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  • Epiphora definition, an overflow of tears due to excessive secretion of the lacrimal glands or obstruction of the lacrimal ducts. See more. — “Epiphora | Define Epiphora at ”,
  • Definition of epiphora in the Medical Dictionary. epiphora explanation. Information about epiphora in Free online English dictionary. What is epiphora? Meaning of epiphora medical term. What does epiphora mean?. — “epiphora - definition of epiphora in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Epiphora is caused by a variety of conditions that affect tear production, tear flow, or the function of the eyelids. Epiphora can be caused by blockage of the tear ducts, which prevent drainage of tears. — “epiphora”,
  • Are you or a loved one suffering from chronic epiphora (chronic tearing)? The LacriCATH® balloon catheter has revolutionized the treatment of nasolacrimal duct obstruction in children and adults. Nasolacrimal duct obstruction can cause a. — “Chronic epiphora – nasolacrimal duct obstruction – LacriCATH”,
  • Indiana University School of Optometry online continuing education for ODs: Pediatric Eye Disease--Infants to Toddlers: Epiphora. — “IU Opt Online CE: Ped Eye Dz: Epiphora”, opt.indiana.edu
  • Encyclopedia article about epiphora. Information about epiphora in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “epiphora definition of epiphora in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Top questions and answers about Epiphora. Find 15 questions and answers about Epiphora at Read more. — “Epiphora - ”,
  • Epiphora (Excessive Tearing) in Cats By: Dr. Noelle McNabb Epiphora is an abnormal overflow of tears down the face that results from either obstruction of tear drainage through the nasolacrimal (tear duct) system or overproduction of tears that overwhelms the normal drainage system. — “Epiphora in Cats”,
  • Repetition of a word or phrase at the end of successive clauses. — “epiphora - definition and examples of epiphora”,
  • List of 52 disease causes of Epiphora, patient stories, diagnostic guides, medical books excerpts online about Epiphora. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Epiphora. — “Epiphora - ”,
  • Epiphora is an overflow of tears, usually caused by insufficient drainage of the tear film from the eye. Epiphora is a symptom rather than a disease and may be caused by a variety of conditions. — “Encyclopedia - Epiphora”,
  • The Private Healthcare UK guide to the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of epiphora (watery eye), written by UK doctors and medical experts. — “Epiphora (watery eye): Treatment and symptoms”,
  • Epiphora is caused by an overproduction or and inadequate removal of tears. Epiphora is a common problem in poodles. Quite frequently it is due to an inadequate removal of tears caused by blockage of the tear ducts, although often the cause is unknown. — “Epiphora (Overflow of Tears) Causes and Treatment”,
  • epiphora ( ′epə ′förə ) ( medicine ) An abnormal increase in tearing of one or both eyes. — “Epiphora: Definition from ”,
  • Epiphora is a condition that causes an abnormal overflow of tears. Causes of epiphora due to the shape of the eyes is seen in many breeds. The overproduction of tears can be congenital due to distichiasis – turning in of the eyelashes, or. — “Watery Eyes in Dogs | PetMD”,
  • Epiphora can happen under a number of different circumstances. Chronic epiphora may indicate that the tear drains (puncta) are not functioning properly so tears are not able to drain from the eyes. — “The Dry Eye Zone :: Encyclopedia :: Epiphora”,
  • Epiphora is the spillover of tears from the eye onto the lids and ocular adnexa. It is not a diagnosis, but a clinical finding that suggests ocular abnormality. Acute epiphora tends to be more easily diagnosable and attributable to an underlying cause than chronic epiphora. — “Review of Optometry > Epiphora Epiphany”,

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  • What Is Trichiasis ? Well here you can see mis directed cilia on upper eye lids these extra rows of eyelashes is touching to cornea causing epiphora and irritation. Treatment is epilation means manually removing eyelashes with forceps which is temporary while permanent is via laser and surgical removal.
