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  • Electrosurgical Manufacturers & Electrosurgical Suppliers Directory - Find a Electrosurgical Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Electrosurgical Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Electrosurgical-Electrosurgical Manufacturers, Suppliers and”,
  • A large online store complete with specifications and pricing for infusion pumps, syringe pumps, PCA pumps, scrub sinks, blanket warmers, electrosurgical units, defibrillators, ventilators, disposables and medical equipment. — “Infusion pumps, syringe pumps, blanket warmers, scrub sinks”,
  • Test equipment for insulation defects, failure and pinholes in electrosurgical - laparoscopic or endoscopic - instruments. — “Test equipment for insulation failure in electrosurgical”,
  • 50215 - ValleyLab Force 2 ESU - Cautery - Electrosurgical Unit - Electrosurgical Generator 51225 - ValleyLab Force 2 ESU - Cautery - Electrosurgical Unit - Electrosurgical Generator. — “Scientific Equipment Liquidators, Inc. - Electrosurgical”,
  • Medline's electrosurgical product line includes the Universal grounding pads with patented Safety Ring (manufactured by 3M); sterile pencils in push-button, rocker switch and foot switch configurations; and we offer a complete line of stainless. — “Electrosurgical Products | Medline Industries, Inc”,
  • Electrosurgical instruments manufacturers and exporters, offered precise quality bipolar forceps, monopolar forceps, cables, electrodes, non stick bipolar and monopolar forceps in English & European pattern, electrosurgical pencils all you need. — “Electrosurgical Instruments-Bipolar Forceps-Monopolar Forceps”, .pk
  • In electrosurgical procedures, the tissue is heated by an electric current. Development of the first commercial electrosurgical device is credited to Dr. William T. Bovie, who worked on. — “Electrosurgery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • DRE carries Electrosurgical Units, Generator, ESU Devices, and Electrosurgery Unit Cauteries. — “New and Used Electrosurgical Generators, ESU, Machines, Electros”,
  • Definition of electrosurgical in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of electrosurgical. Pronunciation of electrosurgical. Translations of electrosurgical. electrosurgical synonyms, electrosurgical antonyms. Information about electrosurgical in the. — “electrosurgical - definition of electrosurgical by the Free”,
  • Electrosurgical. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Electrosurgical. Leep Procedure Complications, Are There Any Complications After a LEEP Procedure?, Side Effects of Essure After 1 Year,. — “Electrosurgical | ”,
  • If you are looking for electrosurgical equipment as well as the aaron 940 and bovie aaron 950, please visit our website. — “Henan Medical - Electrosurgical Equipment | Aaron 940 | Bovie”,
  • Sales and repairs, new and refurbished electrosurgical units for more than 40 years. — “Refurbished Electrosurgical Units”,
  • The ASG-120 is a multipurpose electrosurgical generator for use in the modern physician's office and surgi-center. The DRE ASG-200 is a multipurpose electrosurgical generator for use in the modern operating room and surgi-center. — “New and Used Electrosurgical Equipment: DRE, Aaron Bovie”,
  • Distributors of surgical, medical, dental and laboratory supplies and equipment from national manufacturers to physician offices, clinics, health departments, correctional facilities, hospitals, laboratories, surgery centers, EMS, nursing homes, Aaron 1250 Multipurpose Electrosurgical Generator. — “Sun Surgical”,
  • Information about loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP), a procedure used for the treatment of mild to moderate cervical dysplasia (precancerous changes of the uterine cervix). — “Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) Procedure by”,
  • Electrosurgical. We buy and sell used medical equipment. Over 6,000 items in stock. From 1 piece, 1 department, or an entire hospital. All disciplines of medical equipment bought and sold. — “Electrosurgical For Sale - Used Medical Equipment”,
  • Find local Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure resources for the top U.S. cities - includes physician directory, list of local hospitals, and emergency contacts. — “Local U.S. City Resources for Loop Electrosurgical Excision”,
  • The Megadyne family of quality electrosurgical products utilizes new and innovative technologies to improve safety, increase efficiency, and bring cost savings. IT'S E-Z BEING GREEN WITH MEGADYNE. Megadyne's patented technologies enable you to reduce waste, save money and maintain patient care. — “Electrosurgical Unit and Electrosurgery System from Megadyne”,
  • Electrosurgical Units, used new and refurbished Electrosurgical Units, Electrosurgical Units. Operating Room equipment. — “Electrosurgical Units”,
  • Electrosurgical definition, the use in surgery of an electric instrument, as an acusector, or of an electric current, as in electrocoagulation; surgical diathermy. See more. — “Electrosurgical | Define Electrosurgical at ”,

