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  • Yet fado differs from its musical cousins in its poetic mystery and its ability to fuse dichotomous traits: impossible pain and fervent joy, life's cruelty with love's intensity. Fado music is the heart of the Portuguese soul. It is the oldest urban folk music in the world. — “Fado”,
  • Fado music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Fado on Yahoo! Music. — “Fado on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Fadó, pronounced f'doe, is the Irish expression meaning "long ago" At Fadó we are telling the story of Ireland's rich and celebrated pub culture. — “Fado Irish Pub”,
  • Information for tourists wanting to see and listen to Fado in Lisbon's restaurants. — “FADO Music & Fado Restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal”,
  • : Mariza Fado: MP3 Downloads 7.99. 5. Mi fado mio (in Spanish) by Mariza $0.99. MP3 Songs and Extras (Showing 31 Results) To view this content, download Flash player (version or higher) Song Title. Artist. Album. Time. Price. Download. 1. Meu Fado Meu. Mariza. Transparente. — “: Mariza Fado: MP3 Downloads”,
  • Encyclopedia article of Fado at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Fado encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • Listen to artists representing fado music on Last.fm, including Amalia Rodrigues, Mariza, Cesaria Evora, and more. — “Fado music - Last.fm”, last.fm
  • Overview of fado, the Portuguese genre that mixes African and Arabic rhythms and influences with mournful Portuguese tunes and lyrics. — “Fado - Wikipedia”,
  • Definition of fado in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of fado. Pronunciation of fado. Translations of fado. fado synonyms, fado antonyms. Information about fado in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. fados, fado de coimbra, fado. — “fado - definition of fado by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • A Beautiful And Informative Guide To Fado. Review by Diana Escudero from Peckham, London United Kingdom, Donald Cohen, a retired Los Angeles attorney and fado expert, says that although fado in its current form is about 200 years old, its roots go. — “ - Home Page”,
  • The emotional folk music of the Portuguese, Fado's existence dates back at least as far as 1829. While the first fado recordings date back to 1910, the music truly flowered during the 1920s and '30s, when a series of landmark records documenting the fado de Coimbra style -- a tightly rehearsed, highly. — “Explore: Fado | AllMusic”,
  • Fado, the Portuguese blues, the best known type of Portuguese folk music. — “Fado, the Portuguese Blues”,
  • Fado music site with history, artists, gallery, news, music and videos, and fado house listings. O novo espectáculo de Pedro Moutinho é uma viagem: pelos seus fados e pelos pontos de excepç. — “”,
  • Fado definition, a Portuguese folk song typically of doleful or fatalistic character and usually accompanied on the guitar. See more. — “Fado | Define Fado at ”,
  • Shop for Fado at Target. Choose from Fado Today: Mafalda Arnauth - Christina Branco, Fado Alexandrino (Reprint) (Paperback) and other products. — “Fado : Target Search Results”,
  • Fado (Portuguese:destiny, fate) is a music genre which can be traced from the 1820s in Portugal, but probably with much earlier origins. In popular belief, fado is a form of music characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor. — “Fado @ Top40-”, top40-
  • The singer of fado or fadist ( fadista ) exploits recurrent themes in general: unaccomplished love, jealousy, the nostalgia of died and the past, the difficulty of living, sorrow, the exile The fado was the national song of Portugal at the time of the dictator Salazar. — “Fado - SpeedyLook Encyclopedia”,
  • CD Baby is the largest online distributor of independent music. is our quaint little record store where we hope you will discover your next favorite artist. — “CDBaby | World | Fado”,
  • Chandeliers Antiques Furniture Lighting : Fado Antiques Dublin Ireland sell original and reproduction items from the 1800's. — “Chandeliers Antiques Dublin Ireland Fado Antiques”, fado.ie
  • Fado (translated as destiny or fate) is a music genre which can be traced from the 1820s in Portugal, but probably with much earlier origins. It is characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor. The music. — “Fado | ”,
