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  • Facially Discriminatory Policies. Employers that base hiring and promotion decisions on protected class characteristics are engaging in disparate When they argue that it is necessary for business reasons, this type of disparate treatment is termed a facially discriminatory policy or practice. — “Chapter 7”, business.clayton.edu
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Facially - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Testing Facially Neutral Classifications Which Impact on Minorities It is necessary that one claiming harm through the disparate or disproportionate impact of a facially neutral law prove intent or motive to discriminate. — “US Supreme Court Cases from Justia & Oyez”,
  • In this case, we consider whether Virginia’s "Partial Birth Infanticide" Act, Va. Code Ann. § 18.2-71.1 (the "Virginia Act"), is facially unconstitutional. After the Commonwealth of Virginia enacted the Virginia Act in April 2003, but before. — “Richmond Medical Center for Women, et al. v. Michael N”,
  • Tennessee now recognizes a facially valid handgun permit, firearms permit, weapons permit, or a license issued by another state according to its terms, and will, therefore, authorize the holder of such out-of-state permit or license to carry a handgun only in the state of Tennessee. — “Handgun Carry Permit Reciprocity Information”, tennessee.gov
  • The en banc court further held that when an employment policy or benefit plan, like Kentucky's plan, is facially discriminatory, a plaintiff challenging that plan does not need additional proof of discriminatory animus in order to establish a prima facie case of disparate treatment. — “High Court upholds Kentucky retirement benefits plan”,
  • Because we conclude that the statutory section in question is not facially unconstitutional under either the state or federal constitutions, we reverse and remand for a 752.01(1)(a) was facially unconstitutional because it violated her. — “Parents Rights - ROY THOMAS BEAGLE and v. DEWEY KEITH BEAGLE”,
  • High quality and affordable ancient Indian artifacts and relics, stoneage tools, paleo arrowheads and much more facially worked. It has a recent nick. to the tip and a substantial ledge to. side A, just above the centerline. Item: Type: Provenance: Price. DLFT9. A medium sized bi-facially worked. Found at. — “Ancient Native American Indian Artifacts, Relics and”,
  • TV is a medium of close-ups, where it's important to be able to reveal emotions on your face. By that In this article (found via TV Tattle), Toby blasts several stars as "facially challenged," suggesting that such actors as Jennifer Garner, Kiefer Sutherland, and Nicollette Sheridan have. — “Are TV stars 'facially challenged'? | PopWatch | ”,
  • Definition of facially in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of facially. Pronunciation of facially. Translations of facially. facially synonyms, facially antonyms. Information about facially in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “facially - definition of facially by the Free Online”,
  • Home > Miscellaneous Cases > Court Finds BAPCPA Provision Facially Unconstitutional > Court Finds BAPCPA Provision Facially Unconstitutional. Zelotes v. Martini, 2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 81385 (D. — “Georgia Bankruptcy Blog: Court Finds BAPCPA Provision”,
  • The plaintiffs appealed and the United States Court of Appeals reversed, holding the Michigan regulatory scheme was facially discriminatory towards out-of-state wineries and had the effect of benefiting in-state wineries. the Michigan statute is "facially discriminatory" and struck down the. — “Granholm v. Heald, Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Ass'n v”, law.duke.edu
  • facially (comparative more facially, superlative most facially) using or involving the This page was last modified on 19 April 2008, at 11:01. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional. — “facially - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of facially from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of facially. Pronunciation of facially. Definition of the word facially. Origin of the word facially. — “facially - Definition of facially at ”,
  • you dont say how you became disfigured, but if it was through an accident you should have gotten compensation from the insurance companies. If not see if you cant contact someone in te social services and see if they cant offer any type of. — “i am facially disfigureded? i am facially disfigureded is”,
  • Definition of facially in the Medical Dictionary. facially explanation. Information about facially in Free online English dictionary. What is facially? Meaning of facially medical term. What does facially mean?. — “facially - definition of facially in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • If you're a bit strange you've probably been wondering whatever happened to Seal - the bald, facially-scarred singer who was famous for having two well-known songs a decade ago and then doing a song for the film about Porky Pig playing basketball. — “Seal & Heidi Klum Push Out Another Baby | Hecklerspray”,
  • A facial challenge to a legislative Act is, of course, the most difficult challenge to mount successfully, since the challenger must establish that If a facial challenge is successful, a court will declare the statute in question facially invalid, which has the effect of striking it down entirely. — “Facial challenge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb facially has one meaning: Meaning #1 : with respect to the. — “facially: Information from ”,

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  • Autumn Leaves - My Own Private Idaho - River Phoenix "Oh, I laugh in my head all the time. Everything is an inside joke. I'm not that serious, really. I have a blast in my head. Wit, really fine, fine wit makes me tickled. I just don't register humour facially. it's a mentan thing. Laughing for me is an inside thing, and if I just get it it's enough." - River Phoenix. --------------------------------------- Making this video was very amusing to me, and it doesn't really look like an amusing video to make, but inside my head I was practically hysterical. I don't know... I was just really amused whilst I made this. It was very personally fulfilling. ------------------------------------- A 'My Own Private Idaho' tribute and a 'River Phoenix' tribute. (Is that quote right? I'm unsure, I got it from a website... is it not suposed to be mental though? Is mentan a word?)
