted increasing global energy demand and thus the CO2-emissions by the year 2030 significantly. In this special video edition of our podcast "Chemistry of Innovations" you will learn how energy efficiency helps to protect the climate.
  • 3.1 - Competitive Market Efficiency (1 of 2) based on the textbook "Microeconomics for MBAs"
  • The Real Story on Fuel Economy January 7, 2009 lecture by Lee Schipper for the Woods Energy Seminar (ENERGY301). In his talk "When the Rubber Hits the Road: The Real Story on Fuel Economy in the US and other Developed Countries, with Implications for Developing Asia," Schipper discusses better and more realistic fuel economy options in the US and other industrialized nations. The Woods Energy Seminar is an interdisciplinary series of talks primarily by Stanford experts on a broad range of energy topics. Lee Schipper is a Senior Research Engineer at the Precourt Institute for Energy Efficiency at Stanford University. Woods Institute for the Environment woods.stanford.edu Stanford Channel on YouTube:
  • Efficiency of a Carnot Engine Definition of efficiency for a heat engine. Efficiency of a Carnot Engine.
  • ?Time Efficiency? For more Brian Tracy content, visit:
  • Driving Energy Efficiency in the Datacenter AMD launches new energy efficient Quad-Core AMD Opteron HE processors, addressing the number one challenge of datacenter managers.
  • This Heat: Health and Efficiency Experimental Video and Super 8 film are combined in a video originally produced in 1985.
  • 3.1 - Competitive Market Efficiency (2 of 2) based on the textbook "Microeconomics for MBAs"
  • 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply Efficiency (NCIX Tech Tips #60) In this episode of NCIX Tech Tips, Linus will take a look at how much money you could have saved from your energy bills by switching to an OCZ Z-Series 850W 80 Plus Gold certified power supply from a older non 80 Plus certified power supply. You'll be amazed how much you can save and the time it takes for the power supply to paid off itself especially in area like California where energy rates are rocket high. Enjoy!
  • Terry Tate office efficiency booster: first episode A 2003 US commercial for Reebok. Office productivity recipe. Number 56 ! More commercials : .. All rights reserved. For all inquiries on commercial use of above video, please mail to [email protected]
  • Carnot Efficiency 3: Proving that it is the most efficient Proving that a Carnot Engine is the most efficient engine
  • 27. Deadweight Loss and The Efficiency Criterion This video demonstrates the concept of deadweight loss as an application of the efficiency criterion. I consider two cases: a per-unit tax, and a per-unit subsidy. Why does a per-unit tax create deadweight loss, and how do I identify it on a supply and demand graph? Why does a per-unit subsidy create DWL even though it is a "negative tax"? This video answers these questions using the efficiency criterion. *Pareto efficiency is a different concept than the one employed in this video, but it is related. I may address this relationship in a future video.
  • Pro Series High Efficiency Wood Gasification Boiler - Customer Testimonial Love to heat with wood? Don't know how to operate a wood furnace, but would like to? Wondering where to find a high efficiency hydronic wood boiler or a high efficiency gasification furnace? Looking for an eco-friendly heating option? Want the option of an indoor boiler or an outdoor wood furnace? Then look no further! In this video a happy customer describes his success with the Empyre Pro Series high efficiency wood gasification boilers from Pro-Fab Industries. He talks about efficiency, operation, setup, and maintenance. He uses a Pro Series 200 boiler to heat his house and garage and a Pro Series 100 to heat his shop and tack room. For more information on Pro Series wood gasification furnaces, visit .
  • High Efficiency Cataract Surgery by Dr. Shawn Cohen, McGill University, Montreal Clear Cornea cataract surgery 4.5 minute video, unedited, with Acrysof IQ lens insertion. This video demonstrates Dr. Shawn Cohen's high efficiency cataract surgery technique with his development of the 3-way initial cracking of the nucleus and "sideways phaco" technique, as well as the "momentum" cortex removal technique. These techniques are especially useful for weak zonules, as in pseudoexfoliation and trauma.