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  • Lumos Electrosurgical Pencil The Lumos Electrosurgical Pencil in a Surgical Application
  • Dr. March - Hysteroscopy: Lysis of Adhesions This hysteroscopy uses microscissors to protect uterine tissue from (further) thermal damage. This patient had a previous incision of a uterine septum with an electrosurgical needle. This use of heat energy damaged her tissue and caused this patient to have Asherman's Syndrome or Intrauterine Adhesions.
  • LEEP Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) -- removes abnormal tissue & low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (LSIL) that may be precancerous. Had procedure done 12/31/2010
  • Gallbladder bed resection (Partial liver resection) using Ultrasound and High Frequency devices A demonstration of a Gallbladder resection being performed using a combination of an Ultrasonic Dissector (Sonoca 300) and a High Frequency cutting and coagulation device (MBC 601) (October 2008)
  • Erbe Vio This is an electrosurgical machine made by Erbe. I put together a quick flythrough that was supposed to be used in some sort of presentation.
  • Wallach Surgical In Service @QuickMedical Wallach Surgical offers products designed to meet the most demanding diagnostic and therapeutic requirements of today's obstetrics, gynecology and infertility practices, offering superb precision without compromising safety or affordability. Wallach Surgical features the finest digital imaging systems, colposcopes, cryosurgical and electrosurgical units as well as a full line of instruments for OB/GYN practitioners.
  • Cold Plasma Coagulation - Cerebral Tumour Excision A brief demonstration of coagulation using Cold Plasma after a Cerebral Tumour Excision, using a Soering CPC 3000 machine. For more info:
  • Improved Operative Outcomes in Open Hysterectomy John Elkas, MD of Inova Fairfax Hospital and Warner Huh, MD of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital will lead a live webcast of a panel discussion on the various uses of the LigaSure Impact™ instrument and the ForceTriverse™ device during open hysterectomies complicated by the presence of cancer. The doctors will review video footage of several cases performed by Dr. Elkas on June 2nd at Inova Fairfax hospital. These procedures feature multiple uses of the latest in tissue fusion and electrosurgical technology during gynecologic and oncologic procedures. "The instruments bring increased speed and efficiency to all my procedures at the same time giving me confidence in the hemostasis provided by the instruments. They are an essential part of my practice," says Dr. Elkas. "The fact that I can keep my focus on the operating field while activating and adjusting the power from the surgical field is a great safety feature."
  • WEM Electrosurgical + Argon II Education Electrosurgical + Argon II
  • Aragon Surgical: Lektrafuse Power and Precision The Lektrafuse proprietary algorithm monitors and delivers energy based on power, voltage, and resistance. Combined with uniform jaw compression, this results in vessel and tissue sealing with virtually no adhesion and less than 1 mm of thermal spread. Audio Credits: (Track title: Secret Garden, Composer: Alexander Khaskin (SOCAN - CAE#: 231945867), Publisher:Lynne Publishing (PRS - CAE#: 541626758), Courtesy of www.Shockwave-) More information:
  • Wallach Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical Generator System The Wallach Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical System employs the latest, state-of-the-art microprocessor technology in a fully integrated system for loop electrosurgery. The Quantum 2000 constantly and accurately monitors power levels for smoother, drag free cuts. High resistance tissue can be excised without bending the electrode. The Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical System minimizes thermal damage allowing a superior histological specimen for pathology to be obtained. Post excision, the coagulation mode produces 4000 volts at up to 100 watts of spray fulguration, effectively sealing bleeders without tissue contact. Proudly made in the USA, the Quantum 2000 by Wallach is operated by footswitch or hand switch, both included. When an undesirable condition is present, the Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical System digital controller will automatically interrupt power. LED's on the front panel will then precisely pinpoint any error and a clearly audible alarm will sound. The return electrode monitoring type system uses split grounding pads for additional safety. Wallach's unique Biovac Smoke Evacuator is designed to complement the Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical System or any other electrosurgical, laser, or electrocautery unit. The Wallach Smoke Evacuator efficiently removes airborne vapor containing potentially harmful microbes and viruses. The Biovac features a quiet, high-powered motor and disposable, one-piece filter that traps particles down to 0.02 microns. An ...
  • Hysterectomy - Sonoca 300 with Ultrasonic Scissors Handpiece A demonstration of a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy being performed using a Sonoca 300 with the Ultrasonic Scissor handpiece. For more information:
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy A short demonstration of a Laporoscopic Cholecystectomy using a Sonoca 300 machine with Ultrasonic Hook handpiece. For more information:
  • ek160_eng.flv Electro Surgical Units are used for all dry and wet surgical operations in safety. They are available different cut and coagulation current. They operate with high frequency.
  • Happy Holidays from Craig Compton and ConMed's ElectroSINGING Product Line ConMed Electrosurgery's System 7550 (Argon Beam Coagulator), AER Defense (Smoke Evacuator), Craig Compton (Territory Manager), GoldVac (Smoke Evacuation Pencil) and System 5000 (Electrosurgical Generator) dress up to wish you a happy and safe holiday season. Thank you for your business!
  • Monopolar electrosurgery for the management of endometriosis The use of monopolor electrosurgery in the resection of endometriosis has many advantages over other energy sources, this video shows the advantages and potential pittfalls of this modality
  • WEM Electrosurgical + Argon Education Electrosurgical + Argon
