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  • He hardly seems the obvious candidate for Catholic approval, but the Irish author who was once a byword for decadent behaviour is quoted in a new book by a Roman priest as an example to 21st-century Christians. My position is curious," he epigrammatised, "I am not a Catholic: I am simply a violent. — “The Vatican goes Wilde - Life & Style - ”,
  • Hutchinson encyclopedia article about epigrammatised. epigrammatised. Information about epigrammatised in the Hutchinson encyclopedia. — “epigrammatised - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about”,
  • TranSGeniK French UnderGround Techno Music! Free MP3, listen our CD, download free samples for your creation Sell the http:///hblwijt/epigrammatised.html !. — “TranSGeniK's World ! French UnderGround Techno Music : Read”,
  • They arrived on the day before Pesach at Jaffa, travelled by train to Jerusalem where they spent the first In his lecture in aid of the war-wounded, Zangwill epigrammatised Cecil's statement saying that "The Arabs were to have a State. — “/transfer07.html”,
  • With the first breath of winter there passes a voice half-menacing, half-mournful, through all the barren ways and phantom-haunted refuges of the nether world. Thus he epigrammatised to himself one evening, savagely enough, as with head bent forward he plodded to Red Lion Street. — “The Nether World by George Gissing: Chapter XXVIII. The Soup”, online-
  • Die Entwicklung des paulinischen Christentums von einer. Bekehrungsreligion zu einer "As much my apostle as Christ is mine": The dispute over Paul between. — “E a r l y C h r i s t i a n i t y”,
  • So, when it comes down to it, it's back to basics. For all the talk about family values and doing battle with Blair on the high moral ground, what your average Tory activist wants, it turns out, is Alan Clark. Only domestic servants," he once epigrammatised, "apologise for what they've said. — “How to seduce a Kensington Tory - Opinion - The Independent”,
  • "I can resist everything except temptation," Oscar Wilde once famously said. My position is curious," he epigrammatised, "I am not a Catholic: I am simply a violent Papist. — “The Vatican goes Wilde”,
  • Epigrammatised definition, to express in epigrams. See more. — “Epigrammatised | Define Epigrammatised at ”,
  • Mine ancient wisdom, and austere control? Methinks my life is a twice-written scroll My position is curious," he epigrammatised, "I am not a Catholic: I am simply a violent Papist. — “Sierra Highlands: Non sum dignus”,
  • Definition of epigrammatised in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of epigrammatised. Pronunciation of epigrammatised. Translations of epigrammatised. epigrammatised synonyms, epigrammatised antonyms. Information about epigrammatised in the free. — “epigrammatised - definition of epigrammatised by the Free”,
  • The Independent My position is curious," he epigrammatised, "I am not a Catholic: I am simply a violent Papist." Three weeks before his death he remained on the brink, telling a. — “The Independent - Print Article”,
  • affectionately affectlessness affenpinschers affreightments aforementioned africanisation africanization afro-americans agglomerations agglutinations epidermophyton epigrammatical epigrammatised epigrammatises epigrammatists epigrammatized. — “abominableness abortifacients absorbefacient absorptiometer”, und.nodak.edu
  • What is a epigrammatically, definition of epigrammatically, meaning of epigrammatically, epigrammatically anagrams, epigrammatically synonyms epigrammatised ". — “Word epigrammatically meaning. Word epigrammatically”,
  • A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry by B.S.Johnson. A : 'Funny, Brutalist, and Short' (just as Christie epigrammatised a novel should be). — “Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry - B.S.Johnson”, complete-
  • epigrammatize [ éppi grámmə tīz ] (3rd person present singular epigrammatizes, present participle epigrammatizing, past and past participle epigrammatized) or epigrammatise [ éppi grámm present participle epigrammatising, past and past participle epigrammatised). — “epigrammatize definition - Dictionaries - MSN Encarta”,
  • Encyclopedia article about epigrammatised. Information about epigrammatised in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “epigrammatised definition of epigrammatised in the Free”, encyclopedia2
  • Words beginning with the letter epigrammatised. epigrammatises. epigrammatising. epigrammatist. epigrammatists. epigrammatize. epigrammatized. epigrammatizes. epigrammatizing. epigrams. epigraph. epigraphed. epigrapher. epigraphers. epigraphic. epigraphies. epigraphing. epigraphist. epigraphists. — “Words beginning with E”,
  • abbreviator abdicable abdicate abdicated abdicates abdicating abdication abdicator abdomen abdomens abdominal abjectness abjuration abjure abjured abjurer abjures abjuring ablate ablated ablates ablating ablation ablative ablator ablaut. — “G1 - IPSC - Internet Problem Solving Contest”, ipsc.ksp.sk

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