  • Part 2: Windows From Clean Install To Efficiency Part 1: Part 3: Here's the text file VLC Player MPC (Real alternative) www.free- VLC skins CCCP Codec Pack cccp- Instant Messengers www.pidgin.im www.miranda- www.cerule...
  • Let's Talk Energy Efficiency Science gurus Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman reach enlightenment when a laptop saves the day.
  • Leatherman Squirt P4: Sub-compact Efficiency The Squirt can handle most everyday tool taskings. Other Squirt models, as of 2008, include the E4 (wire strippers) and the S4 (scissors version). For me, the P4 is the most useful with it tiny pliers, pen blade, flat bladed drivers, file (cool!) and wonderful punch awl (all MTs should have this!). But this 2.0 oz sub-compact MT does have some limitations: don't expect the pliers to have great metal cutting or torque capabilities. Blame Isaac Newton as it's just a function of the Squirt's tiny size. As far as tiny MTs go, this is the best.
  • Fallkniven A1: Compact Efficiency The A1 is just 14 oz but sports a nearly 1/4" thick blade. From my other "clinic" videos, I've demonstrated how such a thicker blade makes wilderness tasks easier, expending less energy. This is a huge advantage of this compact survival knife that few others possess. Other great features of the A1 include: laminated VG10 steel that will serve well in high moisture areas (and CeraCoated in black), a comfortable handle, full tang that can deliver defensive impacts, a convex grind, a good Kydex (now Zytel) sheath, and a reasonably price for such a high quality blade. This is the type of knife that disproves the oft-heard custom knife maker criticism that says production blades suck. A limitation of the design is its 6.3" blade which for me is on the short side for a wilderness blade. However often weight and size are very important and our system needs will prevent carrying a larger, heavier blade. In those situations this Fallkniven A1 is ideal and it will serve admirably as both a wilderness or tactical fixed blade. Improvements could include a quick detach method for the sheath, a longer handle (by just 1/2"), and maybe one day a full flat grind :-). Also please NOTE that I had reports on the brittleness of this laminated VG1 steel and ("mtbaddict" has his A1's tip break off) it seems you'll trade off some toughness for increased rust resistance. Still, the A1 is a capable blade and compact in dimensions, that can serve you well in the woods. SAFETY NOTE: These videos ...
  • Variable speed pool pump efficiency test Pool Technicians 760-323-5559 We are a swimming pool repair company located in the Coachella Valley Palm Springs area of California. We built a test tank to compare performance and efficiency of a Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pump to a standard single speed pool pump.
  • Bloom Energy's CEO talks technology, efficiency In an exclusive Fresh Dialogues interview, Bloom Energy CEO, KR Sridhar answers the questions: Is Bloom Energy's fuel cell a zero pollution product? How is it a bridge to the future and how can it become the gas station of tomorrow? Check out more exclusive interviews at Fresh Dialogues Channel For a transcript of the full interview go to and click on the transcripts tab. Next week's video interview: Part II - Bloom Energy's road map, team, pricing and why KR thinks the company will become number one. Alison van Diggelen was one of the first journalists to be invited into the Bloom Energy Headquarters in Silicon Valley. This interview was recorded on September 30, 2009. Read transcripts and see photos at and join the conversation at http
  • Dangerous Power FX efficiency I just shot 11 pods of paint through my FX. I used a 68/4500 tank that was filled to 4000 psi. EDIT: I took the marker to my pro shop after I made this video, put it on the chrono, and it was shooting 305-312 fps.
  • Judo - Efficiency A eficiência do Judô
  • Law 270.6 - Lecture 10 - Demand Side Management: Energy Efficiency Class 10: Demand Side Management: Energy Efficiency - March 20, 2008. Includes discussion into energy efficiency, demand response, and the institutional options for delivery of energy efficiency.