  • It's a sad music and a fado performance is not successful if an audience is not moved to Fado History. By the early twentieth century, fado had become a fixture in the everyday. — “World Music Central Wiki : fado”,
  • Fado (Portuguese:destiny, fate) is a music genre which can be traced from the 1820s in Fado was not known in the rest of the country, not even in the Algarve, and it was not. — “fado: Definition from ”,

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  • Tim feat. Mariza in "The Muppets Fado" Fado is the portuguese expression for destiny. Music by Tim. With Mariza and Mário Laginha. Video editing by Vitor Pardal Simões: [email protected]
  • Amália Rodrigues - Fado Português
  • Amalia Rodrigues _ Solidao _ 1969 As a matter of fact this is the "original" version of " Cançao do mar". In 1955 Amalia recorded for the movie soundtrack of "Les amants du Tage " Solidao and Barco negro: both songs had new lyrics by David Mourao Ferreira for Amalia's interpretation , but were old tunes. The first one was "Cançao do mar" whose lyrics will be sung by Dulce Pontes in this version, the second one was a Brazilian song "Mae preta" from the repertoire of Maria da Conceiçao ( this song will be also recorded by Dulce in her album "Caminhos" ).
  • Fado Menor: Portuguese Guitar Lesson 2 Ron Fernandez shows how to play a Fado Menor on Portuguese Guitar and Spanish Guitar. The Portuguese guitar part is an authentic Fado Menor as played in the early 20th century. The music for the Portuguese part in this video is written out in notation and tablature at: where there is an introductory lesson for playing the Lisbon Fado Guitarra. The Portuguese Guitar was made by Manuel Cardoso in Odivelas, Portugal in 1982.. The Spanish Guitar was made by Felix Manzanero In Madrid, Spain in 1999.
  • 5-Fado:Amália Rodrigues,"Coimbra". -Amália Rodrigues,Fotologs: .br .br
  • Fado do Retorno - Anges Jaoui et Misia
  • Fado do Ciúme - Amália Rodrigues amalia-
  • CRISTINA BRANCO : FADO !!! : a Minha Casa In love with fado Michel Schöpping heard Cristina Branco sing for the very first time in Amsterdam in 1998. It was the first professional concert by this unique, yet entirely unknown talent. Michel had already sold his heart to fado music, but this evening he went home with a special feeling: he had fallen in love with the fado performance by Cristina Branco and the remarkable guitarist and composer Custódio Castelo. Cristina and Custódio collaborated with Michel on Cristina's debut CD: Cristina live in Holland. Cristina and Custódio's manager introduced them to translated poetry written by JJ Slauerhoff. His poems about Lissabon, the river Taag, about life and death were surprisingly intriguing and they decided to set them to music. Michel Schöpping was approached to work as a music director on the CD Cristina canta Slauerhoff. The CD was a huge success and sold 'platinum'. Their program offers traditional fado as well as innovative compositions. Appealing to a traditional Portuguese audience proved harder. In its country of origin, an innovative approach to fado is often looked upon as betrayal. Custódio comments: In twenty years time a new fado singer will arise and perform 'Slauerhoff'. By then it will be considered traditional fado. In the film directors Leendert Pot and Michel Schöpping visit Cristina and Custódio at their countryside home. There we experience how a Cape Verdian poem leads to a new composition. Cristina and Custódio continue to explore boundaries ...
  • Fado Coimbra Serenata Monumental Queima Here you can see students crying in "Serenata da Queima das Fitas" while listening to "Fado of Coimbra"(typical song from Coimbra sang by students of this Portuguese University). The lyrics of this song remind them of the upcoming end of their graduations and time to leave this city, their colleagues and friends. Balada da Despedida do V Ano Jurídico Original de Rui Lucas, António Vicente e João Paulo Sousa, Interpretado ao vivo na Serenata Monumental da Queima das Fitas de 2005 por Lacrima, com participação de elementos do Grupo de Fados Despertar [email protected]
  • Jelena Radan - Meu Fado Meu www.jelenaradan.hr Jelena Radan has so far released the albums "Jelena," "Nije Kraj," and "Moja Potraga za Fadom." A new album, entitled "Novi Dan," is soon to be released under the Scardona label. The album "Nije Kraj" has had two Porin nominations (for the...
