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  • Eidetic Film brings visceral interactive digital media experiences to the Internet by combining creative web design, custom interactive movie interface design, and traditional filmmaking ethic with progressive media theory. — “Eidetic Film”,
  • The Eidetic image is a bright, lively picture seen in the mind much like a movie image or a f ilm strip. Through the Eidetic image, one can re-experience a life event with all of its basic elements intact: the visual image (I), the physical and emotional feelings associated. — “Leslie J. Dagnall: Eidetic Imagery Training Center”,
  • eidetic (comparative more eidetic, superlative most eidetic) Pertaining to a memory or mental image of perfect clarity, as though actually visible; or to a person able to see such memories. 1979, Kyril Bonfiglioli, After You with the Pistol, Penguin 2001, p. 276: Funny that I should remember it?. — “eidetic - Wiktionary”,
  • Eidetic memory is the aSbility of our memory to store all the details of a picture so that one can reproduce it without errors. Eidetic memory puzzle, you free time companion, is a small and nice brain-twister, which will entertain and tease your mind in an pleasurable manner. — “eidetic memory puzzle game enhance memory and learning ability”,
  • Eidetic Imagery: Raising More Questions than Answers. Anna Arnaudo. Imagine being able to memorize an entire sheet of Russian vocabulary, a list of math equations, or the window arrangement on a large building just by observing it for a few seconds. — “Eidetic Imagery: Raising More Questions than Answers”, serendip.brynmawr.edu
  • The Eidetic Document Management System is an open source document management system (DMS) written in Perl and using MySQL for storing metadata about documents. Key features include: Project-oriented grouping of folders & documents. Keeps old revisions for administrative resurrection. — “Eidetic Document Management System”,
  • An eidetic image is one that, for the subject, reputedly bears remarkable stimulus-like properties. The subject claims to LITERALLY SEE, in exceptional detail, an image of some recently-seen object. Although the image is "mental" it appears to be in physical space. — “eidetic image”,
  • Definition of eidetic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of eidetic. Pronunciation of eidetic. Translations of eidetic. eidetic synonyms, eidetic antonyms. Information about eidetic in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. eidetics. — “eidetic - definition of eidetic by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of eidetic in the Medical Dictionary. eidetic explanation. Information about eidetic in Free online English dictionary. What is eidetic? Meaning of eidetic medical term. What does eidetic mean?. — “eidetic - definition of eidetic in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Eidetikers (people with eidetic memory) can look at a picture and then describe it in Eidetic imagery, Eidetic memory, photographic memory, or total recall is the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with extreme. — “Eidetic Memory”,
  • Eidetic definition, of, pertaining to, or constituting visual imagery vividly experienced and readily reproducible with great accuracy and in great detail. See more. — “Eidetic | Define Eidetic at ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of EIDETIC : marked by or involving extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall especially of visual images — ei·det·i·cal·ly\-ti-k(ə-)lē. — “Eidetic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Eidetic or photographic memory is popularly defined as the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with extreme accuracy and in abundant volume. Eidetic memory as observed in children is typified by the ability of. — “Eidetic memory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • eidetic adj. Of, relating to, or marked by extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall of visual images. — “eidetic: Definition from ”,
  • Eidetic Technology Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Information Technology services solutions and providers with proven expertise across technologies. Eidetic Technology vision is to be the preferred supplier of communications software,. — “Eidetic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.| Placement Solutions | Job”,
  • Eidetic imagery, Eidetic memory, photographic memory, or total recall is the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with extreme accuracy and in abundant volume. The word eidetic (pronounced /aɪˈdɛtɨk/) means related to. — “Eidetic imagery - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Welcome to Eidetic.biz. Digital Atelier and Portfolio :: Designer. [email protected] 415 776-3329. Caffeinated Version (Flash) Decaf Version (HTML). — “:: Welcome to Eidetic::”, eidetic.biz
  • Eidetic memory puzzle is a small and nice brain-twister, playing which you could while away your free time in a pleasant manner. Eidetic - The ability to keep in mind a lot of visual non - associated information is very important in our life. — “eidetic memory game”,
  • Eidetic Software, company developing software for apple computers, iPhone and iPod touch. — “Eidetic Software”,
  • Nanette Tashnek, is an Eidetic Imagery Practitioner and Trainer certified through The International Imagery Association (IIA) Nanette has presented programs using Eidetic Imagery methods at numerous public speaking engagements in a wide variety of settings including health. — “Welcome to Eidetic Imagery Houston”,

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  • Eidetic Imagery Video Tip "Being Successful at Innovation" Wendy Yellen Sept 10, 2010 What gets in YOUR way when you want to go BEYOND your current level of success? Take an experiential look at what might be holding you back.
  • Ed Marlo's Eidetic Change My attempt at Ed Marlo's Eidetic Change. This is something I would do only for the camera. Just having fun.
