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  • Use the tabs below to find online resources about Burkina Faso from governmental and nongovernmental sources. OHCHR - Burkina Faso. Country background, treaties, reporting status, calendar of events and publications related to human rights. — “UCB Libraries | GovPubs | Burkina Faso”, ucblibraries.colorado.edu
  • Burkina Faso is a former French colony; the official language is French. Visit the Embassy of Burkina Faso website for the most current visa information, or contact their offices directly. — “Burkina Faso”, travel.state.gov
  • In the West African country of Burkina Faso, gender discrimination touches many aspects of women's lives. Women in Burkina Faso are the poorest and most vulnerable segment of the population. — “Burkina Faso”,
  • Burkina Faso is a landlocked nation in West Africa. It is surrounded by six countries: Burkina Faso is surrounded by six countries: Mali to the north, Niger. — “Burkina Faso - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Formerly the Republic of Upper Volta, Burkina Faso is a landlocked nation surrounded by six countries in West Africa. Provides history, politics, geography, culture, and more. — “Burkina Faso - Wikipedia”,
  • FASOTRAGRULANT Brunswick ME Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) course will Center for Security Forces (CSF) as Learning Site SERE East effective 01 October 2008. — “Introduction to FASOTRAGRULANT”, fasolant.navy.mil
  • The Orchestra Members Reviews Articles Comments. Home Gallery Email Contact us. — “FASO”,
  • 24 Hour Shipping on most orders. Customizable faso posters from - Choose your favorite faso posters, prints, and framed art from thousands of available designs. — “Faso Posters, Prints and Faso Art”,
  • Burkina Faso Profile: Geography, People, History, Government and Political Conditions, Economy, Foreign Relations, U.S.-Burkina Relations. — “Burkina Faso”,
  • Burkina Faso Map, History, Culture, People, Population, Climate, Economy, Animal and plants, Languages,capital, island, major city, province, Communications,State, Currency, Religion, Government, Organization, Defence. — “Map Zones : Burkina Faso Map”,
  • Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore, right, greets Guinea presidential frontrunner Cellou Dalein Diallo, as he meets with members of the transitional government and presidential candidates at the People's Palace in Conakry, Guinea A human. — “Burkina Faso news and informations - ”,
  • Burkina Faso. Videos. Contact Us. Finances. Mission Statement. We exist to serve with the EAC* to plant autonomous Great Commission The Lord is building His church in Burkina Faso. Check out what is going on and how you can be a part of this exciting venture. — “Home”,
  • Faso Manufacturers & Faso Suppliers Directory - Find a Faso Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Faso Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Faso-Faso Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of FASO. Get exclusive content and interact with FASO right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “FASO | Facebook”,
  • To learn about upcoming MAPVI (Massachusetts Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired) events check out . Questions and Comments - email us at shelly at faso dot net. For past photos of Matteo & Marco from 2002 to August 2008 - click pictures below: 2008. — “Matteo Contey Faso”,
  • What does FASO stand for? Definition of FASO in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus. — “FASO - What does FASO stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations”,
  • Learn about Faso on . Find info and videos including: How to Book Travel on Faso Airways, How to Find Hotels in Burkina Faso, How to Plan a Trip to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and much more. — “Faso - ”,
  • Facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, foreign relations of Burkina Faso. — “Burkina Faso”, state.gov
  • Carla Bruni Sarkozy In Burkina Faso 01:01 (Burkina Faso) Ousmenez Rouki. 04:52. More on Burkina Faso Cleans Up. 02:27. 9 months ago. From: Reuters. President Bush Meets With. — “Burkina Faso”,
  • buy burkina faso mugs, tshirts and magnets. Country most ppl dnt know about in subsaharian Western Africa neighbor to Mali, Togo, Benin, Niger and Ghana. 3rd worst off country in terms of Human Developpement. It's capital is Ouagadougou and. — “Urban Dictionary: Faso's”,
  • (Click to enlarge) Burkina Faso (Mapping Specialists, Ltd.) Burkina Faso A landlocked country of western Africa. — “Burkina Faso: Definition from ”,