  • Tear overflow, tear duct obstruction, blocked tear drain - A State of Sight #25 Oculofacial plastic surgeon Renzo Zaldivar, MD joins A State of Sight for a special episode discussing the options available for patients with a blocked tear drain. Excessive tearing can be very annoying, and surgery may be required to correct an obstruction. Dr. Zaldivar covers the basics of normal tear drainage and explains the options available to provide relief with host Isaac Porter, MD. See episode #14 of A State of Sight "Dry eye syndrome, dry eyes, tear film, artificial tears" for more information on the treatment and management of dry eyes: http twitter @eyeporter
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  • Dacriocistorrinostomia Modificada (Modified Dacryocistorinostomy by Kleiner and Wouk) Epiphora is a very common ocular pathology in the small animal practice affecting mainly the brachycephalic breeds of dogs and cats. The material used for manufacturing the device utilized in the procedure is a 3 ½ French "Tom Cat" urethral cannula and a 40 x 16 G needle or 16 G intravenous catheter. After the patient is under anesthesia the device is driven from the puncta and conjunctival nasal fornix (cul-de-sac) through the subcutaneous space just by the nasal bone and exiting the ipsilateral nostril. The device is pulled out till it gets firmly attached and the wider back part of it is cut out just adjacent to the conjunctival tissue. There is no need for stitches, but in some cases one can put a nylon suture that goes through the cannula and embraces the conjunctival tissue. Postoperatively topical antibiotics and steroids are used for 30 days. Results: The new drainage system starts working right after the procedure and the device is very well tolerated and can be left in place in most cases and it is only removed if there is migration. The success rate of this procedure is very high and the tear staining is resolved very fast. Authors: Kleiner, JA. Wouk AF. Vetweb Oftalmologia Veterinária. Website: .br.
  • Doc Pawsitive Explains Epiphora, Tear Staining in Toy Breeds! Doc Pawsitive, Leader of the Pack at PAWS Veterinary Clinic, discusses epiphora, more commonly known as tear staining. Epiphora is a common occurence in very small breed toy dogs where their tear ducts are so small and prone to blockage or occlusion, which can lead to the excess tears streaming down the face in the corners of their eyes at the medial canthus and con prove unsightly in light colored dogs.
  • EPIPHORA - Pale Angel (musicvideo) Hi, I wouldn´t say so much about this video, because it´s our first musicvideo and everybody can make his own intension about it. It´s 98% selfmade. The one scene (the slow motion drop) is used from and we would thank for this material;-) So you can also visit our myspace profile: Wish a lot of fun!
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  • Miscarry Epiphora 0º Fragment (live) Fragment of Miscarry´s last performance. The song is called epiphora 0º. Check it oout Marc Morueco at: Piano Joshua belza at: Guitars Andrei Bobota at: Bass Pablo Alcázar at: Drums
  • Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy (left) Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) for chronic tearing of the left eye due to dacryocystitis.
  • SE - Hitchhiker SE - Hitchhiker Music from Epiphora (2009) .
  • Escapist-Epiphora (Demo) This was the demo, But I scrapped it. Ill put up the real version soon.
  • DCR Dacryocystorhinostomy Endoscopic Tear Duct Surgery * California Sinus Centers DCR (Dacryocystorhinostomy) - LEFT SIDE Patient with Wegener's granulomatosis, which in the nose causes chronic sinus infections and scarring. There can also be scarring of the tear ducts which drain into the nose. This leads to excessive tearing, called epiphora. The tear ducts are probed from their openings adjacent to the eye, and the probes are brought out through the nose, leaving flexible tubing in the tear ducts to keep them open. The lacrimal sac which drains the tear ducts is opened widely.
  • Escapist-Epiphora Track 1 of the Epiphora EP. This track will be leading into "All For This"
  • Follow... Wednesday? Anyways, first Video on my new channel. I decided I need an appropriately named channel! All new Vlogs will be here from now on. Plan on eventually moving old Vlogs to here. my Follow Peeps! Reno MacLeod Epiphora http Jezebel http Elodie http Zoetica http Gregory Gorgeous http
  • Asia - Epiphora Take three minutes out of your day to stop and dream a little dream.
  • ONE MORE EACH: Epiphora Love, Denzel Aggro Love, and GRRR
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  • External DCR External Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) at Clinique O, Plastic and Esthetic Eye Surgery in Montreal by Dr Patrick Boulos. Treatment of lacrimal obstruction (dacryostenosis or nasolacrimal duct stenosis) to correct constant or excessive tearing (epiphora) and to reduce the risk of dacryocystitis. Surgery performed under local anesthesia. Lacrimal duct surgery video shown and surgical steps commented.
  • EPIPHORA - Chemical Truth (live) Konzertausschnitt vom 17.05.2008 .