  • Super Soul Star: I Whip My Hair by Willow Smith Per your requests, here's a video of me lip-syncing / facially grinding to little Willow Smith's bangin track I Whip My Hair. She's so cute, isn't she? Yeah. Well stuff's about to get real. Really. Real. This video's dedicated in honor of Spirit Day. Want the song? ME TOO. Contact her record label to find out when she's hitting iTunes or some other form of legal musical data transfer. Because I don't own the copyright to this song, so I wouldn't know.
  • Jonathan's Facial Film Reviews Jonathan facially reviews Into the Wild, No Country for Old Men, The Kite Runner, Margot at the Wedding, and Across the Universe. *Follow me on Twitter @Futuristik5000*
  • Facially Fisted-Lacerations third track off the demo. if you dont like, dont comment. which basically means dont comment. sorry about the vox being so low in the mix, bearing in mind this is a 12yrold 1man band recording with a squier strat and a 99p store mic, i think this is quite good as far and techno noisecore goes.
  • Mama Tierra "dancing" by facially expressive girl My niece randomly bobbing to part of "Mama Tierra" by B-Negão, Macaco & Nazão Zumbi
  • Fat Tom gets facially foamy Fat Tom a fond pursuer of good dental hygiene!
  • She had a muffin top... And a GUT Did you hear... She had a MUFFIN TOP... And a GUT! But facially she was ok...facially she was ok... Except for her muffin top... And her gut.
  • Thunderf00t's Gnostic Assumption Blunderf00t has gone and really put his blundering foot into his babel box this time. Following the example of Dick Dawkins & as humanists will usually do, Blunderf00t is showcasing his authoritative expertise of the subject matter which he couldn't care less about. Considering that his contemptuous negligence is already conducive enough of a seemingly endless fountain of pertinent knowledge. One can see how in addition, his seethingly deep loathing of the subject matter would be causative of his starch stiff integrity in speaking unbiasedly just and completely objective of Biblical matters. Unfortunately, no one is perfect and Blunderfool the buffoon is no exception. His abundantly slight shortcomings are apparently enough to make him oblivious to the fact that he told the most greatly antiquated of all the diabolically deluded fairy tales. Precisely as did also, the serpent when he boorishly beguiled the first two whom were ensnared by their desired divinity. If Blunderful one day produces a video with he appearing in leotards & leg warmers, then we'll know he is Surely Blundy McClane. The vestigially furry, facially fallacious, apparently appalling brother.
  • All American Rejects, It Ends Tonight-Cover This is me singing the song described in the title. I had literally NO time to make that video, so I just squeezed it into a little part of my day. At one point Kelsey came into the room, and was mouthing and gesturing to me to indicate that I had to go and do something, and I was like facially communicating back with her, it was really weird. But, that's why I was making facial expressions near the end of the video. I love this song, it's amazing.
  • In my Arms Rufus is accompanied by the very talented and facially expressive Miss Martha Wainwright. She tries to help him find the right chord. Rufus Wainwright Ann Arbor Folk Festival. 1.26.2007
  • A minute twenty of expressing yourself... facially Have you ever wondered: If there weren't any expressions, how would we cohabitate? Random night with my bro, don't hate..