  • The new 911 Turbo S - Efficiency demands Performance. Charged. With the 911 Turbo we showcased what is technically feasible. Nevertheless, there is always more that can be achieved. Thats why weve developed the 911 Turbo S and given it that little bit extra. Find out more about the new 911 Turbo S:
  • Innovation2: New Post: Modified virus used to significantly boost solar cell efficiency http://bit.ly/l1oB0r
  • Celayix: Download an excellent report "Workforce Scheduling 2011: Automation Drives Accuracy, Efficiency and Business Outcomes": http://bit.ly/dGTaow
  • cmiller237: Steps to Improve #Energy Efficiency in #Datacenters - Guest Column on DCK by Pete Sacco of PTS Data Center Solutions http://ow.ly/4J2gB
  • winotia: There's a thin line between efficiency & assumptions of affordable. When u're 'drunk', u don't even know the hassle.
  • MyHijau: Singapore's government is pushing for increased energy efficiency measures from both manufacturing facilities and... http://fb.me/X0ucRSuK
  • fadjroel: RT @rockypairunan: Kompetisi u Inovator/Wirausahawan Muda di Energy Efficiency, Sust Design,Transprt & Waste Management -> http://bit.ly/lqTXCH cc @fadjroel
  • DelphiaStenberg: Leaky Can Lights - How to Fix Them and Save Energy (And Money!) http://bit.ly/inpKt3
  • SolarPowerUSA: This is what we call energy efficiency! http://fb.me/WfoJ0bfo
  • Daeg0r: Freaking clever! RT @freedominguez there are a couple of people in my phone that are listed First Name: Dont Last Name: Answer #efficiency
  • WrkngFamilies: Energy Efficiency Businesses Call for On-Bill Financing: On April 27, New York’s home performance contractors — ... http://bit.ly/lbJgNX
  • gyrfalcon2138: @catybike03 Just been feeling like crap the past week, probably working at about 50% my usual efficiency.
  • ClarityK: New blog post Kitchen Clarity: New Lightbulbs from GE - bright ideas for energy efficiency http:///?p=8172
  • NRDCSwitchboard: NRDC in the News: Lightbulb efficiency, protections for air and water, rising gas prices and more.... http://bit.ly/mmGfql
  • freedominguez: there are a couple of people in my phone that are listed First Name: Dont Last Name: Answer #efficiency
  • Dedejqs: Keys to Success - Personal Efficiency Revisted by Bc Forbes: If you haven't achieved the level of success that y... http://bit.ly/gvcScH
  • LeonardoENERGY: Myspace achieves energy efficiency with storage upgrade http://ow.ly/1corix
  • madamenergy: @mehulkar - check out Phononic Devices. Recovering waste heat, increasing energy efficiency, working smarter, all awesome things in my book.
  • RMoore: @iGreenBuild Check out the energy efficiency of Facebook's massive new datacenter in Oregon: http://scoble.it/ebhzCS
  • HeatherTowns: From the blog: : I forced 80 accountants to listen to a 60 minute presentation without any slides... http://bit.ly/dUvHJk
  • LarisaThorma321: Zalman ZM770-XT Modular Power Supply Unit: Solid Capacitors for Reinforced Stability. 88% Maximum efficiency. 8... http://amzn.to/mJGe7y
  • daisykubrick: UA loses bid to get National Solar Observatory HQ: The UA had also played up the efficiency of keeping the NSO i... http://bit.ly/ipYQGJ
  • MrWolftown: Tacoma Utility volunteers bring safety, efficiency to 2 local homes: Improvements include installing efficient w... http://bit.ly/mvMTx0
  • BulgariaNieuws: New energy efficiency credit line for Bulgaria: http://bit.ly/ms1tBG http://aepiot.ro/real-time/Bulgaria
  • staayyyle: Photo: graphiceverywhere: http:///xpn2b3japy
  • Carydc: The Power to Tax Destroys Freedom, Prosperity and Market Efficiency http://goo.gl/fb/DNuP7 #DESTROYCAPITOLISM
  • Eddieq00: So the light bulb in my easy bake oven finally went out. These new energy efficiency bulbs are just not cutting it @amylovespenguin
  • mvmeech: European energy efficiency champions announced http://wp.me/p1inuD-a2