  • Use of the Lektrafuse™ CAIMAN™ with daVinci® Surgical System for complex TLH/BSO Richard Salter, MD, FACOG, Forest Park, Dallas, TX " I have used the CAIMAN in many routine robotic gynecological procedures with much success. The longer sealing jaws significantly reduce surgical times and I have seen little to no adhesion or charring." More information:
  • Aaron 900 Installation and Setup Video The Aaron 1250 High Frequency Desiccator and Electrosurgical Generator features 5 different modes including cut, blend, coagulation, fulguration and bipolar. The Aaron 1250 Electrosurgical Generator offers digital error detection and electrode fault alarms in both sensing and non-sensing modes.
  • Plasma Blade Glaucoma Filtration of Aqueous from the Posterior Chamber = TCF = Singh Filtration The US FDA approval of the femtosecond laser has generated a renewed interest in plasma ablation surgery. Plasma Ablation surgery can be performed with lasers such as the femtosecond laser or with the Fugo Plasma Blade. The femtosecond laser is a new entry into the plasma ablation arena. It generates plasma ablation by employing a classic laser platform whereas the Fugo Plasma Blade generates plasma by a novel system that presents many of the components of electrosurgical systems. For this reason, the Fugo Plasma Blade is much smaller and is a fraction of the cost of femtosecond technology. The Fugo Plasma Blade is a portable, battery operated plasma generation system. There are advantages to both types of systems. However, the Fugo Plasma Blade offers multiple FDA approved applications and provides the surgeon with capabilities that not only speed up surgery but allows the surgeon to get out of trouble during surgery. Herein, we present a modification of the FDA approved glaucoma procedure which has the potential of revolutionizing glaucoma surgery. This is the only FDA approved procedure to filter aqueous fluid from the posterior chamber of the eye. When fluid is drained from behind the iris, the force vectors on the back of the iris are always lower than the force vectors on the front of the iris. This is why one rarely sees flat anterior chambers with posterior chamber filtration, even when eye pressures are below 10. Posterior chamber decompression also is faster ...
  • PEAK Surgery System more info: For decades, surgeons have relied on scalpels to cut skin and delicate tissues and used electrosurgical devices to cut and coagulate fat and other thicker, tougher tissues. Although scalpels precisely cut tissue, they do not control bleeding. Electrosurgical devices, on the other hand, cut efficiently and control bleeding but can cause extensive thermal damage to surrounding tissue. In cases where the risk of collateral damage or scarring from electrosurgery is considered to be unacceptable, surgeons must use both a traditional scalpel for cutting and an electrosurgery device for coagulation. The PEAK PlasmaBlade provides the benefits of both a scalpel and traditional electrosurgery. Awards: Technology of the Day
  • Hepatectomy and Coagulation (Using Ultrasound and Cold Plasma) A demonstration of an ultrasonic dissector (Sonoca 300) being used in tandem with a Cold Plasma Coagulation device (CPC 3000) during a surgical Hepatectomy. For more info:
  • Jejoong COVE electrosurgical unit High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit [COVE] of the Jejoong Medical Co.,Ltd. -Made in Korea www.jejoong-
  • Bovie Smoke Shark Smoke Evacuator: Installation and Setup The Aaron Smoke Shark Smoke Evacuator is very effective at smoke and particle removal at the operative sight, while still being extremely easy to use. The Bovie Smoke Evacuator is designed to be used with all electrosurgical generators, while also excellent at controlling laser smoke. The Association of Operation Room Nurses (AORN) recommends the use of a smoke evacuation system to protect operating room staff from inhaling the smoke generated during electrosurgery procedures. The Bovie Smoke Evacuator features a 4 stage filter system to eliminate smoke in the operating room, making it ideal for clinics, hospitals and surgery centers. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Lektrafuse™ CAIMAN™ in Oophorectomy
  • Breast Augmentation with Micro dissection needle Prima Medicals ultra-fine tip electrosurgical electrodes are designed to provide precise dissection without adverse thermal effects to yield excellent cosmetic results for small-scale procedures. These micro-needles have the finest geometry available. Because of their extremely small surface area, a focused spark plasma is created at very low power settings. Thermal tissue injury is virtually eliminated, allowing excellent healing results. Output power settings are very low, minimizing nerve and muscle cell stimulation and stray electrosurgical currents. Tungsten electrode withstands high current densities, and maintains sharpness throughout procedure. Substantially reduces smoke plume and odor compared to standard blade geometry tips. Minimal or no scarring providing substantial benefits for cosmetic proceedures
  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Using Electrosurgery On September 20th, Dr. Craig Sobolewski and Dr. Jeffrey Wilkinson from Duke University Health System will present a panel discussion of a total laparoscopic hysterectomy performed by Dr. Sobolewski at Durham Regional Hospital, Durham, NC. The OR- event will occur at 5 pm GMT for the European audience, and again at 7 pm EDT for the American audience. Before the procedure, Dr. Sobolewski will discuss the advantages of using electrosurgical technology during a total laparoscopic hysterectomy, "We'll be using the Ligasure™ System for vessel sealing. We believe this is the optimal choice as it provides secure efficient seals and does so in a reliable way each time. For the majority of our fine dissection we use standard unipolar technologies and technique and have found that the ForceTriad™ Energy Platform for electrosurgery has allowed us to do this in a very efficient manner."
  • Surgery Gas Explosion and Evil Eye Phobia Insiders Health TV uncovers an explosive tale that reeks of litigious pretense. Remember the McDonalds coffee-in-the-lap lawsuit? Well, this may just top it. But be forewarned; if hemorrhoids, electrosurgical pencils and explosive fires shock you, you may want to put this one behind you... Also a strange phobia emerges in Japan: fear of giving mean glances! IHTV episode 92
