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  • Nasser Farhangfar was born in Tehran in 1947, and died in 1998. Farhangfar continued his music studies with masters like Nour Ali Boroumand and Abdollah Davami. — “Iranian Music: Nasser Farhangfar”,
  • Kamyar Farhangfar, MD is a board certified physician involved in treatment of opioid addiction. He set up to help educate public regarding the dangers of opioid addiction. — “Opioid Addiction: The Silent Epidemic”,
  • He is currently a Ph.D. student at Northeastern University and a research assistant in HCNR center for bioinformatics. E-mail:farhangfar at bwh.harvard.edu. Retrieved from "http://www.spl.harvard.edu/pages/People/farhangfar" Content of this. — “People/farhangfar - SPLWeb”, spl.harvard.edu
  • Ramin Farhangfar Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by Ramin Farhangfar at ReverbNation. — “Ramin Farhangfar | Aegerten, BE, CH | World/Reggae / Pop”,
  • Nasser Farhangfar was born in Tehran in 1947. He started playing tombak at an early age Farhangfar continued his music studies with masters like Nour Ali. — “Kereshmeh Records -- Nasser Farhangfar”,
  • Composed Rhythms of Ostad Nasser Farhangfar by Pryman Naseh poor Ostad Nasser Farhangfar, one of the outstanding tonbak players of last century, has created new techniques and has composed new rhythms. — “Composed Rhythms of Ostad Nasser Farhangfar - Drumdojo - By”,
  • Find a doctor with . Free doctor profiles include reviews, ratings, expertise, experience, sanctions, awards, and much more. Compare doctors based on what's important to you! Physicians in California (CA) listed alphabetically (F): Dr. Farhangfar – Dr. Farnum. — “Physicians in California (CA) listed alphabetically (F): Dr”,
  • For the commemoration of Nasser Farhangfar disparition (17-8-1997), just 10 years ago, here is his legacy, Arash : Tonbak solo played ba Arash on his 40th da. — “YouTube - Oss Nasser : 12 years already !”,
  • A recognized master of the art of tonbak playing, the late Ostad Nasser Farhangfar (1947 His followers have called his style sabk-e-Ostad Farhangfar (the style of maestro Farhangfar). — “Ostad Nasser Farhangfar, the great master of tonbak " PEYMAN”,
  • Rate and review doctor Kamyar Farhangfar, Internal Medicine. Examine patient evaluations and make more informed decisions, find the best doctor for you and your family in California. — “Rate and Review Kamyar Farhangfar, California Doctor”,
  • As the largest direct online seller of Persian and international books, music, videos, software, artwork, and gifts, Karoon features an unparalleled selection of works by renowned and upcoming authors, musicians, and artists from around the world. — “ Music: Dawn By Parviz Meshkatian, Nasser”,
  • Ostad Nasser Farhangfar. A recognized master of the art of tombak playing, the late Ostad Nasser Farhangfar (1947-1997), was born in Rey city of Tehran Iran. His followers have called his style sabk-e-Ostad Farhangfar (the style of maestro Farhangfar). — “Ostad Nasser Farhangfar”,
  • Parviz Meshkatian Dawn music CD album in stock at CD Universe, influential Iranian santur player is joined by Nasser Farhangfar on tombak playing powerful performances in Segah & Homayoun ,. — “Parviz Meshkatian Dawn CD”,
  • Passaic Pulmonologist Doctors physician directory - Learn about COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) symptoms such as chronic cough, shortness of breath, and frequent respiratory infections. Emphysema, smoking, and chronic bronchitis Singh Farhangfar & Matalkah MDs. — “Passaic NJ Pulmonologist Doctors - COPD (Chronic Obstructive”,
  • Notes on the Strokes and Roll Techniques of the Tonbak (Ostad Nasser Farhangfar's Style) Nasser Farhangfar. tonbak wrote 3 years ago: In Remembrance of Ostad Nasser Farhangfar (1947-1997) By Peyman Nasehpour Ostad Nasser Farhangfar wa. — “Naser Farhangfar — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress”,
  • Permanent Placement for Occupational Therapist – Qualified Occupational Therapist Can Avail of Permanent Placements in Rehabilitation Centers, Private Clinics, Hospitals and Physiotherapy Centers. Kamyar Farhangfar. — “Occupational Therapist Concord CA - Concord CA, occupational”, guides.ffsc-
  • Kassaie&Shahnaz&Farhangfar Mohammad Reza Shajarian (2) - download at 4shared. Kassaie&Shahnaz&Farhangfar Mohammad Reza Shajarian (2) is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Online file sharing and storage - 15 GB free web space. Easy. — “Kassaie&Shahnaz&Farhangfar Mohammad Reza Shajarian (2).mp3”, 4
  • Tonbak (Persian goblet drum), trainee, late maestro Nasser Farhangfar training in tonbak (Persian goblet drum) with the late maestro Nasser Farhangfar, in ghaval (Azerbaijani frame drum) with maestro. — “ Peyman Nasehpour a member of Artists Without Frontiers”,
  • Specializing in Persian and World Music. Large selection of CDs, DVDs, Videos, Cassettes, Movies. — “Farhangfar, Nasser”,
  • Dr. Farhangfar will provide a free thirty minute overview presentation of Transition Life Style System. Dr. Farhangfar is an internist working in Concord, California for the past 10 years. — “Press Release - Transition Life Style System overview”, 24-7

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  • Shajarian Jashne Honar 03 Jashne Honar
  • Abidar pishdaramad abidar pishdaramad Arash farhangfar tombak
  • Oss Nasser : 13 years already ! For the commemoration of Nasser Farhangfar disparition (17-8-1997), just 13 years ago, here is his legacy, Arash : Tonbak solo played ba Arash on his 40th day of mourning. Bebakhshid ostad Rajabi. Some should be turned in ridicule, khala..., ghavih..., and others too, first letters of their name not even writable.
