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  • Although other specimens of elasmosaurs have been found in various locations in North America, Carpenter (1999) determined that Elasmosaurus platyurus was the only representative of the genus. Anterior portion of the "head-on-the-wrong-end" version of Elasmosaurus platyurus. — “Elasmosaurus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Although other specimens of elasmosaurs have been found in various locations in North America, Carpenter (1999) determined that Elasmosaurus platyurus was the only representative of the genus. Anterior portion of the "head-on-the-wrong-end" version of Elasmosaurus platyurus. — “Elasmosaurus: Information from ”,
  • Elasmosaurus. Elasmosaurus was a 46 foot long swimming reptile that lived in North America. It was a plesiosaur. It was first discovered in 1868 by a scientist named Edward Drinker Cope who accidentally put the head on the tail. It had over 70 vertebrae. This short article can be made longer. — “Elasmosaurus - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The long necked Elasmosaurus has been found in Cretaceous marine sediments on almost every continent. Coprolite specimens collected with Elasmosaurus contain crabs and mollusks, it's teeth were most adapted to a diet of fish. — “Elasmosaurus sp. PUNTLEDGE RIVER Skeleton - Fossil Replica”,
  • Stock photo, image, picture, photography of Elasmosaurus. — “Elasmosaurus Stock Photos / Pictures / Photography / Royalty”,
  • About Elasmosaurus: To show how different the late Cretaceous period was, geologically speaking, from modern times, the first fossil of the plesiosaur Elasmosaurus was discovered in 1868 in landlocked Kansas--not the first place you'd think to dig up a marine reptile. — “Elasmosaurus - Plesiosaur Elasmosaurus Characteristics”,
  • Facts about various 'sea monsters' featured in the 2003 BBC series Sea Monsters, presented by Nigel Marvin Elasmosaurus. Giant Mosasaur. Giant Orthocone. Halisaurus. Hesperornis. — “BBC - Science & Nature - Sea monster facts”,
  • Elasmosaurus platyurnus is one of the Mesozoic reptile species represented in Dinosaur Hall at the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Natural History Museum in Philadelphia. — “Elasmosaurus | Academy of Natural Sciences”,
  • A brief description with facts about the Elasmosaurus extinct dinosaur. — “Elasmosaurus dinosaur”,
  • The section with real-life information is taken from the Dinosaur Field Guide. At up to 40 feet (12 m) long, Elasmosaurus was among the largest of the long-necked plesiosaurs. — “Elasmosaurus - Park Pedia - Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs, Stephen”,
  • Elasmosaurus had plate like bones in its pelvic girdle and was a plesiosaur with an enormously long neck that lived in the belatedly Cretaceous period. — “Elasmosaurus,dinosaurs live,dinosaur eggs,dinosaur facts”,
  • Elasmosaurus (pronounced eh-LAZZ-mo-SAWR-us) Thin plated lizard. 46 feet long. four long, paddle-like flippers Elasmosaurus. Euoplocephalus. Heterodontosurus. Ichthyosaurus. Iguanodon. Muttaburrasaurus. — “Elasmosaurus”, mce.k12
  • Elasmosaurus was the largest plesiosaur, a huge, long-necked Cretaceous marine reptiles with flippers - it was not a dinosaur. Zoom Dinosaurs is by Enchanted Learning Software, which creates children's educational software games designed to. — “Elasmosaurus- Enchanted Learning Software”,
  • Definition of Elasmosaurus in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Elasmosaurus. Pronunciation of Elasmosaurus. Translations of Elasmosaurus. Elasmosaurus synonyms, Elasmosaurus antonyms. Information about Elasmosaurus in the free online English. — “Elasmosaurus - definition of Elasmosaurus by the Free Online”,
  • Prehistoric Animal Art by Fabio Pastori Fabio Pastori's. website, featuring more. of his paleo - illustrations. — “Fabio Pastori - Dinosaurs - Prehistoric Animals - Art -”, search4
  • elasmosaurus. 1. Print out the above design. 2. Cut out the plesiosaur, being careful not to cut off the flaps at the armpits of the front arms. 3. Put a gentle fold down the spine area, from point of tail to top of body. Open it up. 4. Put. — “elasmosaurus”,