  • A scene from WELCOME TO ROCKSBURG.flv Written and Directed by Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom Lighting Design by Thapelo Mokgosi Fight Choreography by Israel Bereta The first installment of The Rocksburg Trilogy, a series of original South African action plays based on Township comic books that do not exist, this play is set in a fictional South African mining town called Rocksburg and its nearby black township, Matlapeng. It revolves around a facially disfigured young man, derisively called King Kong, who has the body and the strength of Hercules. When he falls in love for the first time, with the girlfriend of a notorious township thug, this forces him into a life he had previously avoided quite successfully the life of crime. He soon finds himself caught up in a cat and mouse game between the criminal underworld and a corrupt police force. Intentionally using strong clichés in story and character, and stylistic mechanisms like slow motion and other devices found only in Township and Community theatre, the story is told in the much successful tradition of Hollywood action films, with a very powerful Beauty and the Beast type love story at its core. Cast : Molefi Monaisa, Fumani Shilubana, Segomotso Modise, and others.
  • facially abused by a tiger Part. 2 Part. 2.
  • Facially Impaired V.1 Faze acting silly...
  • Chenab's Expressive Robot (ESRA) -- George School 2009 My student, Chenab Navalkha, has programmed a facially expressive robot named ESRA, from Robodyssey Systems. RobodysseyRAMB II motherboard you see here. The robots brain is NetMedias BX-24 microcontroller, which is programmed using the BasicX language. I am the author of the worlds only BasicX textbook; if you are interested in learning how to program your own robot, see my website at .
  • Facially Ever After.m4v Kyle did a project for her class which includes my little Adia.
  • FACIALLY EXEMPLIFIED Bill blasts Jake through the mouth with his fist
  • The Phantom of WoW A tribute to the most famous Broadway Musical of all times -- The Phantom of the Opera. Even as the most celebrated and famous musical of all time, a brief synopsis follows: The musical focuses on a beautiful soprano, Christine Daaé, who becomes the obsession of a mysterious, disfigured musical genius known as "The Phantom of the Opera", who terrorizes the Paris Opera House. Facially deformed since birth, the Phantom is a brilliant composer and musician who hides behind a mask. Christine Daaé, although talented, lacks focus until the Phantom takes her under his wing and teaches her to sing. Website:
  • facially raped by a dog carl
  • The Face of Another (1966) [Trailer] Directed by: Hiroshi Teshigahara Contry: Japan Following "Woman of the Dunes" in 1964, Hiroshi Teshigahara continued his collaboration with avant-garde novelist/playwright Kobo Abe and experimental composer Toru Takemitsu for the Face of Another. Starring Tatsuya Nakadai as a man "burried alive behind eyes without a face", the film adresses the illusive nature of identity and the agony of its absence. A businessman facially scarred in a laboratory fire receives psychotherapy from a psychiatrist, and obtains an amazingly lifelike mask from the doctor. Soon after being fitted for the mask, he seduces his wife and succeeds. But his wife claims she was aware all along who he was and believed that both were just masquerading together as most couples usually do in different ways. Strangely enough, his personality seemingly begins to change after he puts on the mask as if the mask has influenced his personality. His new identity does not enable him to reintegrate into society after all. A subplot is inserted in fragments. A good-natured young woman, the right side of whose face is disfigured, has been hurt by others' inquisitive eyes and insults, and has been shunned by men. She asks her older brother, the only man who understands her pain and solitude, to make love to her, hiding from him the intent of killing herself after then. This follow-up to Abe and Teshigahara's Sunna no Onna (1965) is even more surrealistic, thanks to the intrusion of science fiction elements. Tatsuya ...
  • Theresa Hendricks Newest DVD Trailer This is our second release for Theresa- her first session is on WPW Video/DVD 680. Theresa was again in top contest shape at 5'6" 145 pounds, as we did the photos/video with her the day after the 2007 Team Universe, where she was 2nd in her heavyweight class. The 46 year old looks facially and physically ten years younger, sporting terrific makeup and hair and a national caliber physique which has just missed turning pro in a few recent pro qualifiers. Theresa starts off with repwork in the gym, then she was tireless as she posed extensively in a bikini and three dresses, and is interviewed. WPW Video/DVD 709 runs 100 minutes. DVD Chapter 1. Gymwork 2.White Bikini 3. Blue Evening Gown 4.Blue Sun Dress 5.Pink Very Tifgt Tub Dress 6. Interview
  • Phantom of The Opera-Unmasked This clip clocks in at one minute and twenty-two seconds, but the duration is very well spent as this is considered to be one of the greatest shocks in early 20th century cinema. Released in 1925, the film stars Lon Chaney Sr. and Mary Philbin, directed by Rupert Julian, ''remarked as his sole successful film''it is an adaptation of the Gaston Leroux novel of the same name. The film featured Lon Chaney as the title role, depicted as the masked and facially deformed Phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House, causing murder and mayhem in an attempt to force the management to make the woman he loves (Mary Philbin) a star.. Found on the Internet archive database. For educational purposes only. Supplemental text from Wikipedia.