  • 26-Fado,Amália Rodrigues,live in Japan,"Naufrágio". -Fado,Amália Rodrigues,live in Japan,"Naufrágio".
  • Miguel Poveda e Mariza - Meu Fado Meu 'Meu Fado Meu' sung by the catalan singer Miguel Poveda and the great fadista Mariza, on 'Fados' (2007), a film by Carlos Saura. A beautiful and emotional dialogue between Flamenco and Fado.
  • 27-Amália Rodrigues,"Queen of Fado","Perseguição". Fotologs: .br .br
  • fado ladino fado ladino, rosa negra, Espanta Espíritos Records, 2006
  • Portugal, Lisbon, Sintra, Fado, Beautiful, madredeus, tram 28 A four day vacation with my brother in law in Lisbon and Sintra. A great time, and a beautiful city.
  • Camané - Fado da sina Broadcast of RTP2.
  • Amália - Fado do Ciúme Amália Rodrigues
  • Fado singer Joana Amendoeira This is an interview with Joana, whom is a rising new talent on the Fado scene in Portugal, we caught her when she was in Borlänge and asked her a couple of questions. Since the reporter is from Afghanistan he is not very good at english or Swedish so please be understanding of that ^_^
  • Mariza - Fado The Soul of Portugal
  • Mariza and the Story Of Fado - Casa de Fados Legendary Mariza sings a duet with Maria Amélia Proença in Fado's house.
  • 24-Amália Rodrigues sings,"Fado Amália". Fotologs: .br .br
  • Mariza and The Story Of Fado - Amália Rodrigues A little and precious excert of Mariza and The Story Of Fado, a tribute and honor to Amalia Rodrigues soul. Mariza talks about Amália Rodrigues and 3min05 to 3min30 Mariza sings like an angel.
  • Mariana Popova - Fado Mariana Popova - Fado
  • Mariza and the Story of Fado (clip) Unfortunately, Fado was used for propagandistic purposes during the Portuguese dictatorship. However, here's an extended clip from the documentary "Mariza and the Story of Fado" telling us about Fado songs before the dictatorship that sung about socialist ideas.
  • Mariza - Barco Negro Mariza - Live Concert in London-song Barco Negro Barco Negro is one of the songs Mariza performed during her concert in the Union Chapel, London-UK in 2003. The full concert can be seen on the DVD "Live in London". An Amália Rodrigues original song... EXCELLENT EXELLENT QUALITY
  • Fado corrido
  • kdlang - Fado Hilario Portuguese folksong from the compilation cd - Onda Sonora - Red , Hot and Lisbon 1998 for more information go to - History of Fado http No copyright infringement intended - if copyright owner wishes video to be removed please contact me directly , thankyou.
  • | Fado Romantique - Casol Contemporary Art Contemporary art painting in Neo-Fauvism by french artist Maryse Casol. Landscape and still life oil on canvas Post War and Contemporary art paintings by Casol: Also, silk scarf and square silk scarves for women by French artist and fashion designer Maryse Casol: www.maryse...