  • Turbinate Reduction (no cutting or burning of turbinate .It's like mini liposuction for turbinate) You are looking at inferior turbinate reduction.This inferior turbinate blade let's doctors achieve the goals volumetric reduction (just like liposuction) to the inferior turbinate while avoiding unpredictable collateral thermal damage to surrounding tissue.Offers a significantly lower re-hypertrophy rate than electrocautery.Minimal post -op crusting because the mucosal lining is preserved.Less risk of osteitis(inflammation) of the turbinate creased postoperative pain compared to traditional and electrosurgical techniques.Instant gratification and long term results for you and your patients....For more information about the inferior turbinate blade contact medtronic ENT customer service at 1-800-874-5797.....or ." and This procedure may prevent EMPTY NOSE SYNDROME because it preserves air flow sensors(located on surface of turbinate mucosa). Air flow sensors sence temperature and air movement when you breath through your nose.This is NOT coblation or somnoplasty(radio waves that produce heat to shrink turbinate).This is NOT a turbinectomy(complete removal of turbinate).This is NOT mutilation of turbinate as in other procedures.This is NOT electrocautery or cauterization(burning away of turbinate).I AM NOT A DOCTOR, I DON'T REPRESENT MEDTRONICS OR OR ENDORSE ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS,I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP....DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND TALK TO MANY DOCTORS....FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO ...CLICK ON ...
  • Bovie Aaron Digital Electrosurgical Generators: The Aaron 2250 Installation and Setup Video The Aaron 2250 Digital Electrosurgical Generator is a multipurpose generator designed for use in a variety of applications in areas such as Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, and Urology, just to name a few. The Aaron Digital Electrosurgical Generator meets any need with its large, illuminated, digital displays and its 5 different output modes including cut, blend, coagulation, fulguration and bipolar. The 2250 Digital Electrosurgical Generator remembers the last settings used, so when turned on, the generator performs a safety system check and automatically powers up to the last activated settings. Bovie has incorporated automatic safety systems into the Aaron Digital Electrosurgical Generator like self-test circuits, audible tones, discreet outputs and isolated output circuitry. Instead of just one or two blend modes like most electrosurgical generators, Bovie digital technology allows the user to choose from 10 different blend settings with an LED blend indicator bar conveniently located adjacent to the blend button controls. The Aaron 2250 also offers 2 modes of coagulation; Coagulation and Fulguration. Coagulation (pinpoint) provides precise control of bleeding in localized areas, while Fulguration (spray) provides greater control of bleeding in highly vascular tissues over broad surface areas. The Aaron Digital Electrosurgical Generator constantly monitors every aspect of the generator's output. Providing ...
  • Polyp on the basis of a saddle-shaped uterus. Removal using a loop. Female 35 years old and suffering from secondary infertility for four years. In 2008, she performed a rigid hysteroscopy with removal of the glandular endometrial polyp under general anesthesia in St. Petersburg. She wanted to go again hysteroscopy without anesthesia, and turned to a specialist in flexible hysteroscopy in Cherepovets. During the flexible hysteroscopy endometrial polyp was found in the uterus. Uterus, the patient has a saddle-shaped. Polyp was removed by electrosurgical loop without anesthesia. Hysteroscopy patient underwent fine.
  • Jejoong COVE electrosurgical unit High Frequency Electrosurgical Unit [COVE] of the Jejoong Medical Co.,Ltd. -Made in Korea www.jejoong-
  • Aragon Surgical: Lektrafuse™ CAIMAN™ in Lap Gastric Sleeve Nirmal Jayaseelan, MD - Forest Park Medical Center, Dallas, TX. About Aragon Surgical's Lektrafuse CAIMAN: The Lektrafuse CAIMAN combines unique mechanics and sophisticated energy delivery to assure a precise, durable seal with every pass. CAIMAN is the first articulating RF tissue and vessel instrument. More information:
  • Hysterectomy ,Vault Opening with endocut Vault Opening with ALAN make Electrosurgical Generator (INDIA) Mode Used: Special GYN Endo-Cut Level 7. The working Principle: The Effect generated is automated Coagulation while cutting reducing smoke & maintaining Neumo-peritoneum in LAP HYSTERECTOMY Advantage: very good option verses ultrasonic dissector & economical For More Information please do mail: [email protected] or visit us at
  • Aragon Surgical: Lektrafuse™ CAIMAN™ in Lap Gastric Sleeve- Full version Nirmal Jayaseelan, MD - Forest Park Medical Center, Dallas, TX. About Aragon Surgical's Lektrafuse CAIMAN: The Lektrafuse CAIMAN combines unique mechanics and sophisticated energy delivery to assure a precise, durable seal with every pass. CAIMAN is the first articulating RF tissue and vessel instrument. More information:
  • Wire Polypectomy using High Frequency surgical device MBC 200 A demonstration of a wire polypectomy being performed using the High Frequency Electrosurgical device MBC 200 (June 2008) For more ino:
  • TRANSLATE IN 20 LANGUAGES = Electrosurgical unit
  • Mususu101: RT @GanimMedical: What do you know about electrosurgical generators? See Ganim Medical's blog post. http://bit.ly/eGBYxe
  • GanimMedical: What do you know about electrosurgical generators? See Ganim Medical's blog post. http://bit.ly/eGBYxe
  • bestwine: Wine standards war was underway – China Electrode Gel ...: Grape and Wine Quality Supervision and Inspection Cen... http://bit.ly/mOsA8T
  • sometech_inc: Sometech releases a series of electrosurgical units, named as ‘Dr. Oppel’ brand, and ST-531 is a flagship model newly designed by the firm
  • sometech_inc: Sometech newly achieved the KFDA approval for ST-531, a new series of RF electrosurgical units on May 6 because the foot switch is changed