  • Facially Impaired. If that's how you would spell it. Ugly is a mean word people! this my first video blog. I promise to make the next one shorter. please subscribe though... pretty please.... I'm begging you!
  • A Woman's Face (1941) - Theatrical Trailer - © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Film: A Woman's Face. Starring: Joan Crawford, Melvyn Douglas and Conrad Veidt. Directed by: George Cukor. Story & Dialogues written by: Francis de Croisset. Screenplay written by: Donald Ogden Stewart. Distributed by: © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Theatrical Release Date: 23 May 1941 (USA) Niceties by: Synopsis! "A Woman's Face" is a 1941 motion picture directed by George Cukor, and starring Joan Crawford, Melvyn Douglas and Conrad Veidt. The film tells the story of Anna Holm, a facially disfigured blackmailer, who because of her appearance, despises everyone she encounters. When a plastic surgeon performs an operation to correct this disfigurement, Anna becomes torn between the hope of starting a new life, and a return to her dark past. Most of the film is told in flashbacks as witnesses in a courtroom give their testimonies. The screenplay was written by Donald Ogden Stewart, which was based on the play Il Etait Une Fois by Francis de Croisset. Another version of the story, a Swedish production, was filmed in 1938 as En Kvinnas Ansikte, starring Ingrid Bergman. Plot! In Stockholm, Sweden, as Anna Holm enters a courtroom waiting for her murder trial to begin, witnesses are sworn in. The first witness, Herman Rundvik, relates the following testimony: Late one night, at a rural tavern, aristocrat Torsten Barring hosts a party that includes Vera, the faithless wife of noted plastic surgeon Gustav Segert. When the tavern will no longer extend Torsten credit, he ...
  • facially abused by a tiger Part. 1 Hena gets facially abused by a tiger. Part 1.
  • Witness: LeBron James Gets Dunked On Facially !!!
  • Trivium - Dying In Your Arms Ultimate Guitar Remix Full screen! Crank the volume! ***WARNING VIDEO STARTS LOUD*** My 12th vid! Doing a little time travelling to end this year's crop of videos! I originally filmed the rhythm part of this videos shortly after posting my second video here on youtube (near the end of Jan 08)and didn't have the skills at the time to do anything that I wanted to try in this song. Now I'm a bit better, so now, almost 10 months later, I've added the lead guitar. Lol, I get to play a song with my younger, more inexperienced, more facially hairy self! I tried to put a little bit of everything I've learned this year in this video, so its got sweep, economy, tremelo, and alternate picking, harmonies, tapping, wide vibrato, harmonics, call and response, you name it! Compare it to some of my earlier vids (they're all numbered) to see progress! Horns!
  • SPJ And The Rise Of The Facially Disfigured 2008 Trailer Official 2008 Trailer For Our Up-Coming Film SPJ And TheRise Pf The Facially Disfigured
  • Robodyssey facial expression robot Robodyssey's newest robot. The ESRA 3. This version is running with a Mini-SSC and VSA software.
  • Facially Fisted-DEAD SPEDUP haha check my pig squeal at the start xD BREE BREE BREE
  • Robodyssey ESRA III Facial Expressive Robot Robodyssey's ESRA III facial robot with optional ears and eyebrows.
  • Facially Impaired V.2 Bell acting silly...
  • Mike Facially Farting In London
  • Dumbledore x Grindelwald: The Greater Good A very rushed Dumbledore x Grindelwald (Harry Potter) AMV. Though Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are the very last people in the world I would ever cast as Dumbledore and Grindelwald, in Interview with the Vampire they struck me as looking very facially similar to how I imagined these characters. Dumbledore: Brad Pitt (Interview with the Vampire) Grindelwald: Tom Cruise Ariana: Kirsten Dunst Aberforth: Karl Urban
  • Jadyn being.... Expressive facially Jadyn being.... Expressive facially @ about 1 + month old
  • Gilbert getting facially violated by Gee and Estella
  • mrsnasirjones: its disrespectful when a facially challenged man tries to get at me
  • NotNiceDoms: facially on break (Y)
  • yOUaDoReBrii: RT @iTweetGRENADES: i don't call people ugly! that's mean. .they're just unattractive or facially challenged.