  • Aspects of the topic Elasmosaurus are discussed in the following places at Britannica. For example, Elasmosaurus, a plesiosaurid, had as many as 76 vertebrae in its neck alone and reached a length of about 13 metres (43 feet), fully. — “Elasmosaurus (fossil marine reptile) -- Britannica Online”,
  • Or how easy it was to put the head on the wrong end of Elasmosaurus platyurus Cope 1868 More about Elasmosaurus and the recovery of possible missing pieces here. On November 5-6, 2002, I had the opportunity to examine and photograph the type specimen of Elasmosaurus platyurus Cope 1868 at the. — “The Tale of a Tail”,
  • Elasmosaurs facts - length, width, type, habitat, interesting Elasmosaurus facts. Elasmosaurus had 4 flippers it used for swimming; these may have helped it get around on land a little. — “Elasmosaurus Facts”,
  • Although Elasmosaurus is one of the most widely recognised plesiosaurs and stereotype for all elasmosaurids, it is actually poorly understood and Elasmosaurus has the largest number of vertebrae in any plesiosaur. — “The Plesiosaur Directory - Genera - Elasmosaurus”,
  • DK books on special offer. DK Clip Art. Elasmosaurus: to label, see e.explore Dinosaur pp16-17. To download the above image onto your PC, place your mouse over the image and right-click on your mouse, then select 'save' or 'download' (hold down control and click if you are using a Mac). — “ - clip art”, dorlingkindersley-

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  • Certaines descriptions font beaucoup penser à élasmosaurus ou thalassomedon Elasmosaurus North American Museum of Ancient Life By Zachary Tirrell Licence En avril 1977 le chalutier japonais Zuiyo Maru remonte une
  • the dorsal vertebrae the anterior portion of the upper and lower jaws muzzle that was preserved in articulation Figure 2 and illustrated by Cope 1869 Pl 2 figs 8 8a and 8b and four other tooth bearing fragments of the skull Turner Almy 1987 p 186 noted in a letter to his brother that he had secured part of one of its jaws containing teeth Aside from the
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  • to his brother dated February 2 1868 ibid p 186 that he had collected something over thirty five feet of its vertebrae and that there is a large amount of bony matter contained in a very hard stone matrix some of which retains its connection with the backbone Turner was content to wait for the arrival of the railroad in late 1868 However near the end of February
  • of similar material occurring naturally in the Pierre Shale of western Kansas Everhart 2000 it is here interpreted to be a gastrolith FHSM VP 398 Seven large 9 12 cm diameter mid dorsal vertebrae and fragments of two or more single headed ribs collected in 1954 The articular faces of the rib heads are oval and measure 5 6 cm across KUVP 129744
  • had been cut lengthwise and the interior surfaces polished by Ralph Amstutz It is unknown if Sternberg actually visited the site north of McAllaster or conducted further investigations One or more of these vertebrae have been on display since that time in the Sternberg Museum of Natural History Hays Kansas A 2002 examination of the records associated with FHSM VP 398
  • 6 cm across Many of the dorsal vertebrae and the limb girdles were enclosed in hard dark gray limestone concretions when collected Some of the concretionary material associated with the specimen contains isolated fish teeth scales and vertebrae that were originally described by Cope 1868a 1868b and interpreted by him as stomach contents A single small stone 21 x 10
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  • 5 The Elasmosaurus with a Head on its Tail Wikimedia Commons In 1868 one of the longest running feuds in modern science got off to a rousing start when paleontologist
  • Elasmosaurus the tall one thin plate lizard a plesiosaur the same as the Loch Ness Monster claimed to exist in Scotland
  • A full review of this figure will be added at a later date Feel free to send your reviews to plesiosauria gmail com
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  • column based on the location of the transverse processes with any degree of confidence The additional dorsal vertebrae 10081 D1 suggested by Sachs pers comm 2005 is the fourth in the series of four pectoral vertebrae that were preserved together and listed by Welles 1952 Table 1 as numbers 73 76 figured by Cope It is the first vertebra in the series where the