  • Mariza - Fado The soul of Portugal in London
  • Amália, Queen of the Fado ( Rainha do Fado ) 03 *With heartfelt thanks to Rosa (quartominguante) for her two pics of "Primavera no Alentejo". For Amália aficionados... With much assistance from Wikipedia: The Paris Olympia was founded in 1888 by Joseph Oller, the creator of the Moulin Rouge. The Olympia is the oldest music hall in Paris and one of the most famous music halls in the world. Today it is easily recognizable by its giant red glowing letters announcing its famous name. It opened in 1889 as the "Montagnes Russes" but in 1893 was renamed the Olympia, as it remains to this day. Beyond musicians, the Olympia has played host to a variety of entertainment including circuses, ballets, and operettas. However, following a steady decline in appearances by the great stars, from 1929 until 1944, it served as a movie theatre. It may have opened as a music hall under the German occupation of France during World War II, but certainly in 1945 after the Liberation, it was again a music hall free to Allied troops in uniform. But attendees had to listen to the playing of four national anthems before the varied programs, and that always ended with a spirited French can-can performed by dancers, some of whom reputedly were no longer young. (Yes, as if fighting for France's liberation was not enough.) Thereafter however, at times it may have reverted to movies again until Bruno Coquatrix (1910 - 1979), a French songwriter and music impresario managed to gain ownership of the famous building -- would make an ...
  • *RARE* Anarchist Fado This is a clip from the documentary "Mariza and the Story of Fado" It is missing the first verse. If someone has the full song, can you please share it with me, thanks. Here are the lyrics: Humanitarian science A symbol of altruism Has a goal to condemn God, country and militarism The world shall behold The poor free from oppression Smashing the butchers Of the ruling bourgeoisie They shall see the birth Of the ideal that will bring Enlightenment and well-being And promote true patriotism Misery is what anarchism condemns The subdued people Get torn apart and tortured While there's a cure for this evil In the desired ideal They live as martyrs In the talons of servitude The social abyss deepens The fanaticism of humanity Relies on the trinity of God, country and the military
  • Jäääär - Fado Vaaaata album
  • "Fado De Se Velha" "Destiny of old age" ....................................... "fado da Se velha" means something like " Se velha's fate " ; " Se Velha " being an old church in Coimbra . - A part of a special comment made by a special guest. Photos: Portugal 1910, found „on-line". Record: José Paredela Oliveira, vocal with viola and guitar, HMV, Lisboa, 1927. Inspiration /:)/ - one morning spent at Cape ST Vincent a few years ago, Europe's most south westerly point, the "Land's End" of Portugal. And one 'lazy afternoon' in Portugal's most picturesque fishing village of Nazaré .
  • Dulce Pontes _ Fado mae_ Live 1999 Live in 1999.
  • Lisbon fado Lisboa fado Wieczor z muzyka fado w Lizbonie. Evening with the fado music in Lisbon.
  • MISIA - Fado Inventaire (Salle Gaveau) MISIA's Official YouTube Page - Misia sings "Fado Inventaire" at the Salle Gaveau - From the album RUAS (Paris, France, 2009) - www.misia-
  • Amália Rodrigues Fado Português
  • Mariza - Meu fado - With Lyrics in English Meu fado with lyrics by Mariza. A very beautiful fado (a Portuguese gender of song). I think all of you noticed that I din't translate the portuguese word FADO. There were many comments that claims this word has a literal translation in english, but that is not my opinion. I think fado doesn't mean Fate. Fado is a word that doesn't mean something in particular. Every person can make their interpretation of this words meaning. :) hope you enjoy my video and I hope that you can understand my reasons :P. :D Thanks for watching!!!
  • Mariza - Fado The Soul of Portugal
  • beerdygeek: I'm at Fadó Irish Pub & Restaurant in Austin, TX http://gowal.la/c/4ab9W
  • technosailor: I'm at Fadó Irish Pub & Restaurant in Austin, TX http://gowal.la/c/4ab8i
  • Jock_Jams: Its st. patricks day right? (@ Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Atlanta w/ 3 others) http://4/myEYCm
  • jetsetmar: Forget Mex rest. At fado Irish pub with Leslie. Just ordered 2 margaritas, 2 tequila shots and 2 harp irish beers. Love the Irish. Fun!!!
  • KarinaDolehide: Looking forward to Friday.It's been a "get ride to the pub and take cab back" kind of a week. I just hope Fado doesn't run out of Guinness.
