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  • How to Write an Essay : Fixing Run On Sentences in Essays Learn how to fix run on sentences in essays in this freevideo on writing essays. Expert: Peggy Charlton Bio: Peggy Charlton has taught high school drama and theater classes for over 20 years. She has directed award-winning one act plays and has hosted workshops at Palacios High School. Filmmaker: kyle saylors
  • How To Write a Foolproof College Application Essay Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from bender and more videos in the College Admissions category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Most college essays are so full of crap you could plant a forest in them. Don't be a forest-enabling loser; write an essay that reads right and rings true. To complete this How-To you will need: Time to think and write Pen and paper, or a computer Somebody you trust Step 1: What makes you unique Think about what makes you unique. You want to pick a subject that no other applicant could possibly write about. Tip: It could be your background—maybe you grew up as the only child of two acrobats. Or it could be a personal experience, the more unusual the better. Step 2: Ask friends & relatives Ask friends and relatives what makes you special. This could be embarrassing, especially if they don't respond, but it could also help you identify something you hadn't considered. Step 3: Write first draft Once you've picked a subject, write a first draft of your essay. Don't worry about making it perfect—just get your thoughts on paper. Tip: Avoid gimmicks—admissions officers have seen them all. For example, don't write your essay from the perspective of your dog. Step 4: Read over essay Read over your essay. Then read it again aloud—does it ...
  • IELTS Writing Essays 3 (Part A) IELTS essays FREE DOWNLOAD Topic 1 e-book @ www.text2. Learn about the three main types of essay - Argue, Explain and Discuss (Part B), and how to plan a response to each. Samples, plans and staging of each type of essay provided.
  • IELTS Writing Essays 7 IELTS essays FREE DOWNLOAD Topic 1 e-book @ www.text2. IELTS essays, like exam essays, are about persuading the reader to appreciate your point of view on an issue. This program, the second on persuasive strategies, deals with being LOGICAL in your wriing, using Conjunctions.
  • Basic Cozy Essay Course with Marie Rackham - Introduction Visit for more information on the Cozy English Grammar/Language Arts series of courses hosted by Marie Rackham and produced by David Mielke and Splashes From The River, Inc. These award-winning courses were filmed in the Campbell River area of Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. This clip is the Introduction and opening titles sequence from The Basic Cozy Essay Course. English language arts courses from Splashes From The River include 'The Basic Cozy Grammar Course', 'The Basic Cozy Punctuation Course', 'The Basic Cozy Essay Course', 'The Basic Cozy Spelling Course', 'The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Level One', and 'The Intermediate Cozy Grammar Course Level Two'.
  • A Visual Essay by Scenic America on Urban Sign Pollution This is the first in a series of Visual Essays by Scenic America; this one focuses on the threats to our cities posed by uncontrolled outdoor advertising and commercialism. For more information visit .
  • How to Write an Effective Essay In this lesson, I give you a simple method for writing a good, effective essay in English. If you don't know where to start when you are given a writing assignment, start here and learn how to do it right!
  • IELTS discussion essay writing (part 1 of 5) In this lesson, we write a discussion essay together following IELTS essay writing guidelines. The final essay is roughly 280 words in length. For a copy of this essay and links to my other videos and ESL resources, please visit my web page at Please rate and comment on this video.
  • Three Paragraph Essay How to write a three paragraph essay. Kris also describes how to extend this model for a larger essay.
  • IELTS Writing Essays 4 IELTS essays FREE DOWNLOAD Topic 1 e-book @ www.text2. Outlines 3 steps for developing vocabulary for English exams like the IELTS.
  • An Immigration Flashpoint, Through Our Lens This is the video companion to our written work in Sunday Dec. 16th issue of the Washington Post.
  • TOEFL Essay Types & Essay Patterns Before writing the TOEFL essay, you must be able to identify the essay type and choose the correct essay pattern. This important lesson explains the five essay categories and two essay patterns you need to know to succeed in the Independent Essay Writing task of the TOEFL iBT. Check the free TOEFL section on my website, to see all of my TOEFL lessons.