  • Dacryo Cysto Prosthesis di BozzonI ( DCPB ) o "LACRIPUMP" The first silicon Prosthesis for the lacrimal sac to restore patency and aspiration pump function to the lower drainage ways, Dr. G. Bozzoni Pantaleoni. Ivrea Hospital. Produced by Giant Medical di Antonio Sambusseti Cremona Italy
  • SE - 15mg "15mg" by SE from the album "Epiphora."
  • Nasolacrimal Duct Stone Removal Youtube.wmv Here, a stone in the nasolacrimal duct at Hassner's Valve is causing obstruction and epiphora. It is removed endoscopically through the nose.
  • External Dacryocystorhinostomy Eye surgery video of an external DCR (tear drain surgery) to improve epiphora (tearing) or dacryocystitis (tear sac infection) by Dr. Carlo Rob Bernardino of Vantage Eye Center in Monterey and Salinas, California.
  • Soul Legion Epiphora Alternative Rock. First Single !
  • Epiphora - Imperfect - CD This is a mock-up of what the CD will look like.
  • Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) Right-sided endoscopic DCR performed for treatment of dacryocystitis.
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  • Nasolacrimal Duct Opening Post-Inferior Turbinectomy Nasolacrimal duct is part of lacrimal system and it ends at inferior meatus. It is not seen on anterior rhinoscopy or nasal endoscopic examination as hidden by the inferior turbinate and covered with mucosa (valve of Hassner). It is important not to injure the opening during antral washout procedure as it can result in scarring and blockage of the duct resulting in epiphora (teary eye). This video clearly shows the nasolacrimal duct opening located superolateral to left inferior concha. Inferior turbinectomy was performed earlier for persistent hypertrophy secondary to allergic rhinitis not responding to medical therapy. The nasal septum is deviated to the left. (S-nasal septum, MT- middle turbinate, IC- inferior concha with mucosal cover, N- nasopharynx, IM- inferior meatus, green arrow- nasolacrimal duct opening)
  • The magic of Fugo blade -6. Three snip operation revisited.wmv The next video clip in the series of "the magic of Fugo blade". In the clip is described how Fugo blade made easy the three snip operation for correction of punctum stenosis?
  • DCR Endoscopic Diode Laser Umer.wmv A 7 years old male referred by ophthalmologist with complains of epiphora for endoscopic DCR.
  • What Is Epiphora? Epiphora is discharge of water or tears from eyes, there are many causes to it, like trichiasis or entropion, or blockage of naso lacrimal duct.
  • Endoscopic Revision DCR.wmv This video depicts a revision endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR). Patients often undergo primary open DCR by their ophthalmologist. If unsuccessful, revision endoscopic DCR is a good option for persistent epiphora.
  • Miscarry -Epiphora Live- Miscarry Live UIB 13/04/05
  • EPIPHORA - The Flipside Of Reality (live) Part II We've filmed it with a mobilephone....It sounds good. If you like what you see please enjoy www.epiphora- or /httpwwwmyspacecomepiphora. Thanks to you and our friends and families.
  • SIMPLYD4RK - TOUR 2010 A video to commemorate this awesome tour we had with our friends from Lyre and Gaidjinn, organised by Epiphora Productions. In this video : - An introduction dedicated to animals cause (we're supporting PETA2 and fight against animals massacre for their with our song Freedom 4 Zombies. I spread lots of PETA2's flyers during this tour to sensitize our fans to this fight) - Backstage videos from the tour with the guys ! :D - Live videos (freedom 4 zombies, no escape, fckm3, guestlist) - An acoustic version of Vampire Kiss ! :) Enjoy, and follow me :) Acoustic EP project has been cancelled due to the fact Simplyd4rk gets back in full solo in 2011 :) MYSPACE. FACEBOOK.
  • Endoscopic Primary DCR.wmv This is a lesson on endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR). This is the preferred treatment for patients with obstruction in their nasolacrimal system. Patients present with epiphora (tearing) and may have infections in their lacrimal glands (dacryocystitis).
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  • “Epiphora is a symptom, not a disease in itself, a sign that the rabbit's eye is not able Most often epiphora is seen when the drainage system is not working correctly, typically”
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  • “Medical problems that would cause excessive tearing (epiphora) include having a foreign object in the eye, having a scratch or In order to comment, will have to comment on the next hour's blog with a reply that tells us which post over the last 27 hours”
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