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  • Malawi - Algerie & Cote d'Ivoire - Burkina Faso HIGHLIGHTS CAN Orange 2010 / Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2010 - 2nd Day: re-watch full replay commented matches & highlights on Visit us on Facebook:
  • HIV/AIDS in Burkina Faso: Keeping children and mothers alive and healthy Supported by UNICEF, St Camille, set up by an Italian religious order, has been the pioneering facility in Burkina Faso for HIV and AIDS care since 2001. From providing testing and counseling to giving ARV treatment and helping people living with HIV and AIDS, the Centres services extended to the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission with its special need for addressing the anxiety and fear of stigma experienced by HIV positive mothers After my husband died, said Celine, I was getting sick all the time, I came to the clinic to find out what was wrong, I was advised to take the test and found out I was HIV positive. My son Pascal was always always sick, I came to the clinic he was tested HIV- positive. When I feel pregnant a second time, I approached the clinic and enrolled me in the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission programme. Céline is just one of the 1500 positives pregnant women who enroll in the programme each year. At least 10% of the women turn out to be HIV positive, but through Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission its not longer a given that their babies will come infected. HIV prevalence in Burkina is estimated to be around 2%, it is the youth who are most at risk. An estimated 17 000 children are infected and by the end of 2007, only 630 of them were receiving ARV treatment. But here again, St Camilles is taking the lead. The pediatric section UNICEF supported receives referrals from all over the city and at present monitors over 200 children ...
  • 11'09''01 - Sept. 11 - complete freedom of expression 06/13 11 short films not about who or who not commited 9/11 but about that it happened: 11'9''01 September 11 (2002, 135 min), is an international film composed of 11 contributions from different filmmakers, each from a different country. Each gave their own vision of the events in New York City on September 11, 2001, in a short film of 11 minutes, 9 seconds, and one frame. The original concept and production of the film were by French producer Alain Brigand. It has been released internationally with several different titles, depending on the language. It is listed in the Internet Movie Database as 11'09"01 - September 11, while in French, it is known as 11 minutes 9 secondes 1 image and in Persian as 11 de Septembre. IF COPYRIGHT BECOMES AN ISSUE: I KINDLY ASK THE COPYRIGHT-OWNER TO NOTIFY ME, I WILL REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY.
  • OBC & Konkret 53 (Burkina Faso)- 'African Soldiers' (Official Video w/ Subtitles) Official Video w/ Subtitles Fresh from Burkina Faso
  • Burkina Faso - Bezou - Burkina AFRICA FROM AZ : BURKINA FASO
  • Burkina Faso - AS DJ - DJ Ahoko Coupe Decale AFRICA FROM AZ : BURKINA FASO
  • Last Man Standing - Diary footage from Burkina Faso - BBC Three Tuesdays, 9pm, BBC Three Last Man Standing Playlist: Series in which a group of twenty-something athletic adventurers compete for glory against tribal champions in some of the remotest corners of the globe. Jarvis finds his roots and Wolé seems to have found himself an admirer
  • Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO) Tribute to Manny Pacquiao FASO Inaugural Concert May 17, 2009 at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills "Rocky" Suite
  • A Static Lullaby- Faso Latido An awesome song by an awesome band. I do not own the music, the lyrics or the image, they belong to their respective owners. (The content is owned or licensed by Sony Music Entertainment)
  • Handog ng FASO sa Pasko Charice Pempengco Joey Albert FASO (Filipino- American Symphony Orchestra) Handog sa Pasko As a follow up to their successful performance on May 11, 2009, the FASO of Filipino- American Symphony Orchestra held their HANDOG sa PASKO concert in Pasadena on December 6, 2009. The FASO together with some other Filipino talents like Charice Pempengco, Joey Albert and some other soloists serenaded the crowd with varieties of Christmas songs and Filipino original songs. The event also gave highlight to the performance of different children choir like Loretto Children Choir and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Children Choir. It was a memorable evening. The event was amazing and all the pieces were performed with great artistry and pride. You can feel the passion coming out from their instruments and voices. And you can witness the talents that each of them has. The event was glamorous too. It was well attended and the attendees were all at their best. They ladies looked classy and sophisticated on their long evening go...
  • Burkina Faso: A Mother's Devotion - Jessica Dimmock tenderly captures the heartbreaking emotional strains experienced by a young, hard working mother, Natasha, simply trying to feed her children. Alone at 24, she scavenges firewood to sell in the market. Her meager earnings force an impossible choice between buying food or medicine for her three children. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and VII Photo present Starved for Attention, a multimedia campaign to uncover the hidden crisis of childhood malnutrition. Watch 7 of the 195 million stories of malnutrition from prolific and award-winning photojournalists. Sign the "Starved for Attention" online petition and be part of the campaign to rewrite the story of malnutrition and demand that the 195 million malnourished children get the attention they need and deserve to escape the deadly cycle of malnutrition. TAKE ACTION NOW: Photos © Jessica Dimmock/VII Network
  • Tunisia vs Burkina Faso Issouf Kone scored twice in four minutes to give Burkina Faso a sensational 2-1 away win over Tunisia Sunday in a 2010 World Cup-African Nations Cup qualifier
  • Burkina Faso - Ghana HIGHLIGHTS CAN Orange 2010 / Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2010 - Day 10: re-watch full replay commented matches & highlights on
  • A Burkina Faso Song It's true, I'm headed off to Burkina Faso this June. I'll be there for about 2 years teaching high school math, among other things. I'm very excited. PS I think this was the first video I've ever done in one take (on my first try)!
  • Soaring food prices in Burkina Faso The shock of soaring food prices hit Burkina Faso particularly hard. In normal years, villagers produce enough to take care of themselves. But last year the rains didnt come - until the season ended with floods which destroyed most of the crops. FAO is supporting the government, with a distribution of four hundred tonnes of seed and fertilizer to 1200 families in the arid Center North region.
  • Re: NATIONAL ANTHEM OF BURKINA FASO Iam sorry for the incorrect Flag I hope this will satisfy you and i hope that i will be forgiven
  • Anthem Burkina Faso and the flag
  • Burkina Faso Djembe Centro de Percusión en Burkina