  • Outline of five paragraph essay We will outline an essay together
  • IELTS How to write a discussion essay outline (part 1 of 2) Here is a short lesson outlining the basics of writing a discussion essay. It is about 13 minutes long in total. Hope it is helpful! Please rate and comment on my videos. For more ESL audio and video resources, please check out my website at
  • Writing Good Essays Part 1 A video lecture on how to write a good university/college essay
  • Molly Ivins - PBS Newshour Tribute Essay Originally Aired: February 1, 2007 Columnist Molly Ivins Dies at the Age of 62 Syndicated columnist Molly Ivins passed away Wednesday at the age of 62 due to complications from breast cancer. Ms. Ivins was widely known as the humorist who first referred to President George W. Bush as "shrub." Transcript: JIM LEHRER: Finally tonight, Molly Ivins, who died yesterday of breast cancer in Austin, Texas. She wrote books, essays, and they were always very funny and usually about very serious matters. We chose an example of her work that was broadcast here on the NewsHour in 1986. It was an essay on what Molly called "fine art in her home state." MOLLY IVINS, Columnist: Many people will tell you Texas is beautiful. Mostly Texans will tell you that. Well, it's true, in parts. But there is a lot of Texas that's not much to write home about. Parts of it are just plain homely, and then, here and there, ugly barely covers it. But what does mankind do when faced with the challenge of ugliness? Man creates art, is what he does, builds his own beauty. And that's what we do down here in Texas, too. And I'm about to show you some of it, so don't say you weren't warned. A lot of our art is found in front of courthouses, so as to let folks know it's official. Now, this here is a statue of a peanut found in the courthouse square in Floresville. And here's a statue of a shrimp right here in downtown Aransas Pass. In Seguin, we have a statue of a pecan. Not everybody likes it. Crystal City ...
  • IELTS Writing Essays 1 IELTS essays FREE DOWNLOAD Topic 1 e-book @ www.text2. This video describes what an essay is, and how to answer a simple essay question.
  • Essay Writing for ESL/EFL Students Free 7 minute essay writing lesson for English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students. Visit to learn more.
  • Basic Essay Writing The beginning clip on how to construct a basic four paragraph essay.
  • College Research Papers : How to Write MLA Essay Papers When writing an MLA essay paper, know that the MLA, or Modern Language Association, publishes a book about proper formats for a research paper. Write an MLA essay paper and refer to the handbook with tips from an English teacher in this free video on college research papers. Expert: David M. Harris Bio: David M. Harris has taught English at Vanderbilt University and elsewhere. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Stanford GSB: 2010/ 2011 Essays and Recommendations Each year the Stanford Graduate School of Business has the hard job of deciphering who--among the 7500+ applicants--deserves a spot in their next incoming class of roughly 370. With such high stakes, you'll want expert advice on how to present yourself at your very best. In this episode of MBA PodTV, we've brought on Linda Abraham, founder & president of . She'll break down each of the essay questions and give you advice on getting Stanford-specific recommendation letters. Guests: - Linda Abraham, Founder & President of , MBA Admissions & Essay Editing Service About:MBA Podcaster is your online source for information, insight, and advice on the MBA admissions process. We deliver relevant information and advice through biweekly audio and video segments for those planning to apply for a Master in Business Administration. Topics include strategies for writing MBA essays, preparing for the MBA interview, GMAT prep, MBA careers, business school rankings, MBA courses, the online MBA, Executive MBA programs, MBA scholarships, post-MBA job opportunities and current market trends.
  • Setting your essay to MLA format in Word 2007 In this video tutorial, I explain how to set your essay to MLA format as well as how to set MLA to the default word format so that you will not have to set your documents to MLA again.
  • Write a Great Essay! USC College Writing Program Senior Lecturer Mark Marino teaches his class how to use a prewriting strategy called "The Topoi." This video is part of a set of free, customizable tools for developing your essays. See the tools: To see a one-on-one conference with a student using The Topoi on an essay prompt, see this video: Read more about The Topoi tools here: For more about the USC Writing Program, go here: Video by Mira Zimet.
  • IELTS Writing Essays 2 IELTS essays FREE DOWNLOAD Topic 1 e-book @ www.text2. This video explains the most common mistakes students make when writing short essays, like the IELTS Task 2. Some advice is offered to assist students preparing to write an essay for an English test.
  • College Essay Tips by James Moroney, First Choice College James Moroney of First Choice College gives tips on Channel 12 in Milford to writing a great college application essay.
  • Expository Essays What is this elusive "expository essay" we've heard so much (little?) about? I got to the bottom of it by asking folks around campus. (Not a joke, these people know what they're talking about.)