  • Humanoid - Passages Part 1 (Eidetic Memory) Artist: Humanoid Song: Passages Part 1 (Eidetic Memory) Album: Remembering Universe Date: 2008
  • Eidetic Imagery July 2 Tip Wendy Yellen Are you practicing being like your parents? (And is that really what you want to do?)
  • Favorite Shape Triangle -- Eidetic (2007) Filmed at Harvard, March 2001. Shot and edited by Aaron Ruffcorn. "Eidetic" is from Favorite Shape Triangle's self-titled album -- released August 2007.
  • Wendy Yellen Eidetic Imagery Transformation Acceleration How to get to the top of the list for $10000 worth of Bonus Coaching - expires Friday!
  • Morphogenesis and Eidetic History A proto-evolutionary theory of morphogenesis through visual-psychogenic processes (eidetics)
  • Working harder than you want to? Eidetic Imagery Video Tip Jan 21 2011 Wendy Yellen When money (or success) and playfulness are separate, that is when there is danger. Danger of burnout, or over-worrying or working way too hard. Or, danger of exclusively playing and not being responsive to your big dreams.
  • How the Body Works: Can you see eidetic images ? How the Body Works
  • Break through hidden success barriers! Eidetic Imagery Video Tip Feb 4, 2011 Experience deep obstacles that are in your consciousness about money. And...move through them in these unique, cutting edge Money and Success Trigger Eidetic Images.
  • Eidetic Imagery Success Blueprint Tip Wendy Yellen October 15, 2010 An image with a wallop! House Image shows you the most basic places inside you that stop you from going forward, and also points the way towards YOUR solution. /maker
  • Eidetic Imagery Success Blueprint Tip "Heart to Heart Talk" Oct 8, 2010 Wendy Yellen Wake up! You're in there! Really!
  • Solo Project- Video Eidetic This was in between Lockout and, Zelzik
  • Eidetic Seeing "Deep Falafel Prophet" (Part 2) Live at Tommy's Tavern Brooklyn /eideticseeing [email protected]
  • Eidetic Seeing "Hebrew Scrabble" Live (Part One) Live at Don Pedro's 9/6/09 Contact/Booking: [email protected] /eideticseeing
  • Benefit Ball 2010 by Eidetic Imaging.mp4 Photography by Eidetic Imaging
  • Eidetic Imagery Ezine June 18 Is your life "on hold" without your realizing it?
  • Eidetic Imagery Video Tip: Creating Success December 10,2010 Wendy Yellen The first of 17 Money Model Eidetic Images - this one focuses on where you are stuck creating money and/or success, and gives you a very penetrating view of what is going on inside you around money and success.
  • Eidetic Seeing "Deep Falafel Prophet" (Part 1) Live at Tommy's Tavern Brooklyn /eideticseeing [email protected]
  • PSST! 2 Films 01 BUBBLE EIDETIC SPINDROME from /index.html
  • [Eidetic Memory] - What is it? Do you have one? Most people have heard about individuals who can remember long lists of numbers, equations and pages of text while observing them for a only few minutes. These individuals are said to have photographic memories or eidetic memory. In the strictest sense, eidetic memory means having the capability of remembering detailed information about a complex image with great accuracy. These individuals are able to recall mental images in their minds as if they were looking at a photograph. This type of memory is highly controversial and if it exists is extremely rare in the population. Most of us are visual in our learning and in fact it is our strongest sense as humans however, this is not eidetic memory. For more information visit http
  • Röyksopp - Tricky Tricky (Eidetic Response Mix) FOR •. ٠•˙·˙·٠• ♥ Irene ♥ ஜ ~lyrics~ 6 afraid of 7, cause 7 8 9 I'm about to lose it a second time Staring at the wall, hour after hour Running up and down, over and over It's tricky tricky, this little 1 2 Well if it is a lunatic we'll name it after you Put it in your pocket, and pick it up We're here to entertain, show them what you've got 6 afraid of 7 cause 7 8 9 I'm afraid of losing the pieces I find If I was created equal, is this what I get A bunch of stories to interpret Ready to rock it, like rock n roll You are the flower in glittering gold Sleeping in the palm, the palm of my hand They show you who to follow, it looks like a man 6 afraid of 7 cause 7 8 9 I'm about to lose it a second time Staring at the wall, hour after hour Running up and down, over and over Ready to rock it, like rock n roll You are the flower in glittering gold Sleeping in the palm, the palm of my hand They show you who to follow, it looks like a man It's tricky tricky, this little 1 2 Well if it is a lunatic, we'll name it after you Put it in your pocket, and pick it up We're here to entertain, show them what you got Ready to rock it, like rock n roll You are the flower in glittering gold Sleeping in the palm, the palm of my hand They show you who to follow, it looks like a man It looks like a man...