  • CandaceWasinger: Quality Control - For Efficiency of Dietary Supplements http://bit.ly/ju2wvl
  • RegioFora_WA: Tacoma Utility volunteers bring safety, efficiency to 2 local homes: More than 85 Tacoma Publi... http://bit.ly/k4O9J7 #Tacoma #News #US
  • carinsuranceok: Aircraft Fuel Efficiency ? What’s In The Future? http://bit.ly/kEdkXJ
  • Home_Energy1: Home Energy Efficient: "Energy Efficiency Lighting": http://su.pr/1lgaAt #news #green #eco friendly #energy #california #recycle #florida
  • Sourcews_World: New energy efficiency credit line for Bulgaria: http://bit.ly/ms1tBG
  • radiosandino: With the central slogan: Unity, productivity and efficiency, will be develop the parade of this May 1 in the... http://fb.me/QEjAv8QO
  • mittelstandcafe: DGAP-News: New iPWER(TM) High-Efficiency 1200W Aspiro(TM) Rectifier Released With Aspiro Front Access Platform http://dlvr.it/Q2t0r
  • Home_Energy1: Home Energy Efficient Guide:"The Use Of Appliances 4 Energy Efficiency!" http://su.pr/4XnIXM #green #eco friendly #energy #frugal #diy #home
  • Jamal_Bat: @NaelKhleifat v true. Adding to that more often than none excess-workforce decreases efficiency. Zayed akho el-nages kinda situation.
  • tinygreencar: USA Today interview today. People will most likely think I got this car to get attention. No, I really did it for the energy efficiency.
  • lpainc: Efficiency Is Sustainability http://nblo.gs/he277
  • fibergeneration: Sneak peek: home energy efficiency monitoring http://bit.ly/m8uO5l
  • NaelKHLEIFAT: @Jamal_Bat Gov. can function at the same efficiency (or lack thereof) with 20% or its current force. Why the liability then?
  • greenwebhost_: #webhost #webhosting The Efficiency of Green Web Hosting. » Quick Announce: There are many ... http://bit.ly/kOqOcS #greenwebhosting #ab
  • DaphineGilden: How to Make a Reader Vomit From the Ride - Efficiency and Pacing in Writing: Sentence Level http://bit.ly/iUPoIb
  • changents: RT @3BLMedia: Verizon has a new way of tracking its footprint, sets goal of increasing carbon efficiency by 15%. http://bit.ly/kjxLnO #CSR
  • BellaDandB: We work hard to conceive the best possible solutions for every design problem, with attention to time and cost, efficiency and aesthetics.
  • healthinsu: Quality Control - For Efficiency of Dietary Supplements http://bit.ly/jeK0HN
  • Profit_Coach: Efficiency of digital marketing leads Pepto to cut television budgets http://bit.ly/jt5Hc8
  • PeterPorteous: RT @3blmedia: Verizon has a new way of tracking its carbon footprint, sets goal of increasing carbon efficiency by 15%. http://bit.ly/kjxLnO #CSR
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  • verizonbusiness: Carbon Intensity Metric = Electricity + Building Fuels + Vehicle Fuels divided by total terabytes of data. #Verizon http://ow.ly/4Jg57
  • tunaboy84: I think pursuing efficiency is not always right.
  • sustybooks: Top #Sustainability Book: Foundation of Green IT: Consolidation, Virtualization, Efficiency, and ROI in the Dat... http://amzn.to/iUL6RI
  • greenplanet11: Fairfax County Public Schools estimates an annual energy savings of $4.5 million from energy efficiency improvements.
  • enricramos: Interesting: Improving Reporting Efficiency and Relevance #seo #google #seomoz http://tiny.ly/pLHu
  • Americapd53: Efficiency-Improving Innovations in Social Care of the Elderly: http://amzn.to/jGRbCZ
  • leighdevaney: Nice move #mazda cashing in on hiroshima an appropriate time after fukushima! Japanese efficiency at its best in #advertising
  • TammyQuigley: @khrystena I do, I do! Unfortunately it's the low efficiency model #WillBeAtThisForHoursAtThisRate
  • FisherKiaHonda: can you say Soul-power in Korean? me neither, but the Soul does have more power... http://fb.me/zRvccuGr
  • AtomHustler: There is an efficiency for rent in my back yard, small but nice and everything is included!, let me know..