  • How to Structure Your TOEFL Essay Get full points on the organization section of your TOEFL essay by following the steps in this lesson. For more information on the TOEFL, go to
  • IELTS Argument Essay Writing 1 (1 of 4) A lesson where we write an argument essay together following IELTS guidelines. All four parts are about 35 minutes together. Please visit my site for more
  • How to Write an Essay : The Body of the Points in Essays Learn how to write the body of the points in an essay in this free educationalvideo on writing essays. Expert: Peggy Charlton Bio: Peggy Charlton has taught high school drama and theater classes for over 20 years. She has directed award-winning one act plays and has hosted workshops at Palacios High School. Filmmaker: kyle saylors
  • IELTS Writing Essays 5 IELTS essays FREE DOWNLOAD Topic 1 e-book @ www.text2. How to build your vocabulary and plan before writing using WORD MAPS. This video is for English students preparing for an English exam like the IELTS.
  • IELTS - When to use personal pronouns in essays Very short lesson on how and when to make use of personal pronouns in your essay. For more videos like this, please visit my websites at and http Good luck! Ryan
  • IELTS Fixing problems in your essay Here is a small video I put together outlining some common problems I see in the essays submitted to me by students. I hope you find it helpful. Ryan
  • IELTS Writing Essays 3 (Part B) IELTS essays FREE DOWNLOAD Topic 1 e-book @ www.text2. Learn about the three main types of essay - Argue, Explain and Discuss (Part B), and how to plan a response to each. Samples, plans and staging of each type of essay provided.
  • IELTS How to start sentences in your essay (Part 1 of 2) Here is a small lesson with some suggestions how to start the various sentences in your essay. Please rate and comment on my videos! www.ielts- Thanks! Good luck....
  • Brianneob57: Competition and Currency: Essays on Free Banking and Money (Cato Institute Book Series):
  • freecookie: 2 pages =816 words i have to do at least 1600 waaah i hate essays
  • knelove: as much as i hate doing these damn soc 23 extra credit essays, they really help my grade! thank god
  • Colton_Dumont: I surprise myself w/ my nerdiness sometimes. Apparently the search for a new iPod requires several essays, as well as pros-and-cons lists.
  • yaVya: I kept writing S instead of Ts and Es in the essays. It was so annoying
  • donkeydayn: Who tryna get paid to write these essays for me? =)
  • Matty_Ed: Even if my student loan goes in tomorrow I can't enjoy it thanks to essays
  • lilacdolphin666: RT @OmariMcCarthy: 50 THINGS GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDENT SHOULD KNOW. But this could be said for most creative courses http:///3z425zo
  • AaronLaw92: My printer is being a moron. Cannot wait to buy a new one. This is ridiculous. No I do not wan black leaks on my essays.
  • LoDaKidd: iHate Typin Long Essays
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  • LeeshhB: one of my essays sounds like I was 50 and wise when I wrote it, the other just sounds like me. loool this life
  • chenatud: @ChikaChikaChan i got it. 2 of my classes are open note exams and my eng is just a self peer review on my past essays (:
  • ememileh: Crap it's Thursday already?! I have to get most or at least half of one of my essays done today :|
  • NataliePetra: ESSAYS FINISHED! Woohoo! Time to hit the sheets.. Nasty day tomorrow... Ugh.. Good night Kings and Queens! Sweet dreams #Echelon ;)
  • schock: RT @lksriv: RT @SSRC_org: Web Anthology on #Migrant #Remittances and Development: @ResistNetwork
  • Shaylerman: Alarm set, off to bed essays to write tomorrow. #goodnightandgodbless
  • BrandonJ29: Wrote 4 essays in 5 days. All I got left to worry about are my 2 finals. Feelin' goooood.
  • arthurames20: wondering if @jonathantindall wants to bum Charlie Brooker any more today, especially when he has bible essays to write........
  • itskarilynn: essays should be like skirts- long enough to cover everything, but still short enough to keep it interesting.
  • Shanip60: Christian Freedom: Essays by the Faculty of the Saint Meinrad School of Theology (American University Studies. ...
  • ReyonaJ: guess i'll start on these essays now...................
  • ashleyalong: @lesli77 i never title my essays... crap bag
  • ClareePlatt: RT @_EVOLVING_: @ClareePlatt when do you finish <last assessment is 16th and 23rd for essays! Then egypt 24th!!!