  • table pin, eidetic change, picking off the pip color changes 2 changes invented by crispin sartwell,ed marlo, dai vernon. look for "color change: the arcane art of transfiguration (with playing cards)"
  • In the studio with Eidetic Behind the scenes of their new album UNGALA
  • Autechre Eidetic Casein silver rmx Acid Doraemon present Autechre Eidetic Casein Silver rmx
  • Autechre - Eidetic Casein Autechre - Eidetic Casein autechre.ws Buy here: Label: Warp Records Catalog#: warpcd128 Format: CD, Album Country: UK Released: 30 Apr 2001 Genre: Electronic Style: Abstract, IDM, Experimental Credits: Mastered By - Frank Arkwright Producer - Ae* Written-By - Brown* , Booth* Notes: Published by Warp Music \Electric and Musical Industries. P and C 2001 Warp Records Limited. Barcode: 5021603128125 Made In England As with some other Autechre releases on Warp, this album was assigned a catalogue number that was significantly ahead of the normal sequence (ie WARPCD127 and WARPCD129 weren't released until February and March 2005 respectively).
  • Eidetic Imagery Breakthroughs! Program Wendy Yellen Are you tired of efforting and trying to remember to be a certain way? The Eidetic Imagery Breakthroughs! Program is designed to help you move through the crust of YOUR history so you can make an even bigger difference in the world! /breakthroughsprogram
  • S3E04 05 Sheldon's Eidetic Memory Sheldon has an Eidetic memory.
  • EIDETIC BUSH multimedia installation "EIDETIC BUSH" by Andrea Morucchio Plimsoll Gallery, Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart, Australia 28.03_16.04 2003 curated by Noel Frankham [performance, video sound installation, presented as main show of the 2003 Alcorso Italian Artist in Residence] [performance, installazione audio video, presentata come mostra principale del 2003 Alcorso Italian Artist in Residence] Eidetic Bush is a visual sound installation incorporating digital enhanced video projections developed from performative acts in burnt bush environments and Luigi Nono musical score Caminantes...Ayacucho. Videos has been projected in loop on two semitransparent cotton screens, h3 x w7 mt each. AM turned his attention to developing ideas for new creative work in response to his new environment. In particular the impact of the nation-wide bush fires over the 2002/03 summer had a great effect on him inspiring the multi-media project Eidetic Bush. This work explores the mystery and dynamism of the human creative impulse. AM is interessed in the potential for the creative act to facilitate a direct spiritual connection with nature and place. By peformance and video installation, Eidetic Bush seeks to express a spiritual link between contemporary artistic ideals with the motivating forces behind the creativity of early man.
  • June 10, 2011 Eidetic Tip: Filters and how they stop you Move through your obstacles to success using the cutting edge tool of eidetic imagery
  • Eidetic Imagery Success Tips Nov. 12, 2010 Wendy Yellen One of the 16 eidetic imagery success images - this one reveals much about you and leadership. Successful people are able to lead. This does not mean being president or taking a specific leadership position, but it does mean that you are able to come from a place that is powerful, strong, and positive and that others are affected positively by who you are being. Use this tip to explore part of the obstacles you are facing coming from inside you, that you may be unaware of.
  • Eidetic Video Tip May 13, '11
  • Wendy Yellen Eidetic Success Blueprint Program Welcome
  • Allure In Grace - Eidetic live @ Cherries, May 2011 Opening track to Allure In Grace's set at Cherries, Bridgwater on the 5th may 2011.
  • Re-Wire Yourself for Success! Eidetic Breakthroughs! Home Study Course Pre-Publication Offer Pre-publication video - Home Study Course
  • Eidetic Memory Test Voted best Film in Introduction to Filmmaking 202
  • Allure in Grace - Eidetic - Xmas Arts Centre 'Overture' into 'Eidetic', the opening part of Allure in Grace's set at the Bridgwater Arts Centre for a 'Christmas Gig'.
  • Eidetic Seeing @ Th' Charleston Eidetic Seeing January 15, 2011 The Charleston Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
  • Eidetic Seeing "Hebrew Scrabble" Live (Part Two) Live at Don Pedro's 9/6/09 Contact/Booking: [email protected] /eideticseeing
  • srikvlteswaran: @mycrotchetyluv Wrong again. I have a near eidetic memory and I certainly do not recall any such shenanigans on my part @angadc @Failgunner
  • redditIAmA: I have an eidetic memory. AMA http:///3ubx8mn
  • Legal_Chicanery: Having eidetic memory must be a bytch when it comes to horror movies! And any images/footage of a shirtless @rickyrozay.
  • Cirava2: @Superhero_m03 actually I don't, but I'm eidetic and sadly can't not remember everything
  • KaraODea: @MinnieHajj it's Eidetic. Apparently you haven't read about it?