  • Burkina Faso - Wrap Up Watch us wrap up our visit to Burkina Faso. Follow our adventure to all 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold at www.expedition206.com!
  • Rachel Hill: Peace Corps Burkina Faso, Africa, 2003-2005 Rachel Hill served in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso, Africa, from 2003-2005. Rachel is a graduate student at the University of Arizona in Landscape Architecture. While in Burkina Faso, she worked at a health center and with a women's group. She was involved in helping the people improve their children's nutrition and overall health. She found her Peace Corps experience challenging as well as something that has had a great impact on her life. Rachel's photo of Burkina Faso fishermen mending nets was selected for the 2009 International Calendar.
  • Makoma in Burkina Faso Makoma are doing some concerts in Burkina Faso, also meeting with the presindents wife, interview at a radio station and give some medicaments to a hospital.
  • Burkina Faso 2008 An overview of Mennonite Church Canada work in Burkina Faso. www.mennonitechurch.ca
  • Travel in Burkina Faso-Land of the Upright People Video and stills from our trip through Burkina Faso (of Amazing Race fame) in December 2005.
  • GLOBAL 3000 | Burkina Faso - Plastic Waste Creates Jobs In Burkina Faso almost half of the population lives below the poverty line. More and more people are moving to the capital Ouagadougou, hoping for a better life. But large parts of the city still have no electricity or running water, and until now the city's garbage has wound up on the surrounding fields instead of at waste dumps. Now a project initiated by Andrea Micconi, in cooperation with the International Labor Organisation (ILO), is making a virtue out of necessity. A recycling plant is to help Burkina Faso stop destroying its environment while helping the poor at the same time. Twenty-thousand tonnes of plastic waste are being recovered from the fields and recycled.
  • UNICEF: In Burkina Faso, breastfeeding programme works to... UNICEF correspondent Nina Martinek reports on breastfeeding and nutrition programmes in Koupela, Burkina Faso Credits: Producer:Nina Martinek
  • Burkina Faso: Informal economy at the centre of solidarity How can new forms of solidarity and social protection be adapted to the needs of informal economy workers? Having founded five sectoral trade unions, a forum for social dialogue and a mutual fund, Burkina Faso's unions are gradually demarginalizing the informal economy.
  • Gold Mining in Burkina Faso Gold mining in Burkina Faso - Goldrush Resources, a mineral exploration company, is focused on gold exploration in Burkina Faso, West Africa with an established organization of people and projects to enable aggressive growth.
  • Konkolikan Sambla Baan Burkina Faso Coulibaly Samadou explains the tuning of a baan and demonstrates how it can speak; ends with a performance. "These are the best musicians the Sambla commuity has ever known." Konkolikan Sambla is west of Bobo Dioulasso.
  • Zoumana Dembélé live in Burkina Faso The famous djembemaster Zoumana Dembélé with his group (family) Landaya, live in Burkina Faso. Filmed by Bérengère Pleyiers.
  • Hilight Tribe-Burkina Faso
  • Flowering Desert - Burkina Faso March 2008 Many African refugees refused entry into Europe are environmental migrants, forced from their once fertile homes by spreading deserts. A Swiss aid agency has launched a new initiative to stem the sands. By fencing land into manageable portions to protect it from marauding herdsmen and animals, villagers hope that trees and bushes will grow back of their own accord. Remarkably, the plan is working. One year on, the land is green again. The villagers are thrilled with their success, "we are doing this for ourselves, but even more for our children. It is the future of us all."
  • Floods in Mauritania and Burkina Faso Floods in Mauritania and Burkina Faso.
  • Hunter's Harp Burkina Faso The hunter's harp is variously described as a harp-lute or calabash harp. It originates in West Africa and may be a source of the banjo. Different names reflect their physical variations, tunings, and regional associations. Kora and ngoni are well known names. Donsongoni, simbin, and kamalengoni name other types of calabash harps. The ones seen here are found in southwestern Burkina Faso and may have a different name. If you have knowledge of the name of these instruments, please post a comment here.
  • Burkina Faso: Life and Music in Western Africa This is a short documentary about life and music in Burkina Faso, a country in Western Africa seen through the eyes of a middle class American. It shows the positive side of Africa that we rarely see: their beautiful musical culture. .:- -:.
  • Burkina Faso - African Film Festival at Ouagadougou February 1995 A million people attended the 25th Pan-African Film Festival (FESPACO) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. It is Africa's most important cultural event, second only to the annual soccer championships. Winnie Mandela and other leading African lights are expected to attend. South Africa takes part officially for the first time. Watch a film in an African city and the chances are it will be open-air with giant insects swooping overhead and an enthusiastic audience shouting encouragement at the screen. In a continent with an illiterate majority and few televisions, the importance of cinema cannot be ignored. It has become a source of great national pride, and for many it is helping to re-establish a post-colonial cultural identity. 1995 is the international centenary of cinema, and in commemoration FESPACO is opening the first ever African film archive.
  • POTC Video Pill - FASO message Faso's message about his involvement on Giorgio's album Party Of The CenturyPARTY OF THE CENTURY is available in two formats : Digital download on iTunes, Amazon and CdBaby - only $8,99 Physical support : Leather collector box with CD+ bonus DVD + 48 pages book + a gadget - only $24,99 Download the record : Get the box here : PARTY OF THE CENTURY official site : Watch more, hear more, and read more about Faso --------------------------------------------------------- ////// Giorgio's POTC is a unique record gathering more than 30 international musicians + 64 piece symphonic orchestra. Legends for the most of them like : Greg Phillinganes (Michael Jackson, TOTO), Leland Sklar (TOTO, James Taylor, Phil Collins), Peter Erskine (Weather Report), Jonathan Mover (Aretha Franklin, Joe Satriani), Renato Serio, Ron Carter (Miles Davis, Charlie Parker), David Paich (TOTO), Rachel Z (Peter Gabriel), Steve Gadd, Matt Still (Elton John, Joss Stone), Simon Philips (TOTO, The Who), Steve Weingart (Steve Lukather, Robben Ford), Luke Juby (Mika, Just Jack), Godfrey Townsend (Alan Parsons), Steve Murphy (Alan Parsons), Cherisse Osei (Mika, The Faders), Jon Button (Shakira, Sheryl Crow), David Hungate (TOTO), Antonio Sanchez (Pat Metheny), Mike Mainieri (Steps Ahead), Billy Sherwood (Yes), Charlie Morgan (Elton John), Mike Stern, John Mahon (Elton John), Bobby Kimball (TOTO), Scott Page (Pink Floyd, Supertramp), And ...
  • Pizza Birra Faso s