  • hmarocco67: I'm at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Columbus (4022 Townsfair Way, Columbus) w/ 5 others http://4/iAdJgN
  • hmarocco67: I'm at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Columbus (4022 Townsfair Way, Columbus) w/ 4 others http://4/koDls3
  • sasoffer: I know, random. (@ Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Atlanta w/ 2 others) http://4/lsgJ0x
  • DesignedByBlind: after listening to fado all evening, I need to switch to German music now... Rio Reiser http:///watch?v=_XyWjYfRnfM
  • ramanavieira: Getting ready to start pre-production on new Fado inspired album.
  • Adir00: I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/Djc3151ebcs?a Ana Moura - O Fado da Procura [Like it? http://goo.gl/93o76 ]
  • elenaYAY: @snowy1256 fado music is a form of Portugese folk music. It's very pretty! I got into it because of this lady's voice: http://bit.ly/kT7nxv
  • TequillaChante: BGC AUDITIONS! Saturday, May 7, 2011 11:00AM-5:00PM Fado Irish Pub 1500 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 #BGCPhillyStyle !
  • TequillaChante: BGC AUDITIONS! Saturday, May 7, 2011 11:00AM-5:00PM Fado Irish Pub 1500 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 #PhillyPillyPhilly
  • dellponcetpbj: “@GinoTheFilipino: Irish Cinco de Mayo? (@ Fadó Irish Pub & Restaurant w/ 2 others) http://t.co/zwOkvca”/ boiled potato tacos!
  • dmorris614: @GinoTheFilipino I always forget Fado is a chain - I was about to ask if you were in town...
  • Owentighe: It's just after starting raining again in Dublin. Second time in a long time. Fado fado.
  • e_lisney: @DesignedByBlind I ve been to her concerts-shes wonderful! #Mariza #concert #fado
  • WhereToGoTonite: Washington, DC - Scythian Thursdays at Fado. D.C.'s hottest Irish band. http://bit.ly/k3SKuW
  • DesignedByBlind: looking forward to the #Mariza #concert tomorrow evening: http://is.gd/1ZTdiw #fado #London
  • LucasCookMusic: Lucas Cook has a show coming up on 05/05/2011 at 08:30 PM @ Fado Irish Pub in Austin, TX http://soc.li/W5r4yvW
  • snowy1256: “@elenaYAY: @Snowy1256 next up, chiptunes, Portugese Fado music and black metal.”
  • snowy1256: RT @elenaYAY: @Snowy1256 next up, chiptunes, Portugese Fado music and black metal.
  • snowy1256: @elenaYAY What is portugese Fado? haha.
  • elenaYAY: @Snowy1256 next up, chiptunes, Portugese Fado music and black metal.
  • eventlisting: Cinco de Funktry!!! (Tonight @ Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Austin) http://full.st/B2hqE via @LucasCookMusic
  • Trails2Iberia: @pervetastic Was too afraid to during game. Now what the hell, fado + vinho time. AGHHHHHHH
  • Bluediblue: I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/OpExb2hCYTs?a Mariza - Chuva - Fado
  • FS_Austin: Cinco de Funktry!!! (Tonight @ Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Austin) http://full.st/B2hqE via @LucasCookMusic
  • FansFootyArea: RT @optajean: 8 - This is the 8th time teams from the same country will face each other in the final of the Europa League/UEFA Cup. Fado.
  • IwanMaulana: RT @OptaJean: 8 - This is the 8th time teams from the same country will face each other in the final of the Europa League/UEFA Cup. Fado.
  • YuriRodrigues26: RT @optajean: 8 - This is the 8th time teams from the same country will face each other in the final of the Europa League/UEFA Cup. Fado.
  • worldvillage: @Ana_Moura 's "Coliseu" on @Newcity Music: http://bit.ly/mn8LbV "Her voice is very dramatic and the band is impeccable." #fado #portugal
  • optajean: 8 - This is the 8th time teams from the same country will face each other in the final of the Europa League/UEFA Cup. Fado.