  • Lewis_23: Going to the library at with about 1am with @Tronie69 to get our essays done. I challenge you to find me a better time to do work.
  • NataliePetra: @ssoopphhzz hi dear! I'm so sorry I'm replying so late but I've been crazy busy with my essays. :/ ha well I (cont)
  • immunov: Pacificism as Pathology – Book Review « american in exile: Pacifism as Pathology is a collection of essays cente...
  • mads_x3: And the tornado watch begins. I need to get all my homework done asap. 3 essays and a bunch of math to do.....
  • OmariMcCarthy: 50 THINGS GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDENT SHOULD KNOW. But this could be said for most creative courses http:///3z425zo
  • Honey94791: How To Generate New Ideas For Travel Essays
  • sharesoftware24: Viper The Anti-plagiarism Scanner 3 - Viper The free anti-plagiarism scanner. Scan your essays today! #download
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  • bongafideHUSTLA: @CryssieBadAzz did yall have to write essays like about racism & stuff?
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  • Adrienneeex3: I really love writing essays
  • _wheres_waldo: @Scottt_rockstar we got too many essays to do..try doing the body paragraphs and i'll do some and then we just put them together
  • DChockeytown: What's worse than writing 2 essays? Writing 2 essays AND THEN exam week. DC here I come! Can't wait to watch my caps! Miss Verizon Center
  • zac3131: @ThatShwanKid Suck it up, wait til you're a Junior and have to study for APs while writing a never-ending stream of essays
  • Stasiayg02: Me and Mine: Selected Essays of Bhikkhu Buddhadasa (Suny Series in Buddhist Studies):
  • Deborazo79: Not-Knowing: The Essays and Interviews:
  • Alli_son3: Just woke up ! Best nap ever, now time for some essays
  • bongafideHUSTLA: 3 8pg essays..due monday. I need a miracle.
  • tamzali91: The essays. Only gona do 2 more coz I give up http:///h8zsghjj
  • Marlenaok75: Absence/Presence: Critical Essays On The Artistic Memory Of The Holocaust (Religion, Theology, and the Holocaust):
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  • cathalogd: Far too many essays to do, can't wait to finish up!
  • STONERLifeStyle: Just knocked out 2 essays damn I deserve a *WELLDONE*.
  • iMARK40: The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know - Jamie Wieck - #diadeldisenador
  • asmithdigital: The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know via @jamiewieck
  • MsJFoxy: @_IanMatthews i still have two more essays!!! :(
  • lorimacdon: last AP tutorial over and done with. Now for the exam to be written and to get all of the SMB essays marked!
  • books3: Parerga and Paralipomena: Short Philosophical Essays http:///asin/0199242208
  • calendar2515: Amazon Parerga and Paralipomena: Short Philosophical Essays http:///asin/0199242208
  • MonieFranie: I took a day & wrote two 5 page essays & I got 100% on both,that's how I know I'm the bomb (either that or my prof really likes me) lol #Fb
  • HotPotOCoffee: math test, done. Now to write my essays for my science/poetry class
  • grossedesign: RT @smashingmag: The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know - - Not a fan of lists, but this one is extremely #useful.
  • xzoex100: three essays before bed, DONE! #proud
  • ubcpress: Perverse Cities author Pamela Blais on fighting urban sprawl -- The #DonnerPrize essays: The nominated authors speak out
  • deepmanjustdeep: RT @SarcasmSnape: My teacher told me essays are like skirts. "Long enough to cover the subject, short enough to make it interesting."
  • TODDIE_SAYID2Xs: @Jizza_ *rite I was salty to u had dem fat as essays nd shid wen u cumin bac up?
  • Maryrosejv09: Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development: Selected Essays of Herman Daly (Advances in Ecological Economics):
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  • The2012Project: RT @PunditMom: @martibarletta Narrative & essays.Title says it all -- Mothers of Intention:How Women & Social Media R Revolutionizing Politics in America
  • Jamezzy: Studied my brains off for this exam, and now this guy is giving me 9 essays due tomorrow? NINE?! REALLY??!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!! -__-
  • chrissyosowski: i wish essays never existed
  • ashw2: @Jnsnape we won 3-0! It was SUCH a good game and we had great seats :D worth the £ and time. I MUST finish essays tom or else no wedding! :(
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