  • ElephantTf3 thumb jpg 14 Jul 2005 00 11 2k ElephantTf3 jpg 14 Jul 2005 00 11 79k ElasmosaurusTF thumb > 19 Jul 2006 18 26 3k ElasmosaurusTF jpg 19 Jul 2006 18 26 109k DuckTFransel thumb jpg 28 Mar 2006 20 31 3k DuckTFransel jpg 28 Mar 2006 20 31 91k DragonTransform thum > 08 Jun
  • Mosasaurus long one a marine reptile named for the river in Holland
  • en Allemagne contenant des restes de poissons et de reptiles volants en apportent la preuve Elasmosaurus Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia By Cpvrrin1 Licence
  • Gigantosaurus higher angle small 2b Gigantosaurus opposite side angle 2d Elasmosaurus large 2e Q ueztalcoatlus side angle2g
  • a nearly complete vertebral column of a large elasmosaur and various fragments of other bones The pectoral and pelvic girdles figured and described by Cope 1869 and 1870a figure 7 and figure 8 were later lost Williston 1906 p 225 Carpenter 1999 p 152 Several tooth bearing fragments of the skull and lower jaws are present along with the occipital condyle that is
  • and it is very probable opportunity will then offer a full exploration These comments almost certainly describe the large exposure of the Sharon Springs Member of the Pierre Shale on the north side of what is now called McAllaster Butte in Logan County the only notable hill along the right of way of the Union Pacific railroad in western Kansas Based on the historical
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  • mid dorsal vertebrae and fragments of two or more single headed ribs collected in 1954 The articular faces of the rib heads are oval and measure 5 6 cm across KUVP 129744 Two large 9 11 cm posterior dorsal vertebrae fragments of single headed ribs two partial gastralia and 38 gastroliths collected in 1991 by Larry Martin Everhart 2000 The rib heads
  • Biology Administrator 6 53 pm From Palaeoblog Died This Day
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  • 跃出水面 同时帮助自己驱除皮肤上的寄生虫 然而它并不是无敌的 一旦受伤 它那巨大的尺寸就意味着它很容易被发现 并成为鲨鱼的牺牲品 薄片龙是一种样子古怪的蛇颈龙 活象长着超长脖子的侏儒一般 薄片龙就是利用这条脖子 远远地对猎物进行偷袭而不必担心自己被猎物发现
  • Sci ser 2 50 149 268 269 for September Cope E D 1870 The fossil reptiles of New Jersey The American Naturalist 3 84 91 includes another head on the wrong end recreation of Elasmosaurus though this one is described in the text as Elasmosaurus orientalis Cope E D 1870 Synopsis of the extinct Batrachia and Reptilia of North America Part I Trans Amer
  • elasmosaurus loafh 1909 knight 1953 gif
  • Elasmosaurus from <i>Giant Sea Reptiles< i>  Ι  © Laurie Caple
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  • Some drawings by me Please comment More coming soon Elasmosaurus Pteranodon
  • and numbering system used by Sachs I measured the vertebrae directly compared them with vertebrae from FHSM VP 398 Figures 4 and 5 and photographed most of the specimen I also examined bone fragments and other materials stored in a separate container and the remaining pieces of the gray limestone concretion that had originally enclosed some of the bones including one that
  • length MATERIAL ANSP 10081 Collected by Dr Theophilus Turner the specimen currently consists of a reasonably complete articulated vertebral column 104 vertebrae including one unnumbered and previously unreported fragment of a cervical vertebra but lacking many of the dorsal vertebrae the anterior portion of the upper and lower jaws muzzle that was preserved
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  • You are Umasou: Episode 8 the T-Rex is hungry so the Elasmosaurus brought up some food from the sea. He asked the T-Rex what he usually eats and the T-Rex lies and says he eats red berries. the Elasmosaurus tells him how he wishes he could be as strong as the T-Rex because some mean dinosaur harrasses him and that is why he licks his wounds. The T-Rex says that he hates other dinos bullying other dinos the Elasmosaurus says that he heard rumors of T-Rexes being mean but that he is nice. the T-Rex and Elasmosaurus agree to be friends and meet there the next day.