  • BTCamp: Viva El Cinco de Cone! (@ Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant DC w/ 2 others) http://4/iz53oj
  • ginachavez: Random gig tonight - join me at an Irish pub in celebration of Mexican pride! Fado, 10:00 pm. Be there! #cincodemayo
  • emjhewitt: On stage, yes sitting on stage, for Fado star Mariza (@ Queen Elizabeth Hall) http://4/ipstKa
  • dc_now: Latest buzz for shows: http://sch.mp/aFhkq - RT @CFrequency Playing a show in Washington, DC, DC at 9:00 PM today at Fado Irish Pub http:...
  • List4Denver: For a culture of hearty food and drink, good music, and warm hospitality, Fado Irish Pub in Denver. http://t.co/XVMAap4
  • CFrequency: Playing a show in Washington, DC, DC at 9:00 PM today at Fado Irish Pub http:///a/4bt6
  • CFrequency: Playing a show in Washington, DC, DC at 9:00 PM today at Fado Irish Pub http://lnk.ms/MTPdG
  • Cleora05613: Portuguse Fado Music and American Jazz Saxophone - Is There a Connection? Oh Yeah http://t.co/cUGR6a6
  • mimmopellicola: Long Way Run [Fado I] http://flic.kr/p/9ERx5T
  • KTSwartout: @Thecooljoey I think we're starting at Fado in Brickell and then heading to Hoy Como Ayer. Any plans yet?
  • LoriiB: "do they joke about boring fado in portugal?" #incontraTO Anyone from Portugal can tell us?
  • tomsweeneyjr: Gonna be a great day for day drinking on the patio! (@ Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Columbus) http://4/kK5NIM
  • KeziaBlack: Finally managed to pronounce Fadó correctly. Dad will be proud!
  • TapItSocial: Follow the #FadoFamily in your city @FadoChicago @FadoMiami @FadoAtlanta we love Fado!!
  • tomsweeneyjr: Hi Todd and Larry! (@ Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Columbus w/ @highonhops) http://4/jAFdRG
  • parke044: @Lombzilla @Cooperj24 love the #croakies shoutout...classic! im a fan of FADO, 5P is growing on me, but the rest are mediocre
  • Eilnews: The European - Portugal bleibt nur der Fado http://bit.ly/lDqilr N24.de
  • N24_News: The European - Portugal bleibt nur der Fado http://bit.ly/lDktaf
  • MRFADOo0: See ya in heaven,heading to the club to do wa Fado must DO!! ;)
  • waerdahl: Portugal on Saturday afternoon. Fado concert.
  • DonZoyde: @MeeksSSQUAD I was born in a studio! and before i was born i had the skill allready my mother was a big fado singer....
  • vichocher: Beers & live music :) (@ Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Austin w/ 3 others) http://4/k8vy4J
  • MadanRao: World music: my review of the album "Best of Fado" http:///2011/05/04/best-of-fado-tribute-to-amalia-rodrigues/
  • rchellelynne: @chad_michael we have trivia nites at fado called pub quiz! Heart them!!! :)
  • Paulamorena1: @assis_matheus que fado hemmmm
  • theagileproduct: Just spotted Fish and Chips @ fado irish pub and restaurant on @foodspotting http://bit.ly/iEQhmJ
  • Jaquelyn77620: Portuguse Fado Music and American Jazz Saxophone - Is There a Connection? Oh Yeah http://t.co/cebAlVQ
  • theagileproduct: I'm at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Chicago (100 W Grand Ave, Chicago) w/ 3 others http://4/m9vzie
  • mill500: Trivia night at Fado w wife & Bri. Dead last after 3 rds. Either need more Harp or new partners.
  • Gertha3851: Portuguse Fado Music and American Jazz Saxophone - Is There a Connection? Oh Yeah
  • MusicsProducer: Best of Fado: Tribute to Amalia Rodrigues http://goo.gl/fb/U1fB0
  • RyanH1000: Up @birdsnest. Awesome wings. Giving Fado a run for their money...