  • Majid Hesabi (Iranian & Indian Grup) Part 1 Majid Hesabi is playing Tombak.
  • tombak lesson 4 Hello friends, as I mentioned before what I'm teaching here is what I've learned from my Master Arash Farhangfar And in many cases in the peresence of Maste Naser Farhangfar. So I don't make things up here to confuse you. Try the rolling and remember that U have to first seperate the fingers and have fully control on each one. and the wrist.... I Insist again "donot try the rolling with fingers only"... U may be able to do it but it's not the right way , especially when u 're playing a fast rythm. in tombak generally ,the main part of playing any rhythms is " rolling" or RIZ in Farsi , and RIZ makes tombak a verty unique percission .. Good luck
  • the 2 and 3 snap roll The 23 technique and roll (invented by Ostad Naser Farhangfar)
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 9/10 Edameye avaz Leyli majnoun va foroud, neyrize saghiro kabir Tar: Ostad Lotfi
  • Shahram Nazeri & Kamkars Shahram Nazeri & The Kamkar ensemble - Naser Farhangfar's respect. 1997.
  • Oss Nasser funeral MR Shadjarian and M. Moossavi at Oss Nasser Farhangfar funeral (21-08-1997). Lots of presents : A. Tadjvidi, S. Nazeri, M. Gandjeyi, D. Pirniakan, ... and Arjang Seyfizadeh, one of the best Farhangfar's pupil. Lots of absents too ...
  • Persian Tar & Zarb - Masters (Ostad) Lotfi va Farhangfar Persian Tar and Tombak - True masters at work in Kashan Ostad Mohamad Reza Lotfi - Tar Ostad Naser Farhangfar - Zarb
  • Majid Hesabi (Tombak & Santour) Majid Hesabi is playing Tombak & Mr. Rezaie Nejaad is playing Santour.
  • Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Bayat-e Tork Tar: Mohammad Reza Lotfi Tonbak: Nasser Farhangfar Bayat-e Tork Narenjestan, Shiraz
  • Persian Tonbak Solo Concert by 1 Tonbak Lessons: Tonbak solo of Peyman Nasehpour in Iranian Artists Forum. Related goblet drums: Darabuke (Albania) Darabuka, Darambuka, Tarambuke and Tarambuka (Bulgaria) Darabukka, Derabucca, and Darbouka (Egypt) Derbekki, Drbekki, and Drbakka (Lebanon and Syria) Derbocka (Morocco and Algeria) Derbouka (Derbuka) (?) Dobouk (Hungry) Donbak, Dombak, Tombak, Tonbak and Zarb (Persia) Doumbek (USA) Dumbelek, Darbuka and Deblek (Turkey) Gedombak (Malaysia) Khalouze (?) Shuhai-Gata-Katamen-Taiko (Japan) Tarambuka (Yugoslavia) Tarija (Morocco) Tarabuka (Macedonia) Tablak (Tajikistan) Thon, Thab and Thap (Thailand and Cambodia) Toubeleki (Greece) Tumbaknari (Kashmir of Indian) Ghumat (Goa of India) Jamuku (South India) Zirbaghali (Afghanistan) Influences: Hossein Tehrani, Nasser Farhangfar
  • Tombak : Rahim Shirani (Famous Tonbak Maker) Iran Esfahan Faramarz Kalantari Mob:00989132172638 Rahim Shirani Tel:00983117384247 Iran Esfahan
  • Persian Vocal Music [N. Nassehpoor] Dastgah Mahur -Nasrollah Nassehpoor's Vocal Performance, - -Song: Ze Man Negaram -Mohammad Reza Lotfi on Setar, -Naser Farhangfar on Tonbak, -Composer: Darvish Khan, -Poet: Maleko ShShoara Bahar, -Programm: Dastgah Mahur
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 5/10 Chahar mezrab: tar o tonbak Ostad Lotfi Ostad Farhangfar
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 3/10 Avaz o tar Rast, parvaneh, naghmeh
  • In memory of Farhangfar - By: Amir Manbachi This is an An Improvisation on Persian Classical Music Rhythms, more specifically regional rhythms such as Kurdish and also rhythms used in Zourkhane (Old House of Strength/Sport) for leading the beat in team exercises. This piece is inspired by my understanding from Maestros Nasser Farhangfar and Arzhang Kamakr's records; as well as my studies on "rhythm haye zarveshi" (Book author: Faramarz Najafi Tehrani) The intention here is to present these rhythms and this instrument (Tombak) to the world. Please accept my apologies for any shortcomings, especially from the sound quality stand point. More info about the performer, Amir Manbachi, is available online either at "www.amir-manbachi.ca" or their music ensemble: "www.chakavak.ca" A short Description of Tombak: "TOMBAK is the main percussion instrument performed in the tradition of Persian classical music. It is a goblet-shaped drum with a single head covered by a piece of lamb- or goat-skin, which is tightly stretched over the large opening side of the instrument. The instrument is mainly made of mulberry or walnut wood; however, it is sometimes made of clay or rarely of metal as well. The performer holds the instrument horizontally on his/her thigh while striking it with his palms and fingers. There are a rich variety of performance techniques employed on this instrument such as different types of rolling and snapping the fingers. The name of the TOMBAK seems to have an onomatopoeic origin, since "tom" is the low ...