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  • “Forums and message boards for Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso Forum. Forums and message boards for Burkina Faso. Search Forum. Start a Discussion. Email me when the Burkina Faso Forum is updated. Learn more. Topic. Updated”
    — Burkina Faso Forum - Topix,

  • “OneSight, a Luxottica Group Foundation, is a family of charitable vision care programs dedicated to improving vision through outreach, research and education. interested in virtual participation in our upcoming OneSight Clinic to Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, Africa, you've landed on the right blog!”
    — North America,

  • “Title: My Burkina Faso Blog (Burkina Faso) Status: Active. URL: http://myburkinafasoblog. Ok, after a bit of a blogging/Burkina Faso preparation break while I had the lovely distraction of my parents”
    — VSO Journals: My Burkina Faso Blog (Burkina Faso),

  • “FineArtViews blog provides an eclectic combination of articles about art marketing, art websites & artist reviews, selling art, and tips for creativity and success”
    — Blog on Art Marketing and Selling Art | FineArtViews by Canvoo,

  • “FineArtStudioOnline - Easy artist websites and marketing help with a gallery of original artwork by artists. Find art in our member artists galleries”
    — Relaunching the FASO Blog | FineArtStudioOnline Official Blog,

  • “Travel blogs about Burkina Faso - Read 241 travel stories, see 1,576 travel photos, watch videos, and read 12 forum discussions about Burkina Faso by TravelPod members”
    — Burkina Faso travel blogs - travel stories and photos about,

  • “Burkina Faso. Blog | Burkina Faso. Africa's path to press freedom goes online. By Ramata Soré/CPJ Guest Blogger. Fifty years ago, development journalism helped to silence dissenting voices: One had to rally to the fathers of the nation for the sake of national unity”
    — Blog: Burkina Faso Archives - Committee to Protect Journalists,

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