  • Dinosaur Battles Using a new method of stop motion, it's an all out fight to the death! The battles go as follows: Allosaurus vs. Brachiosaurus, Elasmosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus vs. Elasmosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Gorgosaurus vs. The Duck (from dino blitz) and the final battle between Allosaurus, The Duck. Many surprises in store! This is the video that earned our trust and appreciation of Blankeyz Films, who've agreed to help produce many of our soon to come movies and videos!
  • PDFC - Water Fighters 0:00 Kronosaurus; 0:00 Dunkleosteus; 0:01 Elasmosaurus; 0:02 Mosasaurus; 0:03 Cymbospondylus(not in PDFC) ; 0:05 Megalodon; 0:11 Xiphactus Fish; 0:13 Giant Orthacone; 0:16 Liopleurodon; 0:17 Basilosaurus; 0:19 Zeuglodon; 0:20 Nothosaurus(not in PDFC)
  • Safari Ltd Carnegie Elasmosaurus Click above to buy. The world
  • mosasaurus vs elasmosaurus wtf mosasaurus have line and last is end shortly than i make?
  • MDF-Elasmosaurus vs Ichtiosaurus Näster Fight:Majungatholus vs Heterodontosaurus
  • liopleurodon vs elasmosaurus This is first my water fight and show I draw a liopleurodon and elasmosaurus
  • You are Umasou: Episode 9 the trex and elasmosaurus were swimming around in the water and they kept meeting the next day where the trex showed the elasmosaurus the land by carrying him on his back. they wanted to be together forever and ever. one day the trex went berry picking and the styrancosaurus were frightened but he didnt harm them as he jus wanted to pick berries. the trex went back and called out for the elasmosaurus but he didnt appear so he waited and waited and the elasmosaurus came back wounded suddenly it began to be dragged down in the water screaming out HELP ME.
  • Art by Zdenek Burian: sea reptiles Some drawings of prehistoric sea reptiles by Zdenek Burian Drawings are: 0:05 - Mesosaurus 0:09 - Mesosaurus with fish 0:13 - Tanystropheus with nest and baby 0:16 - the pair of Placodus 0:20 - the head of Placodus 0:24 - Henodus 0:28 - the head of Placochelys 0:32 - Nothosaurus 0:35 - Mixosaurus 0:39 - the flock of Stenopterygius 0:43 - the pair of Leptopterygius 0:49 - Eurhinosaurus 0:50 - Ichthyosaurus 0:54 - Plesiosaurus on rookery 0:58 - Plesiosaurs 1:02 - the pair of Cryptocleidus 1:06 - the battle of Metriorhynchus 1:09 - Peloneustes 1:14 - Kronosaurus 1:18 - Mosasaurus 1:22 - three Elasmosaurus 1:26 - Tylosaurus attack Elasmosaurus 1:28 - Tylosauruses and Pteranodons 1:32 - Tylosaurus vs Elasmosaurus
  • Battle Arena - Meet The Water Fighters Hope you Like it! 0:14 Basilosaurus 0:16 Cymbospondylus 0:17 Dunkleosteus 0:19 Elasmosaurus 0:21 Mosasaur 0:23 Giant Orthacone 0:25 Kronosaurus 0:27 Liopleurodon 0:30 Megalodon 0:32 Nothosaurus 0:34 xiphactinus 0:37 Zeuglodon
  • PDBA - Basilosaurus VS Elasmosaurus My first Sea Monster fight on PDBA.
  • You are Umasou: Episode 10 trex quickly dove into to save the elasmosaurus emerged from the sea with the elasmosaurus who was wounded and bleeding, the trex carried him back to land and hugged him as he cried tears because that is his only friend and he just wanted to share berries and the actual cruel dino was him but the elasmosaurus and said that he is very kind and a wonderful friend as he smiled.
  • Happy Christmas Elasmosaurus! Penguin and Elasmosaurus have a Christmas adventure. Bear co-stars.