  • Parisa, Mahour Parisa Dariush Talai Parviz Meshkatian Naser Farhangfar Davood ganjeyee Mahour
  • abidar tombak-arash farhangfar - saaed abidar tombak-arash farhangfar-saaed
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 4/10 Tar o avaz Bayate ajam, gharacheh, razavi, tahrire javadkhani, bargasht be Rast-panjgah Tar: Ostad Lotfi
  • Mohammadreza Lotfi dar jashne honare shiraz
  • Shajarian Jashne Honar 01 Jashne Honar
  • Naser Farhangfar's respect. 1997 By Master Parviz Meshkatian (Santoor), Bijan Kamkar (daf), Arash Farhangfar (Tonbak).
  • zarbi khani1 I'm just trying to refresh our memories to what we used to have " tombak players whom actually have a chest full of songs and lyrics" not necessarily good singers with good voices but as entertainers .Tombak before master Hossein tehrani was a side band instrument , So usually Tombak players sing Tasnifs or any rhythmic lyrics at the same time they were playing like moluk zarabi .. also known zarbi khans are master Hossein hamedanian,Master hossein tehrani ,Master Naser Farhangfar...
  • Ostad Farhangfar (Zarb) Derakhshani (Tar)
  • bahman rajabi bast motiv farhangfar
  • Morteza AYAN - beloved master Certainly, he is the best tonbak teacher and the best sideman in groups. From Amir Nasser Eftetah's school, AYAN's style is a combination of delicacy, sensitiveness, intelligence and good taste ; in orchestras, he always plays the right sentence at the right time and gives to tonbak its higher rank of nobility. His best pupils are Mehrdad Arabi and Houman Pourmehdi.
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 7/10 Chahar mezrab Edameye saz o avaz: Jameh daran, Tarz Tar: Ostad Lotfi Tonbak: Ostad Farhangfar
  • abidar tasnif 2 abidar arash farhangfar tombak
  • Shajarian Jashne Honar 02 Jashne Honar
  • Be yade farhangfar (farhad bazargan) first part of this video belong to Naser farhangfar
  • Majid Hesabi (Tombak & Tar) Majid Hesabi is playing Tombak.
  • shurangiz parviz meshkatian
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 1/10 Jashne honare Shiraz Taknavaziye tar Ostad Lotfi
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 6/10 Edameye avaz Razavi, foroud, rouh afza, tahrire bousalik va sepehr, foroud be Homayoun Tar: Ostad Lotfi
  • for my beloved Teacher Arash farhangfar he first played this for me long time ago...
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 10/10 Kare amale rast panjgah Tar: Ostad Lotfi Tonbak: Ostad Farhangfar
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 2/10 Jashne honare Shiraz Ghateye zarbiye Rast Ostad: Lotfi Tonbak: Ostad Farhangfar
  • Great maestro Shajarian, hafeziye 8/10 Tasnife Bote chin Tar: Ostad Lotfi Tonbak: Ostad Farhangfar
  • abidar tasnif abidar arash farhangfar tombak
  • abidar tasnif 3 abidar arash farhangfar tombak
  • setaresobh: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/bsu1ZrQL "Shiraz Arts Festival 1354 (1975)": Shajarian , Lotfi and Farhangfar Rastpanjgah

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  • “I am an internist in Concord, CA for the past 10 years. Specializing in helping overweight and obese individuals lose the extra weight and keep it off for life. Clients look healthier and younger with”
    — Kamyar Farhangfar - The Health Medicine Forum (Walnut Creek,

  • “Read Dornob album notes by Dornob on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. In May 2008 we went into the studio to professionallydocumen”
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  • “The concept low glycemic (GI) foods was developed by Dr. David J. Jenkins and colleagues Dr. Farhangfar, M.D., is an internist working in Concord ,California for the past 10”
    — Blog | Optimal weight and wellness, optimal-

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