  • iTweetGRENADES: RT @Mr_CirocOBAMA: Lmao @ the Facially challenged! RT @iTweetGRENADES: i don't call people ugly! that's mean..they're just unattractive or facially challenged.
  • Mr_CirocOBAMA: Lmao @ the Facially challenged! RT @iTweetGRENADES: i don't call people ugly! that's mean..they're just unattractive or facially challenged.
  • Juanita_Sanchez: I hate to hear ppl call other ppl ugly... Its facially challenged
  • iTweetGRENADES: i don't call people ugly! that's mean. .they're just unattractive or facially challenged.
  • eliteprince: "i wonder if she likes me facially or dislikes me bottomly" - Jeff, Coupling (UK)
  • htis30now: Also, Chicarito looks like a young Jodie Foster. Facially. I think that's who I'm thinking of.
  • TheProfessor727: Why do these facially challenged women keep taking 1,001 pics of themselves. Who told you, that you was cute? #YeezyToldYouHuh?
  • Pastor_Derulo: #BeforeTwitter I thought you were facially challeneged and annoying..nothings changed.
  • doubLLe_D: these two lil girls playing soccer with my nephew are facially challenged
  • barters97: Mirco Bergamasco is the spitting image of @JoeBB02. Facially at least!
  • thehestercution: RT @HEELZiggler: redbox'd "Easy A" wasn't bad, just not sure if the chick is hot or not (too skinny for me) and now amanda bynes retains water facially
  • markjabroni: @HEELZiggler: redbox'd "Easy A" wasn't bad, not sure if the chick's hot or not (too skinny for me) & now amanda bynes retains water facially
  • riggsrules: @HEELZiggler "amanda bynes retains water facially" whoa I missed that episode of All That...
  • _trophyWAG: RT @HEELZiggler: redbox'd "Easy A" wasn't bad, just not sure if the chick is hot or not (too skinny for me) and now amanda bynes retains water facially
  • HEELZiggler: redbox'd "Easy A" wasn't bad, just not sure if the chick is hot or not (too skinny for me) and now amanda bynes retains water facially
  • jackyackyacky: 'They say death has many faces, Whittaker.' 'Do they ma'am?' 'Yeah... facially, you know. It's a thing...'
  • damijibs: Stature n facially (a bit) sef RT @niftytboy: Lol hw? RT @damijibs: Plies looks like dagrin!!
  • MszJazz: I think Grotesque is pretty in her own way smh.. She jus a lil Facially Challenged
  • Krysanthemum: I never understood why some people don't know that they're facially challenged. You HAVE to know something like that.
  • Mike_Lowry23: #ImSingleBecause I'm facially challenged :( lol
  • ClassyMarie08: #whosaiditwasokto try & spit game when you're facially challenged? Some people shouldn't be so bold!
  • __Costanza: I mean when I was facially bald, I was ok. Got a girl here or there, but now I feel the power. Yesss *carlton banks voice*
  • Brenden718: RT @Puunky These facially challenge niggas thinking they can bag pretty girls are funny..I would give a lesson on how to do it but nah lol
  • urTIP_myMOUTH: RT @KissMyPillowPet: #WhoSaidItWasOK to have your body parts as a twitcon cus you're facially challenged.
  • KissMyPillowPet: #WhoSaidItWasOK to have your body parts as a twitcon cus you're facially challenged.
  • OtasE: She has a nice body but facially no RT @oleolade: @ALT_Mistress OtasE ha ha ha..what do u think?:)
  • VictoriaSephora: Do facially challenged guys with a BOMB personality make them cute to some of you girls!!??
  • BennyFitfrawd: @BIFW Yep, he's all facially plated up & back home. I've heard he may wish to return to the hospital for some peace! ;o)
  • _Nosa_: It is actually possible to be hot without being facially outstanding. See Teyana Taylor, she won't win face of Africa but she's bloody hot
  • Alyssa_Janay: @Mr_Ant_91 lmao, facially challenged? Nice choice of vocabulary!
