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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. inducing or tending to induce epilepsy. — “Epileptogenic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • epileptogenic adj. Having the capacity to induce epilepsy. Causing an epileptic seizure, e.g. an epileptogenic scar in the cerebral cortex, or more significantly in the cerebrum and its. — “epileptogenic: Definition from ”,
  • Impaired Cl– Extrusion in Layer V Pyramidal Neurons of Chronically Injured Epileptogenic Neocortex Bumetanide, an NKCC1 Antagonist, Does Not Prevent Formation of Epileptogenic Focus but Blocks Epileptic Focus Seizures in Immature Rat. — “Impaired Cl- Extrusion in Layer V Pyramidal Neurons of”,
  • Definition of epileptogenic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of epileptogenic. Pronunciation of epileptogenic. Translations of epileptogenic. epileptogenic synonyms, epileptogenic antonyms. Information about epileptogenic in the free online. — “epileptogenic - definition of epileptogenic by the Free”,
  • Definition of epileptogenic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of epileptogenic. Pronunciation of epileptogenic. Definition of the word epileptogenic. Origin of the word epileptogenic. — “epileptogenic - Definition of epileptogenic at ”,
  • Definition of epileptogenic zone from The American Heritage Medical Dictionary. — “epileptogenic zone - Medical Definition”,
  • Background and Rationale: Accurate identification of the side of epileptogenic (seizure) focus among temporal lobe epilepsy is vital if surgical intervention (temporal lobectomy) is to be successful. regarding the side of epileptogenic focus in the context of. — “Buchtel et al., Predicting side of epileptogenic focus”, www-personal.umich.edu
  • User-generated article on the neurological disorder of epilepsy. Features definition, causes, psychological, and biological explanations. In most cases, the epileptogenic region is found in the midline (mesial) temporal structures (e.g., the hippocampus, amygdala, and parahippocampal. — “Epilepsy - Wikipedia”,
  • Treatment of Epilepsy in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: Epilepsy in TSC occurs in 80-90% of affected individuals during their lifetime. Learn more about Asano E, Chugani DC, Juhasz C, et al. Epileptogenic zones in tuberous sclerosis complex: Subdural EEG versus MRI and FDG PET Epilelpsia 2000;41(Suppl. — “Managing Epilepsy in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: Treatment of”,
  • BioInfoBank Library :: Local cerebral metabolism during enflurane anesthesia: identification of epileptogenic foci. Local changes in cerebral glucose utilization during ketamine anesthesia. Local cerebral glucose metabolism in newborn dogs:. — “Local cerebral metabolism during enflurane anesthesia”, lib.bioinfo.pl
  • Overview: A seizure is an abnormal paroxysmal discharge of cerebral neurons due to cortical hyperexcitability. The International Classification of Seizures divides The neurons surrounding the epileptogenic focus are GABA-ergic and hyperpolarized, and they inhibit the epileptogenic neurons. — “Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures: eMedicine Neurology”,
  • In HS+ve, the ratio of epileptogenic cerebrum to whole brain volume was less (p = 0.02); the ratio of epileptogenic Mean hypointensity was more marked in epileptogenic-to-contralateral. hippocampus in HS+ve (ratio: 0.86 vs. — “BMC Neurology”,
  • localize the epileptogenic focus or foci. Currently, most of the methods are based on the For localization of the epileptogenic foci, the templates of. — “Mapping and assessment of epileptogenic foci using frequency”, star.tau.ac.il
  • Epileptogenic information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Epileptogenic - ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for epileptogenic in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “epileptogenic - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • epileptogenic foci, especially when surgical intervention is con corresponded to the true epileptogenic foci and that unresected. regions corresponded to the intact brain, because follow-up of. — “MRI-Based Correction for Partial-Volume Effect Improves”,
  • Focal (anatomical, topographical or localisation related) epilepsies* are defined as seizures that emanate from an epileptogenic focus anywhere within the brain.1 Ictal symptoms, particularly at onset, are determined by localisation and not by aetiology. — “Symptomatic and Probably Symptomatic Focal Epilepsies”, m.nih.gov
  • Objective: Resecting epileptogenic foci combined with bipolar electrocoagulation of functional cortex has been successfully used to treat Objective: Resecting epileptogenic foci combined with bipolar electrocoagulation of functional cortex has been successfully used to treat intractable. — “Surgical Treatment of Intractable Epilepsy Combined with”,
  • The system includes the use of microelectrode arrays (e.g., 10-100 micron electrodes with 100-500 micron spacing) to monitor iEEG activity of submillimeter regions or islands in the epileptogenic zone of brain tissue (e.g., independent microdomains in the range of 100-1000 micron diameter). — “SEIZURE FORECASTING, MICROSEIZURE PRECURSOR EVENTS, AND”,

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  • Live Webcast: Brain Surgery -Right Frontal Craniotomy Please Visit to view the full program On Tuesday May 29th at 3:00pm EDT, University Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland, Ohio, will host a live webcast to demonstrate the removal of brain tumor and epileptic focus from an awake patient using intra-operative MRI and brain mapping. See this on OR- The patient was a middle-aged gentleman with new onset seizures. An MRI showed what appeared to be a low grade glioma near the motor strip on the right. Studies have shown that complete removal can cure the seizures, improve quality of life and survival, but this is difficult to do with conventional technology without harming the surrounding normal brain because its difficult to determine where tumor ends and normal brain begins.
  • Technologies for Identifying Epileptogenic Sources ECCS 500 John Turnbull Ph.D. Thursday, February 12th, 2009 @ 11:30 AM
  • ASPARTAME and Connecting the Dots. Aspartame A Dangerous Excitotoxin. So, what is an excitotoxin? These are substances, usually amino acids, that react with specialized receptors in the brain in such a way as to lead to destruction of certain types of brain cells. An enormous amount of both clinical and experimental evidence has accumulated over the past decade supporting this basic premise. Yet, the FDA still refuses to recognize the immediate and long term danger to the public caused by the practice of allowing various excitotoxins to be added to the food supply, such as MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal -- the blue packets). Has the FDA repeated the aspartame approval process for sucralose, allowing a product with proven carcinogens to flood our food supply? Only time will tell, as it has with aspartame. Yet at the cost of human lives. Aspartame, the main ingredient in Equal and NutraSweet. Almost all of the independent research into aspartame found dangerous side effects in rodents. The FDA chose not to take these findings into account when it approved aspartame for public use. Over the course of 15 years, those same side effects increasingly appeared in humans. Not in everyone, of course — but in those who were vulnerable to the chemical structure of aspartame. Aspartame consumption strongly associated with migraines and seizures (Most all people they found that get migraines have low magnesium) the phenylalanine in aspartame could conceiveably mediate neurologic ...
  • Giannari37: Physiology, Pharmacology and Development of Epileptogenic Phenomena (Communications and Control Engineering): http://amzn.to/hke3cZ

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  • “An interdisciplinary forum for legal and ethical issues related to the mind and brain. for the diagnosis of PNES is controversial because of associated deception, and contrasts with the use of truly decreasing epileptogenic threshold techniques such as hyperventilation and photo stimulation”
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  • “GIMIAS: A workflow-oriented framework for solving biomedical image computing and simulation problems B. Marti et al., FocusDET: A multimodal application to locate epileptogenic foci in intractable partial epilepsy”
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