  • Top 10 Most Dangerous Sea Monsters Ever Come along and witness a breath taking adventure as we dicover some of the biggest and baddest creatures on earth,The Top 10 Most Dangerous Sea Monsters Ever. #10-Sea Scorpion #9-Giant Orthocone #8-Cymbospondylus#7-Xiphactinus #6-Dunkleosteus #5-Elasmosaurus #4-Basilosaurus #3-Liopleurodon #2-Tylosaurus #1-Megalodon
  • elasmosaurus skeleton the skeleton of a elasmosaurus
  • Spore Elasmosaurus by Darkdragon1018 This video was created using the Spore Creature Creator.
  • Elasmosaurus Elasmosarus was not a dinosaur, but a Late Cretaceous, long-necked plesiosaur. The largest of the plesiosaurs, Elasmosaurus lived in the Mesozoic oceans where it preyed upon fish. Descriptions of the Loch Ness Monster in Scottland greatly resemble it.
  • How to Draw an Elasmosaurus howtodraw.123 Let us Learn How to Draw an Elasmosaurus For Step by Step Guide for How to Draw an Elasmosaurus Go to www.howtodraw.123 for more How to Draw
  • Elasmosaurus Tribute.wmv A tribute to the elasmosaurus Song:Livin On A Prayer Artist:Bon Jovi
  • PDFC - Elasmosaurus vs Mosasaurus The first fight of the PDFC sea monsters division
  • Weird Prehistoric Creatures: Learn About Dinosaurs with World Book's Professor Nick World Book's Professor Nick explains the life and habits of weird prehistoric creatures, including the opthalmosaurus, elasmosaurus, pterodactylus, and coelacanth. Learn more at
  • Stop-motion documentary movie: Elasmosaurus vs Pteranodon My first stop motion movie
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  • Let's Play Adventure Island II (Part 1) -- Fern Island Its finally up! Had some audio problems stopping me, but I think I managed to fix it. My goal is to get Higgins through one island per video, which will make it about eight videos long. If it goes beyond that and I have to split islands into parts, I'll upload all the parts of that island at once, or I'll try to anyway!
  • Safari: Elasmosaurus Click above to buy.
  • Plastoy Safari Ltd. Elasmosaurus 11" Plastic Figurine Click above to buy. This video contains a product description/demonstration for: Plastoy Safari Ltd. Elasmosaurus 11" Plastic Figurine "jw"
  • The Elasmosaurus A toy from toys r us
  • Elasmosaurus The Elasmosaurus was one of the largest of the plesiosaurs. it was 46 feet in length, and weighed about 2 tons. its neck was about 70% of its body length and though its head was relatively small, it had a very strong jaw, and long teeth that were perfect for ripping and taring fish and squid. it had 4 flippers for swimming, and though it may have been slow due to the amount it weighed, it was able to stalk schools of fish and snatch its food with its massive neck. some scientist believe it was to heavy to lay eggs on land, and some say it was like a turtle and layed them in the sand on beaches and the young would find there way to the ocean. recent study suggest it may have been to heavy to even leave the water because it could barly keep its head up from the weight of its neck.
  • Roblox-THE ATTACK OF LAND DWELLING ELASMOSAURUS! Story:One day the dinosaur were living a peaceful life until a evil Elasmosaurus decided to destroy them, could the dinosaur team up to defeat the cunning monster? Setting:A Island. Game:Roblox Life and Fav if you like it, and subscribe if you like it as much as trains.
  • 14 More Real Giant Monsters To make it an even 30, here are 14 More Giant Monsters. The minimum length was 30 feet to be featured in this video. I wasn't going by average size, but by the very absolute biggest size obtainable by these animals. It turns out the Leoplurodon wasn't as big as they thought it was, so it didn't qualify for this video in length sadly. I have a picture of a Giant Squid because it's a little joke relating to how I accidently but a picture of a Colossal Squid in my last video. Also, #63 - Most Discussed (August 10th, 2011) - Education - Canada #51 - Most Discussed (August 12th, 2011) - Education - Canada
  • Orthocones and the elasmosaurus A toddler draws the extinct giant orthocone and elasmosaurus on his doodle pad
  • Elasmosaurus!