  • MeganRGallagher: I'm at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Chicago (100 W Grand Ave, Chicago) w/ 2 others http://4/lgU1jL
  • RichLeighton: Watching the Sounders match! (@ Fadó Irish Pub w/ 4 others) http://4/mO1gbY
  • wmadamson: The happiest of hours at Fado. Walking (not sprinting, @BrynGibson) back to the car
  • MikeSchild: Try winning a playoff game for once Caps!! (@ Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant DC w/ @alexisk03) http://4/iUbyVA
  • KevinDelRo: I'm at Fadó Irish Pub (801 1st Ave, at Columbia St, Seattle) w/ 3 others http://4/mTNpDb
  • TheOtherStarr: I'm at Fadó Irish Pub & Restaurant w/ @cucinaamanda http://4/kXb4Z2
  • SandiAmorim: @ritachand I hope you're going to check out a fado bar!
  • gettinthere6: I'm at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Chicago w/ @mill500 http://4/lnnBr8
  • Mamie33108: Portuguse Fado Music and American Jazz Saxophone - Is There a Connection? Oh Yeah
  • vanessaau: Celebrating work stuff! @ Fado http://gowal.la/c/49HSn
  • mill500: I'm at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Chicago (100 W Grand Ave, Chicago) http://4/jB1pjK
  • Mediolana: The Eurozone's Fado Vibe? http://wp.me/p1gLB2-gM
  • m1attyJ: At the pogue fado, can ya tell I'm on wi-fi #everywhereigo
  • kimberlydawson: Happy hour w morg!! (@ Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Columbus w/ 5 others) http://4/lnYLjG
  • richardmccready: @DrTimony #UlsterFry at Fado is now on the to-do list. Thanks for the tip. Wonder if I could arrange a Music Tech field trip to Philly.
  • alexisk03: Let's go CAPS!! (@ Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant DC) http://4/moquo3
  • BTCamp: When did Yostie become an expert weather man? (@ Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant DC) http://4/kOoCzY
  • drtimony: #Ulster fry at Fadó is best I've had in states. Cc: @irasocol @roblyons
  • JohnSusnir: “@TedStarkey: Mike Green at Fado's #Capsin7thStreet”shouldn't he be in the locker room getting ready for 2 nights game?
  • SPAZZZY: @marlongxx I like Fado. Down for that.
  • eglouise: I've only been here 5 minutes and can already tell I love this place! (@ Fado Irish Pub and Restaurant DC) http://4/iNECB1
  • jennconleche: @ployathina Oooh yes yes, Fado's? Or you could come over my place and watch with my fam haha
  • peraltacolleges: @LaneyCollege - MAY 5: Fado (Music of Portugal) Sete Colinas and Zelia Freitas http://bit.ly/hray81
  • teetooraj: Pls tell him RT @oluwalippi: Dnt do it again! RT @fadoskipapa: na curiosity cos am ooh!! “@teetooraj: Ask him oh RT @oluwalippi: Fado Whatt?
  • oluwalippi: Dnt do it again! RT @fadoskipapa: na curiosity cos am ooh!! “@teetooraj: Ask him oh RT @oluwalippi: Fado Whatt??? RT @teetooraj: O_O smh RT
  • marlongxx: @SPAZZZY fado...i enjoy that pub
  • fadoskipapa: na curiosity cos am ooh!! “@teetooraj: Ask him oh RT @oluwalippi: Fado Whatt??? RT @teetooraj: O_O smh RT @fadoskipapa: •shaking my
  • ushermusicec: Mariza during The Usher Hall 13 May 2011 : The Edinburgh Reporter: Mariza, a heading fado thespian of her genera... http://bit.ly/jWqR83
  • ericanicole23: Work #2 (@ Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant Columbus w/ @tomsweeneyjr) http://4/jy9kfP
  • spacerog: RT @PhillySec: The next PhillySec is Wednesday May 11th, 6:30p at Fado's 1500 Locust Street - Thats in 1 week!

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