  • Mr_Ant_91: @DannaeRayleee I never went to greenwood so I don't know how facially challenged them folk are
  • UniqueStandards: There's always some facially challenged broads up in Victoria's Secret that don't nobody wanna see wearin Victoria's Secret.
  • mudlarklives: Once again, I'll note how much Graham Norton facially resembles Bob Hope.
  • crystal_castles: @sparticus88 bit of something to look at anyway, just not facially. The rest of it is bangin!
  • mrsnasirjones: now, if u are facially challenged with bad breath, well now, that DONT suprise me one bit, its actually EXPECTED
  • iamhollywood_: no profile pic/twitcon means u facially challenged right?
  • evrythingmyway: RT @ItzTaMyBaBy: #POW RT @keniyrah Why does errbody think they look good!?! Some of y'all know y'all r facially challenged,but (cont) http://tl.gd/97pcjt
  • ItzTaMyBaBy: #POW RT @keniyrah Why does errbody think they look good!?! Some of y'all know y'all r facially challenged,but (cont) http://tl.gd/97pcjt
  • keniyrah: Why does errbody think they look good!?! Some of y'all know y'all r facially challenged,but still believe you're attractive..nice try tho
  • PoeticStarChild: @heartbreak_remy lmao facially attractive. #dead
  • _BellaRae: RT @heartbreak_remy: This girl in the "Love Faces" video isn't that facially attractive for some reason..
  • heartbreak_remy: This girl in the "Love Faces" video isn't that facially attractive for some reason..
  • cyborg_72010: RT @MichaelABrownJr: What do women look for in a man that passes him as "facially attractive"?
  • MichaelABrownJr: What do women look for in a man that passes him as "facially attractive"?
  • BiggMikeSmooth: In the car bumpin that Facially Challenged by @Julox
  • UniqueStandards: There's a whole bunch of facially challenged broads up in Victoria's Secret that no 1 would ever want to see wearing' Victoria's Secret.
  • DiRTYxDEONHA: people who are facially challenged should not take close up pics.. #justsayin
  • F_wit_YaBaby: RT @GoRjUS_aSimone: Facially challenged ass hoes
  • GoRjUS_aSimone: Facially challenged ass hoes
  • hailfabio: Is fully facially moisturised
  • britneyfrancis: @ImJDan Really? I adore him. Sure, facially he's not as cute as others but for me he's like the total package. (Image wise)
  • ScreamMyNamex69: Aww baby your not ugly just facially challenged
  • MattStannells: When Getting overly excited, I gotta stop expressing it facially so much and return to bodily voluntary linguistics.
  • onapoleon: How different is our left side from our right! What if we were facially symmetrical? Look at this French photo study. http://ow.ly/4cyqm
  • leewelshman: @lucasowen85 craigbrawn1 @jonjdodd @badwolf19 @squibby_ @neily82 10 year ago i was 14, a size 38" waist and horrendously disfigured facially
  • youngpimpin904: RT @iTeeRoy “ Don't call people "Ugly" because its offensive. Call them facially challenged, it makes you sound smart.”
  • TheGentleman21: RT @RebeccaJ16: Lets not call ppl "ugly". Lets call them facially challenged.
  • chemills: RT @iTeeRoy: “ Don't call people "Ugly" because its offensive. Call them facially challenged, it makes you sound smart.”
  • RebeccaJ16: Lets not call ppl "ugly". Lets call them facially challenged.
  • iTeeRoy: “ Don't call people "Ugly" because its offensive. Call them facially challenged, it makes you sound smart.”
  • JA_Clark: @ZAYXXVIIIMMX well facially challenged. is dat betta?
  • ItsVIV_GTMS: I'm followin some djs and thank God they chose a profession where the spotlight is not on them cause dam some are facially challenged
  • nyankoTRIx: How do you close-up on a facially challenged girl when Pauly says, 'There's some dope girls here.' . . wut? #JerseyShore
  • ItsJwilly: Bahaha RT @HeelZ_N_TattooZ: @itsjwilly lol because ppl who are facially challenged are human just like us pretty ppl
  • imyaman_11: RT @fuqkya_thoughtz there are some facially challenged people in this world.... #thatisall
  • fuqkya_thoughtz: there are some facially challenged people in this world.... #thatisall
  • Johhny_McLovin: Hate facially challenged females who think they just to much
  • heelz_n_tattooz: @itsjwilly lol because ppl who are facially challenged are human just like us pretty ppl
  • iAmThreeOFive: @Butifel_Dizastr You beyond STOOOPID!! Facially Challenged??