  • BA - Giant Orthacone v Dunkleosteus *Read Description to see the next fight* OWNED! The Semi-final of Round 1 of the sea monsters division Hope u injoyed it. Next Fight: Elasmosaurus vs Basilosaurus
  • clubpenguin episode 79 A day off After the prank they pulled off. They were having a day off at the beach. Gary spotted a shark coming. He told them to get out so they did. Then they shark swam off because out of nowhere a elasmosaurus broke through the water. A roar was hear and it was a spinosaurus. They fought and spinosaurus won. Gary fired the RPG at the spinosaurus then they countine with there day off.
  • PDFC - Elasmosaurus vs Mosasaurus Sorry i didnt notice the title i have changed it now. Took me an hour to make, so i know its pretty bad.
  • Tribute to Elasmosaurus Here's my first tribute to a prehistoric marine reptile, hope you enjoy! The song is "Miss Murder" by AFI. All images belong to their respective owners, and not myself.
  • Spino George TV Show 3 'Fossilization' Spino George talks about fossilization and his dino of the week is Elasmosaurus
  • Dinosaur Safari (Late Cretaceous) Clip #1: Elasmosaurus Thisclip is from the game Dinosaur Safari, where you can go to different time periods and snap different photos of different dinosaurs. It was a childhood memory for someone like me who has always been appreciative of these beautiful creatures that once walked the Earth. Elasmosaurus is NOT a dinosaur. It is a plesiosaur. It was about 14 m (46 ft) in length and weighed over 2000 kg, making it one of the largest plesiosaurs. Its name means, "Thin plate" noting these thin plates on its pelvic girdle. The first Elasmosaurus was discovered in March, 1868 by Edward Drinker Cope from a fossil discovered and collected by Dr. Theophilus Turner. An interesting fact is that Elasmosaurus had more vertebrae than any known animal. These clips are not mine, and I do not claim ownership to them. The credit goes to the respective makers and owners of this game. All Rights Reserved.
  • Primal Assault Music Video Tribute to Anacondas101's series and one of my favorite lego shows Primal Assault. Song is Scared by Three Days Grace. Primal Assault (c) Anacondas101
  • WholockiansBR: Arte de http://t.co/V7rjPhyZ (Bruna) http://t.co/oOlWZ33Z
  • RJacobT67: Photo Captures Penguin Swimming Into 'Jaws of Death' http://t.co/mJGaukGr via @YahooNews / Looks kinda like a #Elasmosaurus
  • McClosker: keyshakitty: mysticsongbird: http://t.co/uOdvrWm6 lovely n_n~* Oh my gosh! I am in LOVE with … http://t.co/gLZxYNQu
  • sheepsweetsleep: Photo: http://t.co/mtSMsHTX
  • dresdencodak: @filament Sure! On the left is Pachycephalosaurus, on the right is Styracosaurus and at the bottom is Elasmosaurus (not actually a dino).

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  • “David Gottfried Video Blog (01:26) David talks about his memoir, "Greed to Green" and how Long-necked Elasmosaurus ruled the ancient seas that covered Los Angeles 100 million”
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  • “Explore an amazing underwater universe inhabited by larger—than—life creatures – including the powerful Liopleurodon, long—necked Elasmosaurus and gigantic Shonisaurus – which were ruling the seas before dinosaurs conquered the earth. See science”
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  • “One of the longest plesiosaurs was elasmosaurus, who probably had the biggest neck of Elasmosaurus' neck was half the length of his body, meaning it was”
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  • “Orlando Science Center Whether you're seven or seventy years old, Orlando Science Center offers hands-on fun for all ages through engaging interactive exhibits, live programming, giant-screen films, school field trips and school-break camps”
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  • “Elasmosaurus /Plesiosaur? Dear Forum, I have had for some time a Nodule of Limestone from the Midlet arera of Central Morocco, but have had difficulty in ID'ing it, I beleive it may be a Elasmosaurus or Plesiosaur, Partial sKull, or lower Jaw, this is unfortunatly quite a jumble and badly weathered”
    Elasmosaurus /Plesiosaur?,

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