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  • “Technically, he received a burn from the electrosurgical unit by essentially grounding his arm to the stretcher frame. He wasn't seriously hurt, but his reaction could Feel free to share any of your successful experiences with user training for medical technology in the comments to this blog post”
    — The "Shocking" Results of Poor Device User Training - ECRI,

  • “Read doctor-produced health and medical information written for you to make informed decisions about your health concerns”
    — Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) Procedure,

  • “Hottest Blog Posts. Support. Support Home. Contact Us. Beta Status. What Is Authority? FAIL Blog © Technorati, Inc / Technorati Media / / Blogcritics / AdEngage”
    — Member Login - Technorati,

  • “BT from RF Medical Co., Ltd. - Korean Products, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters Electrosurgical or electrocautery equipment or accessories or related products. Detailed Product Description”
    — BT - RF Medical Co., Ltd,

  • “The fundamental design of the electrosurgical generator and its accompanying handpiece Medical 2000GI Electrosurgical System.] The use of electrosurgical plasma, induced with”
    — advanced medical technologies - Radiofrequency,

  • “ members of our medical mission trip and I'm waiting for them to get back to me with brainstormed ideas for needs other than electrosurgical units. I'll compile a list and send it back to you to see if there is anything you could help us acquire”
    — OverStockMe Blog,

  • “A Bovie promo: Purchase a Bovie, extend The warranty. Zap!!! When you purchase a Bovie Digital Electrosurgical Generator model A2250 or A3250, Bovie automatically extends the current 2 year warranty to 4 years. This is a $1075 value for A2250 and”
    — A Bovie Haiku Promotion!,

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