  • npaulflavius: But I'm wishing for a eidetic memory ! #notasuperpower
  • WendyYellen: Must-Do Marketing http:///t/JM2N4
  • ckpxx: People always act so shocked when I tell them my brother has eidetic/photographic memory
  • hanysyafira: Ya اَللّهُ ,I thought she was perfect,thought she must had been millitary trained,or at least eidetic nuf to memorize a medley of my request
  • tensai_xp: It's probably a curse to have selective eidetic memory, especially when it's not within your control to select.
  • Slap_Bet: RT @MichaelPawluk: @Caleb_Mezzy I buy racehorses as an agent for owners and trainers. Used to be with Morgan Stanley. Eidetic memory, iq of 156
  • Slap_Bet: @Utley4God @dmc0603 I wouldn’t mess with that guy, He has an eidetic memory and he lost his medication
  • AbTheLeafFan: @KieranStrange ok, I feel dumb lol, what does semi-eidetic mean?
  • kieranstrange: @AbTheLeafFan LOL! I have a semi-eidetic memory, so I remember a lot >.< lol
  • LyssaLaughable: "But, see, the problem is... I have an eidetic memory and that's not what happened." #pleaseexcuseme #iamcrying #okay #CriminalMinds
  • JustinxBeeman: @Darke_Conteur Despite my eidetic memory, I usually do! ^.^
  • sdub1985: Having an eidetic memory could be either a really awesome thing, or a really dangerous one...
  • ftmhsyifaao: Reid: but, uh, the problem is, I have an eidetic memory, and, that's not what happened.
  • mixatee: New tshirt mixed on TeeMixer. Eidetic http:///catalog-item/eidetic/11497
  • ReyZetterstrom: This wouldn't be the first time I've wished to have eidetic memory, but this is surely the time that I wish for it the most...
  • antrikshsudan: I don't have a photographic memory,I have an eidetic memory #SheldonCooper .. does anybody remember this hilarious #TBBT episode ??
  • ReadySetRaelin: "I don't believe intelligence can be accurately quantified, but I do have an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per --
  • CaVadire: eidetic memory
  • GyanKaPitara_vk: Eidetic memory!!!!!!!!!!!!! {ruhi} http://fb.me/Y9sDnVD9
  • mynapoet: @DannyAmpersand @geistmagazine @vanpoetlaureate implanted tiny screens? eidetic memory stick upgrade?
  • bexatious: I'm a little eye-rolly at the eidetic memory wunderkind. Slightly Shawn Spencerish :/ Hopefully not as immature and annoying #suits
  • mostlyalurker: @vampthenewblack idk. Ask that to @Savage7289. She's writing a story w/a character that has eidetic memory.
  • vampthenewblack: Just interested. Does eidetic memory work with text/prose that's been read, or is it just images?
  • sameie: Eidetic memory please be mine.
  • sameie: I hope I have eidetic memory, so that I can pass any exam.
  • MissusE: So good it made my heart race! RT @kefra:35 is a Phenomenology of Forgetting. http://t.co/tGqKZ6O A story of Eidetic reducti...#100days2011
  • zeldahallman: It is very crowded in this eidetic memory brain of mine...
  • heidenkind: @MagdalenB Do you really? Eidetic memory would be so useful!
  • marc_towers: They are many advantages to a Eidetic memory but I wouldn't say perfect.
  • thecoldgun: Watched the premiere of Suits - a legal drama about a brilliant young lawyer who uses his eidetic memory to win cases. It ain't all that.
  • MagdalenB: @JanetNorCal Just telling @Heidenkind that I loved Suits. I actually know a guy with an eidetic memory who's clueless like Mike Ross.
  • urlicht: 我好想擁有 eidetic memory http:///6eqxaho http:///p/cu9o2e
  • 100daysproject: RT @kefra: 100 Days Project. No. 35 is a Phenomenology of Forgetting. http://t.co/tGqKZ6O A story of Eidetic reductions and Daffy Duck. #100Days2011
  • soundloop: #ReMix answer: eidetic imagery, @Christ_Felix 15/24164 points
  • christ_felix: @soundloop Eidetic Imagery
  • WendyYellen: My Private Clients Love This One.... http:///t/783QM
  • kefra: 100 Days Project. No. 35 is a Phenomenology of Forgetting. http://t.co/tGqKZ6O A story of Eidetic reductions and Daffy Duck. #100Days2011
  • iAmDalvis: I wish I had eidetic memory.

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  • “Get eidetic at . Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory. Eidetic is a Perl-based middleware for building database-driven web applications. It enables a strong separation”
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  • “Eidetic Imaging specializes in reportage style, or photojournalistic photography. We believe the most compelling photographs are those revealing an intimate, candid moment”
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