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  • factitious adj. Produced artificially rather than by a natural process. Lacking authenticity or genuineness; sham: speculators responsible for the [From Latin factīcius, from factus, past participle of facere, to make.] factitiously fac·ti'tious·ly adv. — “factitious: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Yes, Please make this my home page! No Thanks. Don't show this to me again. Close. WELCOME WELCOME TO THE RED ROSE DINER {Some photos to help tell Gordon's story.} {Press for GUEST. — “WELCOME TO THE RED ROSE”,
  • Hemolysis: This brief review of factitious biochemical results due to preexisting hematologic conditions focuses on the underlying mechanisms and suggests ways to prevent unnatural results. In vitro hemolysis results in factitiously high levels of serum potassium and folate, whereas in vivo. — “Factitious Biochemical Measurements Resulting From”,
  • We review the world literature and summarize 43 previously published cases of inadvertently administered and 23 previously published cases of factitiously self-administered sulfonylurea overdosages with hypoglycemia. patients with a factitiously self-administered sulfonylurea. — “Medline ® Abstracts for References 2-5 of 'Factitious”,
  • We review the world literature and summarize 43 previously published cases of inadvertently administered and 23 previously published cases of factitiously self-administered sulfonylurea overdosages with hypoglycemia. patients with a factitiously self-administered sulfonylurea. — “Hypoglycemia following inadvertent and factitious”, m.nih.gov
  • One of my cousin sister in Delhi has a platelet count around 1000. How serious is the probem. Can we call it as cancer? She is 52 years old. There are many causes for it including: a) Pseudothrombocytopenia factitiously low platelets due to clumping b) Decreased production of platelets. — “Does a low platelet count lead to cancer? " DoctorNDTV Queries”,
  • This Glossary of Legal Terms is provided by the Law Offices of Garces & Grabler, to help the reader better understand the information presented in this website In the place of a parent; instead of a parent; charged, factitiously, with a parent's rights, duties and responsibilities. — “Glossary of Legal Terms | I | Graces & Grabler - New Jersey”,
  • Mobile Phones question: Can cell phones cause health problems? Numerous studies have been done, including those by the federal government. The general conclusions are that no types of cancers or cell sickness they (irrelevantly & factitiously) encounter from exposure. — “ - Can cell phones cause health problems”,
  • Ross Eckler, former owner and editor of "Word Ways: The Journal of Recreational Linguistics" also saw your point. He noted that most of the longest English words are not commonly used and not likely to occur in general text. In this context,. — “What is the longest non-technical, non-scientific, non-place”,
  • Definition of factitiously from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of factitiously. Pronunciation of factitiously. Definition of the word factitiously. Origin of the word factitiously. — “factitiously - Definition of factitiously at ”,
  • factitiously (comparative more factitiously, superlative most factitiously) This page was last modified on 27 October 2007, at 06:59. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional. — “factitiously - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of factitiously in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is factitiously? Meaning of factitiously as a legal term. What does factitiously mean in law?. — “factitiously legal definition of factitiously. factitiously”, legal-
  • Busulfan, factitiously ingested by a 34-yr-old woman, resulted in life threatening bone marrow suppression Ford et al [19] reported a case of methotrexate-induced bone marrow suppression, which was also factitiously ingested. — “Drug-Induced Neutropenia - Pathophysiology, Clinical Features”,
  • Definition of factitiously in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of factitiously. Pronunciation of factitiously. Translations of factitiously. factitiously synonyms, factitiously antonyms. Information about factitiously in the free online English. — “factitiously - definition of factitiously by the Free Online”,
  • fac·ti·tious : Artificially created or developed - Google's free online dictionary service. /wiki/factitiously. The usage examples, images and web definitions on this page were selected automatically by a computer program. — “factitious in English - Google Dictionary”,
  • More than 350 historic potters were involved in this heritage. However, some misguided individuals will, considering today's pottery price levels, purposely and with out honor contrive and/or produce or market items, often factitiously marked, primarily with the objective of deception. — “”,
  • A review of Imagining the Real: Essays on Politics, Ideology and Literature, by Robert Grant. contributed to a tradition in which literary criticism and moral thinking have been connected, not factitiously (as with the yoking of old texts to new ideological campaigns) but intimately. — “Serious imagination by Noel Malcolm - The New Criterion”,
  • Synonyms for in name only, on the free online English thesaurus/synonym finder with over 2.5 million synonyms. claimed, cognominal, diminutive, epithetic, erroneously, factitiously, falsely, formal, honorific, hypocoristic, hypocritical,. — “in name only - synonyms for in name only by the Free Online”,
  • Jump to: General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Tech, Phrases Words similar to factitious: factitiously, factitiousness, more. — “Definitions of factitious - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Archives of Internal Medicine, a bi-monthly professional medical journal published by the American Medical Association, publishes original peer-reviewed research articles on internal medicine topics ( Agglutinated RBCs can produce a factitiously low RBC count. — “Arch Intern Med -- Excerpt: Macrocytosis, November 1979”, archinte.ama-

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  • imFordTuff: throwing your "sanitary napkins" in the bathroom trash in "unsanitary" especially if you know factitiously that this will happen!

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  • “Blog. Fichiers. Pages wiki. November 20, 2010 par jj8989 Commentaires (0) Her high gods were9. She had moncler A true Tartarean dignity sat upon her brow, and not factitiously or with marks of costraint, for it had grown in her with years”
    — FormaVia: Le blog de jj8989: Her high gods were9, formavia.fr

  • “hemostasis PiCT may be factitiously prolonged by warfarin and lupus anticoagulants. Chromogenic anti FXa and anti FIIa assays rely on patient or reagent antithrombin and produce a colorimetric result inversely proportional to the drug plasma concentration”
    — The Fritsma Factor-hemostasis resource,questions,blog,articles,

  • “A few people who are in power are always factitiously manipulated the figure to achieve their own special needs. an enormous number of jobless people in the markets, then the figure may probably be irresponsibly and factitiously manipulated”
    — 明報討論區,

  • “Here we go! now the battle starts! The Commandant of the Coast Guard has come out in favor of licensing. This is a 180 deg reverse of long standing CG policy. Here's the article at ”
    — BoatUS Club House Messageboards: Licensing Boat Operators,

  • “The New English Review - A monthly political/cultural magazine with a literary slant. The Iconoclast is a group blog featuring Hugh Fitzgerald, Mary Jackson, Rebecca Bynum, Theodore Dalrymple, Jerry Gordon, Norman Berdichevsky, Artemis Gordon”
    — The Iconoclast,

  • “Bloch's Blog. When we have arrived at reality, we must, to express it and preserve it, utter in conversation and address, factitiously, to ourselves although they fill”
    — Bloch's Blog,

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