  • 3blmedia: Verizon has a new way of tracking its carbon footprint, sets goal of increasing carbon efficiency by 15%. http://bit.ly/kjxLnO #CSR
  • BoroLibDems: What we WOULD do: Support programme of replacing sodium lamps with LED high efficiency bulbs throughout the city - http://ow.ly/4I56J
  • evolveplus: Verizon Develops New Metric to Accurately Measure Company's Carbon Efficiency as Broadband, IP, Wireless and Video ... http://qsr.li/iO2
  • cashisking0242: QC General Listings | Listings under Energy Savings - Energy ...: Energy Savings - Energy Efficiency has (7) com... http://bit.ly/lz9ZXr
  • laptoplab: HOT! FSP 400W 120mm FAN, Active PFC, SATA X 3, PCI-E , 78-80% Efficiency: http://bit.ly/lVw9I8 More @ www.1pc.co.il
  • laptoplab: HOT! FSP 300W 60HCN 120mm Fan A.PFC Satax2, 78-80% Efficiency Retail: http://bit.ly/m1iQ9c More @ www.1pc.co.il
  • bgmerrell: Looking for #fluxbox and #vim tips to maximize keyboard efficiency & minimize clutter. I suffer from clutter and too much mouse use.
  • cbenitez060672: http://lnkd.in/tRHxxS The question is how to evaluate the efficiency of METROLOGISTS?, expected results?, the question is unclear, but...
  • Leksite18: @iDefineTruth the efficiency of a machine cannot be 100%
  • evejpchen: New back-office solutions reduce paperwork, boost efficiency and improve compliance for HR, accounting and travel reim…http://lnkd.in/3CZPff
  • DaltonBarberio: Phosphate itself is important for root development and water efficiency By http://is.gd/ophi3pr RT
  • EACcouk: RT @SustainableNet : E.ON launches scheme to bring solar power to 15000 UK homes - Energy Efficiency News http://bi... http://bit.ly/m0slkh
  • LaneFrashure: Phosphate itself is important for root development and water efficiency By http://is.gd/ophi3pr RT
  • PottsRecommend0: Modified virus has been used to significantly boost solar cell efficiency "Is this a good thing or bad thing?"
  • 4u2com: 4u2 Post: Which of the following is not an economic efficiency of e-commerce? http://j.mp/lfPTii
  • europeunitedkin: Hospital efficiency target rockets (Financial Times) http://feedzil.la/l28zgh
  • geoexchange: Pressure tank size and efficiency: Hello, I have been an lurker on this site for some time and from the advice I have http://bit.ly/kCAh4q
  • bu_serfg: Ground source promises to deliver the best year. Employing tweaks to improve the efficiency of air source heat p... http://bit.ly/m3RISA
  • SMSuurmeijer: Viruses improve solar-cell conversion efficiency: http://bit.ly/h0of0F (via @KurzweilAINews )
  • Joyeg63: Paperless Joy: The ultimate guide on how to boost efficiency and productivity, eliminate the clutter and gain fo... http://bit.ly/ii46rV
  • GreenCogEU: From the US: California’s energy innovation: New session announced for upcoming Summit on Energy Efficiency http://tiny.ly/pbkL
  • benarchibald: Ruthless Tory efficiency brought you the results of this two day count. #No2AV
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  • TimProvise: @BeesMcCabe The suns were sixth in offensive efficiency under Terry Porter (2008-2009) but then 1st under Gentrys
  • allimax32: Stop-start technology to boost Buicks' fuel efficiency | | The Detroit News: http://bit.ly/lLwT59 , this is good !
  • TryBPO: Technology can greatly improve communication with an offshore team http://bit.ly/13wIO5
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  • “On the heels of President Obama’s Oval Office speech marrying the BP oil spill with American’s fossil fuel dependency, energy cognoscenti gathered in Washington to discuss the state of play on the most near-term, cost-effective step”
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