  • theLadyDom: @Jermz_VI's version of twitter after dark is messing with some facially disadvantaged female lol.
  • dasgunar: RT @YkBUrban: "Don't call her ugly. She's just facially-challenged."
  • MsChancellor2u: RT @JustBARON: RT @MsChancellor2u Lmao at Facially Challenged--- Muhahaha <<-------lol smh
  • MsChancellor2u: Lmao at Facially Challenged
  • YkBUrban: "Don't call her ugly. She's just facially-challenged."
  • syneeettu: @oneshadowlove lmao! Oh I am really going to stalk you tomorrow! I am going to tweet photo's of facially challenged people to you all day!
  • impeccablydahn: Lol QT @IAmKevinTerrell: If I'm not facially attracted to you, Then I must be financially....... yay I said it!
  • IamKevinTerrell: If I'm not facially attracted to you, Then I must be financially....... yay I said it!
  • CaramelSlade: #NotAFan of the facially challenged.
  • 5StarSunshine: Yep and they should keep it to themselves >.< RT @shawnierocket: @Wayne85Live @5StarSUNSHINE the facially challenged need luv too ! ;)
  • shawnierocket: @Wayne85Live @5StarSUNSHINE the facially challenged need luv too ! ;)
  • blakeanthony7: This facially challenged hoodrat with a side ass ponytail had on a shirt that said ' you betta get yo man cuz I'm single 4 da night ' #fail
  • aDICKtive: @LongLegsLilly tell him it's facially challenged .
  • thatniggadaniii: At work today, I witnessed a girl eating in the food court that was facially identical to @sleepOnMe_12 but with hair....it was creepy
  • TheMikeLoveShow: Where are all the facially advanced women in the house tonight?
  • Tasha_Ann_: I swear I have some facially challenged people on my bbm contacts but its ok I'll be nice.

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  • “In the second time in two months, the California Supreme Court announced that once a Notice of Exemption Blog. Home > CEQA > No Fooling: A Facially Valid NOE Triggers a 35-Day Statute of Limitations. No Fooling: A”
    — No Fooling: A Facially Valid NOE Triggers a 35-Day Statute of,

  • “Galleries of hot Latinas being Facially Abused! EXPLICIT.CC Forum Index -> Commercial and Paysite galleries You cannot delete your posts in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Powered”
    — EXPLICIT.CC :: Galleries of hot Latinas being Facially Abused!, explicit.cc

  • “Karaoke Info Forum : Karaoke Info : Karaoke Discussion. Topic: Facially challenged karaoke Topic: Facially challenged karaoke singers! Posted: 2006 Mar 20 at 13:40. I went to the”
    — Karaoke Info Forum: Facially challenged karaoke singers!,

  • “After our Sipadan adventure we were ready to see what there was to discover in the Borneo rainforest. We had heard great things about the river cruises and treks through the rainforest and we managed”
    — Our Facially Endowed Cousin and the Ginger Man,

  • “By today's standards in our society, no one ever ages gracefully. Whether you're a star in Hollywood or a soccer mom driving a minivan, everyone has an of surgery offered to help give you a younger (or slimmer) appearance facially, you may find it tough to know which procedure would be the right”
    — Chin Liposuction,

  • “ body can create a host of facially-neutral contracting rules that in practice mean that only one or two particularly favored religious groups are The GLObal blog directory Search results for: facially neutralThe argument would go something”
    Facially neutral / Economics Blog,

  • “Facially-Challenged Hero Caesar Rodney is 280! Happy 280th birthday to one of Who2's ( See our loop Facially Challenged for details.) Plus he had asthma,”
    — Facially-Challenged Hero Caesar Rodney is 280! - The Who2 Blog, who2.com

  • “Check out everything IFC is cooking up here. Leave a comment with your reaction/thoughts! As it currently stands, I am facially hairless (thank goodness) and I am giving this”
    — Rhett&Link: Internetainment,

  • “Rather, GC Services could meet its burden as long as the jurisdictional amount was either "facially apparent" from the complaint or was shown to be "more likely than not" by the facts September 24, 2010CAFA Law Blog Is (or Should Be) (and Hopefully, Will Be) One of the”
    — Class Action Fairness Act Blog: No Further Evidence Required,

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